Radiation precautions for areas near Seattle, Vancouver, Portland? “Perhaps you need to wash your shoes”… and other things (VIDEO)

Published: November 16th, 2011 at 6:34 am ET


Arnie Gundersen on Five O’clock Shadow with Robert Knight, WBAI, Nov. 10, 2011 at 5:00 pm EDT:

Excerpts from interview with nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen, at ~22:00 in

  • Obviously Japan is a messs, but we also found in the Cascades, that’s in the Pacific Northwest… Local contamination throughout the Cascades on the order of 100 disintegrations per second in around 2 pounds of dirt [~100 becquerels per kilogram, approaching the levels of many areas in Japan that are relatively close to Fukushima (See Below)]…
  • If you’re in the Cascades, perhaps you need to wash your shoes and wash your vegetables and things like that…
  • There’s going to be a little bit of cesium in all our foods…. it’s going to ultimately get in very low concentrations in our food… not true in the Cascades. There’s other things we should be doing there.

Listen to the full broadcast here: http://archive.wbai.org/files/mp3/wbai_111110_170058fiveshadow.mp3

Via yesterday’s Telegraph:

It is also likely [farm] production is “partially impacted in neighbouring provinces such as Iwate, Miyagi, Yamagata, Niigata, Tochigi, Ibaraki and Chiba where values of more than 250 becquerels per kilogram cannot be excluded”, [according to a newly published study].

SOURCE: Wikipedia

Published: November 16th, 2011 at 6:34 am ET


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84 comments to Radiation precautions for areas near Seattle, Vancouver, Portland? “Perhaps you need to wash your shoes”… and other things (VIDEO)

  • Sickputer

    Gundersen says there are some areas west of the Cascades with radiation on the order of 100 disintegrations per “second”. So if I understand that correctly and someone correct me if my math is wrong…that’s 6000 CPM.
    The scientists before Fukushima said above 100 Counts Per Minute was unsafe. Then they upped it and said 2,000 was the danger level. This is 3 times the new ceiling.

    Yes, I think anyone in that area should not only wash their shoes… They should move eastward as soon as possible over the Cascades to a safe place. The trick is getting the government to tell you if you live in the really hot spots. If it’s a large populated area they may not do that without citizen assistance.

    • bmurr bmurr

      yes, but what you need to understand is that pro nuclear idiots do not see this as the result of their use of unsafe technology, and unsafe practices, with a focus on profit. Rather, they view this as some unavoidable act of nature that no one could predict or prevent. Therefore they dont view the consequences of their actions as their fault. Everyone shares the unfortunate outcome of uncontrollable acts of nature. They take no responsibilty, and we are all just goin to have to live with.
      Honestly I’m getting a bit tired of people questioning their tactics. I think we are past analyzing these folks. Its time to start repremanding these children.

      • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

        Dear Bmurr: I used to think that the nuke addled thought; but it’s clear that this sort of thing has happened before on different scales and that the news blackout method of not dealing with reality and thereby constructing socially that the public will not deal with reality has been around for decades: Santa Susana in SoCalifornia, Kashiwazaki Kariwa 2007, Three-Mile Island, Onagawa, Chernobyl, that Plutonium processing plant in the Urals of USSR at the time, Lawrence Livermore Labs, and the Hanford Plutonium Cataclysm site in Washington, State. The actual list of horribly contaminating accidents is in the hundreds of incidents. However, truly, Fukushima, is many thousands of times worse than probably all other events combined, as near as I can deduce. Revolution is required and it looks like taking over media transmission leaderships, FIRST, then sites second, then isolating and controlling the most contaminating, aberrantly behaved humans of all, the billionaires and their soulless wanna-be lackeys. And, if they resist, as fascists can NOT be negotiated with, despite the behavior of the Zionists during WWII, it would be time for the guillotines, a la 1789 French Revolution style, should they resist or harm any of us deposing these insane exploitation/extraction/hoarding-based hierarchies.

    • byron byron

      I’m in Portland. Measure sec or min? He meant to say per minute, right?
      Are there two different kinds of measurements perhaps being confused?
      6000 per minute would be multiple times more than any of the other location in the US on the radiation website where people are posting their readings automatically every minute. Even 100 per minute would be highest in US. Most are below 40.

