Quake hits just off Fukushima plant, felt along 500 kilometer stretch of Japan coast — Seismic intensity of 4 on scale up to 7 — Camera shakes for about 1 minute (VIDEO)

Published: April 13th, 2014 at 12:47 pm ET


Japan Meteorological Agency, Apr. 13, 2014:

  • Time: 18:16 JST
  • Date: Apr. 13, 2014
  • Depth: 60 km
  • Location: Fukushima-ken Oki
  • Coordinates: 37.3N 141.2E
  • Magnitude: 4.9
  • Seismic Intensity: 4 out of 7
  • [Centered 30 km east of Fukushima Daiichi]

Watch video of the quake here (at 8:00 in, 2x speed)

Published: April 13th, 2014 at 12:47 pm ET


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46 comments to Quake hits just off Fukushima plant, felt along 500 kilometer stretch of Japan coast — Seismic intensity of 4 on scale up to 7 — Camera shakes for about 1 minute (VIDEO)

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

    M 4.8 – 36km SE of Namie, Japan
    DYFI? – I

    2014-04-13 03:16:01 UTC-06:00
    37.274°N 141.322°E

  • Jebus Jebus

    There is an apex of gravitational pull on the Earth right now.

    The Mars opposition is close, Mars is on it closest approach to the Earth in it's orbit.

    The Moon is also in opposition to the Sun, from the Earths position.

    Gravitational pull and tidal surge have massive effects upon the Earth's tectonic plates.

    Heads up…

    Mars Makes Closest Approach to Earth in 6 Years Monday Ahead of Lunar Eclipse


  • Dick Shenary

    This can't be good news for the spent fuel pools at Fuku. With the grounds around the reactors turning to marsh, seismic tremors are not needed or wanted. Just sitting here awaiting for the news.

    • YukonRadiation YukonRadiation

      Do you really believe that there is anything of fuel left in no. 4? when you look at the first photos and read every thing up to date. they show number 4 being worked at but when you read all the radiation numbers very close by and that fact that it was completely destroyed at the start of all of this? i look closely at each photo that the news puts out and you see machines , cars , vans and debris but no people walking around anywhere that i have seen? those inside shots of the crew of 10 or more watching each other while they are moving rods in that rebuilt number and the news crews going in to show the world how good it is going? come on now wishful thinking! go to tepco 's site and look at the photos from the fuku 50 and think about it? i think it is most impressive that they have been able to keep all the lies together and not forgotten what they last lied about?

  • YukonRadiation YukonRadiation

    Recently in the Yukon , the head nurses from the communities were in a meeting and the talk was of how much cancer and how fast the numbers have increased . the village i'm in has had 1 death a month from cancer for the last 5 months and before that it was every couple months? i live in a town of almost 400 people? what will the next quake bring ?

  • Sparky Sparky

    Repost from other thread RSOE nuke icons suddenly missing from Alert map:
    chargedbarticle, April 13, 2014 at 1:01 pm
    The RSOE site has lost all its radiation alert icons: http://hisz.rsoe.hu/alertmap/index2.php

    Sparky, April 13, 2014 at 1:35 pm
    OMG, ChargedB, you're right! The RSOE map HAS lost its nuke icons, which were there earlier this morning when I checked–the nuke icon was showing at the 4.9 EQ very close to both Tepco NPPs. Very strange and untimely!

    Using your RSOE link above, if you scroll down to the EQ table you'll see there's about 6 EQs that have occured w/in a 50 mi. radius of at least one NPP from 4/12/14 to 4/13/14.

    Key question: Why do emergency alert systems such as RSOE and EPA's RadNet go down and/or omit critical information during increasingly high-risk/emergency events??? I thought the point was to ALERT people to help them help themselves and others to remain healthy and safe. Wow–what a concept! 'Guess I was wrong. :-/

  • dka

    would be nice to have data for Alaska and Yukon thyroid thyroid cancer rates.

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    I expect to see an increase in rad levels as seems to be the case after earthquakes near Fukushima NPP. I assume the shaking cracks open the corium? But perhaps enough time has passed that this will not occur.

  • yellowrain

    according to the netc site it appears the monitoring geiger counters around fuku are nearing all time highs. The one I calculated was 94 percent of the all time high. Deviation numbers are really high. I would expect an elevated radioactive plume heading towards the usa. I wish we new how many particulates aka hot particles leave that site daily.

  • MVB Michael Van Broekhoven

    Last year, when a 7.1 hit just off the F1 coast, I did a post on it with links to more earthquake info, wind direction, radiation monitors, and additional news sources. Perhaps for those who want to do some digging, it could still serve as a useful group of routes to try to find out more from a distance:


  • natano natano

    There is a lunar signal in earthquake data. When there's a full moon and another planet or two tugging in unison you can expect big quakes. Now try explaining that to a politician and you'll get the most befuddle duddle look on a face you've ever seen. Most republicans still think that Nuke power is too cheap to meter. At least the war on the environment is going well tho.

