Professor: Fukushima Unit No. 4 “an immediate problem” — Building is sinking, over 30 inches in places — Extraordinary possibility plant could be back at March 2011 if situation continues — Risk of fission accident in fuel pool (AUDIO)

Published: September 3rd, 2013 at 10:55 am ET


Title: Japanese government turns on TEPCO after latest Fukushima failures
Source: ABC Radio Australia
Date: September 3, 2013

At 1:30 in

Sen Lam, ABC Radio Australia: Professor Tanter, it’s been over two years since the disaster, and of course the situation as we’ve just found out is far from stable. In layman terms, what do you think is the biggest technical challenge facing the ruined nuclear plant to make it safe again?

Richard Tanter, expert on nuclear power issues and professor of international relations at the University of Melbourne: Well, the first one, and the most immediate one, is the news that the Reactor Unit 4, the one which has a very large amount of stored fuel in its fuel storage pool, that is sinking. According to former prime Minister Kan Naoto, that has sunk some 31 inches in places and it’s not uneven. This is really not surprising given what’s happened in terms of pumping of water, the aftermath of the earthquake and the tsunami, the continuing infusions of water into the groundwater area. This is an immediate problem, and if it is not resolved there is an extraordinary possibility we really could be back at March 2011 again because of the possibility of a fission accident in that spent fuel pond in Unit No. 4.

Full broadcast here

Published: September 3rd, 2013 at 10:55 am ET


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41 comments to Professor: Fukushima Unit No. 4 “an immediate problem” — Building is sinking, over 30 inches in places — Extraordinary possibility plant could be back at March 2011 if situation continues — Risk of fission accident in fuel pool (AUDIO)

  • jackassrig

    "not uneven." So it's even.

  • RADS

    Isn't the pacific ocean the new spent fuel pool anyways? after all it was FREE to construct.

    • PragmaticBeliever

      RADS, your comment is as good as depressing.

      Believe me, I´m praising you, even if in the bottom of my heart I wish that what you´ve posted is mistaken and wrong….

      But it´s so true… The new NOT-AT-ALL-SPENT fuel pool… One pool in wich we all shall bath someday…

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Heck all the fish will recycle this radiation contamination worries!

    They should probably turn all the spent fuel pools sitting around the world into huge Fish Aquariums and then sell tickets for the glowing fish show!

    The show must always go on!

    All the little kiddies and moms will simply love it and they also will get to see all the big Nuclear Reactor Buildings too!

    Best part is no one will need… no stinking badges!

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    They need to build a bridge over the site and stabilize it by suspension. Sea walls will be built. Then I wonder if this would help; a never ending drop of diatomatious earth and zeolite several miles out surrounding coastal areas. Much of sea life is concentrated in areas along the coast. If man is to survive long enough to figure out long term solutions, he must use natural resources intelligently without this horrendous rape and pillage mentality.

  • markww markww

    Over a year ago I submitted numerous times a firefighting technique how to fight a fuel pool fire how to put it out and how to safeguard and seal it Markww

    • weeman

      No preparation, no chemical tanks on site, no zeolite, no water cannon or foam available, not ready for major accident and to think they want to remove spent fuel with no foresight,. Not right in the head.
      I will see you all on the dark side of the moon.

  • Wooster

    "there is an extraordinary possibility we really could be back at March 2011"

    There is an extreordinary possibility we could be back at the Cretaceous period if that happens, except this time it won't be dinosaurs who are wiped out, it will be humankind.


    VIDEO with Steven Starr, Director of the Clinical Laboratory Science Program at the University of Missouri and Associate member of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. He has been published by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists


    This is slow-motion nuclear war being waged against our nations and against all living things on Earth.

    But the great powers are up in arms because of what's happening in Syria. They say nothing and do nothing about this planetary ecocide perpetrated by Japan with our governments and media complicity of silence.


    Off topic but interesting.

    It turns out that one of the major ingredients in Syria's chemical weapons is sodium fluoride, the same toxic industrial waste that is being added to our drinking water and toothpaste.

    And it was exported with British government authorization to the Syrian government after hostilities had started, along with other ingredients to make chemical weapons.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    This is an older clip..
    Thank you..Nuckelchen.
    This was an active time period.
    Visuals..should assist in assessing the conditions of the reactors..including reactor 4.

    fukushima livestream june 2011

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    PS.. Correction..
    A new work by Nuckelchen concerning..June 2011

  • InfoPest InfoPest

    We can't just keep preaching to the choir. I personally post comments on more than 20 large media websites to try to inform the public. I just posted this one on Forbes.

    Dear Mr. Pentland; I am pleased to see Forbes publish an intelligent article concerning Fukushima. The Forbes article of 8/10/2013,”The Fukushima Radiation Leak Is Equal To 76 Million Bananas” I personally found unworthy of a respected publication. I wish you would use your knowledge to inform the public of the potential ramifications due to the precarious state of affairs at Fukushima. Specifically tell your readers what will result if a medium size earthquake causes one of the spent fuel pools or one or more of the hastily built coolant storage tanks to rupture. This is now a more likely possibility due to the ill-conceived construction of the chemical wall which has raised the water table under the facility and the resulting liquefaction of the ground under these structures during an earthquake. All the workers would have to be evacuated from the site leaving the melted and spent fuel unattended. We both know this scenario is very probable and the nuclear fallout that would follow will be the worst man made disaster in history. If the human race is educated of this very real risk then a massive international effort to prevent this from happening might be more likely to occur.


