Radiation jumps around Fukushima plant — Now ~1,000% previous levels — Tepco kept strontium-90 data secret for months — Officials knew of increase but ‘too busy’ to do anything — Gov’t holds Friday meeting about what can be done

Published: January 10th, 2014 at 5:09 pm ET


Asahi Shimbun, Jan. 10, 2014 (emphasis added): [TEPCO] withheld 140 measurements of radioactive strontium levels taken in groundwater and the port of the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant between June and November last year. […] strontium levels exceeded the all-beta readings in some instances, leading the utility to decide they were “wrong” and to withhold them from public releases, TEPCO officials said Jan. 8. Previously, TEPCO officials said they had not released the data because the numbers were not confirmed. Company officials on Jan. 8 insisted the utility had no intention to conceal information. […]

NHK, Jan. 10, 2014 (emphasis added): Nuclear regulators will discuss measures to prevent the increase of radiation levels around the crippled Fukushima Daiichi plant. The level of radiation at the plant’s border rose to more than 8 milisieverts in annualized figures in December, from less than 1 milisievert in March in the same year. The regulators say that’s due to the increasing number of storage tanks for radioactive water at the plant […] They explained that the water basically emits beta-rays, which are too weak to penetrate the steel tanks. But they say, when beta-rays hit metals, stronger X-rays come out of the tanks […] On Friday, the regulators are holding a meeting of experts to discuss measures against the increase. The officials say they have been aware of the problem for a certain period of time, but could not deal with it as they were occupied with the issue of contaminated water. […]

Asahi Shimbun, Jan 10, 2014 (emphasis added): Radiation levels around the boundary of the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant have risen to eight times the government standard of 1 millisievert per year [TEPCO] said. The Nuclear Regulation Authority is scheduled to hold a meeting Jan. 10 to discuss countermeasures […] Beta rays released from radioactive strontium and other substances in the water reacted with iron and other elements in the storage tank containers to generate the X-rays, the officials said. […] With a succession of high radiation levels reported on the plant premises and elsewhere, the NRA set up radiation monitoring devices at an additional 400 locations […]

See also: [intlink id=”study-finds-giant-strontium-90-release-into-body-of-water-begins-around-1000-days-after-meltdown-dec-5-2013-is-a-thousand-days-after-311-graphic-shows-very-high-levels-being-discharged-for-u” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: January 10th, 2014 at 5:09 pm ET


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153 comments to Radiation jumps around Fukushima plant — Now ~1,000% previous levels — Tepco kept strontium-90 data secret for months — Officials knew of increase but ‘too busy’ to do anything — Gov’t holds Friday meeting about what can be done

  • Proton

    1000% of most recent RECORD HIGH levels?

    • Proton


      • Ontological Ontological

        I fear 8 mSv/annum is 4x over the 2 they used to allow nuclear workers. Unsure if they have raised that bar yet.
        Yikes! Indeed.

      • OldFool

        The concentration of strontium-90 must be absolutely astronomical in those steel tanks. It is actually quite amazing that no electrical engineer in Japan ever heard or thought of bremsstrahlung radiation from electrons hitting steel walls. But the laws of electrodynamics taught in graduate school apparently do universally apply, even in Japan. What other unpleasantly ruthless but impartial laws of physics have they overlooked?

        • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

          Old Fool, you Sir are right! Higher learning was made into a cash Cow for the classie schools who names is about all they have any more except making new ways to kill or spy on your buddies!

        • OldFool

          I am sure the x-rays will greatly boost employee morale. TEPCO can use the intense x-ray exposures as a new medical benefit to recruit employees – unlimited and free full body x-rays for only the cost the x-ray film – what a remarkable fringe benefit.
          And the intense beta particles from the Sr-90 will offer the 2020 tourists a totally new experience in onsen (hot-spring) relaxation. I can see the travel brochures now – come to Fuku Dai-Ichi and let the warm embrace and caress of the beta particles soothe all your cares away (just be sure to wear leaded glass eye googles to avoid cataracts), as your tired muscles heat-up and totally relax from the intense gamma radiation from the Cs-137.

        • Ontological Ontological

          I think of those tanks as "tea bags" they will eventually transfer their contents to the ocean.

          • bo bo

            Thank you for this great analogy ontological. these kind of visuals are very helpful for laymen like me visiting this site to learn

    • bo bo

      I think last time it had jumped 1000% from previous record too. And previous. And previous. Is anyone keeping track of the very original baseline we started from?

    • We Not They Finally

      That's the way it goes. It's called "exponential" increases. By the time you multiply this week's exponential increase against last week's and last month's and last year's, it's near immeasurable.

      And they were just "too busy" to protect their own population from escalating DEATHS? Not to mention all of us, the whole world, all living creatures and plant life?

      If the people who CAUSED this were to all suddenly drop (just saying "if"), I would be too busy to notice, too busy to mourn, too busy to even notice that it was an alleged human who had just died. At least the dead sardines and herrings had lived a good honest life in the seas — but this crew, phew!!

