Reactor No.3 requiring more water than No. 1 and 2 because of leaks and “other problems”

Published: July 27th, 2011 at 1:12 pm ET


TEPCO seeks new ways to reduce contaminated water, NHK, July 27, 2011:

[…] Tokyo Electric Power Company sent a remote-controlled robot into the No.3 reactor building on Tuesday to take photos of the piping and measure radiation levels. […]

TEPCO says the temperature of the No.3 reactor is relatively stable, but it needs more water than the others because of leaks and other problems. […]

TEPCO hopes to eventually send workers into the buildings to find a way to pour water directly onto the fuel rods.

Published: July 27th, 2011 at 1:12 pm ET


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46 comments to Reactor No.3 requiring more water than No. 1 and 2 because of leaks and “other problems”

  • farawayfan farawayfan

    Love the way TEPCO keeps changing the reactor status:

    “TEPCO hopes to eventually send workers into the buildings to find a way to pour water directly onto the fuel rods”

    They only wish they had rods to pour water on….

    • Darth

      TEPCO & Japanese government treat their own citizens like they treated American POW’s in WW II – they make them do a forced DEATH MARCH! Like this they thin out the numbers – have less responsibility to assume for whatever still “stands”. These are worse then criminals – this is some kind of a new breed of Hitler holocaust making. It is an extermination policy in order to “purify” the race.

      Where is the FUKUM’ OUTRAGE in these Japanese death marched victims. Collect your children’s radioactive urine. Collect yours too. Pour it on all these higher ups whenever you can. Lay in ambush for them outside their places of work. They all follow routines. Get on a balcony and baptize these awful people. Fill balloons with your children’s/yours radioactive urine. Let them splash like “bombs” at their feet or on their heads. Splatter them. Humiliate them. Shame them. Do the same with your radioactive shit.

      • Clocka

        16TH century Japanese peasants tried to do something like that. Oda Nobunaga, the great warlord who unified Japan, killed EVERY SINGLE ONE, little or big, young or old, of the protesting peasants.

        Ever since then the Japanese peasants have learned to stay docile and follow whatever dumb orders their betters might give to them.

        • Terranigma1 Terranigma1

          Nobunaga’s Ambition? A video game title as well. Keep protesting, Japan! Your voices must be heard.

    • milk and cheese milk and cheese

      Reading this increasingly stupid news is like being nibbled by rodents.

    • Hemisfear311 Hemisfear311

      farawayfan you are spot on.

      All they have now is a glowing blob burning its way down through the basement floor.

      How can they still call it a REACTOR ???

      Elvis has left the building!

    • Anyone think the corium is burning deeper and more water is required ???

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

    According to Hiroaki Koide of Kyoto University ” the situation is desperate central Fukushima (…) there are about one hundred tons of corium. Pressurize¬d tanks and metals used for the enclosure of the building based at 1500 °. It is therefore likely that the corium has fallen to the bottom of the tanks, a party has attacked the soil and part to be mixed with contaminat¬ed water, causing the melting of the walls
    He thinks it would have taken a long time to build a subterrane¬an chamber around the plant to protect the corium groundwate¬r and contaminat¬ed soils, but it is clearly far too late.

    So of course, the communicat¬ion service Tepco says ” the plans are being developed. TEPCO plans to build a wall to protect groundwate¬r infiltrati¬on contaminat¬ed “, but what credibilit¬y can we give still Tepco , still in the concealmen¬t or manipulati¬on?

    Looking at this video , (from 1 ’30”) taken on July 19 last, the sudden large smoke from the plant may indicate that the corium is very much in contact with groundwate¬r .

