Real severe problem cooling Unit No. 3 reactor — Hydrogen explosion possible (VIDEO)

Published: May 13th, 2011 at 9:50 am ET


Fukushima – One Step Forward and Four Steps Back as Each Unit Challenged by New Problems, Fairewinds Associates, May 13, 2011:

Transcript Summary

  • 3:45 Real severe problem cooling Unit No. 3 reactor — Hydrogen explosion possible
  • 6:00 TEPCO acknowledges Unit No. 4 is leaning, tilting at the top — could collapse with aftershock
  • 8:30 All 3 nuclear containments are leaking
  • 9:45 Site has sunk by at least a foot, means concrete has cracked


Published: May 13th, 2011 at 9:50 am ET


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25 comments to Real severe problem cooling Unit No. 3 reactor — Hydrogen explosion possible (VIDEO)

  • ocifferdave

    If or when Fukushima crisis gets worse (ie a rather large explosion, bigger than ever), would any of you move from the West Coast (I live there)? To where? What other state or country would you move to? I like New Zealand. I’ll move to Hobbiton in a heart beat. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • FYI

      The immigration policies for New Zealand are very strict.

      You have to either have a job waiting for you; have a skill they are in need of; or you can come in as an investor but you’ll need to have at least ยฝ million dollars. You have to fill out paperwork and it can take months. It’s possible you’ll need to pass a health exam. It’s not like the U.S. where you can just traipse in.

  • radegan

    Not to worry, they’re erecting big tents around each reactor – some poor circus will just have to do without. Meanwhile, the busy Japanese government has been hard at work on a solution —

    “Meanwhile, the government announced a comprehensive plan to rescue TEPCO and fund compensation claims that are expected to total more than $30 billion.”

    Not a solution to TEPCO’s bungling mind you, just a way to save them and force the costs of this mess on the taxpayers. Hmmm…..sounds familiar.

    • xdrfox

      Why do I feel this is going to cause huge uptick in cost in our rates for electric here ?

      • Lill

        would fit withe established and current pattern of things, wouldn’t it?

        when all else fails, punt!! = raise costs to the sheeples. that’s an economic recovery plan, now isn’t it? yes, i’m aiming sarcasm straight at these greedy flimflam architects.

        (add extra dashes of sarcasm to taste, but cautiously; a high sarcasm-diet may elevate blood pressure, lol)

  • Maps I have seen seem to look BEST for Australia, Brazil, and south Africa. What do others think seems the ‘safer’? Not that I, a west coaster, can move. But, I guess like a stupid rat in a bowl of rising water,…I might have enough brain cells left,…or genetic ‘problem solving’ skills avail,…., to CRAWL out of the bowl????

    Hey, a girl can HOPE, Yes? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • radegan

      Montevideo is nice. And Uruguay is the most progressive of the South American governments. Reasonable rents, too. Better hurry.

  • Thanks for the tip–will look into them!

    Hurry often involves some panic–and that’s when mistakes are made-IMO. Hurry, if I was trying to avoid ANY irradiation,…I gave THAT up weeks ago! I’m into mediating the damage-at this point. A move may well HAVE to happen,…if I had a savings I WOULD move. I do not.

    God will have to carry this Ol’e Gal some–I believe He’s up to the task!


  • Anthony

    So with this unfolding the direction it is, based only on the facts, there is only one outcome. They will lose complete control of this nuclear monster of a situation. I am not feeling pessimistic or doom & gloom either, just savoring the reality today. Given the amount of further waste that will be also released when is the right time to get out of the path here on West Coast? I can’t see how the Pacific will recover in our lifetime. They don’t have enough fresh water to keep up, once it is a rubble heap, why would they pour water on it and pollute more? My concept of life feels very skewed today in terms of the future.

