Radiation fears growing as govt’ finds strangely deformed trees around Fukushima — Nearly 100% have ‘morphological defects’ — “Trees did not have a top bud, without which its growth cannot continue” — Effects worsening over time — Researchers prevented from doing studies… “so little data” (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Published: August 31st, 2015 at 3:44 pm ET


Rocket News, Aug 31, 2015 (emphasis added): Radiation fears as report shows Fukushima fir trees to be growing strangely… A new report by the National Institute of Radiological Sciences now suggests that the fir trees in Fukushima may be exhibiting strange growth patterns… the fir trees in the affected area were increasingly found to be stunted and exhibiting signs of morphological change, particularly bifurcation, the splitting of a body into two parts… some of the trees in the affected areas are only branching off into two separate directions at the tip, and exhibiting lack of upward growth… Photo B shows a trunk which has entirely split into two, and photo C shows horizontal growth only, with a distinct lack of vertical growth… You can see in image C how the central, vertical branch of the tree which should be growing upward is missing entirely. The investigation was conducted in January [2015].

Asahi, Aug 29, 2015: … many fir trees near the plant, as well as other areas, had undergone “morphological defects.”… Fir tree boles normally extend upward with two or so branches arising from them horizontally each year. But this was not the case… researchers have difficulty doing surveys in the difficult-to-return zone due to high radiation readings. “There had been so little data on such areas,” [Prof. Tomoko Nakanishi, University of Tokyo] said.

NHK, Aug 28, 2015: Abnormalities found in trees near Fukushima plant… At the request of the [Environment Ministry, NIRS] analyzed fir trees… The results show that Japanese fir populations in the area showed a significantly increased number of morphological defects, including deletions of leader shoots of the main branch axis. The study shows that 98 percent of fir trees in a 3.5-kilometer area from the damaged plant have defects… The institute says the results indicate that radioactive materials emitted after the nuclear accident may have caused such morphological abnormalities.

Mainichi, Aug 29, 2015: … the top buds of many fir trees in heavily contaminated areas were missing…. In the area with the highest radiation level… 97.6 percent of the observed fir trees did not have a top budwithout which the trees’ growth cannot continue… The researchers say that these abnormalities have increased in prevalence since 2012.

Scientific Reports, Aug 2015: We investigated the morphological changes in Japanese fir… populations near the F1NPP showed a significantly increased number of morphological defects… significant increase in deletions of the leader shoots became apparent in those that elongated after the spring of 2012… defects were characterized by irregular branching… with a distinct deletion of the leader shoot that normally elongates vertically… high frequency of defects was observed in S1 [~3.5 km from FDNPP], where 125 out of 128 trees showed branching defects of the main axis… Compared to the whorls of 2010… the frequency of deleted leader shoots was significantly increased in the whorls after 2012… The frequency peaked in the whorls of 2013… Similar structures were also observed in the winter buds of 2015… there was an inexplicable 2-year time lag between 2011, the year with the highest radiation dose in the environment, and 2013, the year with the highest frequency of defects… of several potential factors, ionizing radiation is most likely to have increased frequencies of the morphological defect.

Watch NHK’s broadcast here

Published: August 31st, 2015 at 3:44 pm ET


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585 comments to Radiation fears growing as govt’ finds strangely deformed trees around Fukushima — Nearly 100% have ‘morphological defects’ — “Trees did not have a top bud, without which its growth cannot continue” — Effects worsening over time — Researchers prevented from doing studies… “so little data” (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

  • rogerthat


    No disaster prevention scheme worked out for 17 nuclear facilities

    No work has been done to establish a disaster prevention scheme for 17 nuclear facilities despite the fact the central government laid out its policy nearly three years ago to review the country's nuclear disaster prevention structure in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear meltdowns.

    The 17 nuclear facilities consist of nuclear fuel processing and reprocessing and experimental and research facilities across the country that are subject to the Act on Special Measures Concerning Nuclear Emergency Preparedness. No discussion has been held on disaster prevention schemes for such facilities. Some of them are located in urban areas …

  • rogerthat


    August 31, 2015 – 9:23pmUpdated August 31, 2015 – 11:08pm
    Family rejects Air Force's $5.2 million bid for land near Area 51

    By Keith RogersLas Vegas Review-Journal
    Members of the Sheahan family said Monday they have rejected the Air Force's $5.2 million offer to buy their land and mining claims near Groom Mine, next to the secret Area 51 installation where the U.S. military and CIA have tested spy planes and stealth aircraft for six decades.

