Radio: “Something new in the history of medicine is happening at Fukushima” says physician — 30% of children tested had thyroid lumps — “Now that’s really early, that’s within the first year, that’s unheard of” (AUDIO)

Published: March 15th, 2012 at 5:39 pm ET


Title: Lessons from Fukushima: Dr. Helen Caldicott and Local Filmmaker Speak Out
Source: Green A.C.R.E. via Radio KBCS
Date: March 15, 2012

Transcript Excerpts

But something new in the history of medicine is happening at Fukushima, says Dr. Caldicott […]

“Now that’s really early. That’s within the first year. That’s unheard of.”

[Referring to study finding 1,143 of 3,765 (~30%) of Fukushima children who were tested were found with lumps on their thyroid glands –SOURCE]


“Fukushima I predict means the end of the nuclear power industry, and it’s already happening in Japan.”

Listen to the report here

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Title: Helen Caldicott
Source: Wikipedia

Caldicott… received her medical degree in 1961 from the University of Adelaide Medical School. In 1977 she joined the staff of the Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Boston, and taught pediatrics at the Harvard Medical School from 1977 to 1978. […]

During her time in the United States from 1977 to 1986, Caldicott was involved with Physicians for Social Responsibility (founded originally in 1961), an organization of 23,000 doctors committed to educating others on the dangers of nuclear energy. She also worked abroad to establish similar groups that focused on education about what she said were risks of nuclear energy, nuclear weapons and nuclear war. One such international group (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War) was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985

Published: March 15th, 2012 at 5:39 pm ET


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52 comments to Radio: “Something new in the history of medicine is happening at Fukushima” says physician — 30% of children tested had thyroid lumps — “Now that’s really early, that’s within the first year, that’s unheard of” (AUDIO)


    The scale of this catastrophe promises to be unlike any preceding events in human history. If you're finding thirty-percent of these children have been affected within the first year, it's conceivable that one-hundred-percent of the remaining Japanese population will be suffering from radiological poisoning, within the next – few – years. This is unimaginable and intolerable…

    • InfoPest InfoPest

      I don't believe this is something new in the history of medicine. In Russia they weren't looking for thyroid problems only 9 months after Chernobyl, and even if they did, they didn't have the modern medical equipment of today that would find such small lumps so easily. What does it matter anyway? The Japanese government is not going to admit there is a problem until 10,000 kids have cancerous tumors the size of golf balls sticking out their necks.

      • Maxxforce

        There will be no admission of what has happened in Japan even when it cannot be hidden any longer. I believe that we will see the school enrollments drop and children's centers will become far out-numbered by permanent life-care and cancer treatment facilities. This will take time, but radiation has all the time it needs. The politicians and executives know that they only have to delay and pretend until their terms are up. It will be a few generations before the true scope and scale of the effect will become undeniable. Look at the people of the Semipalatinsk Test Site, the Polygon region. They know the effects of long term low level radiation and fall-out, the records and research is there. To top it off, the Fuku event isn't really even over yet.


          @Maxxforce: though most of what you add is acceptable, two of your statements merit challenge: "…they only have to delay and pretend until their terms are up. It will be a few generations before the true scope and scale of the effect will become undeniable." It's irrelevant if stonewalling is one of their strategies as the deleterious effects of the resident population's exposure is rapidly becoming evident. This is moving at a rate that exceeds anyone's ability to run; including those responsible for it…

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    All right Helen! You go girl. You have the name to get the information out there. We should all contact our MSMs to ask them to interview her and/or show her research studies.

  • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

    As I have posted before, this has so much of the feel of "On The Beach"
    (1959 Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner)

    The question is…when will the reality of Fuku some how manifest itself in the perceptions of Joe Six Pack??

    What happens when he realizes there is no point in a 401k?

    What happens when he realizes he may as well cash out his 401k?

    Why finish college?

    Why concern oneself with over due credit card balances?

    This list is just too big.

