Gov’t Promo: It’s less than a stomach x-ray of radiation per day, so please come visit Fukushima — Children can even go outside (VIDEO)

Published: December 6th, 2012 at 9:42 am ET


Title: Future From Fukushima (with English sub)
Source: Fukushima Prefecture
Date Published: Dec 5, 2012

Published: December 6th, 2012 at 9:42 am ET


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93 comments to Gov’t Promo: It’s less than a stomach x-ray of radiation per day, so please come visit Fukushima — Children can even go outside (VIDEO)

  • markww markww



  • JustmeAlso

    Just another case of: F**k the public! when there is cash to be made!

  • Sickputer

    Future From Fukushima….quite a slogan. I prefer:

    Fairyland Farce Fukushima.

    Look at the poor Fukers working without masks digging up the deadly soil. Kids splashing in heavily contaminated freshwater ponds.

    Insanity….a beautiful place has been destroyed and there isn't anything that can be done to solve it except 500 years of mother nature repair. People need to be GONE while that happens.

    I don't know about you, but I don't want 300 stomach x-rays a year for the opportunity to live or visit in Fukushima City.

    To backup what Mark sez….Liars, Damn Liars, and Murderous Liars!

    Insanity in Fukushima Prefecture…and all of Japan.

    Sayonara to a beautiful country now lost to Dr. Frankenstein. Invisible deadly monsters in every breath and food morsel.
    Electricity too cheap to die for.

    • lam335 lam335

      Future From Fukuskima …

      and the FARTHER from it, the BETTER!

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      Sounds like the Japan Tourism Industry had help from BP's promotional propoganda department. All's well in GOM and FUKU!

      The B**t**ds, and also Beeturds. I'm about to resign from the common majority population of homosapiens.

      Thanks to the few of us at ene who can hear. Without you I'd go even crazier! Thanks!

  • JustmeAlso

    oncology(Big Pharma) finds new business: victims of nuclear disasters.

  • or-well

    Futility of Lies
    She's BACK! Live from Japan!
    Our cute Lifestyle reporter with "GoodRays Tan",
    "SkyShine" lips glossy, hair oh-so flip-tossy,
    "Reactor!" perfume to make heart-rates triple,
    teeth gleaming "RadWhite!" so brilliant they cripple,
    "Mela-No-More!" sunblock AND moisturizer,
    NITCO World Crime TVs' own Health Matters Advisor –
    our mutantly-blonde, cheeks-with-a-dimple
    vacuous bubblehead keeping it simple!
    "HI! I'm here On The Beach – at Fukushima!
    We got limo-ed here in Tepco Bimmers,
    to see all the kids with great big grinners
    but they all got sick after eating dinner
    so that ruined the shot – Crap! What a bummer!
    So we're here at sunset to see all the colors!
    'Sunset -how ironic.' said one of our Handlers,
    but I didn't get it, so I asked for translation,
    so they gave me the flag of the Japanese nation –
    it's the same picture on my bag of swag!
    Sun rising or setting – who cares? That's jet-lag!
    Hey – I just got a tweet from the Enviro-mister!
    Why are all the names here such tongue-twisters?
    What? Oh, the segment…so don't get indignant!
    What do you mean – something's wrong with my pigment?
    OK! Gotta hurry! Folks at home don't you worry!
    It's all good here so mind your OWN Wellness!
    Improve your sex life – use more electricity!
    Or get a perscription for "Exciticity!"
    Why's everyone heading for the Limos?
    Why do I feel like I just had Chemo?
    OK! Gotta run – there's a weird glow blocking the sun!

  • melodiousthunkk

    Even by their dishonest promotion of 8.28 µSv per day, that's the equivalent of five (5!) stomach xrays a year!

    I shudder to think what the true count is…

  • ForwardAssist ForwardAssist

    The human psychology surrounding mega disasters is fascinating. There is such a disconnect, people don't want to believe the truth of the situation. They cling to the normalcy of their former lives as they are poisoned day after day. By the time they wake, it's too late for them.

    So strange and so sad at the same time.

    • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

      Hi ForwardAssist, I replied to you down below, scroll down…

    • Maggie123

      ForwardAssist – you've tapped the drum I've been beating for almost a decade. Psychology as useful, in models and language, to give us insight into why we do what we do, why we don't do what would be more helpful, why we seek group belonging and approval, and more – in fact the whole of who we are (at least in earth-bound existence – and my concern is life here on earth!)

      "Models and language to explore and discuss" take us beyond wisdom of proverbs, folk tales, etc., which of course have much psychological insight in them, (and I love metaphor, so I love proverbs and folk tales too!).

