Radiation Expert: “North America has received quite a large fallout” — “Incredible increase in cancer, leukemia, genetic disease… Not just in Japan but in the Northern Hemisphere, particularly North America” (VIDEO)

Published: December 13th, 2011 at 5:01 am ET


Helen Caldicott Interview, The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann, Dec. 11, 2011:

NYT: Helen Caldicott, a pediatrician, is founding president of Physicians for Social Responsibility. A native of Australia, she left her Harvard Medical School post in 1980 to work full-time on anti-nuclear education.

Transcript Excerpts

At 2:39 in

May I say that North America has received quite a large fallout itself.

At 3:15 in

We’re going to see an incredible increase in cancer, leukemia, and — down the time track — genetic disease. Not just in Japan but in the Northern Hemisphere, particularly North America.

At 5:00 in

There have been three actual melt-throughs […]

There could be massive hydrogen explosions still or steam explosions […]

Building 4 is very unstable and its got a very hot cooling pool on top of it. If there’s another earthquake that building could collapse and who knows how much radiation could escape

After Fukushima – Enough Is Enough, New York Times By HELEN CALDICOTT, December 2, 2011:

[…] Many thousands of people continue to inhabit areas that are highly contaminated, particularly northwest of Fukushima. Radioactive elements have been deposited throughout northern Japan, found in tap water in Tokyo and concentrated in tea, beef, rice and other food. In one of the few studies on human contamination in the months following the accident, over half of the more than 1,000 children whose thyroids were monitored in Fukushima City were found to be contaminated with iodine 131 — condemning many to thyroid cancer years from now.

Children are innately sensitive to the carcinogenic effects of radiation, fetuses even more so. Like Chernobyl, the accident at Fukushima is of global proportions. Unusual levels of radiation have been discovered in British Columbia, along the West Coast and East Coast of the United States and in Europe, and heavy contamination has been found in oceanic waters. […]

Published: December 13th, 2011 at 5:01 am ET


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88 comments to Radiation Expert: “North America has received quite a large fallout” — “Incredible increase in cancer, leukemia, genetic disease… Not just in Japan but in the Northern Hemisphere, particularly North America” (VIDEO)

  • Novamind

    Just how much Fallout North America has recieved is Yet to be Revealed. Our Government knows. Full disclosure of this Information will not be for 50 years. This seems to be the time frame from Lies/Cover-up to Truth. It is not over with yet so the total is still an unknown, as are the effects of the Radiation.

    • stock stock@hawaii.rr.com

      “it was unforeseeable, there was nothing we could do, no one could have ever anticipated anything like this, it was beyond theoretical possibility……

      • Human0815

        A Nuclear Accident was “unforeseeable”?

        C’mon, we all knew how dangerous
        an accident would be!

        And we all know how dangerous the next accident would be, we need to stop Nuclear Energy
        because they are deadly,
        even for the People who do not even have sockets!

        • many moons

          I think you are missing the point. Nuclear energy is important to people in there day to day lives. It provides a clean cheap efficient energy AND that means a good foundation for America’s future. Who cares about pollution, there will always be pollution! Pollution is a byproduct of getting ahead! So what if you feel uneasy pouring milk over your childs cornflakes, you can take him to school in a very impressive way too big car! There are trade offs. Money for health…BUT you need money to take care of your health! America needs money as a country to stay on top. Approach your cancer as a way to improve this country financially. The US is on the cutting edge of cancer research. You see, it’s all the way you look at things not the reality of pain you feel or the suffering you see of people who have been unlucky enough to become victims of radiation.
          I see a bright future for America..in nuclear energy…POWER that’s the PLUS!With 50+ reactors..America..is number one in radiation!!!!!

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            SPOT ON COMMENT MM. “Breath IN Breath OUT The gathering RADIATION” Keep smiling! Have a good day! Think positive~

            • NoNukes NoNukes

              Bush said, “We are addicted to oil,” but you know what? It is a lie. We, the poorly educated people of the United States, don’t care if our cars run on oil or sunshine or whatever. The oil companies are addicted to the profits though, as the documentary “Who KIlled the Electric Car?” makes clear. Blaming the victim is a great way to shift responsibility.

              “We” are NOT addicted to nuclear energy, either. The nuclear companies are, along with the politicians who get money from them. This is an important difference. No one wants to talk about Fukushima, but I don’t think it is because they don’t care, I think it is because of fear. Those of us at Enenews are like the guy at the water cooler yapping about how exploitative the boss is–everyone else knows that the boss/owner is an asshole, too, but they keep their heads down and bring their own water bottles because they are scared to lose their jobs.

              People in California aren’t talking about Fukushima, but they also aren’t buying the strawberries, fish, etc., like they used to. This gives me hope.

              We have believed the media that the blame lies with our consumer habits, and have all been so busy recycling, etc., that we have missed the fact that the vast majority of pollution is industrial. Let’s not let them shift the focus from the perpetrators of the fraud to its targets. Communities fight new nuclear plants and they build them anyway.

              Blaming the target, instead of the perpetrator of the fraud, has been a main strategy of the media. Lead in paint and gas was a fraud. Cigarettes are a fraud. “Interest-only” Mortgages are a fraud. Oil is a fraud. Nuclear is a fraud. Let’s not let them shift the focus from the perpetrators of the fraud.

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            CAN I POST THAT AT HP! Only because you wrote it so well and IT NEEDS SOME LOVE!!

