Professor: “Fish caught off coast of America and of course near Hawaii have had high level of cesium” — “We had scientists in Hawaii tracking radiation” from Fukushima

Published: February 26th, 2014 at 12:55 am ET


Dr. Daniel P. Aldrich, Associate Professor and University Faculty Scholar at Purdue University, Feb. 25, 2014: “We had scientists in Hawaii tracking the radiation in the water and yes, some fish [caught] off the coast of America and of course near Hawaii have had high level of caesium.”

Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Feb 16, 2014: Senate Bill on testing for nuclear radiation advances — Two state Senate committees have passed a bill calling for the Hawaii Department of Health to launch a pilot project to monitor radiation levels for five years because some people are concerned about fallout from the March 11, 2011, nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan. Senate Bill 3049 has received some lawmakers’ support, despite opposition from state health officials […] Sen. Russell Ruderman (D, Puna), who co-sponsored the bill, said the committee heard from dozens of residents who are concerned. […] He said there’s also a question whether the kind of monitoring being done now is sufficient for the kinds of threats faced by the public from the Fukushima fallout. […] Sen. Josh Green (D, Naalehu-Kailua-Kona), a co-sponsor of the bill, said he felt the Health Department needs to improve its website and its ability to provide information quickly about radiation levels […]

See also: [intlink id=”extensive-plume-of-fukushima-radiation-almost-due-north-of-honolulu-in-may-2013-cesium-of-8-bqm%c2%b3-found-japan-musicians-very-important-for-hawaii-to-monitor-ocean-and-report-data-we-wan” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

And: [intlink id=”tv-hawaii-senators-introduce-bill-require-fukushima-radiation-monitoring-next-5-years-health-official-fact-detect-throws-fear-individuals-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: February 26th, 2014 at 12:55 am ET


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78 comments to Professor: “Fish caught off coast of America and of course near Hawaii have had high level of cesium” — “We had scientists in Hawaii tracking radiation” from Fukushima

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  • tbg

    Well at least Russia is willing to discuss the problem, albeit with another "expert".

    from what looks t be his page at:
    "Daniel P. Aldrich is an associate professor of political science and University Scholar at Purdue University…He has recently held posts as a Fulbright Research Fellow at Tokyo University and as an AAAS Science and Technology Fellow with USAID."

    Definitely the type of "expert" I trust about fukushima.

    • Yeah from Aldrich, freakin pimp

      More Japanese residents died from stress and anxiety than the tsunami in #Fukushima prefecture

      • GQR2

        Its sickening and gives me stress of wanting to stuff a sock in the people's mouths that claim stress and anxiety killed residents. What like the animals get stressed and died?

        These are human beings and now letting people go back there to live in High High deadly radiation – its beyond the pale.

        Worse than WW2 and we are helpless to stop it.
        That is stressful. i have always suspected the Tsunami mortality estimates were low.

    • Questionit

      Mr Aldrich is a strange guy.
      His background is in political science with associations with psychology.

      He is a key participant in some seminars/presentations regarding the appropriate response and extent to Fuku evacuations and apparently the extent of crop, produce and fish contamination.

      He is deeply religious and always wears his religious cap on the very back of his head.
      He has done a short US State Dept. official video with the US seal in the background.
      He is associated in some way with the Japanese Ministry of Finance.
      He is associated with Homeland Security and did a little paper for them.
      He teaches about the mixing of political science concepts and environment activism. Some NIMBY course, not sure if it's pro or con.

      Here is a link to a short paper he did for Homeland Security. My take on it is that in the first 3 paragraphs he has made his case that increased funding for Katrina would not have been of any help. That is was the communities fault for not coming together and doing it themselves. Later he talks about communities who organized got (earned?) additional funds. But that is my biased take of his short paper.

  • Ontological Ontological

    As this fishy news gets in the hands of actual people with credibility, it is getting out about not eating seafood. The fish cases in stores here in S NV are much reduced, and I don't see people lined up for it anymore. Prices are insane. Yuk! Glad we quit seafood/fish long ago. FUKU took away low aluminum JP tofu also. That was a big ouch.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    “We had scientists in Hawaii tracking the radiation in the water and yes, some fish [caught] off the coast of America and of course near Hawaii have had high level of caesium.”

