Report: Reactor No. 2 has multiple 4-inch holes in CONTAINMENT VESSEL

Published: May 24th, 2011 at 8:05 pm ET


UPDATED HERE: TEPCO analysis indicates Reactor No. 1 and 2 have breached containment chambers meant to stop radiation from leaking

Primary 1 Fukushima: the possibility of containment of the hole and the No. 2 No. 1, Mainichi, May 25, 2011:

Google Translation

The first nuclear power plant 24, TEPCO announced Hukushima few reports in which there was a meltdown in the No., 1 No. 7 cm in diameter, equivalent to a hole in the containment vessel outside the reactor pressure vessel, two The first rocket was shown it is possible that more than one hole 10 inches in diameter, equivalent to the containment. […]

In Unit 2 from the measured pressure data, equivalent to more than one hole in the containment of 10 cm, has floated the possibility of a considerable hole in the No. 1 7 cm. […]

Multiple 10-Centimeter Holes in Reactor 2 Containment Vessel at #Fukushima I Nuke Plant, EX-SKF, May 24, 2011:

[…] From Mainichi Shinbun Japanese (2:30AM JST 5/25/2011)

[…] In the report that TEPCO disclosed on May 24 regarding the core meltdown in the Reactors 2 and 3, the possibility of holes in the Containment Vessels of the Reactors 1 and 2 is mentioned for the first time. The Reactor 1 Containment Vessel may have a hole 7-centimeter in diameter, and the Reactor 2 Containment vessel may have multiple holes 10-centimeter in diameter.

According to the Mainichi article, TEPCO came to the conclusion of multiple 10-centimeter holes in the Reactor 2 Containment Vessel and one 7-centimeter hole in the Reactor 1 Containment Vessel from the analysis of the pressure data.

Published: May 24th, 2011 at 8:05 pm ET


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143 comments to Report: Reactor No. 2 has multiple 4-inch holes in CONTAINMENT VESSEL

  • Devil's Advocate

    MSM is not excited. It’s not on NCB or Fox or CNN every few minutes on the toob like the Swartzenegger scandal. Must not be too bad then.

    • ocifferdave

      MSM i hear has their advertising dolors underwritten by the nuclear industry. follow the money.

    • ZP

      Ah, it’s nothing really…
      Surely they can plug a few small holes.
      After all, they have been plugging us for decades.

    • tacomagroove
      May 24, 2011 at 10:31 pm · Reply
      For those that hound for data:

      Symptoms of acute radiation (dose received within one day):
      0 – 0.25 Sv (0 – 250 mSv): None
      0.25 – 1 Sv (250 – 1000 mSv): Some people feel nausea and loss of appetite; bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen damaged.
      1 – 3 Sv (1000 – 3000 mSv): Mild to severe nausea, loss of appetite, infection; more severe bone marrow, lymph node, spleen damage; recovery probable, not assured.
      3 – 6 Sv (3000 – 6000 mSv): Severe nausea, loss of appetite; hemorrhaging, infection, diarrhea, peeling of skin, sterility; death if untreated.
      6 – 10 Sv (6000 – 10000 mSv): Above symptoms plus central nervous system impairment; death expected.
      Above 10 Sv (10000 mSv): Incapacitation and death.


    • Godzilla

      We can put these links into the few MSM article comment sections. There’s often a Fukus article in the back pages, but lots of people still read them and the comments.

  • The Rupture.
    By Tacoma Groove

    “As of today May 24th 2011, Elizabeth Flock wrote in the Wa Post. Tepco Suprise two more reactors melted down at fukushima.”

    Not one but three nuclear reactors suffered nuclear meltdown…

    Koichi Nakano a political science professor told reuters that” “The announcement was timed to minimalize the impact on the public. In the early stages of the crisis tepco may have wanted to avoid panic”.

    This is an illegal premeditated witholding of information that should be taken with legal precidence and sure outrage. Your companies role is to inform citizens of the dangers that you have created. In a timely manner, to minimilize the exposure rate in the public, thereby reporting all immedieate dangers in a realtime manner, in the best of your ability. Instead; You put national monitary and economic structure above the regard of physical healths. While in the aftermath of a devistating tsunami in that regard. Your company has put the whole nation at risk, while ruining its credibility not only nationally but internationally; You have now admitted your role, in one of the biggest public health conspirisies, that humankind has witnessed. In which an unprecidented nuclear tragedy is putting risk to the entire planets eco systems. Rendering a questionally small 20km portion of the planet inaccessable to mankind. While infecting the food and water supplies internationaly across the entire globe…

    A twitter tweet of mis information: “Radiation on the West coast is so diluted, its actually a cure for its self.”
    I say: “Radiation is so dispursed it went everywhere across the planet; And now its accumulating everyday every hour every second.”

    “How will you replace the ocean?; and the Soil, and the rivers, and the lakes?”

    Another few article caught my attention at around this time. The first I will mention is Nuclear engineer found with +30,000cpm internal radiation… (wth); 1000 tepco employees, measured with internal radiation rates of +10,000cpm internal radiation or higher; 70,000 more evacuations are needed outside the 20km containment.

    This is proof that the misinformation has lead to an undenyable scandal to Public health.[i] Where is the information and data. Shouldn’t we have those radiation dispersion maps and those thermal images of the reactors updated daily?Couldnt we track the meltdown that way? Don’t we plan on containing this crisis… uhm??? Yesterday?!?

    “This is the kind of stuff conspiracies were made of”

    Radiation from fukushima isn’t a banana. Its a collection of deadly nuclear isotope’s, that have the ability to kill instantlly, silently, or even slowly and stealthly. By subjecting the citizens to this type of exposure you have commmitted the crime of attempted murderer. Every agency involved in this situation, to that extent is an accessory to your crime. That goes for the iaea, nisa, nilu, tepco, and beyond. This is a conspiracy to the highest degree. As there is a huge misinformation campaign taking place right before your very eyes. You have no dignity or reputation anylonger. you are fraud, and corruption;. Criminally, morally, and ethically…

    “This is beyond acceptable.”