      • Byron

        Go in and take a look at the EPA’s radnet data. You can go in through the EPA’s webpage or you can use Alexander Higgins’ direct feed of EPA radnet data.

        You will see that many areas of the country (among those still reporting) have had highs at 900 CPM including sites in South Dakota, Yuma AZ, Carlsbad NM, Harrisonburg VA, Armadillo TX, etc.

        Individual radiation detectors are limited in their detection abilities.

        The radnet detectors are extremely sensitive.

        Unfortunately, too many cities are off line now and other cities have clearly had data tampered with, as evidenced by straight lines on the chart.



        • James Tekton James Tekton

          Hello Majia,

          May I confirm your post and correct you please.

          It is Amarillo, TX and yes, this has been one of the highest readings in the country. These high measurements go back to BEFORE the tragic disastrous catastrophe in japan. The high radiation contamination readings are from Los Alamos and more recently, from the fires they had there. We will never forget how smoky it was even here in the four corners area. :(~

          • Thank you James

            Very tired this morning…


            I think I acciddently referenced Lynn Cherry’s great kids’ book, the Armadillo from Amarillo!

      • James Tekton James Tekton

        Hello B,

        If you have been watching our u-tube and image shack sites, you would have noticed our readings are in the 50’s and 60′ normally. We get hits over 100 CPM when it rains or snows. It is as the bro said on Jeff Rense the other day, “something nasty is in the air” and what we are not knowing is what exactly is the “nasty” that is in the waves of poisonous radioactive fallout coming from japan?

        • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

          By the way James, I have done a little testing of background radiation in the Marin area in the last couple of days, and have not seen the levels go up…they have actually been a little lower lately from what I’ve found so far.

          I am not totally sure why you thought they would be higher…something coming on the jetstream maybe? Anyway, I will keep testing, definitely need to do more…

    • Mack Mack

      Says Arnie:

      “Nationally, the radiation has now spread out to the point where all of us are going to get some and some of us are going to get a cancerous result…”

      • Mack Mack

        Also from Arnie:

        ** Advises his “friends not to buy foods from Japan” for a year or two to be prudent

        ** East Coast – “there’s gonna be a little bit of cesium in all our foods” – his “friend’s garden showed up with a little bit of cesium”

        ** His “biggest concern is what’s coming in through the ocean” fish – like salmon and tuna

        ** For people on the East coast – the “large top of the food chain” fish (like salmon and tuna) is “probably the most likely source” for people on east coast “to pick up a relatively high concentration of radiation” starting about next year

        ** Government – push the government to inspect the fish which can accumulate cesium and strontium, etc.

        • ‘biggest concern is what’s coming in through the ocean…’

          What’s coming through the ocean could be compared to getting hit in the head with a bowling ball as opposed to a ping pong ball.

          The ‘long term’ affect on the OCEAN and in turn it’s affect on the rest of the planet is unimaginable.

          No ocean cleanup is even being attempted. Little is discussed about the radioactive ocean contamination topic because it appears to be a somewhat slower moving catastrophe and a bit less obvious at this time.

          “Experts’ will continue to use words like dilution and dispersion instead of the more accurate terms for radioactive contamination like SPREAD and ACCUMULATE.

          • WindorSolarPlease

            Hi ChasAha

            SPREAD and ACCUMULATE, I believe you are so right about this. Layers keep coming..breathing in particles..it’s in the ocean, then from the ocean into rain water..then into our crops..into our drinking water..into our live stock.

            I believe we are already contaminated with radiation. Who knows to what degree how this will effect the public.

            There is nothing natural about this radiation, this was man made produced by the corporations and the people who run this world.

            Man Up…It comes with the territory of being in charge, take responsibility for your actions, inform the public of the testing’s, no more lack of transparency, be accountable, take care of the public health problems that have been created by greed.

            Risk to Great ~ End Nuclear Power

            • James Tekton James Tekton

              Hello WSP,

              You said,

              “I believe we are already contaminated with radiation.”

              You are right. This is the big deal. If everyone KNEW that the radiation contamination was coming at us from many other places BEFORE fukushima, what would people think?