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      We found the corium Fukushima
      July 26, 2011 | Author: Jo ^ ^

      by Olivier Cabanel
      “We know from the first day of the catastrophe of Fukushima, the three reactor cores melted to form the corium, cluster of nuclear fuel, and fasteners.
      “We know it reaches very high temperatures (3000 ° C) and can melt most materials. link
      We also know that the reactor vessels have become strainers, and the corium has already attacked the thick concrete slab 8 feet thick.
      Logically this should not prevent its progression towards the ground, once past the barrier of concrete, and to meet at one point to another, the water table.
      “At that time, there will be a chemical explosion with a large release of radioactive materials into the atmosphere.
      “In this video, you can discover the process of the formation of the corium.
      “According to Hiroaki Koide of Kyoto University “the situation is desperate central Fukushima (…) there are about one hundred tons of corium. Pressurized tanks and metals used for the enclosure of the building based at 1500 °. It is therefore likely that the corium has fallen to the bottom of the tanks, a party has attacked the soil and part to be mixed with contaminated water, causing the melting of the walls. ” link
      “He thinks it would have taken a long time to build a subterranean chamber around the plant to protect the corium groundwater and contaminated soils, but it is clearly far too late.
      So of course, the communication service Tepco says “the plans are being developed. TEPCO plans to build a wall to protect groundwater infiltration contaminated “, but what credibility can we give Tepco still, still the concealment or manipulation?
      “Looking at this video (from 1 ’30”) taken on 19 July, the sudden large smoke from the plant may indicate that the corium is very much in contact with groundwater .
      “Another problem arise, that of “black rain”.
      This is Arnie Gundersen nuclear expert, who explains that it, radioactive and hot, is responsible for significant pollution of soil and crop, well beyond the exclusion zone, which explains the problem now facing the Japanese cattle.
      “There were currently 130 of contaminated, and it should stop there, because the rice straw used to feed cattle is itself also contaminated 500 000 bq / k of radioactive cesium, and that ‘it comes from an area located 72 km from the plant. link
      “Thus, there is contamination of the food chain.
      He mentioned the testimony of some of his friends biologists who have worked on the Chernobyl issue, went to Japan to analyze the situation. “They saw that things were going wrong (…) they said that the situation was very bad. Actually they are hardened scientists who are used to dealing with radioactivity and they believe that conditions are worse than they thought. ”
      “In the words Gundersen, instead of minimizing the tragedy of the situation, the Japanese government would be well advised to minimize their exposure to more radiation.
      “As you might expect, day after day for nearly five months, the plant continues to reject substantial amounts of radioactivity as demonstrated here.
      “We now know that the radioactive pollution of Fukushima far exceeded the exclusion zone: 88 km south of the plant near Hitachi, the impact of cesium were measured at more than 50 000 and 160 Bq/m2 km south-southwest of the plant, Ishioka, the fallout of cesium are more than 48 000 Bq/m2. link
      “Many people are alarmed by this information are metered to measure themselves radioactivity.
      This link, you can follow the wanderings of one of them in a town 220 km from Fukushima, June 7, when he discovered on the floor 5.58 Sv. link
      In Tokyo, 32 million Japanese live without knowing for certain that the level of radioactivity was measured up to 1.36 Sv / h. link
      “About the “decontamination” of radioactive water, there is a substantial interval between promises and reality since the process “miraculous” Areva only seems to work on the basis of 35 hours per week, and the 24 July the machine was completely shutdown for 7 h. link
      For all these reasons, the “Project 47” is being set up: with the help of CRIIRAD, and many local associations, Wataru Iwata will be able to measure the radioactivity free in polluted areas. link
      “Rama C. Hoetzlein offers us an amazing animation showing all the items on time spent months in Japan in March 2011. link
      There are only 17 of 54 nuclear reactors still operating and the Japanese, now opposed to 70% in this energy demanding a dangerous zone expanded, and demand accountability. link
      In this video, Japanese citizens are addressed to Akira Sato, director of local nuclear emergency, obtaining only reaction as a magnificent “waffling.”
      “”Do not you think that the people of Fukushima, like other people have the right to escape to avoid being exposed to radioactivity? ”
      “The government tries to reduce the exposure rate as much as possible”
      -You do not answer the question!
      -As you say they would not have this right?
      -They have that right though, does not it? ”
      “I do not know if they have that right” (…)
      ‘Then you, yourself, you think you have no right to live a healthy life?
      -Answer me! (…)
      You mean that there is a difference in standard of exposure to radioactivity in Fukushima Prefecture and other prefectures for? ”
      “What I am saying is that the government has tried to minimize the exposure rate.”
      “You did not answer the question” Etc.
      Before the onslaught of unanswered questions, Akira Sato, eventually fleeing cowardly pursued by a citizen who asked in vain to analyze a bottle of urine.
      “So now the Japanese government has recently enacted a law that censors the Internet the bad news from Fukushima. link
      “But remove the thermometer will not stop the temperature rising.
      “In terms of the WHO (World Health Organization) is also the law of silence.
      “As explained Christophe Elain, a member of the collective “independentwho” on the antenna TV5 Monde: “WHO can not take any initiative on health and nuclear, and all information that could harm the development of nuclear past silent (…) any kind of decision that could be taken by the WHO and the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) must be taken by mutual agreement (…) and the IAEA has an opportunity to veto any statements of WHO. ” link
      Indeed, the IAEA is responsible for promoting civil nuclear activities and WHO which is normally in charge of Public Health has signed with the IAEA, in 1959 an agreement which provides that the two agencies “will act in close cooperation and consult regularly. ” link
      And, as everyone suspects, Japan is not the only affected by the disaster: Chernobyl since we know that a border does not stop the pollution.
      In the Princeton area, in Canada, significant levels were measured as evidenced by this video when it is discovered levels up to 0.79 mcSv / h.
      The physicist Chris Busby nuclear expert, said the consequences of the disaster Fukushima were largely undervalued in terms of health: it is estimated that in the next 50 years, there will be 200 000 cancer cases over Japan and that the benefits far exceed those of the accident at Chernobyl. link
      “Jeremy Rifkin has understood: nuclear died, it is urgent to turn the page and it is essential to listen to his arguments unanswerable, because it is really around the issue (link) and yet the Japanese government should remain insensitive to the pretty song of the anti-nuclear Japanese schoolgirls. link
      “For as often said my old friend Africa: “If you live in fear, you could see only half