  • Unit 4 appears as if its bleeding neon pink. I often wonder whether fission activity at Daiichi is accelerated when the earth moves:


    I think the pink emissions from unit 4 must stem from the spent fuel or machinery pool.

    In contrast, I think reactions that occur underground (in the melted fuel in the river under the plant) and/or in the water storage tanks result in the heavy pixilation we see suddenly and the more effuse pink glow.

    • Ontological Ontological

      That pink is Cesium in the air forming from Noble Xenon gas 133 forming in the air into Cesium 134/137 both very nasty atomic weights! You can observe this death dragon pink in sun dogs, and in clouds along with a hideous chartreuse hue of other death in our air. The unit 4 also "bled" pink Cesium out into the ground. So you CAN see this beast if you choose to see it. They are full of SHIT to tell you otherwise! Loads of pure BULL as to what is dangerous these days, it seems they went the last 30 years teaching that Cesium, Strontium, and other daughter of Uranium garbage is healthy! They neglected to inform those in class as to the nature of the UNSTABLE ELEment mass weights. Pathetic disgusting Ivy League institutions. MANY have made the fatal mistake of attempting to debunk this statement as I have made it before a few times. Bring it ON shills!

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      Majia, the equipment pool was lost back in March 2011 (see post above by Troy Livingston) and the pink color could be indicative of gamma . I also think the corium reacts during earthquake events of course we are only guessing but I know you, and many of us here, have been following this nuclear nightmare since the beginning. I do highly recommend Troy's video and his explanation concerning Reactor four. I hope the Admin. doesn't mind if I post the link again and I apologize in advance, just making it easier and it is well worth viewing. IMHO http://youtu.be/wBwrZrx-ewM

  • American Phoenix57

    The entire facility is an permanent orgy of zombie radionuclides and when there done with each other (Japan) they are coming for us. We have ringside seats to an act of national suicide. The collapse of the third largest economy will sucks us a down with it like the titanic way before the cancers kill us. I hope everybody is working on a plan B.

  • Ontological Ontological

    Full Blood Moon and an Easter Sabbath to follow. Revelations mentions this befuddlement as an event occurring AFTER the Angels begin to honk their horns.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      The angels are now using LRADs and it isn't getting through to most people. Sounds like a traffic jam to me. Angels are beautiful but there are so many ravens flying around I can't see or hear them myself. Doooooooom

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Bought a telescope. Just 375x though. Probably have to work till 4:30 central time so I will miss the eclipse. I'd call in but the ravens and angels and the moon and all the LRADs and stuff might be too much excitement. I don't have a T-mount for my camera anyway.

    • Shaker1

      Ontological, you might find these as appropriate:


      They both concern plasma and electrical science regarding what might seem 'godly' manifestations in history. No offense to what you speak of, but revelational discourse and writings of this type have been the mainstay of cosmological systems especially at their fringes, even running to the heart, and are as ubiquitous as stories of a flood. While I might not personally attest to what is put forth in either case, it's apparent to me that catastrophe of varying scale has much to do with the evolution of collective and personal psyche and I do have an understanding of what the two sites might put forth. We might be more careful, while these two sites might also, with our interpretations of records of cultures and beliefs to which we might be able to trace by threads of our existence, but in reality may not understand anymore than the CEO of Goldman-Sachs an abandoned homeless kid living in their street culture. Sitchen and his interpretations of the Annunki might be good example. He looked predominately at successors who borrowed who knows really what and obscured who knows what beyond the Sumerian writing system used for their own language, applied it to the nuances of their cultures, and that these writings literally spanned millenia. One does have to look askance and keep fully in mind that it's a dynamic world.

      • Ontological Ontological

        @Shaker1, Z Sitchin's "The Lost Book Of ENKI" Bear & CO. answers many questions, a clever mind could conger from learning lore about supreme powers possessed by the gods. Enlightening material I recommend it.
        @Uni, Mars on the Leo / Libra cusp has been close enough to be detail observable in a Mead 90mm Maksutov, orange bright east of Leo a bit. Even in an amateur scope when Mars is close to the Earth you can see blue color in the Martian atmosphere.

        • Angela_R

          Hi Ontological,
          It was the linking in the history of the past from many sources that interested me, the old references to mythology that exist in many cultures, shows the 'so-called' gods attempts, not only to rival each other, but also the Supreme Leader. They did not need a physical form, but could materialize at will.

