Professor: Nuclear scientists claiming radioactivity is a healthy thing for people — An “incredible lie” (VIDEO)

Published: July 27th, 2011 at 2:50 pm ET


Interview with Karl Grossman, July 27, 2011:

[…] “A lot of nuclear scientists … actually have the nerve to claim that radiation is good for you, and they have this theory called ‘radiation hormesis’ and they claim that radioactivity exercises the immune system and it’s a healthy thing for people. Essentially what they are doing is promoting their technology with this incredible lie,” Karl Grossman, a professor at State University of New York College told Press TV’s U.S. Desk in an exclusive interview on Wednesday. […]

See the interview here.

Published: July 27th, 2011 at 2:50 pm ET


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22 comments to Professor: Nuclear scientists claiming radioactivity is a healthy thing for people — An “incredible lie” (VIDEO)

  • Flapdoodle Flapdoodle

    We need something like “The Darwin Awards” for people like that.

  • ecsimonson

    What a load of crap.

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    Bullet holes are good for you also. They exercise your bodies ability to heal itself.

    What a buch of idiot fucktards these ‘scientist’ are. Knuckle dragging mouth-breathing droolers no doubt……

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    Did “a lot of nuclear scientists” have their brains turn to guacamole because of their jobs?

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    Soooooooooomeone had a BIG bowl of stupid for breakfast this morning.

  • vaporlock vaporlock

    Is this the same guy who wrote “Cover Up: What You Are Not Supposed to Know About Nuclear Power.”

  • arclight arclight


    • arclight arclight

      -decline in intelligence in Scandanavia – least likely to finish high school
      just a quick note on this one… there is a large prevelence of adhd or add derivitives norway, this tends to acount for the school drop out rates. im still trying to find a link with chernobyl and adhd in europe, for me the jury is still out.. i have adhd born 1964 post testing and both my daughters have adhd born post chernobyl… my exwife was under quite heavy contamination on the sw coast of norway and later had a still birth grossly deformed and also miscarried twins… i dont know if there is a connection there either? but im looking into it you can be sure (stats are hard to correlate!)

      • arclight arclight

        @pu239….posted it in the wrong place! oops!

        • jec jec

          Myself and daughter suffer from autoimmune disease, she has thyroid cancer. We were in germany during 1986, now discovering there was fallout. She was a young teenager, cancer started in early 20s. Is there a connection? Hard to tell as “stats are hard to correlate”..probably on purpose to keep public from panic..and to limit any liabilities.

  • I took some quick notes as this video was playing, and hope it helps somehow:

    Enviro Close-up

    Chernobyl A Million Casualties Subtitled Japanese
    [Q&A with Karl Grossman [Q],Janet Shermann [A] interview]
    [Uploaded by kasaichappuis on May 22, 2011]

    Janet Shermann worked for the AEC [precursor to NRC] in 1952 (first job out of college) at UCLA.

