Public anger “exploding” as Japanese discover more about gov’t downplaying spread of Fukushima radiation, health dangers

Published: August 10th, 2011 at 1:58 pm ET


Daily Outrage: Japan imperiled nuclear evacuees by hiding radiation data, San Francisco Examiner, August 9, 2011:

[…] Two months after the residents of Namie, Japan, evacuated […] they learned a government computer system had shown they were moving directly into the most-radioactive location. […]

The Namie scandal is only the newest exposé of the Japanese government’s pattern of endangering its people by covering up the severity […]

Public anger is exploding as the Japanese people discover more about what the authorities did to downplay the full spread of the Fukushima radiation and its potential health dangers.


Published: August 10th, 2011 at 1:58 pm ET


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25 comments to Public anger “exploding” as Japanese discover more about gov’t downplaying spread of Fukushima radiation, health dangers

  • farawayfan farawayfan

    Yeah, maybe start thinking about the massive releases in the 4 months since then and, oh, nothing is under control as well.

    Great distraction with this issue TEPCO, my admiration for your sheer skill at hiding this is only outweighed by my utter disgust at how you put so much energy into cover-up instead of into clean-up.

  • Novamind

    I bet they are angry. The information that is now coming to them is shocking. The Government that they put thier faith in has lied to them and failed to protect them, its seems on purpose in some cases.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    This is a situation that we all have a right to be mad about.

    However, if there was honesty in the beginning, there might have been less anger.

    People don’t like being lied to. Who likes it when they and their children have been put in a high risk situation.

    Sooner or later, the truth eventually has a way of coming out.

  • sicx sicx

    Yup, cats out of the bag. There is next to nothing they can do now to hide what is happening.I’m surprised it’s made it this long. Seems to coincide with the rise in global unrest quite well. I thoroughly believe the world is going to get flipped upside down in the next 6-12 months.

    • DannieJ DannieJ

      “I thoroughly believe the world is going to get flipped upside down in the next 6-12 months.”

      Think about 1999. It’s pretty flipped already. It’s not just fukushima daiichi that’s in meltdown. It’s the world I’m afraid.

      • Yeah I agree with that, and to make matters worse it looks like we got a 120000 mile wide comet elenin coming our way also. Probably will get more extreme earthquakes because of that.

        • Pallas89juno

          Radiation: I read that article and definitely nothing against you; but I think it was the tail of that comet that was 200K long, which is not that long for a comet tail. If a comet were 120,000 miles wide, that would be something. That would mean a planet-sized comet were whipping about the solar system, which though not impossible, is extremely unlikely.

      • Pallas89juno

        Dear Dannie:

        The world is constantly changing, of course; but the status quos of power, not I believe yet who is in charge, will see some tectonics of their own that could be called “flipped”. My pathetic attempt at predictive timing is more on the 12 months+ trajectory with the most extreme events of the period, the most “change like” from the standard patterns being in the 10 month through next 2.5 years period. I hope that the people get it together to change the status quo of money and weapons being in charge during that period; but I’m not unrealistic either. I’m realistic enough to know that this kind of change MUST occur; but not so unrealistic to believe that it will easily or suddenly occur. Though such change for more equality, less titular martial and monied dominance is definitely possible.

        • Clocka

          No. It will not happen. The yakuza and North Korean commandos will kill any protester without mercy.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            I think that with God all things are possible and without Him nothing is possible. The rainbow is the symbol of God’s healing and promise for us. That is why it is so sad that a HAARP rainbow is a distortion of that hope; a symbol of man relying only on himself and an abrogation of his relationship to God. I believe that God will save those who believe in Him and do His commandments. And for the rest I hope that they will come to believe and trust in God’s love and goodness before it is too late.

            I think that the symbol of Fukushima is that you can’t trust humankind to make the right decisions while ignoring our Father in heaven.

        • theypoisonus

          Dear Pallus,

          Here is the website of the Russian man, Leonoid Elenin that ‘found’ and named the comet.

          The info is very clear. The above people are un-informed on this subject. There are too many non astronomers on You Tube with vids of gloom and doom from Elenin. We will go throught the tail, but should not cause all ‘they’ are projecting.

          Me thinks we have bigger problems than a comet.
          I am sure you agree. 🙂

      • sicx sicx

        ’99? That was nothing even compared to what happened in ’08. Which was also nothing compared to what we’re heading into now.

