Professor: “Reports of radiation in kelp just north of California” — Signs of Fukushima contamination expected to start “really arriving strongly” this year

Published: January 21st, 2014 at 9:39 am ET


KION, Jan. 17, 2014: Kelp is the base of the Ecosystem on the Central Coast. That is why kelp forests are now the focus of research that aims to detect the movement of contaminants from the Fukushima disaster. […] 33 sties along the California coast will collect 15 pounds of kelp three times this year. Professor [Michael] Graham said there have been some reports of radiation in kelp just north of California near the state of Washington.

Professor Michael Graham, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories and San Jose State (kelp expert), Jan. 17, 2014: “2014 is about the time you would expect to see a signal really arriving strongly in California […] This will be more useful in understanding the role of these contaminants and probably yes […] decrease some of the worry that comes on when we have no information.”

See also: [intlink id=”california-professor-imperative-we-monitor-for-any-radioactive-contaminants-that-will-be-arriving-this-year-in-ocean-from-fukushima-l-a-times-claims-levels-are-declining-fails-to-inform” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Reports after Fukushima’s airborne contamination arrived in March 2011:

  • [intlink id=”40000000-bq-of-iodine-131-in-a-single-bed-of-kelp-off-southern-california-amount-most-likely-larger” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]
  • [intlink id=”l-a-daily-news-column-radioactive-kelp-is-californias-most-under-reported-story-of-the-spring-its-been-somewhat-radioactive-off-and-on-for-months” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]
  • [intlink id=”local-tv-radiation-in-kelp-could-create-a-health-concern-for-so-california-seafood-lovers-the-question-we-all-want-answered-how-dangerous-is-this-to-you-and-me-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]
Published: January 21st, 2014 at 9:39 am ET


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73 comments to Professor: “Reports of radiation in kelp just north of California” — Signs of Fukushima contamination expected to start “really arriving strongly” this year

  • lickerface lickerface

    Collections only three times this year? What the hell are these guys smoking?

    • BlondyFu BlondyFu

      They dont want to report the obvious. Notice theyre not giving the report results? Also saw today on a report that the EPA is going to raise the alert level again for radiation. What was dangerous yesterday will be acceptable today so they can say "ITS WITHIN NORMAL ACCEPTABLE LEVELS"… I do not believe ANYTHING local, State, and Government officials say AT ALL.

      • Source?! This is absolutely infuriating. And the worst part is these little technicalities are a poison for society. Just because big brother says its ok doesn't make it so, yet this is a fact which blows over the heads of sheep.

        I'm reminded of orwells 1984, where their chocolate ration goes from 20 to 10 grams or something, and the media reports that the government is graciously increasing the ration.

    • infounderload infounderload

      Here's the study I'd like to see: buy about 1000 gallons of milk selected at random throughout California. (maybe cost 3000 bucks). Test for Sr90, Cs137, Pu and Ur. Compare results to the tests taken at UC Berkeley and Cal Poly SLO in the months after 3/11 for the Sr and Cs, and give us an alert for the Pu and Ur. Rinse and Repeat. The reason I want milk tested is because the largest consumers of it are kids. They are also the most innocent victims in this ongoing coverup snafu. They are the ones who will have to live the longest with the cancer consequences. Helen Caldicott is the only scientist who has been sounding the alarm the loudest and longest. Let her design some studies. /rant over/

    • US Radioactive Seaweed Iodine 131 Radiation Measured 2,500 Bq/Kg 145 Days After Fukushima Mega Nuclear Disaster, 380 Bq/Kg In Vancouver, REAL Amounts Covered Up And Hidden

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    Yeah that's really fuking cool Michael…can't wait for your results. maybe i will be baffled .

  • Sol Man

    Obviously, they fear doing adequate testing, because they fear the unwanted results. So all must deal with inadequate warning because of complicity.