      “This is a good summary of the situation in Japan nearly five months after the disaster … So from now on, we will not know anything is happening there, the Japanese authorities have passed legislation to blackout on bad news from Fukushima. As so well in this article, it is not hiding the thermometer that it will prevent the temperature rising. The entire Japanese population is taken hostage. And if this continues, the hostage will spread across the globe. Some point will have to respond if we want to get out.”

      Thank you Francine!
      Jo ^ ^
      Google translation of :

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      News from Fukushima and beyond 25 / 7

      “image from mdn.mainichi.jpD According to the bulletin of the French NHK Tepco would have replaced that night the desalination system of radioactive water as a result of a malfunction of the old unit, the new system that would work ‘up to half of its capacity so the water level radioactive stored in the basement would rise again: about 90,000 tons of water remain to be addressed. All of the decontamination unit was not working only 50% of its rated capacity before the new incident.

      “ The Mainichi Daily (English) date back to the early days of the accident in Fukushima-Daiichi evoking the utter panic that paralyzed government actors. And the crews of the JSDF (Japan Self-Defense Force) helicopter attempting to water reactors had been instructed when to intervene until the maximum dose of 500 image from mSv dose at which huamain the immune system begins to be destroyed. The Japanese government then returned to the maximum dose of 250 mSv, which is already very high. Prime Minister Naoto Kan had also requested that at least 50 workers are permanently on the site, even become a “suicidal response unit.” Mr Kan was concerned that the accident site was completely evacuated following the explosions of March 15, the “Americans do not take over directly.” Chaos reigned as complete as head of the Japanese government!

      “New appeal for help from the city of Minami-Soma, located 30 km from the accident site Fukushima-Daiichi. Mr. Koichi Ohyama, alderman of the city, invites you to read the extremely poor conditions surrounding a possible return of the people in this city was evacuated in April.

      “French translation of the call and other information are available on the blog in French Fukushima.

      “image from japanfocus.orgJapan Focus published an excellent well-documented paper (English) on health and working conditions very difficult “liquids” Fukushima. Against a background of extremely high ambient radioactivity, workers face problems stifling heat and dehydration, equipment respirators are often not suitable for simple hydration or food intake. Tyvek outfits so-called “breathable” do not seem suited to these conditions sweat and humidity. Very serious health problems can occur – and have already occurred in the past – in conditions of work as stressful.

