Back-to-Back-to-Back quakes around M5.0 hit near area of 3/11 quake — Happened within 3-hour period (MAPS)

Published: May 18th, 2012 at 9:55 pm ET


Earthquake Information
Japan Meteorological Agency

09:14 JST 19 May 2012 09:09 JST 19 May 2012 Sanriku Oki M4.8 1
07:41 JST 19 May 2012 07:36 JST 19 May 2012 Miyagi-ken Oki M3.4 1
07:02 JST 19 May 2012 06:57 JST 19 May 2012 Ibaraki-ken Nambu M3.1 1
06:37 JST 19 May 2012 06:32 JST 19 May 2012 Sanriku Oki M4.7 1
06:28 JST 19 May 2012 06:23 JST 19 May 2012 Sanriku Oki M5.1 2

March 11 quake @ 38.3°N 142.4°E

A = 3/11; B = Today

Published: May 18th, 2012 at 9:55 pm ET


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64 comments to Back-to-Back-to-Back quakes around M5.0 hit near area of 3/11 quake — Happened within 3-hour period (MAPS)

  • norbu norbu

    It will get more active as Sunday is solar eclipse. Major solar flare's every day.

    • Sharp2197 Sharp2197

      I am sorry but the eclipse has nothing to do with solar flares. The idea that a solar flare can cause an earthquake is a very long shot. If a solar flare caused earthquakes then all our geo- sync satellites would be crashing to earth.

      • CB CB

        A review of historical records was performed for 350 years of global volcanic activity (1650-2009) and seismic (earthquake) activity for the past 300 years (1700 to 2009) within the continental United States and then compared to the Sun's record of sunspots as a measure of solar activity.

        According to this study, there exists a strong correlation between solar activity and the Earth's largest seismic and volcanic events.

        • Sharp2197 Sharp2197

          CB you left a message 3 nights ago on the non nuclear forum.

          (1) Earthquakes occur frequently around the minimum years of solar activity. Generally, the earthquake activities are relatively less during the peak value years of solar activity, some say, around the period when magnetic polarity in the solar polar regions is reversed.

          This clearly states that solar induced earthquakes are during solar minimum. We are currently in the middle of solar maximum.

          I agree that the sun has a great effect on life on earth, but the sun goes from solar max to solar min, full cycle about every 11 years, if there was an abundance of extra earthquakes every 11 years it would have a name by now. This effect would be very noticable. Solar max does effect our satellites and our power grid. but causing earthquakes is very far-fetched. like the idea that a polarity shift later this year will cause everybody on earth to fly into space.

          • richard richard

            okay, so now we have a polarity shift coming as well.. okay. wow. busy times, all these armageddons coming on at almost the same time 🙂

            dare i ask if there is a link for the polarity shift?

            (i'm understand such a thing happened on 3/11. there is a new shape/tilt to earth since, i just wasn't aware we could expect one, of it's own)

            • Sharp2197 Sharp2197

              Richard, the sun changes polaritity every 11 years, north to south and back. the earth changes about every 250,000 million years. no extinctions are associated with the shift.

              • Longjohn119

                Perhaps no extinctions … but it'd play hell with a compass or a lot of electronic equipment, especially RF equipment (Which is just about everything in these days of wireless everything)

              • richard richard

                @sharp, ok, thanks, i think i get it. so your first mention of the polarity shift was for the sun, not for the earth?

                • justasweetgurl

                  richard: If you consider polarity shift on earth, the rock record shows that this takes place over a very long period – years to millenia. We humans would not notice it on our timescale. [Sorry no links, but it is all there in public domain.]

                • Sharp2197 Sharp2197

                  Richard see the links provided by geezer, the Mayan prophecy people think in december there will be a polarity shift.

    • rooks rooks

      Even though I have evidence to support my claim, I have experienced over 2,000 earthquakes in a year (not bragging about this as it does make one fearful). Mosy of the aftershocks I have experienced coincide with the timing of the tides. Tides going out and in are times that mainly have occurred over the past year. I would like to know if anyone has a similar experience.

      • Sharp2197 Sharp2197

        I would agree that tides can effect earthquakes, hide tide adds a tremendous amount of weight on top of a subduction zone.

  • charlie3

    I discovered something utterly surreal about Japan today.
    I spoke to a surfer who had just returned from Japan, and he told me that there is a devoted Fukushima area surfing scene, and that Japanese surfers are surfing in the radioactive waters off the east coast.
    I was stunned. The ability of people to live in denial surprises me.

