Radiation Expert: Horrific health toll from Fukushima — “Impossible not to be moved by scale of deaths and suffering” — Thousands to die of cancer and that’s just the tip of the iceberg — Number of dead babies significantly increased in many areas of Japan — Government actions unconscionable (AUDIO)

Published: August 28th, 2015 at 9:59 am ET


Dr Ian Fairlie, radiation biology expert educated at Princeton Univ. who has worked for the UK government and European Parliament (pdf), Aug 2015 (emphasis added): … the human toll from Fukushima is horrendous: 2,000 Japanese people have died from the evacuations and another 5,000 are expected to die from future cancers… Recently, Dr Alfred Körblein from Nuremburg in Germany noticed a 15% drop (statistically speaking, highly significant) in the numbers of live births in Fukushima Prefecture in December 2011… He also observed a (statistically significant) 20% increase in the infant mortality rate in 2012… The official widely-observed policy is that small amounts of radiation are harmless: scientifically speaking this is untenable… the Japanese Government is  attempting to increase the public limit for radiation in Japan from 1 mSv to 20 mSv per year… This is not only unscientific, it is also unconscionable… In sum, the health toll from the Fukushima nuclear disaster is horrendous… The Fukushima accident is still not over and its ill-effects will linger for a long time into the future. However we can say now that the nuclear disaster at Fukushima delivered a huge blow to Japan and its people… It is impossible not to be moved by the scale of Fukushima’s toll in terms of deaths, suicides, mental ill-health and human suffering. Fukushima’s effect on Japan is similar to Chernobyl’s massive blow

Dr Fairlie, Aug 20, 2015: Fukushima… Thousands More Will Die… [It’s] difficult for lay people and journalists to understand what the real situation is… The 2013 UNSCEAR Report has estimated that the collective dose to the Japanese population from Fukushima is 48,000 person Sv: this is a very large dose… it can be reliably estimated… that about 5,000 fatal cancers will occur in Japan in future from Fukushima’s fallout… Plus similar (unquantified) numbers of radiogenic strokes, CVS diseases and hereditary diseases

Rossiya Segodnya (Russian gov’t news agency) – Sputnik, Aug 20, 2015: Unspoken Death Toll of Fukushima: Nuclear Disaster Killing Japanese Slowly — The Japanese government is still in denial and refuses to recognize the disastrous consequences of the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe, London-based independent consultant on radioactivity Dr. Ian Fairlie states, adding that while thousands of victims have already died, thousands more will soon pass away. According to… Fairlie, the health toll from the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe is horrific… an estimated 5,000 will most likely face lethal cancer in the future, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. What makes matters even worse, the nuclear disaster and subsequent radiation exposure lies at the root of the longer term health effects, such as cancers, strokes… hereditary effects and many more.

Alfred Korblein, MD, former Sr. Scientist at Munich Environmental Institute & Univ. of Bremen professor, Nov 2014: … infant mortality in 7 prefectures near Fukushima is significantly increased in 2012… with a maximum in May… [My Feb 2014 study] compared infant mortality rates in… the prefectures Fukushima, Iwate, Miyagi, Gunma, Tochigi, Ibaraki and Chiba, with the rates in the rest of Japan… A significant 25% increase was found in the first 9 months of 2012… There is a highly significant 91% increase of infant mortality in March 2011… likely an immediate effect of the earthquake and tsunami.

Dr. Korblein, Feb 2014: After the Fukushima nuclear disaster in March 2011, infant mortality rates in the most  radioactively-contaminated Prefectures around Fukushima increased… The  increase is statistically significant. In December 2011, nine months after the accident, a highly significant 10% drop in live births occurred… First evaluations of the monthly data for infant mortality rates in Japan after Fukushima showed significant peaks in May and December 2011. In addition, an Analysis of the numbers of live births in Fukushima Prefecture found a highly significant 15% decrease in December 2011…

See also: Full interview with Fairlie which aired on last week’s ‘Nuclear Hotseat’ here

Published: August 28th, 2015 at 9:59 am ET


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1,127 comments to Radiation Expert: Horrific health toll from Fukushima — “Impossible not to be moved by scale of deaths and suffering” — Thousands to die of cancer and that’s just the tip of the iceberg — Number of dead babies significantly increased in many areas of Japan — Government actions unconscionable (AUDIO)

  • Radiation is JUST a conspiracy theory.
    Just because we've seen a couple UME's and multi-species die-offs along the Pacific since 2011 doesn't mean anything, its only been

    sea lions,
    sea stars,
    sea anemones,
    sea cucumbers,
    sea urchins,
    sea hares,
    and the ones I forgot.

    Just because NOAA (or anyone else) isn't sampling any of these specimens for radionuclides doesn't prove anything, except that radiation is a conspiracy theory with no factual basis in science.

    Its not like three cores bleeding into the ocean for 1631 days could even have an effect, look how big the ocean is and look how small radionuclides are… and its not like there are studies proving irradiated water increases water temperature for the life of its decay.

    Meh, conspiracies.


    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      Your sarcasme is spot on stock..

      • Funny I posted that yesterday and today I receive notice that NOAA is launching on a 5 year campaign to study ocean mammals, I'll post on that a bit later, looks hopeful though, FINALLY doing something!

        • tbg

          What can I say… sometimes I got it. I think sometimes its better to dispute the facts sarcastically than just outright state them, heads off a lot of the same old arguments.

          There are a lot of truthy articles and factual seeming propaganda out there but if I can just make one intelligent person a day think about the reality…

        • Gasser Gasser

          Question is; will there be any mammals alive to study in five years much less so called scientist/experts still able to go to the lab without being sick.

          Nuke the Daichii complex now into a huge crater and pour cement into it for years, this is the only Hail Mary approach option left to save our asses while there is still enough man power alive to do this Heroic monumental job.

          We will still have to deal with Radiation but It will be lesser scale of concentrated excaping plumes in air/ocean giving mankind some grace time to totally get ahead of this now faster by the day generating ELE event.

          When the year 2025 is reached its gonna be very chaotic on this planet, all good human progress will come to a halt in the name of terrifying survival of the fittest on all levels…just logically observing~~~>

          • micky thered micky thered

            and what if, God forbid, earth changes cause other plants to fail as badly as Fuku. do we nuke them as well? there are more that 400 of them.

            that things are so bad that nuking them seems an attactive option is just one more horror piled on top of the shitpile that is Fukushima.

            we must all work towards shutting them all down even though I fear we crossed the rubicon some time ago.

            • micky thered micky thered

              TYPO: more than 400 of them

              • Gasser Gasser

                Pragmatically thinking with facts and logic from what all I've gathered here on enenews, over the past 1,65?+ days that 450+ reactors world wide each one needs hundreds of personal daily to operate them, thousands more in the bigger picture, and thousands to cold shutdown and decommission just one.

                Not to far off in time, the destruction/disruption of Genome DNA, normal baby's will no longer be born that can take on the future job's of running highly complex Reactors or Submarines, much less be healthy enough to be a security guard there in…thus the working man/women Domino effect is already in a sickness momentum motion, tipping all biological life backward to the last tipped life value falls towards nothing.

                Nuke the complex deep, cement cap that piece of shit, slow the World wide Air/Sea plume poisoning down.

                Time now is more than short~~~–*

        • RAY-D-8-TED-DREAMS

          I was not able to find anything on that 5 year study but I did find that NOAA is spending money on a 2 year study of shipwrecks which is surely more important than radioactivity polluting and destroying the oceans, wouldn't you agree?


        • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

          stock the genius renaissance man and genuine loving family man

        • We Not They Finally

          Unfortunately "studies" for scientists are something like "blue ribbon panels" for politicians. By the time they get results, most of their subjects will already be dead. But better to ami for something than for nothing.

      • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

        thanks for your beautiful and romantic european heart did

    • Warren

      Kevin Blanch in his video today: "ENENEWS deserve a Nobel prize."


    • Yes, Stock.
      I had some guy (?)following me around on anti=nuke videos, overnight. He was especially bothered by Andrew Ebisu's. "The Department", which hasn't even yet come out!
      The fool started out by calling Andrew names, progressed to calling me names, and went on and on about, "those of (my) ilk". Not sure what the dink was getting at, until he began to say Solar and Wind had been PROVEN worthless.

      Don't know what's helping my computer to run, but thought I was paying for Solar. Anyway, he was not into Oil & Gas. He thought we should just build nore nuke-plants. That's because he is an idiot. I won't say, here, what I said, there.., but you can guess.

    • 4Yahshua

      8~29~5997 (out of 6000) Sabbath in this "Doomsday Apocalypse".
      Last Evil Days of "Manmean". Yahshua Son of Yahweh Returns
      VERY SOON! Pray NOW to be SAVED and SEALED. Revelation 14:1
      HalleluYah! Hebrew: "Praise ye Yah!"

      Stock, thank you for reminding us of the terrible toll from
      Fukushima. Every seventh year the human body's cellular structure is renewed, changed completely.Since 3`11`11 we are passed the 3 1/2 mark for this.Sadly, many of us have already paid the ultimate price. How many of US have cancer and etc. lurking in our bodies?? The so-called U.S. healthcare system (death care in disguise!) can't even mention the radiation word!
      There is a rumor along with all the other Web rumors that China will cause an EMP attack to render U.S.nuclear reactors useless and dangerous to us all. That rumor says that those two recent explosions in China were caused by the U.S. in response to China
      devaluating their currency. The said EMP attack would be China's response to the explosions.


  • General User General User

    Just deleted my half typed comment,

    I'll just Lurk here for a while. Too Sad…

  • or-well

    Now an article starring the controversial subject of recent discussions…the "enenews" experiment continues…???

    • bo bo

      Lol or-well.. u noticed it too ?
      I've said this before but he foils himself pretty good on nuclear hotseat except don't miss him play innocent when Libbe asks 'so has background radiation increased post 1945? Was it much lower before atomic era?'
      'I don't know the answer to that Libbe, I'd have to go crack open my books'
      I stated this clear but my verdict has been made with Fairlie, he's a fraud, and a really extra sneaky one.
      It is different from having differing opinions – it's about having opposing intentions. ( a good example of that is I don't always agree with Gundersen but I believe he is on our side – the intention is the same )

      But that's just my personal opinion.

      • bo bo

        (Quoting opening paragraph fully penned by Fairlie with help from Hiranuma, which is featured above on enenews)

        'Official data from Fukushima show that nearly 2,000 people DIED FROM THE EFFECTS OF EVACUATIONS necessary to avoid high radiation exposures from the disaster.The uprooting to unfamiliar areas, cutting of family ties, loss of social support networks, disruption, exhaustion, poor physical conditions and disorientation can and do RESULT IN MANY PEOPLE IN PARTICULAR OLD PEOPLE, DYING.'

        ( bo's note: old people dying.. shocking! Time to protest up in arms against nuclear! )

        If interested, read on all the way down to where he quotes Becky Martin

        “the most significant impacts of radiation emergencies are often IN OUR MINDS.”

        Sorry for the reiteration –
        Just making sure readers know Fairlie wrote this article in this manner, in this order ( with 'Mental Health' Issues discussed first and foremost.
        Each reader is free to make your own judgement which side he stands. Thank u.


        • "Stress" experienced as the result of proximity to natural or man-made nuclear disasters does not cause thyroid cancer in children, serious brain malformations in unborn children (hence increased infant mortality), leukemias, organ or bone cancers. Might contribute to heart disease, depression and ill-health related to depression and bad life choices.

          Government/industry reliance on "the stress factor" as opposed to telling the truth serves two purposes: 1. It disguises the true cause of radiation-specific conditions, and 2. it's a handy excuse for the perpetual policy of underreporting of nuclear oopses. The increases in overall exposure due to bomb testing, regular facility dumping and accident releases cannot be changed once the crap is out – there's no putting that genie back in the bottle. So they just raise the limit to something a bit higher than the 'New Normal'.

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            The simple answer is that you have a government that is lying to you! It is what it is! 🙁

            "Government/industry reliance on "the stress factor" as opposed to telling the truth serves two purposes:"

            They are protecting the Nuclear Industry at all costs..not any of us. 🙁

            Had I given you an energy device for your home that blew up and maimed all your relatives and gave you all cancer would I still be in business once discovered?

            Simple answer is… No! 🙂

            • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

              I learned about environreporter on Counterpunch. Counter usually posts some hardhitting articles by mimi german or busby about fuku. Fairley is rightly critical of radiation hormesis but saying the fear of ionizing radiation is worse than nuclear accidents is propaganda. It is what the mdia uses as an excuse to backout coverage of fuku. It is disconcdrting. Fairley was a bureaucrat for the british nuclear industry and a well paid one. The british have huge investments in uranium mining all over the world. The mainstream nuclear crowd has been trying to crush busby most of his career he was never funded like fairley.
              here is an article by busby in counterpunc about nuclear experts that came out in 2011


              there are the good bad and the ugly. thanks dr fairley for helping with the nrc and the nuclear hormesis madness and i hope you will not publish nuclear propaganda and lowball fukushima nubers anymore

            • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

              Uh, never thought I'd argue with you, obewanspeaks…but Yes, you would still be in business…if you were a member of the conglomerate.

              Not only have they outed your kinfolk, they've outed all living things and desecrated their habitat for"ever".

              From their perspective perhaps, they never planned for an accident such as Fukushima Daiichi, because they knew that such a thing would be a possible ENE from the beginning- 70 years ago. THERE IS NO TECHNOLOGY TO STOP THIS. They took every safety and precautionary measure they could think of to keep it from happening and they just KNEW it never would- because it couldnt…for that would be…the end. So, here they are, not wanting to cause mass (and I do mean mass) panic around the globe. Can't blame them for obfuscating with hormesis, smiles, denial and radiophobia finger pointing. They have to.

              The psychological aspect is legitimate- however, misplaced. KNOWING is worthy of the claim…NOT knowing is the weight of the world off of your shoulders.

              Welcome to the heavyweights.

                • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                  Thank you auna- did I leave anything out?

                  …Such as the suggested exposure limits being raised? Forget the danger of increased exposure- what's important is that it isn't called into question and get's lumped in with "normal"?

                  Yes? Anything else? We'd love to know what the nuke industry is thinking…or not.

              • Sam Sam

                Are you supporting and condoning the Nuclear Carter
                and absolving them of their heinous crimes with your
                statement; "They took every safety and precautionary measure
                they could think of to keep it from happening………….,"
                Either you are ignorant or a Nuke apologist.
                no wonder you got an affirmation from aunovoz.
                birds of feather flock and crash together.

                • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                  Realizing the enemy is paramount if we are to win the battle.

                  Do you think they are approaching this in a different way? If you stated so, would you then be guilty of the crimes you have accused me of? Are we not allowed to discuss what might be going on behind the curtain? And if we do, we are labeled as traitors?

                  You are wrong. Sorry if you are mislead. I am neither ignorant nor a nuke apologist, as you so eloquently imply.

                  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                    Know your enemy.

                    That my friends, is the Art of War.

                    • unincredulous unincredulous

                      Just in case any visitors are left confused:



                      I also said something about Tepco's best laid plans and doing everything possible the other day. I should have used quote marks to note sarcasm…

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Uni..nice! 🙂

                      There is no safety when it comes to anything regarding Nuclear anywhere on this planet. 🙁

                      There is a great deal of this though.. 🙂

                      hubris |ˈ(h)yo͞obris|
                      excessive pride or self-confidence.
                      • (in Greek tragedy) excessive pride toward or defiance of the gods, leading to nemesis.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Guarding lethal Nuclear Waste for 250,000 years makes the whole Nuclear Program folly at best.. 🙂

                      We are all being led by morons at all turns.. 🙁

                      nemesis |ˈneməsis|
                      noun ( pl. nemeses |-ˌsēz| )
                      the inescapable agent of someone's or something's downfall: the balance beam was the team's nemesis, as two gymnasts fell from the apparatus.
                      • a long-standing rival; an archenemy: will Harry Potter finally defeat his nemesis, Voldemort?
                      • a downfall caused by an inescapable agent: one risks nemesis by uttering such words.
                      • (often Nemesis) retributive justice: nemesis is notoriously slow.
                      ORIGIN late 16th cent.: Greek, literally ‘retribution,’ from nemein ‘give what is due.’

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Rifkin must be smartest guy on this Planet! 🙂

                  • Sam Sam

                    On second reading of your statement you are not ignorant nor
                    a nuclear apologist. I stand corrected
                    .Hard for me to understand the context of the sentence I quoted

                    • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

                      Things have been kinda tense here lately sam. I understand. I am glad you are back.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      I know.

                    • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

                      Thanks for understanding hhb.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog


                    • Sam Sam

                      DEEDS ARE EVIL. No compassion. They all can burn in Hell
                      to use Christian Terminology. there are no innocents here.

                      In understanding the mentality of the nuclerists it is a slippery slope whenever one attempts to come up with explanations for their behaviors. Often times explanations come across as excusing the behavior and having compassion through understanding.

                      How could I not be so fierce? We are on a
                      deathly path to Ecocide and Human extinction from all things Nuclear.

          • or-well

            Excess pediatric thyroid cancer-

            The Thyroid Examination Assessment Subcommittee of
            the Prefectural Oversight Committee Meeting for the Fukushima Health Management Survey

            Admits Excess Occurrence of Pediatric Thyroid Cancer

            The central and prefectural governments have desperately continued to deny excess occurrence of pediatric thyroid cancer and causality between pediatric thyroid cancer and the accident.