      “And finally, a gross comments to conclude this news: According to Kyodo News, in 2009, 72% of the funding of the LDP, the main opposition Conservative Japanese, depended on the willingness of power companies, mainly from donations by their leaders.

      “METI had expected the worst in Japan: Melt-through

      “The Japanese Ministry of Industry had provided the type of accident in Fukushima met: The loss of cooling systems, the creation of the corium and the construction of two vessels by the latter. The reactor in question is a GE Mk1 similar to Unit 1 of Fukushima Daiichi.

      “Analysis of the video:

      “1’20: The pipe breaks, the water level starts to drop into the tank VPN (m = time 0)

      “1’40: The fuel rods are fully exposed

      “2’00: After 30 minutes (30 m), the heat increases, the fuel rods melt and agglomerate at the intermediate floor control rods

      “2’10: The corium is formed in the bottom of the tank VPN (m +60)

      “2’25: The main tank of 17cm thickness is attacked by the corium increased to 3000 ° C

      “2’35: The tank is pierced VPN, the corium starts to flow (180 m) or 3 hours after the loss of reactor coolant

      “3’00: The corium spread on the concrete (the floor) he quickly begins to vaporize

      “3’40: Corium Concrete Interaction (MCCI) to generate heat, gases, the pressure in the tank secondary containment (the bulb) the need to evacuate

      “3’55: A vent is opened (it has malfunctioned in Fukushima) which is supposed to lead the highly radioactive gas through the reactor building to the fire

      “4’35: A sign announces that the authorities will do everything they can to make this kind of “extreme incident” never happens and that everyone living near a nuclear plant can sleep peacefully!

      “Note 1: The Japanese government knew perfectly what was happening since he has taken the trouble to produce this animation that provides the worst case scenario: The melt-through

      “Note 2: The video covers many of the “evacuation” of gas to the outside to avoid an explosion – which was also completely messed up in the accident Fukushima – but says nothing more about this that becomes the corium after piercing the concrete … The molten fuel is totally out of control when he has left the main vessel and continue to dig vertically to … Some time …

      “Kumiko’s blog thank you to former SKF This discovery edifying. It must be noted that the authorities and at all levels deliberately downplay the scope of this accident so as not to panic a little population already hit by the disaster multiple of 11 March 2011.”

      Google translation of :

    • Anne the link is not working and I would like to see the article.

      can you please re-post the link???

      thank you!!!

  • StillJill StillJill

    It is written: Fear NOT he who can kill the body,…fear Him who after the body dies can kill the soul also.

    They are shutting down Japan,…stay in place orders are as well as issued. The doors to the ark are shutting as well.

  • SteveMT

    MOX flys with a hotter stick than the other Fukushima reactors. Review of MOX.

    The use of MOX fuel has several problems. A few are:

    1. Different enrichment levels of plutonium and uranium lead to peak burn-ups, which cause weakening of the fuel rods.
    2. A principal limiting factor for the share of MOX in the core and the percentage of plutonium in MOX fuel is the substantially higher release of fission gas within MOX fuel rods than in uranium fuel, which increases sharply with burn-up.
    3. MOX fuel is “hotter” than uranium fuel at equivalent power.
    4. High local burn-up, sometimes more than three times average burn-up, due to the heterogeneous microstructure of MOX fuel, which yields clumps with high plutonium concentration.
    6. The higher energy of the neutron spectrum of MOX increases the rate of radiation damage to the core structures. This could cause the reactor vessel to become brittle in the end, which is another factor for safety concerns.
    7. Light Water Reactors are designed to use low-enriched uranium fuel. Reactors need to be adapted to use MOX. There are specific problems concerning the safe operation of MOX facilities and reactors using MOX. Accidents will have more impact due to more actinides.

  • theypoisonus

    As stated in another post yesterday late, I read a number of articles in numerous places yesterday, so the source of the release and steam illude me today.

    Fuki is releasing iodine,cesium, constantly, you cannot see it in the daytime, but that is the steam seen at night when temps cool and they add more water.

    Depending on which way the wind blows they get it. This is like watching the slowest moving horror film ever made.

    That is why I have to walk away and go scrub some floors or read a ‘hard’ book to ‘forget’ this horror for awhile.