              • Whoopie Whoopie

                HOPE YOU DONT MIND.
                My goal is to WAKE THE FUCKING SHEEPLE UP!!
                THANKS IN ADVANCE 🙂

                • Barbara Billig barbarabillig

                  Please read my comment below yours. I also want to reach the people and that’s why I have brought my book back out and am offering it for 99 cents as an EBook. Fukushima is a terrible tragedy and I don’t want it to happen here in the US.The spread of the fallout and contaminated water is going to bad enough! Read:
                  “The Nuclear Disaster” a fiction novel of suspense. (Also published as: THE DISQUIET SURVIVORS of The Nuclear Catastrophe).

                • CB CB

                  About 400 flyers so far door to door. Im taping them to the screen storm door windows and mailboxs.

                  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

                    Lovely, CB!!
                    How do people react?

                    You’re a star

                  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

                    Hello All, Good for you CB!! You’ve given me a nudge towards implementing a plan of my own for a “wake-up call” to the public-Thanks for that! Let me elaborate & then I’d like to know what people are thinking about it??~~I have had a very long & bad streak of luck that Fukushima & the “awakening” I’ve gotten left me in a dismal way,but I’ve continued “educating” the radiation victims every chance & way I can regardless. Part of my misfortune(s) leave me unable to drive to medical appointments I have 3x a week & I have to take 4 usually crowded buses each way,with one transfer made @ the very busy Chicago Midway Arpt. CTA train & bus station.When my finances allow picking up a Tyvex suit & respirator and a new Geiger Counter to replace the one that I “had”,I plan to “gear up” and make my thrice-weekly transit in full “N-B-C” Battle Gear with geiger counter angrily clicking away,whether due to “real” detection or strategically placed pc. of uranium calibration medium to “excite” the GC and the other passengers curiosity-without ranting about what I’m doing unless asked.If I can get my friend with a silkscreen/embroidery business to make a nifty “ENE News.com” patch for the back of the Tyvex suit and perhaps print up some flyers & brochures to strategically place where I know they’d be read & even passed around on campuses & @ workplaces-even better! Also,there’s always media events downtown with “live” coverage of misc. events such as trials & convictions,of politicians,etc. where it would be awesome to “waltz into the view” of NBC newscam while doing a radiation “survey” with “ENEnews.com” logo visible for anyone who watched it and wondered “WTF was that”??!!LOL!! I’m totally serious about this!!If someone wanted to help speed up my plan with donated items,etc.-that’d be fine,even great!,but I’m gonna do this and eloquently speak up for “our side”being careful not to come off looking like a psycho one way or another!Whattya…

                    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

                      Please read the above post!! And let me know what the general concensus is feeling about my idea/plan? I got cut off at the end,but made the points I’d wanted. Also I must be pissing someone off because I’ve had “troubles” since I sent a batch of emails off to local State Reps. & inquiries about methods & sources regarding feeding of dairy livestock,etc. I “always” signed my name & contact info with my correspondences and almost never get replied to despite being polite and explaining the logic behind my concern. I can’t sit still “waiting” for someone else to make a move anymore and I want to do things in a non-violent,”creative” way that inspires curiosity and then anger when people realize what I’ve known since the 2nd week of March!! If it’s a dumb idea-let me know & I’ll reconsider my methods of getting attention to the issue. I’d honestly like to remain quiet,laid-back like always and don’t care for personal attention,but that might be unavoidable….

                    • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

                      I appreciate Street-Theatre actions. You might want
                      to make contact with some kind of a police “friend” to
                      advise, and possibly, accompany you. You could easily
                      be confronted by HalfWit Cops, accusing you of
                      Terrorism or something.
                      I was thinking like you, thinking of important Art
                      movements like “Fluxus” and other experimental
                      performance/actions, acting out an individual Role, or
                      Getting a group like Flash Mobs to DOO something.
                      My Niece, Stanford Engineer, and her Fiance,
                      Stanford PhD, are worried about their wedding, and
                      could not be bothered to LOOK at the info.
                      My old high-IQ friends from school are dedicated to
                      their own realities, “Weltanschauung”, and WILL NOT
                      look at anything “Paranoid”….!
                      Go for it, Blade-man…

                    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

                      Thanks for the support and suggestions,I will take the advice regarding overzealous law enforcement intervention possibilities into account.I can almost picture the Bomb Squad having a robot toss my geiger counter into a bucket of water or a bomb disposal unit where they’d use a small charge to blow up my gear and then cover their asses by framing me up somehow!??LOL! I wouldn’t doubt if GE already sent a memo to NBC Chicago to their news crews to be alert for weirdo’s in Tyvex suits during live broadcasts and to immediately switch to commercials upon sight!lol! the Flash Mobs idea is awesome too and I didn’t even think of someone I know who’s both a celebrity & well-connected who I could possibly sell the idea to! Thanks for your input! I feel like I’m on the right track but just need to iron out details & really think harder about other avenues & resources that I haven’t thought of or realized yet! I know what you mean about the intellectual friends who can’t be bothered by any harsh “realities” that threaten their cushy world’s! I’ve formed new opinions about some of the people in that category whose GPA’s I “used to” be envious of. Now I catch myself occasionally wishing I could be as naive & “dumbed down” as anyone able to ignore the issue and happily mosey along without worry!-But then I think of how they are the ones who allow it to continue and when I think about the kids getting dosed with the crap-especially if they have kids & grandkids of their own and I just want to slap the crap out of ’em!! I’ve accepted that I can’t save the world & I tossed my lead-lined cape & wing-tipped shoes into the hamper,but if I died tomorrow with my last thought & accomplishment being that I woke up one parent or expecting mother to what Fuku & nukes represent & their protective measures saved that baby from a living hell-I’d die happy,even more so if they spread the word too!~Thanx Again EV 🙂 ~PEACE~

                    • ion jean ion jean

                      Great idea JB and if I still lived in a big city, I’d join you!