  • Ontological Ontological

    Bill going up to allow smokin' O' the green by President Obama and the hill.
    They be correct the alarm on my dosimeter will need to be set up even higher soon. Shame. Here is a vid of the "Cesium sun dog" Observe at 90 degrees the lensing effect this noble gas Xe 133 condensing beyond crystalline state back into metallic. I almost hope it stays crystalline. May be less nasty.
    This effect usually creates a spectra of the 7 colors of the rainbow. In this crystalline cesium inclusion in the air the color of pink beryllium is added to the spectra for an "8th" color by refraction. Some of this is beryllium, and aluminum "crystals" we are leaving behind in contrails; but the added Cesium 137 makes it the same refraction as pink beryllium.
    I believe this is why things are in "slow motion" right now. They giving us a chance to get final things in order; to say goodbye, and leave Earthyworld in dignity?

    • zogerke zogerke

      @Ontological, I have collected (because for some reason I like them) the Audubon series of field guides for a couple of decades. If you see the AUdubon Field Guide to North American Weather (published by alfred knopf, NY… my dogeared copy in hand is from 1991) You will find every weird sun bow and sun dog and rainbow and cloud formation and color anomaly you can think of. In this book, page 548 is the chapter on optical phenomena, and there are color plates for each one referenced in the book. Those sun bow/ arcs are normal, though weird….so are rainbow sundogs on either side of the sun, on can have them around the moon too…its about ice crystls and light and refraction………Which is not to say that Fuku isn't doing strange stuff- But it's useful to check old established sources of optical phenomena to make sure that one isn't misinterpreting what we see. Respectfully offered with wishes for your health, and goodness for your family. Zogerke out.

      • Ontological Ontological

        I understand. Trust me I KNOW what a sun dog is QED period. Please do not insult my intelligence. The CESIUM inclusion in our air is doing this. Read my other posts. The spectral image in my avatar is the result of my joining a spectra with a REVERSE spectra. The photo is of the TINY dot in the top of a crystalline sphere. When you join them together you get pink light. Sir Newton only took two non inverted spectra and overlaid the light beam spectra to get MAGENTA. Geeez go figure, a sundog could be so misjudged. Wake the FLOCK up. No disrespect intended.

        • zogerke zogerke

          No insult intended.

        • artika rama

          ontological I checked the link and saw the video (the train ride in moscow ) but i didnt see any photos .
          DId you make that video ? It sure doesnt look like its fake . Camera is moving left right ,but the sundog is still there , clearly not a lens effect or anything .

          • Ontological Ontological

            No I did not take that video it was in Moscow Russia this winter.

            The picture I referred to is my avatar image, the picture before my name. Use a magnifier, either a glass one, or your windows application at 400. You can see a spectra that is in actuality the top part of a crystal sphere, with a light(white) source above. The rainbow colors are the forward moving light, the top pyramid like glow, and below is the reverse light from the sphere reflecting/refracting back against the light. Since this is my own research I will not delve too far. So to clarify meaning. The top is red down to violet(bluish haze in middle), the bottom of this image is another spectra red bottom up to violet. So it is violet to violet. Very difficult to photograph, but I think it is what Sir Newton was trying to do make spectral pink (amour). You can see this spectral pink pyramid of light in parallax in the photo. He only came up with magenta.

            I can't find a thing on this stuff other than what gave me the idea to do it.

    • harengus_acidophilus

      Congratulation, you invented new physics

      "this noble gas Xe 133 condensing beyond
      crystalline state back into metallic."

      Xe is a NOBLE GAS and not a metal.
      It can't go into "metallic state".
      melting point: 161.4 [K] = −111.7 [°C] = -169.15 [°F]
      boiling point: 165.2 [K] = −108 [°C] = -162.31 [°F]

      How want you to tell Xe his future behavior?
      You maybe consider optical artifacts from the cam.

      Facts, not fiction!