      My belief is that unless/until we are generally aware (by sound learning, not just gee-whiz stuff of pop psychology) we cannot hope to train ourselves away from our destructive habits and retrain ourselves toward our more helpful habits. We carry ample 'inborn impulses' for both kinds of habit; each can be understood as neither evil nor special!

      The learning is not odious – our behavior, as you say, can be fascinating!

      Adlerian insight: Every act any of us does is linked to purpose. But we we don't understand purpose because we don't know how we came to need to believe what we believe, and our actions reflect our beliefs about ourselves, about the world. Like driving blind.

      It's *so* good to read a statement that flags this field of study/understanding! Thanks!!

  • "Inhaling even the tiniest particle, that’s the danger."

    Mar 22, 2011
    Comparisons with X-rays and CT scans meaningless:

    Serious Warning:
    "Children are especially vulnerable to ionizing radiation because they absorb more radiation per volume of tissue than adults. Ionizing radiation applied to children is especially damaging as children are growing and have more radio-sensitive cell divisions occurring than an adult." – Natural news

  • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

    For the science minded, thought i would share this site and especially the article about Plutonium from 2011, very important data, regarding the plutonium transport around the world, diagrams, models etc..impossible to liken xray to plutonium ingestion.

    "Radionuclides from the Fukushima accident in the air over Lithuania: measurement and modelling"


    Tons more on radiation here..

      • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

        "Analyses of 131I, 137Cs and 134Cs in airborne aerosols were carried out in daily samples in Vilnius, Lithuania after the Fukushima accident during the period of March–April, 2011. The activity concentrations of 131I and 137Cs ranged from 12 μBq/m3 and 1.4 μBq/m3 to 3700 μBq/m3 and 1040 μBq/m3, respectively. The activity concentration of 239,240Pu in one aerosol sample collected from 23 March to 15 April, 2011 was found to be 44.5 nBq/m3. The two maxima found in radionuclide concentrations were related to complicated long-range air mass transport from Japan across the Pacific, the North America and the Atlantic Ocean to Central Europe as indicated by modelling. HYSPLIT backward trajectories and meteorological data were applied for interpretation of activity variations of measured radionuclides observed at the site of investigation. 7Be and 212Pb activity concentrations and their ratios were used as tracers of vertical transport of air masses. Fukushima data were compared with the data obtained during the Chernobyl accident and in the post Chernobyl period. The activity concentrations of 131I and 137Cs were found to be by 4 orders of magnitude lower as compared to the Chernobyl accident. The activity ratio of 134Cs/137Cs was around 1 with small variations only. The activity ratio of 238Pu/239,240Pu in the aerosol sample was 1.2, indicating a presence of the spent fuel of different origin than that of the Chernobyl accident."

  • lam335 lam335

    Fukushima has been decontaminated.

    Mission accomplished!

    Somebody get an aircraft carrier for that prefecture official.

    • Sickputer

      Iam335 sez: "Somebody get an aircraft carrier for that prefecture official."

      SP: Like the Ronald Reagan? Scrubbing off million-year toxic plutonium into the Pacific Ocean. Then fleeing Fukushima forever with a crew full of internal doses:

      Letter on Facebook from the USS Ronald Reagan Commanding Officer on 3-14-2011:

      "During our mission to assist our close allies of Japan, we were operating near the radioactive plume from Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Power Plant…. radioactivity was detected on 17 personnel from our ship, however, we promptly took the proper precautions and the radioactivity was easily removed by using soap and water.The levels that were detected were very low levels. To put this into perspective, the maximum radiation dose received was equalt [typo]to the amount of natural background radiation one would receive in one month from sources such as rocks, soil and the sun.

      Ronald Reagan has since repositioned away from the Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Power Plant."

      SP: Not reassuring considering that the background level of radiation was 30 times normal when the Unit 3 MOX plume passed over the ship. But at least they got away and aren't drinking water or food in Japan. Unlike our other troops in Japan. *;-(

      • Bones Bones

        My best friend and his wife are being shipped to an airbase near Tokyo. In fact, he already left. There are still men, women, and children going over there in the armed forces. Just an FYI for everyone to confirm Sickputer's last statement. They also have a newborn, only a month old, that is traveling with them. I warned him to go AWOL if he couldn't get reassigned, but they are both in the service and went. They didn't really believe me when I told them how grave the situation really is. The sick part is that I am the one who told him to go to Japan. This was a couple years before the accident occurred though. Only thing I can do from here is send over uncontaminated baby food. I'll just buy online and have it shipped to him. So not just our troops, but the families as well.