                      You NEED to find 11 other people to do this in a coordinated fashion simultaneously in other cities. And send out a couple of press releases just an hour prior to local news orgs

                      This will ensure at least a brief MSM blip of coverage which is what you’re aiming for

                      Let the police know that you are a performance artist as soon as they approach and that this is street theatre, FBI wont take long to see its a nationwide theatre so no one will think your GCs are any more than what they are…actually, maybe construct fake ones from cereal boxes and decorate them with glitter: metallic particles to represent fallout!

                      Let’s keep talking about this and we’ll raise enough.

                • aldo aldo

                  Lol. Seriously. Thanks for all you do Whoops!

            • many moons

              That would great, thanks Whoopie!

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            many moons, What world are you living in? Milk is so full of radiation and in the future will always be so full of radiation that no one can drink it. Forget the corn flakes, GMOs are now full of insecticide. As the radiation kills off the bees, there will go a lot of the plant life. And the oceans are so full of radiation, can no longer eat fish, sea salt, or seaweed.

            Maybe you are being sarcastic. But nuclear never fueled cars big or small. And the US has 104 reactors and more on the way.

            Even so, both France and Japan are way ahead of the US in terms of the percentage of energy derived from nuclear.

            Nuclear is not clean or cheap. And half of all the children in the US live in households that are below the poverty line. The real unemployment is about 25% in the US. And millions in the US will never receive care for cancer because they have no health insurance.

            Nuclear is why this country is so poor.

            And Japan and Russia and France have far more radiation than the US.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

              Also Belarus and Kazakhstan and the Ukraine also have more radiation than the US.

            • concerned mommy concerned mommy

              well said anne! The only thing I disagree with is that radiation kills the bees, because here on vancouver island there were lots of bees this year. Perhaps it’s yet to be seen, but they do have such a short lifespan that I think they’re ok so far. However, you hit the nail on the head about the GMOs and how the Round-up (glysophate) does not wash off of the food and I think that is what’s killing the bees. There are many bans here to prevent cosmetic herbicides. after 12 years I realized I miss corn flakes, can you believe they charge $8.00 for a bag of non-gmo corn flakes?

              Also, besides the radiation, etc, ever think of the mercury polluting the tuna? Of course, as you know, the levels are “safe” just like the radiation levels.

              I hope everyone who is reading this page is also reading about GMOs, and realizing that the system is only working for those making a profit off of it, and that ain’t us people.

              God Bless & Good health to all

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                I know that the pesticides they use to kill mosquitoes and other insects are also killing the bees.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                It turns out radiation is a problem for bees:

                Why are Honeybees Disappearing?
                Loss of honeybees could have devastating effect on agriculture and food supply
                “…Radiation May Push Honeybees Off Course
                “Bee populations may also be vulnerable to other factors, such as the recent increase in atmospheric electromagnetic radiation as a result of growing numbers of cell phones and wireless communication towers. The increased radiation given off by such devices may interfere with bees’ ability to navigate. A small study at Germany’s Landau University found that bees would not return to their hives when mobile phones were placed nearby. Further research is currently underway in the U.S. to determine the extent of such radiation-related phenomena on bees and other insect populations…”

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                The disappearing bees: CCD and electromagnetic radiation
                “State University of New York publishes
                “Electromagnetism and Life
                Robert O. Becker and Andrew A. Marino
                “This provides the theoretical foundations for the interaction between electro-magnetism and life, an interaction which had previously, and, to some extent, still is, presumed not to exist. In it, a chapter is dedicated to the role of EM radiation in the navigation of bees and other creatures. He opens with this summary:
                “It is clear that the existence of the biological cycle phenomenon is dependent upon the living subject having precise knowledge of its position on the earth. Since it also appears that the earth’s electromagnetic field is the most important single signal for this function, it seems likely that it is similarly involved in the migrational and direction-finding abilities of many animals. This possibility has been confirmed by recent studies.”
                concluding with this warning:
                “From all the foregoing reports it is obvious that the present normal earth magnetic field is an important parameter of the environment for living things. Changes in the fields in the past have been shown to exert evolutionary pressure and possibly even to have been associated with biogenesis. All living things are at present intimately tied to various aspects of the earth’s field, and it seems quite possible that even more dramatic findings will be reported in the future. It must be kept in mind that the relationship is a subtle one, in contrast to the more obvious parameters of the environment. Since the present relationship between living things and the electromagnetic environment is the result of several billions of years of development, the question of the biological effects of abnormal electromagnetic parameters introduced into the environment by man’s activities becomes of some importance.”

