Highest radiation dose yet at Reactor No. 1 — 204 Sieverts per hour in drywell

Published: May 25th, 2011 at 3:54 pm ET


Radiation dose, Unit 1 nuclear power plant Hukushima, atmc.jp, May 25, 2011:


5/25 @ 204 Sv/hr
5/24 @ 192 Sv/hr
5/23 @ 201 Sv/hr
5/22 @ 196 Sv/hr
5/21 @ 36.2 Sv/hr
5/20 @ 46.5 Sv/hr
5/19 @ 36.3 Sv/hr
5/18 @ 45.4 Sv/hr

Published: May 25th, 2011 at 3:54 pm ET


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165 comments to Highest radiation dose yet at Reactor No. 1 — 204 Sieverts per hour in drywell

  • HardLeft

    I think this has to be said, and I’m only going to say it once:

    Tacoma is presenting theories as if they were facts, and it’s undermining the integrity of this website. I’m not a scientist, but I am friends with several of them. They do not post long rants like these with lots of misspellings and statements in all caps with lots of exclamation points. They just don’t– not even the ones I disagree with.

    This is not the way people communicate if they know what they are talking about.

    Look, I tend to support the New York Academy of Sciences analysis of Chernobyl’s health effects. I think UNSCEAR was a snow job courtesy of the IAEA. The adverse health effects of ionizing radiation have been consistently, and dramatically underestimated and misrepresented.

    Here is my own very brief interpretation the available data for Fukushima: This situation is very, VERY serious. There is definitely danger to the food supply in the US, particularly on the West Coast. 4 pCi/l of Iodine 131 in milk out here is not a joke, and the EPA’s attitude about it is completely insulting. I feel it is wise to avoid or eliminate milk and the other obviously problematic foods
    (leafy green vegetables) from our diet, and Mothra’s concerns about when and if we eliminate cheese and other foods seem really well considered and thought out.

    I just want to make two points: The “nuclear geyser” theory is just one theory. Another is that the corium only penetrates a couple of meters and stops, cools, or otherwise slows down. I had a long conversation with a friend of mine who is a physics professor and has no ties to the nuclear industry, and this is what he believes. But we do not know which theory is correct.

    My cursory literature review suggests that Chernobyl seems like it’s still emitting, while TMI and lab modeling tends to support the idea that the chain reaction can stop. I do not see a consensus in the research. There are too many variables. We don’t…

    • charlie

      Hardleft, thank you for your thoughtful contribution, and welcome to the conversation.
      Tacomagroove has been very important in alerting the world to the potential dangers of a very grave nuclear catastrophe. Tacomagroove doesn’t claim to be a nuclear scientist, just a human who knows that he is being lied to and rebuffed when he seeks truth from officialdom.

    • extra knight

      game over HardLeft, you have managed to exposes yerself as a possible troll/disinformation queen. right out of a talking head script. your ad hominem attack against tacoma is foolish, unnecessary and uncalled for. get it straight.

      • I’ve read hard left’s comments before and I don’t think he is a troll. There are many but they never agree with the Chernobyl report…

    • BTW… You said that the INFORMATION I POST IS not fact, then go on to counter by saying this is “just one theory”. (which is supported by science, That is a compelling argument…).

      Your rants are quite peculiar… As noted below…

      Why does It have to be said. Have I implicated anything?

      I have not noticed you here over the last few days. This leads me to believe you are someone thats monitoring the thread constantly; while your participation only seeks to discredit others…

      By all accounts this is indeed questionable to me to say the least…

      • charlie

        tacomagroove, we all know and trust you here and elsewhere on the net for your attitude and actions regarding the fukushima disaster.

      • extra knight

        i agree tacomagroove. let’s call it what it is, high probability of a shill exposed. throwing those buzzwords around combined with a basic, clear misunderstanding of simple science, and a basic grandstanding of the issues, combined with the arbitrary, cosmetic and curious ad hominem attacks, leads me to the same conclusion.

  • HardLeft

    …know which theory is correct.

    I also wanted to note that I am staring at RadNet, Radiation Network, and a live feed of a geiger counter in West LA. All three data sets show gross beta count between 30 and 55 CPM– slightly above background. I do not believe that all three of these sources have been compromised simultaneously.

    Could this be an ELE? Sure. But we’re just not seeing that kind of data yet. I would agree that 200 + sieverts in the drywell is damn serious… Chernobyl was over 300 in about the same area of the reactor, but that only lasted a few days. This looks very, very bad. But I’m not convinced the game is over. Not at all.

    There needs to be a vigorous and organized response to the MSM’s campaign of disinformation. Panic will not help. Panic says, “We are weak.” “We can be controlled.”

    Thanks for listening.


    • I completely agree. 10+ thumbs up…
      I am attempting to wake the sleeping giant at an escalating rate of speed and ground… I have personally set aside legal precedence for morale ambiguity. Thus If in time I ever stop writing Its safe to speculate that I have indeed been subject to arrest for doing what I truly felt in my heart was right…

      This is a sad world indeed…

      If the people do not demand action soon in all accounts the world will forever hold these scars.

    • I agree with you! I think so far our exposure to radiation has been “relatively” low, although all levels can increase aggregate cancer rates.

      The problem is the cummulative effects of years of low level radiation contamination in our food, water and air, compounded by the synergistic effects of pesticides, petro-chemicals, etc.