    The witholding and straying of numbers, and the lack of efficient research is starting to unfold a tragedy… Are we all internationally already in danger? why cant international services collect radiation dispursion data? what is worst case scenario???; How far away is it? Situation reports; Well could be taken hourly couldn’t they?:… Why are you taking away our dispersion models, are we in trouble?: Reversing the publication of epa figures to a monthly report?; telling scientists to withold information in a timely matter?:… Is there anything else down this road of lies?; when will we recieve complte disclosure to your time released data?;
    I mean Afterall dropping the story off main stream media isn’t a really good sign btw… The people we trust not participating in a huge international effort to fix the crisis entirely. Is there a secret we don’t know? Because every nuclear scientist on the planet has not really explained the consequences of these figures… Am I right? What lies down the road? As it continues its downward spiral?

    Wouldn’t it suck if we already passed that point… Are we going to get that information 2 months late too?

    We have witnessed you raise the international health rates ten fold their previous limits, taken no interest in monitoring the radiation levels in our oceanic, fresh water, or food pyramid’s contamination… (missing oppurtunities to create jobs providing efficient monitoring globally). while at the same time limiting our resources on accurate information; and allowing this tragedy to displace as many people in the wake of the tsunami. Rendering portions of the planet inhabital is not a step on the grand ladder fo making progress…
    Btw: Lieing to us, is not doing anything more than Creating fear and panic in international communities. There is good reason for that… Were all afraid… We want you to fix this today not in your 6 to 9 month road map which are riddled with error… I have a shovel my buddies got some quick spackle.. Do you need help?… You have made little progress in your attempt to divert this tragedy, and to that effect the situation has gotten much worse.

    They call me the fear mongerer, <—

    Yet deny the bigger picture of what is currently going on in the situation…

    They lied to you. Are they still lieing.

    I wrote earlier a piece, what lies down the road. Refrencing both the deciete of these companies and the movie "the road". Add that to your new verbal directory of titles like zardos, the china syndrome, and nuclear boy.

    Id really like to know what lies down the road though… How much time it takes the world to screw in the lightbulb, fess up. work together, and save humanity. Cause the events are literally a slinky. The bottom stair is horrible, and there aint that much room left between here and there… This is the bp oilspill on heroin chilling in chernobyls backyard. While the whole planet is more and more contaminated every hour of everyday…
    I watched the live cam between 1 and 3 am today… Reactors steaming away, could hardly see the reactors at all major pixilation… This means that every day there are atmospheric releases to current date, along with the ground water, and oceanic contamination. Its a nightmare…

    We have no idea what the implications to date are, while the undisclosed projection of damage is growing everyday. The situation is now escalating in all factors, to a nightmare scenario. With little to no reports on how tepco is playing a role in adverting the tragedy. It seems that they are merely posponing it.,,

    The witholding of key information is your excuse for not protecting your countries citizens from radioactive contamination… This was your effort to avoid a state of panic?
    Its really disapointing to hear that…

    All I hear is: "This information will scare the crap out of you"; "and so we would rather you all get potentially contaminated than fess up to that"…


    • ocifferdave

      Permission to copy and past that–ALOT.

    • ZombiePlanet

      Rev 12:12 ¶ […] Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

      Mt 24:22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened. (KJV)

      • GI Justice

        Has original sin brought us to this end, biting the apple from the tree of knowledge?

        • Wild Guess

          Did the apple bite back?

          • Pseudo Intellectual

            Is the Pope Catholic?

          • Jack

            We individually can repent, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ (Yahshua), and remove our surviving essence or Soul from the wages of Sin which is Death.
            I’m saved, but I got a lotta anger and pride and arrogance
            and lusts and jealousies, because I am human, and a sinner.
            I know I need to Love people, and be kind, patient, longsuffering, and Keep His Commandments.
            It’s a difficult thing, everybody fails to meet the Glory of
            the Almighty. You can gain the Grace of God’s mercy upon you, and Live in a Heart-filled way.
            Grace comes by Faith, and Faith comes by Hearing, and
            Hearing comes when you HEAR the Word of God.
            Those that have ears, let them Hear.
            Dear Jesus, I call for these men to get a Good Feeling for Your Word, and to Desire to Learn and Be saved.
            Thank You in Advance, Halleluyah.

    • Dr.Stranglelove

      So,your saying TEPCO lies?

  • Sentimental Journey

    Sometimes I use the internet to view the reactors in real time while I listen to Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy,” and weep. What a rush.

  • shoko_asahara

    For them, most important is to prevent information from leaking…

  • Jeremie

    Does anyone know a nice website with VERY-UP-TO-DATE links about fukushima’s situation, other than enenews?

    When I discovered enenews I’ve been amazed by all the comments and sharing of this “community”. Now I’m still gratefull to find regularly uptaded links and information, but I get bored of some trends in the comments. In particular, I get bored of apocalyptic-religious views of the situation. I am a scientist, I am very, very actively searching for every piece of information about the situation out there, since there’s nothing in the main stream of medias. I am (friendly 🙂 asking everyone to refrain about writing science-fiction, poetry, not-supported hypothesis. It’s not just about my personal taste of “what deserves to be written or not”, it’s about the credibility of this website, this community, and in general the community of people who do their best to find out what’s going on. I hate the fact that I can recommend to some people this website as an “incredible” source of information (we must alert around us, neighbors, colleagues etc.), then they have a look and the first comments – and sometime the only ones – they read are a bunch of “bistrot” arguments&conversations. “bistrot” is french and means “a popular bar”, I don’t know how to translate, sorry! You’ll get the point.

    Tacomagroove, my comment comes afterwards, but this is not particularly for you… 🙂 Though, you’re not in my opinion falling in the category of the most rational-analyser internet users.

    • mark V

      What you suggest should go from your government, think about it. Peace.

      • Jeremie

        I’m not suggesting to cover any information or belief, just that being rational will help us being more effective (like x1000) in the fight against them. Peace 🙂

    • ZP

      Don’t worry scientist…
      Your “boredom,” (i.e. World-weariness, dullness, ennui) will cease sooner than you want.

      I also am a scientist. It took many “scientist” to get us into this horror story.

      I don’t believe that anyone here will benefit from your… “asking everyone to refrain about writing science-fiction, poetry, not-supported hypothesis.”