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                  “Positional and Navigational Aids. Section of Chapter 3.
                  “This extraordinarily clear and readable exposition can be read in its entirety at

                  “According to Ruzicka’s observations, the bee colonies are so weakened by the mobile tele-communications radiation that they become more prone to various diseases, a fact that can also contribute to colony collapse. This is because bees are considered to be very fragile creatures, just like butterflies whose numbers have also dramatically fallen during the last few years. However, according to Dr Ruzicka, 15 years ago, bee colonies were able to deal with a much higher degree of Varroa mite infestation than they are able to cope with today.
                  “25 April 2007
                  “The Institute for Science in Society intervenes in the debate with a Press Release “Mobile Phones and Vanishing Bees” in which it gives its view on the Landau team’s work:
                  “Clearly the present findings need to be taken much further, but their significance should not be downplayed for a number of reasons. The findings are compatible with evidence accumulating from investigations on many other species including humans, showing that mobile phone radiation is associated with a range of health hazards including cancers [6] (Drowning in a Sea of Microwaves, SiS 34). Furthermore, bees are known to be extremely sensitive to magnetic and electromagnetic fields, and there have been many suggestions that they could be used as an indicator species for electromagnetic pollution.”

            • PayAttention

              hi anne – i think many moons was being sarcastic

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                Probably he was. However, being poor in the US and living among the poor, I guess his caricature of the US hit a nerve.

                Also the US isn’t #1 in radiation. He could have criticized the cars in Japan or the nuclear dumping and accidents in Russia. Also China and India are trying to become #1 and France is also spreading nuclear power plants around the earth as fast as possible. Also the UK is also planning on expanding its own number of nuclear reactors.

            • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

              Hi anne-supposedly the poor economy caused two of the three new nuke plants planned to be “shelved indefinitely”!! If that’s the case then I look forward to continuing to get 75% of the food my family eats from local church food pantries!! 🙂 BTW,much of the processed or canned foods we’ve been getting is from pre-3/11,which I’m thankful for both the food and the majority being “Fuku-free”! I “almost” would go as far as to make my New Years toast to “Good health” & “Poverty”(if the lack of “Prosperity” is all that’s keeping more NPP’s from springing up!)haha…..~PEACE~

            • many moons

              Hi Anne,
              Did mean to hit a nerve, thanks for your comments. My intenet was to question ideas that, (as an American), I have grown up with, conflicts that have caused America difficulties and will continue to do so until we all start thinking more.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                Thanks many moons, you are right about the propaganda advertised by the msm. I turned off my TV nearly a year ago, and have no plans to ever turn it back on again, especially after reading an article and seeing a video on Prison Planet about the subliminal messaging in all advertising and programming and after seeing all the disinformation on Fukushima. The subliminal messages are very quick insertions so you don’t even know the message is being inserted.

        • StPaulScout StPaulScout

          Stock was being facetious…..

      • Barbara Billig barbarabillig

        As to no one could foresee that this was coming – I wrote a fiction novel in 1977 that was published in hardcover but mainly sold to libraries called “The Nuclear Catastrophe”.It is eerie how close I came to describing what happened in Fukushima.So I decided to update it and bring it back as an EBook and paperback. Take a look at how I described this happening in the United States through a fictional story.
        Follow on Twitter: @barbarabillig
        Blog: http://www.thenuclearcatastrophe.blogspot.com
        Web page: http://mysite.verizon.net/resrrmof/
        Available for Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004WDRWXY Available for Nook as THE DISQUIET SURVIVORS of The Nuclear Catastrophe

  • arclight arclight

    this video has been removed by the user! 🙁

    keep up the good work thom!! thank heavens for transcription +100

  • arclight arclight

    this instead for now

    After Fukushima: Enough Is Enough
    Posted on December 5, 2011 by Helen Caldicott
    Helen Caldicott, New York Times, 2 Dec 2011

    “In Britain, The Guardian reported that days after the tsunami, companies with interests in nuclear power — Areva, EDF Energy and Westinghouse — worked with the government to downplay the accident, fearing setbacks on plans for new nuclear power plants.

    Nuclear power has always been the nefarious Trojan horse for the weapons industry, and effective publicity campaigns are a hallmark of both industries. The concept of nuclear electricity was conceived in the early 1950s as a way to make the public more comfortable with the U.S. development of nuclear weapons. “The atomic bomb will be accepted far more readily if at the same time atomic energy is being used for constructive ends,” a consultant to the Defense Department Psychological Strategy Board, Stefan Possony, suggested. The phrase “Atoms for Peace” was popularized by President Dwight Eisenhower in the early 1950s.”



    nice little collection there!

    • stopnp stopnp

      Egfriggenzactly. Nuke power is still here because the military needs nuclear weaponry.

      The electricity is a byproduct. Another way to make money.

  • bmurr bmurr

    I e-mailed this and one other link to my local radio morning show host in New Haven, CT. He didn’t mention the name of the web site, but I want to say that I appreciate him mentioning the sentiment of this post on air this morning.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    A new one at HP 2-Snouted Pig With Shared Cyclops Eye Born In China
    Now tell me this isn’t about the time of 3/11. 9 months!

  • or-well

    “Happy-think” sheeple don’t want to know.
    Their bubbles are full of techno-cornucopian, magical-thinking solutions to all problems & “Business As Usual” once “growth” resumes.
    I’ve been told pointblank – “I don’t want to know.”
    Surrounded by otherwise kind, decent people who are woefully uninformed, with no idea the depth of our problems is……

    We have been well-propagandised. I think our hope lies with the aware minority and the Youth. I’d prefer that to an undeniable disaster. I hope we have a peaceable N.Amer. “Spring”. But I wouldn’t bet on it.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      I don’t dispute the happy-think meme, or-well, but to some extent I dispute the inferences you draw from it. My musings are:

      1. American culture is based on “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” (I’m told). If so, it is not surprising to find a large happy-think cohort there after 200+ years – it’s the stated goal, after all.

