Radiation 1,000 times safe levels far outside no-go zone — “Very, very dangerous levels” (VIDEO)

Published: June 13th, 2011 at 7:38 pm ET


Radiation 1000 times over normal outside no-go zone, Russia Today, June 13, 2011:

At :45 in

  • Rain and winds bringing radiation into Fukushima City [60 km from plant]
  • We were at a spot with 1,000 times safe dosage… Very, very dangerous levels
  • Area considered safe by authorities
  • Hot spots where radiation is off the charts


Published: June 13th, 2011 at 7:38 pm ET


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163 comments to Radiation 1,000 times safe levels far outside no-go zone — “Very, very dangerous levels” (VIDEO)

  • ocifferdave

    The Japanese are making the USSR look like White Knight heroes that new how to take care of the people, by the people, for the people, no matter the cost. I…can’t believe I said that…somebody throw some non-strontium water on me, I’m dreaming a bad dream.

    • jump-ball jump-ball

      You are right on.

      The USSR did try and cover up the Chernobyl explosion even after they evacuated the adjacent city, until the Finish revealed the contamination, but Russians deserve the ‘hero of socialist labor’ award for their immediate, drastic and subsequently deadly and fatal efforts to fortify, clean and contain the radiation.

      In the histories of democratic societies this used to be called ‘statesmanship’, but in our current kleptocratic financial world of greed, the term has been rendered obsolete.

      I fail to imagine what Owebama, other national leaders, and nuclear authorities are thinking about their inaction regarding this ongoing, potential worldwide disaster.

      • TraderGreg

        Hope and Change.

      • itstomd

        I agree, they stepped right up worked on fixing it right away the best they could. Although, comrade, I think the supply of man power was a bit more. You have tepco wanting to run away during melt down. You have 100,000 Russian army working at Ch. non stop. I mean you see the videos and the people they had tunneling underground? The labor in the videos under the conditions is just amazing.

      • sorry charlie

        If people aren’t willing to sacrafice themselves as they did in Russia then then that country should not have nuclear reators. Obviously that’s what it takes to clean up nuclear mishaps…human lives. The USA has more than 1oo reactors, I wonder home many people they have willing to die for them…because if it isn’t some people it will be all the people. That’s what we have learned from Chernobyl and Fukushima.

        • jump-ball jump-ball

          Many of the ‘volunteer’ workers were conscripted into service, and many others fled their homes and jobs to avoid being ‘volunteered’; one helicopter pilot was successfully hidden by his parents, and all the other pilots died prematurely.

    • ZombiePlanet ZombiePlanet

      Hey, how ya doing Dave?

      Please excuse me for interrupting.

      Having watched this subject unfold, I ask.

      How does one breach, a dimensional barrier?

      (No 1) Create a particle accelerator in Europe.

      (No 2) Build a nuke plant.

      (No 3) Alter DNA.

      I found some Twilight Zone beef. Cheap.

  • I’m still wondering if anyone has found any data supporting our cam-mediated eye-witness accounts of the fire and releases.

    The plant looks very quiet at the moment…

    • Darth


      • ocifferdave

        It’s a full blown melt down, melt through, basket of nuclear eggs is gonna topple at #4, time-to-over-react shit storm. I wonder how much radiation is entering the environment EVERYDAY from this site? Probably enough to________.

        • Cindy

          If you look closely at the sky line behind the reactor, you will see the fog rolling in, and the lights that are currently on , fully illuminate the moisture when it rolls in…

          Definately fog !!

          No question …

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            Any moisture H2O coming into contact with the active fission..will turn to steam…fog or big drops..
            Poured on or fall narurally..
            ..the fission is hot very hot.

          • dharmasyd dharmasyd

            No question. Alarm is warranted here and is not over-reacting. I’m sending out a message to Kaku, Gunderson, Hoffman, Lochbaum — asking them if they would help with their expertise on this one.

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            Yes…. ..rather simple science I know…but …

          • IN my opinion; This is not fog.

            It moved in in only 4 minutes, truly creating an engulfment of the site… Consistent with both the active release of radiation from reactor’s 3, and 4’s; color, and location…

            Fog isnt likely to have

          • jump-ball jump-ball

            Tepco turns off the color around sunset and the night broadcast is in black and white.

            My (and others) guess is they’re pumping water at night with the Putzmeister cranes, and going to blk/wht to obscure the steam release.

        • glenn

          I’d be more convinced it was ‘just fog’ if it wasn’t for that explosion that occured at 3.23 by the clock on the vid. Shortly after that explosion, the plant was engulfed in steam. Doesn’t look good at all.

      • Have you seen the video coverage of the event today? If you had seen it, you wouldn’t be asking if I’m over-reacting…


        • my comment is direct at Darth(vader?)

          • Darth

            When a thread goes goofy with 322 comments (at last glance) I say that’s over-reacting.