              Of course, seeing that many do not care about the REAL ONGOING THREAT of the fukushima disaster now, they probably would not care that they have been getting poisoned and killed off before the fukushima Extinction Level Event all along. We give you Amarillo, TX, Billings, MT, Richland, WA, Las Vegas, NV, Durango, Denver, Colorado Springs, CO, and everything EAST of Los Alamos, NM. Some day, there will come forward all the radiation sickness related and cancer deaths that happened downwind of these horrible death dealing nuklear places compared to some other places that may not be downwind

              You also said,

              “There is nothing natural about this radiation,”

              True and false. True, the radiation from japan is not natural, and true the contamination all over the US that has been ongoing for years is not, but the radon here in Colorado as well as the natural uranium deposits are. We cannot tell the difference with the equipment we have but what we can note is an uptick in the measurements, and radioactive waves that cause the readings go up when the jet stream dips down south on us.

              Have you been to my u-tube channel lately?


              How about the Imageshack site?


              Thank you good heart for all your works. That goes for EVERYONE who contributes in a positive way to this forum. Bless~

        • jimbojamesiv

          What about milk and the grain that’s grown in the ground?

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

      Yes, your math is correct.
      100 x 60 = 6000

      Question is whether the units in the original story got twisted up.

  • Jebus Jebus

    What a way to wake up this morning!
    No wonder enenews went down last night.
    Will some west coast media outlet carry this?
    I’m feelin like I just stepped out of that airplane without my chute.
    I can see my house down there…
    I guess we ARE livin the dream inside the nightmare of reality.
    Gonna be hard to smile today…

  • byron byron

    Just posted the following on a thread from two days ago which probably means it won’t be seen since things scroll quickly. Wonder what you all think about this. It’s a reply to Pu239:
    Good exam question pu239, but maybe better would be: Given that single celled life and a few smaller organisms will continue to survive, explain how the Fukushima disaster and subsequent disasters from rising sea levels knocking out most nuclear facilities built near sea level, leaks from plants operating well past designed lifetimes (constructed at lowest bid by workers who only wanted to be paid at the time) and their pools, plus weapons degrading — explain when you calculate the last human on earth will die. Factor in food supply, war, mutations, disease and any other factors you deem significant.

    • Jebus Jebus

      I think that question is irrevelant, given the outcome…
      A better question would be:
      Explain what you think the quality of life in your area will be in 10 to 20 years…

      • Jebus Jebus

        irrevelant = irrelevant
        need more coffee

      • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

        Many (or even most) people dead. Remainder living a very primitive life. Pure speculation. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

        • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

          You’re probably not wrong because without revolution to depose the current status quos, there are hundreds of other future Fukushimas that will surely, definitely happen due to the inevitable decrepitude of all nuclear power plants. It’s already beginning. The problem with NOT having revolution to create directly democratic, non-hierarchical, and fully transparent publicaly controlled methods of dealing with this mess is that we’ll all die off or become too short-lived, or become too sick in the time frame of going along to get along with the status quo guarantees will be the case. The only strategy besides, letting us all DIE!!!, that draconian top-down hierarchies have to control things is military dominance. That’s not going to work in dealing with nuclear cataclysms because ABSOLUTELY (sorry, there ARE absolutes in this world)the empowerment of the masses, the education and creativity of the masses utilizing freely shared, OPEN SOURCE, information is required to deal with calamities of the scale of Fukushima’s, or global thermal maximum (anthropogenic), and related to both, mass extinctions.

  • jackassrig

    I getting a white film on my windshield. Is this something I should be concerned about? Hopefully this is droppings off of my trees.

