Radioactive particles on seafloor at over 1,000 times normal level — 20 km from Fukushima plant

Published: May 3rd, 2011 at 2:08 pm ET


Cesium from nuclear – 15 … 20 km on the ocean floor a thousand times, Yomiuri Shimbun, May 3, 2011:

Google Translation

TEPCO has three days to 15 – from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station of the submarine coastal sediments 20 km away, was announced and iodine were detected high levels of radioactive cesium.

Detection location is 20 kilometers south of the coast Iwasawa the primary (Hirono town, city Naraha) 20 3 km water depth offshore Odakaku Soma City about 15 kilometers north to south – 30 meters under the sea, April 29 were collected.

Odakaku off the sediment per km, 137 becquerels of cesium up to 1400, has been detected cesium 134 Becquerel 1300, reached more than 1,000 times the normal either. Iodine-131 also was found more than 100 times the normal 190 becquerels. TEPCO, including two around the locality, as well as plans to conduct surveys of fish and shellfish.

Published: May 3rd, 2011 at 2:08 pm ET


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9 comments to Radioactive particles on seafloor at over 1,000 times normal level — 20 km from Fukushima plant

  • SteveMT

    This is newly released information by TEPCO that has probably been known by them for a much longer time, so as to avoid “panic in the whole of society.” This is old news, IMO. What is happening now is the question?

  • Harry PHD

    Tried posting this earlier but it didn’t show up for some reason.

    In related POSITIVE news from NHK:

    “Tokyo Electric Power Company is developing a device to remove radioactive substances from seawater. It hopes to install it in the Pacific Ocean near the troubled Fukushima nuclear plant at the end of May.

    TEPCO says it will fill a metal container with zeolite, a mineral that absorbs radioactive materials. The company will use a pump to continuously inject seawater into the container.”

  • Poor Daddy

    @SteveMT. You MIGHT or might not get a watered down, “corrected for panic” report in a week or two about whats going on NOW, but you won’t hear a word about it on your TV, radio or newspaper…..but you already know that.

  • ZombiePlanet

    I like the “developing” part.

    Does Harry still suck his thumb?

  • ocifferdave

    What with the water level rising at TEPCOs holding tanks for contaminated water and about to spill in a few days, this number will rise once more. Merde.