        Mr. President,
        Thank you, sir. I hope you know you are a murderer. You wouldn't put your daughters in that situation would you, you coward. Amazing, the lack of testicles in the leaders of humanity. No balls, no honor… Just scared little children with power. If you want a strong country, you need a strong populace, which means healthy people. – That simple. Japan is finished Mr. President. You best realize that now. It will never, ever, ever recover. Grow a sac and shutdown the nuke plants before America is finished! Get your damn priorities straight! The economy will collapse with a nuclear accident. These plants destroy economies NOT BUILD THEM UP! Wise up and MAN UP.

        • Maggie123

          Bones – have you thought of sending this to Pres. Obama at the WH website contact (email) link? (Or version of same – not sure I'd be brave enough to use the same language in a WH note!)

          Character max = 2500 I think. Your note looks like it would fit.

          I think we possibly need to speak directly and in 'stunning frankness' to get through to these people.

          Challenging them to walk the very path they assign others is a challenge they need to hear again and again, IMO.

          • Maggie123

            Challenging them to walk the very path they assign others – not meaning literally although that would be fastest 'lesson'! I mean of course putting the idea to them – again, and again, and again – with links to their lives (families) to help them grasp what they're doing to others.

            • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

              I can't help it Maggie , the wait is killing me for that day we can apply the "fast" lesson to those that want us to endure the planet's (unneccesary) fait in s(m)ilence so THEY can explore the corrupt space that comes behind personal prosperity forever further.

              Like these piggies :

              Koch Brothers May Be Biggest Force Behind U.S. Inaction !
              (80 billion dollars)


              But i know it should not be a goal in itself , dissarming everything that is an enemy of life on this planet is .
              Unfortunetly i think these things are locked in togheter , they will not volunteerly give up their position of power.
              And they will NOT grow a conscience overnight . Never !
              But , the good news is , globally , the talking about whats happening with the planet and us is increasing , of that i'm sure .
              I see it when i observe my brainwashing tv lol .

              • Maggie123

                DID – American disinterest in any news that alerts them to the Koch's activities amazes me. They've established some links too with the Fraser Institute in Vancouver BC to my knowledge – think a nice donation was made. The Fraser Institute is a think tank of some weight that presses for ultra-pro corporate government policy, (i.e. they want that pipeline to go through, and also want the one headed toward the west coast to go through.).

                BTW – you were absent for a time – meant to say – I'm so glad to see you posting again!! 🙂

                • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                  Yes , the hermit needed some (social) silence to remember how to use his eyes and mind lol This will happen often i guess , but its better that way in the end.
                  Thank you for the warm camaraderie , my friend . I noticed i get nervous when you are absent to long for my likings too 😉

                • Radio VicFromOregon

                  The Koch brothers haven't met Oregon yet. Coal trains through Oregon is already well on its way to being dead here. Washington may prove a challenge to them, too. Canada may have to rail its coal all the way to Vancouver BC without help or support. Liquid natural gas is also facing stiff opposition since they want to take it straight through prime farmland under state land seizure through federal prodding. Developers are trying to build on it and have done so, but, with the land use laws here, the next legal build up isn't for another 25 to 30 years, maybe even farther out in time. They have had to get in line behind the fight with the developers and the land use commission. Probably won't want to wait that long. Oregon is going sustainable green energy, and not stepping back into the dark ages and into the pockets of greedy industrialists like the Koch brothers. They will fail here and we will be better off without them.

                  • Maggie123

                    I catch KBOO's "Abe and Joe Show" as regularly as I can (Tuesday mornings, I listen later as a podcast). They've covered the proposed coal trains some. Oregon has some excellent activist voices and groups – from what I gather, though, you sure have to stay alert and ready! Colorado has similar activism but mostly in the northern part. Farther south one goes, it fades. I'm near bottom of map!

          • dharmasyd dharmasyd

            Maggie, Bones, et al. I have sent wording this strong to B.O. and, so far anyway, nothing has happened. I feel like it is all I can do.

            And here, fwiw, a real scathing indictment from Paul Craig Roberts, a recovering Republican who was, once upon a time, Deputy Secretary of the Treasury under Reagan. Now he sees our whole society and it's politics as corrupt. I sometimes send statements like this to B.O without telling him the source.

            This is from his latest essay: "Bradley Manning: Window into the American soul."

            >>blockquote"Bradley Manning …snip… “has bestowed the world with … this window into America’s political soul.” [quote from Glenn Greenwald]…
            The window into America’s political soul reveals total evil. The US government constitutes Satan’s Chosen People. Nothing else can be said for those who rule and oppress us.<<end blockquote.
            From Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

            Find it >>>

            • Maggie123

              Dharmasyd – I thank you hugely for letting us know you also inform/challenge B.O. This gives me a boost for continuing the same.