    • Net

      My lemon tree has white stuff on it. I took pictures but I don’t know how to post a picture. I don’t think I can. The white stuff looks like powder.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      I’ve got the same thing here in Chicago and it builds up after every rain instead of washing it off??!! The idiot next door to the building I live in filled in the 18 inch space between his building and the walkway with clay-which causes our basement to flood more readily than ever,but the thing that I’ve noticed is that there’s a grayish-white dry layer building up on top of the clay that was first seen in the days & weeks following 3/11,then it eventually “washed away” and it had its normal,brown color again until about a month ago or so when it started building up again to the “white,crusty”look of March through June. I wish I could have the crap tested,along with the film from the cars & outdoor surfaces to find out exactly what is in the funk that also covers the leaves of some plants & weeds?!! I forget the exact name of a skin condition I’d come down with on my hands,but it is painless and looks like small patches of circular “water blisters”(??!!)~I found the description of symptoms and pictures on a medical website that described it as an “allergy to nickel”(wtf?!!)common in people who handle or work with metals in industrial settings or handle coins-neither of which have applied in my case?!!-it goes on to say that a lot is unknown about the affliction which can strike any gender,age group,etc. at any time to people who are exposed to the “nickel”. The day I read it when I was concerned that I may be sent to a leper colony or need to find a new means of wiping my ass(excuse my graphic & colorful chosen example,LOL)-that same day I read about this “allergic” reaction I’d also seen something about Silver-110,or something like that,being discovered far from Fuku?-So I don’t know wth to think about it anymore-I haven’t handled frogs or felt up any witches tits in the past 30 yrs. or so??…..

  • arclight arclight

    i want all you guys under the cloud of doom to move over here now pronto… especially anyone in “no healthcare” USA….



    let the press work that out! to cover or not…but it might get a bit obvious on the ground! 🙂 come to europe.. home of nuclear.. free health care.. and soon to be nuke free (mostly 🙁 )!!

    it is easy to get a passport and go on holiday!!!! and get a break from the cesium at the very least!! you get a break at the very worst! and generate a massive PR pain in the butt for the “powers that bleiaea”!! 🙂

    MASS EVACUATION you know it makes sense

    see you soon!!!!!!!
    your ever loving arc!!

    • Much More fallout/accumulations coming folks, and our gov. couldn’t evacuate 20,000 in New Orleans in time or people in the wake of the BP oil gusher – ongoing, what do you think they will do for all the people affected on the west coast !

      • in wall street journal today article examines court ruling that states cannot sue BP, Halliburton, and Transocean using state anti-pollution laws.

        article explains states will have trouble getting same level of compensation under federal laws.

        summary at my blog. I just reviewed print edition. There may be an online article.


    • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

      Man, so tempting…except that it seems like you guys are getting a fair amount of radiation there, too…

      Well, I’m just looking for the best place to live out the rest of my probably shortened life…I am pretty happy here, but I’d love to see Europe again.

      Are you in France, arclight?

  • jackassrig

    An item that has not been discussed is the equipment located at the nuclear sites. Piping systems eventually connect to equipment. Equipment means pumps, compressors, steam turbines, etc. Pumps are driven by motors, steam turbines, gas turbines, turbo-expanders, etc. Drivers are not directly connected to pumps. Usually, they are coupled together by a coupling. There are many variations of couplings. The drivers and the driven can never be perfectly aligned. By aligned I mean the shafts of the driver and driven are perfectly parallel and the centerlines must match. The purpose of the coupling is to allow a certain amount of misalignment between the driver and the driven.

    Piping systems exert stains on the equipment. These strains occur because of thermal expansion, weight, wind, earthquake, etc. These loadings are not independent but occur in combination. As a result of the strains, forces and moments are applied at the point where the pipe connects to the equipment.

    When analyzing piping for stress, one of the responsibilities of the piping engineer is to minimize the forces and moments on the equipment. Excessive forces moments on the equipment will turn the driver or the driven equipment out of alignment. Also, excessive forces and moments will distort the casing causing leakage of shaft seals and rubbing of impellers against the casing. I worked at a refinery where a large coker compressor would turn out of alignment due to the excessive forces and moments on the casing. Once a mouth the compressor was shut down and re-aligned. A perusal of API 610 for refinery pumps will show the allowable loadings for refinery pumps. For very sensitive equipment, manufactures will set their own allowable loading.

  • jackassrig

    During the earthquake at Fukushima , the equipment was subjected to loadings that would exceed the allowable equipment forces and moments. If the piping systems had stayed put and the structure more or less remained in place, the equipment would still have suffered misalignment. Large circulating pumps cannot run for any length of time out of alignment without trashing bearings and seals. Large equipment is very difficult to align and is very time consuming. Laser alignment has superseded the old dial indicator method. After the earthquake Fukushima did not have this much time. Future construction should anticipate equipment will be misaligned after a catastrophic event and may be inoperable.