  • MyCaL DeaN

    HeLLo: ENEWS Readers…After Months of Following the Lack of Information,I Have Systematically Located and Put Together a Series of Videos, Concerning ‘FuK_U_SHiMA’ and ‘PORT CALHOUN’ On YouTube…Please Check Out My New Channel and Let Me Know What You Think…Also, Many ThanX to ALL of YOU who Provided the LINKS that made these videos Possible…So Many WonderFul People Here Daily


  • Clocka

    The truth will be buried. I can guarantee that.

    The north-korean influenced Japanese media will silence it.

    Unless japan somehow gets rid of all of its koreans, it will never go anywhere.

  • Wreedman

    A gouverment will NEVER admit that they screw up. The fear for shame leeds them into depression leads them into sueside.

  • farawayfan farawayfan

    Some new tags popping up on posts….maybe some other people are finding out the truth…..too bad its 300 vs. 6,000,000,000 to save the world….

  • Jebus Jebus


    ‘Love poem for Fukushima’ to help assuage radiation fears
    The Yomiuri Shimbun

    FUKUSHIMA–The Fukushima municipal government is using a poem to help soothe fears of potential contamination of local produce due to the crisis at the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant.

    According to the municipal government, the 37-line poem, titled “Ketsui” (Determination) was written by Ryoichi Wago.

    A native of Fukushima, Wago has expressed a deep attachment to his hometown in the poem which begins–and is peppered–with the word “Fukushima”:

    Live in Fukushima [Prefecture]

    Love Fukushima

    Don’t give up on Fukushima

    Believe in Fukushima

    Walk around Fukushima…

    The government is asking local farmhouses to enclose copies of a leaflet containing the poem with shipments of their produce. They hope the poem will convey to consumers the very real struggle faced by Fukushima farmers in the wake of the nuclear accident.

    According to the Fukushima city government, it began free distribution of the leaflets at municipal office branches and local agricultural cooperative offices this month. Copies have also been delivered to local farm households so they can distribute them to their customers.

    The city government printed 100,000 copies of the A4-size leaflet for its first edition. The poem is printed against a background photo of peaches, a local specialty. The images will be updated in future print runs to reflect pears, grapes and apples according to their peak shipment periods when they come into season.

    Wago, 42, teaches Japanese at a high school. In 1999, he won the fourth Nakahara Chuya Prize, an award given in memory of the early 20th-century poet.

    Immediately after the March 11 earthquake, Wago began posting inspirational messages on Twitter such as “Bring back [our] dream, Bring back [our] Fukushima.” “Are you to forget the great quake, the blue sky?” These messages have resonated with many people, attracting a number of responses.

    Wago’s Twitter feed attracted the attention of municipal government officials, who were looking to act upon food contamination fears. They asked him to support their efforts and Wago gladly agreed to help.

    “When I was desperate over the current situation and about Fukushima’s future, I was encouraged by many people. I decided to live my life here in Fukushima with pride,” Wago said.

    He said he wrote the poem in mid-April based on his own experiences.

    The poem further reads:

    I call the name of Fukushima

    I’m proud of Fukushima

    I’ll hand down Fukushima to children

    I hug Fukushima

    I shed tears with Fukushima

    “I hope Fukushima residents will get a psychological boost from my poem,” Wago added.
    (Aug. 11, 2011)

    • Joviation

      I have a poem I am writing to be attached to an altar I’m creating. It goes like this (pic not ready cuz altar isn’t ready yet):


      Stick a pin in it, Fukushima’s done
      a simmering teapot, foolish now
      those geniuses
      out of melted through solutions

      something old
      fossil fuels
      something new
      nuclear fission
      something borrowed (from our children)
      clean water, fresh air,
      whole food, healing traditions
      something black and blue
      our shared home Mother Earth

      This altar is containment
      for spent fuel
      impalpably spewing
      greed, lies, personal liquidity,
      man-made genetic poisons

      this solid liquid, Fibonacci sequenced,
      altered, celebrates


      Catherine Lee copyright 2011 Creative commons license
      the above is pronouced “our evolution”

  • ItsJustMetal ItsJustMetal


    Ive been watching it for a while. Its a 100 times higher than before!!! Can anyone back this up? I checked and its the same as being 40 miles from the plant… here in California!!! WUT IS HAPPENING???