      It's just possibly encouraging (though not getting hopes up too high) that any REPORTING on this is still possible.

    • OldFool

      The bremsstrahlung x-ray radiation created by the beta particles is something I have been wondering about since last fall. Essentially if you decelerate high speed electrons very suddenly (etc. when they hit the steel walls), they must emit x-ray radiation for the conservation of energy. I was thinking that the x-ray exposure from being near those water tanks must be pretty large.

      • Thank you Old Fool for the great insight

      • bo bo

        So the tanks become x ray machines, just by standing there. Is this a personal theory or common scientific fact?
        (Not arguing, just a layman question)

        • OldFool

          The generation of x-rays from high speed electron impact is an absolutely indisputable fact. Bremsstrahlung x-ray generation has been used for almost a hundred years to generate medical x-rays. It is very surprising that TEPCO did not have any competent technical advisors to warn them about this. This lack of competent technical advice is actually very frightening. It strongly implies that other surprising and nastier events will unfold there in the very near future.

      • Ontological Ontological

        Contributions to the "near visible" sky shine energies. The tanks could emit low gamma down to x ray from internal bombardment. Steel can be degraded by this radiation pressure, depending on how hot they are inside. Supposedly they filtered cesium, and stored it in them. Some tanks may have even been so hot from cesium sludge settling they may have produced steam pressure sufficient to badly damage any tanks with enough "Cesium mud 137".

        • Ontological Ontological

          Oh and not a "machine" as we know them in the dentist, or a ER room. But an x ray source, unshielded and exposure unavoidable unlike an x ray machine.

    • Gradius

      This explains why is so damn HOT (totally unusual HOT) here in South America. While in North America is getting totally freeze.

  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    Who has put the thumbscrews on telco to start to tell us , or is it to prime us for more …

    • Ontological Ontological

      Prime. This was so bad in May of 2011, they panicked and shut down all the garbage mashers in sector 3…No they shut them ALL down.

  • Sickputer

    Should be a reason for the IOC to invalidate the awarded bid to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics.

    Quite simply, they lied about an enormous health risk to Olympic visitors.

    You are going down Diet/Tepco.. Corrupt and incompetent.

  • RememberThis RememberThis

    Well whaddya know…..their experiment in shutting down the filtration systems worked as planned

  • Questionit

    Tepco withholds data and only releases data that is less damaging.

    Tepco and experts say any groundwater contamination is due to cracks in the steel reactor letting water in pipes mixing with fuel and then leaking out of pipes. So full containment if pipes frozen and future problem is fixed if cracks welded over or plugged.

    Authorities issue news that any contamination in the port should stay within the port.

    Experts in US come forward and conclusively state no radiation from Fuku has reached US shores and any contamination in ocean is minor.

    Increase in industry shills/trolls occupying every thread telling us the evidence observed was not and could not be from Fuku.

    Arnie Gundersen once again gives an interview in which he states groundwater contamination is only from water seeping into the building through some cracks and seeping out.

    Then they admit huge increases in groundwater and the port. They will keep saying it's from small water interaction within the building. But, this matches what would be predicted from the study that showed this is the time frame when the groundwater would start exiting into the ocean and that it would carry massive amounts of Strontium 90 (and would continue for 150 plus years). They only admit it because the contamination is outside the port and others will discover it. It will get here.

    • Socrates

      The German 1,000 Day Rule. Cs-134/137 then 150 years o's Strontium-90. Check out the milk and the baby teeth. In Canada there are well – measured levels. A real smoking gun.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      According to an Enenews article around the end of November, 2103, a wall of underground water with extremely high Strontium 90 levels was supposed to hit the Pacific Ocean on Decmember 5, 2013.

  • Socrates

    Keeping meltdowns and Stontium-90 releases a secret? No wonder they want a secrecy law – to cover their butts.

    Many people have been harmed by this dishonesty. These guys should be brought to justice. Why is the USA supporting this?

    Time for congressional hearings.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    You never know when getting radiated. Nobody does, til it's too late.

  • onedman

    Toast? I prefer mine with butter please…

  • Tedd Tedd

    Yawn! Wake me when the executions start.

    • Kashiko Kashiko

      Yes, the sooner the better. You'd only have to do a few and the rest would be falling over themselves to give out the truth. I wish the Japanese people would do something towards it. 125 million people is a big army.

  • Charles Charles

    There is a 4 alarm fire burning, and all the firemen are running the other way.

  • demise demise

    Too busy working on other things to fix problems is a crappy excuse and extremely bad management with a problem this big and millions available to help.

    This is a royal slap in the face for Japan and they better put the resources needed in place before the Pacific Ecosystem in dead and the West Coast of the US is contaminated beyond repair.

    Somebody has to step up and step in quickly!!

    • shamwow shamwow

      This is if you still believe that this can be fixed. I think the Japanese engineers (or any other nationals) would fix this if they could but they can't. This is not a money issue. How do you fix a nuclear reactor meltdown???

