Rainout of hot particles from radioactive clouds to continue for another year — Not just in Pacific Northwest, says Gundersen (AUDIO)

Published: August 14th, 2011 at 12:48 pm ET


SolarIMG podcast with Arnie Gundersen from Fairewinds, August 13th, 2011:

Arnie is an energy advisor with 39-years of nuclear power engineering experience. A former nuclear industry senior vice president, he earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in nuclear engineering, holds a nuclear safety patent, and was a licensed reactor operator.

Download the 19 minute broadcast here.

At 8:45 in

  • We’re going to see another year of these rainouts
  • Rainout= When hot particles get dropped from radioactive clouds during rainstorms
  • Officials say radiation levels are minute and present no health risk… I am working with scientists who are publishing a paper that will definitively prove that to be wrong
  • Rainouts are occurring not just in Pacific NW… we will continue to see rainouts
Published: August 14th, 2011 at 12:48 pm ET


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97 comments to Rainout of hot particles from radioactive clouds to continue for another year — Not just in Pacific Northwest, says Gundersen (AUDIO)

  • Nukeholio

    Great to hear from Arnie.

  • Bobby1

    Nice to hear Arnie plugging this site.

  • Arizonan Arizonan

    Good broadcast! He recommends ex-skf and enenews as sources of information. He is also seeking data on levels of radioactivity in rainouts across the Pacific and US…IF people have a geiger counter, and they go out in a rain and use a cloth to wipe dry a one square meter surface, AND the geiger counter gives a higher reading, then he is asking people to send him those cloths for analysis. This is a great idea, and should help us get a better overall picture of contamination patterns east of Japan. He is especially concerned about B.C., Oregon and Hawaii. However, he said there was a radioactive rainout in Oklahoma two weeks ago.

    I have a major question about his presentation, however. He hypothesizes that the radioactive rainouts in the US are being caused by major industrial burning of radioactive materials (straw, animals, etc) in Japan. This seems like a long shot to me. He also says there is still I-131 being detected around the reactors. Isn’t it possible that the reactors are still sending streams of radioactive steam or hot air high enough up into the atmosphere to travel across the Pacific?? What evidence do we have for large-scale industrial (pass the buck) burning?

    I am really concerned about the information he shared on food sampling in the US. He said Hilary Clinton signed a deal with the Japanese declaring all food imports to be safe!! (By fiat, I guess!:)) Wouldn’t that provide an incentive to just export as much untested stuff as you possibly could, knowing there would be no tests? Chernobyl farmers were not above such tactics in the 80s, remember? A guy’s gotta survive, after all, cesium or no cesium, right? But with thousands of becquerels per kg being recorded, I think this banal agreement between our two nations is about the ultimate in irresponsibility. Are there any independent food testing machines (SAM-E?) on the West coast or are we all dependent on the EPA, who apparently test several items, BUT NOT products from Japan? Anyone with more info on this??!!!???!!!??

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Hi Arizonan, considering the incineration of industrial goods: I thinks it’s abolutely possible to have higher readings from that. Think about all the irradiated beef the government bought (the one which was found and wasn’t already eaten), as well as the cattle themselves! Bones, skins, feet…all nuclear waste.

    • Bobby1

      I will disagree with Arnie slightly… there are still emissions going on from the plant (just look at the webcam at night), and also I believe there is a semi-permanent radioactive cloud over the northern hemisphere. There was a Japanese study that found huge amounts of fallout in the stratosphere, and this will take years to penetrate the tropopause barrier and fall back to earth. This is where much of the radioactive rain is coming from.

      • Someone might want to email Arnie to clear that point up.

        I was under the same impression, that there is radiation accumulating above us continuously but at various rates which is added to all the historic accumulations (testing in the 60’s, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, DU, Los Alamos, nuclear satellites and so on).

        So, what are the possible transport mechanisms (ways to get nuked):

        1. the reactors – still spewing
        2. burning of waste in Japan
        3. always-present fallout in stratosphere and troposhere
        4. the ocean (to become worse, starting in about a year or less – e.g. Pacific NW)
        5. radioactive food, cars, people, export goods
        6. birds, bird-droppings [insects?]
        7. the rain ( = 3. ?)

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Even though the plants are going critical again and again, a very major problem, incineration is also a very big problem because it throws back up the Cesium into the air. They are not just incinerating low level radioactive debris. The can average out highly concentrated radioactive material with not so radioactive material and incinerate the highly concentrated radioactive material.

      Also, not mentioned in this podcast, they are burying radioactive material ensuring that they will never be able to farm again.

      I had heard several years ago that the US was allowing radioactive waste to be added to fertilizers for farmland, destroying the farmland.

    • Novamind

      Hilary Clinton and the Japanese, nuf said..

    • Steven Steven

      Ambient air temperature cools with increasing altitude. Any warm gas released at ground level into a cooler ambient environment will rise due to the pressure differential. As it rises the ambient temperature falls even as the warm gas cools, so it is continually lifted by the cooler surrounding air into yet cooler ambient conditions until it cools to ambient levels. Any gas with a high water content can rise even further due to condensation releasing latent heat energy.

      “Very unstable air can reach the level of free convection (LFC) and thus rise to great heights”


  • StillJill StillJill

    I for ONE, was NOT impressed!

  • StillJill StillJill

    Nowhere did Arnie say the important disclaimer:
    I can ONLY go by what we’ve learned from Chernobyl,…this has MORE different isotopes,….more numbers of tonnage released,…and bio accumulations are NOT going to be present in my ‘educated guess’ calculations!

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Thanks to Arizonan and Miss Clarkson for giving written summaries of what Arnie said. Not being a native speaker, I find it sometimes difficult to understand what he says.

