Tokyo gov’t says cesium found in cow meat — 2,300 bq/kg

Published: July 8th, 2011 at 2:10 pm ET


Excess level of radioactive cesium found in meat of Fukushima cow+, Kyodo/AP, July 9, 2011:

An excessive level of radioactive cesium has been found in the meat of one of 11 cows taken to a meat packing plant in Tokyo from Minamisoma, Fukushima Prefecture, the Tokyo metropolitan government said Friday […] measuring 2,300 becquerels per kilogram […]

The meat of the 10 other cows is being inspected, the metropolitan government said […]

h/t Lucas Whitefield Hixson

Published: July 8th, 2011 at 2:10 pm ET


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80 comments to Tokyo gov’t says cesium found in cow meat — 2,300 bq/kg

  • Lucas has a pretty good article up on it as well.

  • Sickputer

    Oh well…it’s real easy to relabel food products and say it is from Kagoshima Prefecture…they will test a few of the more “dangerous” prefectures when they get serious on testing.

    Pretty tough to do any widescale testing of food for 37 million people in the metroplex of Tokyo alone. Maybe a million or two more now they have had some northeastern refugees.

    • Tanuki San

      Many people in Japan are aware that the poultry in Japan are fed fish as part of their diets, so the prefecture doesn’t necessarily guarantee safety. Too bad the radiation levels in foods aren’t required to be labeled.

      There is some data available in English on food testing they’ve done in Japan (scroll down to the bottom of the Food section where each month is listed):

      • arclight arclight

        the offshore readings are worrying..there is some worries about the sea silt contamination also the waters and silt that is washed off the land during rainfull, if radioactive will add to this i surmise! i suppose the question also of further/continuing releases of contaminated water from the reactors/largesmolderinglumps, over the next year or two!
        on a slightly positive prediction the heavy rains may have the effect of cleaning the landmass…but it also means that hotspots could move around with the waterflow..and over time maybe the land would be much improved. but as sellaffield uk shows us the contaminated silt can travel far and stays radioactive dependant on the types of contamination,,,generally at least hundreds of years if not thousands!!
        thank you for the post…i needed those figures to reach this tentative conclusion! 🙁

      • Also true with feed here for chickens a pork from the GOM ! Also (pogie or menhaden) are use in supplements fish oils and other things !

  • AkDave AkDave

    CesIum it’s what’s for dinner Mmmm good. Next thing will be how good it is for you! Sad.

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      Next thing? Didn’t Man Colder already SAY radiation was good for you? Thought she did.

  • kx kx

    I hope they dont make spam out of it, love japanese spam, much less fat then western one.

  • suzie-Q

    People are meat too!!

  • moonkai

    Bon Appetit!

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Blessings to all as we go into the uncertain weekend.

    Yes, what is in your foods?

    It is strange that more people who have bought Geiger counters are not out testing the foods, waters, and soils. If anyone out here is doing this, please post your findings. If there is a compilation of research around this issue, please bring it forward.

    To the brother in Fl that is doing a garden: we had snap peas last night and a great salad. The greens are under mini-greenhouses, and the snap peas were outside. Not sure if they were, or were not contaminated. They were good tasting and the way this soul see it, what we grow ourselves is always going to be better than anything else out there and most especially, all the Calif grown foods.

    Please report any actual findings as far as local foods and plant reactions to the radiation.

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

      James, we ate the collards after all. We washed them carefully with water with baking soda in it. They were irrestible. We had watched them grow all spring and they will continue to produce for a long time. I’m sure we shouldn’t have done it, but, as I said, they were irrestible.

  • So far it’s:


    and the soil.

    Safe limit for meat is 500 bq/kg.

    • Arizonan Arizonan

      One really ought to be cautious when using the word “safe.” What we are really talking about are varying levels of risk. Why do you say 500 bq/kg is “safe” when European Committee on Radiation Risk is currently suggesting that statistically noticeable risks (like 1 extra cancer per million pop) can begin to be observed at 50 bq/kg? I think the review of actual observable data (rather than math/physicist formulas about rad potential in body), indicates that small observable effects can occur at much lower levels than you suggest.