      What BS!

      You sound like a sniffling little wimp seated upon a pedestal you created. Try taking and anti-acid and a anti-EGO pill.

    • Lill

      @ Jeremie

      i deeply respect your data-only desire. however; not all here are scientists or engineers. some of us, like my 10 1/2 year old girl and i, are just regular folks seeking info same as you. my daughter asks me several times a day, “Mom, any more information on Fukushima?” her words. 3rd grader too. let that absorb please. Lord knows i didn’t have to try to deal with anything like this at 10 years old. i hate that she has to.

      all of us need a place for our various voices and points of view as we try to cope with this from a very basic human position. scientist, businessman, world leader, mom, kid, blue collar and white collar – that doesn’t matter now; Fukushima leveled the playing field for everyone.

      most people we TRY to speak to on the net or real life have no desire to listen, learn or share, much less prepare. as all safe havens go, this one is no different. sorry, i can’t apologize for being a feeling human being.

      i do hope you can find a data-only, hard science site. i’m interested in that too! but we all need inter-connectivity as well. it’s part of staying sane and level-headed in this.

      • Jack

        Lavos, what happens, I just wait for thirty minutes?
        Is it supposed to be a Live Cam?
        What am I supposed to see by watching, and what will I learn?

    • Steven

      Are you suggesting that an alternate scientific or a religious approach is unhelpful? And how has that worked out for Tepco?

      I’m willing to bet that more than half those guys at the coalface have been doing a lot of praying lately.

    • @ jeremie

      May 24, 2011 at 10:31 pm · Reply
      For those that hound for data:

      Symptoms of acute radiation (dose received within one day):
      0 – 0.25 Sv (0 – 250 mSv): None
      0.25 – 1 Sv (250 – 1000 mSv): Some people feel nausea and loss of appetite; bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen damaged.
      1 – 3 Sv (1000 – 3000 mSv): Mild to severe nausea, loss of appetite, infection; more severe bone marrow, lymph node, spleen damage; recovery probable, not assured.
      3 – 6 Sv (3000 – 6000 mSv): Severe nausea, loss of appetite; hemorrhaging, infection, diarrhea, peeling of skin, sterility; death if untreated.
      6 – 10 Sv (6000 – 10000 mSv): Above symptoms plus central nervous system impairment; death expected.
      Above 10 Sv (10000 mSv): Incapacitation and death.


      The data seems to suggest humanity has yet to have made progress on the situation. By disclosing what we are looking at, we might be able to wake enough people up to enforce fixing it…

      The data also spells danger. To you and me, but don’t take my non paid scientific points of view seriously. There is no radiation currently in your food supply. and the situation will only get better… Are thou satisfied??? Drink the milk. And feel free to watch the situation repair its self with absolutely no advertising for human intervention…

      The one thing I learned as an event planner: It does not matter if you book the beatles, elvis, or justin beiber. If no one knows where the event is, or how it will impact their lives… They wont go and they certainly wont pay interest to your posters, no matter how important a show it is…

      • Major Domo

        What? An “event planner”? And just when I thought you were gaining some credibility around here. Sorry, could resist. :p

    • still shining

      This is also a community….it’s not just a bunch of talking fingers discussing science.
      Deal with it.

    • Poor Daddy

      Nobody’s making you stay.
      There are as many web sites as there are atoms splitting in Fuckushima. If you’re bored, pick another one.

  • anne

    Chernobyl: A Million Casualties – EnviroVideo presents Enviro Close-UP with Karl Grossman (VIDEO)

  • anne

    Chernobyl-Style Yellow Rain Causes Panic in Japan

    “A University of California Daily Bruin article entitled ‘Remembering Chernobyl,’ documents how children in Belarus happily splashed around in puddles of yellow rain having been assured by Russian authorities that it was merely pollen, when in fact it was a toxic mixture of radioactivity that had been blasted from the Chernobyl plant 80 miles away.

    “Thinking back to 20 years ago, it’s the splashing in yellow rainwater that Antonina Sergieff vividly recalls.
    “’We all jumped in the puddles with the yellow stuff. … You don’t see (it in) the air, it doesn’t materialize. But when you see the yellow dust, you see radiation,’ Sergieff said.

    When these elements first reached Sergieff 20 years ago, they came in the form of yellow rain.”

  • If TEPCO admits to these numerous holes in the containment vessels, then I think we can assume that there are many more. Also, if they cannot enter the reactor buildings, how can they possibly fix them? I read somewhere that some experts now believe that more than just a 7-meter hole, there is no bottom left in reactor #1. That would explain why the fuel got out and is now burning through the cement foundation. 🙁

  • Mark

    I am not a scientist but look up meltdown on wikipedia and they say very low probability of meltdown with light water cooled western style reactor. (Fukushima type) The learned scientists were all so smart that they could predict all possible problems these reactors might face and then decide that it was all right to build them on a fault line in japan (and California) scientists are so smart a dumb-ass truck driver like myself would say isn’t it a bad idea to build a nuclear reactor on a fault line? No we are learned scientists we know better and have all the facts. All you scientist are so smart.

    No info on major melt down of nuclear facility because scientists felt it just couldn’t happen because scientists are so smart they foresaw all possible risks.

    No doomsday scenario here the scientists reassure dumb-ass red-neck truck-driver.

    I think the scientists made a huge mis-calculation and have no idea what to do or how bad it may become. But they continue to down-play the incident.

    I must be just a dumb red neck truck driver because my small brain can’t tell me why I should be listening to the scientists telling me every thing is OK. My small brain doesn’t even feel I should be respecting scientists opinion my small brain thinks it was the smart scientists that got us in this mess to begin with.

    • tony wilson

      the scientists all knew.
      the designer of the reactor did his work based on a compact nuclear submarine reactor.
      general electric kept building bigger reactors even though they knew if cooling was lost it would be meltdown. just about money and power.
      look at a lot of these elite they all complain about overpopulation,nuclear is good you can make money and kill people through reactor leakage or depleted uranium missile dust.

    • Steven

      Well said Mark.

    • Dr.Stranglelove

      They are not scientists,they are hit and run mother truckers.