          • The appearance of reactors 4’s loss of height is only an illusion. As the fuel is creating a mirage above the reactor, due to high amounts of radiation being released, in a gas form… Its basically just vaporized contaminated water spewing out constantly.

            I assume this is because the fuel is not adequately being cooled. A likely reason for this would be a tear in the wall…

            the tear is possibly letting water topple out the sides of the spent fuel pool… Now that there is a tear, the lowered level is making cooling the fuel extremely difficult if not impossible… No matter how much water they insert, and how fast the water goes in, the fuel stays critical… its simply not enough of an effort to maintain cold shut down…

        • icone

          after some sputtering the big action starts at 2:11.
          This one is pretty amazing.

          • Misitu

            That was what I think anyone would call an event, in Capital Letters.

            I have just checked the live cam feed from Lucas. Is it my imagination or has Unit 4 lost a bit of height (in the remote cam is the furthest to the right)?

            BTW is raining right now, on the sitecam (10:30am Japan time).

        • No Darth. It means the latest news item hasn’t been updated in a while so we all use the latest one we have.

          OK, what’s the strange long cloud?


          …or, is that a relection. Not seen before.

          • dharmasyd dharmasyd

            Looks like a great day. I think I’ll grab my board, get a plane for Japan, and go up coast for a few tunnel barrels at fuku!

        • Cindy

          I saw the video..

          You are overreacting …

          Have you ever been out at sea, and gone into a wall of pea soup fog ? The whole bow of the boat dissappears instantly …

      • You be the judge Darth:

        Here’s the video:
        2011.06.14 00:00-01:00 / 福島原発ライブカメラ (Live Fukushima Nuclear Plant Cam)

        2011.06.14 01:00-02:00 / 福島原発ライブカメラ (Live Fukushima Nuclear Plant Cam)

        • icone

          Note the flashes at :57 and 1:22 in the second video.

        • Darth

          The flash you see is a consequence of the night watchman making his rounds.

          Don’t you realize that you are seeing only every 5 seconds in these flash videos?

        • Cindy

          Watched it / them…

          It looks like time lapse, in ffw…

          The bushes move strangely, and the sun comes up awfully fast.

          I think the flashes are car headlights during a time lapse. or flashlights … the camera is piss poor also..

          I could be wrong, but do you really think we are the only ones watching this ? Wouldn’t ‘experts’ be reporting if something extraordinary hapened like you think it did ?

          I agree it does look weird, but if time lapse… it would explain a lot..

          remember the workers moving earlier in time lapse ? spraying things and walking around with those hoses, it looked cartoonish….everyone moving in fast forward..

          i think this is the same thing … just fog rolling in timelapsed, LOL

          • icone

            Yes it is time lapse – every hour of the tepco feed is archived as a timelapse 1 frame per second. The videos generally are 1 hour of real-time. The time-lapses allow you to observe patterns, etc. that might be too slow to notice in real-time. For instance #4 has a steam flare-up every 15-25 minutes, then settles down.

          • milk and cheese milk and cheese

            The ‘experts’ are reporting things a month after they appear on Fairewinds and this blog. “Experts” said that there would be no radiation reaching the USA and that it was not necessary to evacuate people from more than a ten km radius from the plant. “Experts” vary in competence and loyalties.

  • TraderGreg

    More camera movements at 5:00 pm PST. I guess we have more earthquakes there – right Jeremy?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Some are camera adjustments…sometimes the ground shaking due to eminent explosions..some earthquake.
    Reactor 3 is heating up…2 always busy

  • Darth

    Another environmental disaster the NRC and IAEA do not give much concern for.


    Last week one of the largest solar emissions in history grazed our geomagnetic field.

    Had it hit squarely, NASA and the NOAA suggest we could have suffered collapse of much of the power grid for a period lasting for weeks.

    Nuclear plants have 2 days of standby power. After that they can become sources of radioactivity in the surrounding communities.

    See the maps at http://www.aesopinstitute.org for a graphic illustration of the problem.

    by Mark Goldes on Monday, Jun 13, 2011 at 5:09:31 PM

    • Ronnie_D.

      You can be sure there is no contingency plan for that. They can get it right 99% of the time. That 1% (errors, mishaps, flooding, loss of external power, earthquake, tsunami, etc.) is so lethal and long lived how can any sane person, knowing the facts, willingly take the chance? It’s just unbelievable. And try to bring the subject up with the majority of people and you will either be ignored or looked at as a kook. Mankind had it’s chance. Maybe, as a species, we’re not worthy?

  • tony wilson

    thank you russia today news…
    breaking the silence and look a reporter with a mask on…
    turns out the old enemy was the good guy and are leaders are the devils.
    uk stiff david cameron today giving 800 million pounds of are money to bill gates foudation to give injections to black people in africa.
    not water pumps,not a piece of land and some food to grow,not a solar panel or water filter.
    not a distribution network for small holders to sell goods
    but the worlds biggest forced health injection vaccination program.

    or should i say sterilization program.
    what a world.