    • rooks rooks

      Cannot say I am surprised about this. They are coming up with badges/cards that say I eat Fukushima produce.

  • norbu norbu

    the ability to live and swim in a nuclear surf!

  • a female faust a female faust

    someone please tell me why i should not worry?


    we have been seeing smoke on the webcams;
    tepco has reported temperature spikes;
    there have been emissions recorded visually;
    citizen reported radiation spikes (uncorroborated by official reports of course);
    isotopes indicative of criticality were recently detected;
    jnn webcam was down for a day;
    allergy season so bad in sonoma that it makes the news – one seventeen year old hospitalized;

    #4 may not be able to take a 6.0;
    it got hit by a 6.0 on April 13.

    Personally I think that the only reason not to freak out would be that its lack of proven effectiveness. I am, notwithstanding this, having some difficulty: I live on the west coast, I think I am going to hyperlink this (all of the above are sourced from Energy News, may their web administrators be blessed for all their work) and post it (started with the capitalization already). To remain effective would mean not freaking out, I think.

    Any assistance would be really really appreciated.

    I crossposted this from a comment on the recent 6.0 in order for it to be seen by enenews readers who may have useful input. thank you again.

    • apostrophes

      I think most here are worried.

      I think it's a case of "if you're not worried, then you don't understand the problem".

      • moonshellblue moonshellblue

        Exactly, most people cannot wrap their heads around such an enormous disaster. The size of the buildings are massive as is the complexity of this horrific catastrophe.

        • rooks rooks

          My experience dictates that one needs 6 months to a year to get people to understand. A link to Enenews helps. However, the comments of recent are very intelligent. Intelligent comments deter people to dive in. I do not understand why though.

    • Sam Sam

      In thesecond part of Goethe's Faust, he has the Devil dancing wildly in a Sabat night
      festival. Fukushima is our new Garden of Hell. Nothing we can do with runaway corium
      underground nor with what nature will do in terms of earthquakes. So I guess we have
      to sit back with our pop=corn and watch the show go on. In the meantime we have to
      deal psychologically with a monster load of issue that is if we have a "raised consciousness"
      not in denial. How do you live a resignation to what is over there and coming over to us
      and yet be very pro-active in taking care of our body, soul and spirit and dealing with the
      insane nuclear mentality here in America and else where. No easy answers. We all must
      find our path individually and together. Most important I would hope is not get bitter or
      vengeful or murderous but be loving, kind, generous and have some joy in your life.
      Surround yourself with beauty and create!

    • some folks from cali and elsewhere are starting to gather. please email if interested

    • Freaking out is the correct thing to do. Might get someone's attention. The incorrect thing is what those surfers are doing off Fukushima and what most governments of the world are doing now.

      apostrophes is right:

      "if you're not worried, then you don't understand the problem".

      • moonshellblue moonshellblue

        Or would rather not understand the problem. Perhaps they are the lucky ones. I just keep thinking about my children and future generations, the beauty of our planet…..Ahhh

    • Sickputer

      aff writes: #4 may not be able to take a 6.0

      SP: The Japanese use the shindo scale for earthquakes:


      "The Japanese "shindo" scale for measuring earthquakes is more commonly used in Japan than the Richter scale to describe earthquakes.

      The shindo scale ranges from shindo one, a slight earthquake felt only by people who are not moving, to shindo seven, a severe earthquake. Shindo two to four are still minor earthquakes that do not cause damage, while objects start to fall at shindo five, and heavier damage occurs at shindo six and seven."

      SP: The Japanese report in this document they rank the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011 (also known as the Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake) as a 6 on the shindo scale and not the top rank of a 7:

      The May 16th release:

      "2. Our analysis result shows that the reactor building including the spent fuel pool will not collapse even if an earthquake equivalent to the Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake (seismic intensity 6) occurs in the area."

      SP: So their future possible level 6 earthquake is referring to any similar to the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake.

      They rank the 311 earthquake as a 6 on the shindo scale despite it being in the top ten list of the most powerful earthquakes since 1900

      They say Unit 4 can survive another one of that magnitude. Maybe the walls can. But will the pool survive?

      • rooks rooks

        Hi SP, I love your posts but it was a 7 on the Japanese scale. Inland it was a 4 to 6. This is exactly why nuclear plants are designed to GSA here. Daiichi's design was surpassed.

