Radioactive substances rose 5 km in air on March 14-15 — Carried by jet stream to US and Europe

Published: June 22nd, 2011 at 11:12 am ET


Wind carried radiation to Europe from Japan, researchers say, Deutsche Presse-Agentur, June 22, 2011:

Radioactive substances spewed from a damaged Japanese nuclear plant were carried to Europe through the United States by a jet stream, Japanese researchers said, Jiji news agency reported Wednesday.

A Japanese research group led by Toshihiko Takemura, associate professor at Kyushu University, tracked the flow of leaked radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant through a computer simulation. […]

Radioactive substances rose to about 5 kilometres when a low pressure system passed over eastern Japan on March 14-15, the researchers said.

The substances were blown eastward by a jet stream traveling at a speed of some 3,000 kilometres a day, arriving on the US West Coast on March 18, in Iceland on March 20, and many other European countries on March 22, the researchers said. […]

h/t Mungo

Published: June 22nd, 2011 at 11:12 am ET


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67 comments to Radioactive substances rose 5 km in air on March 14-15 — Carried by jet stream to US and Europe

  • fuckyoushima

    welcome to the fucking party assholes.

  • radegan

    And while passing thru the states on the way to Europe, it sprinkled little hot particles here and there for the poor folks underneath to breathe. Hey, politician, wanna know if you really count? Did they include you on a junket out of the states at this time? There’s your answer.

  • Obama swore we wouldn’t see the radiation here…
    This was on the behalf of the nrc, and the entire usa scientific community…

    Shouldn’t the fact that he lied be a huge concern to all us:”usa citizens”…

    I mean it was simple enough math to do in our heads:
    Now… Being that they completely lied, to limit our reaction…

    Couldn’t we assume that the truth is so outright bad that this was the best viable option in containing the outrage???

    I mean this goes to show that they were not only capable of doing the calculation’s but absolutely certain that the radiation would hit the usa…

    So shouldn’t we be idk… Not paying taxes, until idk our governments were playing ball with us again…

    Just a thought.


      “America does not torture.”

      There are many examples of blatant OBummer lies.

      WASHINGTON, DC, March 17, 2011 (ENS) – President Barack Obama assured the American people today that radiation from the damaged nuclear power plant on Japan’s Pacific coast poses no danger to residents of the United States of its territories.

      “I want to be very clear,” said the President. “We do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the West Coast, Hawaii, Alaska, or U.S. territories in the Pacific. That is the judgment of our Nuclear Regulatory Commission and many other experts.”

      Obama promised to “continue to keep the American people fully updated, because,” he said, “I believe that you must know what I know as President.”

      [He told 3 huge lies in those 3 paragraphs].

      • StPaulScout StPaulScout

        And what polititian from ANY party has stepped up and told the truth about this? Politicise it all you want, but it is nothing more than two sides of the same coin in the USA. What Govenor of ANY party has done right by any state concerning this issue? Has Boehner or Pelosi or Reed or McConnell? Nope, and no one will either.

    • Pallas89juno

      You’re right that we ought to do “something” or a diversity of somethings that show that 300,000,000 million have power OVER the few thousands of people with more than several hundred million dollars and the 400 U.S. billionaires. These latter groups have made U.S. policy almost fully fascist in the past 30 years. We really must resist them. We ought be finding them in their homes and separating them from the power and money that they have illegally parasitized from the remainder of us. The wealthiest are always,in all history, the most insane. Time to take their legs out from under them and bring them back to earth, which is being irradiated because of our complicity in allowing their greed to perpetuate as public policy.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        A generalized strike..on ..say.. the postal service..would get their attention…just sayin….

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          I meant to say boycott.

        • I advise all japanese investors to pull out (the stocks aren’t worth the paper that they are printed on anyways).

          In all reality citizens of every nation should refuse to work until their nation begins shipping concrete to japan, along with their military and engineering corps…

          Until humanity chooses to acknowledge and conquer the situation at hand, there is no reason to make plans for humanity… You simply cant have one without the other… and there is a time limit in choosing the best course of action…

          Wake up, or go to sleep…

        • Our posties are already on strike (in Canada)!