    • arclight arclight

      really good point…big pharma versus common sence

    • Misitu

      Sorry to hear that TW. I sometimes have big problems explaining how GB etc “works” to people here especially with news like that.

      What a world, indeed.

    • extra knight

      good point. all this and the “cutting edge” advances of the modern industrial society are built upon a crude, unforgiving, anthropocentric foundation of apathy, ritualistic greed and non-stop pollution of the biosphere. in a word completely tragic.

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      Bill doesn’t want them to be sick when they startve to death….

  • As we can see here where and who will be effected first by the ill waters !

    Ocean Conveyor Belt Animation and Animation, Audio:


    Ocean Currents (Global Conveyor Belt)

    Invisible to us terrestrial creatures, an underwater current circles the globe with a force 16 times as strong as all the world’s rivers combined [source: NOAA: “Ocean”]. This deep-water current is known as the global conveyor belt and is driven by density differences in the water. Water movements driven by differences in density are also known as thermohaline circulation because water density depends on its temperature (thermo) and salinity (haline).

    *PIC*, of Full Global Conveyor Belt:

    ARticle, How Ocean Currents Work:

  • arclight arclight

    Well done RT…i cant wait to get back to England to cancel my T.V. license. I think that the non coverage by BBC has been worse than criminal! The have worsened the situation by their strategy of non information. Japanese children will pay the price so that their corporate mates in the nuclear industry can make a quick buck. The reason for the censorship is given to us as “not to panic people unnecessarily “or some such hogwash. The real reason was so that the British Government could push through the next generation of funding for nuclear power plants in the UK. A Coincidence? I think not! Also the USA also is applying for funding in June as well! Nice one the nuclear lobby..
    So to my fellow UK residents, what can we do? Cancel your TV license until there is a change at the BBC management level and therefore at policy level (come back BBC all is forgiven!)…there that was easy!
    You can always get better coverage on the web at sites like RT for instance or some good blogs like Enenews…even Hilary Clinton watches RT and recommends it (I have to admit USA press is really dire. Comic book like with no real external independent reporting, except for on the web like Democracy now and Huffington Post). So cancelling your TV license is a powerful way of making a statement! and you can get real uncensored news!! God bless the families of Japan, we here at Enenews are with you and are trying our best to inform and change the way things are…in our own little way.
    Love light and peace..

    • tony wilson

      yes the bbc and channel 4 news.
      if i saw paxman or jon snow in the street i would probably get arrested for assault.
      no brave journalists,no insider scientists..
      no muscians,actors,a,b or c grade celebrities.
      maybe mk ultra mind control does work or maybe bono does not want to upset his friends at Rothschild, N M & Sons.
      chris martin wanker sang songs about the planet.
      3 months ago he did an interview about population control a few days later kaboom.

    • I was at the dentist today getting nuked (x-rays) while watching BBC, and the World News came on.

      Not a peep about Fukushima.

      I’m afraid I’ve given up on the BBC. They are not a credible news source (as many of us discovered during the Iraq War II). They’re a useless propoganda source that likes to cover royal weddings and football games.

  • The levels that were brought out to sea by winds and the waters they have been dumping and runoff of water being pumped 24/7…

  • To see the 06 / 07 / 11 01-2011-06-14 20: measuring time signal value map and review values table.
    Past times value of 7 days, please visit from the stations list.
    Fine particulate matter (PM2.5)

  • icone

    Does anyone know if there’s someplace out there to view archived & timelapsed videos from the TBS/JNN cam?

    Would be interesting since it has a broader perspective of the plant when its not fogged in.

  • Don’t know if this is really true, but it has been reported that The US Wants To Bomb Fukushima

    • Novamind

      Yes, and Should have already been implimented. This is not an above surface bombing! This type will create a depression in the earth under the reactors. To be back filled with ocean or earth-Both? Even Flavor Flave knows its time.

    • If they do this there will be an apocalyptic amount of radiation released directly into the ocean.

      Eventually it will be swept up from the tide and turned into rain plaguing every corner of the earth.

      Thats just what is to, truly be expected if they pull this off without making an apocalyptic atmospheric release in the process…

      So if everything goes as planned, we will all suffer an apocalypse from the idea alone…

      They need to create an above ground lake. If they put that radiation in the ocean, its the same as putting it in the air. It will only take longer to impact us… But the end effect will be catastrophic…

      Its far too great of a risk to use this as a method of containment.

      • Novamind

        O.K. so what are the other options on the Table? Kinda looks like Mother Hubbards Cupboard-Bare. And what is the expected outcome of doing nothing? Hey is that not what we are seeing now.

      • Sickputer

        >If they do this there will be an apocalyptic amount of radiation released directly into the ocean.