    Bottom line to me is the ‘blame game’ {not necessarily liking that term} can be spread far and wide, but there are just too many entities involved, starting with the whole concept long ago that JFK and Kruschev(sp) were trying to collaborate on before his assasination, as they both saw eye to eye the ramifications there of.

    JFK was totally against nuclear, which more than one book about his assasiantion brings out.

    After his “timely death”, the PTB behind it who wanted nuclear, among many other things, like the continuation of the FED, got in control and voila ! here we are today, watching the slo-mo daily of melt down. 🙁

    I read and read and there isn’t a good solution it seems, there are better ones, and worse ones, but NONE are even close to good. 🙁

  • Mark

    Thanks Anne for the informative posts. Of course its the Mox reactor that they are having problems with. News footage includes stock pictures of plant and what appears to be demonstration video of robot. Censorship is already happening. Tepco won’t release actual video of operation.

    Anyone seen the video IAEA’s Chief Amano Does Fukushima I Plant Tour? originally posted by M.Curie in discussion thread. Scroll down the page to find that video

    Watch it and you get as close a view as what you will see of a plant struck by an earthquake tsunami and multiple explosions. What a mess!

    Three wrecks of nuclear reactors requiring 345 tons of water everyday and what is daily leaking into ground and then ocean? A ton? How much is laced with plutonium?

    Myself and others have compared Chernobyl and what the Russians did to Fukashima mess and what Tepco is doing. Who knows? Perhaps in this case they couldn’t bury it as they need to cool it. I don’t know but it seems the Communist way was more efficient as not needing to answer to shareholders. Japanese Government maintaining arms length approach with PR damage control, like an arm of Tepco. Writing is on the wall if a disaster like this happens in USA, Oh Bum Ah will call National Security and that will be that. My esteemed Prime Minister Stephan Harper won’t even let fish scientist speak her mind. Canadian nuclear scientists must have gold plated muzzles for sure.

    Censorship is alive and well in the land of the free.

    But the truth will get out.

    Good thing is we still have internet, cell phones blackberrys etc. I have witnessed public stonings in Iran through the internet so I doubt any censorship will work well in Japan. Just make people more wary of MSM. Still I think anyone waiting for government to act are still hypnotized by the MSM dream machine. More and more I see Government and by that I mean all western government as agents for big business. Always big business getting tax breaks little guy seems poorer and poorer. Grew up in the 60’s and remember my blue collar subdivision I grew up in where most Mums stayed at home. Daddy could buy a car and pay mortgage, two incomes were not needed for a family to live in a house. Today we are on an economic hamster wheel. Nobody has time to deal with any political issues. Both parents working, too tired to cook, take the kids to McDonalds for nuke burgers…….

    Canada has radiation detectors. But data not being published. We the people have to take control. Why not boycott Japanese goods? Might be hard on average Japanese but how else to let powers that be know this is unacceptable? They are releasing large amounts of radiation into the air and water. No studies to say this won’t affect North America just baseless reassurances.

    As time goes by the crisis in Japan gets worse as we get reports of radio-active food, radiation detected outside of evacuation zone and ongoing reports such as headline I am responding to of more setbacks and technical problems to Tepco’s “roadmap” (to disaster?)

    See how Japanese government is treating its people in this “free and democratic” society USA helped build after WW2. Don’t expect anything different from Oh Bum Ah or Harper.

    I say time to boycott Japan and maybe others will realize Nuclear Power doesn’t make economic sense. I was going to buy a Honda (love those cars) but I am going to research other models for sure. God Bless Everyone!

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      What you say is the truth. I, too, will boycott Japanese products. I have owned a Honda auto, two different Toshiba PCs and Japanese made televisions. These things are radioactive now and we must not purchase them again.

      It is surreal that we do not know the composition of the radioactivity to which we are being subjected. Who would have believed that our government could be so callous as to keep us in the dark on this when our children’s/grandchildren’s lives depends upon having the correct knowledge?

      And, finally, what do we do with those whose salaries we support with our taxes who act so consistently against our best interests?

      Treason? Absolutely!

      • WindorSolarPlease

        Quote: I have owned a Honda auto

        We only have purchased, made in US cars.
        However, even with the US cars and other US products, where do you think they get most of the parts from.