    • blackbeer blackbeer

      Joe Six Pack has got nothing to do with this. Joe is already ok with robot killing machines running around the world killing 2 or 3 bad guys of the day while taking out 75 or more nobodies to do it. He's already ok with endless war, he's ok with fascism, he's ok with burning coal, oil, gas and what ever so he can wipe his butt with a soft tissue, he's ok with starving most of the people on the planet so he can have strawberries in winter, I mean common. We can spend the rest of our lives waiting for who ever we decide is going to save us and guess what, they won't. What's that leave us? Just us, that's all. We have to figure out a way to save us or just forget the whole thing………………..


    • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

      Jeff: Joe six pack will be quite angry enough when his own children begin to sicken and die. We in America are breathing in and ingesting about 5 hot particles today and every day from Fuku (prounced "Fu– You"), I read elsewhere on ENEnews today.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    ELE It must be. Too many things are pointing to it.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    OMFG. Michael Mann just posted this UNBELIEVABLE BIT OF NEWS:
    Chinese nuclear companies will become suppliers for Westinghouse Electric Co's AP1000 reactor projects in other countries as the nation approaches completion of the world's first AP1000 project.
    C H I N A!??!?!!? of all places!? Kiss your ass goodbye with China making any of these parts. 🙁

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Cheap labor, cheap parts…oh yeah Nuclear Industry, real smart move there. Even Apple iPhones are blowing up in peoples hands. Why? MADE IN CHINA How stupid can this Industry be?!?! I mean REALLY????

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        My Tweet: #Fukushima: AP1000 will be made in China?? OMG!

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Even China hasn't approved the AP1000 for their own country. How can we possibly allow them to build the AP1000 in the US? Haven't we learned any lessons about the rape of the environment in China and lethal toys for children and lethal infant formula?

          "…The nuclear industry is not quite ready to move forward and lift the suspension, as not all necessary requirements have been completed, said Collier…."

          Any nuclear power plant is lethal. It won't be any less lethal built by the Chinese.

          • @ Anne: "Any nuclear power plant is lethal. It won't be any less lethal built by the Chinese."
            Even at the center of Mother Earth's core?
            Thanks for the article pdf link on the section on Jap earthquakes yesterday.
            Of Sun being nuclear fusion driven we perhaps are sure(!)
            but an FBR at the center of the earth? Is the evidence conclusive? Apparently not as of today.
            Anyway the thyroid lumps are indeed created by the nuclear industry aided by political support.
            I must tell you another story. It was in India in the 1990s when my friend and his wife paid a visit to us. We were all in conversation in the drawing room in the evening and I noticed a lump in her thyroid region. I was then a terrible(but humane)anti nuke. I had bought No Immediate Danger by Rosalie Bertell and had devoured it. I gave him the relevant pages opened on her discussion of Three Mile Island and discussion on thyroids. They quietly consulted the physician and came to know after tests that she had a malignant cancer and is undergoing chemo after being operated. They live near New Hampshire of Three Mile Island accident. The worry, the treatment and the hell they have to undergo is tragic and unnecessary. And this Fuku children story appears to be a repeat of past history. Yes, Chinese or others, nukes are nukes, death dealers.And they give absolutely no electricity to society and consume everything themselves. Stop them and change!

    • arclight arclight

      wonder why the chinese didnt release the findings of their pacific ocean study into fukushima after the return in december of 6 ships filled with scientists and equipment?? 🙂 hmm?

      was it the secret meeting between noda and the chinese in december?? the deal was done? no isotope info!!

      all makes sense now! nice find whoopie!!
      less evidence for the japanese citizens to use in there fight for justice! (got back on topic there 🙂 )

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Well blackbeer, it's a 'critical mass' kind of thing (not to make a bad nuclear joke or anything) – but we have to look at the Joe 6-Pac crowd & see what help if any they can give.

    I remember reading that most colonists didn't support the revolution against England, & a majority is not necessary, & I have even read that just 5 or 10% can be enough. Also, the truth is on our side, which helps or should help.