  • Novamind

    Food contamination is to be expected under the current situation in Japan.
    I believe much of this will be sold in misslabled packages keeping in line with past dishonest practices.
    Also a new like I liked I hope its not a repost-Enjoy!

  • DarylAnn

    I’m still trying to figure out if the dairy & fresh veggies are safe to consume up here in Northern NY (Saratoga Co.) with no insight!!!!

    I’m a dairy nut and over the last few days have been experiencing horrible stomach aches, lethargy, headaches, sore throat and muscle aches – would like to know if it’s related to Fukushima! or if I have the run-of-the-mill e-coli!

    can’t get any answers…………
    God help us all!

    • alasanon

      Sorry about that!…Dairy is always the first product to show contamination, per history. That’s a clear rule of thumb now. You can still eat sufficiently aged cheese, evaporated milk, rice milk, etc. I can’t believe they aren’t taking the poor cows off the pastures, as they did in regions around Chernobyl. Why won’t the dairies gain from these hard lessons? They don’t need a directive from anyone to protect their livestock!

      Out east, VA Dept. of Health tested milk at 2 dairy farms and they both contained I-131, post 3/11. One had levels exceeding the former EPA drinking water standard. VT also had Cesium in their milk, per EPA. The whole Northern/western sector is getting the worst of it. I don’t think Canadian milk or cheese is a sure bet either!…:(

      Try ramping up your supplements and remedies?

      • alasanon

        If I were you, I would report your illness, presumably caused by dairy, directly to the local health officials to champion more testing & some accountability now!! It’s worth a try!

    • Tanuki San

      DarlyAnn, I live in Japan and try to be careful about food. One time just after eating an apple (labeled from Aomori) I got a minor headache. In general, I’ve had more minor headaches than I remember having in the past. I’ve also noticed after eating some meals (not always) I feel really tired and lethargic. In the mornings I seem to have more aches and pains. I don’t know if it’s from changes in my diet like eating more imported red meat or from radiation.

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    I can’t believe that the United States isn’t testing for us.

    • NoNukes NoNukes

      Of course, I’m not surprised about the lack of testing either.

      DarylAnn, I hope that you feel better and that it isn’t radiation.

    • jump-ball jump-ball

      Fuku has confirmed my suspicions that we citizens are now in a total adversarial relationship with ‘our’ government and it’s agency cabals.

      • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

        Agree. We trust implicitly until we come to realize others cannot be trusted. Trust once lost is exceedingly difficult to recover. They are our worst adversaries now.

        • jump-ball jump-ball

          Short of countrywide month long armed M.E.N.A style protest rally camp-ins at our town squares and liberty parks, and the collapse of commerce, do you envision any assertive resolutions, or are we just facing civil discontent and anarchy ?

          • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

            I would have already been at a major intersection in town with my sign but my health is fragile and I cannot spend the day outside in 90+ degree heat. I suspect when the weather cools enough to protest, I won’t be the only one.

    • alertsusa

      Actually, you would be surprised to learn that the USGOV is testing a considerable amount. Air, water, dairy products, veggies. USDA, EPA, DOE, etc…

      It is just that the results of the tests are not being published.

      They know precisely what is happening here, as a result of what is going on there. Chances are good that if the results were published, the public outcry to ban, or test, all imports from Japan would be overwhelming.

      Add to the mix that Japan currently has the second largest holdings of U.S. debt instruments…

      And around and around we go…

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    First water, then rice, now beef, and the area they keep finding poison in keeps expanding. Great. Lets hope he circle doesn’t expand to the point the two points meet up.

  • DarylAnn

    two words for DarylAnn…….”stomach cancer”

  • DarylAnn

    I’ve made a personal decision that I will not seek medical tx, chemo or the like

    • alexa

      It’s radiation based.

      After Cernobyl happened I had similar symptoms. In my case the barium used to do an x-ray for my stomach helped. Stop drinking milk and eating cheese and drink water with backing soda (the for cooking type). Also start Bentonite detox and take baths in Epson salts or baking soda with water. And of course, stay inside.

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    I will continue adding long-dated canned Pacific salmon and tuna (currently good thru 2016) and other pre-fuku dried storable foods, until I can determine that shelf products are no longer pre 3-11.

    Then I envision Atlantic seafood only, and then the use of indoor hydroponic grown vegetables.