        Hardly anything is totally made here, especially if it contains working parts.

        Not sure it will matter if you get things from Japan, we’ll probably be radiated eventually just like they are.

        • Mark

          In fact I do believe most Honda’s sold in North America are made in a plant located in Canada or a plant located in US. Boycotting Honda would ironically lose us jobs. My idea of boycotting Japanese is more political. Show everyone else that there are consequences for this type of international pollution.

          • WindorSolarPlease

            Hi Mark,

            I’m not saying to boycott Honda.

            My point was that:

            even with the US cars and other US products, where do you think they get most of the parts from.

            Also that:

            Not sure it will matter if you get things from Japan, we’ll probably be radiated eventually just like they are.

          • WindorSolarPlease

            Quote: Show everyone else that there are consequences for this type of international pollution.

            Maybe you can do that with a few things, but over all our products that have working parts are not usually made in the US.

            There is no way getting around not having our products have imported things in it, even if it is from Japan.

            I don’t think they list where every part is made from.

          • Mark

            Yeah like Canada everything comes to you in a container from China. Both our countries basically ship jobs overseas but that is another discussion.

            I say boycott Japan as a symbolic gesture to show anger over the nuclear pollution they are causing. Obviously they don’t care about our children judging by the way they treat their children but maybe hitting them in their pocket book is the only thing they do understand.

          • WindorSolarPlease

            Good Luck with that Mark.
            Not sure you will get a list of where the working parts come from, so you can boycott those items.
            Maybe your tags on things are different than ours.

            BTW. Canada is beautiful, sorry that you are also getting layers of radiation.

          • Mark

            Sure Canada is beautiful but not because we do anything right. Canada has roughly same amount of people as the Tokyo Metropolis. We have a huge back yard to poop in! Our government certainly is not measuring radiation at least they won’t report it to me! Canada is run by the same shady group of behind the scenes crooks er I mean business people that USA Europe and Japan are run by. We have the busiest highway in North America, the 401 and the second most industrialized area in North America along Lake Ontario near Toronto. Add our uranium exports, oil sands projects and our failure to ratify Kyoto, we are not really acting in any moral way.

            The international business community acts for themselves without borders. I believe we have to vote with our wallets if we want change.

          • WindorSolarPlease

            As you already know, there is censorship in reporting radiation stats, and our media is not reporting like it should here in the US also.

            This is off the topic, but I’m curious can you tell me if your health care in Canada is working out for the people? We have the insurance company’s who sell insurance, that most people can’t afford to get.

          • Mark

            Our health care should be working out for the people but the right wing government is running it in the ground. Other factors are an aging population taxing the system. In my opinion top heavy bureaucrats bleeding the system and making bad decisions also account for inefficiencies.

            Main advantage is that a doctor will order whatever tests deemed necessary without insurance adjustor refusing to pay. Nobody has no insurance and nobody loses everything due to having a heart attack while in between jobs.

            I’m generally healthy but when I need to see a doctor I see a doctor and I have never had to worry about paying for it. See the doc everyday if you want.

            Never experienced any other countries health care but my Dad had a couple of heart surgeries which in of them selves are enough stress can’t imagine if you were worried about how much it was all going to cost. So I think really what we have up here in terms of health care is pretty good.

            In Canada, big push from the right to privatize everything. They say its more efficient. Not sure about that. One big company will buy say 100 trucks and tender bids. They will get a better price on those trucks then 20 small companies buying five trucks each.

            I really don’t trust your President. Don’t know the details but I don’t think his brand of healthcare is what we have up here.

          • WindorSolarPlease

            Not having to worry about how to pay for health care sounds wonderful. Do you have to wait to get into the hospitals and can you pick your doctors?

            Our health bill has some good things in it. Something’s in it, not so good.
            We still need to have the insurance. Not sure how anyone can afford it.

            Corporations may spend freely to support or oppose candidates for President and Congress.

            This is why some officials work for the corporations instead of, For The People.

          • WindorSolarPlease

            I think we all should have medical care available to everyone, especially since with the probability of problems, because of radiation.

