Radiation levels spike 7,000% at US nuclear site — Coming from Plutonium, Uranium, Americium, or other alpha emitters — AP: Workers shelter in buildings — Official: Contaminated sample is so safe “it could have been… put in someone’s lunch bucket” (VIDEO)

Published: November 11th, 2014 at 6:28 pm ET


AP, Nov. 6, 2014 (emphasis added): A pair of air samplers at [New Mexico’s WIPP] nuclear waste repository detected low levels of radioactive contamination after workers restarted one of the fans… workers took shelter inside buildings before restarting the fan…

Carlsbad Current Argus, Nov. 10, 2014: A new small, but measurable amount of radiation was detected… [Tim Runyon, of WIPP Recovery Communications said] officials were expecting a small radiation leak…

US Dept. of Energy – WIPP Air Sampling for Station B (The amount of radioactivity released into the atmosphere –Source), Nov 6, 2014:

  • Oct. 21-22, 2014: Alpha @ 72 dpm
  • Test results over the previous 6 months have averaged below 1 dpm
  • Levels haven’t been this high since the initial days of the Feb. 14 WIPP disaster

WIPP Town Hall, Nov. 6, 2014:

  • Tammy Reynolds, Nuclear Waste Partnership: On the 21st, we put that fan back in service… We wanted to make sure we were prepared if there were some particles that came lose… We were very pleased with the results… Less than we actually anticipated… much less than any person would ever be… impacted from.
  • Russell Hardy, Carlsbad Environmental Monitoring & Research Center (created by DOE funds): We did see a small amount of Americium-241a few hundred feet from Station B… This filter could have been… folded up and put in someone’s lunch bucket, that’s how small this is… It’s measurable [but] it does not pose any concern to public health. (Public health refers to the population as a whole, not the individual –WHO)

Nuclear Hotseat w/ Libbe HaLevy, Oct 21, 2014 — Don Hancock, Southwest Research & Information Center (at 22:30): Their analysis… showed the starting of that fan, it’s a different fan than the one that’s been operating most recently… could trigger some additional radiation coming out… Because the site is contaminated, there’s constantly the possibility that additional contamination can be released… This is an ongoing problem, and will be… unless the site is closed up… The DOE is proposing many activities that are very likely to release a lot more radioactivity than [the fan restart]… People are correct to be concerned… We’re talking about this going on for years into the future if DOE’s plans are approved.

Watch the WIPP town hall here

Published: November 11th, 2014 at 6:28 pm ET


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  • Bill Duff

    The Castle Bravo hydrogen bomb waste disposal was buried and leached into the Guam water table. Guam residents were assured that there was no immediate danger to the public. Gradually the cancer rates on Guam rose. Congress eventually began to compensate Guam residents for their cancer exposure.

    • ISPC

      Yes. rogerthat. It seems silly to pay for inventive ways to inform citizens 10000 years into the future, when today the DOE, NRC, IAEA, and the Mainstream Media Conspire to Coverup the very real present danger Nuclear Power, and Nuclear Weapons Manufacturing pose to Americans; especially the residents of Carlsbad, NM, who repeatedly are contaminated by the follies of the Department of Energy at the WIPP Radiation storage facility. They illegally store high level radioactive waste in a facility that was never intended to isolate such dangerous material. Now that Americium and Plutonium have contaminated the underground plant, the DOE's solution is to blast it up the air vents and into the environment where people live in surrounding communities; sacrificing those people(us)to the Nuclear god. If that isn't enough, they lie about their contamination, or play down the seriousness to absurd levels. I would say to the DOE don't worry about informing the inhabitants of this planet 10000 years from now. If the inhabitants here now are not informed, there won't be inhabitants in 10000 years, or even 100 years into the future. Please stop killing us. Peace

  • rogerthat


    Laugh and/or Cry
    New Mexico’s Environment Department develops political reputation for diminishing protections
    November 11
    By Laura Paskus


  • Good Plutonium

    Strontium-90 makes your feces smell like Reese's Pieces.

    Radiation is good for you. Makes your teeth and bones strong.

  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

    Mainstream media web links used by FBI to plant spyware on citizens' computers

    The FBI in Seattle created a fake news story on a bogus Seattle Times web page to plant software in the computer of a suspect in a series of bomb threats to Lacey's Timberline High School in 2007, according to documents obtained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) in San Francisco.

    The deception was publicized [recently] when Christopher Soghoian, the principal technologist for the American Civil Liberties Union in Washington, D.C., revealed it on Twitter.

    "We are outraged that the FBI, with the apparent assistance of the U.S. Attorney's Office, misappropriated the name of The Seattle Times to secretly install spyware on the computer of a crime suspect," said Kathy Best, the paper's editor.

    "Not only does that cross a line, it erases it," she added.


    I refuse to click on links here either posted by EneNEwes or by members that go to any of the mainstreams media's websites..If I really want to follow the lead I search using startpage's proxy. https://startpage.com/

  • rogerthat


    SimplyInfo »
    Niigata Fails 2nd Nuclear Disaster Drill
    November 12 Add a Comment

    The first nuclear disaster drill in Niigata in 2013 resulted in a considerable failure. This year another supposedly easier drill also failed.

    The 2013 drill involved a large number of volunteers to evacuate the area near the plant by bus. This ended up taking evacuees not to safety but right into the path of the simulated radiation plume. For 2014 the ran a severely handicapped drill. They skipped having an evacuation and declared the radiation release would be low for the drill.

    “Based upon existing guidelines, the officials said people living within a 5- to 30-kilometer radius should stay indoors, as radiation levels were low.”