    I admit it is a 'hard sell' to those who don't know/don't want to know. I think it's just too scary. Deep down I think a lot of them DO know, just like deep down an alcoholic 'in denial' does know. The modern hi-tec world, & the doings of the elites, are complex & scary. I frankly think people feel overwhelmed & incapable of understanding it all or of making a difference. Also they are scared of Big Brother (with reason!).

    Several smart people I know/have known – to me totally bewilderingly – just will not take an interest & reason: well, if this is true, it's important – so I think I'll check it out. My own brother & sister-in-law – smart people, successful in their careers, but conformists down to their toenails & mitochondria, just adamantly in denial, last time I checked — ditto my own Ph.D. son – just to preserve the peace between us I try not to bother my son with a lot of posts – but have sent several to him about Fuk. & never once has he replied, commented, or thanked me for them. He lives in So. Cal, not that far from San Onofre. (I did send him one about San Onofre – no response.)

    Here in Honolulu I met & got to know an attorney, a woman, obviously highly intelligent… lives in a sort of mansion down by Diamond Head… we had several conversations about Fukushima & she just never got interested. When she did comment (once) it was a garbled sort of stream-of-consciousness rush of words, all about what she could do in case of a big emergency. No thought of responsibility for the welfare of the world, of 'our posterity.'

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Great comment Blades as usual.
      I believe that's exactly what we're seeing in folks everywhere. Many are in denial, unsure of what FUTURE holds but MORE important, what the hell to do about it?!? What can be done? More to point, what can WE PEASANTS do, when we know WE KNOW we have no control over what The Powers That Be DO? After all, they control everything on this planet. We aren't listened to. Instead we're peppered sprayed for our frigging FREEDOM OF SPEECH RIGHT. Somethings got to give here. More and more I think it's going to be the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE that is in real danger here. Japan #1 everything else following. Big Corps/Big Balls/Big Human ELE.

      Egotistical Psychopaths!
      For the rest of our lives!! FUTURE GENERATIONS DEPEND ON US!
      Not to toot my horn, but this is why I always have urged you guys to join HP. MILLIONS read that blog!! MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF EYES! Posting on the most VIEWED place in the world, will help SPREAD THE WORD. I just cant say it enough! HP has so many "editions" not only USA but UK and other countries. And you don't have to only POST ON NUCLEAR, I drop "hints" on many other articles there, those that relate to anything Big Industry.
      Like I said the other day: I feel like Lily Tomlin in that movie where she screamed at Steve Martin:
      "WAKE UP!!!"
      Sorry for the length of MY comment but sometimes FEELINGS just flow out of me.
      WAKE UP THE MASSES however you think you can!
      Enenews: I LOVE YOU. TY for giving me this SPACE to express myself.
      Feel a SPARK? Use it…EVERYWHERE.
      WAKE THOSE UNAWARE AWAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      that's all…

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        Blades I just sent out my comment to MY CONTACTS but I dont think I have your email. TIME TO PUSH IT TO THE METAL! TIME TO GET PISSED OFF!
        It IS NOT TOO LATE. WE HAVE GOT TO FIGHT THIS WITH EVERYTHING WE HAVE UNTIL…UNTIL THE END. I shant stop ever. My LIFE, MY ENTIRE BEING…is to spread the "WORD" Fukushima is a game changer!

      • blackbeer blackbeer

        I had one of these days yesterday Woopie that I think your having today. I was ready to throttle anyone who came near me, as luck would have it no humans came by. I've spent my whole life working with or for Joe and I'm sorry but I hold out no hope of getting him on line. Look at the headline this thread is under. Nobody knows what's going on in this place, nobody. Most, and I do get this, don't want to know. Most would never except the idea that they may be responsible for allowing this whole runaway system loose. I understand what your saying Blades but I don't want Joe Six Pack on my side, the cost is too high. I really think this is the beganing of the end for this planet let alone for this cycle of human existance. I think we have earned it. This doesn't mean that I give in, far from it, but I will be very careful of my allies. This is a big guns thing, that's where we're at.


  • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

    “Fukushima I predict means the end of the nuclear power industry, and it’s already happening in Japan."

    And its already happening around the world! The Great Japanese Die Off has begun.

    Japan, do you remember the old saying, "The quick and the dead?". You and your countrymen, who remain there in denial, (and perhaps many Americans as well) are about to learn the aweful truth of this phrase.

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    I said a while back that with the amount of radiation released in the initial explosions manifestation of cancer in the thyroid would happen fast. My initial estimates were between 1.5-2 years. I missed the mark by 6 months and 30% of tested children are showing thyroid abnormality. How long will it take before another 30% grow lumps too? 6 months? 1 year? Time can only tell, but this was 6 months faster than I had even contemplated. I expected numbers to be around 10% at this point.

  • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

    Joe 6 pack as he's been referred to in this thread will not have EASY access to this medical info at all. He will have to dig for it like all of us have done since 3/11. The real trick is how to convince Joe to take the time to do so. As it stands now, if it ain't on the boob-tube, Joe won't know.
    To understand how completely a society can be totally bamfoozled, you need only look at the last two American pres. admininstrations.

    Bush administration convinced us that Iraq had something to do with 9/11, had WMD, and convinced congress to relinquish the power to go to war to the president alone. Instead, we became terrorists of the Muslim world, (modern Crusades he called it), breaking into their private homes, locked and loaded, killing, killing, killing and DU'ing everybody we labeled AlQuaida or Taliban, whether true or not.
    Obama administration convinced us of Hope and Change. We would have single payer health care, he would stop these unjust Bush wars, close Gitmo and live in a more sane and just society. Instead, he continued and in some ways escalated Bush doctrine. Now we drone-kill AlQuaida, American citizens or not, Gitmo is alive and well and Obamacare was nothing more than a mandatory give away to the Insurance industry….and the 1% gain $ everyday, and the rest of us lose $ everyday.
    What is it now, 7 or 9 major media corporations are spoon-feeding us the info/dis info to bend and mold our opinions and successfully brainwash us.
    You really think they want Joe to "get it"? Hell, NO!


  • blackbeer blackbeer

    +1 on that PoorDaddy and as bad as that all sounds it's 10 worse because it's a world wide consolidation of power. Now that Woopie has had a rant which has made me feel much better, thanks Woopie, I'll go back to thinking what can be done. One thing that has crossed my mind is that maybe only 4 or 5 billion of us will die because of this mess and those who survive will be a bit more careful and humble going about daily life. What ever that may be.


  • aigeezer aigeezer

    On an impulse, I Googled the phrase "shut them all down":

    About 186,000,000 results (0.21 seconds)"

    Admittedly, not all were nuke-related, but there's definitely more awareness than it might seem from moment to moment.

    PoorDaddy's variant "shut 'em all down now" got:

    About 46,200,000 results (0.23 seconds)"

    with fewer nuke hits in the top cluster because of competition from song titles. That would work in our favor, because a young person searching for song lyrics might discover nuke issues for the first time.

    Anyway, don't lose heart. Change can come suddenly, perhaps when we least expect it. I'm old enough to remember when all the Joe Six-packs were wearing brush-cuts and beating up longhairs – a year later they were all wearing mullets. The herd can turn on a dime – maybe soon enough, maybe not. Of course, when they turn they can stampede, but that's a worry for another day.

    "Our song"?

    Keep that song in mind when your in-laws give you that bovine stare as you talk about nukes.

    • blackbeer blackbeer

      OK aigeezer, you are just such a breath of fresh air I can hardly take it. My hat is off to you. Why do I love this site, let me count the ways:
      on and on and on

      Thank you all


      • aigeezer aigeezer

        Thanks blackbeer. We all seem to take turns burning out then coming back for more. Lots and lots of good people here, and Admin – sine qua non.