    None of my family or friends care to think about any upcoming food problem: I have moved all my food prep supplies out of the house and now take all newly purchased onsale items directly to my AC’d storage unit.

    Several friends think I may end up being right; the rest can eat cake.

  • DarylAnn

    do yourself a favor jump-ball & skip the east coast (Atlantic) seafood – I thought it was safe but it’s making me really ill

    • jump-ball jump-ball

      Thanks for that too DA, but if both the Pacific and Atlantic seafood harvests are now or soon off limits, are there any other seafood options?

  • CB CB

    Wierd new creature found in Sri Lanka. Is it a related insect or mamal mutation already from you know what? watch entire vid.

  • HardLeft

    It is a Fulgorid Planthopper nymph, obviously. Geez, how does anyone not know that?

    No, seriously, that is a very strange looking critter, and if someone hadn’t commented on the photo, I would have thought we were being invaded by aliens.

    And the fact that it has a name and people have seen it before only makes it slightly less creepy.

    • CB CB

      Haha, I’m so paranoid. Wow, guess I won’t post for a few weeks, I need a rest. Fukushimas already got me!

  • Tanuki San

    Could it be they haven’t found any up until now because they haven’t been checking?!

  • maaa

    Can we still trust Japanese goods? Quote “TEN MINUTES FROM CHERIKOV, a thousand-square-mile “alienation zone” is posted with large white billboards warning the trespasser in Russian that she’ll be fined ten months’ salary if caught inside. The zone isn’t fenced. For miles it looks like a normal coniferous forest opening onto green pastures that flow into ancient orchards. But there are freshly cut tree stumps, wet and golden in the weak sunlight. On the edge of the timber a crane loads tree trunks onto a flatbed lumber truck.

    “Milling wood doesn’t prevent it from emitting radioactivity, does it?” I ask our van driver and translator, Mikhail Koslovski, a representative of With Hope for the Future, one of the many projects that have stepped into the post-Soviet funding vacuum to aid victims of Chernobyl.

    “No,” he answers, meeting my eyes in the rearview mirror.

    “Then what are they doing?”

    “Belarus is poor, Hope,” he says. “It goes to Minsk to be made into furniture.”

    I want to make sure I’ve understood him. “People in Minsk make furniture out of radioactive trees and then sell it to unsuspecting buyers?”

    “Da,” he says quietly.”

    • arclight arclight

      it seems obvious that the contamination will find many ways of spreading…this is why we need information openess so we can come up with solutions..the mitigation line that these companies take, runs completely counter to this commonsence approach!! tou make a strong and effective relevant point with this story! thanks!