            However, now, the monolith built by the experts is beginning to falter.

            112 children have been diagnosed with “confirmed or suspicious pediatric thyroid cancer” during Initial Screening in the pediatric thyroid examination, covering about 370,000 children aged 18 or younger, conducted since the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident.

            In Full-Scale Screening or second round screening, 15 children were newly diagnosed similarly.

            This was an unexpected result even for physicians.

            On May 18, 2015, the Oversight Committee Meeting for the Fukushima Health Management Survey released a summary by the Thyroid Examination Assessment Subcommittee stating that pediatric thyroid cancer in Fukushima children was ”several tens of times larger“ than the pre-accident level.


            Not everyone agrees with ALL of the author's positions, but on this issue she has been gutting the cover-up fuckers and downplayers, to be blunt.

          • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

            thanks as ever joy. you are a joy and i love you

        • Fairlie is probably on the conservative side of the anti nuclear doctors organization he belongs to. He quotes the nuclear industry when talking death and disease statistics, but then again, most doctors do.

          It takes quite a leap of awareness to go where Yablakov and others have gone.. He is not ready yet, but don't write him off quite yet.

          He does say;

          The numbers of live births "fell off a cliff" both around Chernobyl and around Fukushima, exactly nine months after those nuclear disasters. What would be causing this?

          He also provides evidence for spent fuel pool fires and criticality explosions.. but then does not follow up logically from there..

          Dr. Ian Fairlie – Fukushima: Mega Nuclear Disaster, Spent Fuel Pool Fires, Criticality Explosion, Health Effects From Fukushima Fallout Are Global, Like Reverse Lottery Ticket

        • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

          thanks for your hungry intelligence and compassion bo. elephant in the room reminds me of this song i used to sing to my little boy and two step children when they were babies.

          Zou-san, zou-san
          O-hana ga nagai no ne
          Sou yo, kaasan mo
          Nagai no yo

          Zou san, zou san
          Dare ga suki na no
          Ano ne kaasan ga sukina no yo

        • Magda

          Thanks Bo. I wondered too about why Fairlie chose to open the article by linking radiation deaths to stress.

          Perhaps he saw the focus on mental health is a life raft to those who NEED to deny the reality for their own sanity so he put it first. A close friend has gone into a suicidal depression as the 'truth' hit home and I'm questioning the responsibility in telling people a truth too dreadful for them to deal with. It's a dilemma.

          In fairness to Fairlie, he doesn't hold back in the rest of the article.

          • We Not They Finally

            Magda, we had decided early on to not talk much to people with children, because we don't want to cut off the hopes and dreams of young people for a future. Then a close friend with three children was diagnosed with two kinds of cancer at once, in a city amongst the hardest hit with the initial plume. Just a year and a half in. Then we thought, why have we been holding back? It can be daunting to know the right way to approach people.

            • You can't save everyone, sometimes it seems like you can hardly save anyone.

              In an upside down world, truth is like kryponite.

            • Magda

              Thanks WNTF and cannotdo1.

              I meet with others in my age group (ancient!) once a week to talk about current affairs and in the early days there was such a sense of unreality in that we talked about everything except Fukushima. No one seemed to know, or want to know, about this single world altering event. I'd table articles and sheets of headlines from ENE news and they'd stay unread. Eventually, I asked for 20 minutes to talk about Fukushima and did finally get through. Some developed the same concern for their grandchildren but when they tried to address it, met with a similar dismissal. I suppose people do what they need to do to keep themselves functional.

              Take care all and find some peace. I'm so grateful for this forum. I haven't contributed much but visit every day almost since the beginning.


          • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog


          • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

            quote Magda :

            "…Perhaps he saw the focus on mental health is a life raft to those who NEED to deny the reality for their own sanity so he put it first. A close friend has gone into a suicidal depression as the 'truth' hit home and I'm questioning the responsibility in telling people a truth too dreadful for them to deal with. It's a dilemma…"

            Yes it is , but not really if you zoom out a bit to enlarge the picture and the dynamics on the timeline..

            You have then people being good sheeple unaware being slowly culled by the machine..you bring em up to speed..all (normal) go depressed and in a temporary state of selflearned helplessness..2 might kill themselfes.. 8 notice after a while they are not dead yet..2 or 3 choose to go back to denial as long as they can..the 5 others start implementing the new insight in their decisions, the info they search , where they settle their family..

            3 of them might ad their voice and intellect to the global activist scene..the criticall mass..that can't be to big untill nukepuke is gone from this planet and every pronuke voice "rehabilitated" or still in moral bootcamps or dead for all i care..

            Making Short Time needs of the individual a priority in handling this global collective and its informated state , is as bad for the outcome as keeping Short Time Profit the priority that rules the Western World..and that turned and keeps it in to a selfhating atrocity on this planet..a despicable destroyer of worlds..

            • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

              Tell them Nothing..they all die..probably a bit depressed too..and those that have the suicide reflex will still go that way..

              But granted..scaled back..those conversations are very painfull..especially with somebody you care for and has children..i know..

              But the bigger truth is there..postponing the bad news to postpone some heartbreaking..is global suicide..

        • from a distance from a distance

          Just my 2 cents, but I interpret what Dr. Fairlie says in the article differently:

          Says Dr. Fairlie:

          "Official data from Fukushima show that nearly 2,000 people died from the effects of evacuations necessary to avoid high radiation exposures from the disaster."

          (1) I think what he's doing right away is establishing that evacuations are NECESSARY.

          Why is he doing this? —>

          Because pro-nukes are trying very hard to say evacuations are NOT necessary.


          Because of the COST of evacuations. So pro-nukes want everyone to shelter-in-place to save the industry and gov't money.

          That's why, IMO, Dr. Fairlie uses the word "necessary" He didn't have to use that word "necessary" to make the sentence complete. He intentionally put in the word "necessary" to make a point that evacuations are indeed NECESSARY, which goes again pro-nuke dogma.

          (2) Then Dr. Fairlie immediately says evacuations are NECESSARY

          So now he's letting the reader know that there was HIGH RADIATION to be avoided.

          Pro-nukes are denying high radiation levels so that they can deny any deaths due to radiation from Fukushima.

          (3) Then Dr. Fairlie immediately makes everyone aware that 2,000 deaths occurred because people were trying to get away from HIGH RADIATION from nuclear reactor meltdowns.

          So now that puts 2,000 deaths on the heads of pro-nukes that wouldn't have happened if there wasn't (3) nuclear reactor meltdowns.

          • Jebus Jebus

            TY, from a distance… Your two cents make sense…

            That's exactly what I comprehended from Ian's statements…

          • from a distance from a distance

            So just in the first sentence of the article, Dr. Fairlie gives a lot of anti-nuclear wallop, imo.

            (4) Then Dr. Fairlie makes a point of saying that 56 people died of suicides from the nuclear meltdowns.

            So not only does the nuclear industry bear the burden of 2,000 NECESSARY evacuation deaths, but they also bear the burden of at least 56 suicides

            THAT NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED if not for nuclear meltdowns.

            (5) Next Dr. Fairlie discusses the "mental health consequences" of a nuclear meltdown,

            and then he says,

            "Such considerations should not be taken as arguments against evacuations, however."

            So he says, yes there are mental health consequences, BUT EVACUATE ANYWAY.

            (6) And within the mental health consequences paragraphs, he cleverly, IMO, inserts a quote by Becky Martin that highlights how bad a nuclear meltdown is:

            "Imagine that you’ve been informed that your land, your water, the air that you have breathed may have been polluted by a deadly and invisible contaminant. Something with the capacity to take away your fertility, or affect your unborn children."

            Look at what that quote alone tells the reader:

            * your land, water, air polluted by a deadly, invisible thing

            * this thing can take away your ability to have children and your unborn children

            • from a distance from a distance

              (7) Then Dr. Fairlie inserts another quote by Becky Martin that says –>

              “We need to provide greatly improved social support following resettlement and extensive long-term psychological care to all radiation emergency survivors, to improve their health outcomes and preserve their futures.”

              So he cleverly, IMO, says to the nuclear industry, since there are mental health consequences, PAY FOR THEM.

              (8) Then Dr. Fairlie highlights:

              * a 15% drop in live births in 2011

              * a 20% increase in infant mortality in 2012, and that this was caused by INTERNAL RADIATION from CONTAMINATED FOOD

              This flies against the nuclear industry, which wants to deny INTERNAL RADIATION consequences and wants to keep RAISING RADIATION AMOUNTS IN FOOD

              * Next Dr. Fairlie says the Japanese government, advisors, and most scientists in Japan "minimise the risks of radiation"

              and he's warning the reader that the Japanese gov't is trying to RAISE THE AMOUNT OF RADIATION from 1 mSv to 20 mSv a year.

              And Dr. Fairlie strongly objects to that. He says:

              "This is not only unscientific, it is also unconscionable."

              (9) Then he goes onto say how gov'ts and the nuclear industry deny the dangers of low-dose radiation and stochastic effects of radiation such as "cancers, strokes, CVS diseases, hereditary effects, etc"


              "conveniently allows the Japanese Government to ignore radiogenic late effects"

      • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

        i pry you and your family in japan is well bo same for wfnt and mm in the east same for cisco and dos dos

        • We Not They Finally

          How very kind of you. Though thank God for us, it is "just" the East coast, not Japan — we cannot even compare! Our immediate personal struggle is that husband is STILL suffering the whomp he got from WIPP in New Mexico — symptoms that landed suddenly and still will not clear. We do a lot holistically though, and encourage everyone else to. Our confidence in the M.D.'s is at an all time low. They haven't a clue. And when you say "radiation," they just look at you cross-eyed.

          • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

            new mexico almost killed me too wntf. I hope your husband recovers. i dont have a lot of mainstream medicine either. they will not associate nuclear radiation with cancer and want to give people too many pills. i also appreciate your posting abput the crooked politicians that want to put more dangerous shallow nuclear waste dumps in places like texas new mexico utah.

          • DebbyS-AbqNM DebbyS-AbqNM

            WNTF, I'm glad you escaped from New Mexico! Now that you are in Boston, you only have to worry about all the commercial nukes in and around your tiny state (Ma being about 1/11 the size of NM). I imagine there are a few nukes at MIT as well, and other educational and private institutions. But as you are no doubt aware of the challenges and comfortable with them, I salute you. I don't know where you are, cannotdo1, but I hope you are happy there, too. Being happy where one finds oneself is all we can hope for.

      • We Not They Finally

        He doesn't now the answer as to whether there is more radiation after 1945??? Fraud. Yeah. The whole "5,000 more cancers" sounds way off the mark as well — like downplaying deliberately. What is really unfortunate is that there is so little to pick from out there to print.

      • Iiinn terr essting, Bo, and or-well.
        I felt there was something slippery in this. But, he did say some good stuff, even if it felt weird.

    • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

      thanks or-well and admin. oreell the brilliant poet and great man of words same for sickputer

  • jec jec

    And the Japanese government tells the medical communi HOW TO TREAT or diagnois. Look at thyroid cancer in children…they slant the data and results…read and weep..

    If parents of children with noduals could SUE the doctors if cancer occurred after a 'false NEGATIVE diagnosis' from the doctor (as directed by the government)..this would stop. Of course this does not help the sick children..but it might help.

  • Homolumina Homolumina

    Now, after it has been said here on enenews in the past 4 and a half years what the consequences of the Fukushima disaster are, and we now in a salami tactic fashion being fed slice by slice, year by year, with obfuscating bits and bites, I am asking – what is happening in Japan, is it not a precursor for what is going to happen on the West Coast ? Everything that is leaving Japan is accumulating on the West Coast, eventually the whole Pacific will be a radiating soup of carcasses and mutated monsters, or not ? Isn't it that Ocean sprays carry the deadly fizz fizz 200 km inland ? Does it not creep in the most heinous ways into our food – ever increasing, accumulating ? What would happen, if it would rain in California as it did before 3/11 ? How could this happen at all ? Why are we were we are ? I can not comprehend, and even talking about the situation leaves me without words when I am asked about what can be done. What, when the world wakes up ? We still cannot fix this. All we will have is chaos and anarchy. All measures that I know of might prolong the doom, but eventually it will get us all, or does it not ?

  • Homolumina Homolumina

    It seems that there is a fury raging on this planet, determined to destroy us all.

    • micky thered micky thered

      not so much on the planet as in the cold dead hearts of the psychopaths in power.

      • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

        Thanks mickey for bein here love your avatar and comment. Thanks pure water too. remember The gasser rendition of mart robbins cool water?

        • micky thered micky thered

          thanks cannotdo1, I've never gone away, I've been on this site most days since day 6 when I found it. I have posted and linked it to people 'til I'm blue in the face but they don't want to hear it. It's almost as if their sense of caring has been cremated.

          my avatar is Frederick Freekowski in his barbarian phase by the way.

          • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

            love it micky. wonder how mark the cat and nedlifrom vermont are doin.

          • Most people are either in denial, cannot handle the feelings that come up, and/or are taught NOT to think, in school and college.

            When asked to think about something outside the mass media programming box, they SHUT DOWN.

            And then walk away.

            • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

              Many people have to work and suppoet their families. They may also may have a child with autism or close relative with cancer. Their lives r overwhelmed already. They might be depressed or stressed out of their brains. not everyone can deal w the negativity of nuclear issues the way others do but they still care. Many in japan have a very hard time coping day to day. I am thankful to anyone who can write letters to the nrc or epa or posts real pictures of things here and elsewhere. Lashing out at anti nuclear people here does not help. sorry gom is having such a crappy day

              • GOM GOM

                WTF? So now you what? respond to a post and quietly mumble something about GOM? Let's see how far you get with THAT tactic. This ain't some kids site where you can pit one against the other.

                Battle Mode

              • Wow, that was not cool, cannotdo1.
                You should not talk to someone about another person, who's here, as if he or she was not here. That's very ugly.
                Besides, GOM asked you who you are, and you did not reply.
                So, I'll ask.
                Who are you?
                Why are you replying with the same stuff on every thread?
                (Yes, I know I talk, a lot.., and I respond to quite a few comments/threads. But, not like that.)

                • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

                  look at all the cursing and flaming in capitals wnd paranoid accusations anne and i am sorry if i offended you i respect you. she does this quite often to uni and a few other people here too

        • GOM GOM

          No, they don't remember shit. Stop trying to distract.

          Battle Mode

    • GOM GOM

      American Autogenocide:
      America's Darkest Secret
      Martha Rose Crow…

      ..engineering the die-off of populations for wealth and profit

      ..induce stress to cause death

      ..victims are spread over large geographical area..thus buried singly

      ..genocides are common in sociopatheic societies

      ..tool for the elite to centralize power in the hands of the few

      You absolutely must read this. Especially The Desire to Kill..how the genocide decisions start and trickle down through the minions.
      Send a copy to your friends and relatives..anonymously. I did.

      • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

        you d be surprised how many in power and how many nuke supporters are sociopathic gamblers and addicts who do not care about themselves or hate themselves and for sure do not care about others. and there are nihilists. the mind that thinks it has a monopoly on rationality can make no justification for the continuance of the human race. none of them follow a path with a heart

      • WorkerBee

        The hiddenmurderblogspot article is worth reading completely. It brings current trends in the USA into crystal-clear focus.

        Thank you, GOM for this enlightening piece. +100. Keep hammering away.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        GOM, you might want to work a little harder and supply the links in your comments here with a simple copy and paste so people do not have to go fish…good stuff! 🙂

        • GOM GOM

          yeah, that babysitting crap is getting old. will do.

          • melting mermaid melting mermaid

            Wow. Good find, gom. Thanks. How is the Gulf these days. I used to live in Destin. Crystal clear water, white sand. I miss it sometimes. I love your avatar.

            • GOM GOM

              I'll get back to you. I believe we have a very sly troll on our hands calling itself 'cannot'.

              • GOM GOM

                That avatar [earth tear] was my original one for this site. Was going to take a break, if I didn't come back, I was in hope that future folks would see it.

                Anyway, Destin is the same. Pensacola never recovered from the flood of 2014. It was 64° last night. Air is cool, sun is hot..? Rains come fast and hard with little warning. Gulf is dying. Birds are gone. Trees are falling over dead. People flock to fish houses. Business is gone. Fast food popular. Homeless is rampant. Immigration concerns. People with money have mostly left. Crime is skyrocketing. Food is soaring. And Super El Nino comes right across the northen gulf coast this winter..

                • melting mermaid melting mermaid

                  Wow, I've been going there since I was 5. So much growth. It's everywhere. When I was living in northern Mississippi it was the fastest growing part of the country. McMansions far as the eye can see. I read your article. It breaks my heart, but I've read a lot that asserts her position. I'm sorry, but I feel really emotional right now, a lots going on, but I just saw RFKs speech when MLK got assassinated and I'm crying. I'm going to find it and post it. He really just inspired me and looks like he has a missing tooth. The awful grace of God…I'll find it. I'll be right back. What we need is love and wisdom and compassion for one another. Rfk.

          • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

            Great read GOM Autogenocide! Spells things out clearly! People are predictable and masses are looked on as cattle by the elite,they just really fucked up when they decided nuclear was a good idea! They can't take it back now! They have few options but to go down with the rest of the world and it sucks! Like so many movies have had as their main plot! Of course with wacky villains, but the same story!

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Disturbing and i posted average life spans not long ago and one country stood out like a sore thumb and we can thank Nuclear for most of it. This technology needs to be banned worldwide!

          What the hell are we doing to this planet? Thanks Nuclear! 🙁

      • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

        Thanks worker for link and bein here.