      • Jebus Jebus

        IIRC, Xe-133, a noble gas, half life approx 5 days, DECAYS into Cs-133, a metallic alkaloid element, the only stable isotope of caesium. Cs-133 is a naturally occuring isotope and is also created in a fission reactor. It is used to define one second in time…

      • Ontological Ontological

        Allow the Doc to enlighten you. Thanks doc. Me thinks you need a brainwashing dude. Read it and weep, then learn!

        • Ontological Ontological

          The sea water in this Devils brew is the "new physics" H-A dude. And also ZOG, NO those are not optical as in the camera, window or the lens used. It is however a result of light scattering/bending colors of white light AND the cesium inclusion in the icy atmosphere above in that footage. You CAN see this enemy! Open your eyes. The crap everyone is complaining about in "chemtrails" is beryllium, and crystalline aluminum. It is the reason this "second by second" slow motion is in effect. It gives us time to do final preparations. And maybe if certain people would stop hording the digital data "money" in accounts that will soon be destroyed anyways, we could perhaps use the "secret wisdom of light" to remedy this. Templar be Templar, if it is meant to be, it shall be.

  • bo bo

    It also feels like they want the public discourse /concern to just stay focused on what's coming via the ocean, they haven't started any discussions regarding fallout from the sky and what is happening to U.S. agriculture and aquifiers…or did I miss anything?

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      Maine seaweed companies found cesium 134 and 137 in products in 2012 said they were testing two times a year but nothing on the site that shows they have been . That's bad news in my eyes I will find it and post it here .


    couple things to consider: once the kelp take-up the rad-toxins, that contamination will remain within them for the duration of their life-cycle. Next, it takes months for rad-contaminated water to make its way across the Pacific. Finally, even if there are variations between measured samples every four months, they'll be able to detect marked increases with these samples. Assuming we'll be getting unbiased test results, testing three times a year should offer adequate indication of increased rad-toxins within these organisms…

    • nohobear nohobear

      Disagree Respectfully. the water flow and discharges have been continuous, and from the paltry information we can glean, out of TEPCO's clutches, increasing. It is not traveling in discreet packets at 3 month intervals.

      This is B.S. They are undertesting and under reporting because they don't want the truth known to the general public. They are conditioning the frogs slowly to the boiling water.

      I don't know how much it costs to test kelp and marine life. Tens of millions of dollars? Big Deal. Considering the enormous implications here, and that the FED is currently bailing out Wall Street to the tune of 85 billion A MONTH in bond purchases, they can bloody well test weekly, up and down the entire west coast. And a thorough scientific sampling. Not this 3 salmon were tested horseshit.

      Sorry for the rant. I am having the worst flu of my life, and this just makes me see red. We are being exterminated for the sake of private profits.

      • Arizonan Arizonan

        Noho, sorry u r sick. Aftershock is right tho. Testing every 3 mths, IF they do it correctly/honestly, and IF they release the results, should now inexorably and inevitably show a gradual increase in the levels of radionuclides incorporated into the flora and fauna of the Pacific Ocean, from our cousins on the East Coast to our cousins on the West Coast. We r all related. The leak by water has never ceased since the initial explosions. It pours around highly highly radioactive coriums on her way to the sea. As far as we can tell, we the poor public, living in the dark, this leak will probably never cease. This is a slim hope of intl cooperation and focused spending of hundreds of billions, but this so far is unlikely. Weekly testing of the West Coast would not protect us more. We all know what is happening. We r NOT being exterminated, at least not quickly. Count on at least another 100 years, and act accordingly. It is time for all nonviolent earth warriors worldwide to make their voices and prayers heard in public.

