Radiation fallout poses growing threat: 2,600+ cattle contaminated; More vegetables at unsafe levels — No centralized system, only voluntary tests

Published: July 25th, 2011 at 8:45 am ET


Threat to Japan’s Food Chain Multiplies, Bloomberg, July 25, 2011:

Radiation fallout from the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant poses a growing threat to Japan’s food chain as unsafe levels of cesium found in beef on supermarket shelves were also detected in more vegetables and the ocean.

More than 2,600 cattle have been contaminated, Kyodo News reported July 23 […]

Japan has no centralized system to check for radiation contamination of food, leaving local authorities and farmers conducting voluntary tests. Products including spinach, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, tea, milk, plums and fish have been found contaminated with cesium and iodine as far as 360 kilometers from Dai-Ichi. […]

Published: July 25th, 2011 at 8:45 am ET


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19 comments to Radiation fallout poses growing threat: 2,600+ cattle contaminated; More vegetables at unsafe levels — No centralized system, only voluntary tests

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Thank you Enenews. Posted to HP altho it went to Moderation. Strange.

    • Hemisfear311 Hemisfear311

      Thank you for bringing that up. It scared me more than many of the scary news about radiation releases. Not only do they insist on misinforming the public, they also passed a law to keep people like us from pointing out the discrepancies in their own statements about the state of things.
      Shutting down critical voices and censoring “the truth” is one of the hallmarks of fascism.

      I hope you have taken whatever precautions necessary to counter what the “agency” has in wait for this site.

    • TraderGreg

      When I read this Japgov garbage, I got impression that Dark Ages are back. My first impression was, that it is communism, but it is more likely that Japan does slide into fascism again. For me, they went a bridge too far… Fuck Japanese goverment. We need to boycott everything ‘made in Japan’ in order to force them back to modern ages.

      We need to treat the Japgov the same way, as other nasty dictators, through boycott and isolation. Nothing else will work with these assholes. You like the Japanese culture, and so do I, but the people there need to liberate themselves. It looks like majority of the common Japanese are just a plain sheeple now.

      • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

        Well, no argument there Greg.
        However, I am compelled to offer the insight that Japan has been deeply Fascist since the 1940s. At least in terms of a formal philosophical definition point of view.

        I have had more than enough business dealings with Japanese companies to know how deep the Fascism runs there. And they do not do all that much to hide it. The tax based subsidies are huge. As are the trade barriers. The distinction between the Japanese govt and industry is silly to even discuss. No different than forest products resource extraction industries in the US and USDA/USFS
        Or FDA and big pharma.

        As for sheeple, Japanese culture has refined and implemented the Orwellian mind set so deeply that it will require full on industrial collapse to get them out of it.

        For what it’s worth.



  • People have been posting stupid comments on Arnie G on other forums, trying to discredit him, but this is a nice rebuttal:

    There is a new comment to Arnie Gundersen going international.
    Comment Link: http://atomicinsights.com/2011/06/arnie-gundersen-going-international.html#comment-8897
    Author: RichardPerry
    July 25, 2011 to pro nuclear:

    You are looking stupid now as Arnie is right it did get worse. My sister has a couple of friends in Japan and are way outside the no zone,they went to the doctor and found out booth of them have radiation in the lungs and are now taken medicine to help treat it. I have friends also and now are living in the heat without air conditioning and have to keep the windows closed, they say they cannot stand it and may have to open the windows anyway. You are just trying to discredit a man that has the best interest of man hind; we sure cannot trust the nuclear industry as they have not told the whole truth yet. Just tell the truth do not worry about the reaction from the people, we can run our own lives and make decisions if we can rely on truthful information.
    July 23, 2011 Greg G in Tokyo: I do not blame Japan; I blame the nuclear industry that leads us to believe that radiation levels were safe. When this melt down started the industry mouthed of as usual that 5 sv/hour was a safe limit of radiation so do not worry, they have made this claim for years. They did not tell us that this is exposure only and that in the environment eating and breathing it .000005 sv/hour is not safe for all life, maybe. Some scientist studies show no radiation is safe. The nuclear industry makes comparisons to back ground radiation and say you can handle much more, but back ground radiation is not ionized or hot like what is given off from these plants, so any radiation from these plants will greatly increase the chances of cancer and many other health problems. These plants should never been built and the nuclear industries greed has pushed it through lies. Below are some of the risks they have created.
    I live in Saskatchewan, Canada, Nuclear radiation as of July 18, 2011 first radiation level metered, was extreme hazard at 1.01 mc sv/hour in rain water. This will cumulate as long as Japans plant and rods spew out radiation; it may never stop, and how long before ground level will be 1.01 mc sv/hour or more without rain. How many people and animals will be affected before this ends? If I am very lucky no other plant will melt down. But with more plants being built will increase the probability of it happening again. With plant cost over runs, are they lacking on safety issues to keep the cost down, past performance sure makes it seem so. Also more plants increases the chances of earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, country revolt, volcanoes, tsunami’s, avalanche, sink holes, freezing weather, hurricanes, 1000’s of parts in the plant, extreme long term heat, asteroids, bad product, lighting strike, extreme down pour, military Coe, space debris, airplanes, terrorist attacks and most of all human error damaging a plant. How many Homer Simpsons are at work, we know at least two on the safety committees of one plant? Safety switches and protocol are a joke, I have refused to sign off on them and ten minutes later the production starts up. This happens because a safety device alerts a shut down only to find three times in a row a shutdown was in acted for no reasons found, but when it is a serious problem they will have automatically over ridden the auto shut down and then examine the problem, which is now is too late, if the problem should have shut down automatically, this is done time and time again. I believe I could put a nuclear power plant into melt down for about $10,000.00, a terrorist probably for less. Why in this world a country would centralize the power distribution is beyond my understanding of safety. Also solar, wind etc. will in create many needed jobs in your country, instead of buying nuclear products from other countries giving away many jobs. You should see what goes on in northern Saskatchewan’s nuclear mining it is crazy. I will tell one, they have at each site tailings that are washed into large ponds beside lakes (touching each other separated by an earth dam). They have to keep pumping water for ever into the pond so it will not dry up and cause radioactive dust to be spread around the province/world. The dams have broken several times and radioactive water has spelled into the lake before they could rebuild it and have dried up enough to wisp into the air. I have not added the loss of land from mining or ponds and hug craters that will not support life for many years. It would be nice if we could get rid of booth, and WOW we can, all we have to do is start the solar, and wind etc. and all is safe.
    Permalink: http://atomicinsights.com/2011/06/arnie-gundersen-going-international.html