    I dont believe this cause Ken sez there isnt enough funding for the tests which arent really required anyway because of the low, low, low levels, and besides the BBC did a piece showing that actual levels are 1/10 to 1/100 the tested levels

  • chevvvy chev

    some fish?, how many would that be ? FOUR?

  • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

    So now for "the big picture"…..(at least for where I live)

    The salmon migrate through all the Fuku mess.
    They come back in to the coastal rivers and streams to spawn
    and die after they have bioaccumulated a lot of radioactive elements.
    The bald eagles and osprey feast on the carcasses, along with the bears and countless other critters.
    The new roe spend critical early development the gravel while in a flow of radioactive debris from their kin.
    They grow up to repeat that cycle.
    How many times does that get to happen until the genetics go FUBAR?

    Steelhead make 4 runs to the Pacific and back in their lifetime.
    So they can (in concept) accumulate a lot more fuku than the salmon.

    Just hard to focus on day to day life with this mess ratcheting up every other day.

    We ('newsers) have acclimated to all of this, to varying degrees of course.

    I am now getting a nagging sense of urgency for when Ken and Barbie have to adjust to all of this in a rather abrupt manner when something happens that is "in your face" for EVERYONE, yet it is a total shock to them and they can not comprehend it and can not psychologically adapt to it or deal with it.

    Then what?

    Remember when people jumped out of Wall Street windows simply because of a bad day in the market!

    It feels like knowing that some one in the theater is going to yell fire….I want a reliable exit strategy.
    While knowing there isn't one.

    Never mind my high lakes (Cascades) trout!!

    • or-well

      fireguyjeff makes good points, 1st, about the transmission vectors & recontamination problem in nature & 2nd, about the response to an "in your face" event.

      What WOULD happen if a N. Amer. nuke plant "went Fuku"?

      IMO, social media would play a huge role (if it wasn't shut down).
      (On that point, hardwired telephone landlines are important to maintain for civilian communication in emergencies.)
      I suggest there would be "info-rationing", clampdown or near blackout, to the degree officialdom could achieve.
      The "info-stream" would be "tuned" to minimize panic.
      There would probably still be panic.
      Freedom of movement could be restricted.
      If evacuations were instituted, attempts would be made to minimize their scope.
      I can imagine martial law being put in place on a regional basis.
      They have their emergency response plans, but in a full-on catastrophe, I can see things falling apart; if not right away, then over time.
      Imagine being a nuclear refugee…

  • New info on the lying WIPP,
    Their original data showed 46 CPS, and by correcting for background, the reduced the new radiation down to .64

    makes you say hmmmmmmm

    CPM is CPS*60, normal background is usually around 20 to 35 CPM, not CPS

    • Finally the nuclear industry is giving something back. Just relax and enjoy their priceless health improvement giveaway:


      Repeat after me, kids: One hot pocket a day keeps the doctor away.

      [Alternative versions:
      Radioactive decay keeps the doctor away.
      Small amounts of decay keep the doctor away.]

      • PurpleRain PurpleRain

        So sad and disgusting all at the same time. Between the poisoned water in West Virginia, the coal ash in North Carolina…. the bad beef, … the seafood that no one should eat anymore… etc. etc. it's difficult to keep one's chin up and keep trying to smile. The only positive side is finding this web site and sharing the information and ideas and knowledge and venting too. Trying to look on the bright side .. more people ARE paying attention .. and setting out on the learning-curve here.

      • mairs mairs

        Interesting that later studies show that small amounts of radiation over long periods of time are more harmful, not less, than a large dose at once.

    • rogerthat

      more smoke and mirrors, thanks to the ever-flexible ''adjustment''. not to mention the creeping definition of ''natural background'' to include gobs of seriously unnatural stuff.


    NSdAP stands for…

    [ ] Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei
    [ ] Nuclear Shills Disinforming the American People
    [ ] Nuclear Scientists Decrementing the American Population
    [ ] Never-ending Streams of Deadly Atomic Particles

  • PurpleRain PurpleRain

    Guys/Gals…. When I heard about this today it just made me sit up and take notice. It might be nothing. It might be something.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      What are the children's ages? All youngsters?

      One of the sailor's on the USS Reagan got paralysis from Fukushima, or so the lawsuit claims. (70 + sailors suing Tepco)

      • PurpleRain PurpleRain

        They seem to range from age 2 to about 12 years…it ll started in 2012..but now they are saying it might be related to hoof and mouth disease, so… that got me thinking that this might all be a direct-line to all of that recalled "diseased beef" that they announced. Seems like it should be one hell of a class-action lawsuit for all those people. Don't you think?!