      2. We have indeed been thoroughly propagandized. I think people go along with the propagandized view as long as it works for them, and the nature of the developing breakdown is twofold. First, among most youth, everything is fine unless you’re one of the growing number of unemployed and unemployable. Second, for most older people, everything is fine unless your personal bubble has burst. I mean “most” in a demographic sense – lots of individual exceptions, of course, many posting here at Enenews.

      3. Thus, I don’t think hope lies in “the aware minority and the Youth”, but rather something like “the growing number of the aware minority of all ages”. A cynical view is that it might just be the haves vs. the have-nots, as keeps happening throughout history.

      4. In the last Canadian federal election, people who hoped for change predicted a massive youth turnout. It failed dismally. The party widely perceived as “anti-youth” won a handy majority and most of the young voters just stayed home. Some people assert that the young people refused to participate in what they saw as a rigged game, others believe they are just too apathetic.

      5. Whatever the reasons… people are people. They do what they do, whether I like it or not. Now (he muses), what will I do – that’s one person I can do something about. I’m almost 70, gulp, and life is VERY good to me right now, yet I want to help stop this nuclear monster. Go figure.

      • or-well

        Hi aigeezer,Good points.#5-“your political voice is the life you lead.” (Chrissy Hynde)Found I’m on my own in this. Sad. Oh well.#4-rigged game for some,apathy for some,Media sway,”small”-issue focus,”big”-issue focus lacking alround, peer influence,likely other reasons too.#3-agree with your expansion “…growing…aware minority.” I think it’s more than Have vs Have-not tho. The Idealism of Youth, their weblinkedness,the impact a small% of “influencers” can have; that was my intended gist.2#-agree re: older folks in larger sense, youth not so much. Comfortable or not, eyes & minds do open, why is personal, subjective,product of times, education etc. More see that all is NOT fine even if doing OK personally. Maybe zeitgeist, or simply too much Elite over-reach.#1-cynic me says why surprised, innocent optimist me is dismayed, realist me says long way to go on a hard road maybe.Your thoughtful reply much appreciated. Many issues, many rivers to cross.

        • aigeezer aigeezer

          Yes, we’re on similar wavelengths. This medium does not allow for much nuance or subtlety of expression so points of agreement/disagreement tend to get muddied.

          I love your Chrissy Hynde quote. All of us who post here about how “they” must do something might find it more satisfying to just do something oneself and let “them” find their own road (since that’s all one can really do anyway).

          Thanks for your posts – they help me clarify my own position on this stuff.

          • or-well

            Too often I forget the lesson a wise one gave me once – we are all mirrors, so that we may see ourselves in each other.

            You just reminded me of that.


            I’ve realised I must “let it be” as it is, for those around me.

            The task now is to refocus on a different way forward.

            I feel the comments here are helpful stepping-stones on a path to my unknown destination.

            Gratitude to all.

    • truthseek truthseek

      @or-well, I have been told the same thing… I am trying to develop my families sense of awareness and urgency over this potential or eventuality. Trying to develop a life plan, get into a huddle and have a family strategy if/as things require adjustments in our approach to basic living.

      My sister point blank told me that she did not want to know about stories and developments like this, as there was nothing that she could do anything about it anyway. People (in the masses) appear to be NUMBED to the scale of life events and appear stifled into utter apathy, as per.

      • or-well

        Our compliant acceptance serves those in power.
        Maybe that explains it’s prevalence.

        Anyway, commonsense prudence suggests some thought be given to planning,appropriate for any natural disaster.

        Prepping with that in mind might help allay fear of other “issues”. What’s useful in one case is often useful in another.

        In 07-08, with the financial crisis, I began to discover how inadequately informed so many around me were concerning big issues (no point listing). By inadequate I mean 1 or 2 mainstream news sources informed.

        I struggle with acceptance of that.

        Well,urban or rural, one key is community.
        You probably know much of the rest, some control re: your access to FEW – food, energy,water, etc.

        I hope you carry on with practical plans.I think there’s a shift in awareness, it’s growing, so that’s good.

        • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


          My sister refuses to make any preparations saying “I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.” My answer: “If you have made no preparations, you won’t be able to cross that bridge when you get to it.” Nothing works with her. She’s still certain that TPTB are looking after her interests. She only gets her news from television, even though she has a computer and access to the web. I have given up trying to enlighten her.

          Go figure.

  • glmr


  • DukeNukem4ever DukeNukem4ever

    Hi everyone,

    here in South Korea the background radiation has been going up steadily. There were some high rad rains and snowfall recently. Here is a video of the readings on my street. The pavement hits more than 0.7 microSv/hr and at chest height it is around 0.4 … indoors the average is 0.35


    I have 3 more months left on my contract and will be leaving here right after … but if the fall out in N.A. (Canada, east coast) has been equally bad then I will need to come up with another place to call home from now on.

    Is there anyone from around Toronto or Ottawa here? What are your geiger counter readings in these areas?

    Thanks for keeping us all informed enenews!!!

  • entropy

    I am in the palm springs area of California. After march 20 or so I saw a few dead birds and frogs. Something I never saw before. Nothing since and my dog is quite healthy. Those smaller animals were effected. Only time will tell.

    • many moons

      The small animals were effected first…next come us. We get to see the suffering till it’s our turn. But it was worth it…right?