        Still…consider the current way this is going to play out…the workers finally fleeing again like after the Unit 3 blast in March (but forever this time) and the plant goes to hell three ways… air, sea, and ground aquifer.

        The other plant 10 miles away suffers the same fate within two months , and then maybe a few more by loss of island electricity.

        At least blowing the load into the ocean stops the air disintegration of the remaining 1.7 million rods if the ones at low tide are retrieved..(Bring in the million army liquidators!…why have they failed to learn from Russia!)

        There is some evidence that many times the amount of Fukushima has leaked into the ocean from dozens of plants, military plants, bombs, the list is large. Hell, the 53 million gallons of some of the most toxic evil radiation ever devised by man is leaking away in deteriorating tanks at Richland, Washington. The Hanford mess could well be another water-borne Fukushima if it had a earthquake.

        England and Russia and France have probably also poured enough radiation in the oceans to equal Fukushima. It’s all numbers and somebody has them, we don’t.

        Still, for Obama to make such a Truman nuclear decision…highly doubtful. He has the guts perhaps, but more power broker constraints on him than the crusty Truman.
        The American nuclear industry is going to let the Japanese island take this atomic harikari and then there will be a big world outcry blaming it on their ineffective workers.

        Our troops should be heading home from south Japan any day now…a shame we can’t do the same for the Middle East troops. We probably will need them home when the American economy tanks in a short few months.

        Anyway…time is fading for such a bombing strategy anyway…the corium masses are probably too close to the aquifer. It should have been done long before now and they could have probably used shaped conventional charges. A neutron bomb might be placed quickly or even sent down as a ground penetrating missile, but it’s a longshot and the stuff of Hollywood.

        A nuclear bomb could also have serious and unknown side effects and I’m sure that is also plays into the back smokeroom parleys in Washington. Nah…they will just hope a GD miracle happens and that’s not likely. Get ready for the Tokyo Flight and then the Japanese Boat Lift.

        BTW…I did a special rendering of the events earlier of the “events” once again today at Unit 4. Sure looked like fires to me and the rendering makes it look more so:


        • What did you do to make the shadow imagery?

        • We cant bomb it…

          It is the very worst thing we could do.

          • milk and cheese milk and cheese

            Agreed. It could have catastrophic consequences and could not be undone.

          • StPaulScout StPaulScout

            I agree. Bombing would send massive amounts of radiation into the oceans and atmosphere. Claiming countries have already dumped radioactive water into the oceans is one thing. Dumping the entire on site fuel of Fukushima into the ocean is quite another thing. Blowing it up would doom everyone even faster than just letting it sit there. A bomb would create one hell of a large mass ejection of extremely radioactive particles high in to the atmosphere would it not?

        • dharmasyd dharmasyd

          What is “rendering” in regard to these vids?

          • Sickputer

            Sorry… I have been snoozing after fixing a sickputer that the Belurussians nailed good… They are as savvy and tough as the Yakuza. I don’t yank their chains or the nuke boys too much so I don’t get an screwdriver through my temples. I’m not as public a figure as Arnie if you understand.

            The rendering of the poor quality Tepco video was with a Canuck interactive whiteboard software. The recorder application just did a straight area screen capture while the original Youtube video played. No manipulations or anything altered by my hand. I was surprised as anyone at how it separated out the pixels to make them stand out uniquely. Some flashes showed up that I couldn’t see on the original which I thought was interesting.

            I also think they are not manning the plant at night with full staff and that us why the events happen. I think they are following orders to not stress the Unit 4 structure with too much water and at night the lighting does not let them gauge the losses if water as well through evaporation and the holes. When it gets hot and the zirconium begins larger fires the calvary support comes running. That’s why you get tiny glimpses of trucks roaring past the bushes on the right.

          • In my opinion they are fully staffed day and night… The biggest problem I can think of is four reactors and only two cement pumps to give coolant… Each pool heating up side by side, within hours of its last injection… Boron, not adverting criticallity… temps rising…

            One thing you all didn;t probably consider…

            That vapor trail is likely 12 ft high. at 110+c. Thats insane… Could you imagine anyone near that…

            They are attacking this with a robotic crane, and a webcam…

            Cars come rushing into avoid a catastrophe every night…

            with no end in sight I am really stressing something is going to give very very soon… I imagine its impossible to be on site over an hour at this point, (thats wearing all the protection that tepco can offer)…

            Its not exactly hard to see that tepco is only adverting a disaster of biblical proportions…

            Take the up most precautions when measuring your family’s level of emergency preparedness. In the event this thing collapses and shtf, japan is not the only country on the planet, that is going to be impacted by it…

            All I am asking is for you to consider the implications of such an event.

          • dharmasyd dharmasyd

            Thanks, sickputer! I understand!

      • Hey, welcome back! (We missed you).

