Radiation in No. 1 reactor building “far exceeded expected levels” reaching 700 millisieverts per hour — 500 million becquerels released when opening entrance

Published: May 9th, 2011 at 8:32 am ET


Japan detects radiation up to 700 milliserverts at Fukushima nuke plant, Xinhua, May 9, 2011:

Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) on Monday detected radiation levels in the building housing the faltering No. 1 reactor that far exceeded expected levels reaching as high as 700 millisieverts per hour, the utility firm said. […]

An area with a double-digit millisievert level, let alone three-digit figures, is quite tough as a working environment. So we have to do the work by using some shielding,” Hidehiko Nishiyama, a spokesman for the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, told a press conference. […]

TEPCO during the press conference were unable to confirm whether the latest measures would be a success and could not say unequivocally whether Asia’s largest utility’s well-publicized schedule to stabilize the plant’s troubled reactors by October would be met. […]

But the utility firm opened the main access points to the reactor and in doing do freely released 500 million becquerels of radioactive substances into the atmosphere, where it had gathered in the upper part of the reactor following a massive hydrogen explosion on March 12. […]

The installation of such cooling equipment is likely to be hampered by high radiation, as the group found several radiation ” hot spots,” especially around pipes suspected to be clogged with highly radioactive material. […]

Published: May 9th, 2011 at 8:32 am ET


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27 comments to Radiation in No. 1 reactor building “far exceeded expected levels” reaching 700 millisieverts per hour — 500 million becquerels released when opening entrance

  • radegan

    Why 500 millions beqs is a peck on the cheek compared to their daily output. And that shielding you’re going to use to do work? How will it shield you from the now radioactive soils under the building seeping into the concrete itself? Wear lead shoes and pants?

    • what?

      500 MILLION becquerels???!! What?!! O–kay. Keep it coming! Just take your sweet time, Japan! :/ (???)

      • brian

        I think 500 million bequerels is only 1 minuscule.

        • Flo

          I don’t know if you were trying to be funny but that made me laugh.

        • radegan


          You’re on to something – we can minimize the impact and hold down the panic by renaming things. Let’s show TEPCO how propaganda is done. Here’s the contest:

          Rename and rebrand the following five measurements of radiation, making them as cute as possible. Bequerels is taken, it is now referred to as ‘Miniscules’ :

          Sieverts, Rems, Rads, Curies, Roentgens

      • xdrfox

        I am hearing the wind was blowing South when this took place ! Hello Tokyo 500 million bequerels coming at you !

  • ocifferdave

    New line of sexy consumable products by BORON Inc. Boron Strawbery Soda. Boron Cheese Toppings. Boron Tooth Paste. Boron Shampoo. I for one welcome our new Boron Corp overlords.

  • beachbum

    This is my last blog, as the continuous re-defining of the problem has not moved us into the direction of solutions. In some cases, I realize, there are no solutions. We’ve really done it to ourselves this time.
    I recently got caught up in the hoop-la, having never blogged before, which has distracted me from my higher goals; it is to these things I must now return. I will spend more time with my kids and grandkids. I will mend some fences that really need my attention. I see people right here in my own personal mission field that need so much, and… I believe I can make a difference. I have a few loose ends to tie up.
    My home, and my security, on the Gulf are in serious danger. I have put this off for a while, but now I must relocate immediately. My monies and time must be focused on me and mine. The higher calling beckons me and I must go.
    So many of you have become friends; recognizable by your writing styles. It’s good to be pissed off, or to stop and smell the heart of the rose, or to have the good xdrfox as my healing physician. Kevin at Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Blog, thanks for the space. And so many others I have learned to love. Thank you all.
    Stand up America! It is never too late. Let’s be the change we want to see.
    Peace out!

  • Heart of the Rose

    @beachbum..The GOM is now no place to be.
    Be safe, be well..and come back and visit us here.

  • Anthony

    Can they blow this thing up with better results than the apparent alternative? I remain unconvinced Fukushima left as is, is going to get better than it is – probably worse. IS there any advantage to blowing the whole complex up? I am not a physicist so I wonder what the impacts could be and if it would effectively destroy the radiation for once and for all?

    • John

      I am a physicist and no, “blowing it up” is the worst option. You’d just disperse everything you’re trying to keep out of people’s bodies. They need to cool everything down WITHOUT anything blowing up, then entomb the reactors.

      • Adam

        thanks for helping the layperson understand this crisis. People are real ignorant when it comes to nuclear power.That’s essentially the problem.If the public at large knew how truly dangerous Nuclear power really is,you’d see a huge increase in candle sales and some REAL PRESSURE on the government to find renewable options.The nuclear industry makes billions of dollars anually in the U.S. alone.THEY are a VERY POWERFUL LOBBY GROUP.

  • misitu

    Oh Dear.
    Radioactive decay has its own timescale. As does the decay both of the primary material and also the intermediate radioactive products.
    Short of putting it all in a rather large lead bag and flinging it towards the Sun there is not much to do now.
    Some areas of population will be more badly affected than others.
    I am sure that some amelioration is possible but, in those famous words, it might have been better to have started earlier.

    The greatest stupidity is that there seems never to have been any real risk assessment in the nuclear power industry covering a simple cause and effct situation such as has happened at F-daiichi.

  • Cynthia

    Posted on EURAD site (http://www.eurad.uni-koeln.de/index_e.html)…”The observational data of the CTBTO now show a clear decrease of the worldwide radioactive concentrations outside of Japan (see measurements at bottom right of this page). Therefore we now do not continue with the predictions for the northern hemisphere.”

    I wrote to EURAD’s Project Manager, Adolf Ebel (adolf.ebel@eurad.uni-koeln.de). I would encourage others to do so.

    Dear Adolf Ebel,

    No, There is NOT a clear decrease in radiation. Anyone keeping up with the news can see that there is no change with radiation releases at Fukushima. The releases from Fukushima are on going, and until this is stopped, it is necessary to keep monitoring it. We can see that this is a clear effort to censor radiation levels in favor of Nuclear Power. 

    The EPA announced that they have stopped all monitoring about the same time you have. Since then, there have been reports coming from State Health Departments on milk, vegetables and water showing contamination with Cesium and Radioactive Iodine that far exceeds the allowable limits that the EPA has set. 

    Censoring the radiation levels coming from Fukushima is totally irresponsible. You know full well that there are serious levels of radiation being released that will affect the health and well being of people worldwide. Now we will have no way of knowing where the radiation is going. We are left with only watching what is happening in Japan and to assume that we are still getting irradiated. 

    Not that it really matters to you, you have lost all our trust and respect. We know the real reason why you stopped reporting. 

    We are very tiered of being lied to.

  • Thanks Cynthia,

    I sent a letter as well!

  • Novamind

    Some atricle I read a while back said the US recommended burning it up all at once with a nuclear explosion. Anyone else read-remember this?

  • Novamind

    Japanese to English conversion, 700 millisieverts per hour,lets see.. thats 2100 millisieverts per hour-English!

    • Concerned

      There you go again, forcing me to laugh when I didn’t think it was possible! Thank you. 🙂

      • Novamind

        It is just my way of dealing with the subject at hand at times, You are most Wecome.

  • I got my gun tuned up and ready to have fun. Oh wait I cant shoot radiation. It seem s to not exist. Dont matter Have a good hale life yall.

  • HALF HALF I Say I SAY HALF LIFE fucking keys anyhoo