  • pg

    For starters, Americans are iodine deficient by design thanks to poisons the FDA puts not our dairy products and mouth care products such as boride. The FDA chief is an x-monstano exec. to boot, which is a Soros company that destroys crops. Soros, is calling for world depopulation down to 500,000. Lovely.

    Now, for those said reasons, people need to question the placement of the reactors in Japan. The conspiracy isn’t that far out, in fact, its very obvious. In addition people need to question the FDA, who also demands people not take iodine! Thats right. Remove iodine then tell us its bad for us! Iodized salt is another example. Take out the iodine, then put it back in regulated amounts. Im willing to bet it was done around the same time those reactors were put in….

    Dont be sheep. Take a KI tablet, break it up and consume daily as a dietary supplement. I take 170mg iodide tablets, break those into 1/4s. I take 1/4 of a 170 before each meal. I properly functioning thyroid will reduce ones chance of getting cancer by up to 30%. It also reduces balding, obesity, increases your resistance to many many diseases, depression, ADD, bi-polar, speeds up healing, counters the effects of aging, Alzheimers, and much more. You thyroid controls your entire body.

    More and more these days I believe that if the FDA says its good for you, it must be bad. If they say, “unapproved” or “warning”, it must be good….

    Been taking KI for a year now. Zero side effects, only improvements. Oh, yeah, “Kelp”, which is what the cartels put on the shelves in drug stores, is strong enough for a flea. (.mcg). Dont waste your money. Cut back on dairy, study Boride, and take KI. Educate one another.

    • vivvi

      true, ignore media liars. I was watching “The Doctors” a while back, and they brought up the subject of colloidal silver. WOW! Are they threatened by real cures, or what??!! They showed the audience a scary photo of a guy who used too much, and his skin turned blue. That lying medical whore then said there is no evidence that colloidal silver works. (to kill infections, etc.) He said to these people, don’t use it, it’s bad.

      See, sheeple will believe him cos he is a DOCTOR. He is very wrong. I know colloidal silver works from real world experience. These same DOCTORS will sell you toxic vaccines, deadly pills for ‘treatment’ of just about anything, frankly anything they can profit from if they can make you believe in it. They will even sell you RADIATION as a cancer treatment!!! They must be rolling on the floor laughing about making a profit from that.

      We must question everything that governments and media tell us. They are motivated by their own greed, not the welfare of people.

  • DukeNukem4ever DukeNukem4ever

    thank you all …

    time WILL tell but then it will be too late as we will all be so chalk full of this poison that moving will no longer make any difference.

    I was considering moving to Chile … to teach ESL there … anyone from that neck of the woods on here?

    btw … anne … the TO rain is like the one we got here in SK a while ago … massive counts … and the background radiation did go up a notch after that:



    I am off to bed guys, tomorrow is another day with the kids … of whom quite a few have been suffering all sorts of mild radiation sickness like symptoms for a while now … I really hope that I am just being paranoid, but the correlations are too close for comfort … and then there are the geiger readings to confirm that all this is in fact NOT just in my head.

    It is hard to fall asleep when you have fear in your heart!

    over and out.

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    I was thinking about heading to South America. Any suggestions?

    • many moons

      I understand that one of our greatest leaders, George Bush jr. got him a big ole piece a land in…Paraguay..well who would have thought an old texan like George would grab up a piece of land in one of the poorest places in the world. I guess he’s just one of those wide open spaces, fresh air, clean water…radiation free kinda guys…and the rest of us can breath plutonium.

    • entropy

      At the very least, PS has no nuclear plants very near. San Ono but there are mountains between. Depends on the problem.
      I moved from’God’s country, San Luis Obispo, which is like heaven really. We fought Diablo Canyon with tongues of crying rage and they still built it. Only one hi way out of town. On a fault line.
      Now the northern hemisphere. Aye carumba.

  • Dave

    The Video with Helen Caldicott on Tom Harman’s show has been removed from Youtube.

  • hbjon hbjon

    Everyone just take a chill pill. I am quite familiar with the disaster. Evacuation of North America is not happening and will not happen. The radionuclides that make it here will affect some animals that graze the pastures, and life expectancy will drop a bit. The food safety should remain a high priority, however, human beings can survive extremely high doses of pollution. Through the years, the heavy elements will work their way underground, and the isotopes will bond to stuff in the earth. You will want to surround yourself and consume that which has a short halflife. Iodine, Ceasium, and Strontium have long halflives and they can be filtered. But not if they are mixed with food. The key to survival will be in the abilities of municipalities to filter water. From that technology, food processing and decontamination can be most effective. One can filter water, but when one tries to filter bread, the filter has a problem. Will isotopes of hydrogen and oxygen be a problem. I don’t know. Will isotopes of carbon and nitrogen be a problem, I don’t know. Seems that all the excitement centers around the longer lived isotopes. Those isotopes disintegrate with much higher frequency and can cause mutations or render a bodily organ, where it accumulates, non functional and perhaps even destroy it. But, if one has a highly functional circulatory system, accumulation is less likely to happpen. For instance, boys who tend to be more active, see less radioactive related illnesses than girls. We need to step out of the irrational exhuberance and look at this from different perspectives. However, the main goal remains to prevent any further releases into the air and soil. We are humans, and our great advantage over all other life is in our analytical computational abilities. Every person reading this post should draw the same conclusions based on the information we mutually receive. Let us act as a team and overcome any suppressors. God bless.

  • TalonThorn

    Does that chill pill include iodine? Are you providing a life-back guarantee on your claim that we are safe? I guess it IS easier to say sorry than it is to be proactive.