    One way to avoid misalignment of rotating equipment is to use canned equipment. The motor and pump are one unit inside a casing. The pump casing is not rigidly connected to the concrete foundation but is allow to move with the piping. Let the damn thing go where it wants to but it runs afterward. The Alaskan pipeline is not rigidly attached to the supports-it floats with the movement.

  • jackassrig

    If these nincompoops insist on building on faults they are going to have to design smarter.

    • It’s the FAULT of nincompoop clowns who think they can design fool proof machines that are indeed the fools.

      STOP ALL new Nuke Power and tear down all existing Nuke power!!!
      It’s our only chance, it’s the only choice. Anything less means one is a fool with no regard for ‘life’ or the future of this ‘planet’.

  • jackassrig

    The nuclear plants today need to be re-evaluated for the intense earthquakes we have today. The 1000 year storm is a reality in the Gulf. We can not build platforms like they were built 40 years ago. How can we exspect 40 year nuclear plants to perform in this enviroment. Someone had better wake up and smell the coffee. We are sitting on a powder keg.

  • ocifferdave

    Guys, help me!

    I have the daunting time consuming task of informing a pediatrician in Seattle why it is dangerous to be on the West Coast. Yet I have to meet with the real estate agent, skype with the priest in PR, and FaceTime with our homeschool teacher via iPad today. Here’s the email to my priest that has contacted four people to get info on Fukushima (a doctor, a nuclear engineer, etc). Here is what he wrote to my priest:

    I will be happy to help if I can…
    Unfortunately there is much information and more misinformation on the internet.
    feel free to have him email me…There have been no public health alerts. Radiation is monitored by Feds (EPA) as well as universities. You are more likely to be seriously injured or killed in an automobile accident. Drive safe.

    I was thinking of presenting him the NY Academy of Sciences study on Chernobyl (Goverment disinfo vs facts).

    Infant mortality increase on West Coast and Philly compared to previous years.

    EPA finding increased radioactive iodine in water in Philly and West Coast.

    And other good science stuff.

    I could use your guys’s help!

    • + ? Amazing ocifferdave!

      1. “There have been no public health alerts.” That’s true, but it’s also part of the overall problem. Alerts ‘most likely’ should have been made, but only months later do we find out we’ve been admittedly lied to. (as with many other examples of lies regarding anything nuclear from the past)

      2. “You are more likely to be seriously injured or killed in an automobile accident.” This is a common diversion that is not in any way a valid comparison and has no association to reality or the insidious affects of radioactive contamination on all lifeforms. The reality is at least 3 melting nuclear reactors have forever changed our world. Seriously, there is no ‘good’ plan for stopping them and no ‘real’ end in sight.

      3. “Radiation is monitored by Feds (EPA) as well as universities.” See UC Berkeley and other institutions who have confirmed fallout. EPA Radnet shows increased levels. Not to mention the ‘overwhelming’ evidence by numerous individuals taking rad readings that prove fallout exits in the United States and the Northern Hemisphere. Precautions should be discussed and some action taken.

      One is left with the decision to either take action or ‘pretend’ it doesn’t exit. Maybe I’ll take a ‘long drive’ today, I know that’s a risk, but at least it’s a ‘choice’, a choice I get to make.

    • alasanon

      Why do you have to justify your moves to anyone for your own health reasons? Some people might want to get away from the cold or moisture? Is it to transfer health insurance, to maintain coverage? Why don’t you also tell them you want to take your family to a warmer, more rural, island setting for a cross-cultural experience while they are still young enough to appreciate it? A lot of people do that these days… I was moved around, just because my parents felt like it! 😉

      • ocifferdave

        My priest wants more info and is having me as his communicator to these four pros.

      • alasanon

        p.s. That’s nice that you’re getting in touch with the local PR diocese. I was reading that it has poor areas, but super nice, happy people there! Good luck & I credit you for making forays!!

        • ocifferdave

          No worries…I can’t even begin to wonder how people can say No worries while there are three nuclear meltdowns.

