Radiation level to spike at Fukushima plant — Blamed on recent radioactive leaks (PHOTO)

Published: May 7th, 2013 at 2:05 pm ET


Title: Radiation level at Fukushima plant boundary could exceed limit: TEPCO
Source: Kyodo News
Date: May 8, 2013
h/t Fukushima Diary

[Tepco] said Tuesday that the radiation level around the plant’s boundary is expected to exceed a self-imposed limit due to steps taken to address recently discovered leaks in underground radioactive water storage tanks.

Tokyo Electric Power Co. set a target to keep the site-boundary dose below 1 millisievert per year, but it now expects the dose at one point in the southern area to rise to up to 7.8 millisieverts, company officials said.

TEPCO unveiled the estimate as it decided to transfer around 23,000 tons of polluted water stored inside leaky underground tanks to more reliable containers above ground. […]

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Published: May 7th, 2013 at 2:05 pm ET


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20 comments to Radiation level to spike at Fukushima plant — Blamed on recent radioactive leaks (PHOTO)

  • Jay

    " [Tepco] said Tuesday that the radiation level around the plant’s boundary is expected to exceed a self-imposed limit due to steps taken to address … "

    So the radiation leak level increases directly proportional to the steps taken by TEPCO to … stop the radiation !

    In that case the solution is to Restrict access to the plant to scientists and engineers . A Restraining Order should do !
    Damn , we should have thought of that from day one , before they built the nuke plants !

    But a seven times increas in sorounding radiation by just Handling the water from the underground tanks ?! What , they Spray it around ??? Ya , don't Tell them !

    • Jay

      No , I am not jocking , those Japanese engineers have an Attitude problem and they are guilty , see their record as recent as short-circuiting Fukushima NP competing with the rat's record .

      Hence , they Broke their Oath of Engineers so they are good to be fired and Prosecuted , QED :

      Engineer's Ring

      " … The ring is symbolic of the oath taken by the wearer, and symbolizes the unity of the profession in its goal of benefitting mankind … "


      • Jay

        Sorry about my 'joking' accent , but I was foaming at the mouth : if those 'engineers' can not build a rat-proof BOX for the electrical switches , than HOW the F**K can they built Nuclear Plants ???

    • We Not They Finally

      Jay, you take their numbers SERIOUSLY?? They are fake and phony low-ball numbers to begin with. It's like a serial killer who keeps taunting the public about his next move. He plans to keep killing, just wants the attention, and for others to take the bait.

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    Yes, it doesn't make sense that such an increase would result from transferring radioactive water unless you're spilling most of it on the ground. Sounds more like the corium is fissioning thus causing levels to increase or pollen from the radioactive forest as it is spring. IMHO

    • Jay

      Right , no reasons to expect them to tell us .

      Here is an insight from the Nipon mouth :

      " … Within Japan, we look upon the Fukushima meltdowns with disgust and are groping our way toward a non-nuclear future .

      In the Middle East, Japan treats nuclear power as a business, putting profit first . This looks like a case of double-dealing, and does not suit a country with such moral influence as the postwar "new country" of Japan . ( By Takao Yamada, Expert Senior Writer )


      If I would be a Criminal Detective and paint the above attitude it would be that of a Mafia/Yakuza mentality just as undercover detective Pistone described the general Mafia psichiatric portrait : believing deeply and Naturally ( as deep as their DNA ) that Murder , Stealing , Robing , Blackmail , Corruption , etc. are just Normal ways of Life !!
      Update that today by " selling nuclear reactors to other countries " a multi-facet industry from aquiring nuclear weapons material to decimating generations of their own … monkey DNA .

      And we are being deceived at barking at Politicians !

    • We Not They Finally

      No, no, no, these are SHAM FIGURES. There was no REAL "one millisievert a year" to begin with, much less "a little more." And there are probably at least ten good reasons why the radioactivity is rising, not just one! They are just fronting some new phony number so there is the illusion that their new maneuver which will criminally and permanently contaminate the environment, will look "responsible," or like they are "apologizing for a small inconvenience." Thee are people who do not CARE how many millions will die, so long as they keep their money, their power, and their evil twisted distorted putrid "face."

  • A friend encountered 500 microsieverts an hour while driving in Fukushima prefecture last summer.

    The plant is incredibly hot and Fukushima Diary has been documenting that its been getting hotter in Tokyo and Fukushima City.

    The volume of radioactive water being produced by the need to keep the melted fuel cool is too large to contain and control.

    Water becomes the mediator for sub-criticalities that spew radionuclides into the atmosphere in the form of radioactive steam.

    Water is the conduit for the radionuclides freed from the fuel to contaminate the ocean.

    Tepco and the Japanese government have utterly failed to stop this ongoing mega-catastrophe.

    What is being done globally to prevent this from become an unprecedented eco-cide?


    • Sol Man

      You're right. It is with nary a bang nor a whimper, we get nothing for a global response and all the while the numbers rise. One can only imagine in the wildest parts of their imagination of what the coriums are doing at their depth below water line. Hello, eternity.

    • We Not They Finally

      And the Nikkei, the Japanese stock market, rose to its highest level since mid-2008 just YESTERDAY. This is a country moving towards zero economic viability into the future. All the people running international institutions these days seem to be psychotic. It's PSYCHOTIC to invest in a radioactive hell. It is SO FAR BEYOND simply "doing nothing." Someone with some power has to snap out of delusional psychosis before there is even a prayer of "something being done." We (husband and I) had hopes for this Earth once, but we never ever EVER imagined it would come to this.

  • weeman

    It's only just begun and will the levels will continue to rise for the unforeseen future at the site and surrounding area including Tokyo, the best we can hope for is they empty the SFP before site is unworkable.

    • We Not They Finally

      Why do you think it is still "workable" now? That defies reason. The work would have been done ALREADY were it actually "workable."

      • weeman

        The longer you wait the higher the levels will go, yes you are exposing workers to high levels of contamination and if tepco rotated the workers as they should you could minimize exposure, but if levels continue to rise at some point the site will not be workable, so your damned if you do and damed if you don't,
        When it comes to nuclear accidents show me one accident that was decommissioned promptly, it takes years to do the simplest of jobs and radiation levels must drop to even start work in many cases.
        Maybe I am missing something and you can enlighten me and have a plan, you tell me.
        It does not matter what the cost is the SFP must be emptied, sorry to be callous.

  • We Not They Finally

    TEPCO is keeping levels down to ONE MILLISIEVERT PER YEAR???? Now THAT (outrageous deliberate lie) might actually be close too "safe," so I say send the lying criminal bastards to LIVE there. Let their eat their own propaganda for lunch. Throw them one of the dead rats for an appetizer.

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    At what point do they run out of room and options on where to put this highly concentrated liquid waste?

    They have accumulated more on this one site than anywhere else in the world…

    Talk about Superfund sites.. This one takes the cake, the icing and the whole sink too…

    God help us all, if an earthquake takes out all of the tanks and the liquids all end up in the ocean.

    Are those tanks earthquake proof?

    • If the tanks are currently leaking, then my guess would be they are NOT earthquake proof.

      They could send for assistance from the 'experts' at the Hanford site, but unfortunately they don't have a clue as to what to do with this 'goo' either. 😉

  • Urban27

    When following the situation, I notice that there is a change in the reports from Fukushima:
    Before there was more reports of containing water, from leaking
    Now there are more reports on leakage from the containers.

  • Cisco Cisco

    Hey, let's dump it in the ocean and call it groundwater. Who's to know. Who's watching? 300-400 tons per day, no big deal.

    "TEPCO to dump groundwater to ease crisis at Fukushima nuclear plant"