    • jdstone1

      Dont know if you have posted Dutchsinses channel on here yet but he has been going across america monitoring radiation levels. here is his latest. Also some cool HAARP stuff.

    • SteveMT

      Remember that Obama conveniently missed all of the hot particles. He was partying in Brazil at the time the radiation hit us in the States while he was simultaneously launching another undeclared war in Libya. Just miserable.

      March 20, 2011 3:07 PM
      Obama’s Brazil trip overshadowed by Libya

      Read more:

    • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff


      Intent noted.
      Yet read it closely.

      “We do not expect ……
      That is the judgment of…..

      Obama’s handlers have worded it very deceptively.
      [Expect] being the operative term.
      He didn’t outright say that the radioactive fallout wouldn’t get to the US.

      This is exactly what Richard Nixon did during his re-election campaign.
      He offered “an honorable end the the Viet Nam war.”

      Nearly everyone missed the honorable caveat. Which rendered the statement thoroughly impossible to define. It was perfectly ambiguous, yet at the same time sounded definitive.

      But in a practical sense, you are quite right. What I am waiting to puke on is for “hope and change” to eventually be spoken of as part of a solution to this mess on the US side of it.

  • tony wilson


    • Pallas89juno

      You are being fascetious, I hope. lol BBC is absolutely, and never has been, any more reliable than the ridiculous one-story-fits-all-from-coast-to-coast “news” (ha!) of the U.S. corporate fascist media. People on the continent of Europe generally have always felt the BBC to be the joke in terms of quality news reportage that all Europeans consider the U.S. faux news 24/7 to be.

    • arclight arclight

      another uk citizen holds his head in shame….why fight this bbc? times they are achanging and what changes do you want to hav for your children?? did they promise you a hole in the ground, i wonder? best we all work together on this one….the challenge is proven by chernobyl…people survived the nuclear testing in nevada and went on to have productive lives….dont write off those that are at the cutting edge of this disaster…they need our help now!!! this message is to all humane free thinkers within the media and government…get your shit together or you will end up with something you dont want!! dont live in fear…/rant….

      • tony wilson

        arclight my friend…
        this is not a coke commercial..
        no brotherly bono or chris martin,no geldof or david attenborough.
        no beyonce or jz or lady blah bla.
        no brad or angelina no al gore.
        cos they have been told to keep quite by the speak you dead.
        this is not a love song or story,these are the moments before the scream.
        the facts are
        some very rich powerful people want us all dead.
        and what an efficient start they have had.
        check out the georgia guidestones

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          Money and power breeds sociopathic behavior….
          We cannot it is that they don’t understand that this will affect ALL of us forever.
          What is it in them ….or lack of what is in them…that allows for this faulty thought process?
          Yes…less of us…more for TPTB.
          But let me remind TPTB…that EVERY being….EVERY soul is loved as part of the Creation.
          Remember that on your way to HELL.

  • RandomGuy

    oh great

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    This again makes me question the validity,
    accuracy, precision of any readings given on
    especially older radiation detectors.
    The calibration/sensitivity of the units must
    be affected…? Then there is the factor of
    the Empire which controlleth the Rad-Net Data,
    and which Controlleth the TV News Gods, also
    mayhaps dictate less-than-useful manufacturing
    of supposedly Good Counters/Scanners/Detectors…

    • Pallas89juno

      Yes, the rad-net data is absolute BS, plus at what height are the detectors? Has the rad-net system been unmaintained, on purpose? In addition, we all know that as an increasing and, yes, fascist trend in the extreme, scientists have been CENSORED by the despotic rich, military and covert leaderships during the past 30 years in the U.S. Our media ownership during the same period has dropped from over 50 corporations (still arguably oligopolic) to about 5 for the U.S. English language media in 2011. All such media ownership corporations are deep stake holders in nuclear power, military contracts of all kinds, and in CIA and others, Wall-Street money laundering financial institutions and law firms. Read “The Indispensible Chomsky” to get a deeper grasp of the big picture here.

