Radioactive iodine found in 50 percent of children’s thyroids — Up to 35 millisieverts (35,000 microsieverts)

Published: August 14th, 2011 at 11:42 am ET


Radiation effect on children’s thyroid glands, NHK, August 14, 2011:

[…] A group of researchers led by Hiroshima University professor Satoshi Tashiro tested 1,149 children in the prefecture for radiation in their thyroid glands in March following the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Radioactive iodine was detected in about half of the children.

Tashiro says radiation in thyroid glands exceeding 100 millisieverts poses a threat to humans, but that the highest level in the survey was 35 millisieverts. […]

Published: August 14th, 2011 at 11:42 am ET


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65 comments to Radioactive iodine found in 50 percent of children’s thyroids — Up to 35 millisieverts (35,000 microsieverts)

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    I love it because the Nuclear Cheerleaders can’t stand Enenews. WEAR IT AS A BADGE OF HONOR!!

  • shaktasna999

    I just have no words. I am in a constant state of rage lately.

    They have to evacuate their children. At this point I don’t know if it is better for the children to die in the comfort of their parents arms or to relocate them.

    Parents, seriously, if this were you-what would you want to happen?

    Natives were taken from their homes and alienated from their cultures. Will this happen to Japan?

    The only reason I post this is that burdock root is mentioned. Natives commonly use burdock. They also used burdock root in the early 50’s specifically for the nuclear dramas happening in Nevada.
    Burdock cannot save you but it can help extend health for a bit.

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Actually, that article was on NHK already yesterday. Good that admin made it a headline now.
    Can anybody here give a scientific opinion on what those levels mean? It’s bad, that’s clear, but HOW bad??

    • Bread and Butter
      German considers 1 millisievert a year to be the limit for safety for background radiation.

      Somebody posted yesterday that nuclear plant workers can file for compensation for leukemia if exposed to 5 millisieverts (I need to track down this number though to confirm)

      Americans, who are exposed to more radiation than most people in the world, have an anual exposure of about 6 millisieverts.

      What is particularly concerning about this article though is that the study looked at INTERNAL EXPOSURE and found 35 millisieverts.

      My guess, though I am not sure, is that one would have had to be exposed to more than that in total forms of ionizing radiation to have a thyroid registering 35 millisieverts (probably simply from the iodine-131).

    • Bobby1

      The ECRR risk model has a very stringent maximum dose.

      “The Committee recommends that the total maximum permissible annual dose limit to members of the public involving releases of anthropogenic isotopes or natural isotopes delivered in a novel fashion should be kept below 0.1mSv as calculated using the ECRR model.”

      So the maximum here of 35 millisieverts is 350 times what the ECRR considers the maximum permissible dose.

      But also the way the ECRR calculates internal radiation exposure is 100-1000 times higher than the method used by the ICRP, so it is clear that these children have already received orders of magnitude higher doses than what can be considered permissible.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      majia, bobby1, thanks for putting that to perspective for me.
      What a bummer 🙁

    • mikey

      HOW bad B&B?- Well look at the date… (for radiation in their thyroid glands in March) March folks doesnt say when in MARCH but kids already at 35 Mills/v! Dear God So its NOW AUG 15 and have the same kidz been tested again?? NO!! Geez Lu wheez– WHY?? Cuz they are so toasted thats why.. Sick and rong people!!

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        Hi mikey, yes, it’s outrageous. Majia gave a good hint above – german workers in nuke plants are allowed a yearly dose of max 20 mSv (external). Now those poor kiddies have received 35 mSv internal – and you’re right, that was back in March.
        The japanese doctors can learn from the russians how to remove children’s thyroids – they are specialized in doing just that.
        What a shame.

  • Ariana

    I have been thinking about why people aren’t relocating…and if the Japanese govt is so intent on covering this up, they would probably do everything they could to stop these people from leaving… they could stop people from getting passports, they could make airline tickets so high no one could afford them. What we know is only a tiny fraction of the whole story. Don’t think that wouldn’t happen here…it would. It is terrifying.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Hi Ariana, yes, it’s absolutely terrifying. By now, all the world has seen how the japanese government treats its people, and everybody knows that it would be the same in our countries as well.
      This puts even more pressure on us to do the utmost to stop the nukes.
      Who knows who will be next? And with the reactors becoming older and brittle, I’m sure that it will not take 25 years before we see the next one explode.