          • Mark

            I hear there are wait lists for some operations and tests. Takes months to see a specialist. Some MD’s aren’t taking new patients. But you are free to go to any doctor you want. Its not a perfect system but I believe its better then US system. If your sick you see a doctor rich or poor.

            Your system and my system both are corrupt. My feeling is that all major decisions are made at some ritzy golf course or on somebodies yacht. The decisions made are explained well enough in the drama/soap opera called government but actually hinge on the size of the brief-case filled with unmarked bills.

            The international conspiracy of under-reporting Fukushima to me is clear evidence that these crooks are working outside of the borders of countries.

            No logical explanation for my gov and yours to be colluding with Japan gov by not reporting radiation data. No logical explanation for us but to them it all makes perfect sense.

          • WindorSolarPlease

            There hasn’t been radiation data or news from the media.

            People still think it can’t reach here.

  • mikael

    I am certain that this has dawned in the Japanes gov. and they are downplaying it.
    That leavs the People of Japan to deside what to do.
    This is treason, in every consivable way.
    If you are going to se your children safe and their future certain, no matter where, just not where you are right now. The Black rain over Tokyo the first week, was a faar more evil wind then the death that hitt Japan decades ago.
    This is the real deal.
    Time have becomed a mercyless oponent. Time is only responible of it self, but you are loosing theis race, and the future is nothing else that grim,
    a nightmare.

    You have to break the ilusion this aparent “reality” is, that ilution is fals and that ilution is going to kill. Its only going to be wurse.
    Its becomed a matter of life and deth, to be honest. Beyound any Face. They lied to you and forced you to stay in a world that is deadly, with no means to escape.
    What is there left of crimes to do, they have done it already.

    The only way to make the gov. and the world tp wake up is to start to walk away, go to where its temporary safe. The only option you realy have, we all know that by now. Force them to take mesures and provid safty.
    Thats someting they cant hide.

    “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”
    — Martin Luther King Jr.

    • Misitu

      Thanks Mikael. Passionate, eloquent, in my ears exactly the right tone of emotion for this drastic calamity.

    • Clocka

      After Oda Nobunaga, the Japanese peasant just obeys whatever orders.

      Whole regions got eliminated for a real or perceived threat, like the region of Shimabara for practicing Catholicism during the 17th century.

      Until the Emperor himself told the military to lay down the arms, Japan was going to continue a doomed war effort on 1945, after getting two nukes.

      The only person who will be able to convince the Japanese from slumber is the Emperor, and I don’t see any sign of him anywhere, other than a visit to a refugee camp after the quake.

      • Darth

        The Emperor and his family moved out of Tokyo to the very south part of Japan – at least that is what was mentioned in April I believe.

  • Mark

    And in regard to censorship I am re-posting this link a forecast of radiation plume from Fukashima.

    If you watch it please note how plume is heading south to Tokyo just before it cuts out. Don’t know why they are discontinuing this forecast as plume heads toward 35 million people……

  • Mark

    Oh gif is different to last night. Saved it last night and red area of plume heads right near Tokyo but today plume is different. Updated forcast?

    • Darth

      We all know why they are discontinuing these weather animations of the plume – it’s because the winds are more and more heading South as summer weather intensifies.

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    “other problems” Seems to be lots of that going around….

  • Sickputer

    Darth typed these pixels:
    >The Emperor and his family moved out of Tokyo to the very south part of Japan – at least that is what was mentioned in April I believe.

    The Emperor and his lovely wife are much closer now…right next to Fukushima: Tochigi Prefecture

    The crown prince and his wife and some of the other relatives have been to England and Germany, but what else is new for royalty…look at Prince William and his new bride. They jetset quite a bit. Must be nice while the rest of us work for a living. *;-)

  • Several months back a number of us here gave toughs to the idea that the curium may burn deep enough to start a lava flow, covering the area, seems there are others that see this possibility as well with twist !

    Japanese scientists worry March 9.0 earthquake may unleash volcanic nightmare

    TOKYO – It is not unusual for dormant volcanoes to erupt several months or years after a great earthquake. But is there a causal relationship between massive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions? Will the Great East Japan Earthquake affect volcanoes in this country? Researchers have been trying to answer these questions. Two days after a magnitude-9.5 earthquake struck …