Radiation levels spiked 155 miles south of Fukushima after 1st explosion — Nuclear industry insiders told by officials to keep findings quiet

Published: June 19th, 2011 at 8:06 am ET


Toxic truth about Japan’s ‘miracle’: Post-tsunami harmony is a myth and the reality is startlingly different, Daily Mail by Richard Jones, June 18, 2011:

TEPCO was able to control information through the age-old system of Press Clubs, where the government provides information to selected media.

But The Mail on Sunday spoke to sources inside the Japanese nuclear industry who knew that radiation readings spiked 155 miles south of Fukushima, immediately after the first explosion. They were told by officials to keep the findings quiet.

Published: June 19th, 2011 at 8:06 am ET


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23 comments to Radiation levels spiked 155 miles south of Fukushima after 1st explosion — Nuclear industry insiders told by officials to keep findings quiet

  • Misitu

    Maybe AT LONG BLOODY LAST someone else is beginning to be concerned.

    Not that there was ever a possibility of fixing this, but DOING NOTHING is a great way of SAVING EVEN LESS.

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    Why are they telling us these things now, three months later?
    Is it because the damage has been done? But if the people were kept in the dark when the news was fresh, why relieve the ignorance of the true situation now?

    • pg

      These are “lie slaps”. They keep reminding people over and over again that those elected to keep us safe are only keeping their wallets safe. They are LYING for the sake of big business, oil companies, and big energy. Money is their priority, not safety of little children and people.

      To me, this sounds like another reactor. When a 9.0 hits, it does some serious shaking. I looked at yellowstone seismographs immediately following the Japan EQ and they showed the 9.0 lasted almost 4 minutes. That is some crazy shaking, and long enough to shake things loose in many places. More importantly, huge portions of the grid went down laying burdens on other reactors. 13 reactors went off line that we know if not counting the downed utility lines. When the reactors rolled over to backup, many backups failed. This too again brings up the argument to shut down all reactors globally. Man and Earth simply doesn’t have the responsibility, intelligence, and ability to contain such a power. 1) Reactors need to be placed where water is and that is always dangerous and 2) Man’s greed always gets in the way.

      Last but not least is that this could have been a major attack on Japan’s nuclear energy system aimed at taking out Japan and blanketing the US with radiation. With 40% less babies being born on the West coast, one could argue that their plan is ‘sort of’ working here.

    • pg

      Also, when mad men are at the wheel, anything is possible, like poisons being added to water supplies which can be blamed on Japan. These poisonings could be coming from any group, any country, including our own. Filter and test your waters regularly.

    • Blondie Blondie

      @milk and cheese

      As I understand it, “they” didn’t disclose this information. It was a whistleblower, one could say, who was otherwise ordered to keep quiet. The industry must be furious he spilled the beans to the public. It wouldn’t surprise me if he loses his job for disclosing this information, but bless his heart for doing so and I hope more workers disobey their gag-orders and let the public know what’s really going on.

  • Steven Steven

    As promised here in Australia our 60 Minutes team did a segment on Fukushima, which was a little soft but at least it’s finding it’s way back onto the TV.

    Bigger suprise, our SBS channel ran a 1 hour documentary titled ‘Nuclear Meltdown’ which although apparently made about 1 month in, seemed quite neutral and fair in it’s approach. Best of all you can watch it online for the next 7 days, here:


  • Same reason we will hear truths 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 months after, a year, two years after and on and on, the truths will come out in Japan and across the globe, just like as it happened with Chernobyl that was hidden and largely unknown to the truths, unfortunately in all forms of cancers, deformities and of ongoings of lose of lives !

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Earthquake 42 miles south of Fukushima:

    4.8 2011/06/19 06:52:44 35.371 140.905 16.5 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN

  • nomade

    Steven, I tried to look at that meltdown video you mentioned and got this message.

    “The video you requested does not exist or is no longer available.”

    Is that something to do with the Adobe player?

  • nomade

    Because I can watch the other documentaries OK…

    This clamp down on information is getting beyond ridiculous.

    • Blondie Blondie

      I’ve got the new player, but I’m getting the same “not available” message, too. 🙁

      • Steven Steven

        The only reason that might make sense is that the video isn’t cleared for overseas distribution (?) Is that possible? Any other Aussies here who can verify that is works for them, or anyone from elsewhere?

  • alasanon

    FYI, I tried to post links for friends on Facebook for their health on my personal page. Within a couple of days, the Facebook minders totally, without warning, REMOVED my comments with links on natural remedies for radiation exposure!! No one else uses or has a password to my account. The links were in no way offensive or politically subversive. I’ve never had FB remove any other comments of mine EVER. HOW WEIRD IS THAT?~

    My deductions:
    1. We’re in a hostile police state and Facebook IS, as many surmise, very compromised. (I still take some chances because it’s useful and we’re facing so many risks anyway.)
    2. Those links and suggestions ARE INDEED helpful for someone’s health now or else FB wouldn’t go to such trouble to hide them! Can you believe that?
    3. The powers that be don’t want us to live our most healthy, long, productive lives.
    4. And they don’t want us to think or act independently, outside govt. control.
    5. Finally, these powers seems to be rather desperate & grasping with their plans! That could indicate that the plan is not going as smoothly as anticipated? i.e. They can’t control everything–including fate, free will, and the individual human element. 🙂

    • blackmoon

      The US, and all governments, want to keep the public asleep, not only to lead us to the slaughter, but to drain us of the only thing they value, OUR MONEY.

      They know that if the sleeping population was aware of the serious condition our world is in, then they would stop spending their money on USELESS JUNK. This would hurt the blood sucking corporations at their core, and bring down this false economy.

      Since being exposed to the info on this board, I have only purchased those items that will enable long term survival. It’s amazing just how much money you can save when you concentrate on the necessities of life.

      It’s great to become UNSHACKLED from the influences of MASS MARKET INDOCTRINATION!

    • arclight arclight

      when i typed exskf blog twitter, i was unable to find the link i wanted…it was ok in norway two days ago and ok before i left england 3 weeks ago…u goota wonder?

  • SteveMT

    Live cam feed update: easily seen steady stream of steam coming from #4, which was recently covered with more water, at noontime in Japan.

    TEPCO injects water to No.4 reactor storage pool
    Monday, June 20, 2011 05:53 +0900 (JST)

    Tokyo Electric Power Company has been trying to reduce a high level of radiation discovered in the Number 4 reactor of the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

    The utility started to inject water into a pool on the top floor which was used for storing large equipment contaminated by radiation on Sunday.

    The Number 4 reactor was shut down for a routine inspection when it was hit by the earthquake and the tsunami on March 11th.

  • shaktasna999

    Time is up. Japan needs to be evacuated starting now, this minute, or they are going to lock the Japanese islands down and let these people die.

    There are over 125 million people in Japan. The government knows that they have nowhere to put them. Very few countries are going to want the Japanese people or their products when the extent of the radioactivity becomes more certain.

    Do not feel complacent because the power plants here in the U.S. are going to have the exact same troubles by this Autumn if people do not get a clue immediately.

    At this point Japanese people need to stop all non-essentials and shut Tokyo (and anywhere else they need to)down to start getting global assistance.