Radioactive Iodine-131 detected by Sweden, Norway, Finland — “Most likely a reactor or a isotope-source at a hospital”

Published: February 1st, 2012 at 7:28 pm ET


Title: Measures radioactive iodine in Barents Region
Source: BarentsObserver
Date: 2012-01-31

Very low levels of the radioactive isotope iodine-131 in northern part of Norway, Sweden and Finland. Norwegian Radiation authorities is unsure about the source, but says it might come from, or via Russian territory. […] 

Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) presents the most detailed information. STUK’s press-brief reads that they measured small amounts of radioactive iodine (I-131) in outdoor air samples gathered 16. – 23. January from all samplers of airborne radioactive substances in Finland. The measured amounts of iodine were of the order of one millionth becquerel per cubic meter of air. These amounts are so small that they do not affect human health. […]

More Details

  • Measurements of radioactive iodine in northern part of the Barents Region were made several days ago
  • Results of the analyses were first made public Tuesday evening by coordinated press-notes from radiation authorities in Finland, Sweden and Norway
  • Two of the six online measuring stations in Finnmark in the high north of Norway have indicated increased levels of radioactive iodine
  • Swedish radiation protection authority says in thier brief that very low levels of radioactive iodine-131 are meassured at their station in Kiruna in northern Sweden
  • The source is most likely a reactor or a isotope-source at a hospital, according to the press-note from NRPA
  • Calculations made by NRPA show that the observed radioactive substances are transported by air from southeast, that means from, or through Russian territory

Read the report here

h/t Bellona

Published: February 1st, 2012 at 7:28 pm ET


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89 comments to Radioactive Iodine-131 detected by Sweden, Norway, Finland — “Most likely a reactor or a isotope-source at a hospital”

  • Sickputer

    What a logical guess…either some radioactive releases from a hospital or maybe it was from a reactor. Gee… Which one to pick? Even more points if you can guess which reactor (or hospital). I am betting the poison traveled a long, long way… Very fast in the jetstream.

  • radegan

    Gee, ya think? A reactor or a medical irradiation? Now if was medical, since that goes on all the time, wouldn’t you be detecting it all the time? That leaves reactors. Or maybe….IodineMan, a condensed cloud of Iodine isotopes accidentally infused with a human soul….Or maybe some old Russkie nukes lost in the Arctic sea, now cracked open and reacting with sea water…You have to think like TEPCO, no lie is too stupid, there’s always a few buyers.

  • slinky

    Well I guess the idea of CME proton emission causing recriticality in the atmosphere when hitting high atomic weight
    fallout is not textbook stuff yet!

  • Does anyone think this is related to a big radiation spike that was recorded in Poland? (Bobby1 posted in “Post Your Radiation” forum)

    The Poland spike came a day or so after an ENTIRE SYSTEM OUTAGE of the EPA Radnet from Jan 27 to about the 29th…

    Maybe something really bad happened at Fukushima a week or so ago?

    I really hope this reasoning is wrong…

    • James2

      Of course something really bad happened a week ago – #6 SFP went up in flames.

      Take a look at nuckelchen’s latest multicolor video compilation over on the webcam thread

      But only if you never want a good night’s sleep again…

      • Yep I was thinking about that and also the great, blue glowing glob that undulates in the center of unit 4…

        • James2

          The blue blob is nothing compared to the size of that fire we saw last week – it was gigantic.

          I may be wrong, but I think I caught the corner of unit 5 in another video today and it’s gone – as in burned to the ground.

          • James2: 5 & 6, Really?

            I saw the images that looked like fire but couldn’t tell for sure.

            I’ve not seen the most recent footage put together by the genius, Nuck…

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            Without documentation no one can verify what you are talking about. Nuckelchen posts several videos a day. Claiming that #5 and #6 are gone. Is this an ad for Terrapower? Or cold fusion (i.e., up to 1000 degrees Celsius which is extremely hot to me and just short of an explosion. The cool spent fuel pools have to be kept at under boiling point of water 100 degrees Celsius. How is cold fusion cold when it goes up to 1000 degrees Celsius?) Terrapower wants to put small plutonium driven reactors in the ground for 100 years. 4000 across the US. This future you like is even worse madness.