    Joe Sheahan, 54, of Henderson, said the family has decided to decline the final offer that the Air Force made public last week because "we want to keep our property."

    He said the Air Force has threatened to take control of their property through eminent domain on Sept. 10 if the family doesn't accept the offer.

    His cousins Ben Sheahan, 56, Danny Sheahan, 58, and Barbara Sheahan Manning, 59, — all from Henderson — said their stake in the combined 400 acres of property and unpatented mining claims is worth considerably more, not counting the reparations they say they are owed by the Air Force and Department of Energy for "abuses and atrocities" that date back to the early 1950s.

    That's when they said their ore processing mill was fire-bombed by a military jet and their property was showered by radioactive fallout from numerous above-ground nuclear weapons tests. …

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    Panel: Delay in decontamination work regrettable
    Sep. 1, 2015
    A panel of Japan's Environment Ministry says the government should reflect on the greatly delayed decontamination work in Fukushima Prefecture. …

  • rogerthat


    New case of thyroid cancer diagnosed in Fukushima; brings number to 104
    September 01, 2015


    … However, the prefectural government committee investigating the issue of health problems said that "as of now, it is unlikely for the thyroid cancers found in Fukushima Prefecture to have been caused by the nuclear power plant accident." …

  • rogerthat


    Fukushima Pref. to examine incidence of thyroid cancer in children

    The Fukushima Prefectural Government has established a research team at Fukushima Medical University to examine health data taken after the nuclear disaster to determine whether the prefecture's children have a higher rate of thyroid cancer than is natural, the prefectural government announced on Aug. 31. …

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      Climate change although in the cascade…
      (PS. I used to love that word..cascade ..flowing, rushing waters).
      is a symptom of conditions.

      Yesterday, there was a headline.

      "Obama stares down climate change".

      Obama's climate agenda is what?

      He's in Alaska now, with a TV persona, oh, so willing to follow the WH script.
      There will be some mumbling about causation.
      Some flabbergast remarks as to the myriad of causes, with assurance that regulation is the key.

      No word will be said about the sudden increase in the warmth of the Pacific.
      Sure the added warmth will effects the species, lack of oxygen, etc.
      What is the impetus for the sudden increase in changes?
      What is causing rapid onset?

      BP is just now getting permits going to screw around with the methane layer elsewhere.
      ( Which, I wouldn't by the way. Subsurface sea conditions are changing.. Yeppa ..do to climate change.)

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      melting mermaid, I find this a funny response to the Guardian article for which you posted the link. The analogy between Global Warming and politicians' response, the response of uber fanatical religious types, is really, really humorous. And I'm sort of labelled a "fundamentalist" Christian, whatever "fundamentalist" means.

      Thought the part about "the things God always seems to be mad at," which, coincidentally, the author stated, are the things the religious fanatics are made at was very funny.

      That being said, I do take a moral stance on some things that likely isn't politically correct these days. But fanaticism is fanaticism.

      The point the author made about wars, etc. was right on the money, IMO.


  • jackassrig

    Sendai. Black bulb Aug 31, 2015 73.9 degF. It is still higher than May 1, 2015 65.9 degF. Whatever happened, they must have gotten it under control. Black bulb Aug 16, 2015 83.3 degF.

  • unincredulous unincredulous


    All IAEA scientific and technical publications are protected by the terms of the Universal Copyright Convention as adopted in 1952 (Berne) and as revised in 1972 (Paris). The copyright has since been extended by the World Intellectual Property Organization (Geneva) to include electronic and virtual intellectual property. Permission to use whole or parts of texts contained in IAEA publications in printed or electronic form must be obtained and is usually subject to royalty agreements. Proposals for non-commercial reproductions and translations are welcomed and considered on a case-by-case basis. Enquiries should be addressed
    to the IAEA Publishing Section at […]"

    in•quir•y (ɪnˈkwaɪər i, ˈɪn kwə ri) also enquiry

    n., pl. -quir•ies.
    1. a seeking or request for truth, information, or knowledge.
    2. an investigation, as into an incident.
    3. a question; query.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    International experts produced the Fukushima disaster.