  • arclight arclight

    just musing here
    Japan’s Wagyu Beef Exports, Rice Output Threatened by Radiation From Plant
    QBy Aya Takada – Mar 18, 2011 7:19 AM GMT
    “We have not received any report of an import ban on Japanese food products because of a radiation leak from the Fukushima plant,” said Toshinori Mitsunaga at the export promotion office of the ministry. “We’ll ensure that foods tested for contamination will never be shipped out of Japan.”
    We’ll ensure that foods tested for contamination will never be shipped out of Japan should read We’ll ensure that foods found contaminated will never be shipped out of Japan. Probably!
    Or maybe not? To recap some old news…..
    “The high reading was discovered not by the tea grower or the local government, but by a mail order tea company in Tokyo that carried out its own measurements.”
    Read more:
    Or this quote (fair and balanced)
    “Already, Japan has banned sales of milk and spinach in the regions near the nuclear power plant. As for seafood, the Japanese are currently monitoring radioactivity in the waters near the power plant and are reporting results to the International Atomic Energy Agency. Elevated levels of radiation were detected in seawater samples taken Tuesday near the damaged plant, although officials said there was no cause for alarm. The ocean’s immense size would disperse the radiation so fish should not be in danger even if the levels do go up, said Maidment. However, shellfish could pose a problem.”
    this link from march had the video removed but the description cryptically remains
    “The World Health Organization also stated that there is a greater than anticipated risk of contaminated food to be shipped from Japan, but until now it has no evidence to prove that any such dangerous shipments have been made. However, countries which are regular importers of Japanese food might reduce their demand for the near future.
    Within Japan people are also fearful at the thought of radioactive food but they have little choice. So far, the Japanese government has halted the commercialization of milk and spinach coming form areas close to the affected nuclear plant of Fukushima. Yet this measure has done little for the nearby residents who fear that radiation might have already sipped in their tap water.”
    here is some evidence that stuff was shipped out (as well as used cars etc! must be a bit of a blackmarket for goods for export in japan. Hmmmmmm human nature!)
    “Radiation has now been found in exported Japanese vegetables. The Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore has found traces of radiation in Shiso (perilla leaves), Mitsuba (wild parsley), Mizuna (‘water’ green vegetable), and in Nanohana (green rapeseed blossom) that were imported from Japan. In fact, Singapore has now suspended import of milk and milk products, fruits and vegetables, seafood and meat from Fukushima, Ibaraki, Tochigi and Gunma prefectures (note – food in all these areas has shown higher levels of radiation). There is also concern about certain processed foods from Japan, such as infant formula and yoghurt.” From this link
    who to believe huh!!??
    And there was this
    “But Japan officials now fear that high levels of radioactive materials have entered the food supply as efforts continue to get the damaged nuclear reactors under control” from this link
    Imported fava beans from Japan found contaminated
    Japan does export fruit, vegetables, dairy products and seafood to Hong Kong, China and the U.S. Are you concerned about radiation contaminated food in the aftermath of the Japan nuclear meltdown? It seems that the problem is more local than global, but countries throughout the world are expanding their inspection processes in order to protect their citizens from possible contamination.
    also this link similar with various related articles
    and finally something a bit newer 30th june 2 qoutes here!
    “However, the government, food manufacturers and independent experts are keen to highlight that any products on sale both inside and outside Japan only end up on the shelves after rigorous radiation testing. “ (how do you test for plutonium or any alpha beta emmiter? I bet there washing the produce before testing…what testing exactly?)
    “Celebrities supporting Japanese food products include the actress Rie Hasegawa who this week launched a special event with an agricultural co-op to promote fruit and vegetables from Tohoku. “I really want to let people know that produce from most of the Tohoku region is still safe. There are six prefectures and they need our help,” she told Japanese media.”
    this is an interesting line from an old article april sometime…
    Japan said on Tuesday it was considering imposing radioactivity restrictions on seafood after contaminated fish were found in seas well south of the damaged nuclear reactors.
    and finally
    Radioactive caesium was detected from two minke whales caught off a city on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, 650 kilometres north-east of a damaged nuclear plant,
    obviously there is much to support this info on the enenews site too!!
    Now to bed!! peace

  • arclight arclight

    holy bejesus my comments under moderation!! will this comment work i wonder…if it does youll have to wait for the exciting bit…errrr!!??goodnight everyone!

    • arclight arclight

      sorry about the long rant @admin but the links kinda flowed tugether so to speak…peace! (presume there is a word limit? wont repost in 2 parts unless declined! peace and many thanks for your work 🙂

  • moonkai

    This is horrible news … cause this meat comes from Minami Soma! That means, people there are irradiated. Plain and simple! Many of my friends are doing charity events in Tokyo for that town and bring fresh food and clothing to this area every couple weeks. I think they gathered also over a million yens in donation since May. But this might stop! Minami Soma, Namie and other towns MUST evacuate while there is still time! NOW god darn it !

  • maaa

    Just wanna say god bless all of us. EVERYONE SPREAD THIS AROUND!

    Deadly Levels of Radiation Detected in Tokyo at Ground Level

  • Scout

    Hi, this is from the RSOE website, I’ve seen a lot of unexplained illness lately, it doesn’t say what made the vegetables “toxic”:

    Vietnam, 8/7/11-218 workers at the Japanese IRISO Electronics Company in Tan Truong Industrial Park in the northern province of Hai Duong suffered food poisoning after eating meals at the company café on July 6. Amongst those affected were pregnant women. 26 workers showed serious symptoms like fever, stomach ache, nausea and diarrhea and were rushed to the General Hospital in district Cam Giang. Pham Duy Tien, chief of the province Department of Food Safety and Hygiene, said that more than 20 workers have been discharged from the hospital. Soon after the incident, health authorities took food samples from the company café for testing, to verify the cause. According to initial investigations, the culprit seems to be the toxic vegetables that the workers consumed in their meal.