            • Anne I know i don’t want small reactors or any kind of nuclear.

              I see sustainable energy and agriculture as the only way forward.

              I don’t think we have much time.

              Who are you talking to?

    • Bobby1

      The contamination in Russia was been moving from east to west. December had a couple of spots with high beta readings in northwest Russia. It may be spreading from that direction. Regions near the pole have prevailing easterly winds, especially in winter, so it not surprising that it would show up in northern Scandinavia.

    • GoFrodo

      Weren’t there those surprising spikes in New Zealand too? And the whole emergency email and Reactor 4 Is Full episodes?

  • Kevin Kevin

    The line that medically oriented isotopes are being detected is also being used here on Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada.

    It is a fail safe default of the industry to point to medical use as the culprit and is rolled out in any number of circumstances ranging from what we see here to the justification of operating old and barely functional reactors, or simply as “positive” spin for the whole damn nuclear charade.

    You will quite often see it referred to when discussing the worth and value of nuclear development, certainly more so than say the primary reason, weapons.

  • arclight arclight

    lol … dont know where to start… they obviously missed the enenews memo.. what about iaea laady pr.. does she belly dance?

    “Both Swedish and Norwegian officials underline that none of their other stations in the south have meassured iodine-131.”

    oster near os is mid norway.. in the mountains heres the graph that you cant get.. hope the link works

    other isotopes being traced in finland too! didnt they mention that see the rad monitoring thread for the videos i did on the eurdep mapping system…

    heres a sample of the isotopes that are actually being measured.. sort off!

    more here

    and some on page three too!

    also this

    on the bottom of the thread


    “We learned on November 17 by an official statement from the IAEA that the Authority with Hungarian Atomic energy (HAEA) had informed the U.N. agency owing to the fact that the source of the iodine 131 rejections was most probably an institute of production of radioisotopes in Budapest. The rejections would have intervened of September 8 to November 16, 2011.”


    • arclight arclight

      “We learned on November 17 by an official statement from the IAEA that the Authority with Hungarian Atomic energy (HAEA) had informed the U.N. agency owing to the fact that the source of the iodine 131 rejections was most probably an institute of production of radioisotopes in Budapest. The rejections would have intervened of September 8 to November 16, 2011.”

      and cs 137 and 143 clearly shown on here with iodine 131


      “do you think they co-ordinate the releases? i mean the iaea has got to do something for its monet.. its obvious that the romanian and hungarian situation is being VERY ignored.. the article about finland and cs 137 got me thinking.. how do they seperate the chernobyl cs137 from daichi cs137 and other known and unknown releases.. this is the first time anyone has bothered to look.. and its not a pretty sight.. why no gieger counter citizens in illinois? the survivalist groups should have a gieger counter! its a bit of a must, post armeggeddon! reason is that people have been sidetracked…

      this euro contamination had me really puzzled but i think i am starting to see a bigger picture now.. multiple reactors leaking or giving off excesss isotopes (legally) the monitoring systems that give the end of year total are severely massaged to give an average well below the real average.. then the icrp steps in and announces an average amount per person and issues the all safe!! health and safety paperwork filed.. staistics gleaned for future funding and bullshit arguments… and the public is non the wiser.. cont…..