  • beamofthewave

    Totally sucks as a person who lives in Oregon and why is he especially concerned about Oregon?Sucks, Sucks, Sucks. I am so glad I sent my daughter to southern Georgia. Wish I could be there myself but I need to keep my job. I do take apple pectin, spirulina, wheat grass, drink distilled water. Lets tell as many folks as we can about that traitor Clinton. She is awful.

  • Nukeholio

    Cripe…my favorite uncle lives in Portland. And I ain’t talking Maine.

  • beamofthewave

    Lets all get together and sue the assholes at tepco that are responsible for this. Money is all they care about so the only way to hurt them is to take some of their money. That would make them cry. I saw them kneeling and apologizing on the automatic earth website, not enough and they never knelt and apologizaed to me. I sent my 12 year old daughter away and she calls me nighly crying she misses me so bad, she tells me she is “mommy sick.” I know my family she is with love her, I know it is a better school system and I know it feels like I have cut off my own arm.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Yes beamofthewave,…my thoughts EXACTLY. Some old timers might recall EARLY on I said everything changed IMMEDIATELY after Hill’s visit. Someone here,…whose not here anymore,..that I know of, shot me down BIG time. He had some links showing that someone other than Hill gave the “order” before her visit. Still never sat right with me. She made my spiritual hairs stand straight on end when I saw that interview of their little ‘chat’.
    Miss Hill should be tried for Crimes Against Humanity! Anyone who ALLOWS her further,…is NOT a part of THE SOLUTION. And, sorry folks,…if we’re not a part of THE SOLUTION,…(there is no more FENCE),…Yup,…you’re part of the problem. Only ‘black and white’ from this point on, no shades of gray!

    • these are crimes against humanity, there is no solution.

      • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno@yahoo.com

        Dear Extra: The solutions are not rocket science. When do we all do better? Is it a) when billionaires and polluters do better? or b) when we all do better?

        • dear Pallas89. some solutions are not simple, some just require the fairest amount of commonsense and *ahem* cajones. some things are the other way around of course, it will be a while before we can put the brakes on global warming and the eventual destruction of the biosphere. the ice that melts to fast
          i do find it interesting that you lump billionaires and polluters together, but of course we cannot let the illusion of wealth and power destroy our precious planet. that is unthinkable.

          but i was referring to the “look ma no hands” approach avocado by others, id est. meaningless rules, laws and regulations and hopeless litigation means absolutley nothing in the face of apathy, greed and unintelligent behavior. that’s what i was getting at. that’s what we are looking at.

  • StillJill StillJill

    I am sorry to hear your pain beamofthewave–VERY hard choice you felt you had to make,..I’m sure. In time,…you may find that ‘being together’ IN THIS TIME,…may be better for YOU BOTH. Just reminding you that “He allows U-Turns”, eh?

    If she is that distraught,…that will damage her as well as radiation–just sayin’. Please know that I lost my only daughter at age-23. My words may well be off base.
    Apologies for my 2 cents-if they are wrong friend!

  • beamofthewave

    I am so sorry for your loss. My family tells me she is having fun, laughing and playing with her cousins so that does my heart good and from what I have read about radiation, not that much really, I understand it is worse for kids than adults. I am going to try and transfer out of here and head to Kentucky to work, hopefully soon and then I wont have to worry about those hot particles in the rain either.

    Thank you so much for your concern, you are a sweet woman.

  • Jebus Jebus




    • Jebus Jebus

      Federal Rules of Civil Procedure


      Rule 23. Class Actions
      (a) Prerequisites.

      One or more members of a class may sue or be sued as representative parties on behalf of all members only if:

      (1) the class is so numerous that joinder of all members is impracticable,

      (2) there are questions of law or fact common to the class,

      (3) the claims or defenses of the representative parties are typical of the claims or defenses of the class; and

      (4) the representative parties will fairly and adequately protect the interests of the class.

      (b) Types of Class Actions.

      A class action may be maintained if Rule 23(a) is satisfied and if:

      (1) prosecuting separate actions by or against individual class members would create a risk of:

      (A) inconsistent or varying adjudications with respect to individual class members that would establish incompatible standards of conduct for the party opposing the class; or

      (B) adjudications with respect to individual class members that, as a practical matter, would be dispositive of the interests of the other members not parties to the individual adjudications or would substantially impair or impede their ability to protect their interests;

      (2) the party opposing the class has acted or refused to act on grounds that apply generally to the class, so that final injunctive relief or corresponding declaratory relief is appropriate respecting the class as a whole; or

      (3) the court finds that the questions of law or fact common to class members predominate over any questions affecting only individual members, and that a class action is superior to other available methods for fairly and efficiently adjudicating the controversy. The matters pertinent to these findings include:

      (A) the class members’ interests in individually controlling the prosecution or defense of separate actions;

      (B) the extent and nature of any litigation concerning the controversy already begun by or against class members;

      (C) the desirability or undesirability of concentrating the litigation of the claims in the particular forum; and

      (D) the likely difficulties in managing a class action.

  • mikael

    Its comon knowledge that Radioactiv isotops from Tjenobyl, still roams the earth.

    The fallout can sirculate inside the upper layers of our atmosphere for years.

    Thats way the Aussies can be certain that they are Not outside anything, its just a matter of time, and so far the radiation is “low” comp. to Japan.
    the norther hemisphere over Northern parts of the Pasific, is not messured at all.
    Where are the numbers.

    And Mr. Gundersen is right.

  • micsam

    burning radioactive rice stocks and other radioactive materials is giving off more radioactive emissions than tons of mox fuel in the sfp and 3 melt throughs check the web cam sometimes the sfp looks to be glowing or on fire and smoke going up in the atmosphere and PU scattered miles around the Plant on March 14 explosion does anyone know the amount of radiation being emitted from the plant on a daily basis?

  • shaktasna999

    Dear God are people still arguing about amounts?


    The half-lifes of each and every radioactive substance being released will not be diminished for several lifetimes.

    I am actually looking forward to the Autumn, Winter, and Spring rains all over the globe. Once everyone gets sick then the bullshit denials can stop.