    • Gasser Gasser

      And the journalist and editors went in the back room and snorted more pharmaceutical (they can afford it) grade Coke and with a jacked up yawn, they deleted information you sent…just sayn’.

    • micky thered micky thered

      well said. I have been trying from day 1 to raise awareness of this disaster, some people laughed, some ignored me and others were abusive. I post regularly to sites that have downplayed this, not all posts were printed. I keep things courteous so they can't censor me on those grounds. the sad fact is that a lot of people really don't care, probably because they think it doesn't concern them.

  • razzz razzz

    Are they talking about the ground moving for over 5 continuous minutes during the Great Quake while the entire coastline sank 30 inches even before tsunami waves arrived about 45 minutes later so the sea barrier protection wall was even 30 inches lower than the under designed height to begin with? Or is this a new 30 inches they are talking about?

  • MichaelV MichaelV

    Could this all be the the child of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, loosed upon humanity…pulling it into the abyss of a nuclear extinction?

  • rockyourworld

    if 4 hour exposure to fukushima kills, how will anything be constructed?

  • rockyourworld

    if we genocide all arabs we'll have somewhere to evacuate to, well at least the rich will.

  • rockyourworld

    norbu, sad but true

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    A few months or perhaps weeks I expressed my concern over subsidence including Reactor four asking Enesers if anyone knew how much it had sunk since 311 and I thought their reply put it over six feet, Perhaps I'm mistaken and it is just over a couple of feet ( I feel foolish saying just) I digress, does anyone know what the current measurements are? Thanks in advance as this is one out of many of my concerns surrounding this global catastrophe as we witness the truth finally drip out. It's interesting how many things we discussed over two years ago are coming to fruition. Ahh perhaps not but it appears that way to me.

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    At a doctors appointment today this young man had not heard not one thing about Flushing or radiation hitting the USA in 2011 & the non stop flow into the Pacific, he said I was pulling his leg! That how good the propaganda machine works in the USA folks!!!
    Hell, if we do nothing we are cooked alive & if do some thing & the ones doing it are like the heads of Tepco we are cooked also, so a world wide effort must come & fast, those who want to start bombing Syria should be dropped off in the middle of Fukushima reactor 2 & 3 to hold their meetings lasting at least a week! That sounds mean, but killing any one is mean & evil, "TEACHER LEAVE THEM KIDS ALONE" "ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL"
    All those who have back grounds in any of the fields to stop this on going night mare should volunteer to meet & start to work NOW, they have built the worlds fastest computers, put them to work on fixing this mess,now!

  • blessings2all blessings2all

    Hello All, You are all so awesome. I appreciate the intelligence and compassion and humor displayed through this community. I was just thinking that the Powers That Be have painted themselves into a corner regarding real solutions to Nuclear contamination. To reveal methods that work through time-space engineering and the methods discussed in this link would undermine the junk or limited science being fostered upon the public. They do not want that to happen. So many implications if that happened. Free energy, etc. Suppose they introduced a method to increase the rate of radioactive decay a millionfold. This would reveal they have known already how to deal with this disaster. Any thoughts?


      great thoughts blessings2all. If possible, you should compile and list of links that cover what you're hinting too. The best area for this material would most likely be within "alternative energy" and "off-topic" forums. And welcome to the front line…

  • Events and Conditions at Fukushima ..

    Recent Report by Yoichi Shimatsu…Radio Interview Aug 26th


    Secret Facilities, Thousands Dead…

  • W8R W8R

    We only facade humor because many of us, after YEARS of yelling to the deaf have become a bit shell shocked.
    Humor here seems wrong maybe.
    But this long in, the hopelessness of it is crushing.
    We screamed answers, and watched as they let it collapse into entropy..

  • W8R W8R

    Just discovered my "W8R"
    links to one of my Linux sites instead of a profile.
    No Nukes!!
    And dont use Windows!!
    That is all…

  • FXofTruth

    Let's do some simple math to check Nuclear statistics.
    Also, we will compare TEPCO's laughable numbers.

    These are facts:
    Water is poured on to a melting core is 30,000 gallons per minute – scientific estimation during emergency meltdown
    – 7 pounds is the weight of a gallon of water.
    – 210,000 pounds of water flow per minute
    – 2,000 pounds equal one ton
    TOTAL WEIGHT of ONE MINUTE of water flowing over a melted core is 105 tons.

    So, the one-hour flow is equal to 6,300 tons of water flow.
    – 151,200 tons of water flow per 24-hour day, 7 days week.
    – 1,058,400 tons of water flow in a 7-day week.
    In one year, 55,036,800 TONS of water flow over ONE reactor.

    Then in one year, 165,110,400 TONS OF WATER FLOW OVER THE THREE MELTED CORES.

    There are 3.5 million tons of water in a cubic mile of ocean.
    To keep it simple –
    – 50 cubic miles of water is run over the 3 melted cores a year.

    TEPCO says that 400 tons water flows over 3 melted cores in a day.
    They are only off by 5,900 tons of water flowing per day over one melted core.
    Or added together – 17,700 tons of water flowing over 3 melted cores!

    So they are also saying that 146,000 tons a year are flowing into the Pacific. They are only off 54,890,800 tons a year of water flowing.

    Even if we cut my numbers by 50%, their numbers ARE STILL not based in any reality!