  • Pallas89juno

    35 mSv is outrageously high as this is just radioactive Iodine. There are dozens of other radiologic compounds. 80 days of radioactivity (Iodine) is a long time for a child whose cells are dividing rapidly, the younger they are. How much more damage the compounds that are stored in bone marrow, lungs, bones, enterium, skin, neurological tissues, all cells (tritium/cesium). Remember to multiply all figures of detected contamination in Sv by 10x very conservative minimum to extrapolate for the increased threat all radiation is for younger humans. Make that number larger for babies–I’m not exactly sure of the multiple to use for babies or the unborn fetus; but I do know it would more than 10x. Performing these very simple, but truthful and accurate calculations, will you give one an idea of the realistic threat to children and infants from ingested or inhaled and absorbed radiologic compounds. Therefore, 10 x 35 mSv is really more like a minimum exposure of 350 mSv.

    Would this level of contamination result even mass die-offs, heaven forbid, of children force the people to overthrow their governments and grow the courage required to deal with the extant and coming more martial repression as a result of people waking up?

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Extract from a speech given by the representative of the Belarusian embassy in Berlin, Andrei Schuplak, on occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Cernobyl catastrophe:

    “The medical consequences are particularly shocking. The data obtained in the years after the accident evidence of serious errors of the State of health in all categories of the population, who were exposed to the effects of the Chernobyl accident. In the years 1987-1999, the number of primary and General diseases of children took to disease classes as well as the number of children with chronic pathologies in most. The number of tumours, and in the first place of malignant tumours, are becoming. Groups of the primary capture notes a high sickness absence of thyroid cancer. In the aftermath of the accident, a higher compared to the national average incidence of disease in all disease categories in adults and children was diagnosed with the affected population. In the aftermath of the accident, the number of absolutely healthy children decreased from 60 to 21% in the contaminated territories, while the share of children with chronic pathologies rose from 10% to 22%. The children were evacuated from the contaminated zone, but now only 13% are deemed absolutely healthy. On average, 2-3 diseases are diagnosed in a child.”

    Translation here:

    Belarus also has a hospital which is specialized in removal of children’s and teenagers thyroids.

  • Ariana

    It makes me physically ill that people ignore this. I am trying to get the people around me interested and ready to make a stand, but everyone thinks I’m nuts. Why don’t people want to save themselves? It’s up to US to do this. The governments don’t give a shit about our lives. This is a money-maker, and they probably see this as “for the greater good.”

    • Rosie

      Hi Ariana, I feel exactly the same way. It’s like we’re in a different universe to other people. No-one I know is remotely interested. The main reason they all quote is because it’s not in the MSM and I can understand their reasoning. If I hadn’t discovered this site I would be totally unaware. People on this site have tried to explain why it’s been kept out of the news but I’m still baffled. I’m not put off, I continue to talk about it and I continue to be totally ignored.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Issue of radiation-tainted food in Japan escalates

    Importing Vegetables

    Kansai Super Market Ltd. yesterday announced it bought a 30 percent stake in Masami Cattle Ranch Inc. in California, to enable the farm to expand production and supply vegetables to Kansai stores in Japan, according to a statement the Hyogo prefecture-based supermarket chain made to the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

    And a WTF excerpt from this…????

    Japan may join a U.S.-led treaty under which governments agree to prevent excessive claims against other members for compensation from nuclear accidents, the Nikkei newspaper reported today, without saying where it got the information.

  • Be Still My Beating Heart

    If we are going to be alive still in ten years, we may as well be strong enough to fight, Right?

  • Jebus Jebus

    Kansai Super Market Ltd. yesterday announced it bought a 30 percent stake in Masami Cattle Ranch Inc. in California, to enable the farm to expand production and supply vegetables to Kansai stores in Japan, according to a statement the Hyogo prefecture-based supermarket chain made to the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

    To import vegetables or export tainted beef????

  • Jebus Jebus

    What Products does the US import from Japan ?

    Below are American imports from Japan in 2006 with the highest percentage sales increases from 2005.

    1. Meat products … US$2.8 million (up 70,400% from 2005)
    2. Spacecraft … $1.9 million (up 2126%)
    3. Zinc … $10.6 million (up 1823%)
    4. Fuel oil … $527.3 million (up 340%)
    5. Precious metals … $134.1 million (up 106.2%)

  • farawayfan farawayfan

    Another NHK minimization article admitting to a lesser crime to distract from th greater.

    Lies. lies. lies.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    Another video from fairewinds:
    Fairewinds Report for Southern Alliance for Clean Energy on TVA Bellefonte Plant
    Plant will be 50 years old before it even goes online for the first time. Also was cannabalized between 2005 and 2009. How can the NRC say all right to go ahead with construction.
    Also during 2005-2009 all sump pumps were stopped so the concrete foundation of the nuclear plant has been severely eroded.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      I think I put this on the wrong thread.

    • arclight arclight

      thanks for the link anne!
      i noticed that all of a sudden in 2008 there appeared large sums of investors money rushing out of the other stocks and into nuclear, even on a ropey bet like this one! interesting!

  • Jebus Jebus

    Questions and Answers:
    The Importation of
    Boneless Beef From Japan
    December 2005


    Q. Under the final rule, what types of boneless
    beef would be imported from Japan?
    A. First, it is important to note that all types of boneless
    beef that meet the requirement stated in the final
    rule will be equally safe in regard to BSE. Although
    we do not know exactly what will be imported, based
    on past records we expect that the vast majority of
    imports will be from Wagyu cattle. The term “Wagyu”
    literally translates to Japanese cattle, and refers to
    purebred Japanese Black or Japanese Brown breeds
    of cattle. Wagyu beef is a high-priced specialty meat
    widely acclaimed for its flavor and tenderness. Many
    people refer to it as Kobe beef because Wagyu cattle
    are raised an area near the city of Kobe. Based on
    economics, we expect primarily Wagyu beef to be
    imported under the final rule


  • nomade

    Huh? Look at the first related link at the top of the page, on July 5th they said a one year old’s thyroid had been exposed to the equivalent of 50mSv per year.

    Now NHK says that highest level they measured was 35mSv in a four year old?

    What happened to the one year old’s records? Did they shred the files in order to protect the child’s anonymity?

    Fukushima Prefecture announced on July 24th that they were going to provide lifelong monitoring of the effects of radiation on children’s thyroids.


    Or are they just going to scrap that idea because it’s going to prove conclusively that the *safe* levels of exposure the Japanese govt has imposed are not safe at all?

    Up to 20mSv is safe for children, up to 250mSv is OK for Fukushima workers, 500 Becquerels is safe in food …

    Hey Japanese Government, what scientific studies are these numbers based on? Or are they just nice round numbers some bureaucrat pulled out of a hat?

  • blah

    That’s appalling !
    How can they say thyroid contamination by radioactive iodine will not increase cancer figures ??

    Just a few days ago a report was released about thyroid diseases (read cancer) increase in Corsica (a medium sized island south of France) after Chernobyl.

    For the few of you who can’t read in french, here is a brief resume of the article :

    Two professors of medicine have studied the medical records of 2096 patients randomly selected from the patients of the only one gland specialist doctor on this island.
    They have found that after 1986, there is a large to very large increase of the proportion of thyroid disease amongst the total amount of gland diseases.
    They have figures before and after Chernobyl.
    The increase is 44% to 100%.
    And Corsica, it’s about 1850km of Chernobyl.

    This report will probably be put forward in the trial of the former chief of the french radiological protection authority in september. He had published communiques to say there had been only a small elevation of radioactivity well below reglementary limits. He is also famous for having pretended on the main TV news that the Chernobyl plumes had stopped at the french borders !!

    • Pallas89juno

      Dear Blah: Yes, I appreciate what you’re presenting. Most are unaware, including in Europe?, that Chernobyl contaminated all but maybe a small portion of the Iberian peninsula. Most of Spain and Portugal got away with little to no contamination. However, there is an animation of the week after Chernobyl’s, probably nuclear, explosion, animation that shows where fallout cloud deposition was highest. Of course, of the areas contaminated by that event from the initial dirty graphite smoke cloud, some were worse hit than others. There are areas that were heavily contaminated with measurable Cesium-137 25 years ago in the first week after the event that are now, somehow, emitting even more cesium-137 radiation. That is, some of these areas are MORE contaminated, now then after their initial contamination. Some of the areas that were heavily contaminated by Chernobyl, all with likely real increases in all kinds of associated illnesses, are the Appenines of Italy, the Alps of Switzerland, Italy and France, other mountainous areas of Europe, large parts of the U.K., large parts of Scandinavia, especially Sweden. Also, maybe surprisingly for some, Turkey, particularly the edges of the plateau and the northern Black Sea Coast agricultural areas, are quite heavily contaminated. Of course, the most contaminated regions are in the presend-day Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. Helen Caldicott is correct to advise people to avoid agricultural products from these regions. Because the economic pain of facing reality will hurt is not reason to avoid facing such.

  • zapped zapped

    I do not intend to be a regular poster here, but this is my first time and I have been a visiting ENENEWS off and on from I think April. I am in Africa. How come I am still not convinced the world is about to go Ka-Boom?
    Chernobyl and all did not lead to instant death to millions,so why would this be any different. I just see a lot of bewildered people saying the sky is about to but the reality is to me different. No one in all my searches has died from exposure including nuclear reactor workers. Why is that? You can say give it time but why the panicked stance here at ENENEWS. It’s almost like saying to us, there is no reason to live anymore. I am aware the suicide rates in Japan have sky rocketed and that one rabbit that had no ears..I think you all need to calm down a little since most of you do not even live in Japan.
    Having said that, the situation will sort itself out. Most countries like Iraq, Egypt and Russia are beginning to reject products from Japan due to measured radioactive Isotopes. Most of those firms will relocate out of Japan whether they like it or not. It’s all about all this fear mongering…I could be wrong..I ain’t no expert. And I am not in De-NILE it,s just a river in Africa.

    • depends on your definition of kaboom, poverty, destruction and misery. if it’s all the same to you.

    • alasanon

      I think you might have a different perspective if you were living in the first continent to get hammered by the fallout after Japan, i.e. North America.

      It’s been found in significant quantities in our air, rain, water, land, animals, food, drink… and it just keeps coming. We can’t see it. And our govt. won’t measure it in any reliable, consistent manner. Air, food, water, the Pacific Ocean, DNA…how much more critical can that be?

      I agree and have faith that something will transcend this crisis and that it won’t be the grand finale for all life, BUT… Better to be safe than sorry, if at all possible.

    • Pallas89juno

      Dear Zapped: You’re mistaking your blithe ignorance of the relative scope of Fukushima–probably 1000’s of times Chernobyl–and the propaganda by profiteering stake holders over the years with regard to Chernobyl, as a reality having integrity, in combination. This is a fantastical fallacy of pure denial of reality easily assessed through persistence and truthfulness, to yourself. One must also suffer from a certain malady, common among humans, particularly common in the United States (realizing you’re in Africa, whatever that means) and that is of group-think in collective delusion reinforcement. The situation is not sorting itself out. We are in the earth’s 6th mass extinction event, this one anthropogenic. We are in the midst of the never-before-as-rapid anthropogenic thermal maximum. What is that quote from Hobb’s Leviathan about seeing only off the end of one’s nose?

      • Pallas89juno

        At least as bad as thousands of Chernobyl events, so far…It’s only just beginning. Keep waiting for it to sort itself out. Plenty of people die without realizing that they were alive at all.

    • Steven Steven

      “Chernobyl and all did not lead to instant death to millions”

      No, just eventual death to 1,000,000 and who knows how many suffering from ‘lesser’ health issues.

      “I just see a lot of bewildered people saying the sky is about to fall”

      Actually most here are more conservative, although we do have our share of ELE claims.

      “you all need to calm down a little since most of you do not even live in Japan.”

      I think you will find that the fallout has gone global.

      “How come I am still not convinced the world is about to go Ka-Boom?”

      The ‘Ka-Booms’ were on the 11th and 14th March, in case you missed them. Quite possibly enough plutonium et al distributed into our common environment to ruin everbody’s day, at some point down the line. Of course, there could be more ‘Ka-Booms’ but we hope (and pray) not. The continual ‘fizz’ from the various exposed coriums and spent fuel pools is bad enough.

      I hesitate to say this but, if you really have been visiting this site since April, you clearly have learned very little. Not to worry, what you can’t see can’t hurt you, eh?