              Once was word he viewed Gandhi as inspiration. If we can do nothing else, (absent membership in lobby groups), we can, and I believe should, 'chip and hammer away' at him (and at so many others!)

              Thank you too for keeping on front burner for analysis. I forget to touch base with the site regularly, and admire their work very very much.

  • Sol Man

    No love for the children or a thought for the future. This is profoundly unfortunate for everyone.

  • dosdos dosdos

    Less than a stomach x-ray per day per day that you stay there, for the rest of your life. No thanks. I'm not going anywhere near Japan.

    • Anthony Anthony

      Who the hell would think a stomach xray per day is OK or something to strive for?

      Twilight Zone – Extended Version

      • many moons

        "who would think an xray a day is a good thing?"

        A Doctor or scientist receiving money from the nuclear industry to convince everyone that radiation is OK.

        I'd like to understand more about how much radiation we are all getting from airport body scanners….

        I've heard they are OK, very safe, no problem…One quick question…why has the cancer statistics increased dramatically among tsa workers if those machines are so safe?

        It's easy to point the finger and wonder how the Japanese people can be fooled, but take a look around…we are all falling for this radiation is OK bullshit…they are even radiating food and no one demands that it not be done.

        When I have to pass through a body scan, the TSA officials record the time on a clip board and you would be surprised at how many people agree to the body scan……There are very few people who opt out of the scan.

        Now how is that different from this official saying that the radiation isn't harmful to people in Japan?

        • JustmeAlso

          An X ray per day or an X ray per millennium? one is less harmful than the other… DUH!

          • many moons

            I don't follow…some people take flights daily.???

          • JustmeAlso

            A spliff a day keeps the doctor away… unless the spliff is filled with PU 239.. smoke screens filled with PU 239 that got lost are not gonna save us from cancer! Believe in the BS! Snort some Pu 239! Enjoy! It is like coke!!

          • Anthony Anthony

            Underneath the doublespeak the truth is simply 24-7. Who gets a stomach xray everyday, all day, as recommended by scientific medical professionals?

        • Anthony Anthony

          I agree – and it isn't any different here either! At least in Japan they admit there is radiation to contend with. Over here we were told it was nothing to worry about, it couldn't possibly reach our areas…..and that was the last we heard anything really.

  • enoughalready45 enoughalready45


    You said, “human psychology surrounding mega disasters is fascinating”. I agree, it is so very fascinating.
    This is a good article on the topic:
    “Why we don’t prepare for disaster”,9171,1229102-1,00.html

    [excerpt]"There are four stages of denial," says Eric Holdeman, director of emergency management for Seattle's King County, which faces a significant earthquake threat. "One is, it won't happen. Two is, if it does happen, it won't happen to me. Three: if it does happen to me, it won't be that bad. And four: if it happens to me and it's bad, there's nothing I can do to stop it anyway."

    Also, I recommend reading: The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes – and Why by Amanda Ripley.

    • ForwardAssist ForwardAssist

      Interesting read, thank you!

    • Maggie123

      enoughalready45 – Thanks, I look forward to reading this later. Much benefit for everyone to read, gather, these kinds of insights.

      If we notice, in smaller or modified ways, we usually are using 'avoidance' strategies, 'selective attention' (for understandable reasons) in our daily affairs. But I shouldn't be commenting until I've read the article – maybe it focuses on the psychology differently.

  • JustmeAlso

    I have seen some lie from Tepco saying that the disaster of Fukudaiichi was just the amount of radiation of one x ray.. Made me wonder if it was a continuing x ray that lasts for years or just an X-ray of a millisecond.. Tepco never told the nittygritty of the duration of the X-ray. How convenient for the pocketfillers. Lets raise the background radiation in the process to fool every living being to believe it is all safe! Like some F**ked up religion!!

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Check Tokyo. And other areas, for radiation.

  • razzz razzz

    Visit Fukushima, bring your own food and masks.

  • I'm spreading the word 😉

    Thanks Maggie123 for the original idea. These 3×5" slips of paper are folded once and placed on grocery shelves, etc. I went grocery shopping with my wife, and one of these are in every aisle :))

    • Maggie123

      Hooray!!! This is wonderful news!!! Forgot to say and meant to get back that I appreciate your folded paper rationale (attract the eye, easy to carry away). This is so exciting!

      (BTW Wonder if you want to do any "2013 Wish List" posts to any government offices – I just posted a couple of my plans at 'general discussion off topic' forum. Might have just gone ahead on my own but remembered your bringing community in on it. Feedback plus sparking ideas others might decide to pursue!)