      • arclight arclight

        be7 has been taken off eurdep but i got it on video!! and thats a very short lived isotope i believe.. from a damaged reactor??

        so that also explains the mid atlantic monitor switch offs.. mainly from american coastal reactor/s? and sometimes european ones too maybe?

        eurdep is changing soon and i think its going to do the “nilu” and hide behind a password for the rich and famous..

        and the iaea is talking bullshit if they cant trace the emmisions…

        oh and canada is so contaminated that the universities could not check the soil for the newspaper as the truth would have got out!! remember my radioactive canadian cherry? of course it got hit by fukushima but they dont know where the hot spots are! and they darent check.

        just trying to put a theory together here

        bottom line given the findings in the beir report, we need to evaluate this unknown reactor as well as la hague and the others that are constantly polluting the people near the plants as well as the rest of us “downwind” which ever continent they are on…

        no nukes!

        • arclight arclight

          the isotopes found on eurdep will be the same isotopes found in the USA and canada, and everywhere…

          criirad has a cool list of isotopes they expect on their laboratory page for the main ones!


          be gentle with me!! 🙂

    • arclight arclight

      it must definately be adding up xdr!!

      european background is up since fukushima but was as high in december 2010.. owing to a european incident… with the ongoing releases.. however short or limited, it is enough to maintain the heightened background.. wasnt that one of the reasons they stopped nuke bomb testing? concerns over the population? and as long as they run.. human experimentation on a grand scale! 🙁

      • arclight,
        Yes the accumulative factor is the main stay and we mean stay, for many years as we know, not like smoke that will dissipate !
        I think we have passed the typing point and lots of the affects and future fears are being covered up to avoid mass panic and collapse of normalcy ! Those teritories in those area’s are and will suffer great toll’s I fear !

  • RSOE:

    Murmansk’s Atomflot, Russia’s nuclear icebreaker base, denied in an covernversation with Bellona Murmansk that it any involvement in the releases of the Iodine. On January 16th and 17th Atomflot was was engaged in launching the reactor aboard the Rossiya icebreaker. On January 18th, Atomflot launched the reactors aboard the Taymyr nuclear icebreaker, and on January 21 through 23, the launched the one on board the 50 Years Victory nuclear icebreaker. Likewise, work was being performed aboard the Lespe nuclear service vessel, which serves as a floating spent nuclear storage facility, between January 15 and 23 consisting of sawing spent nuclear fuel elements.

    Iodine-131, also known as radon, is a radioactive isotope of the chemical element Iodine. Its half-life is about 8 days. Its primary use is medical and pharmaceutical. It is also one of the chief products of the fission of uranium and plutonium, posing a health risk, and making a significant contribution to dangerous consequences for those who lived through nuclear experiments in the 1950s and the catastrophe at Chernobyl. Iodine-131 is a significan product of fission of uranium, plutonium, and, indirectly, thorium, making up to 3 percent of all resulting fission products. Nuclear power stations and other facilities using atomic energy installations constantly produce so called sanctioned released of Iodine-131, meaning that an irregular situation must have occurred at a nuclear facility or installation.

    I-131 is also known as radon? Huh. After all these months of this unfortunate education, and I didn’t know this? Anybody else?

  • arclight arclight

    i will try again…

    WHY LIE?

    “NRPA says that two of the six online measuring stations in Finnmark in the high north of Norway have indicated increased levels of radioactive iodine.

    Swedish radiation protection authority says in thier brief that very low levels of radioactive iodine-131 are meassured at their station in Kiruna in northern Sweden.

    Neither Swedish, Finnish nor Norwegian authorities have been informed about any releases of radioactivity anyplace in northern Europe.”


    “Both Swedish and Norwegian officials underline that none of their other stations in the south have meassured iodine-131.”

    and the cobalt 60 in finland? higher in the south?

    wonder how the experimental norwegian reactor is doing..

    wonder if they checked for iodine 131 or any isotope in the south!!


    very clever!!

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Hi arc, IAEA PR bellydancer answered my email, I was too pissed and busy to post it yesterday. Will do later, as this is the right thread for it.
      They are insulting our intelligence.

