Radiation levels rise for 5th month straight in Fukushima city (PHOTO)

Published: December 14th, 2012 at 1:30 pm ET


Source: @tadagonpapa
Translation: Fukushima Diary
Date: December 14, 2012

The radiation level of Fukushima city has been increasing for continuous 5 months. The integral dose from 311 to this November is 16mSv.

See also: [intlink id=”report-going-daiichi-fukushima-fallout-increased-nov-2-4-highest-days-months-charts” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: December 14th, 2012 at 1:30 pm ET


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29 comments to Radiation levels rise for 5th month straight in Fukushima city (PHOTO)

  • Mack Mack

    Higher radiation numbers found in areas of the US, too.

    Check your area:


    • Dogleg Dogleg

      Would love to know what the levels are here in Boise, but after having the highest precipitation readings in the country last Apr, they removed all the monitors. Said all 22 were malfunctioning. Worked fine for 40+ years, suddenly all are bad just after the largest nuke accident up wind of us. They better hope my kids do not get sick, that's all I have and a man with nothing left to loose…. http://enenews.com/idaho-paper-epas-radnet-monitors-shipped-boise-tuesday-dont-expect-update-time

      • Dogleg Dogleg

        Getting a geiger counter in Feb. Should be interesting

        • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

          @Dogleg, Hello from Spokane..

          Yes, Boise had one, if not the, highest fallout from Fuku in the nation, as I recall.. Giant hot spot.. search for Boise in the archives.. you will find some bad news.. sorry. You will also find out that Idaho National Labs has lots of bad stuff buried down your way.. and they had plenty of sensors up and reading, mandated by law, due to the business they are in and the chance that an accident might occur. They were told to stand down and shut up like all the other labs, power plants, etc..

          Myself, I was hiking in the Cascade Foothills, west side.. another really hot spot for fallout.. Had my two children, my best friend and her three children..plus the dogs.. when that first wave of noble gas(xenon and friends) crossed over.. Had we known, we would have been sheltered in place. Not out in it. Oh, and it lightly drizzled on us too.. 🙁

          There is no doubt we all breathed in hot particles.

          The sky turned pink, and we all got weird cotton mouth thing.. sorta metallic 🙁

          No imminent health danger, does not mean no cancer showing up in a few years..

          I worry if my girls will be able to have children, and if so, will they be ok? Our future generation, or lack of it, will surely tell the tale.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      I was about to say the same thing myself about US elevated radiation levels even with going by EPA RadNet data it's clear that "something"(?)is terribly wrong?!! Everyone in my household,all my neighbors and staff members @ my wife's hospital & their Oncology center describe having the "flu" and yet my wife who's extremely sensitive to any additional radiation exposure after 39 radiation therapy treatments that ended 2 months ago along with exposure from x-rays,CTscans,MRI's,ECG/EKG's w/"tracers" was the first in the household to get sick in the latter part of Nov.and had a BAD seizure before I could even get her to our Jeep SUV and I had to call 911 to finish the trip to the ER where she wound up being admitted for 6 days before being discharged on Thanksgiving Day.My reason for mentioning it in detail is that the hospital did NOT give her ANY antibiotics or the "usual" treatments related to flu,upper respiratory bugs,etc.-instead they treated her "symptoms" with fluid IV's and a very high dosage Prednisone(steroid) regimen??!! EVERYONE around me and those I talk to have ALL either been sick or say that their own families are sick and it all seems to have started in mid-November when the highest "spike" in radiation levels this year began showing up and I was under the impression that once a person gets over the particular "bug" they'd caught that they CAN'T(?) get the same flu bug twice?!! WTF is REALLY going on?!! 🙁

      • Dogleg Dogleg

        Wow Johnny, so sorry to hear about all you are going through. If I remember correctly, you are in Australia. Is this correct?

        • NoNukes NoNukes

          I think Johnny is in Chicago, Dogleg. I so sorry to hear the reports from both of you and everyone else, but they are so important, all we have to go by.

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        Johnny, seriously, buy a geiger counter and add it to Radiation Network. You are downwind from some pretty bad environmental contamination from Hanford, WA, and Fuku, Japan. Don't drink the water, and don't breath the air, while you stay. Begin planning to go. Sorry for your difficulties.