      Once they have to abandon the site things will really spin out of control and that is putting it rather mildly.

      • You separate and cool. Its very simple in theory. Tough in practice when you have hell on earth cooking under and massive reactor plant and you have to find it, dig it up without being killed, separate and cool.

        But conceptually, it is simple.

        • shamwow shamwow

          I think the not getting killed part is the tough one.

          I hope you are being sarcastic.

          • Wyakin Wyakin

            Stock-Appreciate your blog and impressed with your concise analysis of the facts and responses over the last week to R3 detonation deniers/hydrogen explosion promoters.

            I’m very slightly optimistic about mitigation, but it completely depends on the corria condition and mass proximity.

            Here are some additional thoughts:

            As a ball park financial guestimation based on other civil underground excavation projects of apparent similar characteristics (non nuclear related analogies), it would cost $23k per foot to tunnel, reinforce, drain water infiltration, and concrete a 20 foot wide tunnel to the coria if a similar non-nuclear project was undertaken in the US, with some tunneling included in this estimate under water bodies. Based on the unknown soil conditions at FU, costs could run 50-75% higher or more.

            Hence, again as a ball park estimate, 10 miles (52,800 feet) would cost a paltry range of $1,166,153,375 to $2,040,768,407, not including kickbacks to the Yakuza and corrupt politicians.

            Tunnels to the corria possibly could be combined resulting in some economy of scale, so the total would likely be less than a factor of 3. The TEPCO.GOV pro nuc guys are such tightwads they must be excreting diamonds through their rears.

            My primary point here is the pathetically low cost of remediation would be far less than the entire loss of the Pacific Ocean. This of course assumes material can be recovered and sequestered.(Con't)

            • Wyakin Wyakin

              There has been debate as to the direction the coria took. Northerly sloping sediment compaction vs. seaward South is relevant to the estimate.

              If corria went inland there may be more technical possibilities.(But bad news for the Tokyo aquifer.)

              Once a tunneled site to these corria have been established, a cooling, recapture, filtration, and recycle system would need to be constructed below at additional cost. An effective uphill water diversion system would need to be constructed.

              The use of magnetotellurics can be used to image the site upward from depths far below to identify the location of the corria. This approach mitigates the electrical interference present at the surface region resulting from current high levels of radiation.

              The TEPCO strategy is to postpone. Time makes it more difficult to employ any technical approach, survey and remediate (whatever this now means) the site. Less company equity will be required to be allocated toward an increasingly impossible and intractable problem.

              Cleanup costs are purported to be between $500 Billion USD to Trillions. With the best and brightest scientific minds, I'm sure that $100-400 Billion is far more than needed to soley remedate the corria(if intact).

              No doubt the nuclear clergy wants us all to believe it is hopeless situation, in order to preserve T.GOV equity. The cost estimates show it may not be hopeless, depending on the state of the site and the location of the corria. More information…

              • Wyakin Wyakin

                An answer to the frequently refrain about corria location (PUN, and others)are required to detemine approach. Cost may not be a realistic barrier.

            • I'll manage the job complete for $125B

              About what they hand to banksters in 6 weeks of QE

          • 100,000 liquidators were sacrificed at Chernobyl

            Bio bots lasted longer real robots. In time of crisis we need to be very pragmatic.

  • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

    The Army did alot of testing of radioactive iron on man.

    I remember Senator Wyden talking about a very radioactive steel handrail at Fuku.

    Steel is like a magnet or sponge to radioactivity.

    Aren't all our water heating tanks steel in the US?

    Do we have to worry about those, as, you well know, we have been drinking this Fuku soup for some time now.

    • Gasser Gasser

      A few days ago I was explaining the three Corium Diichie meltdown Becquerel emissions to my friend who sells hardwood floors, he said many years back he was invited to a hardwood floor manufacturing plant and saw the process to make soft wood hard, he said they had a big cylinder loaded with flooring planks and it was pumped full of a harding resin to a high pressure to impregnate the wood, then the planks were removed and transferred to a huge curing tank containing a special chemical fluid that was charged with radioactive Cobalt 60 that cured the resin making the wood super hard, then he said the company went belly up a few years later, and where the plant was located was later turned into a super fund site.

      That being said; a good business to start would be a Dr. Fuku's Watch Your Step! Dose0meter Footwear Inserts that would wifi readings to your new Smart Phones Geiger Counter app…this kind of science fiction miniaturized Geiger counter gadgetry will become a reality that will be adaptable to most anything we have to everyday live with from food to toilet paper.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks


      • Ontological Ontological

        My wife and I have been diligently learning how to mega fast for days to clear thought patterns and purge. We all will indeed need to change our daily habits to thwart the onslaught of cell damage.

  • Jebus Jebus

    It's a little rough balancing all those plates,

    while reaching for those precious rings…

    Tepco’s flawed turnaround plan

    If the plan is approved, the government will be more deeply involved in the work to clean up the mess from the meltdowns, while placing a cap on Tepco’s financial burden so that its rehabilitation can move forward. Increased government support means greater use of taxpayer money. If it is going to approve the new plan, the government needs to publicly explain why.

    The turnaround plan meanwhile assumes that the reactors at the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant — currently all idled — will be restarted beginning in July. While noting that ¥100 billion to ¥200 billion in annual pretax profits can be expected for eight years beginning in fiscal 2015 if all seven reactors are restarted, it points to the possibility of an additional hike in electricity charges of up to 10 percent this year if none of the reactors is restarted.


    Humans are so great at making plans and projecting outcomes…

  • retali8 retali8

    If there was a quick or instant Fuku solution it would have been applied by now
    Scientists the world over are scratching there hhas.
    Just how pear shaped did nuclear turn out to be post-fuku., one mishap and we all suffer. 😮

    • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

      @retali8 – "If there was a quick or instant Fuku solution it would have been applied by now" HAHAHA. Sorry I had to laugh. No… no it wouldn't. Never let a disaster go to waste. It'll be used to pass all kinds of bad laws, give Tepco all kinds of money they can launder, and the list goes on. So, nope. No solutions for you people.

  • shamwow shamwow

    This is not the supermarket where the manager uses the PA system to announce a a spill in aisle 9 and for somebody to please clean it up!

    The only game in town is to pretend that you can clean it up. To pretend that you can fix it. To pretend it is not so bad.

    The MSM in the mean time pretends this does not exist at all. Every official is just befuddled, stupefied and just gosh darn surprised by what ever did not happen.

  • isogoodhumans


    Scientists do have a solution. They found accelerating the particles increased decay and decreased half-life. Several labls built processing units, proving the technology.

    Then the nuke weapons industry feared a lack of feedstock, and the nuke waste industry feared they'd be gone too, so they lobbied against the inventor who isnt allowed to touch his patent. Also, a symposium on the technology was disrupted and never happened. The processing units use available technology.

    It is conceivable that these processing units could process the contaminated water, but it looks like the lobbyists like their world contaminated, thank you very much.


    For me, I just self-decontaminate:

  • bozzy54

    Just one more specialist refers to bananas, I'm going to find them and shove it up there a s s . LOL

  • name999 name999

    The situation happening now in West Virginia, US is right out of the polluting, lying playbook. Watch the info on CNN.

    Freedom Industries which produces some form of methanol for processing coal has tanks of this stuff that has leaked out into the Elk River and other tributaries, effecting 300,000 people who currently have no drinking water, or water for washing! All they can do with their water is take a dump.

    The one thing that has allowed people to find the leak is the strong smell of black licorice, but sickening and nauseating smelling that has engulfed the area and led to the chemical plant.

    This is a story that can't be suppressed…

  • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

    At least when Chernobyl exploded they did everything they could to contain the radiation. Does anyone think the reason this is allowed to continue and worsen is because there really is no solution?

    The clean-up workers in Chernobyl were called "Biorobots"


  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

    I was reading about that on whatreallyhappened this morning it's awful what they do and usually they pick an economically depressed area to begin with

  • Southbound Southbound

    I like to say that there are two types of bridges in this world. Those that have failed, and those that have yet to fail.

    A bridge that fails and falls down can be tragic, but the total number of lives it could claim is confined to a very local area.

    A nuclear power plant, on the other hand, is a proverbial bridge that can go out of control, melting into a toxic inferno of unquenchable magic rocks that mutate, maim, and destroy life.

    We use these magic rocks to boil water, and make bombs. I can think of much safer ways to boil water, and do we really need more bombs?

    Let's get off this path of self-destruction, and shut them all down!

    No nukes!

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    Ten times as high as yesterday? Unbelievable. We are not befuddled. We just won't tell anyone.

  • Thank you Enenews for putting this together:

    "Radiation jumps around Fukushima plant — Now ~1,000% previous levels — Tepco kept strontium-90 data secret for months — Officials knew of increase but ‘too busy’ to do anything — Gov’t holds Friday meeting about what can be done [end]

    I think it is pretty clear why the shills and trolls are out in force.

    We ain't seen nothing yet in terms of ocean contamination. Its going to get a lot worse.

    Bio-accumulation and bio-magnification are going to occur quickly and terribly across already-stressed ocean life.

    These processes will be much slower on land, but will also occur. Perhaps radionuclide concentrations are less among land dwellers (unless they eat from the ocean or consume significant dairy).

    What gets me is the scale and reach of the propaganda machine.

    The situation is out of control and mitigation is needed to reduce our – people's – bioaccumulation.

    Instead of transparency and accountability we get shills and trolls.

    Denial is just going to make it worse. Denial has already made it worse. Denial will ensure our extinction from its cumulative tally.

    • ENENews

      Hey Majia, wow I came across your book a little while back. It was cool to see the acknowledgments on p. viii. Only 4 left on Amazon too: http://www.amazon.com/Fukushima-Privatization-Risk-Palgrave-Pivot/dp/1137343117/ref=la_B001HMMJFO_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1389412050&sr=1-1

      Check out the acknowledgments ENE community: http://enenews.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/img_486-Jan.-03-02.43.jpg

      Though everyone probably knows that already. I'm usually the last to find out about that kind of stuff. Well I'll let the ENE 'staff' know they made it in there… oh wait it's just me. back to work

      • You are awesome Enenews admin

        I cannot believe you manage it all.

        Your work is helping coalesce a popular movement that must emerge in time to save us all from the extinction peril posed by nuclear.

        Thank you.

      • Wyakin Wyakin

        NoNukes-Agreed-There are many here on ENENews who share comments and insights which are highly insightful. This knowledge transfer would not be possible were it not for the perseverance and relentlessness of ENENews (and all its many staff), and yes authors and bloggers like Majia, who continue to make a substantial difference in raising the consciousness on this intractable disaster in Japan and its underlying causes.

        It's predictable, but not entirely clear how events will unfold in the post Fukushima nuclear disaster. The falsehoods and factual distortions perpetuated by the pronuclear community require counterbalance with truth and reality.

        Thank you ENENews and Majia for your continuing dedication.

        Keep up the great work.

    • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

      Crap…they are going to have to re-adjust the RadNet graphs verticle scale again…this time by a big x-factor, as they now often go off-scale.

      I have a hard time trying to realize x1000 increase in such a short time.

      Welcome to the new changing mutating world.

    • eyefidelity

      I dare say that socref is conspicuous by his lack of comment….

      • charlie3

        don't feed the troll, ignore him instead of referencing him.

        • skizexq skizexq

          Theres a time, for living
          And a time for love
          Theres a time, for forgiving, yall
          And a time to shove
          Oh there's more, won than lost
          More hope than real despair
          And its waiting, waiting
          Don't ya spend your whole life hesitating
          Come and – tell the truth
          Shame the devil.

          There's more, light than dark
          Honey shining down on you
          Know yourself and what you've got
          and baby, you'll make it through
          This whole world, has had enough
          Of people giving up
          And it's waiting, waiting
          Don't you spend your whole life hesitating
          Come on tell the truth
          Shame the devil.

          And it's waiting, waiting
          Don't spend your whole life hesitating
          Come on tell the truth
          Shame the devil.


    • Socrates


      Check out what the Strontium-90.levels were doing in Canadian milk.


    • Shaker1

      Majia wrote: "What gets me is the scale and reach of the propaganda machine."

      I might add that what gets me is the personal collusion exhibited by so many in such a machine, how many enablers there are that are recognized as 'responsible' individuals. It's a totally irresponsible use of their intelligence. That 'intelligence' one then, rightly, questions. Their indignance to such question is insult to injury.

      The public sphere is where one truly shares their words and deeds.

      Majia, I've never found the direct opportunity previously, but let me thank you for the work that you've done concerning this situation.

  • name999 name999

    …these posts are a comfort to read on the day of yet another very tragic assault on our water system and on us.

    No one seems to know anything about Freedom Industries in West Virginia. How could they not have any information on this chem lab? Chemical Valley? Another theft of our water.

    Just more lying. Crazy obvious liars. It is so angering. Thank you all for being here to allow me to find some

  • Nick

    Okay, I've taken a breath, trying not to get too pissed off about this latest revelation.

    But deep inside I am seething with anger and sorrow that I know will never subside.

    All I can do is shine a light for others to see a bit way forward in the dark times ahead.

    This is as real as it gets.

    The time for full-disclosure has come and gone.

    Now, and until the end of the solar system, planet earth will have to sequester these horrid toxins.

    I can't invoke a diety on this site, but all I can say is ___ help us all.

    I weep for our stolen future and the children that will never be born.

    Wake up world, get out of your media induced fog and LEARN about what;s ahead.

    Love to us all and try and stay strong. Nick

  • skizexq skizexq

    Yes. indeed, Nick, the times are riddled with riddles and the air is a crap shoot, you're better off being / trying to be happy than trying to change the world too much. The world is what it is and we are all in it together.

    I enjoy the reading of others perceptions of this calamity Jane from Hell.
    Being invisible is perfect for the PTB who have only profit to gain.

    "Chin up," "keep up the good fight!" The only way to eat an elephant is to cut it up into small pieces" Things my dad told me, the latter he redacted after all those years realizing the destruction of Africa in the name of profit.

    Radiation Blues: Dax Riggs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOIYtYm7UD0

    • I like radiation blues

      • skizexq skizexq

        thanks, Majia, I only pop in once in awhile, usually with a tune and/or w/some comments. This whole thing is a real drag, especially since nobody I know wants to peep a peep about it!
        Just like 9/11/2001…I met ol' Bob Bowman once…starwars guy under Rayguy/Boosh…yes indeed.
        Who needs em (star wars weapons) when we are doing such a good job down here abit lower…or maybe he was involved with HAARP more than I know…chems.