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Gracious greetings to all.

    Thank you brother Arnie for your active participation in this continued search for truth…and now justice. We all do appreciate that you take the time to show you care, which is magnanimous considering the other side of fence of ignorance and denial’s twin sisters, Lies and dis/mis-information.

    Today, it is going to rain here in the Durango, CO area. We will be testing before and after. At this time it is getting dark and cloudy and it’s kind of ominous in a way. The outside 10 min average reading now is 72.5 CPM. It has been getting higher and higher here for the last month indicating that yes, all the sources of radiation are all getting wraped up together for higher and higher readings. It is absolutly insane to see this happening. That Japanese Dr that was getting upset is how people on this continent should be now.


    There is no escape to anywhere in the US, for even the eastern states are catching the total combined plumes and they are popping all over the planet now. Just who the heck is at the top of the ladder that is RESPONSIBLE for this madness and holocaust of humanity? That is where the lawyers should be serving papers and these scumbags must be dug out of what ever hole they are hiding in.

    Or, just forget it people and eat, drink, and sleep in the slumber of La-la-land because after all, radiation is good for you. Yeah, if you are a reptile which brings this to a interesting point. Has anyone got any research on the affects of radiation on native reptilian species? Just curious and not looking for a Godzilla reference. What does radiation do to a Snake or a Lizard?

  • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno@yahoo.com

    I’m listening to “Arnie” right now via the podcast. I’m not heartened by the title of this piece…”hot particles raining down for another YEAR” ??? Since the radionuclides are largely atomized or aerosolized into intensely small particles that can stay aloft for decades and source emissions are not really reduced in any way and are, in fact, likely expanded by incineration and by fires at spent fuel pools periodically, I don’t think we’re going to see any “reduction” in fallout. I don’t trust the official measurements by any government or covert agency (DOD, DOE, nuke industry corps, all are covert orgs) without direct citizen supervision. I don’t trust, experienced “past” insiders especially, people with lots of regular access to the English language media, as this broadcast media is owned by only five corporations worldwide who are deeply enmeshed with nuclear power and defense corporate contractors. If someone was providing information, in mainstream media in the U.S. that would lead to information, that person would have more than just audio technical difficulties. They would be 8-balled, already, pinched off from access, harmed (takes many forms) or assassinated. People, generally and usually, really don’t get what a monopoly is and don’t understand the level of censorship or the increasing, nauseating sophistication of modern disinformation methods, constantly morphing to sleezier (more subtle) methods, in U.S. and U.K. English language media. Only rare individuals get regular, or even infrequently regular, broadcast airtime without being part of the minimization, overall disinformation meant, at all costs, to prevent revolution–it’s all about the divide and conquer of the masses–as ever in all history now is no different–against the titular status quo powers that be. I’m old enough to remember when there were more investigative reporters who might not of have been somehow manipulated by the powers that be. There used to be actually informative surprises in the news. There is very little or none of that these days. That does NOT mean that such individuals or organizations are never going to provide any accurate information. There’s a lot of useful information; but you have to watch the contextualization, truthfulness and accuracy of the content each and every step of the way. I’m going to listen to each podcast or video by “Arnie” but these apparently outsider viewpoints from currently “semi” insiders must be viewed without face-value trust. There are thousands of others out there who could, and maybe hundreds of those who would like to, share accurate semi-insider or expert perspectives on Fukushima and nuclear energy; but they aren’t being given access. We must ask ourselves, “why not?” It’s just that such sources should, no less than the mainstream media itself, be taken at face value. The more powerful the individual, the more media access, the sharper should be the lense on their participation and associations. For example, Mr. Gundersen (whom I have nothing personal against btw) has touched on incineration as I’m hearing now in the Gundersen pod cast above; but no mention of WHAT is burning or what the consequences WOULD be from burning spent fuel or high level waste (forgive me if I missed that he did preface this part with some deeper content), for example. Defenders of celebrity/expert/semi or fully insider “experts” tend to defend by saying, there’s “no time” for him to touch on that in the short timeframe of a 2-minute piece on NPR, on a 10-minute podcast, on an hour-long TV show, or… Look, there’s always enough time to say something accurately. Leaving out what is being burned, even with a few words like, “high-level radioactive waste is being incinerated”, or “it is likely that…” Also, he doesn’t have any emotional torque. I don’t trust anyone that can talk about this sort of thing without stressing the urgency of what’s going on and the need for a change in the system–I realize that he’s got lots of apparently valid reasons for not burning bridges, which would be all too easy to do. I’m not looking for the other extreme of disinformation, a raving idiot like Glenn Beck who can talk for hours but never say any content whatsoever. I realize that people with corporate and “formerly” covert backgrounds in deeply secretive industries come from cultures of scrubbing of any emotional affect, minimization of facts and perpetual use of comforting interpersonal mis-contextualization of information due to chain of command and need-to-know martial/corporate cultures. I don’t find this to be an excuse in such an instance. Minimization can take very subtle forms. On the other hand, I hope that he does produce some more real connection with his audience, though it could just be what I call a “fellowship building exercise” (to make asking hard questions after the exercise that much more awkward by individuals apparently taken into the “semi-insider” fold) by having citizens test cloth used to dry a meter square area after rain. He then asks in this podcast that each citizen doing such use their Geiger counters to test this cloth. He invites those who find interesting results to contact him through Fairwinds, Inc., to mail the item to him so he can also test the cloth and then? Unfortunately, most home operated Geiger counters are only testing (calibrated) for Cesium-137 and a small range of other gamma emitters. Some test for other classes of emitters, as well; but most do not and the accuracy is dubious, which is the ostensible reason for Arnie’s offer of testing help. What about the other compounds? I would like him to take these donated radioactive rags, where “radioactive” is the case of course, and test them for other radionuclides, including the nearly never mentioned transuranics, including Plutonium. Almost no one in the media wants to talk about Pu and how it makes corium oh so much more reactive and unstable, except where we get the ridiculous moron Japanese “scientist” who said you can EAT up to 35 grams of it, “safely” (35,000,000x the probable minimum lethal dose–I believe Ralph Nader!) This last example is of not so subtle disinformation. Unfortunately, much disinformation is intensely more subtle, the higher and more connected the source, often, the more subtle and manipulative–but never impossible to analyze, especially when there are more than just a few of us who realize that we must analyze everything. I recommend that, where able (and I know how it is out there in the U.S., anyway–we’re each generally quite separated from each other geographically), that groups of individuals, regular people make THEMselves the experts and test things as a group so that we have more people out there that can question any level of authority or any official, any insider or semi-insider when this needs to occur, which I guarantee will be MORE frequently as this issue progresses. Trust nothing regular from the top, or near top of any of these dirtiest of hierarchies at this point in history. This melt down mess at Fukushima Dai ichi and with nuclear fuel, spent fuel, or radioactive substances toxicity management has not yet even really begun.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Dear Pallas, now THAT was a rant!
      For the reasons you mention I think Arnie can’t reveal all he knows. But he’s doing lots more than many others…

