Professor Hayakawa: We have to surmise that the radiation may have spread to Osaka

Published: June 14th, 2012 at 5:06 pm ET


Subscription Only: Radioactive ‘black soil’ patches: A scourge or a solution?
Asahi Shimbun AJW
June 14, 2012


“We have to surmise that the radiation may have spread at least as far away as the Tokai region, and it may have even reached the Kansai region,” [Yukio Hayakawa, a professor of volcanology at Gunma University] said.

The Tokai region includes Shizuoka Prefecture, where levels of radioactive cesium exceeding provisional government standards were detected in tea leaves.

While Hayakawa has not personally conducted a study in the Kansai region, there has been a reported recording of 0.14 microsievert per hour, or double the airborne radiation level at 1 meter above ground, on fallen leaves that had accumulated in a ditch of a park in Mino, Osaka Prefecture.


Published: June 14th, 2012 at 5:06 pm ET


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16 comments to Professor Hayakawa: We have to surmise that the radiation may have spread to Osaka

  • Gotham

    Mother Nature Rules!

    These folks just don't seem to get it. They bet the country using nuclear power and now Nature takes its revenge.

    Goodbye Japan

    • Well, I have friends in Osaka, Japan.

      I've sent them hints before but most people just look at me suspiciously, and I don't get invited to parties.

      Those who know, know. Those who don't, are unable to see the truth hidden in plain sight and will have to find out some other way.

      • durando durando

        I am forced to quote a line from a few good men, "They can't handle the truth"

        This is a daily occurance in my own attempts to wake the sheeple most just can't fathom and process such a major disaster.

        also i beleive if the us government were to render financial support the people would be outraged and wondering why we aren't just taking care of our own country not seeing that fukushima has an impact on all of us. We are living in a time of near financial collapse already the budget is to high and adding fukushima to the list of expenditures would be political suicide in an election year.

        If the us government were to send man power then you would have people fighting it because they don't want their sons, daughters etc sent to fight the disaster like was done in chernobyl. The statistics of those liquidators that are sick and dying is staggering.

        Just my humble opinion, i still think using nuclear weapons on site may be the only viable option it would further destroy japan but may save the world.

  • Folk should be demanding testing the world over. Not left to surmise.

    US government officials


    Jet streams, debris tracking and other rad monitoring links,24.0.html

    Fukushima radioactive fallout forecasts and other rad updates

    >Aloha to everyone doing what you can!

  • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

    What I learned from Earth First!…..

    Nature Bats Last

  • Cisco Cisco

    Of course radiation has spread to Osaka. Why wouldn’t it, when the Japanese government is systematically contaminating all of Japan equally. Let’s not forget to mention the incinerators and the dumping of radioactive ash in Tokyo Bay. Wow, who’s the genius that, “cuda thunka of dat” . And, let’s not infer that, only the radiation from Daiichi is poisoning Tokyo, Osaka, and the rest of Japan. Tuned in professionals and observers know that wide geographical distribution of incinerators on Honshu and Kyushu are pushing significant concentrated radionuclides skyward…24/7.

    Incineration concentrates the radionuclides (Plutonium included) in the smoke/gas that is pushed into the atmosphere, and concentrated in the ash.

    Incineration of radioactive debris would increase base levels in the land, objects, and the population so that it would be impossible to prove that the radiation contamination came from Daiichi.


  • Cisco Cisco

    HoTaters wrote on June 5, “Christopher Busby, Ph.D… Dr. Busby discussed the potential legal ramifications of "diluting" the radiation. He said by spreading it out over the entire population, the effect is everyone is equally contaminated. He raised the question of whether or not it is being done deliberately to make a trail of evidence harder to follow.” Incineration of radioactive debris would increase base levels in the land, objects, and the population so that it would be impossible to prove that the radiation contamination came from Daiichi.

    Not to worry though, "you used to be in danger with those pesky, miniscule, safe radiation exposure levels (children); but, you'll be okay now, because we've raised those pesky miniscule safe exposure levels by 20 times”. "Under the new guidelines, the government set the upper limit of safe radiation exposure for children at 20 millisieverts per year, from 1 millisievert previously."

    This defies all logic and current research on people and radiation exposure; but, if you’re not winning by deception and obfuscation, move the goal posts.

  • andii

    Well, this is so obviously. They have been actively distributing the radioactive debris and burning them all over in Japan. There is no filtre at the incineration facilities that stop the radioactive particles. Manufacturers have confirmed this. No phD is required to understand this.

  • This is an incredible article. Here is another excerpt:

    Oyama and his group collected the soil and had it measured by Tomoya Yamauchi, a professor specializing in radiation measurement at Kobe University. The results showed the soil contained radioactive cesium at levels of 1.08 million becquerels per kilogram.

    According to Oyama, black soil with similarly high radiation levels was subsequently found in other parts of Minami-Soma–and some samples contained plutonium and strontium.

    [end excerpt]

    This is genocide.

    But for now, nothing is being done about the black soil with high levels of radiation.

    "Because it normally is found on the ground, we believe it is not something that will have immediate effects on human health," a Minami-Soma municipal government official said.

    [end excerpt]

    • andii

      Thanks for the excerpt majia.
      The excerpt is so lame, retarded. What kind of answer is that!?

    • [excerpt]
      "…and some samples contained PLUTONIUM and strontium."

      "…or double the airborne radiation level at 1 meter above ground, on fallen leaves that had accumulated in a ditch…"

      In Summary:
      It's a mixture of 'goo'. It's affecting the Air, Water and Soil simultaneously and still accumulating/spreading.

      ( 24,110 years is a very long time! )

  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven


    From those secret places that glow in the dark
    in the children’s playgrounds in the city of Fukushima,
    gather ye together pocketfuls of that magic fairy dust—
    that magic dust what has the power to change all,
    change even the most hardened of hearts of those who
    willingly sacrifice the children of Fukushima
    for the sake of their power and their profits.

    Yes, you whose hearts ache for those doomed children,
    gather ye up pocketfuls of the magic fairy dust what
    has the ability to make those cruel ones once again
    one with the abandoned children of Fukushima. Yes,
    then take the dust unto the great glittering city of Oz.

    Yes, take it unto the government buildings of the powerful leaders, take it unto the tall towers of the greedy giants of Tepco, take it unto the offices of the traitorous corporate media and sprinkle it on all the sidewalks and steps what lead into the very core of their dark bastions.

    Yes, sprinkle in their entrance-ways, in their foyers and hallways, sprinkle it in their offices and in their lounges,
    sprinkle it in their elevators and in their bathrooms.
    Yes, sprinkle the magic fairy dust on their cars,
    on the floors of the restaurants where they eat,
    and even sprinkle it on the sidewalks of their homes.


    • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

      Yes, sprinkle it in the air like confetti and let it fall down upon them and anoint them with their own handiwork.

      For, if it is as they say, for, if it is not magic fairy dust, then no one need worry, for it is but ordinary dust.

      But, if it is magic fairy dust, well then they, too,
      will become one with the children of Fukushima; they, too, will in their hearts change and become real people again.

      For, to them, all dust then will become the magic fairy dust of the playgrounds of the children of Fukushima; and, hence, so then would the testing and monitoring begin in earnest.

      For they, too, like the children and parents of Fukushima, would not know then just what was magic dust and what was not.

      So, let the magic fairy dust of Fukushima do its work, for it will make all the people and children equal once again, especially those who think now that they are not equal, but better.

      Yes, let the magic fairy dust make them all children of Fukushima, and, in doing so, so would the testing of dust begin in earnest.