  • Down The River Down The River

    I posted this in OT, re-posting it here.

    Has anyone heard from Teri recently? That fire is huge and has been going on for weeks.

    There is some good news from yesterday’s reports. They have been getting some rain, AND “There have been no lost time injuries and no homes destroyed.” (3000 are threatened)


    The Ferry County Sheriff's office is lowering the evacuation levels around the Kettle Complex.

    Not sure how this affects Teri, but it is a good sign.


  • This is great link with annotated photos from Reactor 4. 70 pages.

    When i return to Unit 4 meltout analysis, this will help a lot!


    • oldster

      The constant addition of the word 'hydrogen', in the article you linked to, (consistent with most media and official references to the Daichi explosions) to the word 'explosion', seems to me to be rather suspiciously leading the witness. "Doth protest too much". Those were very powerful explosions. I have made a modest hole with a jack hammer through a much less impressive concrete wall than in the reactor buildings, re bar-reinforced walls, and it took quite an agonizing, sweat-drenched, 'an heroic struggle!', effort.

      The author points out that the declaration by TEPCO that no pipes down below were damaged is in effect mere make believe: consistent in quality with many of TEPCO's declarations: begging the question, why should any not-clearly-demonstrable assertion by TEPCO be believed?

      Looking forward to your return to this topic.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      stock I think its about unit 1. But I had long thought it was suspicious that the mirror image panel blowouts on north and south side were in line with the isolation condensers. Could a steam explosion blast the ends off and the orange material be insulation and condenser parts? The problem is that Unit 4 doesnt appear to have the ICs there like the other reactors, and the reactor was shutdown also, so why would the cooling system overheat?

  • Watch this short video. It explains in ways that a 7th grader could understand what happens in each case of:

    1) Do nothing (i.e. keep being a slave to the electric industry)
    2) Lease Solar PV from a company
    3) Buy Solar PV outright, using your own money, or a loan


  • ajsquaredawayjarhead ajsquaredawayjarhead

    I vividly recall camping out in the Clearwater National Forest of North Idaho for several months during the Summer of 2013. The native trees were all "weeping" heavy sap during the heat of the Summer, in particular the White Fir (aka Grand Fir). This sap would cover everything exposed to the elements, and it was unlike anything that I had observed in the years prior. I have close friends in the region who confirmed and validated my observations, as they had lived in the region far longer than I had. I suggested that the phenomenon was directly attributed to the fallout from the Fukushima Daiichi accident, and the shared sentiments were somber. Perhaps this was an immune response from the native flora. Perhaps we shall never know for sure.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    “Trees did not have a top bud, without which its growth cannot continue”

    Sounds like metaphor for "We need God."

  • unincredulous unincredulous


    Iori Mochizuki

    Tepco's investigation inside SFP 3 8/4/2015



    Tepco removing FHM from SFP 3 8/2/2015

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Ya'll probably saw this already. I just now saw it for the first time. I am curious how they cut that big hunk of fubar out of there. Or maybe it was just loose. Do you think that the big piece that blew up into the sky in reactor 3 explosion? Maybe some of the smoke people saw in webcams was metal being cut.

      That's just supposition.

      The details are you guys's area

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Reactor 3 video, Dana will have a fit. It is hard to believe.

        Ha. 2:50 minute mark of the following video —> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8QqkYsud4o

        Dana going off about video being faked on reactor #4

        I thought cameras were unable to work in high radioactivity… I know #3 is the MOX reactor. 2 million times worse than any other reactor on the planet according to Dana. Lots of debris in the pool (if the video is even REAL. Did I miss this.? I know I don't read every post, but…have you all discussed this? The video is three weeks old, by youtube info.