    • CB CB

      Any discrepancies during Arnies interviews, with his demeanor, posture, and level of urgency during his speeches will be scrutinized by the Pro-Nuke industry and Media. I believe he gives nothing for the taking, and I’m sure he is full of emotion.

  • arclight arclight

    I LOVE THE GUNDERSONS AND YOU BUSBY!! they are quite because they are up to mischief! thats cool! tsung zu! strike like a python! quite like! then BAM!
    cant wait for those reports! and whats mr busby up to? worth waiting for i bet!
    like his choice of websites too! shows good taste! 🙂
    @admin congatulations for for a well earned bit of promotion! i love old enenews! one of the last bastions of the free!
    oh and a big hand for all those posters and readers here…now im off to watch arnies latest video…very happy that we are starting to win our PR war! i could have sworn arnie might have posted…see if you can find him? hunt the gundie! lol 🙂
    love to all arc

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno@yahoo.com

      Dear Arc: Yes, for those who already perceive one as a leader/celebrity/expert in the U.S. cultural sense, it’s perhaps too late to see the reality part any longer. Hence, my admonishment and advice.

      • arclight arclight

        you cant make an omelette without breaking eggs pallas! 🙂 your views are noted and valued too! dontcha love democrasy!:) no black and white here….I LOVE GREY!

  • StillJill StillJill

    That’s how I WOULD have said IT,…if I had Pallas’s BRAIN! 🙂

    I listen for the overall tone,….and other than an occasional ‘chuckle’, when asked if this was over,….he MISSED many opportunities to give emphasis. Also,…like any good ‘speeches’ you give your thesis statement early and often,…ending there perhaps. Arnie’s was: “Things are better than they were 5 months ago”. Right there,…he got my ‘raspberry’! 🙁

  • StillJill StillJill

    Grey, gray,…it’s all the same,…the new “lukewarm”, sufficient for NOTHING more than to be SPAT OUT!

  • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno@yahoo.com

    When the media was owned by, still an oligopoly, of 50 corporations; one could have made valid, but still contextually meaningless as far as the overall trend, arguments against the hegemony of corporativist interests. This is not even remotely the case, at this time.

    • theypoisonus

      Dear Pallas,

      I loved your ‘rant’ and I totally agree with all you said. We are close in age, and I too, remember the truth that used to be in news.
      We ‘little people’ were protected from alot, but we used to get alot more than today.

      News today is like Marketing 101, with a little humor and personal agenda thrown in. I detest it and never watch it. I get 100% of my news online.

      I will have to say that I find alot more truth in RT news. This is where some noble journalists like Thom Hartman have taken refuge as they don’t get censored by the See Eye Aye, and have more freedom to ask the hard questions.

      They Alonya Show is quite good and Hartman’s The Big Picture is also good.

      All ‘news’ whether it is LSM or foreign has to be taken with a dose of skeptisism. IMO

      Arnie has to keep to the inside a bit as that is a) his profession and b)he has to have a certain amount of access, I assume.
      To date, he is the only constant we have stateside. 🙂
      So, that said, I feel lucky he gives us a few nuggets occassionally.

      Take care, and where did you get your tobacco seeds?
      I want to follow your lead and grow my own, sans formaldahyde and arsnic.

  • StillJill StillJill

    You are WAY over my head friend,…and that’s not all that hard to do I know,…but, I’ll try again none the less. If ‘we’ SWALLOW the opening statement,..we give tacit approval to the continuing message. That is how the frog gets cooked S L O W L Y, without consent. I am saying that he, Arnie, did not substantiate his thesis statement in ANY meaningful way. Did he prove to YOU,..that things are indeed better today? If he did,…I have land to sell you ,…well, never mind. WORDS HAVE MEANING. THEY ARE BLACK OR WHITE IN ANY TRUE LANGUAGE.

    • john lh john lh


      The White and Black in language will never be there,when it is from the mouth of Demons..

      Their usual practice is not talk Yes as yes, No as No.

      They just make the black and white in grey.Our Chinese are master of this grey language.

      Read the Bible, find out how the snake talk with Eve. snake tone and tactics…

      That is what happening today.

  • Godzilla

    This is a bit of information I just came across, thought some of you might be interested: melatonin may have significant radioprotective effects, according to Wikipedia and the Mutation Research/Genetic Toxicology periodical:

    “Both animal [50] and human[51][52] studies have shown melatonin to be potentially radioprotective. Moreover, it is a more efficient protector than amifostine,[53] a commonly used agent for this purpose. The mechanism of melatonin in protection against ionizing radiation is thought to involve scavenging of free radicals.[54] It is estimated that nearly 70% of biological damage caused by ionizing radiation is attributable to the free radical, especially the hydroxyl radical that attacks DNA, proteins, and cellular membranes. Melatonin has been suggested as a radioprotective agent, with the proposed advantages of being broadly protective, readily available, orally self-administered, and without major known side effects.[55]”

    In addition to all that, the stuff is dirt cheap and can be found at any pharmacy.