    • lam335 lam335

      one thing–there was a storied posted here, I think, this summer regarding the iodine in Philadelphia. Apparently some of the iodine in Philly water was from the treatment of cancer patients in the area. The story said that levels in drinking water had been high years before Fukushima; the EPA knew about it since 2002, but never bothered to tell Philadelphia city officials. They only discovered that I-131 was there when the state went looking for it after Fuku:


      BUT … I-131 was also in RAIN in several places across PA, so I’m NOT saying that Fuku fallout didn’t fall in PA. However, several places in Philadelphia had the HIGHEST levels in the country, and this apparently was at least partially the result of thyroid patient’s urine being discharged into local waterways and then getting taken back up into the water supply downstream. The article I mentioned discusses how they eventually traced it back to its sources. It’s disturbing (and disgusting) and shocking that the EPA could be aware of this for YEARS and not bother to inform anybody in the state. Nevertheless, that I-131 apparently wasn’t entirely (perhaps not even mostly?) from Fukushima.

    • Net

      Hi ocifferdave, Are you moving to Puerto Rico? I saw you trying to figure everything out. PR may have less radiation but more crime. http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/C/CB_PUERTO_RICO_HOMICIDE_RECORD?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2011-11-16-16-39-21

      Arnie Gunderson has very convincing information about the west coast so maybe you can use his findings. I am stuck here for now. 🙁 I just don’t see anywhere in the US that doesn’t have some issue(weather or NUKE or crime) Best Wishes to you and your family!!

      • ocifferdave

        Thank you Net and best wishes to yours! And thanks for that good info. (Real Estate Agent says we can’t sell the home for what we owe…doh)

  • arclight arclight

    monitored by EPA as well as universities

    anyone who believes these organisations are regulating the big 145 corporations isnt worth your time responding too!! most people, like the people of the ukraine and of course the polygon victims are in denial through censorship. the question really is how much cesium etc can you personnaly put up with before you react…


  • Be Still My Beating Heart

    I Get It Now.
    A strange resignation has come over me.
    Why do people stay and not relocate?
    For me, it is not for the attachment to the land where I am, although I can understand that also, after having ancestors in the same place for a thousand years.
    It is not about saving myself. I am not young nor that old, however, I have young grandchildren.
    Their parents do not believe this is an ongoing event. If they believe at all, they thought it was a one time shot and over.
    They will not move.
    The children have been spoon fed the Spoiled Rotten American Brat Dream.
    Why would they want to give up the latest fashions and video game releases?
    I can’t control another persons body. But I can help ease their pain and suffering when/if/as our lives wind down to death.
    I have studied herbalism for over 35 years and have never/ever relied on any health care system. I have put away some remedies to transition those around me as we slide into the spiral.
    That’s it.

  • kauaisoapbox

    Aloha. I have four Geiger’s set up on the Island of Kauai. I purchased on that was made prior to Fukushima and it has consistently shown a higher reading then the other three.
    1 Detector 3007a
    1 Detector 4007
    1 Inspector +
    1 PRM-8000
    I was part of a radiation monitoring site and was initially very happy to be there. Soon, some characters arrived that had scientific background. One admitted working for the government. he continually disparages through humor and outright contempt anyone who posts high readings. He also takes over the conversation thread with a few other scientists and bullies. Very disheartening. While I am not a scientist, I am a bit of geek. Because they continually disparaged my readings, which are often some of the highest in the USA, I continued to upgrade my station. I run the three machines, two identical, and all having the 2″geiger-meuller, so that the data can not be argued with. These are fixed outside my house, on the second story of a North facing wall. They are contained within 4″PVC tubing, that is then covered in 1/16″lead shielding. I have also sealed the roof shingling with sheet metal in case there was any residual background radiation contained in the shingles. The roof itself exhibits high background radiation. I don’t know if this is from rain saturation or is inherent in the material used in the shingles. I am looking for a new network that is not taken over by science jerks who feel the average human is an idiot. I have spent $4000.00 to make sure my readings are good. I am going to buy a Gamma-Rad Scintillator when I save the money so I can identify specific isotopes. I am interested in any help to make my station better. I would also like any thoughts on how to test water. Please email me at I would love to share ideas on how to do this right so we have a good history of trends in Kauai to use in later years. Aloha.

    • arclight arclight

      cool set up !! wellcome to enenews!! wow!! the rad monitoring section might need some improving as its just started… admin is open to suggestions im sure!!
      look forward to your posts

    • beamofthewave

      Tell them they are liars and you do not trust them, ask them if they worked for the cigarette manufacturers that said smoking was good for you.