        • mairs mairs

          What I found odd in the article I read is that although this is not polio, the article was mostly about the history of polio and where the latest outbreaks are. Why would they want to confuse people by discussing polio so much when the article clearly stated that polio has absolutely been ruled out?

        • john dpugh

          purplerain It seems very well possible you know . You might be right about this , someone should do some research on it .

    • bo bo

      Hi… I had mentally bookmarked that polio / radiation article American Phoenix57 had posted but never got around to reading through. Now I've lost the link vand can't find where it was mentioned ( so many articles / threads to go through these days !!).

      If anybody knows what I'm talking about will you kindly post link here?
      Thank you.
      ( I recall there was heated debate over the article, but all I want to do is actually read the article)

      • GQR2

        Goood Mornin'bo – here is one blog re polio.

        Here is another AM57 link – to chapter 2 on NWO survival guide

        • bo bo

          Thanks GQ, exactly what I was looking for !!

          • PurpleRain PurpleRain

            Wow. That link to cases in Israel is amazing. Thanks for sharing Angela. The more that I read about this in all of these different news articles where it seems to connect to the hoof and mouth disease it gets more unsettling to me. This might be a world-wide food-supply fiasco in slow motion. Wasn't there some college campus outbreak on the east coast last summer that was related to meningitis too? I sure hope that all the arrows don't point to the same bad beef. These damn companies have this knack for claiming bankruptcy so they can get away with murder (figuratively and literally) … and then set themselves up to reap rewards as middlemen paperpushers and insurance agents and lawyers. Meanwhile poor children and families are suffering through this and just trying to follow their conscious and do their best in life. arggghhh.

          • jec jec

            From working in Haiti with wild polio strains introduced by OPV Oral Polio Vaccine, even in 2013..the wild polio concept is to provide immunity due to people around the vaccinated child CATCHING the 'weaked' disease. It was stopped in most major countries due to problems with the vaccine..too many strains..and I bet mutations. this what is happening? Or is this caused by environmental (can you say Fukushima..!!) contamination? For sure the EAGLES dying in Utah did not get polio vaccines.

            See:“One of the reasons they stopped inoculating children with OPV in 2005 was because it caused an outbreak of polio, with dozens contracting the disease each year,” said Gurman. “The current situation is even worse, because the reconstituted OPV uses a somewhat different formula, and has never been used in Western countries.”

            In its High Court petition, the Izun Hozer group alleges that the use of the oral vaccine is dangerous. Part of the strategy, said New York pediatrician and author Dr. Stuart Ditchek, is to actually spread the disease around in order to “infect” others who have not taken the vaccine.

            Read more(above Israel news article): 60,000 more children vaccinated as polio spreads | The Times of Israel
            Follow us: @timesofisrael on Twitter | timesofisrael on Facebook

            Let me just say that in Haiti with immune systems already compromised by TB and Cholera..use of OPV…

        • PurpleRain PurpleRain

          wow. that vip observer's photo is amazing!

      • PurpleRain PurpleRain

        Here are a bunch of links although it's annoying how many are just carbon copies…like no one got off their ass to make a phone call even to personalize the story for their own audience. (Bad journalism)

    • bo bo

      PurpleRain, I'm wondering if these polio like symptoms have been seen in kids in japan or alaska/ hawaii.

      I am concerned what they may start doing is start categorizing each cluster under different names and diseases so the bigger picture stays hidden for many who are unaware. Like jerrymandering disease clusters.

      • or-well

        bo says
        "Like jerrymandering disease clusters."
        I think they already do it.

        • bo bo

          I suspected 🙁

        • bo bo

          or-well, there was an article pulled up in The New Yorker titled : ' The Cancer Cluster Myth'…
          you had to pay to read the article so I never got to read it, but you can guess where that was going…

          Makes me sick

          • or-well

            bo, I almost wish you hadn't told me that.
            I'm not surprised tho.
            It fits with the "Cancer overdiagnosed" theme "They" are developing.
            I guess there's too much research building up showing cancer clusters directly related to residence near nuke plants.

            • bo bo

              Yes and I recall doctors tried to say kids in fukushima were getting thyroid cancer from too much CT scans, too many tests.