  • bigisland bigisland

    Arnie is especially concerned about B.C., Oregon and Hawaii. I’ve never seen so much rain on Big Island during the summer months where I live. Typical rains are during winter months. June is known as the driest month out of the year here. Yet, for the month of June it rained everyday and night: overnight, from morning to noon, and every evening at dinner time. July had only two days in a row of overcast skies (no showers during the day). August 2nd began with a downpour high noon. My daily 3 mile walk at dawn disappeared at the start of June because I refuse to be out in radiation fallout rain. Many folks here live off rainwater water catchment systems for washing bodies, clothes, dishes and schelp 5 gallon jugs of filtered drinking water. There are tropical style homes that are open to air, screen windows with no glass panes to enclose, no central air/air-conditioning/hepa filters. 80% of food here is imported from US West Coast, as agriculturally zoned as this island is. Some folks on the Puna-side (local punatics) are being proactive and taking baking soda, zeolite, diatomaceous earth, green powders, bentonite clay, going thru kidney, liver, colon cleanses, etc. There’s a dairy farmer here giving boron to the cows. Still, I think the majority in the community here are asleep, in denial, or just don’t want to know about any possible perils in paradise with a “don’t worry, be happy” attitude. About the only ones who are aware of the scenario with understanding, not in denial here are my friends in the field of physics, biology and medicine. The approach is still to meditate on what is good in life of what we have left! The folks I know that have geiger counters here are volcanos national park monitoring the vog. I am choosing to remain on this island chain. I want to stand in my place and fight the threat/possibility of cancer among us folks. I want to meet any doctor from Honolulu that has cutting edge technology in this fight as there will bring an increase of these cancers here. I hold out for a healer’s chart/journey.

    • alasanon

      I wish I had made it to Hawaii before this happened… I’m nowhere near the West, but I have no idea how we’re supposed to eat safely long into the future. No official warnings, pronouncements, or suggestions, not even for pregnant women??? Not even for organic farmers?! Can they drop the ball more??

      The FOOD problem really scares me because internal emitters are the worst!… and with so little information or trustworthy sources, what can you do?

      • Bobby1

        The food is already contaminated. I suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity and I say most of US food is bad, and what there is that isn’t is gonna be contaminated in 2-3 months.

        I just threw out a pound of rib-eye steak, man it tasted good too…

        • alasanon

          interesting…”bad” from just the usual pollution, pesticides, GMOs, anti-biotics, and hormones, or from radionuclides??

          I’ve been careful about my diet during this situation and I feel good. (at least physically ;)) However, one time I totally ate whatever from wherever at a fancy social function. When I drove home, my throat, esophagus, and digestive lining had a burning effect! I took lots of detox. stuff and felt fine later, but I’m almost positive it was some contaminated dairy or veggies…at an upscale event, no less. The food was great-it was not food poisoning or food allergies. In fact, I’ve NEVER had that sensation when eating out before in my entire memory!… 🙁

          Has anyone else noticed something like that? It was a wake-up reminder for me!

          • alasanon

            To add, I eat everything-no lactose intolerance or digestive problems. And I’m used to eating out a lot-a ton. (before Fukushima, anyway)

  • Sickputer

    Rough transcript of Arnies radio broadcast:


    Radio host: Do you feel the situation has stabilized in Fukushima?

    Arnie: (Nervous Uhhh….)…”well, the reactors are better than they have been since the accident..but that doesn’t mean they are out of the woods…Uh…but they’re better.”

    Arnie: Talks about holes in reactor buildings and not holding water. Talks about the Areva cleaning system and seems to think it is doing fairly well.
    Talks about dangers of recent iodine (8-day half-life) but doesn’t explain what that means (coriums are fissioning!).

    Talks of danger of reactor 4 collapsing from 7.5 earthquake (what about all the vapors it has released the past 90 days?)

    Talks about the very old news of Japanese high kid limits for radiation exposure.

    Cancer risks for workers. (He’s an old nuclear worker so this is right down his alley).

    50-55 percent cancer risks for workers…20% increase for citizens.

    Talks about burning radioactive waste. The releases going into the atmosphere and coming to America or from one prefecture to another.

    Talks about rice harvest in September and the likelihood of contaminated rice straw being burned and traveling in the air to America. The danger of rainouts in America from those vapors raining down. Thinks the incinerators across Japan are burning up cesium and it is traveling over to America. Says there were rainouts recently in Canada and Oklahoma. Asks listeners to send him positive radioactive swabs for analysis. Says the Fairewinds analysis machines cost 200,000 dollars and run on liquid nitrogen.

    Radio Host: Why is this [situation] being minimized?

    Arnie: I know someone who is very highly placed in the state department… and the United States has come with a decision and that is to downplay Fukushima.

    Arnie: Hilary Clinton made a deal with Japan in April that the US would verify the food from Japan was safe and we are not sampling the food imports.

    Arnie: I visit two websites for news and they are EX-SKF and enenews. (Arnie gets cut off by transmission problems).

    Radio Host thanks Arnie and interview concludes.

    My thoughts: Nothing about the coriums…how can anyone not have those ever present on their mind. Not any talk about the tent covers, the coming monsoons, the waster incinerator onsite, possible dumping of fuel rods into the ocean, the steam releases recently. Nothing about any ideas to control the burning fuel rods and corium migration.

    • theypoisonus

      Maybe time restraints? Who knows. But I agree with your concerns of not touching on those issues also.