      • Jack

        I hope they have happy lives, of course all guys are jealous of the big rigs.
        But meanwhile
        Truck Driver DeeVorce
        It’s very Sad
        Steel Guitars….

    • Dbug

      There’s blame to go around. But let’s be fair. Plenty of scientists and engineers have put plenty of warnings out there, including telling people to expect a bigger tsunami. The Union of Concerned Scientists has also warned of problems in the US. Their report “14 near misses” makes the point well.

      Don’t make sweeping generalities and stereotype people. Those things can and do get twisted to bring hate towards people of any background, whether it be work, skin color, education, nationality/location, religion or what have you.

      We don’t all blame truck drivers for taking away American jobs by hauling Chinese imports to the stores. We don’t judge truckers for everything every company that had products trucked ever made. We won’t even judge you by the lyrics in country music. Maybe you should try being fair too. We have to figure out what technology works for us. No need to go back to a horse powered wagon train with no iPods… or is there?

      There are some good people in every business, even every government agency. Don’t judge them by any bad ones. Seek out the good people are work together to make things better for everyone.

      Maybe some with something to say can create music to tell the story. There was plenty of that in the 1960’s or so with messages about war/peace and the environment.

      What music tells a message now besides rap and music from Mexico (about the drug lords)? (something beside songs about lying, cheating, sex, broken hearts, and getting drink and sex) Is there anything on par with Marvin Gaye and Gil-Scott Heron?

  • bic

    Taco, that link is dated May 7.

  • mothra

    It’s notable that these reactor vessels were designed with “holes” to begin with. The alloy used to plug them burn at a lower temperature than steel, which would be expected in the event of corium pooled at the bottom as happened months ago.

    They were designed this way to open the vessel from below and remove rods from a 2ft-6ft concrete graded ramp below. So, not only are there easily meltable “holes” built in, but the concrete is more shallow than the often repeated 6ft. assumption too. Under water or flood vondition the corium will flow the path of least resistance, be it stairwell, hallway et al. I believe corium was “on the floor” for a time, but no longer. I expect a great deal of it and the contaminated surrounding water would bore into the pacific by now depending on the shelf constitution in comparison to the table geology. Rock formations have varying porosity. It will seek an avenue.

  • brandon

    if they arent cooling the reactors anymore, can we just assume they have all melted down? They are just sitting there smoking… another day

  • Mark

    but no one knows for sure what the outcome is? just smouldering nuclear mess in Japan or long term health problems for everyone? I live in Vancouver and wonder if my children are safe. And if it is a world wide catastrophe won’t it effect elite too? To Tony Wilson OK point taken mess caused by scientists AND corporate financier types. Both too smart for there own good! But if scientists knew the risks why keep job with evil corporate elite? Scientists still bad.

    • Mark, vancouver uses an open water system. Id drink bottled water. They basically filter rain water in your tap water from what ive read…

      • Markrg

        Hey, when u say filter, do u mean remove radioactive material or the more standard approach that does not even remove fluoride if it’s present?

  • I would hate to see the extreme heat from the fuel that is molten, start a structural fire, that completely engulfs whats left of the reactors, along with hydrogen leading to a cataclysmic release of radiation. But thats just me.



  • brandon

    It seems like this is 2-3 times worse than chernobyl. Is there any reason to do anything there?

    • 1700 TONS of available fuel at stake. It must be MILES PAST Chernobyl on the contamination scale….potentially.

      • brandon

        how much fuel went up in chernobyl???

        • Good question – here is what I found and I`ll post link to… interesting website about radiation effects for Japan and US….

          *** Basic information
          The Chernobyl reactor contained about 180 tons of nuclear fuel consisting of two percent, or 3,600 kg, total uranium. The amount of nuclear fuel released is estimated at seven tons (corresponding to 200 kg of uranium). Fission products increase the longer the fuel is used.

          The Hiroshima bomb contained 25 kg of uranium, and about four percent (or 1 kg) underwent nuclear fission.

          In a nuclear reactor, when the nuclear bed melts, volatile radioactive materials are released extensively. It is estimated that 100% of the rare gases, about 50-60% of the iodine, and about 20-40% of the cesium contained in the reactor are released.

    • They have reason to move everyone off the mainland of japan… What… Im just saying…

  • brandon

    they cant put anymore water on them and it doesnt seem that putting concrete on them is going to do amything. all the fuel has got to be gone by now

    • If all the fuel is gone by now, then what’s causing all that smoke we can see coming from the buildings in the live feed?

      • How long will the sun light our planet. That is the effect of nuclear fuel Burning out would simply take 10-10,000 years… So that thing will be out of control until its contained. <- which is impossible…

      • Well then...

        If you work for TEPCO, then HURRY IT UP!!!
        Shake a leg, do you mind???!! The whole world & future generations are counting on you!!!…

  • Japan city grapples with nuclear doubt
    s after Fukushima crisis
    ***Like many politicians in the rural backwaters that host Japan’s 54 nuclear power plants, Tanaka was a small player in a nexus linking local interest groups with powerful forces in Tokyo promoting atomic power and, critics say, ignoring the risk of disaster in this earthquake-prone land.

    Now, after watching the world’s second-worst nuclear accident unfold at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi plant far to the north following a massive earthquake and tsunami on March 11, Tanaka is having second thoughts.

    “I used to say that nuclear power was safe, that nothing was safer,” said the 67-year-old, now an assembly member of Matsue City, which merged with the town of Kashima in 2006.

    “After the Fukushima accident, I thought – can this really be safe? Now I feel responsible for what I myself have promoted,” he said in an interview at city hall in this drab provincial city, just 9 km (5.6 miles) from Chugoku Electric Power Co’s (TEPCO) Shimane nuclear plant. ***

    • At least I can respect him as a human being. It takes courage to change your mind sometimes. Its the first step to changing your ways so this is a good thing.

  • brandon

    there is nothing they can do. we have to figure this out ourselves. ive been trying to do the math but, excuse me if im wrong, chernobyl was that bad even tho they acted and stopped it, but this is larger and unending. wut wud happen if chernobyl was bigger and they just left it???