              • john dpugh

                bo And they were saying that while they were checking the kids with ultrasound , NOT CT .

              • mairs mairs

                In the US CT scans are given very sparingly. I had one and needed another a week later and my doctor was reluctant to do it. I highly doubt that Japanese doctors are willy-nilly giving children so many scans that they are developing cancer.

      • PurpleRain PurpleRain

        I was thinking the same thing. Just name a new virus of the month per each country and keep the population of the world in the dark…just like mushrooms. I believe one or two of those articles did mention something similar happening in Asia and elsewhere, so that still is a possibility… If I find out anything more I'll share.

        On a somewhat related stretch here..I've come to learn about several young women (last year and this year) who have had failed pregnancies. Granted, I'm on a college campus each day… interacting with many in the child-bearing age, but… it just seems like a lot to me. My former neighbor, two classmates… and three others. I donno. ? .. Maybe I'm worrying too much about the future.

    • chevvvy chev

      if it walks like a duck , quacks like a duck, then pehaps its a duck, unless its a robot duck.
      has an extrmely interesting article about this,


    • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

      Saw this story a few days ago and thought.. radiation. I am so sad for these families and for the general public ignorance at large. Sad thing is the denial and lack of urgency regarding radioactive waste falling from the sky regularly, and the lack of even the most basic warnings, (even though we have the ability to detect it, and give those warnings) will cause many many more children to suffer, with "mystery" illnesses.

      Sorry folks, no mystery here…

      Took my kid to the doctor recently and she said something about how sick kids were this year (I live in Eastern Washington), and I responded that it was only going to get worse, her response? "It can't get any worse" I boldly said, "Oh yes it can and will as the germs and our cells continue to mutate, due to all the plutonium and uranium and other crap from the ongoing fuku mess that continue to rain down on all of us…" She looked at me as if I was crazy. She was/is a pediatrician.

      I truly wanted to send her Christina/radchicks early video demanding the medical community pull it's head out of it's ass and do their job!

      We have destroyed our world as we know it, and our failure to act is cementing that reality.

      P.S. Assholes are running a pro nuke power commercial in my area. Nuke is the only stable reliable cost effective energy source…

      Hmm, guess our dna, our children, and all other living things have no monetary value to appreciate. Disgusting!

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Why would state health officials object to radiation testing? Has someone been stacking the deck?

    • rogerthat

      yes, these are the people whose job is to look after the welfare of citizens. bizarro world, where black is white and ignorance is bliss

    • "Senate Bill 3049 has received some lawmakers support, despite OPPOSITION from state health officials…"

      "…a bill calling for the Hawaii Department of Health to launch a pilot project to monitor radiation…"

      It makes no sense to me to pass a bill that gets a State Health Department to do something, that they don't want to do. With that kind of attitude you know the results will be tainted, confusing and always fall below levels of concern.

      Think about it. Why would a department not want an additional assignment that gives them money and could save lives? I would think it's job security.

      Why…??? 😉

  • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

    Here is a link to another story on the paralysis story.
    The kare11 site may not present it directly.

    Sure reeks of smoking gun to me.

    • earthsmith earthsmith

      Oh boy does it reek. Sadly those people seem like they trust the white coats. Genetics alas! In theory over time that will be the reality but we know about the invisible fuku man.

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    So many things to grind that fish up with. So many different destinations to send to ….country of origin not a problem we got trade pacts to deal with that.
    Chronic Human Wasting Syndrome

    • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

      Agreed, and over the last three years, the labels have been changed. Now we see, "packaged in USA", but no idea where it is made. Among other confusing source of origin labels.

      try to find something as simple as onion powder, not made in China. Check your razor blades.. yep, Japan.

      This is a democracy, yet we do not have a right to now where our food is coming from.. what a joke! Greatest nation on Earth and no right to know where our food is coming from??? not so great…

      Boycott all Japanese products and corporations for any reason, force these corporations to pressure the others. This is the only hope we have. Make a point of telling Toyota, for example, you would buy their car if only they made a statement to their government and force them to take action regarding Fukushima for the good of the world!

  • Nick

    I wonder if the California paralysis is in part due to uranium degrading to lead poisoning?

    We know that nano-buckeyballs with Fukushima goodies traveled all over the globe.