        Take care, and I wish all you enenewsers as much peace as you can find. Stress=cortisol. I recommend a small bit o cannibinol, and then call me in the morning…


  • skizexq skizexq

    it's all dangerous and tempting:


    Lyrics are pretty cool, as the visuals and the times…

    O and O.

  • w

    The biggest joke is to have Japan move ahead in building the infrastructure n venues for the 2020 Olympic, only to find out later 2016-2018 that the radiation contamination around the country's way too high for anybody to be around. All constructions half built. And you know with the Japanese pride, under no condition will the Japanese government or official will come forth to admit the countries is too contaminated with radiation for anybody to tour… And all that money could have been spent 4 decontamination.

  • skizexq skizexq

    answer me this, w, why are the readings on netc.com so low for pritneer ALL of Japan (CPM) -minus the FukuDaiichi circles and no alerts when all over USA there are 100-200-300-600 cpm and lack of much of an alert, except COLO CA and AZ, etc… what is normal for our neck of the planet?…I never have figured that out beyond sheer plumage and the current higher readings.
    allowed by the inept EPA.

  • skizexq skizexq

    never surrender.



    see you in a couple weeks, have a nice weekend.

  • Socrates

    Check out Strontium-90 in Canada's milk!


    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA


      • Socrates


        George W. Bush raises 1000 – fold in permissible strontium-90 concentrations and 3,000 to 100,000 fold iodine-131 before leaving office on January 2009.

        Daniel Hirsch and dozens of prominent scientists sign petition protesting.

        Canadian testing confirms that strontium-90 levels increased to 0.4 Bq/l on February 2, 2012 after Fukushima whereas levels in Canadian milk had dropped to 0.0314 and 0.0664 Bq/l in 1993.

        This testing indicates that strontium-90 requires a period of time for deposition along with Cs-134/137 into grass, air and water to get into cow's and mother's milk.

        With new confirmed releases from Fukushima one may expect these levels to rise.

        Check out the Baby Tooth Study from 1958 from the Washington University Dental School.

        Mangano and Sherman have followed this issue for thirty years. Check out their peers reviewed articles 2011 and 2013.

        Strontium-90 is coming at us and nursing babies in the milk.

        • Wyakin Wyakin

          Thank you. Good info. Those who authorized the increase in exposure permissibility standards should be, and hopefully will be, eventually prosocuted as criminals.

          "Under the Common Law, or law made by courts, murder was the unlawful killing of a human being with malice aforethought. The term malice aforethought did not necessarily mean that the killer planned or premeditated on the killing, or that he or she felt malice toward the victim. Generally, malice aforethought referred to a level of intent or reck-lessness that separated murder from other killings and warranted stiffer punishment." (FOD, by Farlex Dictionary)

          "…Malice aforethought referred to a level of intent or reck-lessness" pretty much sums up radiological murder.

          Murder may be hard to prove, but not impossible. Hopefully we have as many attorney's covering radiation illness as those related to tobacco, asbestos, carcenegenic chemical, or direct FF plant doischrages reading this.

        • flatsville

          Socrates, I think you missed this. The recent changes to EPA PAGS ate far worse than what Bush pushed through.


          • zogerke zogerke

            good morning. just read the epa limits being raised/ citation posted by flatsville, caught up to links on thread so far.
            id forgotten about committee to bridge the gap, thank you. i wonder how many others here are old clamshell alliance people?

            as the kids would say, 'we're skrew'd.' philly alerts are up on netc yesterday, & at home, readings are a bit higher than usual. one of the kids has been sick all week…docs say virus…fever…not much else. i wonder— is your body busy killing minitumorcells? pump that immune system, gogogo.

            these numbers of permissible exposure limits/ protective action guidelines in water are terrible. in legit professional occupational safety (ie where you protect the workers, not the corporation's ass)- all there is to fight with are PELS and standards. With them in place the levels are far too high anyway, but it's something. Without them, it's the wild west. Anything goes. Adhesive tape and umbrellas, hardhats and steel plates to stand on, surgical masks instead of respirators. Skrew'd.
            I feel encouraged reading work of fighters here and other legit sites. Sure the dropsillas and nuclear godzillas are busy snooping and misdirecting. but you can't kill the human spirit to dig out truth, speak it, educate, protect those they love, and fight. I stay non violent. Deity care and bless the fighters for human health.

            • flatsville

              I go back a-ways. I keep my eye on leg, rule changes, court decisions etc…

              What happened back in April 2013 was ghastly. This change may have been Fuku inspired, but I believe the real intent was to limit permanent evac and clean-up re: surrounding areas on any no. of NPPs that go bad here on US soil. Just a matter of time as some of the worst plants are still opetating on the East Coast. Thanks Entetgy…

              I don't much evev care to travel to NYC anymore. I got caught on the East Coast during 911. You just can't move fast enough or far enough in that densely populated an area when shit goes bad.