  • For those that hound for data:

    Symptoms of acute radiation (dose received within one day):
    0 – 0.25 Sv (0 – 250 mSv): None
    0.25 – 1 Sv (250 – 1000 mSv): Some people feel nausea and loss of appetite; bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen damaged.
    1 – 3 Sv (1000 – 3000 mSv): Mild to severe nausea, loss of appetite, infection; more severe bone marrow, lymph node, spleen damage; recovery probable, not assured.
    3 – 6 Sv (3000 – 6000 mSv): Severe nausea, loss of appetite; hemorrhaging, infection, diarrhea, peeling of skin, sterility; death if untreated.
    6 – 10 Sv (6000 – 10000 mSv): Above symptoms plus central nervous system impairment; death expected.
    Above 10 Sv (10000 mSv): Incapacitation and death.


    Tepco does not have a way of countering these problems. So they are only delaying thier full effects… How long until game over?

    There are only 32 days or less until the fuel sustains a full-scale fission criticality. The boron, (which stops nuclear fission from occurring) will have exceeded its lifespan by this time…
Tepco had already made a request as of march to evacuate the reactors. Though they are being forced to see it until the end by the Japanese government. God bless their souls. As it surely is a death mission.

    The first death was reported on Friday. Meaning, that the situation is already well beyond cataclysmic. In all reality, the worlds biggest dirty bomb will be released in no more than 32 days…

    Tepco will likely evacuate the site between the dates: June 16th – June 28th…
    “This is because boron is limited and can no longer sustain its self within the current settings”.

    Meaning: the fuel will release amounts of neutrons in such excess that the boron “in any quantity” will be now be unable to capture enough neutrons to stop a criticality.

    At this time neutrons will begin to react against atoms, leading to a spike in temperatures exceeding any known cooling process… The fuel will then go core through the floor, and reach the water table in no less than 1-6 hours…
    At that time the fuel will both be released in atmospheric and oceanic / form. Plaguing Japan first and foremost. I presume that over 100,000- 10,000,000 deaths will be attributed to the event alone.

    Japan will likely be forced to abandon the main island entirely within that time.

    The continental united states will see the radiation within 2 days. The radiation will sweep across the northwest, as far north as Vancouver canada, and as far south as new mexico. The main area’s to be astray from are seattle through sandiego. The radiation will likely be 350 – 800cmp. (fyi 200cpm is when you should run indoors)…

    This will continue as a global norm for at least two months, at that time reactors 5 and 6 will likely begin the path to china syndrome. If you are in a temporary fallout shelter, by august, you should be planning to find a more permanent location to settle…

    Come November, the situation will likely start over again, now reaching 1000cpm or more. It will be anywhere up to a century for the initial radiation plumes to settle… The 600,000 spent fuel rods, will likely contaminate the entire planet killing 45% or more, of life on earth…

    “Once the reaction from neutrons has dwindled to a 100-300 cpm internationally”; The biological life forms will begin to emerge from the now very few uncontaminated portions of the planet…
    Though human dna will likely be mutated, and lifespans will be lowered to 20 – 44 years old in adult males, and 25 – 50 years old in Adult females.

    So in short uncontrolled fission taking place inside the zirconium cells, lead to a temperature spike inside the core fuel cells to reactor 1. Once the heat reached beyond boiling point the tops of the fuel rods were exposed to the now present oxygen. Creating a violent reaction damaging the rods…

    This allowed the nuclear fuel pellets to escape their containment, dropping to the bottom of the reactor core. At that point Tepco then had no choice but to induce nitrogen into the reactor (as the melting of zirconium creates vast amounts of hydrogen)… While the nitrogen settled the hydrogen the remaining fuel collected in the bottom of the reactor, creating so much fission the fuel melted through 6 feet of metal and concrete landing in the reactors basement. Now were playing a dangerous waiting game.

    The GE reactor design has an emergency platform designed under the reactors containment in the event a meltdown was to occur, that feature was built to not only prolong a meltdown but also prevent fission as best it can…
    However, with the fuel heating up, you must consider that the water being implored with high levels of boron are doing little to nothing to prevent the fission from occuring…

    That being said, Its only going to be a short amount of time before the fuel likely surpasses the emergency system, and makes its way into the water table. After that happens, soil and water will produce steam clouds that will contaminate vast areas of the planet… =ing the evacuation of the site… Game Over.

    I assume this will be more like a nuclear fountain… Think of a geyser of radiation spewing into the atmosphere for the next 10 – 1000 years Like they are now except 20 times worse… One that will create temperatures that are unbearable to work near, rising to 120f. or greater…

    It will contaminate everything its stream touches. Fukushima would become a wasteland, of contamination and japan would need to extend the evacuation zone to at least 300km likely much much more area. though

    A china syndrome has never happened thus the math is beyond me… The contamination would spread in any nation internationally and nationally. (as it has now). but in much higher doses. likely 150 -350cpm… Note this is on the premiss that only one reactor has reached criticality…

    However: In the event there is an explosion, Well thats just bad… We would witness at least 3 – 300000 tons of metric nuclear waste, instantly turned into particle form…

    The release would do either one of three possible things…
    1. a really bad case scenario: Assist reactors 2-6 in achieving a full fusion criticality, leading to an apocalyptic amount of radiation in such high density that anyone that is in its path would perish by suffocation;
    2. The better, and yet less likely scenario: achieve a level of detonation, while completely staying within a safe proximity of the other troubled reactors on site, (which is very unlikely)… somehow redirecting most of the initial mass over and into the ocean… Thus spreading only minute levels of radiation globally… Then there is the worst case scenario…
    3. (fyi, This is also a product of result #1)… If the fusion some how took the full site (all 6 reactor) in one big kaboom (meaning a full fusion criticality) …

    In lamen terms: There will be absolutely nothing left; Ever witness a: coronal mass ejection??? Now, have you ever heard of the earth creating one??? If there were an explosion leading to a full fusion criticality, You wouldn’t need to worry about flights or planning… That would register as an ELE. (extinction level event)…

    The explosion would likely blow the entire atmosphere off the planet.

    food for thought: G.E. owns comcast; Is this why USA media is blackballing the story… ?