        • Silverlok Silverlok

          There is a site that contains a goldmine of data collection and analysis on all things fuku/daichii, it is on ATS, a conspiracy theorists ( and alternative news) site , which is what the early questioners of the official stories were labeled.

          the start of the thread is here ( be warned the thread is 1400 pages long ): http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread672665/pg1

          If I remember correctly the real science type digging started around page 200 or so , and you can find much about the four pool peppered here and there, but here is a quote on page 794 ( http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread672665/pg794 ), from your truly (Apr, 26 2011):
          "…A word, coined by Chakotay: poolium

          looks like you have poolium on the east south east corner from under that side of the pool , poolium on the north west north (between 3 and four) still curious how it got across the building, and recent thermal images show what's ;left in the central areas of number fours pool seems to be following the rod storage to core loading channel to be depositing materials in or around the core . by now a good portion of most of those masses should be in or at basement level ( where the SC (torus)) is in a pool of continuously replenished water which would tend to slow it somewhat but encourage fission,

          To keep those kind of numbers it has to be poolium ( otherwise known as corium ) and repeated surging criticalites …"


          • Silverlok Silverlok

            …regarding the thermal images taken from directly above the pool/ and core at four by satellites…

            the images showed heat blobs in the core and torus strongly implicating transient rod material had condensed or flowed into those areas and was causing recriticalities.

            thus …the story of Tepco acctually removing the ALL fuel as they claim they did at 4 is strongly in disagreement with the data from the early days of the fuels actual physical ( possible ) states…

            given the fact that we to date still do not have and officially coherent story of how four's pool could blow the roof off and start burning, somehow have apparent criticalities ( or at least VERY hot spots ) in the torus and core , and still be 100% removable follows Tepco's proven record of straight almost constant lying, much better than it does to any know data profile of the actuall events and state that four was in .

            Also, some evidence exists that four was being loaded with mox ( the same as three ) , so that would make the pool a much more dangerous character

            Finally an Israeli ( read that word as: Massad) company called magna bsp ( http://www.magnabsp.com/ ) had special hardened cameras monitoring unit three, they had thermal, and even though right after the disaster Tepco could not access there computers Magna, said they could confirm the cameras still functioned and that data was on the server …what ever it may have been was never made public

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Hey now, unincredulous, that's spelled Youz Guyzez. Don' mess with Uncle Vinnie, ya hear, punk? Uncle Vinnie likes his street lingo spelled Prahpahlee. 😉

        Just kidding.

  • unincredulous unincredulous


    2:45 – 5:30 mark radiation readings

    Nov. 2013 Some interesting radiation readings, comparisons with Pripyat (CHERNOBYL)

    misses this one. Was I the only one here to miss it?

  • Jebus Jebus

    MSM counters radiation fears and many stunted radiologically mutated trees with a picture of obviously not very healthy trees.

    3.04 trillion of them…

    You live on a planet with 3.04 trillion trees

    "The number of trees cut down is almost 3 trillion since the start of human civilization" said Thomas Crowther, a postdoctoral fellow at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies who led the study. "That is an astronomical figure."


    • Jebus Jebus

      I'd say right there we already cut it down to a 50/50 chance…

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Gee.. no trees.. no CO2 sequestration.. and the result.. no oxygen production.

        • Silverlok Silverlok

          ocean algae , not trees ( though trees certain help a lot ) produce most of the oxygen on earth ( http://www.ecology.com/2011/09/12/important-organism/ ) "…Plants in the ocean are a bit more difficult to see since they are single cells floating in the water. Even though you may not see them, they are there. Remember, these little cells go down to over 300 feet below the surface so they have lots of room to spread out.

          Plants on land and in the ocean are extremely important to us and we wouldn’t be here without them…"

          so…if fuku is the cause of the pacific problem , and that problem starts with small radiation particles concentrating in the same places as " single cells floating in the water " then we better hope those mutant algae blooms dominating the west coast are oxygen producers, just don't breath the oxygen they produce for 122.24 seconds, the longest lived isotope of radioactive oxygen

          ( hmm perhaps that is one of the big troubles: a large amount of the fuku releases are as direct from contact to corium releases of miniscule buckyballs ( http://www.pnas.org/content/109/6/1874.full ) into ocean solution. these 'float' and may be , as the ocean tends to liquid and vapor near the surface meaning vast amounts of mammals swimming through heavy nuke water would be breathing in radioactive oxygen that would travel to the lungs and heart and almost twice around the body as a 'fast emmiter' , and all the stable decay products look like normal…

          • Silverlok Silverlok

            elements ; carbon nitrogen , and Florine, just a thought

            • Silverlok Silverlok

              how many liter of oxygen a day does a whale breathe? hell of a way to bio-accumulate a fast emitter.

              if a whale uses the same basic intake ratio to weight as a human then they breath ( resperate) around 100 liters of AIR a minute ( on average)say 9% of that is oxygen and 10 percent of that air is radioactive oxygen, that's close to an accumulation of a liter a minute of radioactive fast emitters inside the body that leave little to no chemical/biological trace other than physical damages.

