Professor: Japan’s radioactive crops being shipped to cleaner areas and mixed into food supply? (VIDEO)

Published: December 18th, 2012 at 4:13 pm ET


Title: Where are the People?
Source: A Mountian of Waste 70 Years High; NEIS
Date: Dec 1, 2012

At 11:45 in

Dr. Jeffrey Patterson, President, Physicians for Social Responsibility: How can they plant crops here [near Russia’s Kyshtym disaster], its too radioactive? [The man replied] “Oh we take the crops from this area, we ship them to areas where there is no radiation then we mix the crops together.” […]

And I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that’s happening in Japan today.

Full presentation here

Published: December 18th, 2012 at 4:13 pm ET


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26 comments to Professor: Japan’s radioactive crops being shipped to cleaner areas and mixed into food supply? (VIDEO)

  • Bones Bones

    The medieval period doesn't seem so medieval anymore. Gee, I wonder why cancer is at a 1 in 2 incidence rate. If the ones who are supposed to represent us allow this and probably encourage it, if the ones who do this are not held accountable ever, if money can buy innocence, if the EPA protects these evil bastards, if the FDA lets poisons in our food, if Japan/Russia/USA/France/et al cares not about the health of ANYONE, if the president says nothing against these crimes against humanity of which he also commits these crimes, if not one single person who has the power to stop the contamination of every living thing on this planet actually does something to stop this, where does that leave us? It seems there really are no other peaceful options left for justice. What's left to say? What's next?

  • richard richard

    Hi Bones… I'm running parallel to your thinking here.

    I keep getting told to remain peaceful, but that's looking like it will be the death of us all and no justice will be served against your very detailed list of culprits.

    Once the facade of civility and consumerism crumbles under the load, we may finally get some effective action, but it will be too late for any recovery for a lot of us.

    Good to see you bubble to the surface again, by the way.

  • f3ck4r f3ck4r

    They don't care, what they care is the amount of money coming from those in power of japan to keep the food exportation to others countries, even if they knew that the radiation in food is HIGH.

    And the people who can stop this madness, are accomplices in the denial of the truth to the Japanese people and still receive money from the Japanese government to maintain the truth hide and lie being brought as a truth.

    There is no end for the suffering of the Japanese people..

  • or-well

    Medieval… or Dark Ages?
    Maybe it's time to "go Medieval"
    with punishment for nuclear weasels –
    with Judas Chair and Iron Maiden!
    Spanish Tickler and Flagellation!
    Slow extraction of nails on their toes!
    A drizzle of molten lead up their nose!
    Hang them outside, restrained and exposed,
    to be picked to bone by hungry crows!
    Label all Nukers as Satans Mages!
    Haha! That`s the ticket! Brand them Unholy!
    Hunt them with Knights Of The Peoples Rages,
    as Demonic Evil-Doers Un-Soully!
    Grant Absolution for all of their Slayers!
    Parade the Dark Ones thru streets in Doom Wagons,
    while crowds curse their souls with Damning Prayers,
    keeping some alive to shut down their Dragons.

  • Bananastan Bananastan

    Spread the radiation around to skew any future cancer statistics.

    Just like in the U.S., where they:

    – irradiate food
    – push x-rays left and right, even CAT scans which cause cancer
    – irradiate imported food
    – install smart meters
    – cell phones
    – airport scanners
    – add radioactively contaminated metals to products
    – use radiation to fertilize crops
    – tv's and computers emit radiation
    – raise "acceptable" radiation limits in food and water
    – use radiation like I-131, Cs-137 in medical tests
    – irradiate gemstones and even teflon pans
    – prescribe pharmaceuticals that cause cancer
    – prescribe treatments that cause cancer
    – add carcinogenic chemicals to household cleaners, cosmetics, etc.
    – add DU to asphalt and airplanes and weights/balances and golf clubs
    – burn radioactive waste
    – leave mined uranium land open where radon blows in the wind

    Protecting industry at all costs.

    The cost of your health means nothing to them.

    • m a x l i

      Missing the mandatory fire alarms in homes, offices… in your list.

      Difficult to believe there is a big plan behind it, more difficult to believe such a plan would include as many items like in your list. But the result is the same, no matter if there is the execution of an elaborate master plan behind it, or it just conveniently "happens".

      • Bananastan Bananastan

        Much of the list is directly due to the nuclear industry (either the IAEA, NRC, DOE, etc.)

        For example, the IAEA is responsible for policies regarding:
        – irradiating domestic foods
        – irradiating IMPORTED food (people think they are getting radiation-free foods when they buy items from Costa Rica, etc., but those foods could be irradiated before they are put on the shelves here.)