(NBCUniversal, LLC is owned by Comcast (51%) & General Electric (49%)). Specific assets include:
E! · Style Network · Golf Channel · Versus · G4 (88%) · PBS Kids Sprout (part owner) · TV One (part owner) · FEARnet (part owner) · ExerciseTV (part owner) · Comcast Entertainment Television · Comcast Television · MLB Network (minority stake) · NHL Network (minority stake) · The Mtn. (50%) · New England Cable News · Comcast Network
XFINITY · DailyCandy · Fancast · Fandango · · Plaxo · ThePlatform
Universal Studios: Focus Features · Geneon Universal, Illumination Entertainment • United International Pictures,· Universal Animation Studios · Universal Pictures · Universal Playback · Universal Studios Home Entertainment · Media Rights Capital
Universal Parks & Resorts: Universal Studios Dubailand · Universal Studios Hollywood · Universal Orlando Resort (Universal Studios Florida · Islands of Adventure · Universal CityWalk) · Universal Studios Japan · Universal Studios Singapore · Universal Studios South Korea
Broadcast TV assets: NBC · NBC News · NBC Sports · Telemundo · Universal Sports
NBCUniversal Cable, A&E Television Networks (15%) · Bravo · Chiller · CNBC · Comcast SportsNet · E! · FEARnet · G4 · Golf Channel · MSNBC[nu 4] · Mun2 · Oxygen · ShopNBC (30%) · Sleuth · Style · Syfy · Telemundo Puerto Rico · Universal HD · Universal Sports (50%) · USA Network · Versus · The Weather Channel · Weatherscan
CNBC global channels CNBC · CNBC Africa · CNBC Asia · CNBC Europe · CNBC Latin America · CNBC World
CNBC Europe branches Class CNBC (20%) · CNBC Africa · CNBC Arabiya (according to CNBC Europe) · CNBC-e · CNBC Nordic · TVN CNBC
CNBC Asia branches CNBC-TV18 · CNBC Australia · CNBC Awaaz · CNBC Hong Kong · CNBC Pakistan · CNBC Singapore · Nikkei CNBC · SBS-CNBC
Universal Networks International: 13th Street · Diva TV · Hallmark Channel (International) · KidsCo[nu 6] · Movies 24 · Steel[nu 7] · Studio Universal · Syfy · Universal Channel
Syfy global channels: Asia · Australia · Benelux · France · Germany · Japan · Latin America · Poland · Portugal · Romania · Russia · Spain · UK · US
NBCUniversal Television Group
NBC Studios · NBCUniversal Television Distribution · Telemundo of Puerto Rico Studios · Telemundo Television Studios · Universal Media Studios
NBC O&Os KNBC · KNSD[nu 8] · KNTV · KXAS[nu 8] · WCAU · WMAQ · WNBC (New York Nonstop) · WRC · WTVJ · WVIT
Telemundo O&Os KBLR · KDEN · KEJT-LP · KHRR · KNSO[nu 9] · KSTS · KTAZ · KTMD · KVDA[nu 9] · KVEA · KXTX · WKAQ · WNEU[nu 9] · WNJU · WSCV · WSNS
Spanish independent TV station KWHY
Internet ventures: · Hulu[nu 10] · iVillage ·[nu 4] · Television Without Pity

    I think so!!!!!!!

    “The greatest lies ahead”…
by: Tacomagroove
3/21/2011 2:47am

“Peeking into the future of the Fukushima Daichii nuclear crisis. Ive become quite concerned in several key issues”.

The first being the lack of physical intervention from national and international scientific communities.
While Tepco has now presented the “Road map of death”, Not one single qualified cantidate has disclosed the true
magnitude of the situation humanity is indeed facing today…

    Humanity is in fact in trouble! btw: That does “not” disclude you!
    In short:
“We may very well be facing the extinction of man kind.”
(This is “NOT” an “under statement”).

    Take that with the largest dose of reality you can afford. As I assure you the situation is indeed beyond Nuclear.

    While you may find comfort in the main stream media’s reluctance and lack in reporting this crisis. Many peer
networks are now taking to the web, scouring the internet for evidence to bring “you” insight to this claim…

should be most concerneing in my opinion is that there are in fact “several” working forces, hendering this effort.
These organizations are the “same” organizations held in accountability in disclosing this same information to you.

    Take a look at these examples:
(This list could go on and on and on…)
    I cant speak for you: but I am wondering myself why our government actually pays these agencies portions of my taxes…

    The situation is indeed a catyclism of Lies Deciete and Fraud. At the highest branches of our governments. Though
you may be speculative of my claims, these are key supporting factors in my argument that the current situation in
Japan is so alarming that calling it an ELE (extinction level event), is actually becoming an understatment.

    An important issue you need to consider is an event similar to this one unfolded 25 years ago in Chernobyl…
This too was an event where the corruption in information led to massive public health scandals; deaths; and
contamination of the planet…

    The significant issues that lie ahead have postulated past their acceptibility. Mankind has limited time to deal with this situation.
As the current status of the failing reactors is so severe, that the rising in temperature to the slightest degree will be the last straw,
the tipping of the scale, the end of the line…
    What once was a factiscious scenario only attributed to hollywood movies and great novel. Is indeed the reality we are facing.

    We are truly looking at the most appocalyptic situation, of biblical proportion; That mankind has “ever” faced. The amounts of
nuclear fuel present in Fukushima Daichii dwindle the now abandoned, forever contaminated, nuclear wastelands of Chernobyl.

    In a very, very, crude reality. You should be preparing mentally for the challenges that you and your loved ones will be facing.
Radiation has already begun wreaking havok across our globe. The levels are bio accumulating in our food, our water, and our entire

    Bio accumulation means that the radiation which was being down played as miniscule amounts is in fact growing in
sizes past humans integrity to refract. We are certainly headed to a unknown frontier. One where tyvek suits and gas masks are
the new essentials in survival.

    If you are waiting for you government to tell you this think again… I would advise you to take a deeper look into seeking the
information that your government is not telling you… After all. They have this data…. Do they not?
    I didn’t get the memo… Did you?