      So far we are talking about long-term effects.

      I think Tacoma is worrying about a major release that would eclipse even those in March. I think another major release is possible given the temp at reactor #1.

      Will it result in actual radiation sickness for those in the northern hemisphere?

      I am too ignorant to have an educated opinion.

      However, one thing is certain and that is that many people in Japan, Russia, China, Korea, and the US are going to be exposed to more radiation than is good for their bodies and cancer rates and birth defects will rise.

      The lack of control over this situation, coupled with outright censorship and deceit, are terrifying…

      I’m hard left too…

    • This is a geiger map that I used originally. though I have not kept informed of its liability… But I feel it may be of interest of others…:
      http://japan.failedrobot.com/ You have to click the image to see the live feeds. But I am quite weary as it is a crowd sourced map so The numbers could easily be shaved…

      • In response to the ELE…

        There is in “fact” potential for the situation to be an ELE… In response to will it happen. Well yes It is very likely, unless tepco throws a curve ball…

        Do I say the numbers are higher than anywhere you can see: NO

        However, if I don’t work for a better world. How can I expect one?

        • charlie

          there is a very strong potential for an ELE, even if it is a slow and painful ELE, and not a dramatic fast one.

      • Dbig

        Test ban graphs updated. Another weeks’ data showed up.

        Magenta shows air in Takasak Japan, 200 Km SW of the plant. Blue is Sacramento U.S.

        My interpretation:

        Cesium 137 – Japan
        Ignoring the peaks from explosions/fire (the earliest up to 1000 times or so higher – 3 log x10 divisions) and other events, the current quieter-period air level is lower than before, but not by very much. I suspect that slowly decreasing levels of steam match the drop.

        I believe the May bumps may be from the unit 1 containment degrading, the period when they were changing the injection amount and location, and possible instability in unit 2. The second peak seems to coincide with a temporarily rising unit 2 radiation curve previously showing on the same site as the temp graphs. If there was any fission at all, it didn’t amount to much or last (boron was obtained around that time). Level bumps/peaks were larger for the iodine 131 than for the CS 137.

        The Iodine 131 graph shows a far more striking decrease, with the last level at the Japan site down to about where Sacramento U.S. was May 4th. It’s surprising to me that the difference between those sites isn’t much larger, but the SW Japan site is likely quieter than some others in Japan.

        The Cesium levels show much more drop off with distance, likely due to the particulate form.

        In general seeing the Iodine 131 falling off so significantly compared to the cesium would point to decay and the time since since fission increasing. It falling off even more than decay alone would account for suggests that the steam share from the reactors is falling compared to that from the fuel ponds. Higher reactor water flow relative to falling thermal power would cause more of the heat to be carried away in the water and less as steam.



        Something to add to your crowd data. 🙂

  • The Nuclear Disaster That Could Destroy Japan – On the danger of a killer earthquake in the Japanese Archipelago

    Hirose Takashi

    Translator’s note

    (Nuclear) Power Corrupts

    **** A puzzle for our time: how is it possible for a person to be smart enough to make plutonium, and dumb enough actually to make it?

    Plutonium has a half life of 24,000 years, which means that in that time its toxicity will be reduced by half. What could possess a person, who will live maybe one three-hundredth of that time, to produce such a thing and leave it to posterity to deal with? In fact, “possess” might be the right word. Behind all the nuclear power industry’s language of cost efficiency or liberation from fossil fuel or whatever, one can sense a kind of possession – a bureaucratized madness. Political science has produced but one candidate for a scientific law – Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. But the political scientists haven’t noticed that the closest thing we have to absolute power is nuclear power. Nuclear power corrupts in a peculiar way. It seems to tempt the engineers into imagining they have been raised to a higher level, a level where common sense judgments are beneath them. Judgments like (as my grandmother used to say) “Accidents do happen”. ****


  • HardLeft

    Tacoma, (and Majia) thanks for your thoughtful responses.

    And yeah… some of us need to be strident and more aggressive. Point taken.

    We agree that ELE is possible. We may disagree about interpretation of some data and probabilities, but it is a confusing situation, and disagreement is to be expected.

    Hang in there, and thanks again.

    • Cassie

      @HL I enjoy viewing the debate.
      Especially interested in all (corium)
      coring theories, especially the slow down
      and cool down ones.


    Strangely TEPCO isn’t releasing today(26th)’s data yet…it’s 6:47pm in Japan now so it should have came up hours ago. Instrument failure or not, looks like they’ve decided to keep the results to themselves…which worries me more.

  • Fap

    Measure for today is 43,7 Sv/h. What does that mean?

  • Godzilla

    Europeans use a comma instead of a period to mark a decimal place, Fap. It just means 43.7 full Sieverts or 43700 millisieverts.

  • bla

    Now, it’s down to more or less the level before the sudden surge.
    What has changed ??

    – counter malfunctioned for a while
    – recriticality
    – or … the corium entered the D/W, ate it’s way through the bottom and left 😮

  • Follower

    Agreed, we get a massive spike, then back down to 43.7 Sv/h. Not that 43.7Sv/h isn’t bad, it’s waaaaay above normal limits, but why the sudden and dramatic drop?

    It is possible that they are measuring from a fixed point somewhere above/around the reactor? If so, it would be logical to assume that the fuel has moved away from this point, hence the lower reading. No?

  • Follower

    I’m going for c) it left the drywell