      • arclight arclight

        b and b.. morning! cant believe the spike!! loads of zeroes.. i would be VERY worried any where in hungary.. and its coming our way… 🙁

        i will keep trying eurdep but we will have to rely on criirad and the few citizen monitors.. time for tea and gieger on methinks! got some potty spikes last night and slow rises to 0.22 microsieverts/hr in 30 minute pulses (sort off) then this morning the readings stablised at about 0.13 microsieverts/hr or even slightly less.. what next!? cant wait for belly dancer 2 reply… lol! sitting amongst this evidence … lol!

        at least it is a victory of sorts..!! russian reactor… japanese reactor.. no! all reactors… especially budapest!! got to contact some mates in macedonia and poland.. not sure what they will do about it though… doesnt smell, not visible, no press coverage.. no warning to pregnant women nor the children that will be walking to school this morning!! pretty fucking evil if you ask me!

        and these monitoring station personel know it! the iaea knows it as does the universities around europe know it..

        nilu know it and also have the dispersal charts!
        i do not trust my children and the hands of my relatives children any more than i trust the iaea with anybodies children.. especially the downwinders from this accident!! 2E+08 t gamma and this article posted is trying to hide what exactly grr!!

        200000000 nano sieverts/hr

        200000 microsieverts/hr

        200 millisieverts/hr

        0.2 sieverts/hr

        that right bundb ?

        i am going to watch i am fishhead again 🙁

        • arclight arclight


          IE strontium, uranium, plutonium, the kind of stuff that is NOT easily tested for!! in fact very rarely tested for as it takes more than one lab! very costly and time consuming.. dont you love nukes!!

          • When they found it near Tokyo they said they where not testing for it any more, they know it’s everywhere with all the other isotopes found and cheaper to test for !!

        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

          Arclight, in which dimension is the Hungary spike given? Bq/m3? 0.2 sv/h Sounds unlikely?? Thanks for your efforts lemming, you’re holding the eurdep torch!!

          I’m off to site now, at -13 degrees, got TV team visiting today! 🙂
          Expect me to hold up ‘No Nukes’ sign in the background! Lol!

    • anybody, who? everybody here is busy checking stuff. including yours: thank you 🙂

  • arclight arclight

    breaking eurdep down and showing spike of 2E+08 T GAMMA!!!!!!!


    feeling smug with myself except… what about the population of budapest?? the iaea and there cohorts are wankers!!

    anyone with eurdep maps open better screensave any results.. once your out your out!! 🙁

    anybody with a gieger counter had better be waiting “in place” but i cant tell you when it will stop… to take down the whole eurdep map at a time like this?? irresponsible and they are really trying to point the way elsewhere!! watch the videos before eurdep copyright complaints them,, no more you tube for this lemming then!!

    shows how connived the norwegian report on fukushima was, doesnt it?

    brings doubt to the norwegian safety crowd.. very sad!

    it was all on eurdep real time!! the french site near switzerland was glowing orange and showing a sharp increase upward.. as i moved north checking the upward movement of the chart the angle of assent became less steep!!

    once again proving my theory that budapest is a critical reactor.. the iaea and criirad are aware of this and couldnt give a shit about the population… well i know CRIIRAD does actually give a shit.. but a staement from them know and this video evidence is enough to give belly dancing iaea lady a headache!! hopefully! best we can hope for considering!!

    NO NUKES!!

  • arclight arclight


    statement by the IAEA pr lady!! they are having a meeting!!

    everything is going to be ok!! yes!!

  • arclight arclight

    heres the search term to use on you tube if you want to download the “tutorials”

    arclight 2011 radiation

    had ten views from austria.. just saying!

    • arclight arclight

      to the powers that be.. about copyright.. these are tutorials on how to use the “public mapping ” system of eurdep and criirad website.. the option to make money from advertising has been switched off on the above you tube account.. the intention is to educate not to profit…

      oh and a great monitoring system you nearly have! need help with some imprQQvements, for efficiency etc? call me!