        Did we get your opinion on the massive vapour event last night? I’ll keep reading for now …Also look at 10 seconds into that second one [and other places] and tell me that’s not an explosion:

        Here’s the video:
        2011.06.14 00:00-01:00 / 福島原発ライブカメラ (Live Fukushima Nuclear Plant Cam)

        2011.06.14 01:00-02:00 / 福島原発ライブカメラ (Live Fukushima Nuclear Plant Cam)

    • They always want to bomb something.

      Rogue state.

  • audi_driver2009

    The Japanese are handling this differently than Russia because Japan is relatively small and losing the entire island is not an option for them. I don’t agree with it, but that’s the reasoning behind it.

    • tony wilson

      stay off der crack fella it ruins your deductive facilities.

      The Japanese are handling this differently than Russia
      my man those mutherfuckers ain’t handlin it at all.

      that place should be the bigest fuckin building site on the planet and your saying they are trying to protect the island.
      they have destroyed the island and are inching towards killing us all.
      cut the jive you obama stooge.
      the primeminister is not called no kando for nothing.

    • Misitu

      (a) they are NOT “handling” anything, even dosimeters

      (b) losing the entire island is daily becoming the only option

      (c) the word “reasoning” is not backed up by any evidence over the last 3 months

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Why didn’t i think about this earlier today..
    HERE…have this fine link.
    I live in the West and my mouth tastes like METAL!
    …by the way..this debate took up time better spent on visual analysis, etc.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Hawaii Monitoring Stations Detect Spike in Fukushima Radiation
    June 13, 2011


    • Novamind

      This is alarming and scary. The EPA would list this as a Technical Malfunction and Remove Equipment. Followed by a “No Need to Test as Levels are Dropping” PR Report. A sign of things to come?

  • SteveMT

    I’m watching a dog on the live feed now. he looks to be in good shape.

  • SteveMT

    What is that on the live cam?????

  • egkanek

    Will we see the army of Liquidators cleaning up the plant anytime soon? Russia cleaned it up in 3 month? Or Does it mean the situation here is less serious but just more opinion than Russian case?

    • tony wilson

      it is 30 times worse.
      all the effort has been put into the cover up.
      you have seen the chernobyl film,well these reactors have melted through containment.
      all of that is 30 chernobyls.
      when you add mox reactor 3 in..
      that is real bad plutonium tons of it.
      it is either already gone in the ground in the sea or in the air.
      start worrying or stop reading this site and enjoy your life

  • TraderGreg

    They have been trying to cover it up with lies – and it doesn’t work. Can someone in power in Japan wake up, and start thinking?

    Or they just stay there hypnotized, and pray for the wind to take it to USA?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    @ Tacomagroove.
    I was just considering the rain and fog upon Fukushima.However..the explosion last night…fire..large column of smoke…explosion….smoke engulfing…with FORCE…the entire area.
    Radiation release.
    I agree with you entirely.
    About the fog and rain..as long as the fission is hot….Forever comes to mind.

  • TraderGreg

    I guess some people trying to figure out, how to send the whole mess deep underground. Once it is very deep, you can detonate explosives to close it up.

    I can see the idea. I don’t know how to do it, but I hope someone can figure it out.

    Anything else, is either the water vector, or the air vector, and both of them are very unhealthy.

    • SO essentially you are proposing blowing it up, with out disturbing the fuel…

      Can you explain how you propose to do that exactly…

      • Sickputer

        Lot of old propulsion data from Project Plowshares as for pushing something away to create a cavity. That would be to force the plant into the sea… I don’t think burying it by explosive is viable because Japan will want the ground aquifer saved, not destroyed. Still… Too late …. TEPCO fiddled while Fukushima burned. It might have been a possibility 30 days ago. Now the odds of it working even partially are slim to none.

        • were looking at a very dangerous situation.

          I truly hope if they choose to use explosives in any way there will be international disclosure prior to making the decision; as in my opinion;
          The result of such an event, could create global contamination of the worlds food chains… Every nation on the planet would be subject to an unthinkable famine… Likely; to lead into the eventual extinction of man kind.

          This is not a decision that should be made from behind closed doors… We would need to ask every scientific mind on the planet, if this was our only One, Sure, Viable Option…

          If these are the circumstances in respects to the situations integrity;

          Then I have no idea why so many of you have had such a hard time envisioning the fukushima nuclear crisis, as being “apocalyptic”;

          If these are our only hopes in adverting this tragedy, surely you could infer the magnitude of dangers presented by the situation…

          tic tock, clocks ticking…

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      This link was helpful to understand the that particles are alpha particles and beta particles, and rays are gamma rays in ionizing radiation.
      However, the article was incorrect with respect to non-ionizing radiation. Long term exposure microwaves, including radar, can cause the same damage and health problems as ionizing radiation. This is similar to the fact that long term exposure to low dose ionizing radiation is much more harmful than short term high dose ionizing radiation. If you are very close to a broadcasting FM antenna, this is also harmful.