    • many moons

      My question is…..has the danger passed? I guess I kinda figured things were still evolving there in fuku.

      • CB CB

        I believe it will continuously cascade, ever causing more and more problems. Once Diani has given us all the fatal dose of her full fallout, then daiichi, then ….? Japan will realize the true gravity of what has happened. I think we are all still in shock and denial. They are in practically no mans land.

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    I gotta boogie on outta here in a minute but I wanna add something to address a matter brought up somewhere earlier regarding “what if” the internet were lost for those of us trying to communicate important info and relay detection & monitoring data under harsh,primitive conditions and I have some very useful info & advice on that & some other “stuff” for maintaining comms that can be utilized by anyone regardless of their electronics knowledge and abilities if anyone’s interested? I’d also add that the gear required is way less expensive or challenging to set up or operate than anyone might think!Think about this-when there is no cell phones,internet,even land line telephone services and perhaps even mail is interrupted or GONE,how would people communicate across even short distances?”Back to the Good Old Days of Radio” and some of us even consider it more interesting & fun,especially the clandestine “Freeband” found above and below the 40 “legal” channels indicated by an old-fashioned CB radio still used by truckers & highway travelers.If there’s any interest shown in this post I’m gonna give you guys & gals an added survival skill worth a lot more than you’d think it is while your still able to sit behind your keyboard & monitor,trust me on that!I gotta grab a bite & TCOB & be back later. ~PEACE~

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    Tell us more, Johnny Blade! Now I can’t stop thinking about Burt Reynolds, and that classic film, Smokey and the Bandit.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      lol,well CB radio was more of a fad that made for some entertaining movies and was good for the bored masses who liked to tinker with gadgets back in the day..hmm,I guess the “gadget” set would still apply a little bit. On a serious note-there are a multitude of inexpensive made for “export” transcievers labeled as 10 meter,multi-mode 2-way radios or CB’s depending on manufacturer & country of origin-but they are very useful in that in SSB mode(SingleSideBand)they can transmit voice & even data for great distances due to the poor choice by the FCC back in the 50’s when they designated the 11-meter band,which covered a small portion of the 27 megahertz HF band sandwiched between the lower frequencies between 24-26 mhz that was used by logging co.’s DOD,Industrial uses including automated equipment and still found is the RC hobby transmitters many are familiar with,while on the upper boundary it’s the 10 meter Ham Band which begins at 28.000 mhz and should be avoided by unlicensed operators. However I stated that 11 meters was a poor choice by the FCC for designating as an informal Citizens radio service because they also made it illegal to contact stations more than 100 miles away via DX or “skip” -the ability for very low power signals to bounce off of the solar-charged ionosphere during high solar cycle activity making contacts for hundreds and thousands of miles commonly take place outside of the licensed and strictly policed Amateur radio service which started a clandestine hobby known as “Freebanding”,”shooting skip” and groups such as Alpha Tango DX Club etc. sprung up with membership worldwide that is not only fun,but will prove very useful should society fall and be thrust back into the Dark Ages. Since I’d gone to the next level and studied and become a legitimate licensed Ham Operator I can’t admit or condone anything,but I can provide a LOT more useful info for educational purposes but I’m out of room here

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        I’ll post some links in a minute and help anyone interested in learning more-including getting a Amateur Radio License here shortly. Let me add that the original 23 channels designated for the Citizens band radio service was expanded due to heavy use and radio traffic to 40 channels in the 80’s but the popularity decreased drastically resulting in much more legible and useful comms. The “legal” 40 CB channels begin at 26.965MHZ and are spaced 10 kilocycles apart with Channel 40 being 27.405MHZ and the “Outlaw” FreeBand International Calling frequency is 27.555 USB Upper SideBand mode where due to the peak sunspot activity occurring now and for at least 2-3 years there will be the ability to talk to say for example Japan from the Midwest USA on a stock transciever using 12 VDC@10amps power for about 25 watts output at the antenna!! During rough conditions for radio signal propagation a small linear amplifier of say 100 watts and/or a directional “beam” antenna pointed towards the target station makes radio traffic even more efficient. The Rocky Mountain & Pacific NW operators & Radio Clubs are undoubtably already transmitting radiation monitoring data already and remote locations cut off from “normal” method of comms would find it especially useful to use for trade & barter,seeking medical help & supplies,communicating between groups & family members and any sort of emergencies. Regular domestic brand multi mode CB rigs such as the Cobra 148GTL SSB rigs have a simple modification such as snipping a numbered diode on the board to “open up” the radio for full range transmit & recieve capabilities effectively going from a 40 channel stock CB to around 500 channels! and you never know who or what you’ll find on the air,but it lends itself well to “pre-choosing” a designated frequency and using it as a “home” monitoring station for individual group comms,etc.I’m out of room,but comms are a priceless asset-1 I’m happy 2 share more! ~PEACE~

  • rattyfa

    I still use cb here in the uk, have a maas dx5000 amongst others, get loads of stateside contacts on ch6 mid and 38lsb

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      Nice! I’m running a Uniden HR2510 w a Chipswitch Mako 5/8ths Wave omni on 11-meters ch38lsb,27.480lsb and of course 27.555usb* For Amateur HF an Icom 725 on a G5RV dipole MFJ949 Tuner 🙂 re-tubing a dentron gla-1000 with russian aftermarket tubes that’s been tuned for best output 0n 10/11 meters @65 watts drive =1,400 watts PEP out with the old tubes! should be interesting! Hope to hear you sometime soon on 38lsb SSB CALL;India Lima 629 Operator; JulietOscarHotelNovember 🙂 73

