Radiation levels around Fukushima plant now over 400 times higher than announced by TEPCO

Published: September 21st, 2011 at 10:18 pm ET


TEPCO burdened with task of treating contaminated water at damaged nuclear plant, Mainichi Japan, September 21, 2011:

[Emphasis Added]

The government is pouring effort into bringing the temperature at Unit 2 of the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant under 100 degrees Celsius to prevent the release of radioactive materials through steam […]

According to data from the plant’s operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), the level of radioactive materials released from the plant between Sept. 1 and 15 reached 200 million becquerels per hour. Meanwhile, dosages of up to 0.4 millisieverts per year were estimated at the boundary of the nuclear power plant — about the same level as that announced by TEPCO in August. […]

TEPCO has announced for the past two months that the radiation dose at the boundary of the Fukushima Daiichi plant is 0.4 millisieverts/year or 400 microsieverts/year.

The September 22 radiation dose over 4 km from reactor meltdowns was 22 microsieverts/hour or 192,440 microsieverts/year.

SOURCE: atmc.jp

Published: September 21st, 2011 at 10:18 pm ET


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20 comments to Radiation levels around Fukushima plant now over 400 times higher than announced by TEPCO

  • pg

    TEPCO executives and investors need to be charged with murder. Seek their British puppet masters as well. This is no joke.

    Its judgment day for them and they are on trial. BP fuels is next.

  • ocifferdave

    who measured the 22 microsieverts an hour 4km from the plant? Angry eyebrow I’m-looking-at-you-in-the-camera guy?

    • Arizonan Arizonan

      @occifer…The Atomic Energy Agency of Japan performed the 21.736 microsiervts/hr measurement: http://atmc.jp/realtime/

      However, the next highest reading on the chart is 0.1224 microsieverts/hr. My theory is someone stumbled upon one of the pellets that that flew out of the core or SFP of #3…else how/why would they be getting such an oddly high anomalous reading of over 22?

      All I know is that the radiation maps around Chernobyl look like swiss cheese. Your neighbor’s yard could have high levels of Pu and Cs and Sr contamination, while your own was relatively clear. Radioactive contamination does not fall in even, concentric circles! It is very uneven.

      My theory still doesn’t explain the weird readings coming out of St Louis rain…I think their geiger must be contaminated. Someone should send them a new one to check.

      • ocifferdave

        Thx Arizonan. Perfect avatar pic btw

      • acid Lab acid Lab


        the “weird” readings coming out of st louis are weird because potrblog is a crank.

        ft calhoun (400 miles away) would have to be blowing out chernobyl-like quantities for his readings to be believable.

        yet he insists that it’s coming from fukushima by way of the jet stream… 30,000ft up, 6,500 miles to the right, and 30,000ft back down.

        lmao… it’s completely insane.

  • SteveMT

    This is called genocide the last time I checked, a lot worse than just plain old mass murder.

  • acid Lab acid Lab

    they’re getting 113,880 microsieverts per year in st louis


  • roxy

    Nuclear, it damages our DNA, causes babies to be born with birth defects, just a little research into Chernobyl will horrifying you, this is much worse and 3 reactors going for 7 months. Chernobyl was only going for a week and killed over 1 million people to cancer etc and it’s still a dead Zone today, Japan uses more deadly mox fuels in there reactors, just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse!, we have never been in this situation before, 

  • Why did we execution saddam hussein again…

    Hey that rhymes… Sadam and Kan…

    So sadam killed what a few hundred thousand…

    Kan didn’t tell how many people to move???

  • staycalm

    Good point re distribution, Arizonian.

    The problem with people being desperate for any news in a blackout is to grab onto ANYTHING looking for clues. I know I’ve done that – and then when anything scary looking comes through it is hard not to knee-jerk reaction into “OMG” state.

    That is not psychologically healthy of course, especially as MOST people are unusued to handling Geiger counters etc and are also unaware of all the background radationfrom nature, the cosmos and all the rubbish in the atmosphere from the lots of tests and other nuclear accidents. So often here people are pointing the finger at Fukushima as the source of whatever they find, the truth is that no one CAN ever know where radioactivity originated after all this time if it is an isotope with such a long half life.

    I personally am dubious about some of the car wiping information, not least of which some Geiger counters come with a radioactive sample to callibrate them and in the hands of an amateur it would be possible to accidentally (to be gracious here) contaminate your equipment and get readings that are misleading as to the real situation.

    Problem is – we don’t get this information any more in many cases.

    That said, my partner (who does know what he is doing with a Geiger counter and is not working in the nuclear industry but is well aware of my fears of dangers I cannot sense in any way) gets components from Japan, he has been testing them and says that they are clean every time…

  • staycalm

    I might not trust a conglomerate/government to tell me the truth but I trust him implicitly. Rainwater monitoring here – not windscreen wiping, using standing water left outside untouched for the purpose – has been ok.

    I’m guessing that posting something like that will get me called a shill… that would be ironic, being as I’ve been independently researching matters nuclear and being increasingly horrified for the last 30 years of my life. I am no expert and make no claims to be, but I’ve not had any sudden ephiphany or political awakening. I’m probably a child of the Windscale “fire” since that was 10 years before my birth.

  • CB CB

    As big as a story this is, I still find it amazing that Mainstream Media refuses to cover this. We need big money to advertise this site. I will call around to see if any alternative energy companies will sponsor advertisements for this site. ENENEWS.COM is this OK with you? CNN, FOX, MSNBC all suck and get big money from the nuclear companies to promote clean energy. So Mainstream won’t bite the hand that feeds them. Alternative news sources are where the REAL news is.

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    Hey CB…Let’s advertise the Restaurant at the End
    of the Universe. Mainstream Media is the Damned Devil!
    All is Vanity!
    The Shipp has Hit the Fan, and Hell is about to Freeze-Over.
    There’s No Bizness like Show Bizness.
    Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord!
    Batten the Hatches!
    Get a Grip on yerself Laddie!
    Yer a Scot!
    Here, ‘ave a Drrink!

  • arclight arclight

    this from the manchini article
    “The process of bringing the temperature in the reactor core under 100 degrees Celsius is known as a “cold shutdown.” However, this normally applies to a properly functioning reactor, and experts are split over whether it is applicable at the Fukushima No. 1 complex, where meltdowns have occurred.

    In this June 12, 2011 photo released on July 5, 2011, by Tokyo Electric Power Co., masked workers in protective outfits prepare to drop a sliding concrete slab into a slit of the upper part of the sluice screen for the Unit 2 reactor at the tsunami-crippled Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant in Okuma, Fukushima Prefecture, northeastern Japan, in their effort to decrease the leaking of radiation contaminated water into the ocean. (AP Photo/Tokyo Electric Power Co.)The government has stated that managing and controlling the release of radioactive materials is a condition for completing Step 2 of the roadmap for bringing the nuclear crisis under control.

    However, even though the temperatures of the plant’s Unit 1 and 3 reactors have been brought under 100 degrees Celsius, radioactive materials continue to be released.”

    all i can say to that is doublespeak.. straight out or orwells 1984 … lol

  • I suppose we can do nothing or we can do what we can do. Petition the President for clean energy… it will make a differencehttp://signon.org/sign/increase-government-support.fb1?source=c.fb&r_by=548645

  • arclight arclight

    Result of nuclide analysis of sub drain of Fukushima Daiichi NPS
    September 21


    from this link theres more


  • You Earthmen are, after all, essentially irrational.

  • This is a very long piece, so prepare for a lot of reading:

    Guest Column: The Lessons of Fukushima (full length)
    by Roger Johnson