  • Hard to believe how obtuse some people really are. This guy is actually trying to tell me that the huge event of last night was my misconstruing the grey tower for a plume of smoke. I kid you not:


    I re-watched the time lapses, and you can see clear plumes coming out of #3 and #4 [and possibly the common spent fuel area). You also see explosions.

    2011.06.14 00:00-01:00 / 福島原発ライブカメラ (Live Fukushima Nuclear Plant Cam)

    2011.06.14 01:00-02:00 / 福島原発ライブカメラ (Live Fukushima Nuclear Plant Cam)

    2011.06.14 03:00-04:00 / 福島原発ライブカメラ (Live Fukushima Nuclear Plant Cam)

    I live along the central California coast. I’m very acquainted with the behavior of fog and lights at night. I also have years of photography experience (an avocation along with an engineering vocation). Also, being a pilot with com/inst ratings, I have a very good understanding of what happens when the temp/dew point spread narrows and its affect on water vapor visibility, i.e. clouds.

    My opinion on the “visible vertical emission of vapor” is an illusion caused by the lighting of the exhaust tower behind forming fog. The tower is exactly behind where the column of vapor “appears”.

    Just my two cents worth, anyway.

    It does, however, bare repeating the importance of checking the temp/dewpoint spread when considering the possibility of anomalous emmisions from the reactor buildings.

    • He’s talking in the last 4 paragraphs.

      • PU239–I’m with you.

        I think I read that inane comment also when it was posted earlier in the forum here. It made me very annoyed because the event we are discussing was major and could not be mistaken for anything but a major release.

        The EPA has not been posting data for LA for days now. I am sure that we’ve been getting radiation all through last week.

        I am worried about what the latest event will mean on top of that for the people of Japan and elsewhere…

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      @PU239..Wow…I finally looked at physics forum…paper physicists..they can’t work anything out in real terms.
      ..shills…..they remind me of the Oil Drum and the way they bailed on Matt Simmons.

      • Somebody warned me about that forum, and I didn’t believe them at first.

        I’m actually almost dumbstruck.

        If I floated a pink elephant over Reactor 1 they’d probably say it was fog, or camera artifacts or something.

        Actually, the only sane reply I got was this:

        Fog does not start up high like we see in the videos. It also doesn’t just come in at one location. If it was fog, which we can see in other videos, it looks completely different than those events.

        I gave him A+, with honors.


    • icone

      You can see a pretty big (and hot) plume starting at about :30 in this daylight timelapse from this afternoon. Goes straight up, nice and quick. Not as dramatic as last nights fog-plume thing with flashes and stuff…


      • Yes, that’s a tough one!

        But, I think you’re right – definite plume there. Hard to see with the tower, and the clouds clearing away from the tower, but the highly observant will catch it.

        • icone

          I think what’s key is that we’re observing explosive plumes of steam/hot air/ whatever. I saw it clearly in last night’s event (fog or not), and in the above vid. I’ve been trying to find some more during the day w/o fog.

          I think the dewpoint and foggy conditions make these things easier to observe at night as water vapor condenses and things are back-lit, but it also makes it tough to see exactly whats happening.

          Its definitely not the normal steaming. Its a hot PLUME.

    • icone

      If you can believe the data from Tepco, there were no spikes in radioactivity around the plant last night when the super-plume happened after midnight.


      • not sure why we would believe anything tepco states when their outright lies have been documented over and over again…

        the places to look are the crowd sourced networks in Japan, though the “hot particles” may not be easily measured unless densely packed and/or accompanied by gas…

        • icone

          agreed. I trust nothing Tepco, but occasionally theres some nice morsels of truth between the lines.

          I guess the thing to do would be to look for spikes in the crowd-sourced networks in the direction the wind was blowing (north?) a few hours after the event. It would probably be reflected all day in todays readings. (?)

      • Sickputer

        >if you can believe the data from Tepco, there were no spikes in radioactivity around the plant last night when the super-plume happened after midnight.

        Great poker face from the now penny stock company. They should have been shown the door long ago. I think the bosses should roll down there at night to shoot the water cannons when the rods go dry and burn up. The head engineers sit in their ivory tower miles away and order the yakuza-recruited workers to suck in the toxic brew. No radiation spike indeed! I guess that was a mirage cloud Hawaii monitors saw from Friday’s release also. Just wait until the building falls and we will see how long any of the bosses hang around.

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      And, as you say, —

      “It does, however, bare repeating…”

      That one should, at best, exercise extreme caution in regard to whatever the normalists find they need to say.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I think there are fractures at the bottom of the vent stacks..and during re-criticality..emissions can be seen both from the inside and outside of the piping.

    • BetaFlare

      The stacks? 400 feet pipes built to vent death fumes from a working Nuke Plants just to keep personnel alive. Fractured?