        • GOM GOM

          Socref..whoever..stop disrupting this site. You have outed. I have been watching you ever since you made the 'i am diabled' remarks because YOU KNEW I WAS SUSPICIOUS OF YOU FROM THE JUMP. Answering every post but supplying nothing. Then the Zou san Zou san crap. Got a good laugh? PISS OFF

          • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

            Zousan is a childrens song in japanese and it is the children who matter eh gom. I am missing a figer and part of another finger yet i work and have always orked hard. i annot type well but i generally love people and children. my neighbor is missing a figer but he is a good carpenter.
            you have had uterine cancer but you overcame it. elephant in the room brought to mind the zousan song.

            Little Elephant
            Children's Song
            Children's Song
            Little Elephant – Japanese Children's Songs – Japan – Mama Lisa's World: Children's Songs and Rhymes from Around the World, Intro Image

            Little elephant, little elephant,
            You have a long long nose.
            Yes sir, my mother has a long nose, too.

            Little elephant, little elephant,
            Who do you like best in the world?
            Well, I like my mother best in the world.
            View These Lyrics In English French

            • GOM GOM




              • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

                a nutty spelling punctuation data nazi on an imperfect site in an imperfect world

                • GOM GOM

                  Why dont you just take my place here?That's your goal isn't? Pick em off one by one. Too bad only one other see's it..
                  You can take this site and shove it up your ass. Dont think you are clever, cannot. Just hope folks wake up before all the good posters get sick of it.

                  • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

                    well i remember when aunavoz and metal beard started in big time and you called code monkey butt and said you were not going to post anymore.

                    • aunavoz

                      Little pest .. I do know I am contrarian here. I hate all the conspiracy shit. I think Jones and Rense will say anything for entertainment and ratings .. I think Shimatsu (sic) is a bona fide nut and legitimate fraud as a source of reference ..

                      If you want to discuss all that shit there are many websites to talk about it ..

                      Just like religion .. this is not the right forum.

                      You will have to look very hard to find a pro nuke post of mine ..

                      Except that I have said that to win this huge battle against huge institutions compromises will have to be made.

                      Small wins and steps at a time. There is no magic thinking that all of this nuclear mess and waste will go away just because you moan about it here .. over and over.

                      Make your points sure .. of course.

                      I have been consistent in that opinion .. even in the face of extreme name calling and flaming against me.

                      But you little pest consistently snipe my name with others.

                      Stop worrying about me. I am who I say I am. Quit stalking me.

                      If you have a comment to me .. make it.

                      Otherwise ignore me if you wish .. report me if you wish.

                      That is totally fine with me.

                    • GOM GOM

                      cannot-you just got whooped…by Madam Shark herself

      • Homolumina Homolumina

        Thank you GOM and everybody here. I will read this. It cannot get worse, there are just many shades of evil so I figured…

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        GOm, really enjoyed Martha's take on things some of it right some very questionable though but then I think she carries a chip of sorts. There are not 2 parties in the White house…only 1 party and they when combined are all rich.

        Finger pointing needs to be much wider..the team~work is much wider than even she can imagine. 🙂


  • jec jec

    Chilling numbers. Those 15-25% of babies who were NOT livebirths..how many were 'humanely' not allowed to breathe at birth due to defects? Thats what happens in many countries..defective babies are terminated at birth..baby born live, but not allowed to live. I wonder how long it will take? How long before midwives and doctors will rebel at the deaths of babies they are forced to kill? Its not easy..unless you are a monster.

    How many doctors and nurses are quiting the medical field, or committing suicide when they see the results of radiation? When they know their families are exposed to the same poisons..

  • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

    japan is surpassing the the grotequerie of 85 percent heart defect rate of all the children in belarus, a country of 10 million people. All sea life around japan is dead dying and contaminated. cannot even keep animals in zoos and aquariums alive. the snow monkeys are dying or dead. many insect and bird poplulations in japan have gone past the nine lives rule of exponential genome destruction of a species and are now extinct in japan. the pacific is radiation poisoned from a million manmade sources since 1945 and now a tiping point is reached by a nuclear explosion 3 meltdowns several fuel pools catching fire billions of tons of radioactive water poured into the pacific daily. several thousand tons of plutonium and other heavy metal radionucleides blasted burned incinerated by idiots even now into the world environment. 300 species a day going extinct arount the world now. detectable tritium in the formerly H20 molecules of the pacific ocean and god knows ehat other manmade monster radionucleides that are self perpetuating. wtf

    • Bulletin Of Atomic Scientists Advocates Burning MOX Fuel

      Second, Japanese authorities should consider expanding their program for using plutonium-uranium mixed oxide fuel in power reactors. This could lead to reductions in plutonium stocks over time. If Japan separated no more plutonium and gradually used up the plutonium it already possesses, it would send a powerful nonproliferation message to the world—and perhaps strengthen international efforts to make the proposed Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty a reality.

    • GOM GOM


    • Why don't you just tell GOM that you copied and pasted that post (or part of the post) from WHO, cannotdo1?
      Perhaps GOM will be more willing to overlook your many, "thank you", posts throughout the threads, were you to do so?

      • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

        gom has been harassing me for sometime about punctuation and spelling and data entry i explained that i live in the boonies. I do not get great internet. I have a little smart phone like other people do. Many times i try to post and the internet reception goes down so i have to try to repost. Sometimes i post too fast because i am afraid my reception will blip off. i am also missing a finger and part of another finger so i used to type things into the word processor app on this smart phone and edit it better then copy and paste it into the enenews box. Since the admin has screened copy and pastes from people wallpapering the site too much with copy and pastes i cannot type my posts into the word app and edit it then post it as easily. GOm took it on herself to suggest i should not post because of bad punctuation text abreviation data entry things she doesnt like. She also suggests i am trying to make people feel sorry for me because i told her why its hard for me to post perfectly according to her rules. well sorry anne. she has been flaming me and cursing me and sayin weird things all day and for a coupla weeks. sorry she is having a rough time no reason to blugeon me and other people here. she said she had uterine cancer along time ago when she was in utah. why you so mad at me. i stuck up for you when dark guy was mean to ya. i was just trying to be nice and thankful to a lot of the old timers who showed up today. there has been a lot of stress as of late too. im not wallp

      • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

        why should i apologize to gom many people were appreciative . look at the time stamps anne. i disrupted no one. gom got goin with flaming cursing accusing. dang try to be nice and get bombarded. i was sure sympaathetic to you when gom went on and on that you are a religious nut.

  • Cooter

    From Dr.Ian Fairlie's web site:

    "On June 26 2015, the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) stated it was seeking public comments by September 8, on petitions stating that the Linear No Threshold theory of radiation’s effects was not a valid basis for setting radiation standards and that the hormesis model should be used instead."

    "Several US readers have written asking for help in drawing up their own comments. As this is an important issue, I attach my thoughts on the matter. US NRC Consultation 4-1"

    "Readers may use this as they wish as long as proper attribution is given." (proper attribution is any quoted dialogue, verbal or written by Dr. Fairlie, in whole or part)


    Direct link to Dr. Fairlie's comment to the NRC:

    Here is the NRC link to it's comment section. Click on "Submit a Comment" button, top right.

    Comments must be posted at the NRC BEFORE September 8 2015. You can comment however many times you wish.

    If you believe in the hormesis theory then a little arsenic every day in your coffee will keep you safe from all poisons.


  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    We already know the results of these Nuclear accidents and why the industry needs to be shut down. 🙁

    The results are always the same and they are not pretty..see!

  • Fukushima Children, Spiking Thyroid Cancer Rate Due To Fukushima 3/11 Mega Nuclear Disaster; Kids In US Exposed And Negatively Affected As Well


    The "industry"..[warning graphic]

    .."I'm 40 years old and was diagnosed [squamous cell carcinoma] a year ago. Underwent chemotherapy, including external radiation treatments [25 daily treatments, unknown dosage].
    The radiation treatments caused the skin on my groin and perianal areas to melt away, leaving me oozing lymph fluids".
    "A year later, I am still healing and I now take Methadone daily for the pain. None of my wound care treatments seem to have much effect on healing these radiation burns"
    "Although some areas were thought to be healing, friction from walking and physical stress has caused partially-healed tissues to become inflamed and is now oozing a yellow-green pus-like discharge. The healing has reversed itself with infected ulcerations".
    "My Oncologist is concerned about recurrence. It was initially determined that my cancer was eradicated".

  • hbjon hbjon

    A gargantuan amount of radiation in the form of nuclear fuel pieces and particles has been released and is spreading into the environment with diminishing quantities as one moves away from the wrecked complex in Fukushima.

    The current state of the situation is beyond the average persons ability to grasp as contaminated air, water, and food will increasingly become unavoidable.

    The obvious facts cannot be covered up forever.

    • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

      thanks hbjon especially the oar boat comment and the strength and love you have for people

      • hbjon hbjon

        Don't mention it. However, my above post needs some clarification and improvements. The strength of the radiation fields that have been released into the environment will diminish with dilution, but because of their potency, we must stand by the statement that dilution is no solution to radiological contamination. The potency can be understood by the realization that when a single isotope disintegrates (decays) it blast many cells with millions of electonvolts of energy. If ingested internally, it blasts them at "point blank" range. In comparison, chemical toxins can be managed to a degree by the natural processes a cell will use to dilute and expel the allergens/antigens. Usually a stem cell will reconstruct back to optimum after being hurt by chemical or slight physical trauma. Not so much after being blasted by a massive alpha particle.


    The "industry"..for children [warning graphic]

    Sgt. Rick Schiff [Dad]: "The doctors convinced us to do aggressive chemo and radiation".
    .."literally in a matter of weeks we would be back to where we were"..

    "She started treatment on her 4th birth birthday. Her hair was burn't so badly it never grew back. She literally looked like Golum in the Hobbitt. She was a fried wretched child, emaciated, unable to process nutrients, had shingles, and suffered immmeasurably. We had rubber gloves to change her diapers because her urine was so toxic from chemotherapy".

    "The problem is I get 6 months through this and stop and ask "What do we do now"? They reply "She dies".

    "My daughter had suffered immeasurably at the hands of the doctor's and myself. And for what"?

    It was at that point Rick realized they had made a terrible mistake.

    Crystin RIP

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    We have all been scammed by the best! 🙁

    • GOM GOM

      I find myself exhausted. Code is on track with leaving, if only for awhile.
      Yes, scam, a perfect word for life in these united states. Burning children alive while giving parents hope. The above story is rather famous. Or should I say infamous as it involves the FDA and alternative treatments.
      Notice the price of healthy food? Or good supplements? Yeah, the scam is on…

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        GOM, we are all very tired and this is not a battle any of us should think of giving up and I am not aware of Code wanting to leave.

        Code is actually brilliant like many of the others that comment on these pages. 🙂

        We must all stay the course as we are the Earth's future that will eventually unfold and that world will not have a Nuclear Power Technology damaging this planet and the genomes of billions of species.

    • GOM GOM

      Pretty sure it was Code. We shall see.

  • invisible ELEphant in the room

    I have a theory that would answer every question about the apathy regarding Fukushima and the unwillingness of people to face it. Could it be a "worldwide suicide" as the following song suggests? It certainly seems to fit all the facts. Again, it would answer every question including why the nuclear industry is rolling on and building new nuclear plants in new countries…


    Pearl Jam – World Wide Suicide Lyrics

    I felt the earth on Monday. It moved beneath my feet.
    In the form of a morning paper. Laid out for me to see.

    Saw his face in a corner picture. I recognized the name.
    Could not stop staring at the. Face I'd never see again.

    It's a shame to awake in a world of pain
    What does it mean when a war has taken over

    It's the same everyday in a hell manmade
    What can be saved, and who will be left to hold her?

    The whole world…World over.
    It's a worldwide suicide.

    Medals on a wooden mantle. Next to a handsome face.
    That the president took for granted.
    Writing checks that others pay.

    And in all the madness. Thought becomes numb and naive.
    So much to talk about. Nothing for to say.

    It's the same everyday and the wave won't break
    Tell you to pray, while the devils on their shoulder

    Laying claim to the take that our soldiers save
    Does not equate, and the truth's already out there

    The whole world,… World over.
    It's a worldwide suicide.

    The whole world,… World over.
    It's a…

    • invisible ELEphant in the room

      Pearl Jam – World Wide Suicide Lyrics (Continued)

      The whole world,… World over.
      It's a worldwide suicide.

      The whole world,… World over.
      It's a worldwide suicide.

      Looking in the eyes of the fallen
      You got to know there's another, another, another, another
      Another way

      It's a shame to awake in a world of pain
      What does it mean when a war has taken over

      It's the same everyday and the wave won't break
      Tell you to pray, while the devils on their shoulder

      The whole world,… World over.
      It's a worldwide suicide.

      The whole world,… World over.
      It's a worldwide suicide.

      • GOM GOM

        While the lyrics are meaningful, they suggest there is nothing for you so go away. This message also causes stress, a known killer. The message is intentional. It's Autogenocide. Look it up.

        The Superclass owns the music business. Another "industry". Choose wisely..

        • invisible ELEphant in the room


          I think you're missing the point of the theory I was trying to convey. The source of the message is irrelevant here. The relevant question is:

          Is it really happening? Is the message true?

          I've decided that it's quite possibly true. The facts certainly seem to support it, all the way.

          And, if my theory is true…I don't agree at all that the message of the song is "stressful." I think the message is liberating. Truth will set you free, right?

          From your post above it sounds to me like you think the song has a sinister message that's meant to weaken people. I look at as being exactly the opposite. If it's a statement of truth, then the song is liberating and enlightening. And that's what sets you free.

          Why? Because if this theory is right, we can be free to enjoy the rest of our lives realizing that the entire human race collectively has made a choice and it can't be changed at this point.

          • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

            people here are not superficial. they are honest and true. they dont like bein lied to. thanks elephant.

            • invisible ELEphant in the room

              August 28, 2015 at 3:16 pm · Reply
              people here are not superficial. they are honest and true. they dont like bein lied to. thanks elephant."

              What does any of that have to do with the theory I'm presenting here? Are you accusing me of lying? Why? Quote the lie please.

              If the human race has decided collectively to commit suicide, that is honest and true. Why are you insinuating there's a lie in any of this? What's "superficial" about any of it?

              I'm not claiming to know that my theory is true. I'm just claiming that it fits the facts.

              • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

                no im praising you for your guts and honesty elephant. also praising you for putting the song up. it is a good song too. some otheres did not like it. i think sam has seen the stress going on here and kind of reacted. we were both tongue lashed quite severely for our honesty today. I am greatly thankful to you and all enenewsers. I am sorry if i was not clear about that. I have always loved your posts.

                • invisible ELEphant in the room

                  Thank you very much. I appreciate that a lot. It's really great to be recognized like this.

                  I enjoy reading your posts too.

                  • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

                    I love invisible elephant in the room. It captures the media blackout of fuku and the nature of ionizing radiation perfectly.

                    • invisible ELEphant in the room

                      Thank you. The "ELE" part is very serious too.


                      Quoting from the video above (starting at about 4:35):

                      "Viewers keep asking Fairwinds about the difference between the meltdown at Chernobyl in the Ukraine and the triple meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi in Japan. The major difference right now is that the nuclear core at Chernobyl never came in contact with groundwater. Here's a picture of the core taken in 1987, one year after the Chernobyl disaster. It's called 'the elephant's foot.' Today, almost thirty years later, if people stood in a room with 'the elephant's foot' melted core, everyone would die in eight minutes."

                      All three melted cores at Fukushima are at least double the size of the melted core at Chernobyl (with reactor 3 at Fukushima having MOX fuel).

                      As Arnie Gundersen explained in the video above, we could kill every living thing on earth via the meltdowns at Fukushima.

                      You would just need a way to get each living thing into a room with one of the melted cores, leave those living things in the room for several minutes, transport them out immediately. Repeat, repeat, repeat until everything on earth is dead.

                      That scenario proves this is an ELE. It proves that naturally occurring radiation and all of the other arguments our detractors try to use to downplay Fukushima's seriousness are a complete joke.

                      This is an ELE many times over. Period.

          • GOM GOM

            The human race has made a choice, silence.

            Although it is your opinion, I beg to differ on your opinion of said lyrics and their intentions.

            I had suggested reading up on Autogenocide. Also, take a look at Operant Conditioning aka psy-ops.

            • invisible ELEphant in the room


              What's behind the "silence"? Do you have a theory to explain it? I'm presenting a theory that would explain that and every other thing that people seem to be truly puzzled about concerning Fukushima and nuclearism.

              When you claim that you're differing with my opinion, what does that mean exactly?

              I'm not claiming to have the absolute truth here, I'm only claiming to have a theory that I believe fits the facts and answers every question I've read and heard about Fukushima and nuclearism.

              For some reason you want to keep propagating the genetic fallacy you were earlier in this discussion. I should stop my post here (because if you're going to engage in a genetic fallacy, you should be attacking me, the song is irrelevant) but I want your opinion on the following.

              I'm claiming that the song "World Wide Suicide" is presenting a possible look at the truth of what's happening in the world. That would make the song art. You're insinuating that the song has sinister intentions and that it's a psy-op.

              Let's deal with the facts. The song has one writer:

              Writer(s) Eddie Vedder

              Are you claiming that Eddie Vedder is working in a conspiracy to write songs as a "psy-op" that you allude to with sinister intentions? Do you have a shred of evidence for any of that or are you just making up these allegations out of thin air?