  • Radio Radio says this:

    • arclight arclight

      the coronal mass ejection this weekend was quite a weak one.. yet portblog sites i”increased coronal activity causing increase in isotopic range and/or strength”

      i think we are talking chalk and cheese here.. the values i and others have noted are regular daily, weekly and monthly normal releases from nuclear reactors.. happens all the time! except all the reactors are old and knackered and working above design capacity!

      concerning mass ejections and effects of isotopes though.. i give you this! 🙂

      wonder how the temperature will be effected by the isotopic plasma “stew”?? note the temperatures after chernobyl in europe! there was a big drop in temperature initially..

      also in 1964 europe a heat wave hit.. a time when lots of isotopes were in the air..

      after the cold snap after chernobyl.. europe warmed.. all those reactors giving of the legal amounts of isotopes.. with CME this is an added issue!

  • arclight arclight

    as promised budapest spike .. seems to be receding??

  • arclight arclight

    criirads last specroanalysis for cs137 134 and iodine 131 from november

  • harengus_acidophilus

    Souce “unknown”
    but maybe a hospital like this:

    Welcome to the Happy-Planet-Hospital!
    Are you sick about homo sapiens?
    Try our proven iodine therapy.
    Low price but great effect.
    Sign up today for special price…


  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    IAEA answered:
    Following my question about releases in Slovenia – this one:
    “Dear Mrs Tudor,

    Please find attached two screenshots showing the still ongoing releases of I-131 at Slovenian Krsko nuclear power plant.
    I wonder if you could provide me with any information about the cause?
    Even IF those levels should not be much of a health concern (a statement on which exist varying opinions), Iodine-131 is most certainly not a substance that should leak into the atmosphere at whatever levels over months.

    The Institute of Isotopes Ltd. In Budapest is most certainly NOT the source of those releases, that’s clear to see.
    I’d be happy to hear from you.

    Best regards, the bread”


    “Dear BandB,

    Thanks for your message. Our radiation experts have now been able to take a proper look at the screenshots you sent. (It was not immediately clear how the charts were created.)

    In fact, the graphs here are not showing actual levels of radionuclides in the environment, as the data from most countries in the EURDEP system would normally indicate. There is a key difference in methodology; the levels posted by Slovenia on the map are its minimum detection limits, whereas other countries post actual detected levels. The graphs in the screenshot show a varying detection limit, probably because the measurement conditions are changing (because, for example, of different lengths of sampling time or changing humidity).

    In general, the detection limits for radionuclides in the air are so low that they have no impact on human health; in fact, particles or gases at these concentrations would not even change the ambient radiation levels that exist naturally.

    I hope that is helpful.
    Gill Tudor.”

    Alright. So in Slovenia there are varying detection levels, which range from 0.03 to 8.5 Bq/m3 air. I don’t know who they are trying to fool here, but surely
    NOT ME.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      ooops, sorry – seems I started the whole thread going bold again? I was sure I “unbolded”?

      • arclight arclight

        In general, the detection limits for radionuclides in the air are so low that they have no impact on human health;

        took them long enough to respond bundb
        eurdep gas disclaimers everywhere!! they make sure the low annual figures stay low by switch offs and then they can sy the above.. it is safe!! 0.2 sieverts/hr safe! for children safe!

        thanks for posting

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Dear Bread: The slimey bastards, we’ve long known, created the boondoggle variety of measurement and interpretation “methods” just so they could lie to the public at this end, or the failure end, of the nuclear power “age” (nanosecond geologically) of man.

    • arclight arclight

      The Institute of Isotopes Ltd. In Budapest is most certainly NOT the source of those releases, that’s clear to see.

      207000000nano nanosieverts/hr
      207000 microsieverts/hr
      207 millisieverts/hr
      0,2 sieverts/hr

      more than a chemotherapy dose there!! good for children!??

      move along.. nothinf to see here..!!

      so if its not budapest… there is an even larger release going on somewhere else????

      what say you IAEA lady pr belly dancer type!!????

      been fishing in romania recently??

      suppose you can lead a horse to water bundb but you cant make em drink it.. eh?? tossers!! 🙂

    • arclight arclight

      gill tudor

      ambassador for peace

      “”The IAEA can confirm that Iran has started the production of uranium enriched up to 20 percent using IR-1 centrifuges in the Fordo Fuel Enrichment Plant,” the agency said in a statement.