          • Sol Man

            It is difficult to fathom that the people that make up the EPA, c.ress, or any other agency of gov't do no see themselves at the same risk factor as any other invisible person, and therefore will suffer the same bad effects from the becquerels. Or, how are we to understand the terminally challenged here except perhaps by brains showing effects of the chemicals/radiation/drugs that they are constantly being exposed to.

      • Socrates


        Would you repost these citations for me?

        It is very important information for the public to understand. My Internet connection went down.


  • Socrates

    Strontium-90 is a calcium mimic that is taken up into the mammary glands and is excreted in milk.

    While much of it came from above-ground testing in Nevada, huge amounts were released by H – bomb testing after JFK signed the test ban in 1963.

    If Strontium-90 releases accompanied the Cesium-134/137 releases at Fukushima, we would expect to begin seeing Strontium-90 in cow's milk. For two months following Fukushima, there are test results from official Canadian government sources. Later private tests in early 2012 confirm rising levels consistent with the time lag in deposition of radionuclides where cow's eat and drink it.

    With the confirmed new releases of Strontium-90 from Fukushima and the modeling of Strontium-90 releases in the German models, we should begin testing milk privately. The danger to infants and children is manifest.

    EnviroReporter and Mangano and Sherman have documented these levels from EPA and Canadian sources.

    • Socrates

      Bush 43 raised limits in January of 2009 just before leaving office.

      The limits were also raised in Canada and are really set high in "emergencies." Presumably this would be in the case of a meltdown! Therefore, exposures to Strontium-90 and Iodine-131 and Cesium-134/137 would have to be very high to even bother testing.

      Infants who are e posed to high levels over a prolonged period of time will deposit the Strontium-90 into bone marrow and into teeth pulp of baby teeth. Blood cells are made in bone marrow so leukemias and immune deficiencies would be one result.

      I suspect that TEPCO was too busy to report levels of Sttontium-90 because these releases are an inconvenient truth that could prevent a cash flow from restarting reactors to sell electricity.

      This is very cynical. Our children cannot be asked to sacrifice their health to finance TEPCO operations. Moreover, having the Olympic Games there would possibly further endanger athletes from around the world.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Does the exact same thing in human women…breast cancer is one of the end results! 🙁

    • Socrates

      Calcification and strontium-90 deposits in breastfeeding tissue go together. Prolonged exposures of nursing infants and children drinking milk will be one more source of morbidity and mortality. Time to start collecting ting baby teeth and sending them to collecting centers for analysis for Strontium-89/90 levels.

      This is terrible news!

      Obewanspeaks, I had hoped that your grim assessment was not as bad as things were, but you really understood the gravity of this situation from day one. But I have felt that there was no way this would just go away. That's why I have followed it closely for three years.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        I am very glad you and your wisdom are here and that you understand the entire gravity of this Nuclear situation and not just for Japan's current plight, but also for this spreading Nuclear Black Plague that this failed Nuclear Technology represents/means for our future generations.

        WE must stop this Nuclear Technology Now while we still can….. 🙂

        WE are smarter than this as a species!

  • name999 name999

    Fukishima, is the ultimate death wish…thanatos…

  • Be not too busy to tell the People:

    To all visitors and the community of ENENews, the following Japan Radiation Citizen Memos are designed to be widely shared everywhere in your local and internet communities. All citizens need to know about Fukushima. Find bulletin boards in your local area and post on social websites. Tell the People.

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    Vital1's Radiation Memo to Parents

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    It is also requested that everyone who can, please "like" and "share" ENENews throughout your use of social media. https://www.facebook.com/ENENEWS

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    Mobilizing a global effort to fix the escalating nuclear catastrophe in Japan http://www.fukushimaresponse.org/Actions.html

    If not you, then who? Please tell the People

  • mungo mungo

    BAD FISH…January 11, 2014

    A fish contaminated with extremely high levels of radiation was found in waters near the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, a government-affiliated research institute said.

    The Fisheries Research Agency said Jan. 10 the black sea bream had 12,400 becquerels per kilogram of radioactive cesium, 124 times the safety standards for foodstuffs.

    The fish was caught at the mouth of the Niidagawa river in Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture, on Nov. 17. The site is 37 kilometers south of the stricken power plant.

    It was one of 37 fish-–all black sea bream–that researchers caught in waters in and off Iwaki in October and November to study the level of radiation to which they were exposed.

    The research institute said it will study the fish further to try and determine when it became contaminated with such high levels of radioactive cesium……

    um, about march 2011 i would guess.

  • mungo mungo

    Two other fish also exceeded the safety standards of 100 becquerels per kilogram, at 426 becquerels and 197 becquerels, respectively.

    The readings of the remaining 34 fish were within the safety limits, according to the Fisheries Research Agency.

    Officials said black sea bream in the region that was covered by the recent study have not been circulated as food in fish markets.

    Black sea bream fishing in coastal waters off Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures is currently restricted.

    They are also on the list of fish that local fishermen are asked to voluntarily refrain from catching in the northern municipalities of Ibaraki Prefecture, which is located just south of Fukushima Prefecture.