You have to take into consideration that the president of the united states, only public address on the fukushima nuclear crisis to date,
was in fact a bold faced lie…

    It would be a good idea for you to now take into consideration; That the very top experts of nuclear, enviromental
and radiological sciences are on the united states advisory. That the calculable distance from japan (5000 m) vs the radiations speed, and height,
in the planets jetstream isn’t a miscalculable figure…

    thus my conclusion:
    I would stop wasting your time wondering when they are planning on telling you the truth. After all… I just did….
They indeed have the data and could easily dispute the claims I have made… “We are facing a Nuclear holocost”
    I would start wondering how you are planning to survive.
    Dispute me all you would like. Prove me wrong… Now there lies a challenge…

    Stay informed.
Educate yourself.

    Watch the movie the road. In all reality this is an event that will unfold.

    In the mean time, find comfort in being prepared as best you can. (be prepared mentally as well). You are already ahead of the curve for paying attention and asking questions…
Keep calm and remain focused so that, in the event “You do” find yourself living in a post apocalyptic nuclear situation. You have tools and training for survival.

    Learn about the common known types of nuclear radiation such as beta gamma and alpha. Learn how they effect you internally and externally.
    Learn how to protect and shield yourself from it. Mass will stop any radiation. Though the amount of mass in “quantity” must be able to provide enough protection to support a contamination free environment.
    The denser the mass the better. Think lead, Metal, concrete ect. 6ft should be sufficient to stop gamma radiation.

    Download a copy of the following to a laptop charge the battery and keep it in your emergency kit at all times:
google earth.
a survival guide.
A fallout guide.
A text document from wikipedia Labeling:
Types of radiation; radiation exposure charts;
And a radiation converting chart; This way in an emergency you have written material’s and guides, on hand. to help you survive.
    Also it would be helpful to even create a radiation jump suit. so that you can move around freely if you find your self in a dangerous situation.

    Nuclear fallout guide’s are a great place to start btw… I suggest You start your adventure by reading this article… It’s a few pages of everything you really need to know…( print a backup of this one…)
Call this the new bible:

    [link to]

    The situation; May I remind you; could get very ugly. I assume without a doubt it will. There is no shame in being aware…
    stay alert, and don’t waste time. If you want to be prepared. Do so intelligently. Many of my friends have told me I shouldn’t worry about this situation. They are certainly misinformed.

    I will admit no shame in treating it with the respect it deserves. It truly is thus far the biggest tragedy to ever occur on the planet, in humanities wake.
    I will also remind you:
TEPCO. <—- Does not have a plan.

    If your toilet was over flowing for hours, and you did not fix it. the situation still gets worse. It rots the floor, then it molds; rots your support beams ect.
    and if you dropped a duece, and everyone would literally faint if they went in to fix it???

    well thats the point, there…
    If you don't fix it, I just demonstrated how the situation will continue to slowly and slowly get worse…
    so here is my point.

    Fukushima is the toilet.
People are not fainting from the smell. they are dieing. The floor and so on are the walls in which the nuclear fuel will slowly conquer and overcome. Until you lose your house.

    Tepco has demonstrated that there is no sufficient way to end that said "chain reaction"…

    Thus your toilet just totaled your house.

    So its really up to you, on how you "feel" you should be "reacting" right now… before your sitting at home reading and are forced to deal with the shit..

    • Steven

      Tacoma, you repeatedly use the term ‘fusion’ when in fact I think you mean fission.

      • @frank
        I love the name calling. Did I mention religion…\
        Nuclear fusion – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
        In nuclear physics, nuclear chemistry and astrophysics nuclear fusion is the process by which two or more atomic nuclei join together,

        This is my fear… Fusion to fission…
        fusion could potentially take place between all 6 reactors, fusion is a process where on the site, if a major level fission critical event took place could generate fusion between separate reactors making a catastrophic explosion.

        • ZombiePlanet

          Technical data presented to describe a particular incident is always restricted by it’s own boundaries (i.e. human intellect).

          Having read your many lengthy posts, I have a question.

          We are obviously in “uncharted territory” and require solutions and guidance.

          From whence that shall come?

        • This would be a huge gamma ray burst.

    • ZP



      the voice of hatred, ignorance and despair.

    • Wow – awesome link – nitty gritty and appropriately critical of the non action of accountable people…. thanks for posting this.

      • Jack

        The Oppenheimer Biography Documentary last night was great.
        Oppy and His friends thought there should be an International Agency
        with real power to rule on everything from Designs, safety, to Mining of
        the Uranium. He was victimized, accused of being a Communist, a
        Soviet Agent, and then Hungarian Edward Teller got to Have his way and
        develop ThermoNuclear H-Bombs after Oppy’s security clearance was

  • TomGa

    An informative BBC-2 documentary on the known problems associated with loss of coolant in BWRs, but the overriding business and politics of nuclear power, see “Pandora’s Box: A is for Atom”

    • tony wilson

      superb old style film making with some fantastic interviews…

      this director also made one of the best films about the myth of cia man bin laden.
      bbc films the power of nightmares

  • mark V

    Some random thoughts: as the IAEA commado wakes up after all the conferences and banquets, they may well start switching on their radiation meters. What they will measure could make them do the same thing Tepco-Kan alliance did – hide under the table. And the circus continues…needed some black humor… nite all

  • xdrfox

    The bottom of fuel pool # 4 is leaking and it may bust and fall through !

  • Heart of the Rose

    No live feed at the moment.

  • Heart of the Rose

    Sorry..its up…computer freeze…

  • charlie

    I watched a is foratom on youtube last night – i learned a lot, and got even angrier – fukushima was inevitable, and they all knew it and built bigger reactors anyway. Watch it.

  • charlie

    a is for atom

  • Dr.Stranglelove

    There are more powerful neutron grabbers than Boron. But they cost a bit more. We don’t want to negatively impact TEOCO’s profits, now do we?

  • Cee

    We are going to die anyways. Detox and protect yourselves and go out and enjoy yourselves while you still can. No one is closing this thing, it was done on purpose.

  • Mark

    Why do you think it was done on purpose?

    • Well, this is a long shot guess, but technically Russia and Japan are still at war as they never signed a peace treaty after the end of WWII.

      And prior to the trifecta disaster, the Russians were getting even more upset than ever before with the long-term Kuril Islands Dispute. Earlier this year, Medvedev called for increased military deployments and more missiles on the Kuril Islands.

