Radioactive fish found in Connecticut River — State officials trying to determine source of Strontium-90

Published: August 2nd, 2011 at 8:29 pm ET


Vermont finds contaminated fish as nuclear debate rages, Reuters, August 2, 2011:

Vermont health regulators said on Tuesday they found a fish containing radioactive material in the Connecticut River near Entergy’s (ETR.N) Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant which could be another setback for Entergy to keep it running.

The state said it needs to do more testing to determine the source of the Strontium-90, which can cause bone cancer and leukemia. […]

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Published: August 2nd, 2011 at 8:29 pm ET


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30 comments to Radioactive fish found in Connecticut River — State officials trying to determine source of Strontium-90

  • farawayfan farawayfan

    Blinkie is just another sign of the silent deadly danger we are progressively putting ourselves into as the radioactive years go on.

    Oppenheimer thought the pretty explosion was the destroyer of worlds. The truth is it was the damn purification process that ultimately will be the destroyer of our world.

    • farawayfan farawayfan

      Who’d’ve thought that the end of the world would happen at the end of a blankety blank CENTRIFUGE……

  • fuckyoushima

    we need isotopic testing of foods grown on the western half of the north american continent.

    2011: the year of knowing the hand that feeds you.

  • farawayfan farawayfan

    Hey, what if this is not from the US plant…but Fuku offspring…..truly a hemispheric disaster then….and worldwide shortly thereafter.

    Bastards every one of them…..

  • Fall out man!

    Good point, it could well be from Fukushima fallout. (Though no doubt Vermont Yankee is perfectly capable of contaminating Vermont’s fish on its own.)

    The nuke industry wants to play Fukushima down, but now one of their members may well have an interest in playing it up. A difficult situation for the operators. It will be interesting to see what happens with some more samples.

  • pg

    THIS is what I have been talking about. Disaster in Japan, radiological attacks in the states to make it look like its Japan. FAIL.

    Good job and hats off to all those here and elsewhere that monitor, and stick up for this country and Humanity. Our forefathers would be PROUD.

    Check everything for radiation. All water, babyfood, EVERYTHING. Beware of the hidden attacks.

  • Bob Hardin Bob Hardin

    There has been strontium 89 in the milk in Hawaii, and Hawaii has no nuclear plants. Everyone in Hawaii reasonably thinks that it is from Fukushima.

    If Hawaii, why not Connecticut?

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    I;m not surprised as the water in PA was at high levels for iodine 131 and a 48% increase in infant mortality after fukushima. Thus it could be Yankee but also from Japan due to the jet stream. IMHO

  • Bob Hardin Bob Hardin

    I meant to say “Hawaii has had strontium 89…” etc.

  • Hello all. I’ve been lurking since March and I’m on board with the On the Beach scenario.

    This board has necessarily been infiltrated by corporate enforcers. Their job is to prevent the open flow of communication by spreading disinformation, starting fights, framing debates, and distracting you with system bullshit.

    There are only two sides in the Fukushima disaster. The corporate oligarchy and the people. The single positive aspect of this disaster is that now we are truly one world. Rich or poor, black or white, gay or straight, Jew or Goy, we’re all equally irradiated.

    We’re all in the same boat now. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is a corporate shill.

    I’m on twitter @cobol2


    • Agreed, cobol2. Now what else can the People do aside from attempt to raise consciousness by sharing the news?

      • WindorSolarPlease

        Quote: Now what else can the People do

        You can’t smell it
        You can’t taste it
        You can’t see it
        You can’t hear it
        You can’t fix it
        You can’t fight it

        • stock

          Uh, you got a spaceship or what?

          • Pallas89juno

            stock. Yeah, there’s nowhere to run; but there ARE strategies for dealing with it better than the idiots, the richest and their military/covert morons, not disseminating any information to the public, which deserves and ought be demanding full immediate transparency, uder penalty of POGROM

        • WindorSolarPlease

          No I don’t have a spaceship, and I know there is no place to run for the every day person. Radiation can out run you.

          The nice huge under ground bunkers are only meant for the people who built these things.

          For now, there are only places that are not getting saturated as much as some places are.

    • James2

      They aren’t corporate enforcers, but there are enforcers.

      However the enforcers are beginning to understand that this thing really is completely out of control, and their lives and their families lives are in danger too if this thing doesn’t get fixed.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Glad you posted cobol2!

    Indeed, they are here. My computer has more ‘glitches’, and ‘hang-up’s’ than I do!

    • James2

      Funny thing, I’ve been logging through a VPN we set up with this guy that I worked with a few years ago who lives in the midwest, for all my posts about fuku.