              • GOM GOM

                I don't know what genetic fallacy is or how it pertains to music. I just stated an opinion about lyrics.
                I know who Vedder is. The question is, do your history regarding Knights Templar and Freemasons? If you are well versed in this subject I would be delighted to tell what I know about said music industry.

                I have to change phones.

                • invisible ELEphant in the room

                  You have no evidence for your allegations then?

                  I thought so. Nice job in derailing this discussion as now we're only discussing a red herring which was based on a genetic logical fallacy to begin with.

                  That seems to be your intent but it has nothing to do with my theory. None of what you're discussing should be part of this discussion. It's all irrelevant to my theory.

                  • GOM GOM

                    What? I asked you a simple question regarding NWO.

                  • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

                    The genetic fallacy (also known as the fallacy of origins or fallacy of virtue) is a fallacy of irrelevance where a conclusion is suggested based solely on someone's or something's history, origin, or source rather than its current meaning or context. Thats the first time i watched that fairewinds video ELEphant. Arnie is very somber and to the point. His numbers are conservative IMHO making me agree with your assessment. The way he quantifies things showing the tanker trucks is very clear and easy to follow. 23000 tankers a day. He shows the tanks tepco says it is puting the irradiated water in He says that the icewall is a farce and that their are ways to divert water running over the reacor cores but tepco will not do it. he says there is no place to put the radioactive soil under fuku and it will be a hundred years to do that not 30 years. He says tepco is basically doing nothing and everything the japanese govt and tepco are claimingbthey are doing is politically motivated to get as many of the the reactors in japan restarted as possible. He says the japanese people are not being told tge truth. That is the gist of your song. People are being suicided because they are not getting the truth. I agree with you that unless people get the truth it is an ele and suicide. I talk to japanes

                    • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

                      people and for most of them the truth is too much too handle. But if one is gentle and pushes softly with my japanese friends they become choked up because they know in their hearts. They are a proud and hard working people who never want to give up and for their govt to betray them this way hurts them very much. Thankyou ELEphant

                    • GOM GOM

                      Arnie? As in Arnie Gundersen? LOL

                      So, you and ELE what? want to take over ENE and talk about Arnie Gundersen? Oh, that's rich. It doesn't get any better then this.

                    • invisible ELEphant in the room


                      "His numbers are conservative IMHO making me agree with your assessment."

                      This video we're discussing is huge. I heard Dana Dunford use the example of bringing every person into a room with a melted core and killing them just like Gunderson explained it YEARS AGO.

                      The problem was, Dunford is not a nuclear expert so I couldn't point to that in any arguments. Now, we have this information being propagated by a nuclear expert.

                      We can take this and prove without a doubt that this is an ELE and it defeats all the arguments of our detractors quite easily when used in conjunction with the rest of the information in the video.

                      The Fairwinds video we're discussing is more important in my opinion than all the posts and statements by any non-experts including all of us.

                      It trumps all the posts that have ever been on enenews as far as I'm concerned.

                      Now if other experts would start making similar statements, we could start turning things around.

                      But, going back to my theory about a "world wide suicide"…

                      Maybe that's not what humanity overall really wants…

                    • invisible ELEphant in the room

                      August 29, 2015 at 12:11 am
                      Arnie? As in Arnie Gundersen? LOL

                      So, you and ELE what? want to take over ENE and talk about Arnie Gundersen? Oh, that's rich. It doesn't get any better then this."

                      More ad hominems and red herrings.

                      The readers of enenews.com can see through logical fallacies, that's why they're here.

                      If all you're going to do on this site is write ad hominems and red herrings, you're totally wasting your time.

                • GOM GOM

                  Ok thats better. Do you have a base knowledge of the NWO? Signs and symbols? If so I can show you.
                  If you were to return to earlier 'opinion' you will see I have no idea what you are talking about. If you would like further conversation let me know what I have asked you.

                  • invisible ELEphant in the room

                    You're willing to give me the honor of "further conversation" with you but only if I follow your orders?

                    Why would I want to converse with you further here? You're just going off on a red herring based on a genetic fallacy.

                    You're not willing to discuss my theory, all you're doing is derailing the conversation.

                    You have no evidence for your insinuations, you will not stay on topic, and this dialogue with you is getting worse all the time.

                    I respectfully decline the honor of continuing this conversation with you.

                    • GOM GOM

                      What would be the sense of further discussion if you didn't know the subject?

                      2 things are blatantly evident here
                      1. You need help
                      2. You and cannot are shit stirrers

                    • invisible ELEphant in the room


                      I have to comment here. You improved a little:

                      "You need help"

                      At least you got the target right this time.

                      You see, I'm the source of the theory that I'm proposing, not the song. The song gave me the seed of the idea but I'm applying it to Fukushima/nuclearism (and the song mentions nothing about that) so it is a different theory than what's presented in the song.

                      At least now you're attacking the messenger, which is me, not the song.

                      But, wait, attacking the messenger is a logical fallacy called "ad hominem"…

                      Every single insinuation and allegation you've made in this discussion has been irrelevant. I don't see the point. I don't know who you're trying to fool here.

                      The readers of enenews.com can see through logical fallacies, that's why they're here.

                      You're totally wasting your time in this conversation. I hope you have more to add than NOTHING in your other posts because all you wrote in this conversation was NOTHING.

      • Sam Sam

        In reading these lyrics if I was depressed and feeling
        hopeless about the world and myself then the message
        of these lyrics could be a tipping point over the eye.
        It takes a lot of courage to stay the course, be
        personally optimistic, take care of ones health,
        have something to live for each day etc and not
        to fall prey to a despair that these lyrics could
        bring on. This is not to deny the ongoing
        catastrophe we are living in now. The art is to
        live well alongside the breakdowns. Not easy
        The most optimistic lines ; there's got to be another way.
        Latch on this and go forward.

        • Sam Sam

          instead of eye meant edge. typing error.

        • invisible ELEphant in the room


          I can understand that. What's your opinion about whether or not my theory is true:

          "I have a theory that would answer every question about the apathy regarding Fukushima and the unwillingness of people to face it. Could it be a "worldwide suicide" as the following song suggests? It certainly seems to fit all the facts. Again, it would answer every question including why the nuclear industry is rolling on and building new nuclear plants in new countries…"

          The song is not the issue. If people keep focusing on the song, they're missing the question I was asking.

          Yes, the seed of my theory came from the song. I doubt the song's writer, Eddie Vedder, was thinking of nuclearism when he wrote the song. The song was released in 2006 so he wasn't thinking of Fukushima, that's for sure. I think he was probably looking at the issue only spiritually. However, now we seem to see this issue possibly manifesting in real life in a huge way via Fukushima/nuclearism. He may have been prescient in his vision.

          I think the song is irrelevant. Is the message true?

          • Sam Sam

            I will give it some thought .
            going to mellow out on the full moon tonight.
            remember a theory is a hypothesis and to go and prove
            that there is some world wide death wish (thanatos)
            exhibiting itself as worldwide suicide is truly hard to prove
            scientifically though from the actions of the last 70 yrs
            a case can be made that mankind has been on a very
            destructive path culminating in where we are at today.
            Trying to understand this is a monumental task though
            doable. Lots has been written on this.

            Look at the song as a BIG DREAM-PREMONITIONS OF THINGS TO COME.

            We are small part of the great Cosmic Consciouness.
            Our hubris thinks we are the center of the Universe and
            lo and behold our Scientific Developments have penetrated
            the secrets of the Universe and our technological developments
            have made this world what it is today for better and for worse.
            Too bad Nuclear genie got out of the bottle. Hope this helps.
            Thanks for posting this song. Totally relevant.

            • Sam Sam

              What comes to mind this moment is the Frankenstein myth.
              Totally relevant here to your theory. Everything is out of
              control. We have created monsters that are destroying us.
              How come: that's where your theory comes in. build a case.
              how come we have created Monsters that we cannot control?
              Is it a death wish, a desire to commit suicide. maybe and maybe
              not. is it the pursuit of pure science and sociopaths applied the research/ and or the dream of control and dominance and to be all powerful and kill ?
              (theories of aggression) You have to develop your theory more in
              detail. Put more flesh on it.

            • Sam Sam

              Again regarding how come people are not willing to face the
              reality of Fukushima is worthy of pursuit. Look into the .
              Theories of normalcy bias etc. Be careful of bending facts to
              fit your theory. a common human error. Be open to other
              explanations than a simple theory of a Fruedian Death Instinct
              though it is tempting in its simplicity. I admire your pursuit of
              the question. Hope this helps as I am in no way wanting to hinder
              your quest.

              • invisible ELEphant in the room

                I have a couple of different more detailed theories (that are independent of each other) that explain why this "world wide suicide" could be happening. The problem is that they're complex and it will take me a long time to write them out thoroughly.

                So, I'll start a blog and post the theories including my analysis of why they're plausible. I've been thinking about starting a blog anyway, you've inspired me to do it.

                I'll post the complete theories here after I'm done.

                Thanks for the inspiration. Sometimes I feel like no one's interested in my ideas so I don't even bother to post them. You're encouragement is invaluable.

              • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

                Very insightful sam. Very true. Normalcy bias people want normalcy and they are afraid of death

              • invisible ELEphant in the room

                The following article presents one possible reason why my "suicide" theory could be happening. My theories on the reasons why are separate from the following. But, I've given a lot of thought to the following too. I can't say what's true for sure of course.

                "Archons And Mind Parasites And Extremophiles, Oh My!

                …While I am providing the evidence to support it, the truth is that this notion of mind parasites dates back for many centuries and from many different sources. The gnostics warned about these archons as demented mind parasites long ago. In my understanding, even the Bible warns not to cross species and races, perhaps even for this reason of creating unnatural chimeras. And yet here we are, cannibalizing our unborn like junkie freebasers, but for therapeutic reasons of course! Again I state that no one in their right mind would allow a doctor to inject human or animal proteins and DNA into their own body, especially aborted fetal tissue. But who among us is in their right minds? Logically, is it the vaccine user and abuser, or the “clean” vaccine opponent? The answer, it seems to me, lies microscopically within the very syringe in question."


                The following video is similar to the above information but not exactly the same as my theories:

                Delusional Alien Mind Parasites: How to Prevent & Remove Them

                • Sam Sam

                  Mind parasites—–delusional alien mind parasites.
                  sounds like a supermarket blaring headline on a Tabloid
                  magazine. I suggest you work more offline with your
                  theories and put together as you want to in a blog rather
                  than piecemeal them here. How would you ever go
                  about investigating this theory scientifically?
                  Live blood analysis can point out parasites but to jump to
                  conclusions that parasites cause thoughts of mass suicide is
                  jump for me. but then again the world is strange place.

                  • GOM GOM

                    Let it go, your being baited. As was I. Now I see.

                    • Sam Sam

                      Gom; Its play ball on a full moon. I enjoy the back and forth.
                      You are out there too in your own way. Peace.

                    • invisible ELEphant in the room

                      Sam wrote the following to me:

                      "You have to develop your theory more in
                      detail. Put more flesh on it."

                      Then I gave him more information ONLY because he asked.

                      So, how is he "being baited" if I'm giving him what he asked for?

                      This is like you insinuating that the sole writer of the song "World Wide Suicide", Eddie Vedder, was part of a conspiracy to release a song with sinister intent. But, you offer no evidence of the conspiracy. You offer no evidence that he was ever part of any such conspiracy in his whole life.

                      Now, you're accusing me of having sinister intentions with no evidence just like you did with Eddie Vedder. I'll take solace in the fact that your delusions have no limits.

                  • invisible ELEphant in the room

                    "sounds like a supermarket blaring headline on a Tabloid magazine."

                    Yes it does. That's irrelevant:

                    Argument from personal incredulity

                    “When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

                    If you read the following article:

                    Archons And Mind Parasites And Extremophiles, Oh My!

                    You would know that the author of the article is not claiming to have scientific proof that suicide is being caused by parasites in humans. However, this does happen in nature (quoting from the article above):

                    "This is a fascinating look into cross-species protozoan parasitic infection, which literally makes a rat act against its best interest (its own life) by making it sexually attracted to it’s most deadly enemy. It gives rewards for stupid behavior. And this parasite purposefully infects the rat just to get itself into the cat’s stomach after it eats the rat."

                    Robert Sapolsky Interview: Toxoplasmosis

                    The video above has an expert discussing how parasites cause animals to commit suicide.

                    The following video links it to Fukushima symbolically (giving an example of how parasites cause insects to commit suicide):

                    Fukushima Denial and Suicide

                    • invisible ELEphant in the room

                      Fukushima Denial and Suicide

                      The link to the video above didn't post earlier. I'll take a moment to discuss it.

                      The video has a clip from a nature show. It illustrates how there is a parasite that infects ants and causes them to commit suicide.

                      The video then compares the plight of the infected ants with the plight of the brainwashed people in the 1960 film "The Time Machine." I think it's a perfect metaphor in some ways.

                      And if that's what's actually happening in the world then discussing it is pointless. Nothing will change mass infection if that's what's really happening.

                      But, it's a side issue to me. If Fukushima can't be stopped I believe it's an ELE.

                      To me, stop Fukushima or everything else is moot.

                      Who cares about the cause of all the madness on planet earth in the face of an ELE?

                      I think even writing about it is mental masturbation which is why I haven't bothered to post about it here.

                      And because it can't be proven, most here will deride it.

                      Fine, if I do start a blog and I write about my theories on this matter (sometimes I like mental masturbation), I will not post them here.

                      No point without scientific proof, right Sam?

                      What were you looking for anyway in asking for my theories on the matter?

                      If we can't scientifically prove that Fukushima is causing the death of the Pacific Ocean…

                      How could we scientifically prove the cause of GMI?

                      You're asking for…

                    • invisible ELEphant in the room

                      You're asking for…

                      the impossible, Sam.

                      Why waste my time?

                      Once again:

                      We can't scientifically prove that the death of the Pacific Ocean is related to Fukushima.

                      How could we scientifically prove the cause of GMI?

                    • Sam Sam

                      Too simplistic for me, though interesting this biological determinism of parasites as an explanatory hypothesis for civilizational mass suicide. so far seen in rats infected- kind of
                      like a Jim Jonestown cool aid event. Is this discussion even relevant here any more on this thread? maybe on another place on Ene. get your blog up and running and write there and give us your site. Finish it out and then let us read it. my best

                    • invisible ELEphant in the room

                      "Is this discussion even relevant here any more on this thread?"

                      Of course it's relevant. Because, if my theory is true (regardless of its cause)…what's the point of even posting comments on this site outside of our own personal therapy?

                      If most of the world cannot be woken up to these issues for whatever reason, I think there's liberation in realizing that.

                      This could be a perfect example of how the truth will set you free.

                      The technology doesn't exist to take care of Fukushima and the destruction it's causing. If people won't even face all of that (for whatever reason), then all of our posts and all of our efforts to inform people might be pointless.

                      The truth might set us free from depression and sadness about this issue.

                      If all of that isn't relevant, I don't know what would be.

  • SanityQuest SanityQuest

    Emotions are free
    Reason is learned
    Ego's are lazy
    While honor is earned

    That is why some do as they would.
    But only a few understood…

    Greed is the devil
    Its money they kiss
    Posses they must
    Promoting ignorance as bliss

    That is why some do as they would.
    Only a few understood…

    "That’s not a cloud,
    Its man made", I dare
    Another Pleasant Valley Sunday
    Forests burning everywhere

    That is why some think as they would.
    Only a few understood…

    Dana is sad
    The ocean we've lost
    He also got mad
    Can't fathom the cost

    That is why some do as they would.
    Because he knew he should…

    Some get cancer
    and stay on the ranch
    Others they fight
    Like K.D. Blanch

    That is why some do as they would.
    His entire sole understood…

    Wake up we must
    To do what's best
    Lord please help me
    On my Sanity Quest…

  • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

    sanity with a heart thanks sanity

    • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

      flame away gom. your used to it. maybe u did not take you meds today.

      • GOM GOM

        Actually I set YOU up. And the response from you is exactly what I thought it would be. LOL

        • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

          ok gom. im fired for data entry errors. where do i turn in my enenews badge. you are a tough boss gom. guess this means no more beans and weenies in between posts.

      • Sam Sam

        Welcome cannot do1. This is the first time this site has had a Walmart like
        greeter giving affirmations so often to so many posters. I hope this is a one
        day occurrence today. If this becomes daily then I would have to say your
        postings of such nature are not negative but distracting.. Otherwise
        welcome. Where in the world are you located? Japan?

        • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

          sorry sam i just figured a little positivity after the last week or so of intensity might be nice. guess not good to be nice. did not see anyone get distracted but gom. she probably would have attacked me and the two other people she attacked anyway. does it a lot. especially to uni. lot old and new poster back for this topic. quite refreshing dont you think? some of the intensity is still going on on the seal leukemia post. a person tryin to tell people k40 is more dangerous than cesium 137 but stock handled it. people here deserve compliments and thanks. you too sam. i also hope your golden retriever is doing well.