  • Scout

    Here’s the right link:

    And another report, not currently on the site:

    South Korea, 6/20/11: The government is keeping a close watch on three members of a family reportedly suffering from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. The disease is thought to be similar to the mysterious virus which recently killed three pregnant women. According to the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an agency under the Ministry of Health and Welfare, a 32-year-old woman and her 6-year-old daughter, both unidentified, were admitted to a general hospital in Seoul with the disease. The illness hardens tissue, impairing lung function. Another girl, aged 1, has been admitted to a hospital in Busan with the same symptoms ― constant coughing and breathing problems. While the mother and the older child have been put on the waiting list for a lung transplant, the 1-year-old is too young to receive the surgery, the KCDC said. All eyes are on whether their disease is related to the pulmonary disease that killed three of seven pregnant women who were hospitalized with it since April. If so, it will be the first case reported since May and will concern the government, which has flatly denied the possibility of a massive outbreak. The authorities said the recent case differs from the previous disease in its pattern of development. “Since the two children are too small to have a biopsy using a pulmonary endoscope, it is hard to get exact information. But it seems that the pattern of developing the idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is not similar to that of the other patients reported to have similar symptoms,” a ministry official said. “Doctors said the mother-daughter case seems to be a simple developed form of pneumonia,” Yang Byung-gook, a KCDC official, said. Experts have detected adenovirus in one of the seven patients diagnosed with the earlier disease, but have yet to identify it or the route of infection. The government has denied that the disease is infectious since no additional patient has been reported since mid-May.

  • chemfood chemfood

    live fuku-chat for the night owls

  • Scout

    And this from the Phillippines, I read internal radiation cancer treatment can cause numbness in the legs:

    Health officials in Western Mindanao are in a quandary as to what has killed at least 4 people and downed more than 2 dozen other people in a fishing village in Sibuco, Zamboanga del Norte, since late April [2011]. Dr Aristides Tan, director of the Department of Health in Western Mindanao, said they have been searching for answers to the mystery. “We are very puzzled. Even our toxicologists are wondering what this disease is,” he said. Tan said laboratory samples from the victims and the village’s surroundings had been gathered and sent to Manila for analysis.

    Dr Romeo Ong, director of the Zamboanga City Medical Center where at least 16 residents of Mantebo village have been admitted since May [2011], said they were expecting the results from Manila to come in next week [week of 11 Jul 2011]. Ong said the patients showed the same symptoms, such as coughing,fever, and mild paralysis of the lower body. Those who succumbed to the mysterious illness died within a short period after being hospitalized, Sibuco health chief Derileen Edding said. She cited the case of a 23 year old victim who died 18 hours after being hospitalized on 11 Jun 2011. “All the patients, according to their relatives, complained of cough, fever, then numbness of the lower parts of their bodies,” Edding said. “The illness progresses so fast.” Tan said they had initially suspected, based on the symptoms manifested by the patients, that it the ailment could have been caused by be some kind of marine toxin.

    But then the manifestations were also symptoms of heavy metal poisoning and Guillain-Barre syndrome. The latter is a serious disorder that occurs when the body’s immune system attacks parts of the nervous system. This would result in nerve inflammation and causes muscle weakness, Tan said. “That is why we need to determine first what is causing the problem o we can address it,” Tan said, adding that the samples extracted from patients for laboratory analysis included spinal fluids. Sibuco mayor Norbideiri Edding said health experts were expected to go to Mantebo on 7 Jul 2011 to conduct further investigation. He said the local government was informed that at least 20 more patients were being treated by relatives at home. Mantebo is a remote village in Sibuco and residents travel by sea because the road that leads to it from the town’s center was so dilapidated nobody uses it.

  • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

    That is truly scary, if it’s actually radiation sickness.

  • WhatNow

    Here’s another article on the subject.

    If everyone is telling the truth (a big if) then the only remaining source of contamination would be the water. The reason for my conjecture is that if the cesium were airborne, surely it would have contaminated their hides.

  • WhatNow

    Of course I guess they could have been washed down sometime before slaughter.