      I have a strategy/solution for dealing with the completely useless lack of reportage on our collective irradiation anywhere in the world now. I recommend that communities (where economics are a prohibitive factor) purchase high-quality geiger counters and take regular measurements at GROUND level, and at different heights and in different locations (such as along irrigation canals, on a regular and recorded basis. We should, of course, as should the government, be focusing our own geiger counter tests on locations of greatest concern for PREVENTING internalized low-level radiation. We also should be testing for alpha, beta and gamma radiation and have our systems calibrated for the host of diverse radionuclides that have been deposited, including for Pu (Plutonium) as tons of Pu was ejected when both reactor one and three blew their tops.

  • RandomGuy

    btw. why are those fuckers we saw in the first month on tv talking about how save anything is and how we don’t have to worry and about the “steam venting” not in jail yet?
    they lied in the face of the world on live tv!
    and we know now for sure that they knew what was going on since the first day -.-
    oh man this world is so fucked up!

  • tony wilson

    thus sprach cia
    mk ultra robot the pres barry otool obama.

    I want to be very clear: We do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the U.S., whether it’s the west coast, Hawaii, Alaska, or the U.S.
    Furthermore, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and public health experts do not recommend that people in the United States take precautionary measures beyond staying informed. And going forward, we will continue to keep the American people fully updated — because I believe that you must know what I know as President.

    4 more radioactive years of this liar : )

    • alasanon

      What is really disturbing is when you live near D.C. with all the 100s of public health agencies & think tanks, but there has not been a whimper about this threat coming out!!
      The CDC is officially non compos mentis on the worst public health concern in decades.
      By contrast, it was non-stop 24/7 Warnings, Precautionary Measures, Projections, and Epidemic Population Models for the Swine Flu last year. EVERY agency was pounding on and on about the Swine Flu–GET YOUR VACCINE!! Signs EVERYWHERE! Every grocery store, pharmacy, posted all over!
      I know smart people who fell for that hype and I know children who became sick with an impaired immune condition shortly after getting that vaccine! A few people in my state even became partially paralyzed after that vaccine! But, I’ve lived in the U.S. all this time and I don’t know one person who had the swine flu!!… Go figure.

      The contrast in publicity is more than glaring! :/

      • alasanon

        Thanks, but I’ll take Swine Flu over constant RADIATION anyday!!–??

        • alasanon

          Granted, it seems they gave up any valid concept of national Public Health after the Gulf disaster unleashed!… :/

          But, I can’t tell you how many public health orgs and agencies are crowding around mention! No pulse!!

        • risabee risabee

          I had it — being a senior, it wasn’t a biggie. Extremely easy to catch, just from breath in the air. I didn’t see any of the inoculations around here helping much, though, because there are almost as many flus now as rhinoviruses. Even assuming they’re being honest with us about the vaccine (!!), it’s too much like playing whack-a-mole.

    • alembicpools

      The worst President in US history.

  • tony wilson

    obama quote
    we do not recommend that people in the United States take precautionary measures beyond staying informed.
    that sounds like population reduction to me.

    it seems a nice quote to be used in court during a class action..
    do not do anything lemmings..

    • fuckyoushima

      its easy to buy all the food when nobody else is, because you tell them not to.

      but hey, we get to go in the sterilization chambers when we travel…

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      The Prez. withholding information to the people..has brought undue harm to the people..this is an impeachable offense.

      • Agreed 100%

        Where is the rioting…

        • Goddess_Of_Other_Amazing_Stuff

          There will be no Riots; Americans are afraid that they will not be liked. There will be no Riots.

        • alembicpools

          Americans are about having fun! Americans only care about money, cold beer, porno, sports, X-Box, more porno, and more cold beer… Where’s the fun in rioting?

          You don’t see revolts over the wars in the Middle East because there is no draft. The college kids in the 60’s protested the Vietnam War because it was THIER asses on line! They weren’t protesting out of so-called “love for their fellow man…” The “Woodstock Generation” was a lie!

          I protest to man’s narcissism, his greed, his lust, and his treachery. He is the only “evil” thing that exists! His treachery is unrivaled by any other living thing on earth!

