Radiation counter maxed out at 9999+… 35 km from Fukushima, well beyond evacuation zone (VIDEO)

Published: April 2nd, 2011 at 7:00 am ET


Japon : l’équipe de Greenpeace effectue des mesures, Greenpeace France, March 28, 2011:


Published: April 2nd, 2011 at 7:00 am ET


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20 comments to Radiation counter maxed out at 9999+… 35 km from Fukushima, well beyond evacuation zone (VIDEO)

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Those people need to get checked out and evacuate that area.

  • larry-andrew-nils

    it says 9999 cps on the gauge seen in the video… that’s counts per second

    the title should be changed to 600,000 cpm or to 9999 counts per second…

    duck tape.

  • claude

    Japan is lacking food, fuel and energy.
    Displacing such high amounts of people imperils the rest of them. There are no alternatives for the government but to let them to their fate.
    Sadly this is called a die off. And it is facing most of us in a near future.

  • larry-andrew-nils

    6000 CPM was the former limit set in japan for decontamination. the level was raised to 100,000 CPM today… i saw 600,000 on the gauge in the video… so… that is 100 times the former limit set for decontamination.

    the limit was raised on Mach 21, 2011, twelve days ago.

    now, this means that there is six times the current level set for decontamination 35 km from the plant… and remember, that’s 100 times the original level set for decontamination.

  • larry-andrew-nils

    i love you claude; you’re a part of the continuum.

    The earth is the Milky Way. It’s the flat-earth from the Bible and from the Koran etc..

    The heavens revolve around the earth and the earth is the center of our universe.

    The Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy is that old Dragon Satan, who drags to earth a third of the stars of heaven; it is Lucifer, who bears his light from us in it’s infrared spectrum.

    The Magellanic clouds are the sun and the moon.

    God created man in his image; male and female created he them.

    A day for god is as 1000 years.

    The days of Adam and his children are multiplied by 1000 years.

    The distance of time between Adam and Abraham was one billion years.

    Adam had billions of belly-buttons.

    God has no respect for “persons”.

    • erl

      larry andrews nils, your a bonehead. This is serious and you go off on some anti-Christ rant against the Bible. God has so much love for humanity that He came down (Jesus Christ) and paid the price to enable all who want it an escape from hell. Sadly not all hear evidently you have an have chosen the paths of fools. Hope you get a change of heart prior to eternity over taking you. love, JE

  • Dean

    Jesus, peace be upon him, is not God or son of God. Jesus is like Adam, peace be upon him, in the sense that they don’t have fathers. Jesus is the slave of The Creator who has no partners and there’s nothing like Him.

    Concepts like trinity, Jesus as son of God or God, partners with God, etc. are all misguided beliefs. There’s only One Lord who has no partners, no sons, and there’s nothing like Him.

  • Sendai


    Look again at the counter’s dusplay. This is not CPM, but CPS !! Multiply the amount by 60 to get the CPM count.

  • xdrfox

    Japan Fukushima 12th March 2011 & 14th March 2011

  • xdrfox

    EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Latest Satellite Imagery From Fukushima Tells Sobering Tale

    Saturday, April 02, 2011


  • Does anyone know what 10k cps is in mRem on that model counter?

  • xdrfox

    Fukushima – State of the premises to 28 March
    March 11, the Japan was hit by a series of natural and industrial disasters. Today, after the earthquake and the Tsunami, the balance sheet is particularly heavy for the country. According to the who, the record is 10 489 dead, 16 621 disappeared and 2 285 wounded. More than 88,000 houses and buildings have been completely or partially destroyed. In the emergency shelter, they are 20,000 evacuees in the area of 20 km around the nuclear power plant in Fukushima. Because the Japan, and Fukushima, the catastrophe is underway.

    At Fukushima, the nightmare is not over
    French DSC stated this March 28 at his morning press point: “the situation remains precarious.
    Indeed, by analyzing the fragmented and chaotic information transmitted by the Japanese authorities and TEPCo, the operator of the plant, the State of reactors and their swimming pools is extremely worrying.

    1 & 2 reactors, electricity was partially restored, control rooms are powered, lighting lit. But these reactors cooling systems have not been started re. Water, loaded into radioactivity was detected in the buildings of these two reactors, with more than 1,000 millisieverts (1 000 mSV) concentration in the n ° 2, an extremely high dose reactor (the annual dose limits for workers of nuclear 250mSv is!). These dose levels make it very difficult to human intervention in buildings.
    Reactor 3 is the one that concentrates all the concerns, indeed, this reactor is “moxé” therefore particularly loaded in plutonium. DSC also points out that “surveys of pressure in the forums seem to conclude, for reactors 2 and 3, to a loss of tightness of the metallic enclosure;”

    The presence of this highly radioactive water confirms the suspicions of inétanchéité enclosures or cooling reactors n ° 2 and 3.
    Reactor 4 was also connected to the electrical circuit, but facilities are not yet under tension. 5 & 6 reactors, cooling systems are powered by electricity and operate.

    In the reactor storage pools, priori, the water level rose through the effect of fresh water, and temperature would have been reduced to less disturbing temperatures. See the notes to the SNRI on the subject.
    Need to expand the evacuation area

    Greenpeace has sent a team of experts in radiation protection in the area of the Fukushima plant. (see the portraits of the team here – in English)
    This team confirmed levels of radiation of ten micro Sievert per hour in Iitate village, 40 km northwest of the Fukushima plant / Daiichi and 20 km beyond the official evacuation zone. These levels are high enough to require the evacuation.
    From a health point of view, it is not trivial to remain in this area, particularly for people “at risk” as children and pregnant women, who could receive the maximum annual dose of radiation in a few days.