    The decay of uranium too lead is 138 days (~1/2 year). We are 3 years into event so plenty of
    nan0-NO NOs have drifted into the biosphere.

    Cesium and the spectrum of Fukushima fallout are also likely culprits.

    Toxic is toxic is toxic even at the atomic level.

    Sign on a Pacific Beach: Gone Fission

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yep! Makes sense..

  • So…

    "…some fish [caught] off the coast of America and of course near Hawaii have had HIGH level of caesium."
    – Dr. Daniel P. Aldrich

    How many fish were caught?
    What kinds of fish?
    What were the HIGH levels?
    What other isotopes were looked for?

    "We don’t have enough data…"
    – Dr. Daniel P. Aldrich, from article

    We NEVER get the data, just a lot of 'HOT' AIR!
    (pun intended) 😉

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      ChasAh…That's what I was thinking…there needs to be real test results posted somewhere…this is why people refuse to believe the devastation of Fukushima. There are never hard facts, only speculations and opinions.

  • sworldpeas

    I guess the butterflies and insects didn't get the memo to smile…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "had..have had"

  • cooterboy

    Well it's been a slow day for ole Daniel. A political science scholar who never made it to the big time. Stuck at being an "associate professor" relegated to grant writing for his college matrix society.

    This story has so many holes in it you could drive a truck through them. Posted on Twitter, then Voice of Russia are not qualifiers of any reasonable or logical research, let alone the right to open your flapping lips and act stupid.

    There is no data and there never will be from this jerk.



    Poor Daniel; he forgot the phrase " Is often better to remain silent and be thought of as a fool, than to speak up and remove all doubt."


  • Undue Degradation Law & Legal Definition

    Unnecessary or undue degradation is defined as “harm to the environment that is either unnecessary to a given project or violates specified environmental protection statutes.” S. Fork Band Council of W. Shoshone of Nev. v. United States DOI, 2009 U.S. App. LEXIS 26329 (9th Cir. Nev. Dec. 3, 2009)
    what we have is a global degradation from fuku or a continued operation of degradation and undue burdens placed upon us all to merely exist. we are all slaves, overseers or agents of the commerce dept engaging in deception and denial of unalienable rights of life itself.
    I need a form to file in my local courts asserting damages,, can anyone assist?

  • RonM RonM

    Buy new NukeFree brand products, we certify that all of our brands products have been tested and have had all of the ingredients tested to be below the radioactivity level of a banana!

    Plus we add potassium to every product so you don't ever have to eat another radioactive banana again.

    Send in 100 proof of purchases and receive a free Geiger counter to test any other food that you may be thinking of eating!

    Also try our building subsidiary's new aluminum siding products coated on the inside with a full 1/8 inch of lead!

    With new NukeFree products we guarantee you will not get cancer until you are at least 50 or all of your chemotherapy will be paid by us!

    At Nukefree we care about you and our planet and donate 10% of every sale to the dry cask storage of nuclear waste products, together we can live NukeFree in a nuclear contaminated world and smile!

    • RonM RonM

      No intentional reference to the NukeFree.Org group is implied here and the use of the term NukeFree is only coincidental, my apologies to anyone at Nukefree.Org if any feelings are hurt, it's only a joke.

      Sometimes in sickening tragic circumstances you need a little humor to carry on.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      our "nuke free intruder alarm" detects subtle brain wave signatures from lying pro-nukers and other psychopaths and stops them dead in their tracks with an impermeable thorium net for safe and convenient disposal. Yes, let "Thor" handle all those pesky but deadly dangerous intruders into your life; As easy as one, two three, all you do is invert, dump and flush"

  • Nick

    Folks think I am bat shit crazy, but I have this theory that the shared electrons of molecules, such as melatonin and serotonin are impacted by Fukushima's wayward electrons.

    Our very sleep cycle is messed up.

    That is a scary, scary, thought. We no longer can count on our own sanity. Yikes.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Sleep..what the hell is sleep? 🙂

  • arclight2 arclight2

    OT but it is important

    "Mari is facing charges stemming from speaking out on radiation in Japan and advocacy for families relocating children out of the areas contaminated by radioactivity from the damaged Fukushima Daiichi reactor site, operated by TEPCO. Radioactivity continues to leave that site. It is well established that while lower levels of exposure to radioactivity lowers risk, the greatest hazard from radiation comes when children are exposed, raising the risk of cancer manifold over their entire lives."