        • Radio Radio

          @Arizonan, i agree. And at my age, surviving many radiation leaks into the environment, bomb testing and medical procedures, i know that much of the damage will be in terms of long chronic illnesses and painful agonies rather than fast extinctions. Low level radiation is a slow process. My concerns are less for humans now, save those near the reactors during and since the accident, than for future generations that will have far more biomagnification of radiation in their environment and food as it accumulates from the present on over the years. Those generations will also have to deal with all the waste our generations produced. I worry most for the sea life now. The sea life in the Pacific have no where to go. Nearly all of them must be in the water 24/7, eating, breathing, and swimming in low level radiation. They are and will become sicker far sooner than most people. I would be happy to see three times a year testing IF the testing was done in multiple various locations. 100 points up and down the coastline, especially where things tend to collect, such as harbors and along jetties. And, the point of multiple sites is because while much of the radiation will dilute and spread as it travels, the chemical properties of many of the radioisotopes will also make it recollect as particles attract particles to themselves, so there will be denser areas of high magnification and also broad areas of very low radioactivity.

        • eatliesndie eatliesndie

          …hard to see the spikes with 3 monthly…

          • Radio Radio

            My scenario would be 3 to 4 annual tests from no less than 100 sites. That would make 300 to 400 tests three times a year totaling 900 to 1600 tests. Testing only 3 times per year at a single site, or only a few sites, will likely ONLY provide the lowest level of concentration, or worded differently, the highest level of dilution of radioisotopes in the water generally because that is the most likely ratio to be found since the radiation will also be clumping, but those areas will be narrower, and statistically less likely to be found. And, these 100 sites should also include differing depths and before and after storms. One can't just dip a beaker into the ocean and say "I've tested for radiation." But, that IS the plan because it is widely and erroneously believed that radiation, once dispersed or diluted remains diluted, which is false. So, i think in good faith and a certain lack of curiosity and a hefty dose of scientific laziness and a big dash of not wanting to rock the boat, researchers really do think that if they test one area of the ocean for radiation, then they have tested the entire ocean.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Gee, just send out all the starving fisherman, whose boats now/will sit idle in the future, since there is no fish, with some kelp nets and getter done. 🙂

      • 4Yahshua

        1~22~5995 (out of 6000) in this "Twilight Zone Apocalypse"!

        We have taken NAC (Cysteine, an amino acid)since 2009 and have not had any flu. It is supposed to prevent H1N1 flu ,improve the lungs, and immune system. Adult:120 mg.(capsule)/day. Child: 60 mg./day
        IT WORKS! (Swanson Vitamins) We will NOT take flu shots even though we are 84 and 66. I have just learned that the government put LIVE cancer cells in polio vaccines in the 50's and 60's! My mother signed me up for ALL of the free vaccinations then given in the public schools. YAHWEH PRESERVES US! HalleluYah!

        • atomicistheword


          You might want to add 2 cups of lemon balm and ginger tea to your regime daily to purge atomic radiation from your system and boost DNA integrity.

          2014-2015 Blood moon years, always major events for Israel.

  • infounderload infounderload

    This study should have been started when Long Beach State University first found I131 in kelp samples from summer 2011, which was from the airborne plumes of fuku isotopes. This new study doesn't say what isotopes are going to be looked for. They do say they are hoping to "decrease some of the worry" of the public. How unscientific is that? How unbiased will this study be? Maybe they could collect a few melted sea stars while they're at it and test those too. Or maybe get all the airborne particle detectors to work on a consistent basis. But this study looks like the best science is going to offer. We are all screwed. It's apparent that every person must save themselves from a future of cancer and birth defects.

  • AirSepTech AirSepTech

    Well, 99 tests this year are better than last years tests.

    And they want to smog test 20 million cars every other year.

    I was born, lived there til I was 30. Glad to be gone.

    It reminds me of the movie Idiocracy.

    Sad, Cali produces a huge amount of food, has a huge amount of wealth. What happens there, affects all of the USA.

  • Nick

    Now that California is waking up a bit about Fukushima can we switch topics and talk about REALLY important stuff like banning single-use plastic bags and wood stoves?