      What irks me in what you reported said is that Clinton made that agreement with Japan. Is the American public supposed to be responsible for monitoring their own food for radiation?
      For crying out loud, most people don’t even know about what is happening, let alone checking their food sources. 🙁

      That in itself angers me alot. Other countries are monitoring everything that comes from Japan, not only food !! A shipment of cars were found recently to be radioactive, Tires in China, Egypt stopped and quarantined 2 shipsjust the other day, Tea Leaves in France some time back. You mean to tell me these countries care more about their populace than the US gov?

      Wait a minute.. I already know that, why question it again !! LOL

      • CB CB

        I cannot LOL, Those in power have turned their back on us, and we all are the Victims. They are murdering our unborn, Penn has a 35% increase in still births. We all see the lies, and deceit. Were yelling out for help, trying to inform the masses, make sense of this, and we are alone. Haven’t we all felt like the authorities are our biggest obstacle, instead of helping us? I wanna pull the trigger.

        • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno@yahoo.com

          CB, Understood about the apparent hopelessness and, maybe not implied, feeling worn down by the tarnished, sooty, non-reflective layers of delusion of the collective–particularly but not only in the U.S.– on this one. However, those diligently, reflexively standing up to protect status quos of exploitation to the extreme violence and high crimes of neglect, poisoning, theft from and ultimately lingering deaths of the majority of humans and most other species on the planet (est. 100,000,000, we humans only having catalogued 1.2M or 1.3M)…are irrelevent. You are stronger, higher quality for seeing what you see. You have courage combined with a sense of personal burden and responsibility. Don’t worry, no one has to be perfect living up to any compliment. On this website you are not alone. I’m not saying abandon yourselves to anyone. Always keep your critical thinking skills sharp. Things are going to get weirder and harder for quite some time to come. The herd does not (yet?) have the good qualities I’m describing in you and others in here. Those who are so sold out to the system of capitalism so blindly, or who have it so heavily rationalized that they are constantly looking toward insiders within it (they still really think it’s legitimate and defining) for answers and for the power of definition, are slated for attrition whether or not they get that. There is no compromise with corporativism at this particular time in history. Corporativism is pure greed…it is an intensification of il dulce personality cult or ideological fascism. It will always lead to unnecessary and, now deadly, delay of known solutions implementation and invention of of NEW solutions needed NOW from a transparency empowered masses (even in panic)and to status quo re-entrenchment, and not to a natural progression and timeline of change as apologists call the process behind the process. The larger hegemonous systems today within human culture are being eliminated by ecology, no matter how clung to they are. The profiteers imagine they are winning because they don’t see very far into the future. Those of the non-hearing, non-listening about the realities of the dark heart of current dominant systems are not worth renting room to in your head. You, and others like you in this respect, are the ones they need to be looking to, in order to learn to empower themselves and to stop looking for fluffy, airy, inspiring past or present leaders (government [corporativist] approved–always think about why someone got a holiday, really) to do their work for them. The best that will be produced, ever, by insiders is smooth, even sexy, often filled with facts, prevent revolution (PR). These products are created as layers upon reinforcing layers to keep people having some faith in a hegemony that deserves ZERO faith. If leadership worked, corporativism might not have created anthropogenic thermal maximum, mass extinctions, Fukushima and whatever else is inevitably coming down the pike as long as we cling to this system and its artifacts. “Leaders” especially opposition leaders can be chopped, corrupted, 8-balled, disabled or assassinated by dominant hegemonies…and always will be. If they don’t meat these ends, chances are almost 1.0 that they’re witting or unwitting parts of the hegemonous system. This is a little better understood among the masses in those nations that used to be called the non-aligned nations.

          Even if you’re scared, not feeling well, depressed, if you are physically able, get out into nature somehow, even if it’s just to a botanical garden, nature park, urban park, a neighborhood walk past especially “energetic” (biodiverse, visually appealing and/or thriving) gardens, even a zoo does it for some people. You deserve it. Keep seeing. Keep telling. Keep teaching empowerment. There are other good things to do to get through, as well. Make a garden in a street median, foster animals that need love. Volunteer to help endangered plant or animal (non-human) species, if you are able. If non-violently terrorizing (wink!) billionaires or other spineless apparatchik parasites is more your thing…ga head, as they say in NYC. There are even humorous ways of doing this. Any of these sorts of things that you could kind of get addicted to, helps everyone and helps one to live, in the healthy and not the blind and greedy sense in the present moment, all we ever have.

          • CB CB

            Im glad we’re on the same page. Im not so touchy feely though I should try more. I dont have the gift of gab. Thanks for the subtle tips for anger management. This is not about me, and I’m comfortable with confrontation. I push this topic onto people like a jahovas witness. The reality is sheeple don’t , butwant to hear it. It’s just another day. I am here, and I’m waiting my turn to contribute. Nobody #”&! ‘s with my family and expects nothing in return. I am John P. Carlberg, a father of 2, son of John Anthony Carlberg Over the top

          • CB CB

            Im glad we’re on the same page. Im not so touchy feely though I should try more. I dont have the gift of gab. Thanks for the subtle tips for anger management. This is not about me, and I’m comfortable with confrontation. I push this topic onto people like a jahovas witness. The reality is sheeple don’t want to hear it. It’s just another day. I am here, and I’m waiting my turn to contribute. Nobody #”&! ‘s with my family and expects nothing in return. I am John P. Carlsberg, a father of 2, son of John Anthony Carlsberg Over the top when I’m not getting through.

      • milk and cheese milk and cheese

        Japan owns the most US investment, after China. That is why their exports are not going to be inspected.
        I am not buying Japanese produce.
        what about computer equipment? Printers? Cameras?

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Clinton made the deal with Japan…
        The deal… along with taking the time for the military to secure the area..was the response of the US.
        Hillary……the ideal version of a woman in power….