    Claude-André Lacoste, in point press daily of the nuclear safety authority, this Monday, March 28 stated elsewhere: “there is clearly a contamination, which will extend over considerable areas” […] It is “not at all surprising that we find here or there contamination, beyond a radius of 100 km” […] “The ASN does not”overall figures”on these contaminations.”. The management of these areas will take years, even decades ‘. “.
    It is time to face and to hear recommendations from scientists
    The German Office of Greenpeace has prepared a report, prepared by a specialist in nuclear safety, the Dr. Helmut Hirsch, which establishes that because of the quantities of released radioactivity, the accident of Fukushima is level 7 on the INES scale.
    Professor Hirsch report is based on data published by the IRSN (French Institute of radiation protection and nuclear safety) and the ZAMG, Austrian Institute of meteorology and geodynamics. The total quantity of isotope iodine-131 and caesium-137 released between 11 and 23 March is so high that the accident of Fukushima moves to level 7 of the International nuclear event scale (INES scale.

    This report can be downloaded here in English
    The Japanese authorities must put in place measures to protect the population of the risks that it incurs. The time is not reassuring: Japanese officials must act according to what the scientists recommend.

    229 notice for “Fukushima – State of the premises to 28 March”
    CRICRI says: Monday, March 28, 2011, at 18: 04
    I must confess that I’m afraid, because not confidence in Governments. It lulls us that people don’t panic but if men continue to do so, will that our beautiful planet? I particularly fear for my descendants. What beautiful legacy is left! It is a shame, and always a question of big money above all.
    PENNEC-SALVADOR said: Monday, March 28, 2011, at 18: 07
    Plutonium oxide particles are extremely dangerous and irreversible: would it not important to equip citizens of both masks for the most vulnerable people first and for all.
    Expenditures have been made for the H1N1 vaccine, but profits for masks are certainly much less interesting, no?

    Fair Use:

  • C.Dodds

    Figures can deceive if they are not explained. What is the connection between milliseiverts, radons, and counts per second? Would someone please explain how many milliseiverts equals couts per minute?

  • Gary

    I really hate those BP colors.
    It should be USA

    Who cares we are dead anyway

    Florida oil poison and the Japan rediation

    Britain and Japan killed us without a shot

    Lets eat sushi

  • I abhor Japanese government slow dull and actions to Nuke disaster. They don’t have any well-controlled risk management system on the nuke accident.
    They are very very lack of responsibility and controlling technology of Nuclear power plant.

    They have too much selfconceit instead.

    We cannot bear Jap’s arrogance; they don’t show any trustful data on Fukushima to their neighbouring countries and the world, even, they have not allowed any countries’ Nuke experts to come in there to monitor and help.

    That is Jap’s trait, I concluded.

    Now, Japanese around the area of Earthquake begain to steal up foods,oil ,life necessities like baby diapers or anything in shops destroyed or not destroyed. Regionally, people are dying and begging for food from passers.
    Japs government are of secrecy especially for the matters that is related with their conceit, to foreign countries.

    The neighbouring countries were trying to help them with food at first stage of the disaster, but Jap’s government refused their sincere helping hands expressing them out that they could not trust them.
    This means they are CRAZY and IDIOTs!!

    However, Japs are now begging for foods from foreign countries. They accepted Nuke experts from France, USA,etc. Because they found themselves that there is no more way or capacities in them to treat control this disaster.

    All foods, products, soils water sky were now contaminated with radioactives. Japs Government still say “Don’t worry, people. The radioactive data are trustful and they are under normal in most areas except Fukushima. But foreigners already they were liers! And they have left Japan.
    Japs are waiting for a kind of doom now; God knows their dooming days.

    They say the president of Tokyo Electric company fled away from his home when this disaster broke out. True or false, this is disgusting anyway. All trees have roots!

    Let alone these ones, Japs Governement has been often cunning in almost foreign diplomatic relations with neighbouring countries.

    That’s why their neighbouring country people disgust against Japan.
    They are getting alienated especially in Asia. Jap are quarrelling with China, South Korea and Russia for territorial dispute!
    Jap governement changed their ancient history with neighbouring countries of his own accord. And even Jap Government pushed the wrong history contents into Jap’s middle schools’ textbooks.

    But they think this is the accident from earthquake not artificial one; Fukushima disaster broke out from Japs’ slow reaction to it. If they had responded promptly against it and allowed the Nuke developed countires proposal of help, this kind would not happened like this.

    This is just tragedy in this world and maybe the first one 21st century!
    Japs pushed the button as first runner!

    I detest Nuke Power Plant and Japs trait as such.

  • Sal Farruggio

    Actually the last comment made in japanese said that they were 130 kms away from the reactor….its a fair distance


    first there was three mile island, then chernobyl, then japan nuclear plant. enough is enough. each of these three nuclear power plants was nearly a meltdown—and japan is still not over. each of these three accidents was caused by human inaction or action. taking shortcuts, or drug use, nuclear power plants built on fault lines—active or inactive does not matter. once a fault line, it is only a matter of time. HUMANS DO MAKE MISTAKES. HUMANS DO TAKE SHORTCUTS TO SAVE TIME & MONEY, NUCLEAR POWER AND HUMANS DO NOT MIX. HUMANS SHOULD NOT DELVE INTO NUCLEAR POWER, HUMANS DO MAKE MISTAKES–UNFORTUNATELY THE ENTIRE EARTH MUST SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES BECAUSE HUMANS DO NOT UNDERSTAND THEIR LIMITS-