        Your comment prompted me to search "truth is not the friend of nuke":

        About 24,800,000 results (0.26 seconds)"


    • StillJill StillJill

      @aigeezer said: "when your in-laws give you that bovine stare as you talk about nukes."

      I have to agree with Tom, Blackbeer,….this,….and the song MADE MY DAY! 🙂

      "The Bovine Stare"!

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Well, it's as depressing as hell. I don't really go into a rant about it, or try to tell people here every last bit of what I have learned in studying the ways of the power elite for the past 40 years. I don't want to inspire resignation or an attitude of defeat. (Besides, there really CAN be 'many a slip twixt cup & lip…)

    I admire this group & respect you. Actually, get enough booze in me & I could start blubbering about how much I admire & appreciate you.

    I'm old, & for me personally it's not quite so bad (except that I do have sons…) But still, when, a year ago,I 'read the news today, O boy' – something in me broke & broke bad. In an instant, I was just about as devastated as poor ol' Fukushima. & still am.

    I don't want to make you here feel that way. So I try not to be too g.d. depressing in my posts & my info. It is said that where there's life, there's hope. I don't want to kill the flower of hope, & the fruits it can bring. (Geeze, the English teacher in me sez I am mixing my metaphors here. Or maybe not. Time for another glass of wine to clear the old brain-fog, what-ho?)

    So what's the point of this ramble…? Ummm…..

    Well, while pondering that, here's a book that I probably heard about here on enenews & got from the library, called STRAITJACKET SOCIETY – it's a very interesting look at the Japanese values & social structure. Gives one an understanding of the rigid mentality & control of govt., the ultra-conformist society, & the masochistic people.

    "'Don't take vacations, don't be late, & don't initiate anything new,' are the three basic rules of survival," according to author Masao Miyamoto, M.D., a psychiatrist, who has been totally marginalized, the Japanese equivalent of being sent to Outer Mongolia, for his forthrightness. Doing voluntary unpaid overtime uncomplainingly is also expected if one is to maintain one's position. From a review quoted on back cover: "Don't take holidays. Don't compete…

  • arclight arclight

    Chris Busby and others at Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station 10 March

    busby outlines plan of attack against the nuclear companies..

    the effects of low dose radiation have been undermined .. the ICRP is fractured… nuclear investment is dead (i added that last bit! 🙂 )

    irish green party

    "…ALL EXISTING PRACTISES"! AND THE USE OF A LARGE SPANNER!! you heard it on enenews first! 🙂

      • arclight arclight


        the ICRP in disarray means that the japanese nukeboys have got there advice dreadfully wrong..

        the other "method" that is being employed by the pronukes is to invest in oncology research and "cure" the cancers as they arrive (in theory) and take the statistical 10 percent loss rate from thyroid cancer..

        the advice from the national cancer institute is to not waste money on tracing the cancers early but to wait for the cancers to evolve.. and as my last posts on busbies sidelining and the PR campaigns move to consolidate all the funding for oncology based research amongst a scientific elite wwith no independent research valued..

        this explains the japanese reluctance to test and follow up the findings of the lumps in a more deliberate way…

        • Mack Mack

          @arclight – You have to read this book while it's still free on-line. It explains so much and could help you with your sleuthing 🙂

          Everyone here should read it.

          • arclight arclight

            got it earlier… but thanks anyway! going to read it tommorrow unless hinkley rtc dont make my gieger kick off again! 🙂

            good to put the link around before it disapears! 😉

            • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

              Hi arc…..
              I would love to see a list of the new BIG investors in Cancer Centers of America since about 4/11. Bet you could trace them to some pretty interesting people and places.
              These guys will never miss a chance to make an immoral buck.

          • @Mack
            Thanks. The official docudrama so nicely captured by Karl Grossman. The most secret documents are so chilling- the runaway, the excursions!-they dare not test the nukes full scale! We become the victims of the perfect mass murders of a tech whose purpose is not served with all these ele events: All the energy and power of electricity produced by the nukes in a programme is consumed by the nukes. They must be tried by people's parliaments in villages and cities for intergenerational crimes and ele events. He quotes Dr Richard E Webb wholesale many a time. Must read by all yes. Only by mass protests and actions can the criminals be converted.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Good post arclight – I watched Busby & the demo there at Hinckley Point. Busby is such a good man! Thanks for posting. Very positive, energizing.

  • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

    Made in China. Made in China? I want EVERYTHING made in China to have a big red dot on it. So we could avoid buying toys for the grandkids that contain poisons from China. I don't think they have any standards there. Obviously, China doesn't care if they poison our dogs, or our kids, or even their own babies. They probably get rid of toxic waste in China by putting it into products for export! If China just has to build a nuke plant, please make them build it on the moon!

    • Why even America forces its citizens by law to have Am241 smoke detectors! Am241 is a waste from fission reactors! And is one of the most unacceptable lasting for its lethality for 4320 years!

  • charlie3

    You're all wonderful exceptional people but the key word is exceptional – most of our species seems to be Joe.

    • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

      If only……
      some young contestant (female, beautiful of course, and lots of skin showing) would shake her butt on American Idol AND sing a Nuke Power protest song loud and clear.
      That's how you reach Joe, Mrs. Joe and all the little Joe jr's and Joe-lina's.
      It is what it is, no more, no less.
      Might not happen on this weeks episode, but we can hope!

  • dear jones

    @labor ( meaning from Oxford Dictionary )

    Why your country and people not making everything you need by yourself so that you do not need to buy anything made from China. This is a free world and no one force you to buy any Chinese products. Without the sacrifice of the hard working Chinese people, what you think the price of everything and how high the inflation will be.

    • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

      I can't answer for the rest of America, but in my opinion, greed on a grand scale answers your question.
      We used to make high quality items that worked well and lasted a long time. Then we started using cheaper, inferior materials…planned obsolescence so in the course of a lifetime, you would have to buy the same item many times over = corporate greed.
      Corporations moved jobs to China, and other places….cheaper labor = corporate/investor greed.
      American consumers stopped buying "local" products as imports were cheaper = individual greed.
      Global economy has been a disaster….first for the poor in 3rd world countries, but now, the economic disaster of globalism is kicking the ass of industrialized/hi tech countries. Buy local or die.
      I don't know what country you live in, but I have one question for you.
      Why your Fucking country and people work so cheap? Probably GREED! You all want cars, cell phones, TV's and all the rest of the plastic shit that everybody thinks is cool. You've been brainwashed, swallowed all the western bullshit hype just like the rest of us.
      Believe it or not, we are all stuck on this mud ball planet together. So, if I were you, wherever you are, buy local and live simply. Find joy and value in something besides material crap. Your Spirit depends on it.
      In the meantime……


  • arclight arclight

    Urine from various prefectures of Japan (February 2012)

    "ACRO continues to face a large demand for urine testing from Japan at the request of local NGOs or individuals and to provide free analysis. This time, the urines come from prefectures that further from the Fukushima NPP.
    Results show that urines are still contaminated almost one year after 3/11 and are contaminated in places located as far as Oshu (Iwate Pref.) at about 220 km from the NPP. In Miyagi Pref. that is closer, urines are also contaminated. It is particularly the case in Marumori.
    Sample n°11 comes from the same girl from Ichinoseki as the last time. We notice a significant decrease of the contamination. Parents were eating vegetables from the Grandparents’ garden without expecting that they could be contaminated. The urine test provided by ACRO allowed them to change their food habits and protect themselves."

    results at bottom of report

    • arclight arclight

      TEDxSapporo – Michiyo Yoshida – Voices of Fukushima

      Uploaded by TEDxTalks on Feb 20, 2012
      On February 2012, Michiyo Yoshida spread the message of people from Fukushima and nuclear accident in Japan. She is the chair of community organization 'Neighbors'.

      About TEDx
      In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)!

  • RichardPerry

    Maybe the children should not have been forced to eat radiated food in school, is this been forced on other children in the world. Surprise.