          “Beware the beast man; for he is the Devil’s pawn. Alone among God’s primate, he hunts for lust, for sport, for greed… Shun-him! For he shall make a desert of his home – and yours.”

          • alembicpools

            Then again, Woodstock was also about truth. It was an outright expression of a true democracy. An expression of what freedom can be – what it should be.

            You don’t need “riot” to protest… All you need to do is to sit down and do NOTHING! Non-violent / non-compliance is the key to change. If everyone stops doing whatever it is they do, the “wheels” will stop! Only then will we see change.

        • Ruffcut

          Exactly what would rioting do?
          The opp has long been missed.
          Sheeple will only riot when they are pissed off, poor and hungry. Until then, ya gotta suck it up.

  • Not news to many of us, saw this back when before and while happening !

    : (
    Even staying indoors much of the time, I am sure I got my share of hot particles, Did you ?

    Watch UN’s nuclear plume forecast animation for US (VIDEO)
    March 17th, 2011
    via Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization

    Particles to cross Atlantic and reach Europe: Swedish official
    March 17th, 2011
    He said he was convinced it would eventually be detected over the whole northern hemisphere

  • BetaFlare

    So where is the beef? News only for CNN libturds

    Available before 21-March-2011

    The rad matches also the first odd snowstorm lightnings

    Above pics are from the ol repost page

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Omg! Went offline for a few minutes to come back to this?!

    • yep… every hour we are offline, the situation in fukushima takes another few steps down the staircase of extinction…
      Eventually if tepco continues this kinda of progress the situation will “Wipe its-self out”…
      So no worries…

  • Prof. Neutron

    Keep asking one simple question: was there plutonium in the plume from Unit 3?

  • Anthony Anthony

    Fukushima is the greatest nuclear and environmental disaster in human history By Steven C. Jones

    20 June 2011 — Global Research

    ***By way of comparison, the Chernobyl nuclear disaster that occured in 1986 in the Ukraine, Russia- heretofore the worst nuclear disaster on record- burned for 10 days and cumulatively killed an estimated 1 million people worldwide. The Fukushima, Japan nuclear disaster has 5 nuclear reactors burning, 2 in partial meltdown and 3 in full meltdown- and they’ve ALL been uncontrollably burning since March 11th. Its been over 3 months and this nuclear disaster remains completely out of control. In fact, some industry estimates cite the possibility that these meltdowns will be contained (optimistically) in 1-3 years, at the very earliest.
    The amount and intensity of the radioactive fallout from this particular nuclear disaster will assuredly kill hundreds of millions of people worldwide over time. Japan itself is, of course, the epicenter of this radioactive contamination that has spread out from these reactors.

    However, the Korean peninsula, China and nations immediately surrounding the Japanese archipelago will also bear the brunt of a significant amount of radioactive fallout from this disaster. Immediately downwind of this radioactive release, though, is the United States of America and the entire northern hemisphere, comprising the majority of the world’s industrialized nations on Earth. Significant amounts of plutonium, strontium, cesium, uranium and a whole plethora of other highly radioactive particles have already fallen on the continental land mass of the USA and have already entered the food chains and water tables of the nation.

    To give one an example of how lethal radiation is, one pound of plutonium evenly distributed into everyone’s lungs would kill every man, woman and child on Earth. There are literally “tons” of radioactive plutonium (among other radioactive elements) that have been released into the air and ocean environments since March 11th. Another critical fact to remember is that radioactive plutonium, for example, remains lethal (killing life) for thousands years as it has a half-life of 24,000 years. Some other radioactive elements such as uranium have a half-life of 4.47 billion years.

    In a nutshell, Fukushima represents a literal catastrophe for the human species, plain and simple, there’s no other way to put it. As a past anti-nuclear activist (I participated in a dozen or so civil resistance actions at nuclear facilities all across the nation years ago) my credentials span from being a personal friend of Dr Robert Oppenheimer’s son- himself an anti-nuclear activist- to having met and talked with the late Dr Edward Teller (father of the hydrogen bomb), to collaborating with a former Trident II missile designer helping to warn humanity about the dangers of nuclear war. In this journey, I learned ALOT about radiation and its harmful effects on human health.