  • Interesting study on potassium, where it came from and how it supposedly decays into Calcium.

    So where is all of the calcium in rocks and ocean water, if that is what all of the K40 decays into? The whole globe and all rocks plus soil should be filled with calcium from the decay of K40, but it seems that they cannot find it..

    Please correct if that is mistaken conclusion of this article

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Dr G, the k-40 decays to argon and the atmosphere and rocks are filled with it, as evidenced by the beautiful pink glow often seen coming from volcanoes

      • Argon is only a small percentage of what K40 breaks down into. That is a false conclusion. Most of what K40 is supposed to break down into, is CALCIUM. So where is all of this calcium in rocks? There is none or very little.

        The evidence for the theory does not match reality. Why not?

  • ß-rays having an energy of as much as 700 eV were observed in the magnetic spectrum of potassium. By comparing the period and ß-spectrum of the group of elements containing RaE, RaC and so on one arrives to a half-life time of K40 corresponding to only 25 days.

    As pointed out recently by KLEMPERER 2 this difficulty can he avoided b y
    taking into account the fact that while through the transformation
    of RaE into RaF and so on the nuclear spi n
    changes with ± 1 unit, we have to expect a change amount –
    ing to 4 to 5 units in the nuclear spin when K4° change s
    into Ca 40 .



  • 3,000 Lethal Radioactive Man Made Elements/ Nuclides Created By Nuclear Industry Are Coming Out Of All Reactors And Nuclear Accidents, Pandora's Box Opened

    But not one of these 3,000 activated man made artificial elements is potassium?


  • unincredulous unincredulous


    Nothing to see here (Japanese decontaminate streets)

    • PlowboyGrownUp

      "dead mold is just as bad as live mold".

    • PlowboyGrownUp

      " Mold affects everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, or overall health and fitness level. Surprisingly, you are as much at risk for mold in dry climates as wet climates. The mold growing in desert regions can be even more tenacious, since it's had to adapt to the drier air.

      It turns out that 25 to 28 percent of people are genetic "canaries in the coal mine" for experiencing severe mold reactions — and in the US that amounts to about 75 million canaries.

      Anyone can have problems from a water-damaged building, but if you're mold-sensitive, it's more likely that exposure can trigger a debilitating illness. Symptoms are wide ranging, from autoimmune and inflammatory issues to neurocognitive problems."

    • PlowboyGrownUp

      (the article doesn't mention what effect radiation has on molds.)
      " People have experienced fatigue, migraines, muscle cramps, numbness and tingling, cardiac arrhythmias, and insomnia. The list of symptoms is almost endless because the toxins can settle into so many parts of your body.

      Weight gain is very common. A few experience "unexplained" weight loss, but most have rapid unexplained weight gain that doesn't stop until they receive proper treatment.

      There are numerous mental and neurological effects associated with mold toxicity, including brain fog, cognitive dysfunction, and mood disturbances. It's not uncommon for people to have short-term and long-term memory loss, confusion, depression, and panic attacks. Children can experience drops in IQ.

      Brain imaging reveals that mycotoxins can actually damage your brain — in particular, your amygdala. This can result in experiencing mood swings or rage for no apparent reason. Those with mold toxicity often describe their emotions as "out of control." According to mycotoxin expert Dr. Harriet Ammann, indoor molds can damage the systems of your body in the following ways:"

    • PlowboyGrownUp

      " The good news is, once you realize you've been poisoned by toxic mold, with proper support your brain and body can recover. But in order to do so, it's important to find a "mold literate" physician to guide you in every aspect of your care. Recovering from mold-induced illness requires an integrative approach under the guidance of a knowledgeable healthcare practitioner. Most primary care practitioners aren't trained to treat mold poisoning and don't even take a mold history. Unexplained symptoms are usually dismissed or attributed to other problems, such as psychological issues.