          • Sam Sam

            Nothing wrong with giving thanks and compliments.. my suggestion is to post all these
            positive affirmations in a condensed form in one posting on the threads
            would be better than so often as you did today. wait till the end of the thread and then
            give everybody a good thumbs up. nothing wrong with that?
            where in the world are you located? I am in Northern Ca some 12 miles
            from the Ocean. used to love the fog and smell of the sea in the air.
            Baxter is older. had a tumor. taken out cancerous. good margins. he becomes
            very active at night. appreciate your remembrance of him. maybe I will put him
            back up as an avatar with a great photo. He goes up to lots people, leans into
            them and gives them his love. I do believe he is a reincarnated Bodisattva.(sp)

            • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

              i hear ya sam. good advice. im in arkansas. lots of ticks and fleas. I use natural flea repellent on my cat. She helped me find 4 and 5 leaf clovers here on enenews a while back. so intuitive dogs and cats. loyal. they forget little things that humans dont like when you play with em too hard or step on their tails on accident. many humans keep lists and never forgive.

          • Actually, cannotdo1, those, "affirmations", are distracting to the point of becoming irritating. And, your ugliness addressed to others, about GOM, was just mean.
            It is an ugly game you play, cannotdo1,and it leaves me questioning your end. To what end is this ridicule?

            • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

              hoe the heck do you know anne you were not here. I love it when wntf and hotaters comes in and affirms everyone. the onlyone wh o became distracing was gom goin off on me and elephant and accusing obe of babysitting. how far you wann go with this anne. sam was not here either but i apologized. why dont you start posting something informative about the topic or fukushima and quit terrorizing me?

          • unincredulous unincredulous

            GOM made me mad once. that's all I remember. I can't remember if it was abortion or Eugenics. But I think that was it. Just one time as I recall. Just to keep the record straight. I avoided replying to her posts for a bit. She likes Annie Lennox so she gets a +1

            I try to move on, except if a pro-nuke bends reality to suit their needs. That is unforgivable.

            Hell, a new girl at work that had just started 'borrowed' 30 bucks apparently without an intention to pay me back. Hard luck stories. She quit. Great. I could sure use the money, now.

            GOM? No worries, here. It's not possible to agree with everyone about every issue.

            • unincredulous unincredulous

              Oh, and the girl that took my money, she gets a plus 1 for quitting. I'm easy. But I'd rip the anus out of some of these lying, safety-check missing,records falsifying, politician buying scumbag nuclear people. Enema via dental floss. Turn them inside out.

  • We Not They Finally

    5,000 dead of cancer "in the future" sounds outlandlishly LOW. But in Japan, especially in fascistic institutions like the Fukushima Medical University, they would do anything to say the patient did NOT have cancer. Or just somehow not get to the diagnosis and treatment until the patient had already died.

    Cancer is of course HARDLY all there is with disease. But don't believe 5,000 at all.

    • bo bo

      Thank u WNTF.. I totally agree.
      Number is lowball, not hardhitting at all.

      But also note the embedded downplaying tactics –

      '5000 more will die' IN JAPAN:
      'phew! We don't live in Japan! I guess this article isn't about us!' → is implied, or is the resulting conclusion of readers.
      (Note : 14000 excess death compared to average was already reported in the first 14 weeks after Fukushima blew – WITHIN THE U.S.)

      ..& how many will be BORN without a brain or just one eye or six fingers ?
      No – he chooses not to mention deformities and mutations.
      Just the 'cancer lottery' meme.

      Most of my friends who remain unconcerned of fuku will shutdown right there and stop reading – they'll assume radiation is something reserved for hypochondriacs who obsess 'cancer-this & cancer-that'
      ( 'I mean.. we're all gonna die somehow, right?' Etc.)

      …But that's if we're lucky & these readers get past the first few paragraphs.

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    Do radioactive isotopes have frequencies?

  • or-well

    “It’s common knowledge in Washington that anyone nominated to be a commissioner to the NRC has to be pre-approved by the nuclear industry,” said Edwin Lyman, a physicist turned senior scientist for the Union of Concerned Scientists. “In order to get a more independent mindset, you’ve got to break that stranglehold.”


  • or-well

    George Mulley calls the NRC a prep school for future industry jobs. This includes NRC commissioners now working in top posts for nuclear corporations.


  • or-well

    Mutated fir trees, Fukushima, local TV.

  • or-well

    US NRC Corrupt, Unfit; Threat to Public Safety says Retired Nuclear Quality Engineer; Kevin Ramsey Named as Safety Opponent (Comment Deadline 11.59 pm NY-DC-Eastern)


  • Jebus Jebus

    Why We Don’t Really Need Nuclear Power – June 23, 2015

    In our view, as two individuals involved in these matters for more than 40 years, nuclear is so undemocratic, uneconomic, unsustainable, unhealthy and unsafe that anyone who continues to support today’s increasingly corrupted nuclear dream would appear to have lost at least part of their own moral compass.

    Yours sincerely

    Jonathan Porritt
    Dr Ian Fairlie


    • melting mermaid melting mermaid

      Beautiful. Well spoken. Shut the crazy, unsafe, unhealthy, uneconomic, undemocratic, unsustainable, corrupt to their nuclear core, leukemia causing, gene-mutating, fetus-killing, food and water-corrupting, death-manufacturing, neutron-embrittled, piece of shit rattletraps down. WTF?

  • or-well

    This just in – The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has rejected the recommendation of the high-level task force it convened after the March 2011 Fukushima disaster to require nuclear plant owners to develop and maintain plans for coping with a core-melt accident.


  • Jebus Jebus

    Update: New powerful study shows radiogenic risks of leukemia in workers more than double the previous estimate – July 7, 2015

    A powerful new study (1) has been published in Lancet Haematology which adds to this evidence. However the study’s findings are more important than the previous studies, for several reasons.

    First, it provides “strong evidence”, as stated by the authors, of a “dose-response relationship between cumulative, external, chronic, low-dose, exposures to radiation and leukaemia”.

    Second, it finds radiogenic risks of leukemia among nuclear workers to be more than double the risk found in a previous similar study in 2005. The excess relative risk of leukaemia mortality (excluding workers exposed to neutrons) was 4.19 per Gy. In 2005, a similar study (2) among nuclear workers (also excluding those exposed to neutrons) in 15 countries by several of the same authors found an ERR of 1·93 per Sv. In other words, the new study’s risk estimates are 117% higher than the older study. The clincher is that the new study’s estimated risks are much more precise than before.

    Third, it confirms risks even at very low doses (mean = 1·1 mGy per year). Unlike the Japanese bomb survivors’ study, it observes risks at low dose rates rather than extrapolating them from high levels.


    • Jebus Jebus

      Fourth, it finds risks do not depend on dose rate thus contradicting the ICRP’s use of a Dose Rate Effectiveness Factor (DREF) which acts to reduce (by half) the ICRP’s published radiation risks.

      Fifth, it finds radiogenic leukemia risks decline linearly with dose, contradicting earlier studies suggesting a lower, linear-quadratic relationship for leukemia. It strengthens the Linear No Threshold (LNT) model of radiogenic risks, as it now applies to leukemias as well as solid cancers.

      Sixth, the study finds no evidence of a threshold below which no effects are seen (apart from zero dose).

      Seventh, the study uses 90% confidence intervals and one -sided p-values. In the past, 95% intervals and two-sided p-values were often incorrectly used which had made it harder to establish statistical significance.

      Explanation for change

      In an earlier version of this blog posted on June 29 2015, I’d written that the increase between the 2005 study and the present study was 50%, ie up from 1.93 to 2.96 per Gy. This was because the study’s Discussion section specifically compared these two studies and their risks, stating the older study’s leukemia risk was smaller and less precise.


      • Jebus Jebus

        However a detailed examination of the report reveals the following sentence in the para immediately before the Discussion section. “We assessed the effect of excluding people who had recorded neutron exposures; we showed a positive association for leukaemia … (ERR per Gy 4·19, 90% CI 1·42–7·80, 453 deaths)…”. To make sure readers get the point, the risk is greater when neutron exposed workers are excluded.

        This is important because the 2005 study excluded workers exposed to neutrons. Therefore the correct comparison is between the risks for non-neutron workers, that is between 4.19 and 1.93 per Gy – an increase of 117%, rather than 50%.

        I’ve written to the report’s authors about this but have not received any replies yet, perhaps due to summer vacations. I shall keep readers up-to-date on any progress.

        Study’s Credentials…

        Read more here: http://www.ianfairlie.org/news/update-new-powerful-study-shows-radiogenic-risks-of-leukemia-in-workers-more-than-double-the-previous-estimate/

  • Jebus Jebus

    Summing the Health Effects of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster – August 16, 2015

    New emerging evidence from Fukushima shows that nuclear disasters and their aftermaths can kill thousands of people due to necessary evacuations. Between 2011 and 2014, about 2,000 Japanese people, including many old people, died from ill-heath and suicides connected with the evacuations.

    Some nuclear advocates, including government officials, have said these deaths are the fault of the evacuations, as if they were unconnected with the nuclear disaster. This is incorrect: the evacuations were necessary to avoid large radiation exposures from the radioactive fallout due to the plumes from the Fukushima explosions and meltdowns.

    In future, such deaths should be included in assessments of the fatalities from nuclear disasters.

    A fuller report on the health effects from Fukushima is available here.


    Summing up the Effects of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster 10


    Someone, has had an epiphany…

    • bo bo

      Yeah I saw that one too Jebus..

      Mr Fairlie takes a *firm* stand for Fukushima here:
      'It's INEXCUSABLE how the pronukers pretend all the initial death CAUSED BY EVACUATION STRESS is not due to radiation, because it's indeed caused by radiation – it is caused by STRESS INDUCED BY EVACUATION INDUCED BY RADIATION.
      We must not let the pronukers get away with this deception !'

      He's on our side, fighting for the people of Fukushima.
      My eyes are teary.

  • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

    Why is is it so hard to get prominent people to give factual numbers about the deaths and morbidity caused by these nuclear accidents. Helen Caldicott has sat down in front of cmeras several times and shows you reams of studies and information tha more than a million people died from chernobyl.


    Yet the official version is that only a few thousand at most died.

    There were 6000 liquidators or scientist dispatched to chernobyl to contain the coria. They all died in 10 to 15 years of cancers or heart disease from their exposures at chernobyl. The official version is only a hundred or so liquidators died from working under chernobyl to contain and seal the coria.

    The infant morbidity of heartndefects in belarus is plainly stated and demonstrated here. It has to be researched to find.


    Fairlie can come out of the official box as caldicott and state the facts. instead he quotes the official line of thousands dead from fukushima.

    I am glad he is condemning radiation hormesis and death from psychological stress not direct radiation though.

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    Obewanspeaks posted this on the previous thread, but I thought it worth mention here:


    Thanks Obewan!

  • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

    Cystic fibrosis was a familial disease like albinism and hemophelia that existed in specific parts of the country until the atomic age. now it is random like autism and muliple other genetic disorders.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      I believe they are talking about this and not cystic fibrosis.
      "In 2010, the NCF announced its link between Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) and low-level radiation exposure."

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    More..they have known for a long time.

    Fukushima should be considered a Huge Dirty Bomb now negatively affecting the Pacific Ocean and all others found downwind/current. 🙁 The symptoms are all the same..

    Sulfur 32 884
    Calcium 40 400
    Potassium 39.1 380
    Bromine 79.9 65


    How many ppm of K40 in seawater?

    • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

      Geez doc we sure have gotten beaten over the head a lot recently with K40. Stock astutely pointed out that K40 is not bioacumulative or very toxic to humans as a percentage of other isotopes in K. Cesium 137 causes heart attacks and cancer. DosDos pointed out that strontium accumulates in bones and never leaves leading to bone and blood cancers. The radiation hormesis topic on which you are an expert i can understand because of the nrc proposal with fad stock majia etc trying to wrangle support against it but K40 sheesh gimme a break. Stock had a runin with prf ex about that today with prof x a copycat dude claiming k40 is what is killing everything. copy

      • Sorry if some feel beaten up about this.. on the quest for knowledge, it helps to dive into a subject more deeply. That is the only intent here.. learning and growing.

        And along the way, possibly finding out how the nukists lie about all sorts of things, like K40, hormesis theory, no one died from Fukushima, etc.


    To whom it may concern:

    There seems to be a lot of reverse psychology and other tactical manuevers going on here. It would suggest that the site is being infiltrated with malicious intent to disrupt.

  • melting mermaid melting mermaid

    Speaking of du, I thought you'd recognize these poor babies. Sometimes all this gets to be overwhelming. Genocide, auto genocide, ecocide, worldwide suicide….cystic fibrosis, don't even get me started…It's only going to get worse unless we fight for meaningful change. Corporations can't be allowed free reign to pollute and exploit indefinitely, when and where they want. They shouldn't be able to by buy elected officials. That's auto genocide. It's an ele without Fukushima. We have to change the entire way we relate to the world, if we want to survive…I'm not certain we do, collectively anyway. It's like a race to extinction out there. Who will get to put the final nail in our coffin? The mic, the nuclear industry, the yakuza, a destabilized mideast, Israel, a Trump presidency, I guess we'll just have to wait and see…Good night, newsers and sweet dreams. May peace find your heart and set up residence there. And peace to our Mother Earth as well, she deserves it.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Certainly the entire middle east region has been destabilized! 🙁

      • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

        It is hard to think that a neutron bomb may have been detonated in yemen obe but it is probably true. The dead sea is very radioactive from natural radium and from nuclear wastes that have flowed into it as a result of israels bomb making and npp. It is one of the lowest points in israel so nuclear waste accumulates there. The whole middle east is full of du dust. Iran is heavily contaminated with nuc wastes as is pakistan. Why do the people there allow thmeselve to be poisoned to death with things they do not need? especially saudi arabia iran israel ? Iran and saudi are the richest countries on eart per capita and have more son wind wave energy potential than anyplace on earth. it is nuclear madness like japan and the us

  • potassium ( 380 ppm) which is composed of three isotopes, one of which is K40 (0.0118%)

    So if potassium in the ocean is only 380 PPM, and only .0118% of that is K40, how do they come up with

    Potassium 40 300 pCi/L (11 Bq/L)?

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

      They've been dumping nuclear waste in the ocean since the first experiments in the 1930s. I published the nuclear chain decay of Potassium-40 from nuclear bomb testing.

      It is probably the case that 95% or more of the K-40 in the ocean today is man-made and not primordial at all.

      Of course, cesium and plutonium and Strontium 90 are much more dangerous than K-40, but K-40 is another elephant in the room and is more proof that nuclear energy and weapons must be banned forever.

    • bo bo

      Thanks for the comments, Dr. G, PT – I'm very interested.

    • bo bo

      'It is probably the case that 95% or more of the K-40 in the ocean today is man-made and not primordial at all.'

      →That is actually what I would tend to think too, and being so defensive against anything that spews out of Buesseler's mouth.

      But here's the question before moving forward.
      Is the statement '12000- 14000 bq/cubic meter of K40 in ocean a scientifically regarded fact ?

      Buesselers an many others claim to be 'primordial' & 'natural' – PT, u disagree → and actually, my instinct is to agree with u PT ..

      But before going to that duscussion, I want to make sure that number isn't hocus pocus and that Buesseler, Code & Paveway aren't leading us down a dead end road.

      Thank you so much.

      • bo bo

        Typo – 'That is actually what I would tend to think too, with MYSELF, bo – being so defensive against anything that spews out of Buesseler's mouth.'
        ( I was not accusing u or anybody else of being defensive)

      • Which is why it is important to question the basic ASSUMPTIONS that the nuclear industry just puts out there, as basic fact.

        How did they come up with these numbers?

        Who calculated them?

        WHEN were they calculated?

        HOW were they calculated?

        Who took these K40 measurements, and WHERE?

        The Debbil is in the details.

        • bo bo

          Right – Dr. G .. And that is why I made multiple posts yesterday asking just that one question first – 'are these numbers scientifically accepted fact?' before going forward with any of this.

          I wasn't being lazy, either – of course, if u google this issue, many pages pull up with this very data that throws around this 12000-14000bq/per square cubic meter of so called 'primordial' K40. Article after article by Buesseler pull up touting this – apparently they clutch onto this '12000bq/cubic meter K40' as the crowning jewel of their 'Our Radioactive Ocean' theme – the ocean is their giant banana, sticking out its big fat middle finger at the antinuke movement.

          But I've been here for a bit and – at the least – am aware that such numbers could be hocus pocus – so that is why I wanted more people who have been reading & studying about this much longer than me, to confirm whether they believe these numbers are true or just down right pronuke propaganda.

          Paveway & code agrees with Buesseler that these numbers are undeniable. I definitely feel odd agreeing with anything with Buesseler
          but also know Paveway & code have a pretty good track record.

          What are your positions on this – Dr.G , PT ( & possibly Stock & MVB, Vital ) – first just the NUMBERS –

          do you think '12000 bq/cubic meters of K40' to be on target ?

          AFTER confirming if this number is accepted, then we can move on to the NEXT issue – whether that REALLY is 'primordial' or not. ( a very good…

          • bo bo

            AFTER confirming if this number is accepted, then we can move on to the NEXT issue – whether that REALLY is 'primordial' or not. ( a very good question I think )

            Moving this discussion – one notch at a time.

            *please note I capitalized some words so every point is super clear, as I find this discussion intensely confusing

            Thank you so much

            • bo bo

              *meaning, the capitalization does not mean I am yelling.

              • bo bo

                I was actually very afraid of asking these questions, embarassed that after 3 years on enenews I still don't have this straight – but some discussion on twitter actually gave me some confidence perhaps I'm not the only one who's confused.

                I may actually just write to Arnie Gundersen and see if he has an answer – it boils down to these two questions:

                Does the ocean really have 12000-14000bq/cubicMeters of K40?
                And if so, is it really all 'primordial' as Buesseler and many others assume, or (as PT points out – thank u) could thatalso mostly be man-made K40 ?

              • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

                bo there is a lot of eveidend that c14 dating techniques are meaningless because of so much rogue c14 originated by human.I took trt water samples and mailed them to a gamma spectrometry outfit and they said their was radioactive tritium in them. There is also tritium attached as hydrogen in water and i can prove it. this is a list of whar should be the percentages of isotopes in naturally occuring elementshttp://www.sisweb.com/referenc/source/exactmas.htm

                there is and has been plenty of radium and radon deposted into the environment for the last 150 years since people started burning fossle fuels. There have been massive amounts of manmade radionucleides dumped into the environment since 1945. What is the obsession you and other people here have with k40. it is naturally occuring and is not even to dangerpus to humans. It is not bioaccumulated in the body?

            • Jebus Jebus

              IMHO bo,
              the nuclear distraction of Hormesis and K-40 is only, and I mean only, because the greatest amount of radionuclides to come from any nuclear power accident or disaster and because cesium mimics potassium in biological life forms and Cesium 137 is going to be the slasher and killer of much life on this Earth…

              Fake Science Alert: Fukushima Radiation Can’t Be Compared to Bananas or X-Rays – Posted on April 1, 2013 by WashingtonsBlog

              "But the cesium which was scattered all over the place by above-ground nuclear tests and the Chernobyl and Fukushima accidents has a much longer half life, and can easily contaminate food and water supplies. As the New York Times notes:

              Over the long term, the big threat to human health is cesium-137, which has a half-life of 30 years.

              At that rate of disintegration, John Emsley wrote in “Nature’s Building Blocks” (Oxford, 2001), “it takes over 200 years to reduce it to 1 percent of its former level.”

              It is cesium-137 that still contaminates much of the land in Ukraine around the Chernobyl reactor.


              Cesium-137 mixes easily with water and is chemically similar to potassium. It thus mimics how potassium gets metabolized in the body and can enter through many foods, including milk."


              • Jebus Jebus

                So ya, radioactive Cesium will be replacing some of that Potassium, and consequently, the K-40 level will be reduced, in all life forms.

                There is no K-40 in Cesium 134 or Cesium 137…

                • Remember though, that non radioactive potassium makes up MOST of what is in the body, in the ocean, on the land and in plants.

                  The radioactive K40 amount measured ANYWHERE, is only a very small percentage of the total STABLE potassium found.

                  This is a key point and one that the nuclear industry likes to confuse and mislead people with.

                • bo bo

                  What is the answer to the one question first.. is that number just nuke propaganda ? What are people's opinion on that number that gets thrown around – '12000 – 14000bq/cubic meters of K40'

                  Just the numbers first – then the next question is whether that's really 'primordial' or not

                  Or is my fixation on this question totally irrelevant and meaningless – if so, why ?

                  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                    #1 is that number just nuke propaganda ? Yes!
                    #2 next question is whether that's really 'primordial' or not? Yes!
                    #3 totally irrelevant and meaningless – if so, why ? Yes!

                    Look at the average life spans, cancers, diseases and deaths in Afghanistan and realize they are not sucking down K-40 or sunshine!

                    This awaits the entire world the more we play around with Nuclear!

                    Got it! 🙂

                    • bo bo

                      Obe – # 2 – by 'yes' are u saying it's 'primordial' 'radioactive K40' ?

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Yes, and have stated the same many times.. 🙂

                    • bo bo

                      Obe.. if it's indeed primordial radioactivity as u say I feel like it's relevant to think about. But you also say 12000bq-14000bq cubic meters of K40 in the ocean is BS pronuke numbers, so maybe they cancel each other out..? I dunno

                    • bo bo

                      Thanks for your patience btw

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      This K-40 is a moot point, since the fish have lived for billions of years in the ocean drinking breathing the primordial ingredients like K-40 and they have done just fine.

                      That all changed when we changed the ocean by polluting it with Manmade Nuclear Radiation and billions of other chemicals.

                      Humans do not drink salt water..moot point once again.

                      All life requires potassium to live and it is part of the primordial make up of this planet and what has given us all life and should be considered natural and organic.

                      We do not live in a organic natural world anymore…our smartness has changed all of that into synthetic/artificial and we are all now paying the price for our combined hubris. 🙁

                      Future generations will shudder at what we have done in the last/past 70 years on/to this planet.

                      We have not chosen wisely, since we have chosen the easiest path to more pleasure and convenience for each of us.

                      Gimme~Gimme~Gimme~More Progress Now!

                      Damn the/our children's future! 🙁

                • Jebus Jebus

                  Cesium and Cesium 134 and Cesium 137.

                  Fukushima is at least three Chernobyl's

                  The most quantity of unstable cesium ever dumped upon all life.

                  Potassium Analog.

                  Mimics. Replaces.

                  All Bioforms.

                  Mankind is not an island.

                  We need potassium working properly to function.

                  Whether or not we need K-40 is irrelevent.

                  Cesium and other heavy metal radioactive analog elements are going to be replacing the potassium, that is in homeostasis, in all life forms.

                  Thats not going to allow life to function well…

              • Yeppers.. that plus some other radioactive heavy metal poisons that also mimic potassium…

              • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

                Thats true about cesium mimicing cesium jebus

      • bo bo

        Dr. G – I see your post above now with time lag – and also Jebus thank you so much for your patience with me.

        Dr. G:
        'Remember though, that non radioactive potassium makes up MOST of what is in the body, in the ocean, on the land and in plants.'

        ↑ Ok, well that seems to make more sense to me – so the ocean' s potassium is mostly non-radioactive potassium ?

        I have 2 questions now ( from Dr.G & Jebus' responses) –

        • bo bo

          #1 – a very dumb question
          Is 'potassium' same as 'K40', just different ways of calling it ?
          It's confusing to me because when they talk 'radiation' suddenly it often goes by 'K40'
          And when they talk 'natural' suddenly it's often called 'potassium'

          #2 – so if most of the potassium in the sea is non-radioactive, then are u saying that 12000 – 14000 bq/cubic meter of K40 is just wrong data, or that there is so much more of the non-radioactive potassium on top of the radioactive stuff, just in comparison ?

          • bo bo

            I'm just totally outing myself here for not really comprehending the banana myth even – but
            I can't get over 12000bq-14000bq/cubic meters of K40 and need to clear if this number is legit or not first.
            Because remember how Gundersen clearly stated 7.7 bq/cubic meters of cesium detected off California was a HUGE deal ? → http://enenews.com/headline-fukushima-radiation-identified-northern-california-50-west-coast-samples-test-positive-7-bqm3-cesium-137-shore-expected-keep-rising-years-map
            What crucial info have I missed, to not comprehend the difference?
            If I don't understand this I think Buesseler's got me by the balls. That assessment by code at least applies to me personally.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

              If it shows it is coming from Fukushima, it is a huge deal because there are another 2,00+ radionuclides not being tested for.

              And the figures about the ocean on K-40, it isn't the readings everywhere in the ocean. The figure you quote is as I remember 14 times higher than what has been previously reported. I will be spending time later to track down where it is that high. I think one place is where the Mafia dumped nuclear waste in the Mediterranean and where it is the most radioactive place on earth according to some. I don't have time to do this right now.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                TYPO: 2,000+ radionuclides

                • bo bo

                  Thank you so much for your reply and sincere response PT

                  • bo bo

                    I really appreciate it.
                    But just a reminder, before moving forward – the first question to be cleared was:

                    'Is the number 12000-14000 bq/cubic meter of K40 radioactivity in ocean – does that seem legit to you ?'

                    I just wished to make sure everybody was on the same page about this. Buesseler touts this number. Code & Paveway seems to accept that number as undeniable. ( again, apologies if I misunderstood them – feel free to correct me if so )

                    whether that radioactivity is primordial or not ( ← very important point, no doubt) will be the discussion after that.

          • razzz razzz

            There is no such thing as a 'dumb question', only stupid answers.

            Naturally occurring refers to potassium contains 3 isotopes. Two stable and one radioactive with a long half life. Seawater contains 0.04% potassium by weight, consisting of K-39@93.26%, K-41@6.73%, both considered stable and then K-40@0.012% that is radioactive.

            There are other isotopes of potassium, I think 22, all manmade, all radioactive but with short full lives, mainly seconds maybe minutes at most.

            If you remember, radioisotopes with long half lives are not as active in decaying so usually less harmful except when measured in years and decades to a human body.

            K-40 half live is 1,280,000,000 years or more than 1 billion years.

            So chances of K-40 in bananas or normal saltwater harming you is almost nil. Especially since you don't inhale the K-40. Digest it in excess levels and the kidneys filter it out back to normal levels.

            Enter manmade K-40, resulting in excess or additional to naturally occurring K-40 then those concentrations upset the balance of nature but nothing like radiocesium which has a comparative short half life of at least 300 years being more actively decaying and more dangerous and does not occur in nature, radiocesium is all manmade.

            • bo bo

              Thank you razzz…!
              Yes – I actually just did figure out the 3 part prong to what is known as 'potassium' and how K40 is just one of three elements, but that K40 is the radioactive PART of what makes up potassium. But I am so glad to have the confirmation from you.

              So in a way it wasn't just my imagination when people seem to use the word 'potassium' when describing non radioactive potassium, and use K40 to describe the radioactive part – but the radioa tive part actually is part of what makes up potassium AS A WHOLE – it's not like there exists in the world 'radioactive potassium' & 'non radioactive potassium' separately.

              Thank you. I just went up another notch.

              Here's a question to you, razzz:

              'Is the number 12000-14000 bq/cubic meter of K40 radioactivity in ocean – does that seem legit to you ?'

              • bo bo

                Oh and actually I just learned this too –

                two numbers are floating around
                12000bq /cubic meters
                & 14000 bq/cubic meters
                (of K40 in the ocean)

                apparently 12000bq is the amount for 'primordial K40 radiation'
                And 14000bq is the total K40 radiation amount with atom testing etc thrown in and added to 12000bq.

                Apparently this is why Buesseler says 12000 bq per cubic meters, when he talks about 'primordial K40 radioactivity'

                So from here on out I will only cite the 12000bq number, to be technical.

                • bo bo

                  And yes, @razzz – that percentage of K 39, 40 & 41 that you posted actually explains what DrG meant when he said 'most of potassium in the ocean is non radioactive'

                  I understand now! There will always be more of the K39&41 ( the non radioactive parts of what make up potassium ) compared to K40 – that's a given.

                  However, even if there is much more K39&41 COMPARED to the total amount of K40 – if the radioactivity still is 12000bq cubic meters of K40 really is true – that is definitely shocking & news to me, at least.

                  • bo bo

                    So once again the question boils down to :

                    'Is 12000bq per cubic meter of radioactivity from K40 in ocean water – is that number pure pronuke BS ? ( if so, how so ?) Or is this number generally accepted fact ?'

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      “…It was indeed K40, which for sample #1 reached a whopping 5,094.9 Bq/kg (!!!)….”

                      This is 5,094,900 Bq/m^3

                      To convert Bq/kg to Bq/m^3, multiply by 1000 kg/m^3.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      14000 EBq total radioactivity from K-40 in all the oceans.
                      1,338,000,000 km3 total water in all the oceans

                      1 kilometer^3 =
                      1 000 000 000 meters^3

                      E 1000^6 10^18

                      14000 EBq = 1.4E22 Bq Total K-40 in all oceans
                      1 exa bequerel = 10^18 becquerels
                      1,338,000,000 km3
                      1 kilometer^3 =
                      1 000 000 000 meters^3
                      Total water in ocean is 1.338E18 m^3

                      There are 10463.4 Bq/m^3 of Potassium-40 in the ocean according to:
                      The activities used in the table below are from 1971 Radioactivity in the Marine Environment, National Academy of Sciences:

                      1971 is after all the nuclear bomb testing, nuclear waste dumping in the ocean, high altitude nuclear bomb testing, after use of potassium nitrate used for fertilizers which wash out into the ocean, after nuclear accidents and use of nuclear energy, etc.

                    • MVB MVB

                      Right. Since 2011, I did 2 lab test sets in 2013 (Northern California soil, seaweed & mushrooms; & Japanese (mostly kelps), and 1 this summer in the Rockies (rainwater & lichen). Unlike the "experts" who find 30 dead whales and take 1 sample to test for 1 isotope (wtf), I made ALL data public as soon as I could:

                      California: https://goo.gl/U8njKJ
                      Japan: http://wp.me/puwO9-2rz
                      Colorado (June 2015): https://goo.gl/VO3MLl

                      Now, on the the K40 propaganda, it's not that the data is in question, it's that comparing the doses is obviously so flawed that anyone who still makes comparissons between doses from K40, as it occurs naturally in large quantities in the environment & food, and synthetic radioisotopes is being highly deceptive. Another common deception is to compare between external doses (dental X-rays, CAT scans, etc.), and doses from ingested synthetic radioisotopes. See these two posts for more:



                      Take care…

                    • MVB MVB

                      A far more curious thing is that that véry Potassium-rich kelp also contained

                      1.4 bq/Kg of Cobalt-60,

                      a neutron activation product (half-life about 5 years). What's double-curious about that is that the same sample showed no Cs-137 presence (at least not above MDC).

                      Similarly odd is the detection of

                      0.25 Bq/L of Antimony-124,

                      also a neutron activation product (half-life: only about 2 months), in jetstream-straight-from-Japan rainwater no less; while other (generally understood to be far more common) synthetic radioisotopes (such as the very ones to be expected in fission-fallout, such as I-131, Cs-134, Sr-89), while clearly higher than Blank Method data, did not reach the MDC level.

                      What's up with that?

                      Anyhow… Beautiful moonrise over the northern Sangre de Cristo mountains right now…


                    • razzz razzz

                      This link actually addresses only K-40 amounts in the ocean, even the different oceans with the Pacific having more due to all the nuke bomb testing. This not counting localized dumping ex. Russia, England, Daiichi.

                      'Radionuclides in the Ocean'


                    • bo bo

                      Wait !! MVB & PT
                      the discussion is solely at the moment focused on if this data of 12000bq per cubic meter of radioactive K40 is accepted fact ir pronuke hocus pocus.- I am focused solely on that because it seemed nobody was even on the same page about that
                      Will u please if possible clarify your positions on JUST this point – 2x and 3x over?

                      Is 12000 bq/cubic meters of radioactive K40 in the ocean – is that data in the ballpark? Do you both regard that as an accepted fact ?

                      And MVB – do you think that the scientists are telling the truth when they say that's primordial, natural radioactivity ? Or do u think PT might have a point when she hypothsizes : most of that is also mostly man made, post atomic era derived, they are lying most likely ( again, PT, feel free to correct me if I misunderstood what you said this morning)

                      I understand all the points you raise MVB, but since there are many here with what seems like differing views – I just wanted to double triple check on JUST THAT ONE QUESTION first – otherwise any discussion that follows is bound to get tangled up, as it is a very controversial issue. Apologies for being so rude. I'm just really anxious to understand this once & for all. I'm not here to stir up trouble or cause distraction.

                      I am just realizing I don't even understand the basics!

                    • bo bo

                      My sincere thanks to PT, MVB razzz for sticking through
                      I hope everyone is enjoying the moon
                      Its amazing here too !

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      MVB! Brilliant! 🙂

                      Nice battle armor..your brain!

              • razzz razzz

                "Is the number 12000-14000 bq/cubic meter of K40 radioactivity in ocean – does that seem legit to you?"

                From that 'Water Encyclopedia' link (which also mentions sampling depths from ocean water), the table were made before the turn of century but after Chernobyl, the figures referenced are from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

                The tables state 11-Bq/L for K-40 in the ocean. Times a thousand to get a cubic meter, would be 11,000-Bq/m3 since an ocean potassium sample only has K-40 decaying because the other two isotopes of potassium are stable.

                Any more K-40 found above 11,00Bq/m3 would be manmade, at least the way I see it from those sampling dates.

                It's all a mute point because kenny-boy should be sampling for cesium, uranium, strontium, plutonium, tritium, etc. These are the more dangerous radioisotopes.

                Besides that, you would think kenny-boy is smart enough to extrapolate the percentage of K-40 found above the expect normal level or pre-3/11 level found in the Pacific and relate that to other radionuclides from Daiichi's meltdown inventory and then fallout, percentage wise.

                • bo bo

                  Thank you. So it's 11000bq/cubic meter, and your take on it is that that's 'all primordial' – how are u sure? Sorry if it's explained in the comments & I missed it.

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                    bo, that is not what I said. That 11,000 Bq/m^3 is not all primordial because there was already so much fallout from nuclear bomb testing. That 11,000 Bq/m^3 figure of Potassium-40 in the ocean was the figure for 1971, not for the ocean in 1930. And please realize that these figures are not for potassium in the ocean of which Potassium 40 is just a trace amount of that potassium. They are testing for Potassium-40 as a separate isotope. When potassium is measured then Potassium-40 is inseparable from the potassium. When Potassium-40 is measured separately this is because they have knowledge that Potassium-40 is man-made as a separate isotope from nuclear bomb testing and other nuclear chain reactions and is no longer primordial potassium-40.

                    How do you think Potassium-40 because a primordial isotope in the first place? Because of a nuclear chain reaction, from fission of fusion before the earth was created.

                    • bo bo

                      Thank you PT
                      Just to be Clear that above comment was directed at razzz

                      But I'm glad you clarified your points as well
                      Thank you and I probably have more questions to what u just wrote but my mind is hazy now

                      Good night

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      I'm sorry I didn't look at the previous poster. I'm sorry I get so frustrated. I am extremely poor and am in an extreme amount of physical pain.

