Professor in Japan Blasts Gov’t, Tepco: “These are lies, they’re absolutely lies” (VIDEO)

Published: July 10th, 2012 at 12:24 pm ET


Discussion with Prof Robert Jacobs on social mobilization in Japan after Fukushima
Published by jagaruttrakhand
Published on Jul 9, 2012

Professor Robert Jacobs, Associate Professor, Hiroshima Peace Institute, Hiroshima City University

At 10:45 in

Jacobs: We have a situation where [Tepco] and also the gov’t of Japan knew they had three full meltdowns the first week… They lied for months to people, they lied for two months… The reason they lied was to keep the word meltdown out of the headlines…

They say this when they know the full core melted…

These are lies, they’re absolutely lies…

They tried to to keep the word meltdown off of the headlines… when Tepco admits there were 3 full meltdowns at Fukushima… it’s not a front page story anywhere around the world… That’s success from their point of view…

Published: July 10th, 2012 at 12:24 pm ET


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29 comments to Professor in Japan Blasts Gov’t, Tepco: “These are lies, they’re absolutely lies” (VIDEO)

  • Sickputer

    Yes… Because when people finally heard there were meltdowns they felt it must not be so bad! I am still breathing!

    Uh… Get back to me when you aren't feeling so chipper.

    If they had heard there were meltdowns early… It wouldn't have been panic like the Diet feared, but many more intellectuals would have fled. Now some of those who might have fled are resigned to their fate. Perhaps they feel even more than me they are the Walking Dead.

  • sonnen.blum.239 sonnen.blum.239

    sixteen months critical information was suppressed and many people died, and many more will die, because of these criminal actions not only by Japan and Tepco, but by other governments including the US who knew what was going on, failed to warn citizens, and cowed to the Nuclear Power Industry. These should be war crimes against humanity.

    • CB CB

      Latest mortality data from CDC here:

      • jec jec

        And no one thinks a 20% increase in mostly infant mortality is bad? While not every city shows tremendous increases..they are all infants..and in the younger age groups. What does CDC use to explain THESE statistics?

        • Time Is Short Time Is Short

          All these child deaths, and no one in the MSM wants to talk about it. Hundreds of thousands of deaths due to Fukushima.

          The Nazis had nothing on these guys.

    • bleep_hits_blades

      Totally agree, sonnen.blum – these are tantamount to war crimes! There are no more serious crimes than this – if killing one person deserves the death penalty, what penalty does a sustained series of crimes like this deserve – being responsible for many many deaths, and the illnesses of many more – millions of people harmed by these lies!

      Not to mention property damage – the farmers, etc. whose land, crops, livelihoods were destroyed – and no compensation given.

      And yet all the governments of the world hang with Japan AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD – in suppressing, spinning, concealing the truth – and thus preventing people from taking steps that might have saved their lives and the lives of their children.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Bleep, add to the "war crimes against humanity" the conspiracy afoot to have people shelter in place in the U.S. after a nuclear accident — with no plan for evacuation, and it gets even worse.

        (See discussion at the article on Dr. Caldicott's statement many Fukushima workers probably died, on the recent MIT report stating there's not much risk if people in the U.S. are not evacuated after a nuclear accident.) MaidenHeaven commented at length on the report, and gave a good critique. (In case you haven't seen it.)

        If planned non-evacuation is not a move by industry to perpetuate these crimes into the indefinite future, I don't know what is ….

    • Centaur Centaur

      "criminal actions not only by Japan and Tepco, but by other governments including the US who knew what was going on, failed to warn citizens, and cowed to the Nuclear Power Industry. These should be war crimes against humanity."


  • Ivantheterrible111

    Truthfully, anyone who saw those plants explode should have known there were three complete meltdowns or worse!

    The US government is probabally more to blame, as they probabally told the Japanese how to lie. This whole BS fiasco Stinks of a BP replicant!

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Wasn't there an article published here, at Enformable, or a similar site stating Tepco executives actually used the PR handling of the BP accident as a sort of "playbook" for dealing with the Fukushima accident? 'Thought I read that somewhere.

  • Ivantheterrible111

    Remember, Corexit, "IT IS PANCAKE SYRUP!!" Now, if I were in charge, I would take that chemist "by the EAR" and make him serve it to His Children!

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      No, serve it to himself. The children didn't start this mess, their parents did.

      But they will suffer. It kills the children first.

  • many moons

    and the US has Goverment liars…like Hillary. 2 weeks after the explosions at Fuku, hill signs an agreement to not test Japan imports….2 weeks after, I wonder why? They knew how bad this was and got busy making arrangments to protect their money….and lives they weren't interested in protecting.