    • arclight arclight

      i thought it interesting that arnie didnt talk about the “hidden” topics but he did link to enenews and exskf that are asking the questions! i find that interesting! he could have promoted huff post! i think mr arnie and Co. are playing a “tight” game! and they are using the tools given to them! ask yourself why enenews? with our sometimes extreme views and perceptions on the situation!
      he must think that the discourse here has some useful info… what could that be? oh weve already discussed it!….cool!

      we may disagree on this forum sometimes but we all understand the censorship issues, we all think the problem deserves talking about and we all are looking at solutions (like they do in chernobyl) to mitigate the effects of these ongoing releases!! also we all want to know what happened to the tons of plutonium that went up in the mini nuke 3 incident, as well as the others!
      i love all you guys you really make me think sometimes!

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        @arclight, very good point! You’re right I think, Arnie pointed everyone in the right direction…

        btw, where’s your finnish friend beta-flare at? Not that I miss him, just askin 😉

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        I don’t consider enenews full of extreme views and perceptions.
        I give my best visual analysis….and input to as to the political scene.
        The corruption of which should be evident by the black-out alone.
        Grey….Heart of the Rose doesn’t do grey.
        With all due respect to Arnie….he did not mention corium….on-going criticality…
        the steady increase of radiation around Fukushima along with the increase in distance that these readings are coming from.

        • arclight arclight

          “I don’t consider enenews full of extreme views and perceptions.”
          nor do i! but many do! i was trying to make the point that the censorship or better still propoganda aimed against us here makes our viewpoints extreme! and that is a fact! so extreme that i am being tracked and traced and intimidated! yes we here have extreme views to more than a few people in this world…so extreme that arnie and co have to watch how they conduct themselves! but we dont have those limitations…we can explore all relevent issues and project possible outcomes. arnie and co can not!
          hope i have clarified my position here!

          • arclight arclight

            oh and i love grey…the middle way….balanced…..centred….encompassing all…blended….incorporating all…. that was the grey i meant

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            Because of the restraint that one may lose one’s life and liberty over telling the truth..(part of the truth telling business)
            …the world will have to settle for a watered down version…despite millions of lives at risk….
            Truly sad.

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            Ummm..I tried grey once…my dad wouldn’t go for it…….lol

          • arclight arclight

            @ heart
            Because of the restraint that one may lose one’s life and liberty over telling the truth..(part of the truth telling business)
            …the world will have to settle for a watered down version…despite millions of lives at risk….
            Truly sad.

            im a pessemist on this, i believe that we stand a good chance of getting the message accross…i believe forces are at work behind the scenes to promote the telling of this awful story!
            i know that whoever takes the stage against the msm and pr boys better have his arguments and points straight, and the evidence to hand!
            god willing this is whats happening behind the scenes 🙂

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            …We are trying to get the message to those in the Fukushima area ..at this time.
            We already know the truth.
            We want them to know they are in danger.. and to please evacuate.
            ….Hard job considering… that those who evacuate are considered traitors.
            We want them to know we care.
            Mercy for the People.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        He links to enenews because we ask the questions?……..na…..we give the answers.
        Who else? Kaku?…….lolol

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          Heart of the Rose action of the week.
          Pick some Japanese media oulets…write a letter translate it into Japanese…link to enenews and reality check.
          It is very distressing to us…. that most of the concern is for ourselves…when in fact the evacuations of the local population in the Fukushima area is of the greatest importance at this time.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Yup! I’ll go ya one further,…I don’t have one single tid-bit from what I heard (learned) joke today,…to pass on to any of my peeps. Nada, zip, zilch! 🙁

  • StillJill StillJill

    I’m with you CB! I have gone through three ‘spells’ of this since March. Each time,..it escalates in intensity.

    I did like what an earlier poster said tho–wait until the rains fall everywhere,…and the winds blow this back onto Japan,…and even wafff some over to The Korea’s, and they will all get sick too. I guess it’s time to re-double my detox suppies and research. Do something I can control-somewhat!

  • Radiating Americans with Fukushima rain, food: Secret Clinton pact

    August 14, 2011
    Government agreed to downplay Fukushima radiation

    Fukushima is far from stabilized according to energy advisor veteran with 39 years of nuclear power engineering experience, Arnie Gundersen who told Solar IMG Saturday that Americans, not just in the northwest, are unaware they are being rained on with Fukushima nuclear hot particles and eating Fukushima contaminated food because the US government has deliberately …

  • markww markww

    QUESTION FOR THE GROUP— Has anyone on the West Coast of America with a Geiger Counter checked radiation levels in a automobile air filter and gotten any readings ?

    Thanks Mark

  • shaktasna999

    @Markww-West Coast here. I am afraid to check my air filters but I should get around to it.

    There are other West Coasters here so give them a couple of hours and someone will check in.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Would love to Markww,…but I can’t afford a geiger right now. I am all over the west coast,…someone surely has both the time, and money, yes?

  • beamofthewave

    I simply changed my air filter and felt better right away. A noticeable difference, let me know if you feel better. I threw it away because I dont like radiation around me.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      beamofthewave, you should’ve brought it to your local recycling center, asking them to handle the nuke waste for you. You would’ve raised some concern, I’m sure 😉

      • beamofthewave

        I did give the woman who changed it at the service station gloves and let her keep them. I told her that all filters have hot particles and were dangerous. She smiled.

        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

          beamofthewave, I see…turning to her colleagues saying “crazy guy outside – nuke psycho, hehehe”


  • sueec

    8/15/2011,Tepco confessed there is a huge pool on the basement floor of Fukushima,which is shared by unit1~4. They stock 6400 nuclear spent fuel rods in it,and groundwater is flowing into the pool.Now the massively contaminated water is at least 9.0t.
    6400 fuel rods is about 140% of the total fuel rods in the reactors.
    Actually Fukushima nuc plants are built on unde…rground water vein,they always needed to pomp up groundwater. However,because of the accident,they stopped pomp up the water.This fact has not been published yet.
    They say Tepco “found” this trouble on 8/13,but they can’t not know the fact since the very beginning of the accident.
    Massive steam splashing out might have something to do with this.

    【時事】東電が今日(8/15)、福島原発の「共用プール」があ​る建屋の地下に電線管から地下水が流入していると発表。この「共​有プール」には、爆発した福島原発炉内にある燃料棒の1.4倍に​あたる6400本の使用済み核燃料がにある。See More

  • maaa

    Plutonium picked up in England, Hawaii, Guam, Western part of the United States. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5Ecn1WFRWQ&feature=related

  • sueec

    Could the aquifer that the reactor sits on be the reason for big readings on the ground 40km away?

  • sueec

    BTW, congrats ENENEWS on makimg it into the main stream media. Always interesting,informative and educational and also today inspiring!


    See http://www.aesopinstitute.org to understand why and what might be done to prevent the worst and minimize the impact.

    A huge solar flare erupted August 5th. NASA warns that emissions from an “extreme” solar storm that hit the geomagnetic field can collapse the power grids in large areas of the nation for months or even years.

    A nuclear plant without grid power for a month is a meltdown candidate.

  • lam335 lam335

    Where are all of the people who are so concerned about limits on other kinds of emissions? Why is thee no international outrage about the incineration of radioactive materials?

    Well, probably the lack of international outrage has to do with the incomprehensible fact that many countries apparently do this. The following article is a couple of months old, but notice that the US also incinerates nuclear waste. How can this be safe? How can we put a stop to this? Here’s the article:

    “German nuclear waste headed to Tennessee”

    by Pam Sohn

    The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved licenses that will allow up to 1,000 tons of Germany’s low-level radioactive waste to be brought to Oak Ridge, Tenn., for incineration.

    But some environmental groups say the plan for the radioactive waste is unhealthy, and may even crack the door further for highly radioactive wastes to be reprocessed or recycled in East Tennessee’s “Atomic City.”

    “Tennessee is taking a lot more risks than most other areas in the world are willing to take,” said Don Safer, chairman of the Tennessee Environmental Council. “The Germans are world leaders in incineration, but they decided this radioactive waste is something they will not burn.”

    He noted the waste also was turned away by the Czech government, and the state of Utah did everything in its power to avoid receiving the ash left behind after incineration at Oak Ridge, forcing most of it to be shipped back to Germany.

    EnergySolutions, a Utah-based multinational company that operates radioactive waste disposal facilities in Oak Ridge, said the process is safe when the proposal was introduced a few months ago. Company officials also said EnergySolutions has treated low-level radioactive waste — such as X-ray equipment, medical waste or contaminated clothing and mops from nuclear plants — for American businesses and the government at Oak Ridge since the facility opened more than 20 years ago.

    “There’s more [radioactive] tritium in the atmosphere from cosmic rays from the sun than what we’d ever emit from there,” EnergySolutions spokesman Mark Walker said last March.

    On Wednesday, Walker said in an email that EnergySolutions appreciates “the rigorous and thorough analysis by the NRC. As always, we will comply with state and federal regulations.”

    Because the licenses have been approved but not yet signed, the company has not confirmed import dates for the waste, he said.

    Future concerns

    Tennessee is the only state that allows commercial burning of radioactive waste, licensing six incinerators. The state already receives 75 percent of the nation’s low-level radioactive waste — about 41 million pounds per year, according to state records.

    With German waste now permitted to enter the U.S. and come to Oak Ridge, Safer expects Tennessee to become “the destination for processing radioactive waste from all over the world.”

    And with the acceptance of waste with low-level radiation, environmental groups fear highly radioactive waste is not off the table, either.

    In separate recent tours of Tennessee Valley Authority nuclear power plants, both Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., and TVA President and CEO Tom Kilgore told reporters they are expecting announcements of a TVA and Oak Ridge National Laboratory partnership to reprocess or recycle spent nuclear fuel, which is highly radioactive.

    Reprocessing nuclear fuel is controversial and done in other countries, but not in the U.S. because critics say it creates more pollution and is a terrorist and nuclear proliferation threat.

    NRC spokesman David McIntyre said the two kinds of radioactive levels “are two different animals,” and only the low-level radioactive materials are in play in the recent approval.

    Sara Barczak, director for high risk programs at CleanEnergy.org, an advocacy group for renewable energy sources, said Tennessee’s history with the World War II’s Manhattan Project in Oak Ridge — which helped develop the first atomic bomb — makes it hard for policymakers to change the state’s course.

    “Tennessee already is a dumping ground, and Oak Ridge is a player … and is open arms,” she said. “Those things are not good for Tennessee, and reprocessing is not good for nuclear proliferation goals.”

    Safer also took state officials to task for not taking a stand against what he called “a crack” in the door.

    “It really does open the door a little bit wider to the next nuclear proposal and, the fact is that the state [environmental regulators] and the governor presented no opposition,” he said.

    Tisha Calabrese-Benton, spokeswoman for the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, said the decision to bring foreign waste to Tennessee was up to the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission, not the state.

    “From the state’s perspective, EnergySolutions is required to follow the requirements of its licenses, which are designed to be protective of human health and the environment, no matter where the waste originates,” she said.

    Calabrese-Benton said EnergySolutions already is licensed by the state to handle low-level nuclear waste. The new licenses, which are specific to Oak Ridge, outline the type and quantity of radioactive material allowed onsite, as well as its handling requirements.

    “In addition to facility-required monitoring, TDEC’s Division of Radiological Health performs independent monitoring, inspects the facilities and reviews facility monitoring results to ensure the license requirements are being met,” she said.

    Safer said Tennessee’s rules are too lax, a product of nuclear energy being a big business in the state. After German waste comes here, “then who?” he asked.

    “The Japanese? Is it possible that we will receive ‘low-level’ radioactive waste from the Fukushima Dai-ichi disaster?”