  • Well, I’m a couple bucks shy of that cool half-mil,..Sorry. I guess New Zealand won’t get me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • WANTED: New Zealand Man to take a U.S. Bride.
    Fat, bald, underachievers wanted. Slightly used woman wants big strong New Zealand Husband,…O.K., ‘moderately used woman’, but can cook,…. Oh yeah,…will fuk for food! NOT

    • Poor Daddy

      Good Morning, Jill!
      Thanks for the chuckles, but seriously, if he has a sister, let me know.

  • I’m afraid “Mad Hatters” has struck me here in Northern Ca. Too much mercury perhaps–I’ve gone over the bend!:-)

  • Hellonearthhaiku

    In the dark I could pass for Maori. Would that do? Cooking skills not necessary, I make a lovely stew with white chick thighs and chili peppers.

  • Ian

    Arnie has been a great resource for us.

    I think Jill M. Clarkson needs to be banned. She is filling the messages with spam.

  • Heart of the Rose

    There is another player to be taken into consideration.
    They were invited to the BP genocide party.
    The Mossad.
    Around then around now.

  • Heart of the Rose

    Like the Vatican , I hear they have great assasins.

  • Heart of the Rose

    ..or maybe they use the same

  • Tricky Dick

    Only:”a real severe problem”???

  • Thanks Ian–Love you too friend!

  • rainy days worse than ever

    Seriously, I hope some of you out West will move. Domestically, places like South Carolina have been tested for radiation in about 4-5 towns–Nothing detected. It’s a nice place, very sweet people, low cost of living, and the job market may be improving faster than CA or OR, from what I’ve read…I’m sure they’ll get some I-131, but they’re just not facing the firing squad of Plutonium, Uranium, etc. Southern/East TX is holding up well, too…Or check out the US Virgin Islands??? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sometimes crises require drastic measures.

    • rainy days worse than ever

      p.s. the cost of living in SC or TX is very cheap compared to CA.

    • Major Domo

      I believe that it’s a common misconception that the West Coast is the front line ‘facing the firing squad’, and that anywhere further East in the U.S. or Canada is therefore much safer. From what I can see, from researching all the monitoring data over the last couple of months, becoming an armchair nuclear physicist, and meteorologist in the process, educating myself to learn about radiation fallout, how the Jet Stream works, etc., I’ve come up with my own opinions, based on my own, perhaps unscientific observations and speculation… and I could be totally wrong. But… it seems to me that any radioactive isotopes or particles carried that far across the wide Pacific ocean, will be carried very high in the atmosphere. I believe that because of that great distance, the majority will not make it across the ocean, brought down by rain and weather patterns. This would likely include the heaviest (and most dangerous) radioactive elements. So long Pacific Ocean, nice knowing you!

      Any radioactive particles that successfully traverse the Pacific in the Jet Stream will be high enough when reaching the West coast, that they will continue OVER the Rocky Mountains, then be swept down to lower altitudes East of the Rockies. To me, this area is the front line in North America, not the West coast. The radiation monitoring that the Government HAD been regularly monitoring and updating until recently, seemed to correspond with this hypothesis, with highest levels being recorded in those locales. Some radioactive particles will continue in the upper atmosphere, journeying further, to the East coast, and right across the Atlantic to Europe, dissipating the further it travels, corresponding to the usual rain and weather patterns it encounters along the way. It’s true that radioactive particles from Fukushima has been recorded in Europe, as far back as March. So it’s not stopping on the West coast. What make be true, is that there are higher concentrations of radioactive particles in rain on the West coast, than the East coast. But the longer this goes on, radioactive particles from Fukushima will continue riding the Jet Stream, and circling the globe many times over, until eventually, the entire Northern hemisphere is equally saturated. In the mean time, it will begin an uninterrupted march into the Southern hemisphere, until there is only one place left to run. Antarctica. Like I said, I could be wrong. As much as I’ve researched this, I make no claims to be an authority. It’s my own personal speculation. End disclaimer.

  • Thank you VERY much rainy day! I had a friend in S. Carolina I’d forgotten about. Great food for thought. And, you’re right, Texas does look O.K., fallout wise,…but???? Fires, floods and illegal entry one’s, etc,…