Radiation levels spike in Miyagi milk — Highest since March

Published: January 13th, 2012 at 7:33 am ET


Cesium Level in Raw Milk in Southern Miyagi Is Rising, EX-SKF, January 13, 2012:

(SOURCE: http://www.r-info-miyagi.jp/r-info/food/#)

From Miyagi Prefecture’s website, the result of measurement of radioactive cesium in raw milk collected at “Sennan Cooler Station” in Shiroishi City in southern Miyagi from March 25 till December 20, 2011:

November 22: 2 becquerels/kg
November 29: 4 becquerels/kg
December 6: 21 becquerels/kg
December 13: 14 becquerels/kg
December 20: 22 becquerels/kg

Published: January 13th, 2012 at 7:33 am ET


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10 comments to Radiation levels spike in Miyagi milk — Highest since March

  • or-well

    Lets get the ball rolling –
    Here kid, have a drink!
    Is that a bell tolling?
    Milk’s great! Helps you think!
    Is that sirens? Don’t listen –
    Let your milk-stache glisten
    On your upper lip
    and watch Mama feed Baby
    a sippy-cup sip.
    Build strong bones – it’s enriched!
    with Vitamin D
    As you can’t go outside
    and just watch TV
    that’s something you need
    Never mind the occassional
    intestinal bleed
    There’s calcium too
    for bone cells dividing
    (Osteoporosis statistics
    are there in plain hiding
    Just look at the countries
    with highest diary consumption)
    Don’t be afraid Kid,
    Muster your gumption
    Drink 3 glasses a day
    Help the industry function
    the way that it should
    making profit for some
    against Public Good.
    Be a good Japanese
    Eat your cesium beef
    Drink your iodine tea
    There’ll be no escape
    If you switch to sushi
    We’ll blend it and spread it
    All over Japan
    We’ll even recycle it
    Into food cans!

  • arclight arclight

    Friday, Jan. 13, 2012
    Fukushima to test milk from 10,000 mothers

    “FUKUSHIMA β€” The breast milk of about 10,000 mothers residing in Fukushima Prefecture, home to the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, will be tested for radioactive contamination, prefectural officials said Thursday.

    Details of the test, which is available to any mother, have yet to worked out, including how and when it will be given. The cost, likely about Β₯50,000 per person, is expected to be covered by a fund earmarked for managing Fukushima residents’ health amid the ongoing nuclear crisis.

    The prefecture reportedly plans to secure a total of Β₯560 million for the test project.

    Many breast-feeding mothers have expressed concern that their milk is contaminated by radioactive materials released into the air and sea by the Tokyo Electric Power Co. plant since it was crippled by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami…………”


    • or-well

      You got it arclight – follow the money.

      I haven’t had enough coffee to speak normally yet. πŸ™‚

  • arclight arclight

    thinking…..internally displaced persons with no internatioal rights!! from above article..

    “About 18,000 babies are born each year in Fukushima Prefecture. Officials estimate about 10,000 mothers breast-feed their babies. It is not clear, however, how many mothers and babies fled Fukushima due to the crisis.”

  • NW

    Have we seen something else going on during Dec 6th?

    I’ve been more concerned as of late about what Obama has been doing and only think I saw some reference here to Dec 6th before.

    My distractions:

    – USA’s war of words and posturing toward Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Russia, China (WWIII)

    – NDAA indef detainment of US Civilians let alone anybody in the world

    – the dollar and EU economy collapsing

    – Ron Paul’s supporters being swept under the rug by MM

    – etc etc etc

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I feel very sorry for the cattlemen and farmers of this area…
    I come from “ranching stock”..so I know exactly what it means to give years..generations..to the land…
    I know what it means to love the land and the creatures upon it…and how fragile the system is..when a winter storm can kill off the herd….or a bad hay yield ruin all the profits.
    Their livelihood and way of life has been destroyed.

  • sendaimom

    Thanks for the post; I forwarded the info to a group of moms back in Sendai just now.
    BTW I have finally moved from Sendai to western Japan. No more foregoing school lunches (that would include milk) …. A family transition is still ongoing.

    I would like people to know that more than 50,000 Osaka City residents signed a petition (more than 2% of the city’s voters, thus making it legally effective) demanding the city council to carry out a local referendum on the use of nuclear power plant. This is a first step for a national referendum.
    More details, here is a link to Asahi Shimbun news site.