  • Arizonan Arizonan

    I want to see an honest study of rads in kelp or soil or whatever every five years since 1940. That wd tell us something. And give us the peoples of the earth more evidence to bring against the nukes in an international court to try crimes against humanity and the environment. Any honest scientists out there game?

  • Nick

    Nuclear energy is a product of atoms.

    You and I are made up of atoms.

    So what if a bit of seaweed gets a geiger counter in a tizzy?

    The sophism we get is "radiation is a natural part of our daily lives."

    Science in 2014: Let's PRETEND Fukushima is not that big a deal.

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    this is the results on seaweed testing in Maine note the dates

    Sent from my F-iPad

    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

      Could some of you please look at what I posted and give me your take on the testing results it's a PDF from the seaweed company in Maine the test was done at a Maine university . I am need some help here from those of you that are educated more than I before I get in touch with the and ask why I am not seeing any further research in Maine at all on this subject aside from the BS . This is our health folks . We need to step up and make them all be responsible not lazy . Thank you

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    Seaweed belongs to all humanity. At the present time, it is being used for:

    Food (rich source of vitamins, minerals, cell salts, iodine, antioxidants, essential amino acids and fatty acids, glyconutrients, plant hormones and lignans, sulfate galactans, alginate, antibiotic and antiseptic substances, antiviral and antiparasitic substances, anti-inflammatory agents,valuable nondairy, bioavailable plant source of calcium)
    Medicine (cancer prevention, cardiovascular health, degenerative disease combatant, detoxification, infection control, intestinal cleanser and healer, respiratory enhancer, sexual health and hormone support, thyroid balancer, weight-loss aid, wound healer)
    More information on this topic can be found in Valerie Cooksley’s book Seaweed.
    Fertilizer (trace minerals, amino acids, co-enzymes, cytokinin growth hormones, fungal protection, fewer insect problems, stronger root systems)
    Animal Dietary Supplementation (trace minerals and micronutrients)
    Medical Research (dye extracts for cell marking, agar, cancer research, nutritional studies, cardiovascular research, degenerative diseases, detox)
    Art Materials (marbled papermaking, models and more!)
    Cosmetics (healing and detoxing the skin)

  • soern

    Wasn't there an article some weeks ago, a seaweed harvesting company got no seaweed in 2013 due to radiation?
    Just remembering.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    China has BANNED all seafood from the US West Coast, yet our own gov't has yet to warn or ban anything. We are truely on our own…

    • tsfw tsfw

      Has anyone heard if Canada is included in that shellfish ban? From what I understand, they banned shellfish in Alaska and Cali but not Canada. There is no logic in that. Why why why…

      • Foggyworld

        Politics, Politics, Politics. China wants Canada to build the oil pipelines out toward British Columbia rather than down to the US. China needs oil desperately and Obama is about to give it to them by not welcoming the Canadian project because he is a huge if not the No. 1 fan of nuclear energy. In his mind we are moving on toward nuke power so we won't have to rely on gas and oil.

        China is thrilled and obviously won't be attacking anything Canadian.

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      Is there a ban? Maybe they're using this as a cover story to explain why the fishing companies are losing money due to the fact they can't fish for toxic fish.

  • sworldpeas

    Don't eat the seaweed
    Kelp is the new colon blow
    No nori for you

  • 2014 is about the time you would expect to see a signal really arriving strongly in California "

    What a load of disinformation dung… They found cesium in Sand Diego back in APRIL OF 2011

    • Arizonan Arizonan

      Uwant, the cesium found in march thru may 2011 is from the initial atmospheric release. Not just cesium, but lots of other isotopes were found in n. American back then. Now the vast majority of releases are by sea.

  • They just lie. And lie. And lie. The stuff is everywhere air is. And it lands everywhere. On everything.

    NOt here until late2014????? How come our expensive geiger counters show cesium readings between 45 and 90 every single day? And have for some time? And you shills and satanic sellouts please spare me the disinfo drivel about that being normal.