      Those who DO believe in mold toxicity typically limit their approach to the prescribing of steroids and dangerous antifungal medications, many of which are toxic to your liver. Recovering from mold toxicity requires removing the source or sources of exposure, then starving the fungi out of your body with an antifungal diet and avoiding foods that may be contaminated with mold. Make sure your vitamin D levels are optimized, as vitamin D has been shown to be effective against mold allergies."

  • melting mermaid melting mermaid

    No beer, no sugar, no cheese…now I'm just going to go cry.

  • Ho Lee Fuk Ho Lee Fuk

    Super Typhoon Kilo likely to thrash Japan?
    This is truly concerning

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Idea for a video:

    "Clean, green nuclear power."

    A close up green grass. Zoom out slowly. The green grass is just a patch, it gets less green. Mostly brown now. Mutated daisies. Still zooming out. A horse, it's skin sloughing off. Moving , panning, covering various scenes of environmental situations. Zooming out the FDNPP ruins stand collapsed , beach covered with dead marine life. Camer zooming out fast now. The earth recedes below, and viewer see that the earth is shaped like it has a filter mask on it. The moon is a radiation hazard symbol, to warn innocent alien life passing by. Close up of an alien looking out spacecraft window. The color of earth fades to black and white, or just duller as if the eyes of a dying creature similarly fades. Reflection in a tearful alien eye close up. Alien flicks his finger — thwaaak! — against an alien cockpit radiation warning symbol. Alien mutters, "Assholes."

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    We really need the "Meltdown Event" movie in theaters NOW.

    A harrowing escape from one after another nuclear crises sees the triumphant survivors' hopes dashed when Carrington event ends movie showing all nuclear plants melting down and blowing up.

    The other survivor's who were not on the side of the earth facing the sun, wake up and Geiger counters' clicks overwhelm the morning sound of crickets.

    It's art, so exaggerate the events to the max.

    Maybe have the initial meltdown at the new NPPs near the Chernobyl plant. Survivors emerge from being lost in the woods and come out at Chernobyl. Help is sought at a hospital housing the children of Chernobyl . They are scared shitless by a man with gigantism or elephantism.

    Proceeds benefit radiation victims.

    I'm sure the nuclear industry would cooperate — after all, everyone "knows" that nuclear power is safer than a manual pencil sharpener.

  • unincredulous unincredulous


    7:20 minute mark

    Up to 28 million cubic meters of contaminated debris, up from 22 million cubic meters from another story I saw

    The volume of debris is now estimated to become up to 10.8 times the volume of the great pyramid of Giza, Egypt. ( 2,583,283 cubic meters)

  • jec jec

    Fukushima Nuclear Plant FLOODED! Now thats something to watch on webcams.


  • Say, ADMIN:
    Volcanic activity at SAKURAJIMA TODAY, 10 SEPT 2015:

    FVFE01 RJTD 100937
    DTG: 20150910/0937Z
    PSN: N3136 E13039
    SUMMIT ELEV: 1117M
    ADVISORY NR: 2015/816
    OBS VA DTG: 10/0900Z
    OBS VA CLD: SFC/FL090 N3108 E13051 – N3105 E13054 – N3108 E13100 –
    N3111 E13057 MOV SE 15KT
    FCST VA CLD +6 HR: 10/1500Z SFC/FL080 N3051 E13031 – N3049 E13045 –
    N3018 E13055 – N3001 E13123 – N3004 E13059 – N3018 E13033
    NXT ADVISORY: 20150910/1200Z=

    Link: http://ds.data.jma.go.jp/svd/vaac/data/TextData/2015/20150910_28208000_0816_Text.html (for more info, go to: PREV PAGE)

  • jec jec

    Right now, HUGE OCEAN WAVES pounding the port and facilities..big big waves with white foam likely close to reactor levels at the plant. see on JNN. I thought it was a band of fog..until it broke over the right side..dangerous. Just how HIGH are the reactors from sea level? not very high from what this looks like.

  • jec jec

    White waves breaking behind Reactor 1 building when seen from JNN.The 'fog' is SALT SPRAY! 07:36 JST time.

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