      LOL. Fucukrackers: When a TEPCOgrapher is sent to fucument a fukudump, he finds the only intact piece around the huge fucufield … takes some fucupics with a fucumacro lens. Next he edits the “pics” with fucushop, sends over to interior fucuministry -which happily concots a new fucustory around the fucucracks for the fucusimated papal abattoir…

      The fact-of-stacks – w/o TEPGOES:
      http://wp.me/pwIAV-19 (repost)

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Dosimeters for kids for 3 months from September!
    Good morning from old Europe, just found this shocking news on Kyodo:
    This is a crime against humanity.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Fearing radiation, family quits Japan
    Distrustful of official claims, a pregnant sister and her brothers head for Vancouver


    The ripples from the Fukushima nuclear disaster have been felt across the globe, drawing offers of sympathy and support for Japan, provoking debates about nuclear power and its alternatives — even sparking complete rethinks of energy policy.

    Germany decided to shut down all its nuclear reactors by 2022 in response to the Fukushima crisis. Switzerland will close its remaining five reactors by 2032, and Italians were voting on whether to abandon nuclear power for good in a referendum over the weekend.

    Japan has made no such promise, and the government has been criticized for being slow to react to the disaster. But as the politicians dither, the Nishida family in Tokyo have already made up their minds about the nuclear dangers.

    They have decided to leave Japan to protect themselves and 21-year-old Reina’s unborn baby.


    • Anthony Anthony

      ***It’s better to think of not returning to Tokyo,” Ryuma told me over a beer just before he left for Kyoto. “After the earthquake the current really bad conditions came out, and the government seems to be covering up the facts.

      “TEPCO also seems to be covering things, hoping that little will come out,” he said. “Things can get worse than they are now, so it’s better to think about not going back to Tokyo. If at all possible, it’s best to plan to live overseas.”

      Ryuma explained that he wants to go to Canada because “it seems that Japan’s economy will go down a troubled path from here, and if Reina’s baby can be born somewhere with dual citizenship, then the baby can be free for a better future.”

      Reina echoes her brother on the importance of dual citizenship, which Japan currently does not allow beyond age 21. “After Genki decided he was going (to join us abroad), we thought about where we would go too and decided on the same place. The possibility of dual citizenship was important.”

      Genki had considered Australia as a possible destination, but Reina was adamant that she loved Canada and wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. As an exchange student there, she had developed special feelings for the country, and she felt welcome there.***

      • Anthony Anthony

        ***Time, not money is most important. We need to leave Japan quickly,” stresses Ryuma, taking a friendly swipe at his brother’s procrastinating. Genki is still considering whether to stay in Japan a little longer to collect unemployment insurance he’s owed or to leave for a new life straight away.***

        • Anthony Anthony

          ***”I want to leave Japan because I am stressed about the radiation, and for my baby’s happiness”, says Reina. She is worried about the radiation even while she is in Kyoto. Her trust in her own government has been fully eroded. She doesn’t feel safe anymore.***

          • dharmasyd dharmasyd

            I thin Reina should jhonor her feelings:

            “She doesn’t feel safe anymore.”

            Honor her wisdom.

    • ocifferdave

      Vancouver? Well….at least it’s not Alaska or Hawaii. The freak states.


      • Anthony Anthony

        ***The high volume of foreign home buyers has provoked some unease among locals in Vancouver. Real estate entrepreneur Cam Good, whose company The Key caters largely to China-based clients, wrote in The Vancouver Sun that his office was recently “inundated with emails” by people fearing a “Chinese takeover”.

        Poon said that the fear of outside buyers is unfounded, and that many Chinese buyers are here with the intention of settling down for their child’s education or to enjoy a higher quality of life. “I’ve been fortunate to work closely with Chinese buyers and investors over the years and they are very humble, genuine and open minded people,” she said.

        However, with the average Vancouver home costing many times above the average annual income (the average home in Vancouver is 9.5 times the city’s median houshold income of $63,000), some people have been calling for government to step in and restrict foreign ownership. Former city councillor Peter Ladner said last month that countries like Australia restrict foreign ownership and that Vancouver should be considering the idea. ***


    • jump-ball jump-ball

      The rest of the world seems agreed on closing existing reactors, but Japan’s plan to re-start the remaining 3 units of the earthquake-damaged 7 unit Kashiwazaki Kariwa west coast facility (world’s largest nuke facility) is surely an idea whose time has passed:

  • BetaFlare

    Rad-source: which tsunami dived plant the rad comes from? By selecting the city named Fukushima, the editors try to imply the source while not sayin a word… But the “proven” stuff can be from anywhere of those myriad tsunami-dived plants, rokkasho or whichever where no camera crew is allowed. All this hulabaloo around Daichii makes the TEPCO official words sound dark indeed; 14-March-2011 comment about Fukushima Daichii: “This is nothing compared to what is happening…”