    How come so many people I know are contracting cancer AND NO, THEY NEVER SMOKED IN THEIR LIFE. That's right. They blame smokers for everything these days = it's the go to finger pointing session when cancers get kicked around. Bull.

    The devils murdered the planet and now are blaming it on global warming and all the rest of the nonsense they come up with every year.

    • Radio Radio

      uwantsun, they are, of course, saying that low level radiation is not harmful, which is also bunk. But, what i find interesting about their predictions of arrival times and strengths is that no prior research was ever done on how radiation travels in ocean currents, interacts with a 24/7 saline environment, varied temperatures, currents, water columns, etc. The big cry at the beginning from these same folks was that radiation couldn't even travel this far before it would sink to the bottom of the ocean. Then, from what testing was done, AND several other nations publishing research papers along with a few in the US and also Japan, the claim became, "well, some will arrive, but it is not expected to be much." Then other claims, it will arrive, not too much, but, accumulate in fish and shell fish and kelp, but just a little. So, from my perspective, most of the ocean experts we are hearing from have no basis for their claims and know very little of how this will play out anymore than anyone knows where the three coriums are for certain. We can all guess. And, that would be the most honest thing to do.

      • All I know is that the atmosphere is WAAAAYYYY over the EPA, DOE, NRC limits for radiation here in SoCal. And folks in La, Ventura, San Diego, the desert, etc all are reporting massive CPM readings, especially on windy days. And It's not radon, which seeks the lowest point wherever it is, like your basement. This has been like this around here for since lat March 2011.

        Then they flood this and other forums with shills, cutouts, and sock-puppets to create doubt in our mind and contempt because we are not scientists…well…the scientists have been bought out for 30 pieces of silver and betrayed us all. Now it's up to us to inform the world.

        Which we are doing.

        Fukushima Research blog on articles and videos since 3-11-11

    • artika rama

      uwantsun During the world war japanese were building the so called fire balloons (check it out on wiki . Those were balloons with bombs attached to them . When they were released they would go high in the atmosphere reach the jet stream and would be transported in the jet stream to US within days to weeks .
      SO radiation in the air has allready reached US long time ago.

    • Arizonan Arizonan

      In S. Az, granite geology means more natural radon. We have expensive prm9000, reads alpha beta gamma, outdoor backgrnd readings are in the 40 to 70 range normally. Atmos fallout from 1950s contributes some, but not much here. Check any ceramics from china. Uranium glazes can give off 100 cpm or more. I generally dispose of those when we find them. Rainspouts, near ground, will often have over 100 cpm as well. Dont panic, your geiger counter is operating normally. If you use it a lot you will wuickly be able to tell the nonnormal, like the 1200 cpm we got near a uranium mine on the Navajo res.. .

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    GOM this is for you too it will make you laugh it's a Fox News inter view about no rads in Fukushima to worry about
    I had to laugh
    This guy reeks

    Sent from my F-iPadThe university also owns the Stony Brook University Medical Center, co-manages the **Brookhaven National Laboratory**, and in 2005 acquired land for a Research & Development Park adjacent to its main campus, and has four business incubators across the region.

    **Brookhaven, which originally was owned by the Atomic Energy Commission, is now owned by the Commission's successor, the United States Department of Energy, which subcontracts the actual research and operation to universities and research organizations. It is currently operated by Brookhaven Science Associates LLC, which is an equal partnership of Stony Brook University and Battelle Memorial Institute. It was operated by Associated Universities, Inc. (AUI), from 1947 until 1998 when Associated lost the contract in the wake of a scandal when tritium leaked into the Long Island Central Pine Barrens groundwater on which it sits.[1]


    clam. Thanks to your link I found this site called bridgetothe People don't get that their drinking water is deep below ground. Lots of money there. I went to the beach once in Long Island. No public bathrooms. Uppity restaurant refused to let me in. Went to McDonalds. Never went back. 'What's in YOUR water'. lol

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