      However, IAEA Spokeswoman Gill Tudor said that all nuclear materials and operations in the Fordo facility are “under the Agency’s containment and surveillance.”

      Iranian officials earlier said the Fordo plant, deep inside the mountains near the central Iranian city of Qom, was build to produce 20-percent uranium needed for a research reactor in Tehran, which produces medical isotopes to treat cancer patients.”

      “The IAEA statement has already triggered harsh statements from diplomats in the United States and Europe.

      “This is a further escalation of their ongoing violations with regard to their nuclear obligations,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told reporters.”


      “UK Foreign Secretary William Hague described the move as “a provocative act that undermines claims that the program is civilian in nature.”

      The German foreign ministry expressed hope that the European Union will agree on a fresh round of sanctions against Iran during a meeting on January 30, because the start of operations at Fordo was “a step of further escalation.”

      “With it, the international community’s concern that the Iranian nuclear program is serving military purposes is growing,” the ministry said in a statement. “So long as Iran does not move, there is no alternative to tough sanctions,” the statement said.”


      i hate a dichotomy??

    • Anthony Anthony

      Stunning. Real-time.

  • arclight arclight

    generally, the measurements in the south are higher in the north..

    with the exception of a monitor that is getting a double whammy from luxemborg perhaps??

    Strahlenbelastung 0.237 µSv / h
    Datum: 02.02.12 : 15:01 Uhr

  • arclight arclight

    radioactive iodine 131 in france avignon water beacon from CRIIRAD

    1.5 bq/l31 JAN 2012 about lunchtime
    big drop in measured iodine due to the cold weather front.. still got above the limit of detsction marker…

  • mungo mungo

    highest yet, frankfurt ..Strahlenbelastung 0.271 µSv / h
    Datum: 02.02.12 : 18:01 Uhr

  • Anthony Anthony

    Is this from the earlier (couple months ago) undetermined source of Euro emissions?

  • arclight arclight

    looks like its on the move.. and because of the weather the actual measurements are lower if i understand the note criirad made on the overall lowering of the background levels due to the cold weather…

    what about the people in budapest?? its a crime!!

  • arclight arclight

    RO0025 – Zimnicea (Romania) Lat: 43.7ºN, Long: 25.4ºE, 1 m. Above Ground

    Got to 0.15 mcSv/hr then switch off

    BG0020 – Elhovo (Bulgaria) Lat: 42.2ºN, Long: 26.6ºE
    Switch offs seen if you choose month option

    HU0130 – Gyomaendrod (Hungary) Lat: 46.9ºN, Long: 20.8ºE
    Switch of from the 30 jan 2012

    and more

    HU0101 – Retsag (Hungary) Lat: 47.9ºN, Long: 19.1ºE

    HU0133 – Komarom (Hungary) Lat: 47.7ºN, Long: 18.2ºE

    HU0223 – Szombathely (Hungary) Lat: 47.2ºN, Long: 16.6ºE

    HU0131 – Vajta (Hungary) Lat: 46.7ºN, Long: 18.7ºE
    0.8 microsieverts/hr on the 1 jan

    GR_Ioannin – Ioannina (Greece) Lat: 39.6ºN, Long: 20.8ºE, 0 m. Above Ground
    Slight increase
    and theres more

    bottom line the worst of the cloud seems to be heading north west
    notice the time and distances to switch off and you can see the southerly and easterly monitors are turned off slightly later!

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Hi arc, I knew I’d find you here…I just checked the Budapest thingie…

      I get a spike which goes up to 210 000 000 microSv/hr. That makes
      210 000 milliSv which equals
      210 Sv. (!!!) That’s more than around unit 3 in Fuku.