        The NRC or DOE:
        – raised "acceptable" radiation limits in food and water
        – irradiating gemstones and even teflon pans
        – burning radioactive waste
        – approved using radioactive waste to fertilize crops
        – add DU to asphalt and airplanes and weights/balances and golf clubs
        – uranium mining
        – adding radioactively contaminated metals to products
        – regulating use of radiation like I-131, Cs-137 in medical tests

        • Bananastan Bananastan

          'kalidances' just posted this and it's relevant here

          "We have a serious problem with overcooking radiation in the United States. It's by far worse here than anywhere else in the world. We have runaway uses of nuclear scans, CT scans, and PET scanning, and we don't even warn our patients…"


  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    This issue seems to ring a bell(?)-seems "the blender"used following TMI & Chernobyl is plugged in again!! Seems to be a misunderstanding though on the part of the poster who responded with "the poor Japanese"!(?)-since it was likely describing "exports" rather than what they stock their own store shelves & cupboard with since they don't even bother with the "dilution solution" even for their own children anymore?!!yet they won't buy food from CA because THEY know it's contaminated!Nothing good ever came from mixing Japanese & American products in my experience-both of the "human"examples I've personally known were the worst "species" of 2-legged rats that ever walked the planet!!They're really pushing buttons now huh?!-when or-well starts talkin' bout flagellum & breaking out the gimp suits you just KNOW the issue struck a nerve following this bit of news!(LOL)..what else will be learned in the near future that (literally)makes us sick??!!

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      cont'd-"I forgot to turn the "sarcasm"lamp.LOL-no offense intended regarding any reference to my peers & ENEwser's!

      • or-well

        JohnnyB, I recall as early as the 2011 harvest there were stories of *blending down* in Japan. I doubt it has ceased as much as I doubt the accuracy of the testing, as much as I doubt those responsible for *Support Fukushima – Eat Death* will ever face criminal trials.
        or-well is an all-season, non-discriminatory advocate of negative consequences for pro-nuclearists.
        Kind of a *Let the Hunt begin!* enthusiast.
        Fingers is much more responsible. And boring. And hides ideas in or-wells posts. Such as the worlds religions negatively re-branding nuclearism and all the implications that would have.

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          I know you're right or-well! I remember having discussed the issue in 2011 as well. I'm with you and in fact offer my own "hunting skills" and gear when the 21st century "shot heard round the world" is fired! My temper and inclination to use force when confronted with threats WAS smoothing out and mellowing with age,that is until the blinders came off following the 3/11/11 ELE and "our keepers" response(or "lack of a response"!)and I'm right back on the edge(or ledge?)again ready to dot anybody's i that crosses me! But this isn't the way I want to be!~I never imagined that "things" would be this way when(if) I neared 50! Starting when my daughter suddenly miscarried what would've been our 1st grandchild,then my wife's diagnosis & suffering from a "rare & aggressive"cancer following similar "spikes" in US (& global)radiation levels-I became more bitter and intolerant than ever and while I wish things were different,I sure as hell don't feel guilty about thoughts of wringing the necks of the nuke pukes I'm betting history will prove are responsible for ALL of the suspicious aspects of what I can't prove but KNOW in my heart either! I "used" to reject nearly ALL of the popular "conspiracy theories" back before I watched my false images of our govt. and "just" leadership get flushed down the toilet with "Chock Full O` Cesium Turds"! Now I CAN'T put ANYTHING past them!!(?) 🙁 3-7-77

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Man-made radiation is tainting everything. And background radiation levels have gotten crazy high. It's dangerous, and must be lowered.

  • Fallout has now circled the globe and mixed with the continued emissions.

    –> 648 days since 311
    Fallout spreads around the globe approximately every 40 days.

    The initial Fallout(s) have circled over 16 times.

    Mutated Strawberries in Michigan Apr – 2012
    (Set to the Strawberry picture)

    Radiation Test Mandarin Oranges California – Dec 2012
    (Set to the summary portion)

    Mutated Persimmon California – Nov 2012

    The list goes on and on.

    This is not just Fukushima and Chernobyl.

    The radioactive contamination levels are meaningless, IMO, when it comes to Fukushima's ongoing radioactive releases. What I mean is those levels were designed for wartime and overcoming a nuclear bombs (one time) fallout. This is not the situation we have today nor will it be for the coming years and decades.

  • dosdos dosdos

    Everyone shares…..

  • Sol Man

    I shudder to think about what these mutations will do the the human genome after a few generations. If we get that far.
    But first, watch this drive!

  • rambojim

    A good friend from Tokyo told me six months ago that the government was mixing radioactive crops with crops in cleaner areas of Japan. The government in the land of the rising sun can do no wrong in the eyes of much of the Japanese people. They will follow their Supreme Lunatics to the grave with a smile on their face if asked to do so……