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    I’ve gotten word that my own personal troubles & harsh obstacles that allowed me to regain clarity & values through suffering so many hardships leading up to now that I’m better off just describing it as a long,uphill battle that taught me valuable lessons,especially with regard to maintaining the proper perspective,prioritizing & preparing for worsening situations and using common-sense & patience and calm while under duress. I “dropped out” of mainstream society & walked away from the opportunities I had to succeed by joining the rat-race by choice when I realized the price for success would’ve been losing my soul and conscience in exchange for material wealth and respect from a category of humanity I truly loathed! Unless I’d be helping more people than profiting from human misery could possibly justify-I refuse(d) to be a tool for the elite scum who have no business in positions which allow control of all of us regardless of our personal stands on the issues that hold promise or threaten to prosper or perish according to “their” “whims” & selfish,faulted logic. So I’ve recognized the numerous ways I and my loved ones have been being “punished” for MY refusal to conform and quietly accept their agenda being forced on all of us,with the most pressing example of their evil,filthy ways being Fukushima & “other” nuclear “accidents” & issues resulting in their likely objective of human depopulation with horrific consequence to ALL earthly life forms while immoral,self-serving,”puppet-master’s”use their influence comprised of fear,blood-money,and influence of governmental leadership,agencies,etc.to create diversion,conflicts & confusion while they continue with their demonic ambitions as we all struggle to survive the diversionary tactics keeping the focus away from where it really belongs during this crucial point in time!~In closing I don’t need to spark religious debate,but to the “1%”~I know “WHO&WHAT” you represent!~PEACE~

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      Things are looking up for me & mine regarding available personal resources and I’m gonna take the resources & knowledge that I’m blessed with and help a few other people to try to get through this mess as best I can. I have an unusual “resume” that isn’t nearly as useful and valuable in a “civilized” society-but under the right circumstances would allow me and those who are with me to thrive in the absence of the current industrialized infrastructure with all of the modern conveniences that have enslaved mankind due to their dependence on such luxury items which would spell their doom when the shit hits the fan and the crap doesn’t work! Besides the obvious regarding computers cell phones,kitchen appliances,etc. I wonder how many people could read a map or navigate via the stars,landmarks,a compass,etc.should GPS become history??!! Set up & use old skool radio equipment,maintain some type of transportation when the gas stations are all gone? All of these things would be even harder if there was to be the additional hazards associated with elevated radiation levels,hot-spots,problems associated with fresh water supply and filtration methods? I bet there’s a damned good number of the group here at ENE.news who CAN handle many of the issues I’ve mentioned in addition to many more I’ve left out,but it’s the “sheeple” who should be tinking about this and learning as much as they can if they insist on believing that the worst FUKU & the rest of the atomic shitpiles they’re able to conveniently ignore are putting them in peril that the ridiculously assume are both “manageable” & “survivable” if they don’t take another look at the logic that allowed them to remain in denial & assume they’ll be “ok”?!!~I’m done for the night,Good Luck All,Have a nice evening & better one tomorrow…~PEACE~ “73’s”

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    If any of you have Shortwave radio’s capable of rcv’ing AM Broadcasts in the 7.350 to 7.500mhz range there is a NEW Pirate Radio station scheduled to begin operation supposedly from the Netherlands with un-censored news and talk FOCUSED on Fukushima as well as ALL of the underhanded activities of the nuke industry with rebroadcasts of Chris Busby, Arnie G and satire followed by Classic Rock & then X-Mas music! The shows will be beamed towards N.America in English and the times will be in UTC. I’ll have to get more info for exact frequencies & times because they don’t announce it until the day before broadcasts begin for “obvious” reasons. They’ll likely have a full day with recaps & special programming for Christmas Eve & Day and New Years as well!! I used to make pirate radio station “catches’ all the time and the old P.O.Box mail addresses & now e-mail would probably still allow listeners who send a note confirming reception of their station with the date,time and your location with a signal report describing the quality of the transmission received will get a nifty QSL Card,usually a color post card with a short thank you note with the station clandestine call letters and pictures of the equipment and antenna array with a description of the types of gear and power output of the station.. I used to have a 10×12 ft. radio room filled with radio equipment that had the walls completely covered with QSL cards from Pirate stations,licensed ham stations I’d contacted,CB/11 meter outlaw “Freeband”stations as well as legitimate Shortwave and AM Broadcast stations which generally sent higher quality QSL cards and letters from the station managers or engineer.I find it very cool that Fukushima “truths” will be broadcast globally via the airwaves from ANY source & I look forward to it.As a licensed Amateur Operator I can’t participate or encourage such activity though!(wink,wink)I’ll have specifics posted Friday a.m. though..~PEACE~

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Dear Johnny: You rawk. I wish I had a shortwave. This event is surely inspiring me to scrape it together to get one. I can’t afford a geiger counter that any other person or self respecting scientific entity or organization would take seriously. Perhaps, having a short-wave (HAM I assume, not technically proficient here) radio could turn out to be even more revolutionary or even more useful at the very least. Thank you very much for the inspiration.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Hi.. JB and Pallas89juno
    I am going to add..a CB to my prep stuff ..already have two sets of 20 mile range walkie-talkies.
    Andthen…. like the son-in-law in the “Grapes of Wrath”..I’m gonna be a radio star.