                      Also my daughter's husband was laid off and she will lose his medical insurance and they may lose their house. This is the daughter who is fighting cancer and extreme pain from radiatiion therapy damage.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      Here are the 4 books which report on the early discoveries of Potassium-40. 2 are in the university library I have access to, and the last two I have ordered from amazon.con. And a fifth one I will order from amazon.com when I can afford to–not for at least another month.

                      I can't just run to the library. I have to take a regional bus and walk at least two miles with my walker, that will take me the effort of an entire day.

                      I have extremely painful fibromyalgia from inhaling plutonium and I get terrible muscle spasms.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      Handbook of nuclear chemistry [electronic resource] / Attila
                      Vértes … [et al.], editors.
                      EDITION 2nd ed.
                      IMPRINT Dordrecht : Springer, 2011.

                      Millero, Frank J.
                      TITLE Chemical oceanography / Frank J. Millero.
                      EDITION 3rd ed.
                      IMPRINT Boca Raton, FL : Taylor and Francis, 2006.

                      Introduction to the Chemistry of the Sea, An
                      Pilson, Michael E.Q.

                      Marine Pollution: Diagnosis and Therapy
                      Gerlach, Sebastian A.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      The following author estimates the present ocean as having 13,245 Bq/m^3 of Potassium-40.

                      How Radioactive Is the Ocean?
                      by NNadir
                      Jul 06, 2011
                      “…the volume of the ocean is 1.51 billion cubic kilometers….”
                      “a working figure for the concentration of potassium in seawater is 416 milligrams per liter….
                      “The total activity of the ocean owing to radioactivity associated with potassium-40 is approximately 2 X 1022 Bequerel, or roughly 530 billion curies….”

                      2E22 Bq
                      1.51 billion cubic kilometers
                      2E22/1.51E18 = 13245 Bq/m^2

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      Dr. Jay T. Cullen estimates that there is 12,320 Bq/m^3 of natural potassium in the ocean today. He estimates that there is 1,000 Bq/m^3, and the rest is mostly naturally occurring uranium. He says that the highest concentrations of naturally occurring K and U are 22,000 Bq/m^3 (Persian Gulf) and 15,000 Bq/m^3(eastern Mediterranean) due to the levels of salinity.

                      Putting Fukushima in Perspective: A primer on radioactivity in the Ocean
                      Jay T. Cullen, Ph.D.
                      Nov 07, 2013
                      “…The average radioactivity of seawater is about 14 Bq/L of which 88% is from naturally occurring potassium-40 (K-40). About 7% is from anthropogenic fallout from atmospheric nuclear weapons testing and nuclear accidents like Chernobyl (1986) and Fukushima Daiichi (2011). So there is about 13 Bq/L of natural radioactivity on average is the oceans. In high salinity areas (where conservative elements that scale with salinity like K and U have the highest concentration) activity can be as high as 22 Bq/L (Persian Gulf) and 15 Bq/L (eastern Mediterranean)….”

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      Cullen posits 13 Bq/L or 13,000 Bq/m^3 of radioactivity in the ocean today. But not all of this is Potassium-40. He doesn’t say what the fallout from manmade sources like nuclear weaspons testing and nuclear accidents like Chernobyl.

                      Naturally occurring potassium-40 is 88% of 14 Bq/L, which is 12,32 Bq/L or 12,320 Bq/m^3.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      bo, as far as I know there is no one claiming that there is 14,000 Bq/m^3 of potassium-40 in the ocean. It is possible that that figure came from a blogger who misread this article. I say this because Code seemed to have read his information from a blogger, because the information doesn't really coincide with this article which Code cited. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/11/07/1253941/-Putting-Fukushima-in-Perspetive-A-primer-on-radioactivity-in-the-Ocean [if I remember correctly.].


                      When they say naturally occurring potassium-40 is really different than saying primordial potassium 40, because rocks disintegrate and wash out to sea, for example.

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      The Nuclear problem is huge and will last as long as decay chains are in process. This Nuclear Poison is everywhere.

                      There is no escape for anyone.. 🙁

                      Extermination of this Planet is now imminent.

                  • razzz razzz

                    No, the samples used in the tables where taken after Chernobyl. So, the samples include manmade fallout from above ground nuke testing, I am guessing from Chernobyl too, and various other manmade contribution from nuke plants, nuke subs, nuke dumping, nuke processing, nuke accidents, etc.

                    If you are asking what the nuke levels were in a pristine world before manmade nuke poisoning occurred, I don't know.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      Traveling backwards in time…and on your right…you see 'the blob'…a prehistoric adaptation to a radioactive birth of a planet, as defined by protozoan hormesis…and on your left…this is what happens when a butterfly travels backwards in time…hormesis need not apply…warp speed…

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      11,000 post Chernobyl; 12-13,000 post Fukushima= __% increase.

                      But don't worry, it's good for you. As seen in the algae growth.

                      Go forth and blossom butterflies and trees.

                      Whales, dolphins, seals…have a bowl of nucler-o's. They're hormetic.


                    • According to study in 1950, there was no measurable tritium in air or water pre atomic age. But nowadays, tritium is 'natural' and has always been there, harmless or beneficial to health.

                      100% Of All US Nuclear Plants Are Leaking Toxic Tritium Radiation Into Groundwater, Air And Drinking Water, Radioactive Tritium Levels In Oceans And Rivers Measured

                      Hmmm, could this also be true for K40?

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              😉 Excellent!

              • If anyone has done any ocean sediment core studies, the K40 measurement of those cores should easily be able to take care of any controversy of what is 'natural' and what is man made.

                Potassium settles to the ocean bottom, along with K40. This matter should be very easy to settle, assuming someone has done some studies on sediment core samples and K40 levels.

                • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                  I would think that could be figured out with the ice cores too!

                • PavewayIII PavewayIII

                  Potassium primarily exists in the ocean as an ion – it does NOT sink. It only varies proportionally to the overall salinity of the sample.

                  Total man-made K-40 on earth is in the kg range. Compare that with the millions of tonnes of K-40 in the trillions of tonnes of potassium naturally in the ocean.

      • bo, your answer

        Radiation in the Ocean? How Large Is "Natural" Potassium Radiation, the answer is 12,000 Bq/M3
        Well the only way to get truth is the old fashioned way, do it yourself, or at least review a spreadsheet with sources cited.

        Anyone want to do a pier review on my work? Print it out, go have a beer on a pier, and let me know what you think.

        Also, if anyone has some knowledge, or time to kill, in terms of has the nuclear weapons program or nuclear energy increased the radioactive K40 in the biosphere, send me some links.


        • bo bo

          ?? How can I do it myself ?
          But wait so u actually agree with the ballpark number of 12000bq/cubic meters of 40 in ocean water? And do u agree that it's all 'primordial'
          Buesseler says 12000bq /cubic meter of 'primordial' K40, and if I were to include post atomic, man made K40 then the total is 14000bq/cubic meter.

          TThank you for responding, by the way

        • Rivers and oceans contain potassium. That water is used to cool reactors. Reactors are full of neutrons, which 'activate' that water and everything in it, including the potassium, correct?

          Where does tritium come from? Activated water..

          Where does more radioactive potassium isotope come from? Activated potassium in cooling water.

          Fukushima is creating HUGE amounts of activated potassium as ocean water or groundwater DIRECTLY hits the corium.

          When a nuclear bomb goes off in soil or ocean water, what happens to the potassium it contacts? It gets activated, due to fission and neutron radiation, correct?

          You cannot create just a few isotopes. Any fission creates radioactive isotopes of EVERYTHING, not just a selective few things.

          Neutron radiation does not leave potassium alone. It is nothing special.

          • bo bo

            Wait!!! Dr G – so back to my question –

            What is your view on the assessment of 12000bq/cubic meter of K40 in the ocean water

            Whether or not Buesseler's claim that that's all 'primordial ' is true or not
            I've been trying to get clearance on agreement on this number as a starting point of discussion.

            • bo bo

              Again – Buesseler says 12000bq/cubic meter is 'primordial' and then there is 2000bw/cubic meter of post atomic era man-made K40 in the ocean ( so 14000bq/cubic meter.

            • No conclusion yet, still digging.

              But one thing is FACT. The amount of K40 varies in each body of water by orders of magnitude. Does that have a direct relationship with how much fission product each ocean has as well? Is there a direct correlation?

              The Arctic ocean has WAY more fission product contamination than any other ocean.. Does it also have way more K40 in it than other seas? If yes, then this theory may start holding some K40..

              Dumb question…how can someone pull a SINGLE potassium 40 number out of the air, assign a specific value to it and say that is it for all sea water globally?

              It just does not make sense when one ocean has 1/10 the K40 that another one does.. maybe even more.

              How much K40 was deposited in the oceans along with the tritium, cesium, etc..?

              • Doc very little K in fresh water.

                Atlantic maybe 20% less than pacific

                this NZ site shows same as my calcs close enough…


              • bo bo

                Just to note again, Buesseler doesn't say 'ALL K40 radiation in ocean is primordial' – he didn't forget about the man-made clawmarks →
                He accounts 2000bq/cubicMeter MORE of man-made post-atomic K40 ON TOP of that 12000bq ( so Buesseler's total K40 in ocean comes out 14000bw/cubic meter)

                But even with that added in, both you – Dr.G, and PT – feel that 12000bq/cubic meter of 'primordial' K40 – that amount being 'all primordial' is fishy ? The answer to my question is ' the number in that data itself is dubious'..?
                And so you both continue to search for clues how this data might have been adulterated with man-made stuff (either intentionally or unintentionally) ? ( 'correct me if I am wrong' – CMIIAW)

                People like StPaulScout and some other posters seemed to think that way too – they laughed at Buesseler's number – but Code & Paveway disagreed, they say indeed there's 12000bq/cubic meters of primordial K40 in the ocean.

                And I am guessing from MVB's post that he also accepts that much 'primordial K40' is present in the ocean. ( again – CMIIAW)

                I am not agreeing or disagreeing here, just trying to map this out so I can understand and ask better questions to understand to really understand K40 & where I stand about it.

                Thank you so much for the responses.

                • bo bo

                  *Again, capitalization used to clarify points, not yelling

                  • bo bo

                    And to remind others what happened here
                    Code said :
                    '(Primordial K40 is) the largest source of radioactivity even though there was bomb testing, Chernobyl and FUkushima. Thats the argument you are going to have with the pro nukers and if you keep up your fight against k-40 you will lose ALL arguments. True!'

                    Is he Don Quixote?
                    He possibly left for good because he got tired of explaining this and getting attacked for being pronuke.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      Bo, when the most accurate citation says that there was 11,000 Bq/m^2 of Potassium-40 in the ocean, and they don't claim that it was all promordial, of course I don't agree with the 12,000 figure. The 12,000 figure is bogus.

                      The 11,000 figure in 1971 already included a huge amount of man-made radiation from nuclear bomb testing and dumping of nuclear waste in the ocean and other nuclear sources and accidents.

                      In 1971, they used a figure of 11,000 Bq/m^3 to calculate the amount of radioactivity in the ocean due to K-40
                      300 pCi/L
                      (11 Bq/L)
                      This is a rounding up of the figure I found of 10463.4 Bq/m^3 of K-40 in the ocean in 1971.
                      Undoubtedly the 11,000 Bq/m^3 of K-40 in the ocean was already including man-made potassium-40 from all the nuclear bomb testing, and all the other increases from all nuclear technology up to that point.
                      Here is the source for the 11,000 Bq/m^3 figure for K-40 in the ocean which is quoting the 1971 Radioactivity in the Marine Environment, National Academy of…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      Nuclear energy and weapons are destroying the earth, not just with man-made K-40, although there is a huge amount of it, but with other radionuclides.

                      The plutonium from MOX fuel and from Fukushima and Chernobyl are enought to win any argument against the pro-Nukers.

                      The pro-Nukers are completely irrational and only care about money in their own pockets and about power. No argument will ever be accepted by them because they are psychopaths. Arguments about Potassium-40 are just a distraction from the real issue which is that there is no hormesis whatsoever from any radiation. Some forms of radiation form a much smaller risk than others. And some like inhaled Plutonium and curium and other actinides pose an extremely high risk of lethality. But even just lowered immune system response if enough for someone to die of something else. Cesium weakens the muscles including the heart. Bad thyroid function can also be lethal, etc.

                    • bo bo

                      Thank you PT, for a more clear answer.
                      So you are of this position

                      -12000bq /cubic meter is clearly bogus, because the most accurate was 11000 bq/cubic meter, off by 1000bq

                      -And you think that since it was measured in 1971 – most certainly most(? or some?) of that is manmade.

                      So here's a question:

                      Even though you say 12000bq/cubic meter is bogus, you seem to accept 11000bq number/cubic meter as accepted. So, within that 11000bq/cubic meter that you feel is a bit more legitimate – what (ballpark) percentage of that radioactive K40 do YOU think is manmade, and what percentage primordial?

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      Instead of summarizing people and thus manipulating the discussion, you should give actual quotations and links so people can see the discussion and the whole context of a person's response. One example is the bogus figure of 14,000 Bq/m^3 which no one has ever argued in a newspaper report or a scientific study.

                      Repeating propaganda or misunderstood information no matter how often does not constitute truth, but only propaganda for some ulterior motive.

                    • bo bo

                      ???? See my post directly above yours… After you supplied a more accurate number ( thank you – I assumed it was more accurate as you are a good researcher), I accepted that and changed it to 11000bq/cubic meter in the discussion.

                      But..I'm exhausted.
                      I will stop any further discussions about this so you don't have to worry about any more 'propaganda' and 'misinformation' from me, PT.

                      I really hated putting words in peoples mouth & that is why I kept repeating: 'seems to say' 'correct me if I'm wrong'etc etc.. over & over.

                      But I had to do it to move the discussion forward, because the threads get so tangled up and I was so anxious to understand this.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      All I have said is that the 11,000 figure is more accurate than the12,000 figure. It was used, not proven in 1971. I am looking for studies previous to 1971 to see what the guesstimate was before 1971 and what scientific studies were used to arrive at the 11,000 figure or a smaller than 11,000 figure. I haven't seen any scientific studies at all, only newspaper articles. Newspaper artticles without scientific studies or any citations are not scientific at all.

                      I suspect that the nuclear cabal refused to support any studies of K-40. It is more to their benefit to just keep K-40 for propaganda.

                • The 'official' number may be correct.. but with everything learned so far about how the nuclear industry rolls, at this point, it may pay to question EVERYTHING, and believe NOTHING just because they said it.

                  The same nuclear industry sources that say K40 is what it is, also say that the hormesis theory works and that all radiation is good for you.

                  They claim that along with K40 being harmless, no one living in elevated radon, uranium, etc areas shows any harm from that, often in the same space with these K40 numbers. That would tend to raise some eyebrows, wouldn't it?

                  Isn't Ken one of those people quoting this K40 number and spouting off about how Fukushima is nothing, no one died, no one will die, and everything is hunky dory?

                  If a person lies about one thing that big, the odds are that they will lie about EVERYTHING.

                • Let's look at it this way… Stock boiled down a GALLON of ocean water, down to SALT. This salt contained K40, correct?

                  What should be the CPM reading off of this gallon of ocean water, containing K40, assuming the 'official' numbers are correct?

                  If a person boiled off a cubic meter of ocean water, down to salt, what would be the expected CPM and/or radiation reading?

                  It should be detectable, correct, because it is giving off beta and gamma radiation?

                  Someone should be able to match the 'official' K40 in ocean water number to a huge pile of seasalt and get a radiation reading that matches up, correct?

                • bo bo

                  And to remind others here and to reign it back in..

                  Codeshutdown said :
                  '(Primordial K40 is) the largest source of radioactivity even though there was bomb testing, Chernobyl and FUkushima. Thats the argument you are going to have with the pro nukers and if you keep up your fight against k-40 you will lose ALL arguments. True!'

                  He tried to explain this but got tired being attacked for being pronuke & left.

                  So.. is he Don Quixote?

                  • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

                    thats bs bo. i never called code pronuke he is radical anti he says the fuel pool burned. he said he waz goin ballroom dancin a while ago. why so much bullshit here. there is so much damned manmade radiation in the ocean now and its very toxic shit heavy metals strong gamma emiters that it maybe hard for a lot of people to seallow but more than natural k40. why do people get on there self righteous kicks and ego kiks its justbsickening its like american medicine nobody works as a team in hospitals peopke backstab the shit out of others because someone thinks they care more. such bs

                  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                    “The truth may be stretched thin, but it never breaks, and it always surfaces above lies, as oil floats on water.”
                    ― Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Don Quixote

                  • bo bo

                    Omg I just noticed I double posted this comment in 2 places on the thread.
                    On the phone it seemed to not go through so I reposted it wow. I really did not mean to be that annoying.
                    Really sorry. I just thought the first post didn't go through.
                    GooD night

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth






      • Seems to make logical sense PT, but let's dive deeper see if we can debunk this K40 hormesis thing once and for all..

        There should be a consistency to all of this, but maybe not..

        Let's keep digging and asking questions!

        Liars HATE questions… Truth tellers love questions.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

          Yes, I've ordered 2 more books from amazon.com which recount the discovery of K-40 in 1935, and I have an electronic source at the library to look at and another books to check out from the library. They I have to search to find the original articles and studies from their footnotes.

          I just get upset when I repeat something over and over again and I keep getting misquoted. That is why your website is so powerful. You can always refer to it. That is why I need my own website. Then I can just post references to my website.