    radiation affects:
    every single organ in the body
    “everything was adversely affected”
    “every single system that was studied”
    “every system was changed”
    “every single system without exception”
    “same level of Cesium [causing heart disease] in animals as in humans”
    -Russian scientist [pathologist] jailed for those findings
    -Belarus, Ukraine & Russia got most radiation
    -more than 50% of the radiation spread around the entire Northern Hemisphere-particularly Scandinavia and eastward into Asia [China]
    -deaths occurred round the entire world [not just Belarus, Ukraine, Russia]
    -Strontium-90 & Cesium-137 will be around for about 300 years, but many of the isotopes will be around for millenia
    -structure even now leaking into water supply
    -the structure is not sound
    -even a mild earthquake might cause it to collapse
    -this reactor is by no means covered up and safe or not leaking
    -if cells killed by radiation they won’t go on to cause cancer, if cells are damaged they go on to cause cancer or birth defect [in a human, a bird, or plants [“birth defects” occur also in plants]-plants have been altered by Chernobyl
    -only 20% of children in Belarus are considered healthy – that means 80% of them are not well and intellectually below par
    -decline in intelligence in Scandanavia – least likely to finish high school
    -exposures affect all organs including brain
    -children are born unwell, very high fetal death rate
    -the greatest tragedy that could occur to a culture
    -how do you get enough food for people if the land is contaminated for 3 centuries?
    -mushrooms are “extremely contaminated” and a big food source in the area
    -data only covers 1986 to 2004 – 985,000 dead for that time period, what about now?
    -nobody has been able to go into the reactor to see what is left of it so don’t know exact amount of emissions
    -engineers, scientists [in oil-drilling, nuclear] don’t understand the biology & what is happening to life around these installations
    -Chernobyl is a big lesson in what has happened to ALL species, no exceptions
    -might cause entire species destruction [like bees – needed to pollinate fruit trees]
    -we still don’t know effects from bird-transport [in droppings] of radioactive berries, grains and other foods[that area main transport route for birds]
    -genetic defects in humans, birds, plants, insects “once you get a genetic defect” it gets passed along generation after generation after generation
    -brain defects, limbs, heart, children without arms, hydrocephalic babies
    -birds: changes in feathers, beaks, brain sizes
    “these birds are not as smart, and will not be able to function as well as birds that are not changed”
    -“we know the plants have been changed irreversibly”
    -“this is not rocket science, we know where these isotopes go”
    -“we know that iodine goes for the thyroid, we know that Strontium-90 goes to bones and teeth-particularly in the unborn [prenatal]
    -Cesium-137 goes to the heart and muscles
    -“this is not a mystery”
    -“and, if we know this, we can predict what the adverse effects are going to be”
    -“and indeed they turned out to be just that, and it is shown, proven in this book
    -Q. This has to be one of the biggest lies in history?
    -A.(Janet Shermann): Absolutely.
    -We need to put pressure to separate the WHO from the IAEA
    -Q. The NRC too has tried to minimize ..
    -A. You’re absolutely correct.

    -“we have had secrecy and lies to the American public for decades about the effects of nuclear radiation”
    -“there have been coverups, falsification of data, people who said ‘Well, don’t worry about a little Strontium-90, don’t worry about the Tritium coming out of the plant.’
    -we know that Davis-Besse came within an inch of melting down due to poor maintenance
    -“it’s only a matter of time before we have a similar disaster somewhere in the U.S.”
    -why all the lying? it has to do with the money; also ignorance, scientists in the U.S. really don’t have a good understanding of biology
    -the ultimate failure is human failure [not really technological failure]

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Thanks Pu239,
      that was helpful for the not-native-speakers / listeners…I would’ve missed some of it if I only watched the video.

  • Yes, whenever you see the term “radiation hormesis” best run for cover.

    Tis a lie.

    Not true.

    At variance from reality.

  • Anyone seeing more hair in their bush lately ?

  • markww markww

    JUST TO SHOW YOU A FOOL BORN EVERY MINUTE. If radiation is so good why do MILLIONS die from Radioactive lingering Poison,Like John Wayne

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Anyone claiming that radioactivity is a healthy thing for people, should go visit Fukushima and take the tour the plant.

  • Hemisfear311 Hemisfear311

    I hope they test their theory on themselves.

  • Radiation Hormesis is impossible. See
    Chap 18 to 21 and 35 of Radiation-Induced Cancer From Low-Dose Exposure
    John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D. 1990 on line except for Chap35.
    This is proof enough. If the specialists still persist in their lies then here is Wendell Berry on a society of specialists(1975):
    In living in the world by his own will and skill, the stupidest peasant or tribesman is more competent than the most intelligent worker or technician or intellectual in a society of specialists. I called Gofman a living Mahatma. The fellow came to know my activities in India and the great guy presented me with three of his books including this one cited here. Peace Peace peace.