        Let's explore this a bit. In Japan, sewage sludge radiation really took off in September and October (with a 7X spike) in at least a couple of cities, as was covered here on ENEnews. The jet stream carried this right over you in Idaho in October. Me and the old lady sure came down with flu-like symptoms in Indiana back in September. Not quite the flu, but real close.

        Right now, Radiation Network has 5 stations above 50cpm. And all over the US, doses are at 40cpm or better.

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          @PhiilipUpNorth; Thanks for your concern and good advice! I'm kinda "stuck" here until I can finish putting together my Jeep Cherokee the way I want it so I can BUG out as soon as possible and will be showing some of my family members this thread who KNOW I don't get anxious or make big decisions like that without having damn good reason. We went through the entire event(s)including my wife's detection/diagnosis & cancer treatment program in sub-poverty level conditions which I've turned around now and aside from needing more MRE's and ammo & issues with two of the 3 geiger counters we've got now things are moving quickly in the right direction with regard to "gearing up" for the trip and transition. Unfortunately my wife still needs ten more months of Herceptin(chemo)IV transfusions made every 3 weeks and I need to acquire 4 and a 1/2 years worth of the pill she has to take EVERY DAY for 5 years as "follow-up" to her oncologist's treatment plan and they're all so stubbornly(& foolishly)waiting for the EAS to interrupt their fav TV shows or Faux News to warn & instruct them as to what they should do?!! I guess our fate is sealed unless a miracle occurs & I won't leave them to face it alone-so I've had to add "alternatives" including 4wheeling it around traffic jams & checkpoints,obstacles,etc.and "extreme" methods of acquisition of needed provisions via corporate & Govt. locations/resources I'd have to pay a pre-planned "visit" to…it'll be a HARD…

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        I'm waiting for the manual for my new pancake-tubed Geiger counter to arrive since the one that came with it and the internal memory & software are all in Russian-but it's up & running via the USB port to my PC running Windows 7 although it shows "error" & "unrecognized device" messages & warnings until I get that straightened out and integrated into my weather station & ham radio APRS,etc. My older analog-metered device needs two obsolete industrial-type 9 volt batteries and the screened cap for the corded external probe. I don't fully trust the data coming from the two civilian radiation monitoring networks because neither of them strike me as being incorruptible and vulnerable to pressure or profit that I'm sure they were confronted with by TPTB and wouldn't be likely to still be up if they ever stood their ground and "backed up" the monitoring stations who'd triggered "alerts" instead of dismissing 99% of members data that exceeds "alert or alarm" thresholds as "errors" or Radon washout,etc. I am of the opinion that they have been read the riot act and "conformed" to the standards set "off the record" but with DIRE consequences if they persisted in thwarting the govt.'s alleged mission to avoid causing the public to "panic" via confirmed detection of radiation levels that SHOULD raise public concern & awareness to the point where they would take protective actions,although it's more likely that they simply don't want their lies contradicted…

        • aigeezer aigeezer

          Johnny Blade, the best way to get beyond that fear/doubt/uncertainty thing is to hook your counter up to the radiation network and watch to see whether your information is presented fairly. I have never had any problems along those lines, and your "riot act" hypothesis just is not true. If that happened, I imagine someone would post it at Enenews – I know I would, and I imagine you would also. The radiation network is self-policing in that it would take collusion on a grand scale to do that sort of thing, collusion that you or any other interested person could detect instantly.

          If it were a closed group your wariness would make sense, but since you can join and see for yourself (as can anyone), then it does not have that kind of vulnerability.

          • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

            AIG; I fully agree and in fact plan to see for myself AFTER I finish ironing out any glitches in the gear I would add to such an important venue for us to get a bit closer to something credible in the way of telling numbers if everything is indeed on the up & up. That's why I say my suspicious nature overcomes my wanting to just digest & live my life based on the numbers on those two networks but I will reserve that level of trust for a later date after I actually do contribute data and hopefully be privy to options allowing comms between monitoring posts which I think my ham radio license is a plus in the case of the other civilian radiation monitoring network, BlackCatSystems.com as I'd heard their is an HF radio network on several bands open for long-range communications where operators check-in with their call sign,location,weather/radiation readings & trends or observations,etc. I'm glad you're a member AIG and I appreciate any/all ENEnewsers who are as well! I get frustrated or confused when the RadNet charts show readings consistent with the jetstream following EQ's & potential additional release events from ANY sources since I'm sorry to say TPTB & MSM won't disclose to us & must now be assumed a frequent thing judging by the amount of I-131 being discovered all over the place when it shouldn't be found at this stage of the game at all. I admit that I wish I knew more about the owner of the network(s)as well as the origins of the numbers relied on?!ijdk?…

            • aigeezer aigeezer

              See you there soon, Johnny Blade. Several of the radiation network station operators are ham radio operators, but I'm not one. They seem to be very keen and helpful to each other, and to the network as a whole. Coverage is still way too sparse to detect detailed patterns, I think, although many people try to do it.

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        "WTF is REALLY going on?!!" Johnny Blade? Do you really want to know? We are being exterminated by our own ignorance and left to die in the ditches by the sides of the roads. The Bataan Death March. May our ignorance die with us.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Hello Johnny B., I was sick, too, in November. Sinus infection/flu-like thing set into my respiratory system. Took about three weeks to get it under control. Try Beta Glucan and Bovine colostrum if you can get it from a clean source & be sure it's free of prions (organic or pastured operation). The Beta Glucan, Colostrum, and some other things people discuss at the Forum seem to help a lot in rebuilding the immune system. I'm recovering from chronic Lyme — also immune suppressive.

        Haven't checked Rad Net data for California lately. Maybe it's time to do that.

  • ftlt

    Mack: Which Isotope would you recommend looking at???

    • Mack Mack

      Hi ftlt – I'd check all of them (because [imo] each one means something is there that shouldn't be) but if you don't have time, start with the more well-known ones like Iodine-131, Cesium-137, Strontium. Out of curiosity, I ran a check on Uranium-238 in the western region and found elevated numbers in December 2011.

      Save your results or write it down somewhere for future reference, too.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    IAEA tour bus drive by at unit 4 Spent Fuel Pool up close and personal

  • Fukslow


  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Radiation increasing 5 months in a row because sounds like they're losing the battle.

  • razzz razzz

    With (3) melted reactor cores, fallout will slowly accumulate especially with more quakes. Even if they managed to trap fallout by erecting (3) tents including over buildings 2 & 3, radioactive contamination will still continue flowing into the Pacific…there is no containment.

  • vital1 vital1

    Interestingly, it mirrors the monthly chart recorded at my location in the Southern Hemisphere. It is at lot lower levels, but the chart curve is very close.


    Full historical records here.


    Get the message out there on how serious the Fukushima nuclear disaster is
    quickly, and efficiently. You don’t need to explain anything just distribute the lifesaver.pdf, (or create your own), hand it out, mailbox it,
    or email it.


    • eatliesndie eatliesndie

      Interesting is one way to put it. I would use Alarming. No surprise then that Cs134 should be showing up in NZ milk products..

    • vital1 vital1

      Wave of radiation detected on Radiation Network stations moving across America right now. (Though this is relevant to this article.)

      Quote on facebook Radwatch-Dot-Info page.

      "Today's Rad Update, Friday Dec 14, 2012:
      Interestingly, almost the entire country's graphs are in a subtle wave form today. I have never seen so many stations in a wave form before – ever – in our 15 months of watching the graphs.

      It has been a little over 7 days since the 7.3 earthquake near the Fukushima Daichi and Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Plants. Perhaps the graphs' wave forms are a reflection of the increased emissions following the earthquake, perhaps not – there
      is no way for us to say for sure one way or the other.

      And…. not surprisingly – Grand Rapids MN is still in a dramatic wave form, as it has been for weeks.

      These graphs are loaded off of Radiation Network's member's area – for any who do not know.

      You can view the graphs at the RadWatch Dot Info community page – which is open to all to view anonymously without needing to join a FB group (however if you would like to "like" us we'd appreciate it!). Nan Bhajani Tierra."