“Reactor Rupture”: TEPCO says “there must be a large leak” in No. 1 reactor — Reveals No. 2 and 3 may have similar ruptures

Published: May 12th, 2011 at 1:16 pm ET


Reactor Rupture Could Slow Japan Plant Stabilization, National Journal’s Global Security Newswire, May 12, 2011:

“There must be a large leak,” Tokyo Electric Power official Junichi Matsumoto said to reporters on Thursday. “The fuel pellets likely melted and fell, and in the process may have damaged … the pressure vessel itself and created a hole,” he said. […]

Similar ruptures might have developed in the plant’s No. 2 and No. 3 reactors if their nuclear material had heated to the point of losing its structure, Reuters quoted Matsumoto as saying. […]

Published: May 12th, 2011 at 1:16 pm ET


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22 comments to “Reactor Rupture”: TEPCO says “there must be a large leak” in No. 1 reactor — Reveals No. 2 and 3 may have similar ruptures

  • radegan

    NOW THEY TELL THE TRUTH – 3 FULL MELTDOWNS THAT HAVE MELTED THRU THE CONTAINMENT !! If we ever wanted to know what would really happen in the China Syndrome – it’s coming soon to a theater near you.

  • Pat b

    No, it’s coming to your neighborhood

  • SteveMT

    A “rupture” is a new term for describing a nuclear accident. What caused the rupture? Did the exposed reactor cores rupture the reactor vessels? If this is the cause, then we have a meltdown situation. A rose by any other name or lipstick on a pig does nothing except make people even more outraged by this sort of Newspeak.

  • radegan

    Here’s the thing, folks. Long before the 3 Blobs hit groundwater, they will fall into pools of escaped cooling water that is very, very radioactive and that will send up steam much more radioactive than the blob hitting pure ground water. But at least we’ll get it all dried out under there thru heat evaporation. Now what happens to steam, how high does it rise?

  • DuckNCover

    The reactor has received just under 10,400 metric tons of water to date, and the destination of the escaping fluid was uncertain, he said, adding powerful radioactivity complicated a possible direct inspection of the area by plant personnel. So lets see- 10,400 metric tons X 264.17 gal/metric ton = [they have lost track of]
    2,747,368 gal of radioactive water…



    • Atlantis

      R4 is not leaning. it is diving/digging. just watch roof inclination. water into ground+heat = quicksand like soil. add an heavy structure on it and …

      just like I said in comment few day before.

      next steps : heatwave metting underround water. either it is a non leaking water lens and u’ll have flash vaporisation and whole corium buring/micronising into the air, either it is a partialy leaking water lens, leading to some geiser around, either it is an underground river u’ll have full radiactivity (tons of plutonium) right into the ocean, burning all life in it for good)

  • Reggie

    My lay but uncontradicted opinion is that what happened with reactor #2 early on was a full meltdown with the critical MOX lava hitting groundwater, blowing the reactor’s stainless steel pressure vessel through the roof while sending all of the core and possibly much of the pool of spent rods sky high. It was more than a brief hydrogen explosion which could only express its force radially; this was also a powerful steam explosion directing most of its force vertically. All of the behavior of #2 is consistent with a full meltdown hitting groundwater.

    • extra knight

      yes. there is no one here with a brain that believes those were “small scale” hydrogen explosion, in fact just looking at the damage caused clearly shows this cannot be the case. in case you were wondering there are anywhere from 120,000 to 600,000 fuel rods combined at the various spent fuel rod storage pools.

  • Moco

    What a sick world we helped to create.

    This totally unbelievable. Are they going to wait til we are already radiatated?
    All these years of watching the destruction of america with fiat debt, knowing it was not getting better, and this shit rears it’s ugly head up.
    And being tired of warning people about what’s coming. My neighbors went to visit the alabam gulf coast 2 weeks ago. They said the beach was not as clean as they remembered, a few years back.
    I wanted to mow, and change oil etc and all I want to do is drink beer and say FUCK!.

    • extra knight

      at least you are aware of the possibilities.

    • isthistheend

      “This totally unbelievable. Are they going to wait til we are already radiatated?”

      i’m afraid that may be the plan

      “My neighbors went to visit the alabam gulf coast 2 weeks ago.”

      that’s asking for problems

      “I wanted to mow, ”

      wear a mask to keep from breathing particles flying from mower blade

  • Sam

    humpty dumpty sat on a wall and had a great fall and nobody could
    put him back together again.

    rage and rage against the dying of the light!
    who hears us?

    it is all safe now, the 3 reactors have had meltdown and two
    big explosions. Why worry; it is all around us but invisible.
    Keep the fraudulent economy going. Go out and max the credit

    time for some dark humor if it was not so tragic.

  • Just sent this email to my Representative and 2 Senators “followup to my email of a few days ago. When my kids & grandkids, along with yours, sicken & die from radiation sickness, I’ll promise to attend their funerals if you will do the same for me?”

  • Anthony

    If they cant stop one reactor from going full meltdown, then how can they believe they can handle three of them simultaneously? Having too much pride often manifests as not seeming to know when to throw in the towel, doesn’t it?

    • isthistheend

      like not wanting to admit you’re wrong after making a wrong turn, so keep getting more lost

  • Andy

    So all three reactors are melting down and the politicians even when caught out lying don’t apologise but keep on lying. None of this is ok. Is there some way we can send these lying politicians to Fukushima, I wonder if they will keep lying then?