Radioactive tritium has leaked from 75% of U.S. nuke plants — Drinking wells were contaminated in Illinois and Minnesota

Published: June 20th, 2011 at 1:14 pm ET


75 percent of nuke sites have leaked tritium, AP, June 17, 2011:

Radioactive tritium has leaked from three-quarters of U.S. commercial nuclear power sites, often into groundwater from corroded, buried piping, an Associated Press investigation shows. […]

At three sites – two in Illinois and one in Minnesota – leaks have contaminated drinking wells of nearby homes […]

And in 2008, 7.5 million picocuries per liter leaked from underground piping at Quad Cities in western Illinois – 375 times the EPA limit. […]

One of the highest known tritium readings was discovered in 2002 at the Salem nuclear plant in Lower Alloways Creek Township, N.J. Tritium leaks from the spent fuel pool contaminated groundwater under the facility – located on an island in Delaware Bay – at a concentration of 15 million picocuries per liter. That’s 750 times the EPA drinking water limit. According to NRC records, the tritium readings last year still exceeded EPA drinking water standards. […]

At 41-year-old Oyster Creek in southern New Jersey, the country’s oldest operating reactor, the latest tritium troubles started in April 2009, a week after it was relicensed for 20 more years. […] Since then, workers have found leaking tritium three more times at concentrations up to 10.8 million picocuries per liter – 540 times the EPA’s drinking water limit […]

Published: June 20th, 2011 at 1:14 pm ET


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  • jump-ball jump-ball

    Bottoms Up!

  • fuckyoushima

    now how the fuck do we get rid of that.

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    I grabbed this link and text from:

    “A decade ago, I-131 patients didn’t have to worry much about exposing family members to radiation. Most patients were kept in the hospital for several days until radiation detectors indicated it was safe to send them home. In 1997 the Nuclear Regulatory Commission relaxed its rules, allowing doctors to give I-131 to outpatients”.

    “Doctors likely will be using I-131 more often as time goes by. Although it is still relatively rare — just 1.5% of all cancers — thyroid cancer’s incidence has doubled during the past 30 years, possibly because of improved diagnosis, research indicates.” (Or possibly “other” reasons)

    “Chernobyl released vastly greater amounts of radiation than the maximum of 500 millirems a bystander might receive from an I-131 patient. No one knows precisely how much damage the much smaller dose could do, because it’s virtually impossible to conceive of an ethical, large-scale experiment that involves exposing people to radiation”. (Maybe they need to read up on TEPCO’s latest adventures).

    “The studies done so far are small and don’t mirror reality, says Peter Crane, a thyroid cancer survivor and former NRC lawyer who is challenging the agency’s decision to relax its rules on outpatient treatment with I-131.

    To reduce the risk of secondhand I-131 contamination, the congressionally chartered National Council for Radiation Protection and Measurement recently released more than 200 pages of guidelines for treating patients with radioactive therapies. They advise I-131 patients to:

    •Avoid holding children for more than 10 minutes a day for 21 days after treatment.

    •Sleep alone for a full week after treatment or 24 days if your bedmate is pregnant.

    •Try to stay as far from other people as possible, “to the extent that’s reasonable.”

    So if you had thyroid cancer Fukushima might have cured you. But if you didn’t you might be needing another dose in a few years…..” From ex-skf website….

    Now Thom Hartmann on FSTV is talking the facts of the
    Nebraska floods, Ft. Calhoun, Cooper, 6-ft. Rubber-wall,
    Thom is couching the possible inland tsunami caused by
    GLOBAL WARMING….Thom is a nice well-groomed chipmunk for the so-called green-left…no depth at all,
    a real nice Boy for the wannabe “progressive”.
    But, at least he is talking about Omaha-like-Fukushima.

  • ZP

    Ah yes. Remember the articles about the Japanese using sludge to make building materials. Well seems they have a new use for the sludge. :O

    You’ll need a napkin.

  • Oceans in Distress Foreshadow Mass Extinction
    Monday, June 20, 2011
    PARIS — the world’s oceans to the brink of a mass extinction of marine life unseen for tens of millions of years, a consortium of scientists warned Monday.
    Dying coral reefs, biodiversity ravaged by invasive species, expanding open-water “dead zones,” toxic algae blooms, the massive depletion of big fish stocks — all are accelerating, they said in a report compiled during an April meeting in Oxford of 27 of the world’s top ocean experts…
    Sponsored by the International Programme on the State of the Ocean (IPSO), ocean health has declined further and faster than dire forecasts…

    See some of whats dieing in our Oceans since January 2011…

    • Lets add to now with RADIATION being dumped from Japan and air one has to wonder if this cause dire concern but has NOT been mentioned ? !

  • bfly

    i cant read the news about our oceans without crying.

  • Ruffcut

    Love it. Government sponsored fuktards at AP, leaking some old story(censored) to calm those who are, at all concerned and aware.
    “hey, you been radiated and it is harmless.”
    More distractions, within distractions and bullshit.

  • Mats

    Take Action!

    Until it´s not that kind of Action,

    you will have that shit, until all uranium ressources are consumed.

    And we will have with you, so please take action!

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

      The events took place in April and May. Time marches on. Where are the current ones?

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    Tell my 22 and 21 year old nieces, one of whom has a dying thyroid and the other of whom had ovarian tumors at the age of 19, that tritium-laced water is safe to drink. Both girls were raised in New Jersey and are now drinking the waters in Missouri–which is probably filled with farm runoff.

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

      My heart goes out to them. Yes, the meaning of atrocity is that when you know something is harming someone and you are able to do something about it to prevent the harm…you do nothing. They deserve better.

    • alasanon

      Tell your nieces to take iodine supplements!! Dr. Brownstein found that thyroid illness, cancer, female tumors, breast cancer, fibroids, etc. are often simply caused by an iodine deficiency!!! AND the Midwest has the highest degree of iodine deficiency in the U.S. due to soils and diet…
      They can take products like Lugol’s, Iodoral, or nascent iodine, etc. and probably totally reverse their conditions because they are so young. Also, they must filter out fluoride, chloride, and bromide from their diets, so their body can properly use the Iodine it needs w/o interference. (bromide is a common processed bread preservative) (chlorine & fluoride are rampant in tap water!) By removing these chemicals (going more organic), they may completely reverse these serious conditions. When I read about that I thought–that’s exciting!!

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    I wish I loved the Human Race;
    I wish I loved its silly face;
    I wish I liked the way it walks;
    I wish I liked the way it talks;
    And when I’m introduced to one,
    I wish I thought “What Jolly Fun!”


    Sir Walter A Raleigh

    • radegan

      I too have a pithy quote from Sir Walter Raleigh. He was in a pub when a young rooster decided to challenge the old fart before him. He spat in Raleigh’s face. Raleigh did not strike him, he wiped off the spit and quietly said to the young rooster:

      “If I could as easily wipe the stain of your death from my soul, as I can your spittle from my face, you would not live another instant.”

      At that moment, someone told the young man whom he was facing, upon which he turned green, likely peed himself and begged Raleigh’s forgiveness.

  • maaa

    Mass Murder taking place.

  • Radioactive leaks found at 75% of US nuke sites *Interactive MAP*
    June 21, 2011
    BRACEVILLE, Ill. – Radioactive tritium has leaked from three-quarters of U.S. commercial nuclear power sites, often into groundwater from corroded, buried piping, an Associated Press investigation shows.
    The number and severity of the leaks has been escalating, even as federal regulators extend the licenses of more and more reactors across the nation.

    4 page report
    1234Next Page ».