          The present may be bringing the past into focus. Astronomy was a focus then, and a direction from the past said "when these things start to occur look up…"
          it was also recorded that 'there will be changes in the sun, moon and stars.."
          for those looking at the sky in the next few days, check back, using the archives in the top right hand corner, enter 8 April, 2014
          note the photo..the red and blue lights in the sky. (Mars and Spica so very close.) Reminds me of the Hopi prediction of the Blue and Red Kachina Stars. http://www.spaceweather.com

          here's another lovely photo: http://spacefellowship.com/news/art37828/mars-red-and-spica-blue.html

          Enjoy the beauty of the unending Universe.
          "Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man…."

          • Shaker1

            Respectfully, Ontological and Angela, one should truly be wary of personal interpretations of myth. It's a subject of great interest to me, including the early ME cultures. One who studies cunieform is properly termed an 'Assyriologist'. To interpret what we might think are Sumerian ideas and cosmologies may be a view through a puddle of water through a bad lens. Sitchen is properly placed in 'fiction', though I've great respect for him and his ideas. Again, everything is dynamic to some extent, and language is particularly so. We're speakers of English and what we encounter are interpretations of translations, like looking into a puddle through any number of skewed lenses. You have to look hard to find tranlastions of Homer in which the names of gods are even Greek, but are Latin, and there is a difference. Personally, I look at Christianity in the same way. Just look at what Paul did to Christ with his attempt to present it to Greek culture and ideas? Great stuff, but on a base level he turned Christ into a sun-king. It's apparent from Paul's own writings that those who knew Christ had difficulty with Paul, that those weren't cultural bigotry to Gentiles, and it had been just a few years. In all myth and even current news there is interpretation to consider, and, myself, while I have respect and no doubt of personal validity and value of personal interpretations, as I am subject to the same, one should, though, be as careful of one's ideas as the ideas of…

            • Shaker1

              others. At any rate, they're passed on with or without respect just as surely as one second follows the next.

              Back on subject, one looks 'up' because it's the place that forces one doesn't see originate or can be thought of to originate. Tidal force of the moon is such. I'm a city boy and the intimacy of life at a common and unscientific level until quite recently strikes me with awe. While we think of history with markers and in terms of great men and cultures and great ideas, there is also the man for whom that reckoning of time was inconsequential to his life to be as simple as day/night (or night/day, as some would have it), three or more likely four seasons ruled by solstice and equinox, that at times their lives naturally find them awake in the middle of the night talking and exercising their imaginations and intelligence looking at the stars, and likely without the idea of evidentiary science we see today. One thing is sure, earthquakes happen, are going to happen. Is it this moon's tides, or planetary alignment, or the aggregation of the dynamic system in which we live? At that point, who cares, until we deny such a thing and build a nuclear plant on poor soil at the edge of the ocean in what's defititely known as an area of great and violent earthquake activity. Is it denial of the gods, or denial of the system in which we live? I would say the latter.

            • Angela_R

              Hi Shaker,
              My interest in Sumerian records is slight and it is not that of a disciple. It is only in the concept that they existed/exist and as such had/have an influence on our history and at times direction. However that power was curbed. Sorry, but that is part of my belief, not an interpretation. Others may think differently

              Actually I not recall Paul's influence holding Christ to be similar to a sun-god, I think the muddying of that water may have occurred later in the early church. Paul was very human, his main debates he conducted with himself 🙂

              I have a habit of using questions as a rhetorical device, as a means to open…

              Shaker you have a very gentle way of making a point, please do not desist, if you believe cautioning is necessary, do so. I however, will determine my direction, as the responsibility of my journey is mine.

              • Shaker1

                Angela, I truly hope that you feel that caution is all I intended, that I cited only what might be examples of places that one might be wary while not saying those examples are malicious, and that it's not in my mind to be contentious. I sincerely hope you and all well and the best our journies.

                • Angela_R

                  The genuineness of your reply is felt Shaker, thank you. I did understand and recognized your concern; I even believe that the cautioning was in order. It is good for me to take account of it and weigh it up; sometimes it needs to be thrown backwards and forwards for a while.

                  While comment nesting can help dialogue, the overlapping from one gathering to another can become convoluted and hard to follow.

                  Having spent time in a far more aggressive battlefield arguing (not debating), on nuclear and other issues, I find this to be an easier arena, and yet

        • We Not They Finally

          There's no Leo/Libra cusp. Those signs aren't adjacent. Unclear what this is.

  • chevvvy chev

    Quake hits just off Fukushima plant, felt along 500 kilometer stretch of Japan coast — Seismic intensity of 4 on scale up to 7

    Some one with an earthquake machine is practicing!! Their aim isnt very good, they keep hitting the Solomons

    just saying!

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    Earth Quake my butt. I bet there was an explosion in or under the plant. Just my guess.

  • hvypetals

    underwater nukes what a concept.

  • rockyourworld

    I saw heavy black and red emissions on the tepco cam after that quake

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