    While this is most dramatic show so far, one just cant believe even this is truthful – but another diversion from the full inaction and depop deeds played juts by waiting plus some helpfull detonations. Note also that video clip at 2:05 is oldie from March… http://wp.me/pwIAV-19 (repost)

    Detonations http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_83clarF6AY (repost)


    Please admin: Does this now mean that all cat-owners will now be thrown to wolves on a doggie forum?
    Ref: “For each comment, there is now a link called ‘Report comment’. Once there have been a certain number of reports for a comment, it will go into moderation and will not appear unless approved by the moderator. h/t Misitu”

  • OneWhoRelates



    Those people who are afraid will be most adversely affected by radiation all people should stay put and be happy think good thoughts, then no radiation harm.


    If even one person dies as a result of the good Dr. Shunichi Yamashita advise, this Dr should be charged with murder and the sentence should be to live @ the fukushima plant

  • Novamind

    @Pu239 “as a terminal” please share.

    • BetaFlare

      If the “terminal” means just one point of a global system, then irradiating all useles folks makes “sense”. I mean only if the designer is immune happy pure evil. Like the p0pe. Some of the other points (maybe ? 30%) ●● ANITA ●● ANTARES ●● BDUNT ●● BNO ●● Borexino ●● EXO ●● GNO ●● IceCube ●● KamLAND ●● KARMEN ●● LNGS ●● LVD ●● MACRO ●● MARIACHI ●● MINERνA ●● MINOS ●● MiniBooNE ●● NA61/SHINE ●● NARC ●● NEMO ●● NESTOR Project ●● NEVOD ●● NOνA ●● NuMI ●● OPERA ●● RICE ●● Super-Kamiokande ●● SNEWS ●● T2K ●● WITCH ●●
      http://wp.me/pwIAV-19 (repost)

      • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

        Terminal-Yucca Mtn. it’s Fun to blab off
        like I DO….
        Sometimes…Who can speak to the massive
        multi-billion-dollar black projects.
        There are reports of world-wide deep underground
        tunnel networks, bored perfectly for high-speed
        transport of those Underground people, Military
        some would say alien societies under there, even.
        Area 51, Nevada Test site. etc.
        Some say they made vast cities down there, by
        super-temp melting and re-forming of any rock or
        any material in the path of the tunnel-boring
        machines. I Thank the Good Lord for keeping me
        out of that underground prison!

  • icone

    #4 is putting on a nice steam show on the TBS/JNN cam- sunlight is perfect. Cant see it on the Tepcocam


  • noradmama

    What is that big long shadow? cloud? across the horizon of the live cam shot? on now at 1:10 am Pacific Time?
    Disapating a little…

    • There was a long cloud-thing on the latest videos.

      Like a contrail[?] going from one side of the video to the other horizontally.

      I saw it too. Curious.

  • noradmama

    Cancel the last comment please… old video it turns out. my bad.

  • paulie906

    this awaits us all,sadly.

  • Fukushima: How Many Chernobyls Is It?
    Dr Scampa’s Lethal Doses Count Increases Dramatically
    The tiny radioactive and burning smoke particles have traveled around the world many times since 1979, killing an estimated one million people to date from radiation caused illnesses and cancers. This is…

    Simple division tells us there are at least 48.6 Chernobyls in the burning old reactor cores pumping fiery isotopes into the Earth’s atmosphere. It is no stretch to…

  • http://atmc.jp/plant/rad/
    R1 dropped to 100sVh

    B)(*_) S# %T cough…

  • paulie906

    here in ozzy,its pretty much been put to bed.more stories of the tsunami itself,and the human suffering,nuclear issues though,oof 4geddanowdit.

  • paulie906

    b sorry

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    The TBS/JNN live cam is zoomed in on #4 reactor. You can see two lights again. The top one is green.

  • paulie906

    i am assuming that,though theres no smoke or steam,radioactive gasses are nonetheless fuming.is this correct?

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Unfortunately, absolutely correct. The nasty particles just go where they like to…

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    A TEPCO worker speaks about working conditions on site – Wallstreet Journal

  • paulie906

    real life immitating art,,,this really is the twilight zone….peace2all.

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    My wife works in a major health clinic in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area and reports that the spouses of Doctros have started coming in and picking up prescriptions for Iodine pills. Interesting development. Been kind of waiting to hear if this happens and so it begins. These are not people prone to ‘over-reacting’…..

  • StillJill StillJill

    Thank you BetaFlare for this one,…I’m still laughing: “Yes my tinhat is keeps all radiation in.”

    • BetaFlare

      Hi! Nice to hear, I wanted to defuse any expectations on my intelligence; there is none.

      Just the facts – get sm & give sm – not askin for the MSM pill officer psy ops analysis.

      Here some http://wp.me/px1AT-CY (repost)