    • signalfire

      First timer here. Hey, Kauiasoapbox, that is indeed a fantastic setup you have. I would be willing to bet that if you contacted Fairewinds Associates, they would be willing to help you tweak it to where you want it to be, or perhaps a local university that was not government-associated? People are often afraid of contacting well known individuals such as Mr. Gundersen or a college professor but it’s been my experience that they can be more than willing to help.

      Hawaii also has a Mensa group centered in Honolulu and if you get in touch with them, perhaps they will have someone or be able to refer you to someone with the appropriate scientific background?

      Good luck, and good work.

    • bluebonnet bluebonnet

      It sounds as if you have a great setup there. I’ve been trying to learn more about the debris that is moving towards Kauai and ultimately the West Coast. Yesterday there was a conference at Kauai County College about the debris, but I missed the live feed.
      Have you heard about any efforts to monitor the debris for radioactivity ? Are you posting your readings anywhere ?
      It’s great that you are taking the readings. Bluebonnet

  • hbjon hbjon

    make a lead box. Get some photographic plates, paper, or film. Put the sample of water in the box with the film. Expose it for 10 seconds. Develop the film. Count the spots and do the math. Just a suggestion.

  • desert_lady desert_lady

    @ kauaisoapbox:

    Make sure you post this in the Discussion Thread called “FORUM: Post Your Radiation Monitoring Data Here”.

    You have an AWESOME set-up and thank you for letting us know!

  • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

    I have been quietly carrying a Gieger counter in my personal effects for about 4 or 5 years now.

    I did a check on things at my girlfriend’s place in a rural
    setting south of Portland.
    Her place is amazingly clean, it seems.
    I could not find anything above .01 uS/h at ground level after
    significant rainfall.
    Her place is maybe 100 miles west of the Cascades.

    Something to know about this story.
    Here in the PNW, the weather systems that come in from off the Pacific tend to pass over the Coast Range mountains (peaks in the 3k foot levels)and then they hit the west slopes of the Cascade Range and dump heavily there.
    The systems also tend to get stuck on the west slopes.
    There is high desert very close to the east side of the Cascade Range.
    You can be in a full white out at the crest while it is full bright sunny day all of 10 miles east of the crest.
    The clouds just pile up and get stuck while they dump.

    So it is no surprise that Fuku fallout is concentrating in the Cascades.

    • As Snow melts it will run down the east and Western slopes with it’s collection of the winter snows and isotopes !

    • Be Still My Beating Heart

      Born and Bred and Raised in the Pacific Northwest –
      I am witness and know, see, smell, think, hear, taste and sense the Micro-climates of this spot on the earth. I am not here by accident. Everything in the NW of the USA is on an angle to the Latitude and Longitudes.
      All things are Possible.
      I get It!

  • beamofthewave

    I am so glad I sent my daughter to Georgia and after the New Year I will start looking to transfer to Alabama. I must be nuts but I am getting out of here.

  • Jake E

    Me again trying to understand these measurements LOL. Arnie Gundersen in this interview: “Northwest… Local contamination throughout the Cascades on the order of 100 disintegrations per second in around 2 pounds of dirt [~100 becquerels per kilogram, approaching the levels of many areas in Japan that are relatively close to Fukushima…”

    This article says http://enenews.com/wsj-latest-food-scare-hits-japan-rice-over-radiation-limit-found-60-km-from-meltdowns-had-previously-measured-below-limit

    “…the government-mandated limit of 500 becquerels per kilogram of harvested rice…”

    So, 100 bq/kg USA soil vs. 500 bq/kg Japan rice that they actually eat? Are they not rich enough to eat rice from India or something.

    By the way, I found artesian water source in Olympia, WA. This waster seems to be coming from a confined aquifer, which means the water is really old with no human contamination. Just the locked glacier water from before humans made cars.

  • hbjon hbjon

    Why wouldn’t the NW have this amount of contamination? When the npp’s blew, they ejected all their crap into the atmosphere. The worst of the worst by all accounts. A large percentage of it fell down into the ocean and over a wide area towards the NE of Japan. The winds and jetstream were heading straight towards Alaska, then later hooked to the south. At this point it appeared that a lot of fallout would hit the west coast of Canada and down into the NW US. This info was available for a short period of time. This info has proved to be extremely relavant.