    Radiation kills, and thanks to the recent Fukushima disaster in Japan, the REAL story is that a literal nuclear holocaust is unfolding right before us in America and throughout the world. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the federal environmental safety agency arm of the US government has shut down nearly all of its radiation detection monitors in the USA for fear that the American people will learn the TRUTH that a lethal dose of radioactive fallout has now descended upon the nation.***

    • arclight arclight

      good find 🙂 grit your teeth every body wecant leave this article out now can we?•
      Fukushima and the Mass Media Meltdown: The Repercussions of a Pro-Nuclear Corporate Press By Keith Harmon Snow

    • blackmoon


      Are you familiar with Leuren Moret? She has been lecturing for years not only about the dangers Nuclear Energy, but also about the most under reported hazard of our time, the horrific genocidal effects of Depleted Uranium.

      She has spent a lot of time in Japan and in her lectures on Fuki, She also mentions miso soup & Ty Che(sp) as weapons against radiation. She also concurs with the precautions mentioned in that article.

      Have you found a source to obtain pre-Fuki miso soup?

      • Anthony Anthony

        Yes I agree with you that Lauren has consistently communicated this message since day one. And no, I have given up on miso for the moment… you need water to make it, right? 🙂

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          I buy miso by itself in the health food store (refrigerated section). The barley miso I buy is fermented one and one-half years so it is still OK (made in the USA). I wish I had more money to buy more.

          Thanks also for the Jones article.

    • Tit for tat:

      Hacking Group Says It Brought Down C.I.A. Site

      Some of those guys should be able to hack some figures.


      After all Obama did promise to keep us updated. I’m sure there are ways to make sure he does.


      • blackmoon

        I believe that these recent hacking attacks are false flags, so that the government can impose strangulation level restrictions on the internet.

    • alasanon

      Strangely, my security system reported a worm affecting my web browser this morning and totally blocked it, but I had to switch servers, lost bookmarks, etc…
      I’m not a technie, but I haven’t had any problems in years…HMMMMMM….

      It surprises me that they are getting so totally obvious with their tactics these days. Did it matter that I did a lot of touchy posting re: TSA & Constitutional rights on other sites last night? I wonder!:P

      I try to contain my honesty and integrity, but sometimes it leaks worse than Fukushima #1!:P

  • blackmoon

    “Anger and pain mark evacuation of Fukushima village hit by nuclear crisis”

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Hey O.Dave. I joined up at Picasa too. Screw these guys. This site is as bad as the threads at HP – full of cheerleaders. God they make me sick. avavav

  • blackmoon

    “‘You try living in Fukushima,’ governor tells TEPCO president in verbal dressing-down”

  • WorseThanChernobyl

    Deformed kittens in WA state

    I wanted to mention that I have had many barn cats on my little farm in Eastern WA state that have given birth to normal, healthy kittens. However, the last two to give birth have had kittens with strange deformities in their tails and the eyes in one case. Our first cat Zuzu must have conceived right around March 11 and gave birth 9 weeks later to 6 kittens. 2 of those kittens had very deformed tails with little curls in the middle, so the top half of the tail went in a totally different direction to the bottom half. Only one of those two survived. The other surviving, deformed kitten has had health issues and his eyes seem to not point in the same direction. One pupil is pointing off to the side more.

    The second cat, Millie, conceived around the last week of March and gave birth 9 weeks later. She was very large at full term, the same size as Zuzu who had 6 kittens, but when I found her with her kittens, she only had 3. I have a feeling that there were more that were born that were not viable. All of the kittens I found have deformed tails. One actually has the tail of a rabbit, very short, crooked and fluffy. The other two have tails like the kittens of Zuzu, with a twisty section in the middle. Anyway, since I have never seen this before, I am considering that it could have to do with the Fallout from Fukushima.

    Any opinions? Has anyone seen this phenomenon before with so many crooked kittens?