      (puts on tin foil hat)

      And NASA recently released data showing how the ionosphere was considerably heated up before the 3-11 quake and tsunami. And apparently that is what the HAARP weapon does and Russia has the HAARP. ?????

      (removes tin foil hat)

      • Terranigma

        How many countries have HAARP technology? Just think of the insanity if several countries had HAARP and didn’t hesitate to use it. Can a country prevent, deter, or stop weather attacks or manipulations?

        • Apparently, only the US, China and Russia are said to have the HAARP technology. I don’t know enough about it to say how it affects the environment. But, supposedly, it was developed for the study of weather modification. (?)

          • Terranigma

            It makes no sense that China or Russia are using this technology to destroy Japan. If Russia and Japan are disputing ownership of the Kuril Islands, why would Russia subject these islands to a nuclear catastrophe? Same with China. Geographically speaking, China is close to Japan.

            This article seems more logical O_O:


            J/K! Why would an ancient whale race destroy and poison the ocean waters for other sea creatures??

      • Terranigma

        I also forgot to ask if this technology is creating holes in the ionosphere, damaging the atmosphere, or destroying the planet.

    • Cee


      The “elite” want to kill up a whole bunch of people. I’m not sure of how many people will die but it will be quite a bit. Lets not forget the children that will be born with birth defects and the people that will be sterile.

      As far as the radiation, your cell phone, Wi Fi router, microwave etc, gives off radiation to give you Cancer. We were already being nuked. Floride in the water you drink and bathe in can give you Cancer. Processed food and HFCS can give you Cancer. The Cancer risk is already out there.

      All of this talk about different countries having HAARP doesn’t mean anything, it’s just more smokescreen to keep you chasing your tail. Eventually you will die. In the meantime, look up ways to detox yourselves and go about your lives. There’s no point of worrying over and over when you know that they are doing this on purpose and people know deep down that they wont put it on the line to stop anyone. You may not even get sick because like I said we were already getting blasted.

      Why do I read this site someone may ask? I’m bored.

  • Jack

    It is an evil, genocidal world. Do you know about PNAC?
    ……Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons and their Terrorist Use:
    Immediate Strategic Aspects of the Asymmetric War on the U.S.
    © T. E. Bearden
Oct. 13, 2004
    Drafted Sept. 11, 2004 on the Third Anniversary of 9/11/01
    In this story, the Yakuza battling Russia is one of the supposedly
    factual, bizarre realities we never know about back home.
    You’ll have to search this title, I forgot where I got it from.

  • anne

    The document form on Google looks like:
    Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons and their … – The Tom Bearden Website
    File Format: Microsoft Word – Quick View
    by TE Bearden – Related articles
    Oct 13, 2004 … Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons and their Terrorist Use: Immediate Strategic Aspects of the Asymmetric War on the U.S. … The large Soviet strategic scalar interferometers were deployed and became operational in April ……/Yakuza%20threat%20including%20tsunamis%20-%20final%20w%20edits%201%20website%20a.doc

  • Noah

    Dust Abatement

    Busy today installing HEPA filtration at my sons business and upgrading the filters on the window units. Looks like the stand alones will be running 24/7 from now on, dust infiltration is a problem at that location.

    Finally, after overcoming some technical issues, I completed upgrading by cars cabin filtration. There has been some decrease of air flow, about 20%, but I am surprised how quiet it is now, when driving I cannot hear the unit operating. But it is cooling normally temperature wise.

    Produce Decon

    It seems three cycles of washing and rinsing, using a protein chelator to remove surface I-131 and organic vegetable wash and baking soda for other particles gets the fruit, etc. down to long count background levels.

    Mrs. Noah finds this process tedious and wants me to automate this surface contamination reduction protocols. “Make a machine that can handle it.” Another thing to develop.

    I am considering adding Boron to the Decon protocol for hard fruits that have been exposed to rainfall.

    Personal Air Filter

    I have been working on a filter that will filter out random radiological dust particles above .1 microns. It will be custom fitted into the nose, using a latex impression of the nostrils, constructed out of silicone. Filter media will be removable and upgradable depending on airborne threat.

    Conceptually, it will allow the wearer to have a degree of comfort and preserve public appearance of normality, as an in-canal hearing aid does. It will be reasonable hidden while it is in use.

    I am working on versions for athletic use, medical use, battlefield use, and home and business use would be the base model.

    Full masking, nose and mouth masking, are seldom voluntarily worn for prolonged periods. But this device offers use of the mouth for speaking and eating. It will allow, the wearer to effectively reclaim the outdoor experience, while reducing the risk of inhalation of radioactive particles.

    Wearing the product during stand by readiness prior to donning Hazmat or CBRN suits is ideal and will offer some protection during suit up, with out mask seal interference.

    Previous attempt to produce this product has met with various levels of success, due to problems with anchoring. I think I may have this problem solved, but as of yet, untested.

    Must return to work.

    • Well then...

      Customized Nose filters…love that!!!
      Sign me up!!!

      After some nose-throat agony, I decided to wear a carbon-lined facial mask to and fro my car today. It’s supposed to filter a lot of micro particles, such as gaseous VOCs. I felt a bit like a weirdo wearing it, but a weirdo with absolutely no respiratory symptoms at all today-finally! I think it was worth it & if anyone bothers me, I can cite “hayfever?,” etc.

      I would not hesitate to wear a full gas mask if I were in Japan now.

  • Mark

    Yeah worthwhile read. Just like myself making deliveries to nuke facility in 80’s, bad feeling in my stomach that I shook off. I believe humans have sixth sense but science discourages its use. A President or anyone else in power can’t say we shouldn’t do this today because I have a bad feeling. But this scientific empirical method used today also has its flaws and for all its pretense of all encompassing knowledge, really doesn’t have all the answers, not at all.

    If Russia or someone else used Haarp technology to create this disaster probably can’t be proved or disproved. I personally think it was an avoidable accident but I could be wrong. Certainly World Powers are a shady lot and anything is possible. To Jack: the world is a beautiful awesome place just some of the people in it really suck

  • Mark

    Don’t know how post got up there was a response to 1111