  • StillJill StillJill

    “Agriculture Minister Michihiko Kano has said officials didn’t foresee that farmers might ship contaminated hay to cattle ranchers. That highlights the government’s inability to think ahead and to act, said Mariko Sano, secretary general for Shufuren, a housewives organization in Tokyo.”

    Entering the year of the Female.
    Entered,…the gnashing of THEIR teeth!

    She pops popcorn and pulls up chair,…the show HAS STARTED!

    • Hemisfear311 Hemisfear311

      What DO they anticipate will happen in the near future?

      That would be nice to know – just for the record.

  • odylan

    You can side with Gundersen, Busby and Caldicott
    or you can side with Tepco, the Japanese Government and the IAEA

    – that’s the stark choice.

    The answer has been obvious since Day 1.

  • “Black Elk, a Sioux, talks about the hoop of many hoops. He says that above the people is a hoop, a conscience, the total belief of the people. If the hoop is sick, meaning dysfunctional, co-dependent, a lot of alcoholism, family abuse, violence, racism and sexual abuse, the people can get used to this and think this is normal. In other words,the people are asleep. If we have left the spiritual way of life, the people are asleep. If we are giving our power to another entity, the people are asleep. In most tribes, there are Coyote Clans. The job of the Coyote Clan people is to wake the people up. They need to become a nuisance and irritate the people.”

    • Good post risabee.

      We are the Coyote Clan it looks like.

      I like the idea of the “heyoka” too:

      The word Heyókȟa refers to the Lakota concept of a contrarian, jester, satirist or sacred clown.

      Heyókȟa are thought of as being backwards-forwards, upside-down, or contrary in nature.

      This spirit is often manifest by doing things backwards or unconventionally—riding a horse backwards, wearing clothes inside-out, or speaking in a backwards language.

      For example, if food were scarce, a Heyókȟa would sit around and complain about how full he was; during a baking hot heat wave a Heyókȟa would shiver with cold and put on gloves and cover himself with a thick blanket. Similarly, when it is 40 degrees below freezing he will wander around naked for hours complaining that it is too hot.

      A unique example is the famous Heyókȟa sacred clown called “the Straighten-Outer”:

      He was always running around with a hammer trying to flatten round and curvy things (soup bowls, eggs, wagon wheels, etc.), thus making them straight.
      — John Fire Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions, p250

      During the Sun Dance, a Heyókȟa sacred clown may appear to tempt the dancers with water and food and to dance backwards around the circle in a show of respect. If a dancer looks into the mirrored eyes of the Heyókȟa, his or her dance is finished.


      I was imagining being a heyoka sitting in one of those NRC meetings complaining about the severe lack of Sieverts in our lives and how we should build more nuclear plants to bring this up to an acceptable level. I would complain about the pitiful number of child leukemia cases and how the NRC should be more diligent in increasing these numbers, although their efforts to date have been exemplary.

      Then I would take off my hazmat suit and do a high dive into the #4 spent fuel pool.


  • alasanon

    Has anyone heard anything about the mysteries at the Ft. Calhoun flooded nuclear plant in Nebraska??? Thanks, in advance!

  • https://www.facebook.com/ProtectLife – worth looking at to see what information was released in real time. Started March 18th. Also lots of detox info.

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    IAEA chief says cooling operation going as planned:
    “Amano said steps are being carried out systematically and that he believes the prospects are bright.”


    what a clown (not a heyoka though)

  • StillJill StillJill

    PU239,…I’m loving that last one! Reminds me of that old movie where the island girl jumps into the volcano to supposedly stop it’s angry eruption. And,….I know of some good ‘tribal vision’ blooming at a co-op near you soon! 🙂

  • Govt seeking voluntary ban on compost and humus

    Japan’s government is calling on farmers not to use or sell compost and humus made in the east of the country since the start of the Fukushima nuclear crisis.

    Radioactive cesium exceeding the government’s permissible levels has been found in rice straw sold by dealers in Miyagi and other prefectures.

    The agriculture ministry wants a voluntary ban on the use and sale of compost made of manure from cows that may have been fed the contaminated straw…