Rapidly intensifying Hurricane Irene heading for Brunswick nuclear plant in North Carolina — Could become massive Category 4, up to 155 mph

Published: August 23rd, 2011 at 12:25 pm ET


Irene could become massive Category 4 hurricane, MSNBC, August 23, 2011:

Florida would be first U.S. area to feel it, landfall in Carolinas likely

The rapidly intensifying Irene that’s already cut a destructive path through the Caribbean is the first hurricane to seriously threaten the U.S. in almost three years […]By Thursday, as it roars toward the U.S. coast over warm open waters, it could become a Category 4, NHC hurricane specialist John Cangialosi said late Monday. Winds in such a storm can blow from 131 to 155 mph. By contrast, Hurricane Katrina was a Category 3 when it hit New Orleans in 2005 […]

Current projections have Irene tracking off Florida’s coast on Friday and then making landfall in the Carolinas on Saturday or Sunday. […]

Bad Building at Brunswick, Union of Concerned Scientists, July 11, 2011:

The improperly installed bolts and support may have allowed the emergency diesel generator building to collapse had there been an earthquake or a hurricane. The emergency diesel generators probably would have been broken by the building’s collapse. Since the normal power supply for the plant may also have been disabled by the earthquake or hurricane, the building’s collapse may have left the plant without any power except that from batteries. Plants like Brunswick are designed to survive on battery power for only a few hours. It would have taken considerably longer to repair crushed emergency diesel generators.

Navy Forecast

Brunswick Nuclear Plant, Southport, NC

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Published: August 23rd, 2011 at 12:25 pm ET


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15 comments to Rapidly intensifying Hurricane Irene heading for Brunswick nuclear plant in North Carolina — Could become massive Category 4, up to 155 mph

  • theypoisonus

    This scenerio is very frightening indeed. We can wait with baited breath and hope it will not happen.

    On a personal note, I wish it would have ploughted through Fl. as we and Ga. are in a drought. On it’s current path, we may not even get any rain in N. Central Fl. 🙁
    It also would have lost speed and intensity had it come over land.

    • Darth

      @TheyPoisonUs – We can wait with baited breath and hope it will not happen.


      We can wait with HOPEFUL breath and hope it WILL happen.

      It’s the audacity of HOPE thing I’m all fired up about.

      Then we can all sit back, pro and anti-nukers alike, and conclude that because of this despicable “Act of God”:

      Let’s Get Rid of these Goddamned things!

      • theypoisonus


        I went and started reading about Libya, and then I came to my senses again and realized that, IF indeed something does happen in NC, they wouldn’t tell us anyhoo !!

        What , about 10 days or so ago there was the Turkey Creek ‘incident’, and the only thing I found about it was the NRC was sending 2 folks from Atlanta to check it out.

        Mums the word every since !!

        Geesh, sometimes I still ‘fall’ for the old cliche that the govt has our best interests at heart !! I Know Better, but decades of programming are hard to break in the ole sub-concience ! LOL

  • Granny M

    Savannah River also vulnerable…lots of nuke nastiness there.

  • Nukeholio

    Did they have some rule about what winds they were supposed to be made to withstand?

  • Tracking … http://www.wunderground.com/tropical/tracking/at201109.html

    theyp, I keep an eye on these as my mom and dad are near Palatka and are in their nineties … this one does look to miss you. But if it swelled up to a 4 and swung inland at Daytona, you’d have rain but also problems! I wish enough rain but no problems…

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    I am really p**sed off about this. HAARP claims it can weaken Hurricanes!! Why aren’t they doing that with Irene?!?!

    • Darth

      Damn… Can’t even count on HAARP to help. I guess we are really screwed then. Joker laugh follows…

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        I posted A LINK about it on HP Irene thread. Not much response. What? Is everyone in America Dumb and Blind? Geezuscrist. Yep, it’s one of their big claim-to-fames. 🙁

        • theypoisonus


          “Is everyone in America Dumb and Blind? Geezuscrist. Yep, it’s one of their big claim-to-fames”

          Damn near all of them from where I sit, and I’m far from the smartest person here, but common sense beats a degree to me sometimes.

          Self consumed, dumbed down, patheticly blind to any manipulated truth and willing to buy any gullible story they are sold, YEP, there are indeed idiots !! :)(

      • theypoisonus

        I don’t believe they have the intelligence to actually have ‘control’ of that technology.

        They use it with abuse and I tend to think it is just another big boy’s little toy that they use with impunity without any regard to human/ nature life.

        Methinks they get it right at times and screw up major at other times..
        And then there is the possibility of HAARP fighting HAARP from different countries.
        That idea really scares me !!

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      Yesterday it appeared that this storm would skirt very close to the Florida coast. I assumed we would get some rain from it. Today, it is already beginning to veer more to the Northeast. If you have noticed, in the last couple of years, more and more hurricanes veer off to the Northeast and don’t even dump a little rain on us in Florida. I think this is not chance.

      Wait and see. If it does go in around Wilmington, you can say goodbye to a lot more or the Outer Banks of NC. Already, even in a tropical storm, there is overwash in several places on Ocracoke Island. During the last hurricane that went over the Outer Banks, Buxton (where the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is located) went under several feet of water.

      NPS Incident Command will get all the Park Service employees out in good time, but most of the natives try to stay and protect their property. I pray for my friends in that area. Good people all.

  • bmurr bmurr

    5.8 quake in VA. Felt it in new haven Connecticut. Please report any events. I will keep an eye on nrc event reports for any other unusual events.

  • bmurr bmurr

    And having read the info on bruinswick it would appear they fixed the support bolts? Am I missing something?

  • Nukeholio

    Haarp sounds kind of mythical to me.