    So the drill itself was largely for show rather than an effort to truly challenge the system. Yet there were still problems…

    – but read it, there's more…

  • rogerthat

    SimplyInfo »
    Fukushima Mushrooms Still As High As 102,900 Bq/Kg
    November 12 Add a Comment
    … Foods like mushrooms, wild berries (including wild strawberry & blueberry) and wild game are still highly contaminated in parts of Europe decades after Chernobyl. So this problem in north east Japan is unlikely to go away any time soon…

  • rogerthat


    LANL chief’s compensation tops $1.5M
    Journal North News
    By Mark Oswald / Journal Staff Writer
    November 13
    SANTA FE – The annual compensation for Los Alamos National Laboratory director Charles McMillan has topped $1.5 million, federal records show.

    That’s up from the $800,348 director’s compensation that the same records showed for 2009 and is nearly three times the LANL chief’s compensation in 2006, the last year the lab was still run by the University of California.

    The lab has since been run by a private consortium, Los Alamos National Security LLC, that includes the university, the Bechtel corporation and other partners…

    …LANL provided this brief statement about McMillan’s compensation: “The amount reported reflects total compensation that includes salary and the change in current value of pension benefits. Not all of the compensation comes directly from taxpayer money…''

  • rogerthat


    Bad precedent for nuclear restarts via The Japan Times

    Located in an area with a history of volcanic activity, the Sendai plant is viewed as being vulnerable to future possible eruptions. Kyushu Electric says that if an imminent eruption is predicted, it will take the nuclear fuel out of the plant’s two reactors as a safety precaution. But it is difficult to predict volcanic eruptions and the company has yet to decide how to transport the fuel and where it can be safely stored.

    The plant itself has problems. …

  • rogerthat


    Post-disaster angst fuels Japanese pop artist’s tablet-focused works via Mashable

    If art is the most honest barometer of technology’s effect on the human condition, Takashi Murakami’s latest works uncover a Japan still quietly reeling from 2011′s Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, and struggling with the ever-present specter of the ongoing nuclear crisis at Fukushima…

    … “When I was in my 20s I was participating in the anti-nuclear movement,” says Murakami. “Now, with the Fukushima disaster, Tokyo and the surrounding areas where I live are also contaminated with radiation. The level of radiation [initially emitted from the Fukushima disaster] is more than the levels in Chernobyl, but the government will deny things. Of course, people can’t really go anywhere so they’re in denial and they continue to live in Tokyo… Maybe if I were younger I would try to change things, but now I’m resigned to just record and report.”

    Read more.

  • rogerthat


    World Energy Outlook Warns Nuclear Industry On Decommissioning And Disposal via NucNet
    12 Nov (NucNet): The nuclear energy industry needs to be ready to manage “an unprecedented rate” of decommissioning with almost 200 of the 434 reactors that were operating commercially at the end of 2013 to be retired by 2040, a report by the International Energy Agency says…

    … In one scenario examined in WEO, the cumulative amount of spent nuclear fuel that has been generated (a significant portion of which becomes high-level radioactive waste) more than doubles, reaching 705,000 tonnes in 2040.

    Read more at World Energy Outlook Warns Nuclear Industry On Decommissioning And Disposal

  • demise demise

    Heads up everyone. Several well placed foreigners I work with in the US have been called back home immediately (in the next couple of days) with no explanation or made up stories. Something is going on that some people are being warned about ahead of time.

    Maybe a declaration of the Fukushima contamination in the US or Japan (which is much worse than reported) or something about Russian aggression. I don't know yet but we will find out soon. I'm truly worried.

  • Well made presentation on WIPP & Fukushima, 2 parts. 30min total.

    Part one


    Part two


    Warning contains course language and graphic medical images.

    Please note the author of the video expresses his opinions on aliens & this may confront some viewers, but there is much value in relation to atomic events.

  • jec jec

    WARNING ARTICLE on raising radiation levels in USA:

    Admin, this is a great article!

    "Weakening radiation standards, a cap on accident liability, reactor propaganda versus improvements, old units running past expiration dates, revving the engines beyond design specs — you’d think we were itching for a meltdown.

    The Environmental Protection Agency has recommended increased radiation exposure limits following major releases. It would save the industry a bundle to permit large human exposures, rather than shut down rickety reactors."

    Read more: http://host.madison.com/news/opinion/column/john-la-forge-meanwhile-down-at-the-nuclear-power-plant/article_71b63b0f-fae1-5aeb-95c1-ce3784346f70.html#ixzz3JBOLoDPI

  • We Not They Finally

    jec, TY. This article is excellent. While the reality is that the NRC can do anything they want because a) the industry is wholly protected with wrongful legal protections not set to be overturned; and b) no one (in any numbers) seems to care. The narcissistic dumb-dumb machines win, shy of atrocious hardships forcing people to even THINK. But then, of course, "it's too late." It's ALREADY that.

    Any one new commanding highlighted voice could at least turn the tide in public mentality, even if not in real physical conditions ongoing. I wonder why no one anywhere seems to have that kind of power these days. I believe that there are genuinely courageous people out there. But the power imbalances are daunting.

  • We Not They Finally

    Its way to late as my wife states. Yes together we mourn the loss of this world. It didnt need to happen a few bad eggs have ruined everything and now good people should at least mourn the loss of this beautiful world together..With enough grace and asking for help in a good way will bring miracles into all our lives and there can yet be intervention from a universe united…But first there must be honest understanding and the wisdom to find our ways to the turn around we all pray can yet happen.Yes never stop hoping and the power of the Divine Matrix,The field and the miracle of the Consciousness in which .."Consciousness is all there is and all there is is Consciousness."

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