      Real jerk. Well anyway, I just wanted to find out, and I felt a little guilty, so, i rang him up even though I haven’t talked to him in five years and asked him a question.

      As we talked, I dropped that my computer had a virus, and he went on and on about how horrible a time he’s had with his computers – got hacked so much he had to go buy a new one, and that one got shut down and had to take it back to the store and they told him to stop visiting porn sites – then it got a virus again and again . He even said his emails and cell phone had been taken and his identity stolen.

      I guess they are harrassing the heck out of the guy – I laughed at that poor schmuck all weekend…

      And, just shows you how stupid the enforcers are – they can’t figure out the simplest IT spoofing…

  • Jebus Jebus

    “Vermont is the only state in the nation with a say on
    whether a nuclear plant within its borders can operate.
    state gained that right, which Entergy is now challenging in
    federal court, when it agreed to allow Entergy to buy the plant
    in 2002.”

    Every state in the union should put this on their books…

  • whisper

    take the time to write letters to congressmen and women. Plant owners. Friends. Be relentless. Let’s start a whole new economy by decomissioning nuclear power plants. Give NASA the funds to clean up space and design and implementorbiting solar plants. I’m not the best but give some thinkers the keys to the car.

    • Toadmac

      Agreed! Give us hope! We now live in a world of business and greed and as everyone of us here can see (excluding the paid and non paid shills) it is not working. Stop the big business, corrupt governments and greedy bankers of this world and we will see big change for the good. Now if only I could get the soviet,american and Chinese military’s to back me up? :p

  • p0nda

    Well, there is no surprise there, The Vermont Yankee Power Plant has been leaking cesium 137 and tritium since before the fukushima incident.

  • odylan

    Arnie was recently at Vermont. You can see what he had to say on his Fairewinds website.

    When I googled the Vermont radioactive fish I hooked one from a couple of years ago – same place, same river – maybe it’s the same fish 😉

    how annoying they are, their survival instinct compelling them to swim against the flow . . .

  • Jon_NY Jon_NY

    Vermont Yankee officials say radiation in fish can’t be linked to plant

    VERNON, Vt. — A spokesman for the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant said there’s no reason to believe that the facility is responsible for radioactive strontium-90 detected in a fish 9 miles upstream from the plant.

    According to a report from the Associated Press published Wednesday, Vermont health officials detected radioactive strontium-90 in a fish taken from the Connecticut River.

    Vermont Yankee spokesman Laurence M. Smith said “there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that Vermont Yankee is the source for the strontium-90.”

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Bless’ed unconditional love to all and supportive energy in a hearty pat on the back.

    Had hits around 124 CPM in the garden right after yesterday’s rain. The area background radiation is in the high 50’s including in high mountain places like Telluride. Yes, CO is high in altitude, but are these readings really considered normal?

    On the Rad-Net there is a present reading of 27 CPM in Denver. BS!!!

    The only bit of info that they put on this page that may be correct is this statement:

    “Depending on your location, your elevation or altitude, and your model of Geiger counter, this background radiation level might average anywhere from 5 to 60 CPM, and while background radiation levels are random, it would be unusual for those levels to exceed 100 CPM.”

    So the Inspector Alert is lying to us right? The 124 CPM readings in the soil are normal and all is just hunky-dory.

    As the sun sets on humanity…we pray for the suffering in the burning distance…one day at a time in the walk of a peaceful warrior…breathing in every quality experiential moment one can…moment to moment seeking the small details on the daily path that are never noticed because of the daily race…all around these are the gems of beauty that remind us of how wonderful life really is…see them smile at you…step by step…are we breathing?

    (Turn it up!)

  • p0nda

    Forgot to add, they found fish with strontium90 before in the Connecticut River

    • Radioactive fish in Vermont blamed on profit over health rights
      August 3, 2011
      Radiation plagues fish and human integrity

      Vermont’s state Health Department said Tuesday it found measurable levels of Strontium-90 in flesh of a fish nine miles north of Vermont Yankee nuclear plant in the city of Vernon on the Connecticut River, another example of profit above human health rights says the governor amid a global nuclear plant debate soaring since the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe and a local nuclear plant legal debate in Vermont.
      Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin said the radiated fish is ‘another example of Entergy Louisiana putting their shareholders’ profits above the welfare of Vermonters …

  • Terranigma1 Terranigma1

    The radiated fish has to be from the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant. I posted this info before, but here’s the data on Strontium 90 in Vermont pasteurized milk: