Radioactive material spikes in soil at Fukushima plant — 10 times higher than two days prior — Tepco: “We don’t know the cause, we’ll continue to watch carefully”

Published: April 30th, 2013 at 2:59 pm ET


April 28, 2013 report from Jiji Tsushin translated by EXSKF:

Fukushima I Nuke Plant: amount of radioactive materials in the soil [outside] the in-the-ground water storage pond No.1 10 times larger, compared to two days ago

Regarding the leak of radioactive waste water from the in-the-ground water storage ponds at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, TEPCO announced on April 28 that the amount of radioactive materials in the water sample taken from the soil outside the Pond No.1 on April 27 was more than 10 times the amount from two days prior. There are two sampling locations outside the pond, and the location that saw the increase this time had had low amount of radioactive materials. TEPCO says “We don’t know the cause. We will continue to watch carefully.” […]

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Published: April 30th, 2013 at 2:59 pm ET


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23 comments to Radioactive material spikes in soil at Fukushima plant — 10 times higher than two days prior — Tepco: “We don’t know the cause, we’ll continue to watch carefully”

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    Corium running amok?

    • Jay

      No , no , the coriums are long gone , at least a year ago , the mass amount and the dynamics of spreading inside the moist ground worked to dissipate those coriums quickly , in under a year .

      So , there is 'something' in a deep Basement that makes the ground water radioactive , not the coriums … Hot Monkeys ?
      Guesses ?

      • Time Is Short Time Is Short

        Those cores aren't gone, Jay. With the exponential increase in rad levels, it may be possible they are growing as they absorb more elements down wherever they may be.

        With the increased rad levels, it would certainly have to come from recriticality.

        And that's only on-site readings at Daiichi. As the rest of the world notices increased rad levels, it's entirely probable that the other dozen plus damaged NPP's around Japan are starting to light off pretty good. Those increases may be a lot more than just Daiichi.

        Either way – no coriums, three coriums, 20 coriums – the rad levels are increasing by large numbers weekly, and won't stop for 1,000,000 years. Even if Japan dissolves into the Pacific, they will just irradiate the seawater and it will come up in the evaporation, to rain on us until the end of time.

      • We Not They Finally

        The coriums are LONG GONE?? You may mean well, you may just be misinformed, but that's mad. The reality is more like the dark side of The China Syndrome. Coriums do NOT "dissipate"!! They fission on and on and on and on and on…..

  • Jay

    The Foam , the foam !

    Not only thay can use the foam variety that can cover the entire Fukushima plant and Seal it ( rigid enougfh to walk on yet light and self-supporting , but a different type of foam ( Hello DUPON ) can be made to be able to encapsulate Liquid/Radioactive-Water instead of gases/air .

    1) pour that special foam into radioactive water waste storage tank , mix well

    2) add the Hardening Agent which will cause the foam to became rigid and therefore Encapsulate the water

    3) remove that now rigid Block of foam and store it , it will not leak unless cut , and if cut , the leak will be proportional with the penetration , a plus for safety storage .

    Keep in mind , we are more than half there in the dry foam that should cover Fukushima , search for radiation protecting foam and be amazed that it's already here , all it needs is a bit of twicking … but TEPCO doesn't notice … nor any other Nuclear Body … but Jay does !
    I need another beer … are we on Earth ???

    • I think maybe unit 4 was sprayed with a foam after to put out the fires that occurred in the summer of 2011 and November 2011 to Jan 2012.

      I have screen shots from May 2011 and March 2012. Over this time period, unit 4 lost structure and acquired a blackish sludge-looking stuff over much of the building that was destroyed.

    • We Not They Finally

      We're on Earth! Where are you? FOAM??? Is that like the San Onofre "leaks" were patched up with duct tape, plastic bags and broomsticks (as per yesterday's ENE News article)? Did you know that there still had massive ongoing problems with Chernobyl even after dumping tons of concrete and boron on it? FOAM????

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    Rest easy people, TECO will be watching carefully…

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    The main FukuProblem comes from massive contamination of the Pacific Ocean,
    A problem for which TEPCO has had no answer.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    Yeah, Tepco and the world can watch carefully as Japan and the world is ruined. If you have an olympic size pool made of mud and plastic, and there is a leak somewhere in the middle, of course it will take some days to ooze out. All the pools will eventually leak and contaminate the grounds, but so what, its all ruined anyway. See chimpanzees going berserk, their minds full of reactionary emotion, sometimes vicious killers on a rampage, and certainly not capable of handling any high technology. Man stands somewhere between what he imagines himself to be, and what chimps show we really are. I dont say we shouldnt strive for solutions. Just a little late, thats all

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    They aren't going it alone, other countries are involved. Doesn't matter though, because the mistake was made long ago, and now we're witnessing the earth getting contaminated by a single nuclear plant.

    • pcjensen

      well, no, don't forget the 17 nuc plants and associated waste the Russians dumped in the Arctic. And all the other waste that countries have dumped or buried and allowed to seep out of their containers. Fukushima is not the only problem nuc. Maybe someone can create an animation map showing all the nuc waste burials and dumps that we now of … like the nuc test animation…

  • UNTIL TEPCO is removed, or at least marginalized, the situation at FUKUSHIMA Dai Ichi will not improve. The only thing that is a constant is the HIGH RADIATION AND INABILITY TO CONTAIN IT. If the Japanese dont get a quicker handle on this, there are going to be grave consequences.

    • We Not They Finally

      "A quicker handle on this"? Are you kidding? They have NO handle on it, just successively shifting cover stories. And there are ALREADY "grave consequences." Sorry about tackling the DENIAL people live in — it's painful — we know that — and of course possibly ANYONE but TEPCO would do something more constructive — but odds are no one will, and odds may also be on that no one CAN.

      There is also no INTERNATIONAL will — just look at the recent ENE News article quoting Prof. Stubbins of Purdue U. — hired by the [international!] IAEA for PR — saying that Fukushima Daiichi has done "amazingly well" and "performed better than best expectations." Does that sound like anyone responsible will be doing anything constructive? Pus, as Michio Kaku [a HNEST nuclear expert] has said, these melt-throughs were "historically unprecedented" and that we are "hanging on by a thread."

      So TEPCO are criminal monsters yes. But it's unlikely that there is anyone else who can, or will, be coming to the rescue.

  • ftlt

    Could this be weather induced upward evaporation of dissolved radioactive salts through the soil..

    Transpiration of plants could be adding to the upward movement of salts to..

    Wonder what research there has been on the salt gradient movements of radioactive salts in drying soils???..

    Water has powerful lifting qualities on dissolved salts Adhesion and cohesion of water lifting is part the process too…

    This could explain changes in readings…

    Conversely Saturation (wet conditions) could leach the salts back into the soils as well…

  • Cavebear Cavebear

    Install some better shielded detectors and all is fine. Nothing to worry about. In TEPCO we trust.

    • m a x l i

      If the detector shields do not help, there are plenty more possible measures that can alleviate a crisis: Raise the legally acceptable radiation levels, show more sports on TV, attack Iran…

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Meanwhile: "Monju operator says faults are not active"
    Woohoo – now you see me surprised! Not.
    "The operator of Japan's experimental Monju fast-breeder reactor says the seismic faults running beneath the reactor are not active.
    The reactor's operator, the Japan Atomic Energy Agency, submitted its survey results to the Nuclear Regulation Authority on Tuesday. (…)"

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    "Highlighting the massive failure of TEPCO and the government-industry committee that is supposed to be overseeing the response is that nobody bothered to get or anticipate the need to gain government approval to dump contaminated water into the sea. Possibly they just hoped when there was no other option the government would be obligated to allow it or possibly it was just more inept planning."
    New article dealing with Fukushima water problems in SimplyInfo, published yesterday, gives an excellent summary of this problem. TEPCO seems determined to dump the contaminated water it can neither store nor treat into the sea. This covers up the issue that since 3/11/2011, thousands of tons of water pumped into Containment1,2,&3 has simply disappeared, draining out the bottoms of the broken Containment Vessels. And, of course, talking about a leak from a pond is so much easier than talking about the location and state of Corium1,2,&3, which TEPCO has no plan to address. The second Director of TEPCO Fikushima Diiachi since 3/11 will be let go in June. (TEPCO is losing it, ENEnewsers.)

  • Cisco Cisco

    As I've offered before, it may not be the collapsing and in turn draining of SPF #4 that forces humans from the site. The radiation levels are increasing exponentially now. The plant site may soon be so radioactive from the off-gassing of the coriums, spent fuel pools and the stored radioactive water, that humans can't and won't be able to go there.

    No workers to keep this clusterf#ck going, and then a radiological firestorm that will make what's happened so far, look pale.