  • zapped zapped

    Before you all condemn me as a shill to the industry and start giving stats on the article from one thing they did not do was give the overall number of infant mortality per say 100/1000 live births or some such hence relative equivalence.I could be wrong!!There could have been alot of subjective factors that did not include a measured and known control group..just sayin’

    • arclight arclight

      the largest control group of this kind is currently in belarus and ukraine, 7 million people living on contaminated ground..
      heres a useful link to real figures and real videos describing those figures and staistics.. i should warn you it is harrowing if you are of a nervous disposition!( i did post this without an advisory before but i think it is best to!)

      and this is the charity involved
      donations much appreciated by the orphans

      also lots of discussion about the socio -economic situation!
      there is also a follow up film called return to chernobyl

      heres the link
      a 6 part film

      now imagine japan, more densely packed more reactors in ongoing fission (chernobyl about 6 weeks i think?/) for nearly 5 months…the russians acted swiftly and moved people away from the worst of the contamination in a reasonably quick manner, the japanese have not!
      hope this helps the discussion some
      not good

  • zapped zapped

    extra knight…you had to go there right??

    “poverty, destruction and misery. if it’s all the same to ME?.”

    Yeah its all the same to me…you know better.Now go breath er ..cesium? might put you in perspective you are so advanced and superior or just go build more nuclear reactors…who’s askin’and who’s bitching after the fact.

    • get off yer soapbox. your meaningless asides/childish broadsides/unscientific nonsense attacks are mawkish and absurd, yer drunken ad hominem strawmen are a very poor substitute for the truth. not to mention science, the scientific method, relibility, and i must say commonsense. but if you must *snort* show me this perspective that you have casually mentioned here instead of vapid and canned disinformation and dysfunctional remarks. if it’s all the same to you. 😉

  • zapped zapped

    arclight ..Thanks it helps the discussion.

    extra knight ..Have you checked out a mirror might help, y’know..howz that science working out for you…nuclear and all…feeling zapped already huh? good.Keep at it and you might glow…don’t know if thats what you are aiming at.I wouldn’t be surprised tho’..never seen a glowing human…it might be something worth seeing…it will be the new white.

  • arclight arclight

    one big happy family here sigh!! 🙂 🙂

    • Sickputer

      No… Just the late C. Grant’s private psychiatric stash must have been dispersed to more continents than I previously thought. >;->

      PJ gets the Enenews-sponsored wild infected boar wrestling award of the week for best mud wrestling and best intellectual response since Churchill’s retort to a madam upon being called a drunk: to paraphase “Yes madam, but I will be sober in the morning and you will still be ugly!”

  • zapped zapped

    1.Most of you responding to my post live on the West coast of the US..howz that for paradox.
    2.The situation will sort itself out unless some of you know something I don’t.Some people will die and some will live.
    3.6th mass extinction..were we not heading that route even before this disaster?
    4.Smart or ignorant who was the better fool on the Titanic?Upper deck/lower deck,rich or poor.And I could add knowledgeable or not,same difference.
    5.I am pretty sure some on here were the same advocating a methane gas explosion event during GOM.So how does it help living in fear?We ain’t getting out of this spaceship alive in the end.
    6.yeah Sickputer, here its all a contest as to who can through the heaviest punches and you are the referee.Still it doesn’t matter in the end…just tell me you are loving you convertible and drives to the coast on the weekend.
    7.Now what are you all gonna do…panic some more?There is another way to look at this.
    8.When were we ever NOT a failed species?This is how it was all meant to be.
    9.Steven do not hesitate anything…embrace the misery, good you got out of Tokyo and to where? hmmm the US..good for you.
    10.alasanon and arclight thx for the thoughtful responses.I am just trying to get a different mind frame to all these.
    11.My gov’t donated $1m towards the people of Japan at the start of all this..a good gesture that would have brought other players on board..inspite on going drought in my neck of the woods.
    Peace and realize I am all over the place with my responses the cat is out of the bag so live with it or NOT.

    • odiez1 odiez1

      I take all this to mean that you’ve accepted the situation.
      I’ve accepted it too, but that doesn’t mean I want to walk into the unknown without a candle to light the way.
      I may think that the sky is about to fall, but that’s not stopping me from working and doing the daily things I do. But I do think twice about what I’m eating. Where did it come from, how “fresh” is it, how radioactive might the soil or water fed to it might be…
      But there ain’t nothin I can do but not eat it if I question it. So I don’t drink milk, I don’t let my daughter drink it.
      I can’t stop breathing, drinking or eating, but I can choose what I eat, or filter my air..

  • zapped zapped

    Q.How many zapped guys are needed to light a bulb?
    A.Who needs a bulb..duh!!

  • zapped zapped

    Q.How many zapped guys are needed to change a light bulb?
    A.Who needs a bulb..duh!!