    • jec jec

      VOTING is a way to make changes-SO VOTE them out. But getting the message out..with a media blackout? Hillary/Bill — well they do not have any small children or grandchildren yet.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    I hope the time will soon come when legal action is taken against the people – the industry! – responsible for these capital crimes (and associated crimes of lesser magnitude).

    I think we at enenews might have some effect, because this is the main website providing frequently updated information on this crisis and the (underlying) huge scandal of an industry totally, criminally out of control – and the governments who are complicit with it and have been/still are enabling it – and recklessly endangering the people of Japan – and the entire planet.

  • Myme

    Let’s ask both presidential candidates what they are doing to protect American pubic from the ongoing Fukushima fallout contaminating the air we breathe, water we drink, food we eat (both domestic and import), and the N. American farmland. What they have done to protect us and what they plan to do if elected.

    Let’s raise the issue at every encounter with campaign workers, phone calls, etc. Let’s us this presidential year to increase the public awareness.

  • Myme

    I had high hope for Mr. Obama for his intellect in many issues, but he has proven to be rather weak in his understanding of science and technology in several key policies, I’m disappointed. Maybe he surrounds himself with industry patronized scholars, not real scientists.

    That said, the Repubicans seem to pride themselves for being blind to science of all things and being in bed with big businesses.

    Like Arnie said, all politicians are pro-nuke, both Democrats and Republicans. Then, why not set them up against each other on the nuke issue, have them answer who is a better protector of the US public. Let’s use all political venues to raise this issue.

  • arclight arclight

    Situation in Japan is certain to worsen – nuclear historian
    Get short URL email story to a friend print version
    Published: 12 March, 2011

    “I know that there had been attempts to reduce the pressure inside the reactor core to cool the reactor to avoid a meltdown,” says Jacobs. “The explosion obviously indicates the failure of these efforts. Clearly the situation in this reactor is not under control if there is an explosion of this sort that blows the building apart,” says Jacobs."

  • Longjohn119

    The only people you'll find that are bigger LIARS than politicians are Nuke Industry Execs ….

    We've caught them lying to my tribe (Prairie Island Mdewakanton Dakota, right next door a a few thousand tons of nuclear waste and a twin reactors) so many times we lost count decades ago (First lie was they were building a coal generator and no mention of nukes)

    I've caught these LIARS lying even when there was really no reason to LIE, that's how deeply ingrained LIES are with these ethically and morally BANKRUPT people.

    • richard richard

      @Longjohn119 – your story sounds very familiar.. do you have more material? The nukers play on indigenous people around the world. Australian Aborogines are being lied to and pressured here in Oz to accept nuclear waste in their traditional lands. I hope they can hear your tribe's experience as a way to help them make the right choices.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Yes, please do share the story here. At the Forum area, too, in depth, please. Your story needs to be heard and re-told.

  • Andres Arce Andres Arce

    In general, it also is a poor example of freelance journalism, imagining French or American journalists sneaking around Fukushima for bringing the whole truth to Occident.

  • or-well

    Lies, damned lies and smiling statistics
    not subject to analytic heuristics
    cant and dogma of pro-nuclear mystics
    psychopathological characteristics.

  • andagi andagi

    Dear Stock, Mahalo nui loa.

  • mungo mungo

    Futaba mayor lashes gov't over radiation cover-up after nuke disaster

    Futaba Mayor Katsutaka Idogawa speaks during a meeting of the House of Councillors' Budget Committee on July 10. (Mainichi)
    拡大写真Katsutaka Idogawa, mayor of Futaba, Fukushima Prefecture, condemned the central government on July 10 for failing to disclose radiation data provided by the United States immediately after the outbreak of the disaster at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant.

    "(Futaba residents) were exposed to radiation that they didn't have to be exposed to," an emotional Idogawa testified during a meeting of the House of Councillors' Budget Committee. "What can we do to make people who haven't been exposed to radiation understand this feeling?"

    "If the information had been disclosed efficiently, I would have changed (residents') evacuation routes. Above all, I am in a position of protecting residents," said Idogawa, who spoke as an unsworn witness at the upper house meeting.

    At times Idogawa was teary and choked with emotion.

    "Being told things like that it's all right because radiation doses are at such and such a level of millisieverts makes me really furious," he said.

    Following the mayor's concluding remarks, in which he said that he "cannot accept this cover-up," a hush enveloped the usually lively committee room.

    Also present at the meeting was the speaker of the town council of Namie, Fukushima Prefecture. Futaba and Namie are among the areas…

  • mungo mungo

    Tokyo Electric Power Co., backing down under government pressure, says it will release videos of teleconferences in the aftermath of the nuclear disaster last year.