      • I wish politicians weren't money sucking vampires with no conscience 😀

        Q: What's the difference between a politician and a prostitute?

        A: There is no difference – both screw the public in exchange for money.

  • ForwardAssist ForwardAssist

    Many of you have seen the following video,

    It really illustrates the concept of a "hot particle". So much energy density that most people just don't comprehend that it exists.


    All I can say to this is… 破壊的なまぬけエイプリルフール

  • ForwardAssist ForwardAssist

    Another fragment, this time PU.

  • Sickputer

    Question: What's the difference between a puppy and a Tepco/Diet nucleocrat?

    Answer: The puppy grows up and stops whining.

  • Radio VicFromOregon

    Well, that about wraps it up for Fukushima. The video is an education. The need to return to normalcy has won out over caution about radiation. The population will absorb the rise in cancer deaths and chronic illness. It would the same anywhere. If the power plant can keep the pools from collapsing and they can successfully encase the site, this will all be an afterthought for a few decades until a new cover is needed. But, what did happen from this calamity is a public push in Japan for safer renewable energies and the sooner they can be brought online, the faster the various reactors will close for the good of all the Earth.

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    LOLLOLOLOL, he he he less than a stomach xray – LOLOLOLOl

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    Let's see! 800uSv/day X [they left out how many x rays per day, but let's be kind and say just 1]. So 800uSv/day X 365 days X 5 years or 10 years or….
    Not worth the waste of time to do the arithmetic BECAUSE IT SIMPLY == =====S Equals insanity!

  • homeenergyexpert homeenergyexpert

    It reminds me of a Nazi WWII propaganda film for the Red Cross, of the happy Jews in the resort camps, and some of the better USSR films showing people communing, except they are all eating~Poisoned meat,fruit, wheat, rice & vegetables.

    Call me when we can see the piles of bodies. People are dying of Cesium 137, Plutonium 234, 238, Strontium 90 and others, giving heart attacks & brain hemorrhages. If they were not, they started when the massively radioactive reactor debris started being burned in unfiltered incinerators.

    We were really lucky 12-7-12's Earthquake did not blow up the "6" fuel pools at Daiichi Fukushima, especially with #4 listing and sinking 31.5" and 1,2,3 with lava from the fuel rods running around the building supports. These 10story buildings have 3million pounds of wt. on the 6th floor.

  • homeenergyexpert homeenergyexpert

    If you like these numbers, the Marines can use you at Iwakuni Marine Corps Air Station, Iwakuni, Honshu, Japan. Say a few prayers for these men and women, I called them to share the Radiation Protection Protocol, while they die a little everyday, in Obama's Hell. See their base link at the home page:

  • VyseLegendaire VyseLegendaire

    Putting aside the inherent evil in this propaganda video, did the director/producers not realize that the 1980s ended? What kind of stylistic choice was that music and speech? Nobody in their right mind could take this seriously even if they tried.

  • Sol Man

    TPTB must believe that karma is infinitely malleable and forgiving.

  • Andres Arce Andres Arce

    Now, here's the most atrocious thing you could ever say. I incidentally am an X-Ray technician, knowing that radiation exposure can't be taken so lightly.
    Hospitals resort to lead-lined walls, and special compartments for protection of people and workers.
    For starters, there in Japan pregnant women would suffer constant 'X-Ray' exposure all the time.
    Let alone, those poisonous radioactive particle of military conception.

  • Ecoguy

    My name is Barry Cohen and I am the owner of We are the world’s largest supplier of natural ingestible medical grade zeolite for removing radiation and heavy metals from the body!
    Just after the Fukushima disaster we offered to GIVE FOR FREE 16 TON's (32,000 pounds) of medical grade zeolite that can help to remove the radiation from thousands of peoples body's In Japan! 500,000 tons of zeolite was used to treat and help remove the radiation from the people as well as the cattle in Chernobyl after their disaster! Immediately after the disaster we called the Japanese Embassy in Washington DC and they said that our offer would be passed to the correct people in the Government.
    Not one person returned our calls or E-mails. So then I personally E-mailed and called TEPCO Tokyo electric power company's office in Washington DC USA to offer the FREE zeolite to them for their radiated employees and for the radiated people in the Fukushima area. TEPCO did not call me back so I kept calling them. When I finally got through to them they totally blew me off. It's amazing that my company seems to care more about the health, lives and welfare of the Japanese people then the Japanese Government and the Tokyo power company. I hope that if this info can make it into the news maybe it will stimulate the Japanese Government and TEPCO enough to take action to help their own radiated people and ours in Japan. For more info call me direct at 1-561-629-5618