    I mean cheer up people.. all this was inevitable.Unless you knew at the start to continue living like the tribes.The fight was lost a while back.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      The fight is lost when we decide it’s lost.

      I’m still fighting.

      • zapped zapped

        Good BnB now go get all those Isotopes back to pre-311 and into the reactors…aluta continua..!!!don’t crack me up keyboard soldier!!It all sounds good on pixels..kinda catchie..y’know, naive at best.But hey keep fighting just let me know the score at the end.thx

        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

          @zapped, I don’t know how much rallying, writing, protesting, film-screening etc. you’ve done in your life besides having a full-scale job. I know I’ve done my share and will continue to do so and try to motivate others to do the same.
          To suggest to “get the isotopes to pre-311” is just childish and dumb, to say the least.
          It would be highly appreciated if you could at last contribute something besides aggressing others. If that’s not possible for you, just close the door behind you. Thanks.

    • arclight arclight

      i for one dont want to live in a created 1984 type world…radiation or not! as to radiation we have mitigation as a patial answer, and thats why i post! as well as for my own benefit!
      hope you find a more positive attitude in these trying times! and you may be right in your assessment, but for now at least i feel thier is room for hope and the war is one of PR to the people… why do you think the powers that be are trying to shut us and others down? looks like a fight worth attempting to me! might be pointed out the french reolution stared life in the then trendy coffe shops of london! with thomas paine etc
      enenews is the equivalent 17th century coffee shop brought screaming into the 21st century!
      thats my take on what we are doing here and my hopes for change!
      peace to you zapped!

  • maaa

    Plutonium picked up in England, Hawaii, Guam, Western part of the United States.

  • Stable iodine prophylaxis in a radiological emergency

    David C. Matthews, Medical student
    The University of Manchester

    As acknowledged by Becker [1], one of the most important acute medical interventions during a radiological emergency is the administration of stable iodine (SI). By saturating the thyroid gland with SI the radiation dose delivered by assimilated radioiodine-131 (I-131) can be greatly attenuated. However, speed of administration is vital to the efficacy of iodine prophylaxis. Prompt administration before or shortly after exposure to I-131 can block uptake by the thyroid gland by 90%. A delay of 24 hours post exposure renders iodine prophylaxis of little practical use [2]. As children are most at risk from I-131 exposure, targeting iodine prophylaxis …

  • shaktasna999

    @Zapped either do some research before you post


    We don’t need any of that shit here. Children are dying and you will NOT minimize their deaths.

    Do you understand?

    • zapped zapped

      Howz my researching going to save the situation?

      “Children are dying and you will NOT minimize their deaths.”

      Neither can you.

      Its a tard too late jose’.Which part of …we are half evolved apes playing with serious toys’don’t people get?

      And yes I am logging out hopely for good.I will check in from time to time…will be on the sidelines here singing kumbaya…type away people what else is there to do?

      I am zapped and I choose NOT to be afraid.
      P/S looking forward to solar flares fearmongering coming our ways pretty soon.

  • shaktasna999

    Hey there Zapped 🙂

    I found your IP address

    See ya soon Honey…one way or another.
    Take care 🙂

  • zapped zapped


    Remove the following letters from your moniker hksa in that order and upside down 999 and I get


    Now read hksa backwards and I get ask-h

    hence satan666 ask-him real scared now!!!hehehehehe
    do your worst…I could give you my physical address but then you know that already too…so get a gun and i know i will have my ka-boom moment shortly..that way I do not need to worry about being

  • zapped zapped

    And you said…”See ya soon Honey…one way or another”

    give me another 40 yrs and yes I will see you..on the other side..I am real nasty..

    No one but afew tried to answer the simple trivia I asked.No one is dropping dead in their millions so far..will it happen in the future..maybe..but as a worst case scenerio based on chernobyl…I saw _irradiated californian_ being hammered here for trying to suggest for people to take it easy and present stats from realty at this moment.We have the anonymous nurse from Sendai taking about falling hair and low white cell count.But still so far 5 months later we are still not as bad as predicted.But some see me as ignorant for stating the facts as at this I am clueless hence the personal attacks.I have done my research.
    Maybe we are witness’ to the inevitable demise of our was bound to happen.Take it a notch higher and know there was nothing you could have done about it however sad it is.What is it that you can really do to delay the inevitable??Suck it up… all you can do.