          I had to work last week, and I have to keep working and I haven't finished the roof for one of my greenhouses. And I need to plant for fall and next spring and water what I have, and transplant plants, etc.

        • bo bo

          Exactly why I am asking questions Dr.G
          It seems important to me – don't understand why others are calling this meaningless or distracting
          For me personally, I have no leg to stand on against buesseler if I don't even have the basics covered.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

          I ordered a book from amazon.com because of a quote I saw on the internet, but it was hard to read because if was a whole book and you can't copy and past from the Google e-books. I couldn't remember what I was looking for, but now I just found the quote so I will be typing it out:

          Concise Clinical Oncology, by Clive Peedell, BM, MRCP, FRCR, Consultant in 'clinical Oncology, James Cook University Hspital, Middlesbrough, 2005., Section one, Principles of Oncology, subsection "Radiation Carcinogenesis, p. 17.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

            "Both ionizing radiation and ultraviolet light may be carcinogenic. Ionising radiation may be electromagnetic (e.g., X-rays and gamma rays) and particulate (e.g. electrons, protons, neutrons, alpha particles, etc.). Exposure to ionizing radiation may result from manmade (e.g. therapy and imaging, nuclear industry) or natural sources. Radiation from natural sources is termed background radiation, and results from cosmic rays, radon, terrestrial radioisotopes (soil and rocks) and internal sources within the body (e.e. carbon-14 and potassium-40)….

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

              “Ionising radiation causes DNA damage and is therefore mutagenic and potentially carcinogenic to any tissue in the body. Radiation damage may particularly lead to loss of DNA repair genes, and tumour suppressor genes. Further mutations, over a period of many years, may result in malignant transformation….

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                “A single exposure to ionizing radiation may be sufficient to induce cncer. The odds of cancer induction depend on the dose and type of tissue irradiated. Myeloid cells are particularly sensitive to ionizing radiation, and breast, thyroid and lung are also vulnerable tissues. The ‘latency’ period between exposure and cancer induction also varies. For leukaemia, the average period is 7 years, whereas for solid malignancies it is usually at least 10 years…

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                  “UV radiation exposure increases the risk of both non-melanoma skin cancers (NMSC) and melanoma. NMSDs may be induced by multiple exposures to UV (mainly UVB) light. The mechanism involves damage to the p53 gene and DNA repair processes. Patients with xeroderma pigmentosum are less able to repair UV-induced DNA damage due to inherited defective DNA repair mechanisms and have a particularly high risk of multiple skin cancers after UV light exposure. Melanomas have been associated with a history of acute sunburn episodes rather than chronic exposure to sunlight, but no direct causal link is proven at present….”

      • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

        My momma always said…'A little dirt won't hurt."

        For some reason, I don't think the most lethal substance on the planet applies to her rule…


    Wonder if it's a full moon? Loonies are restless..nite Doc.

    • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

      yep you have been restless today GOM. sometimes i can use a wordprocessor and pate replies here sometimes i cant. odd admin must have put a filter in because of too much copy and pasting. get soem sleep and take your meds tomorrow gom before ya jump back on will ya please. ELE i and others sure would appreciate it.

      • Sam Sam

        I have say cannotdo1 telling Gom to take her meds before jumping back in
        is condescending and rude. Gom is fierce and speaks her mind boldly.
        We all are characters here and as Dr.G has said tonight ,forget, forgive and
        move on—I will add that we all add something to this rich stew here at
        ENe. Tolerance and respect keeps this community together. You do not
        have to react to every pitched ball that comes your way. let some go.
        see you tomorrow here.

    • SadieDog

      Yes. Time of Full Moon for America/New_York August 29, 2015 – 02:35 pm (EDT)

  • rogerthat


    Plant makers deny responsibility in court for Fukushima nuclear accident
    AUG 29, 2015

    Three nuclear plant makers denied responsibility for the March 2011 Fukushima meltdown on Friday at the first hearing on a lawsuit seeking damages from the companies.

    Representatives from Toshiba Corp., Hitachi Ltd. and General Electric Co. sought to dismiss the damage claims in Tokyo District Court.

    The claims were lodged by about 1,400 people in Japan, including Fukushima residents, and 2,400 people from other places with nuclear plants, such as South Korea and Taiwan.

    According to the plaintiffs, the plant makers insisted they have no obligation to compensate for damage from the accident at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant, referring to the law on nuclear damage compensation, which stipulates that only power suppliers have responsibilities for nuclear accidents.

    The plaintiffs claim that the law, which gives nuclear plant makers immunity from compensation claims, violates the Constitution and therefore is invalid. Under the product liability law and other laws, they are demanding payment of ¥100 each.

    Meeting with the press after speaking in court, Kazue Morizono, a 53-year-old resident of Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture, said she hopes the lawsuit will clarify responsibility for the nuclear accident.

  • SadieDog

    "Space Captain" – Herbie Hancock, Tedeschi-Trucks Band, https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QkzLatem0VY

  • rogerthat


    Japanese Special Natural Monument “ptarmigan” found dead 2 continuous days / Bleeding from heart and lungs

    by Mochizuki August 28, 2015

    According to Ueno Zoological Gardens, Japanese Special Natural Monument “rock ptarmigan [Wikipedia]” was found dead for 2 continuous days.

    Rock ptarmigan is called “Raicho”, which is considered to be endangered species in Japan. Ueno Zoological Gardens has been attempting artificial rearing and 5 of the baby birds hatched this June.

    However one male bird died on 8/26/2015, and another male bird died on 8/27/2015 as well.

    Ueno Zoological Gardens announced they found minor bleeding from the heart, lungs and kidney of the one that died on 8/27/2015 but no symptom of infectious disease was confirmed. They reported the cause of death is not identified.

    In this zoo, large mammals died in rapid succession from the end of last year. (cf, Large mammals die in rapid succession in Ueno Zoological Gardens from tumor, heart failure etc.. [URL])



    https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gapxg1NZ1s4

  • rogerthat


    Japan utilities spent 1.4 tril. yen to maintain idled nuclear plants
    TOKYO, Aug. 17, Kyodo

    Nine Japanese utilities had to spend a total of about 1.4 trillion yen ($11.3 billion) last fiscal year to maintain their idled nuclear power plants, financial statements showed Monday, revealing costs that led to higher electricity charges in the country.

    One of them restarted a reactor last week despite strong public opposition, adding to the view the utilities are trying to reactivate their idled plants as soon as possible to help rehabilitate their balance sheets, also damaged by rising fuel costs for alternative power generation.

    All of the country's commercial reactors remained offline in fiscal 2014, which ended March 31, amid heightened safety concerns following the 2011 nuclear accident at Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s Fukushima Daiichi complex.

    To have fuller access to the Kyodo News website, it is necessary to subscribe. We offer a broad range of subscription options depending on your needs. Learn more.

  • rogerthat


    Cleanup starts in Fukushima's restricted zone
    Aug. 28, 2015

    Full-scale decontamination work has begun in one of the areas in Fukushima Prefecture that received the highest doses of radioactive fallout from the 2011 nuclear accident.

    About 30 workers gathered at an elementary school in the town of Okuma on Friday. They used heavy machinery to remove top soil from the playground.

    Okuma partly hosts the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. The government has determined that some parts of the town will remain restricted areas where people will not live for an extended time.

    In these restricted zones, decontamination work had only been carried out on an experimental basis.

    But at the request of town officials, the Environment Ministry decided to launch full-scale cleanup work targeting a district where there are a lot of schools and public facilities.

    The ministry plans to finish decontaminating the roughly 95-hectare area by next March.

    Similar restricted zones exist in 6 other municipalities in Fukushima.

    Ministry officials plan to decide whether to start decontaminating them after checking their radiation levels and the wishes of the residents.

    • Roger,
      What do they plan to do with the topsoil once it's removed? Any indication?

      • rogerthat

        30 million tonnes looking for a permanent home. Instead of green fields, eastern japan is black and blue with 30 million or more large plastic bags that just about glow in the dark.

        they are scraping off only the top two inches of soil.

        only part of the contaminated land is being touched. if they collected the top 2 inches from all the contaminated land, they would have more than 100 million tonnes of contaminated soil looking for a permanent home.

        if they build 65 tokyo Superdomes for the olympics they will be able to fill them up easily once the games are over.

        this will ensure that there will be no white elephants to embarrass the government ha ha ha.

        of course the land will still be contaminated because radiation has been soaking into the soil for more than four years and all those naughty little radionuclides did not get the memo telling them to stay in the top two inches and go no further.

  • rogerthat


    red kimono

    Fukushima statements to be included in the exhibition
    August 28, 2015
    I’m very pleased to announce that a selection of witness statements from people who were residing in Fukushima at the time of the triple disaster of March 11, 2011 will now be included in the Red Kimono exhibition.

    The statements, by 50 Complainants for Criminal Prosecution of the FUKUSHIMA Nuclear Disaster, are from the book: Fukushima Radiation: Will You Still Say No Crime Was Committed?, now available in English as an e-book. No need for a Kindle – readable via the Kindle app:


    Fukushima Radiation: Will You Still Say No Crime Was Committed?

    Norma Field (Translator), Matthew Mizenko (Translator)

    The authors of the statments range in age from 7 to 87, and they wrote these statements as part of the criminal complaint filed with the public prosecutor by the Fukushima Complainants for Criminal Prosecution of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster.

    What, exactly, is a criminal complaint, and who is a “complainant”? In this case, the complaint is the formal legal procedure initiated by citizens in response to the failure of both prosecutors and police to investigate the criminal liability of Tepco and government agencies for their roles in the nuclear disaster. …

    • rogerthat

      The group complaint, filed at the office of the public prosecutor, is a demand for investigation and indictment of the responsible parties.

      Because this is a criminal and not a civil procedure, these citizens are “complainants” rather than “plaintiffs.”

      True, some of the Complainants are also plaintiffs in the various civil cases generated by the Fukushima disaster, such as the “Give Us Back Our Livelihood, Give Us Back Our Community” Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Lawsuit; “Denounce Nuclear Power Generation: Redress for the Villagers of Iitate”; or “The Fukushima Collective Evacuation Trial for the Right to Education in a Safe Place.”

      Although several Complainants in this booklet draw a connection between the failure of the state to pursue criminal liability and the difficulty of getting anything resembling adequate compensation from Tepco, it is important to keep in mind that as Complainants, they do not stand to gain anything individually even under the best-case scenario: if, after all the prosecutorial refusals, an indictment is brought, a trial held, and some parties found to be criminally responsible for the nuclear disaster.

      Rather, the Complainants are driven by grief, anger, and incredulity. So much harm had been inflicted, with demonstrated negligence not only leading up to the disaster but in its aftermath, with dire consequences not only for themselves but flung far into the future. …

      • rogerthat

        After all this, how could it be that no one was held responsible? How could it be that the police, let alone the prosecutors, had not conducted a thorough investigation? Did the rule of law not prevail in Japan? As victims bearing witness, they seek to exercise their responsibility to future generations, that the calamity not be repeated, that the harm be contained by all means possible.’

  • rogerthat


    Welcome to our new site. Please give us feedback.

    Morphological defects in native Japanese fir trees around the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
    Yoshito Watanabe, San’ei Ichikawa, Masahide Kubota, Junko Hoshino, Yoshihisa Kubota, Kouichi Maruyama, Shoichi Fuma, Isao Kawaguchi, Vasyl I. Yoschenko & Satoshi Yoshida

    Earth and environmental sciences | Plant stress responses

    28 August 2015

    After the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (F1NPP) in March 2011, much attention has been paid to the biological consequences of the released radionuclides into the surrounding area.

    We investigated the morphological changes in Japanese fir, a Japanese endemic native conifer, at locations near the F1NPP.

    Japanese fir populations near the F1NPP showed a significantly increased number of morphological defects, involving deletions of leader shoots of the main axis, compared to a control population far from the F1NPP.

    The frequency of the defects corresponded to the radioactive contamination levels of the observation sites.

    A significant increase in deletions of the leader shoots became apparent in those that elongated after the spring of 2012, a year after the accident.

    These results suggest possibility that the contamination by radionuclides contributed to the morphological defects in Japanese fir trees in the area near the F1NPP. …

    • rogerthat


      During the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (F1NPP) accident that occurred in March 2011, radionuclides that were released into the atmosphere contaminated the surrounding environment1,2.

      Since the accident, much attention has been paid to the biological consequences of contamination by radionuclides.

      To detect the biological changes in the environment, various wild organisms, such as Japanese monkeys3, lycaenid butterflies4, and gall-forming aphids5, inhabiting the surrounding area have been investigated as possible indicator organisms.

      However, further studies using radiation-responsive indicator organisms help us to reach a consistent conclusion, whether radiological contamination from the F1NPP accident had a biological impact on the environment.

      For the purpose of biomonitoring of the radiological contamination, nevertheless, coniferous plants have been demonstrated to be suitable indicator organisms because of their high radiosensitivity, which was revealed decades ago by field examination using gamma irradiation facilities6,7,8,9.

      Radiosensitive damages in conifers were reported after the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986, where two local coniferous species, Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) and Norway spruce (Picea abies), showed distinct biological damage in the radioactively contaminated areas10,11,12. Under experimental and accidental exposure, morphological changes, particularly in branching of the main axis, …

      • rogerthat

        were shown to be the most frequently observed radiosensitive responses of coniferous plants6,7,8,9,10,11,12.

        Coniferous tree species are grown in the area highly radioactive contaminated by the F1NPP accident, where Japanese fir (Abies firma) is one of the most common naturally grown species.

        Different from other coniferous species, young-tree populations of Japanese fir are abundant, because this species has the characteristic ability to sprout even on the shaded forest floor.

        The short height of young trees enables the easy observation of morphological changes in the whole tree.

        In addition, the regular annual branching of Japanese fir trees enables determination of the year that any morphological changes occurred through a number of past years (Fig. 1).

        Figure 1: Schematic diagram of Japanese fir tree in January 2015.

        In this study, we used the Japanese fir tree as an indicator organism to detect the environmental impact of radiological contamination caused by the F1NPP accident. …

        – top rate, must read imho

  • Jebus Jebus

    Yes, Yes, Yes…

    SEALDs student group reinvigorates Japan’s anti-war protest movement

    Wearing shorts and a baggy T-shirt and clutching a microphone, Aki Okuda stands before a crowd, the pyramid-shaped roof of the Diet building lit up against the night sky behind him.

    “A TV announcer said ‘Today, democracy has ended,’ ” Okada said, recalling the day the secrets act passed the Diet. “But we thought, if there is an end, there is also a beginning.”

    The students were also motivated by the inability of huge protests after the March 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster to derail government plans to restart mothballed reactors.

    SEALDs is cooperating with about a dozen civic activist groups in organizing a protest rally Sunday that sponsors hope will attract 100,000 people.

    In a show of youthful exuberance, SEALDs is dreaming of an even bigger turnout — a 300,000-strong crowd equal to that which in 1960 forced Abe’s grandfather, then-Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi, to quit over a U.S.-Japan security treaty.

    Kazuto Nakayama, 68, who took part in a protest last week, said it was time for “older folks” to pass the baton.

    “I think we cannot change Japan without the power of youth,” he said.


    Never give up. Never give in…

  • cedar cedar

    I was out for dinner with a friend this evening. We were perusing the menu and she said, "I think I'll have fish. "
    I said, "Really, you're okay eating fish?"
    She replied, "Why?"
    I said, "well, given the Pacific Ocean is in a state of collapse, thanks to Fukushima, I don't think I'd be eating the fish."
    She replied, "Yah, there's so much pollution. "
    Then she ordered the salmon.
    Humans are IDIOTS.

    • GOM GOM

      And did you kiss her isotope lips..? lol

      Cedar, they just don't know. Down here they do know and still eat anything that remains alive in the Gulf. ER's stay full of sickies, corexit, oil, or radiation..everyones a mess.

      • If you cannot see it, smell it, touch it or taste it, it must not exist, it must not have happened, and no one died.

        No One Died! How The Nuclear Industry Gets Away With Genocide Due To Nuclear Bombs And Nuclear Plant Accidents, Explained By Dr. Helen Caldicott MD

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          Yah. The big bang theory is easy to disprove. No pictures, didn't happen. Actually, nothing before 1800 really happened.

        • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

          npps are not technology it cost way more to run them than the electricity the rattletraps make is worth its all fake. radiation hormesis is a joke and magical thinking. might as well live in the dark ages at least we were not living on a layer of radioactive ooze.
          This is the definition of radiation hormesis:
          Radiation hormesis is a wingnut hypothesis that low doses of external ionizing radiation,within the region of and just above background levels are beneficial to life.
          No one even knows what natural backgound levels are anymore. Background levels are growing and have changed significantly in the world since 1945.

          Background levels have grown 6 times since the mid fifties as doc has pointed out.

          Radiation hormesis conmen and women claim that there are magical unknown reserve mechanisms in the biochemistry and immune system of our bodies that are stimulated by radiation and repair damage caused by the glut of manmade radiosiotope pollution and ionizing radiation exposure in that persons lifetime defying billions years of evolution.
          manmade radiosotopes and ionizing radiation and that never existed in billions of years of evolution.

          They throw out a crackpot con that has been banned by the fda because it killed so many people who bought radioactive snake oil. They make outlandish claims that unknown biomedical mechanisms in or bodies are sufficiently effective when stimulated as to not only cancel the detrimental effects of ionizing radiation but also…

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