        • Sickputer

          rooks sez: "it was a 7"

          Not according to Tepco's May 16 cartoony PDF:

          " Our analysis result shows that the reactor building including the spent fuel pool will not collapse even if an earthquake equivalent to the Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake (seismic intensity 6) occurs in the area."

          SP: I should have it more clear I was sceptical of yet pobably another Tepco typo, but it's all semantics anyway. They are always behind the eight ball in deed and actions.

  • Spectrometising

    a female faust: I no longer it suffices to say TEPCO or indeed that any publicly visible administration is in control. The theory i am going with is that there is a hidden administration that was given the job of looking after the best interests of major corporations who are now in control.

    Naturally they are not doctors or rocket scientists.

    I suppose the analogy is by saying that Mr Burns, the nuclear plant operator had some hounds who eventually controlled Mr Burns himself that in turn has the Japanese government/world governments in control. It is the same pattern world wide.

    The same glazed looks are apparent in our Australian political system. I would say all leaders fear for their life and those of any important enough administration or corporation.

    So you see in my opinion they are not in control and can do no other.

    I am through blaming governments or TEPCO.

    They are not the problem.

    It is deeper, and yes, we should all be "freeking out". Thanks.

    ON may 09th (From Me:

    M4.7 is the +5.0 range.
    (an M4.7 CME; will Create 5.0mag. earthquakes).

    I now conclude with:
    Back-to-Back-to-Back quakes around M5.0 hit near area of 3/11 quake — Happened within 3-hour period (MAPS)

    I also said that:
    Japan will likely have a 7.0 within 14 days or less.

    May 9th
    Todays date:
    May 18th

    TOTAL 9 Days.
    Japan will likely have a 7.0 within 14 days or less.

    14-9= 5
    I also stated that:
    Mt. popo (mexico). also will likely erupt within 5-10 days…
    again dates:

    May 09th.- May 18, 2012 Total 9 days

    Posted on May 18, 2012
    May 18, 2012 – MEXICO – Fresh blasts from Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano spewed fiery rock and caustic ash over residents around the Mexico City suburb of Puebla,

    Thats my two cents.

    I expect to see a 7.0 in 5 days or less.

    (It only adds irony when one takes into consideration that the 5.0mags here that we are seeing, are on the very fault line that produced the 9.0 earthquake on march 11th)…
    Cheers guys!
    Emmy. 2012

  • a female faust a female faust

    thanks guys. am digesting the above, esp. the implications of the differences btween shindo and richter. also need to eat, may help. thank you all so very much. all this info is most helpfull.

    i went over to the webcam discussion and saw all the pink flashes. want to record them.

    remembered that a couple friends of mine exhibiting symptoms (headache, sore throat) indicative of spikes. checking on my friend allergic to iodine. will report later: really have to step away for a bit.

    • milk and cheese milk and cheese

      Oh dear. people here, including myself, have had headaches and sore throats for the past week. People say 'it's a virus'. I know it isn't but what the hell…I am going ahead with my move next week and will enjoy the new place as long as I can.

  • a female faust a female faust

    THANK ALL OF YOU. i know i said i was stepping away but i had to make sure that you knew how much i especially appreciate the response, the info, and the love! ok will be back — still functional —

  • hibypass hibypass

    The strange looking animal in the TEPCO webcam doean't seem phased by the quakes. He has been there for quite a while , lying in between the pipes lol

  • hibypass hibypass

    What the heck kind of animal is that anyway? It looks like a large dog or something. It gets up and changes position every few minutes, weird… Bet ya that poor thing has taken a dose, geez…

  • richard richard

    a fox, cat (large cat?) – yeah, no, can't really tell

  • arclight arclight

    theres an undersea nuclear and toxic dump (posted pdf link in the summer) other side of that ridge. wonder if it was effected?

    the dump site is 200 km off the coast just past the ridge in the deep ocean… it has is also a area they use for dumping other waste.. the "normal wsaste" area is much larger and runs north and south from the nuke toxic dump..

    just saying 🙁

  • glowfus

    didnt dr. gunderson say his west coast friends should evacuate if #4 falls and that we have about three days to do so? and wasnt it said that #4 could take up to a six on the richter? pasports, get your passports! does anyone have a plane and needs a co-pilot?!!