  • yoyo

    Check the seismographic info. Any thoughts? Quite weird the timing and the evidence now…


    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      Hi..yoyo..thanks for this seismic info…
      I posted the visual of this event a few days ago ..somewhere here at Enenews.
      Oh, well.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        11 days later..surging radiation.
        No doubt serious local geological destruction…

    • zogerke zogerke

      it seems this may be connected to the EU articles on dec 31 stating nuclear underground problem…. that a bunch of folks here debunked. is this a newer event? not sure.

  • ToBeExpected ToBeExpected

    …too busy? Too busy doing what exactly? I wonder what they decided at their Friday meet-up…. that they were still too busy perhaps..???

    • artika rama

      tobeexpected They are trying to give the impression that "they are doing "something , progress is made , they are busy " which is actually bull…t .
      They are dealing with ONE PROBLEM now , and we have to WAIT fro the tepco team to finish their work at one location until they start with another one ? seriously ? . Well why not get TWO TEAMS ,, or 3 ,,,or EVEN TEN to deal with different problems at the same time ??? Get a team for each unit , a team for each problem ,, You want to WAIT for someone , some team to finish their work in such a catastrophe , while everybody is holding their breath ?? Really ?
      Whats next are they going to go on ,HOLLIDAY ? and the whole world will have to wait for them to come back from their holiday to start working again ?
      No the truth is they are just stretching it as long as they can , UNTILL people are so sick and tired of the fukushima story ,that nobody will even WANT TO HEAR anything about it .
      They know how bad it is , and they know they cannot to anything about it . ONLY hope of getting something done is the international community doing some collective effort to do something about it . But everybody seems to be in deep sleep .

  • Bananium Bananium

    Too busy counting their money to do anything. Meanwhile, so many people are counting on them.

  • Nick


    Spent the last futile hours attempting to slip into melatonin induced dreams, etc. To no avail.
    Not that I expected as much, for I could feel my heart pounding and my soul burning, as waves of
    ionizing radiation pummeled my world.

    Sure enough, netc.com shows it's one of many "waves" of spikes across the globe.

    I will hear folks say, oh you're just stressed, etc.

    No, I know my sleep patterns. I am cognizant of the delicate diurnal flux of neurotransmitters, serotonin to melatonin, among others.

    As I lay awake a few hours ago, realizing that not only has the world changed, but perhaps too, our very sleep patterns.

    The shared electrons of a tryptophan molecule, the rarest occurring amino acid, the very reason we are as conscious as we are, are being subverted by the waves of fissionning radiation.

    Now, that is a scary thought.

    How on earth have we come to a point when our very dreams (literally) have been snatched away?

    How utterly, utterly sad.

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    Wait, what fuel pool …oh yeah that one is in the air and everywhere . Rad levels increasing in the environment ? C'mon Abe this must be a lie. How about since the beginning of the 20th century. Fear not the drones will have radiation filters and saves us all… we are your bought Gov. ,you can trust us, we are a citizen.

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    Got R3 ? That's gonna be my new t – shirt

  • I am become death, destroyer of worlds

    Here is a short clip of Oppenheimer and his famous quote above. A reader has suggested the the strange head twist (at 14 seconds in) as he begins his statement of I am Become Death is actually the

    devil entering his body.

    It sure is odd. And look at his face, the stress, the introspection, the resignment.


  • Manifesto – Why shut them down –I discovered just how poorly these plants were being run and how poorly they were designed from the get-go. And then I discovered how one of the basic premises of risk control, separation of risks, was completely ignored. That being that the used fuel rods were the most dangerous
    part of the plant, but for "convenience" the most dangerous things were stored right next too or even RIGHT ON TOP OF the reactors themselves.

    Storing the rods on site is done to conserve cost, if they were Dry Cask and then ship off the rods to somewhere else, it would cost them money, however, they can just store them at their "approved nuclear facility" and thus just kick the can down the road — increasing current profits while increasing the potential disaster 100's of times over.


    • @Stock – And the storage pools at each reactor site in the USA are now holding on average triple the number of used fuel rods than the pools were designed and licensed to hold.

      The NRC and their cohorts managed to pass licensing etc on the future promise/expectation that a mitigation system of properly solving the waste issue. 50+ years later and they haven't got a workable solution – hence a wide group of Senators including Joe Biden, Nancy Pollosi and other hard hitters signed a letter telling Obama that he shouldn't agree to the Nevada storage plan or any other. (Of which everybody should agree) But it doesn't help the ever mounting storage problem of spent fuel rods at domestic NPP's.

      • That last part didn't read very well. Sorry.

        Of which everybody should agree with Joe Biden and the rest of the Senators who are stopping the Pro Nuke groups from just dumping it all in a cave and ignoring the real problem.

  • isogoodhumans

    If you click on the NHK link the story is gone, an early casualty of the new secrets law.

    See the cache here:


    And dont forget to self-decontaminate now: http://www.vitapect.org