      And directly afterwards the levels drop back? Do you think it’s maybe just an instrument failure? No?

      • arclight arclight

        it took a few hours to drop back.. 210 millisieverts/hr.. they will say it was caused by static eminating from belly dancing costumes.. especially in hungary.. there big on belly dancing!!

        thats the reason for all the disclaimers ON EURDEP.. DENIABILITY IS BUILT IN TO THIS SYSTEM!.. but i think budapest is one source of the contamination.. there are others though giving a low dose long term effect.. nightmare

        BEIR 7??

        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

          Hi arc, I sent Greenpeace Hungary a heads-up and referred to your eurdep tutorial and vids. Maybe you’ll get some hungarian watchers soon? hope so

          *red wine time

          • arclight arclight

            good hit bundb!!

            enjoy the vino! remember no soft cheese though! 🙂

            • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

              Thanks arc…life’s not worth it without cheese. I keep thinking about the fact that Japanese Meteorological Agency only noticed 8 earthquakes last 24 hours. I know I’m strange when it comes to this, but if I look at these spikes:

              they tell us the last one over M 6 was on New year’s day. From the graph it seems as if there’s one of those ca. every 4 weeks. Sooooo….cheers & goodnight.

              • Dael

                Post-Fukushima, there is old cheddar. The one-year-old will soon not count anymore, but there is old cheddar that is two, three, four or five years old.

          • arclight arclight

            4 january 2012 london uk

            getting an average of about 0.11 microsievert/hr with some rises to 0.15 microsieverts/hr .. it would seem the gaseous/particulate cloud has passed, though it will linger in the more built up and sheltered areas..

            i noticed this at 08.00 gmt so it lasted as long as the budapest “spike” of 207E+08 nanosieverts/hr .. that raps that up nicely..

  • Bobby1

    Here is a map of winds at about 5,000 feet on Jan. 28, which coincides with the spikes in Poland and Romania:

    The wind in those countries was coming from the east and southeast, Russia.

    • arclight arclight

      it breaks of at the alps and enters southern france and germany and another stream moves through poland and north.. so the above norwegian article has a grain of truth about it!! just a grain mind you!

      still lying about the more southern monitors!!

      nice simple air flow chart that!!
      cheers bobby

  • Who forgot tro close /B

  • arclight arclight

    Radiation tests run on water

    April 05, 2011

    “One of their experts, Mylène Josset, said this was “without major consequences for health” and produce from the areas could be eaten after ordinary washing.

    The radiation found was from 1.1-3,4 becquerels per kilo of grass. Levels up to 100 are safe for consumption, Mrs Josset said.

    In one of the areas studied 0.8bq/kg was found of another radioactive substance, cesium 137, though it is not certain this was due to the Japanese accident.

    The studies were done by Acro and Greenpeace, helped by supporters in each area.

    Mrs Josset said that even though the levels were “very weak”, “detecting these levels 15,000km from the accident site raises questions nonetheless”.”

    • arclight arclight

      “Levels up to 100 are safe for consumption”

      disagree on this but liked the mention of cesium.. got a bit vague there.. 🙂

  • The Northern lights are more unusual in color, magnitude, and in scope because of the high atomic weight Fukushima Fallout in the atmosphere. Post Fukushima such lights are no longer a treat. In fact they are the harbingers of the creation of a whole new witches’ brew of radioactive Fukushima related fallout. It is a harbinger that grows more concerning as these Solar Storms are simultaneously increasing in magnitude… The recent CME interacted with high atomic weight fallout (both radioactive and NON-radioactive) in the upper atmosphere and produced new radioactive fallout via nuclear spallation processes. That could explain the radioactive iodine being reported in Europe. Evidence of Plutonium 239 spallation is expected.

  • Why did they wait several days to report it, and why did they coordinate the press releases?