Vancouver, Canada radiation tests show iodine-131 in rainwater at almost 100 times above US drinking water limit

Published: April 8th, 2011 at 8:20 am ET


Radiation from Japan reaches B.C. shores, Simon Fraser University Media Release:

… The jet stream is carrying the radiation from Japan to North America. Most of the radioactivity disperses in the atmosphere and falls over the Pacific Ocean on its way over, but some of it has now reached the west coast, falling down with rain, and mixing with seawater. It’s also accumulating in seaweed.

The rainwater tested was collected at SFU’s campus on Burnaby Mountain and in downtown Vancouver, while seaweed samples were collected in North Vancouver near the Seabus terminal. Researchers began monitoring rainwater earlier this month but did not see the signature for iodine-131 in samples taken March 16 and March 18. However, they did detect the radioisotope’s signature in samples from March 19, 20 and 25.

Here are the results from the tests (measured in decays of iodine-131 per second per litre of rainwater – Bq/l):

* March 18: 0 (2) Bq/l
* March 19: 9 (2) Bq/l
* March 20: 12 (2) Bq/l
* March 25: 11 (2) Bq/l

Read the press release here.

Rainwater tests results from Vancouver, CA:

Read the test results here.

11 Bq/L is equal to 297.3 picocuries per liter. (Conversion calculator here)

The federal drinking water standard for Iodine-131 is 3 pCi/L. (Press Release)

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry for Iodine, CDC, April 2004:

EPA has set an average annual drinking water limit of 3 pCi/L for Iodine-131 so the public radiation dose will not exceed 4 millirem

Published: April 8th, 2011 at 8:20 am ET


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31 comments to Vancouver, Canada radiation tests show iodine-131 in rainwater at almost 100 times above US drinking water limit

  • xdrfox

    EU cuts acceptable levels

    EU cuts allowable radioactivity in Japanese food BRUSSELS – The European Union is lowering the maximum acceptable levels of certain
    radioactive elements in food and animal feed imported from some areas of Japan to conform with temporary levels imposed in that country.

    The European Commission said all checks so far by member countries “demonstrate negligible levels of radioactivity,” significantly below existing standards….

  • thought you all might find these useful for parsing radiation data. i did: Fukushima Nuclear Crisis: Useful Links

  • I hope they are treating their water before they use it to drink or cook with. Cesium and Iodine 131 are highly toxic to the human body, especially for children.

    • how do you know this toy takes plutonium, uranium and such out of water? good times to sell any “remedy: but there aren’t any besides the iodine, goo=d only for iodine isotopes only in the thyroid, nowhere else = the ignorance the nuclear lobby have programmed us into is stupefying and debilitating

  • BB

    Well I don’t know what I been told
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    On the other hand done heard it said
    It’s just as hard with the weight of lead

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    • mlt

      I love you guys that help us learn about the TRUTH.I love Jerry Garcias music also…thanks for this website, you are a GOD send…Keep up with the truth….
      lol from Sacramento.

      I got yellow rain on myself and my car in Sacramento and feel a sunburn and I havent been out in the sun…..I had face blisters, now I hide from the outside..and it SUCKS…………

      The Wheel

      The wheel is turning and you can’t slow down,
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      Is organic food, now in California have all Japan radiation on it….just say YES, it does….wheres my bunker USA?

  • Ricardo

    The iodine-131 daily limit is determined by a liberal estimate of how much iodine-131 you’d have to drink everyday for a year (from the noted CDC reference) to increase your rate of cancer a miniscule (but statistically significant amount). Hence, you’d have to drink more than three-days worth of water from this tainted rainwater (straight! not tap water which would be extremely diluted) for it to have that tiny affect.

    ps living within 50km of a coal-fired electrical plant results in an equivalent increase risk of cancer.

    • Well, then neither coal nor nucear, are we running out of sun, wind, heothermal, tides and streams?
      It’s lame for the nuclear industry to brag about its benefits by comparing the fatalities involved with another industry in the hands of like fellows, funded by the same banksters via usury to the gov’ts.

  • Are any of you in denial?

    The same government and media who lied to you about WTC7 is telling you:

    “negligible levels of radioactivity”.

    WAKE UP!

  • stylin

    you need to drink over 230 Litres of Rainwater @ 12BQ/L to equal the radiation you’re exposed to when taking a flight from San Francisco to D.C.

    real shoddy scare tactic here… find something else to write about

    here UC Berkley Dpt. of Nuclear Engineering

    • jim

      That is the BS the nuclear industry and government wants you to believe. The radiation you get from the sun, flying in an airplane and watching TV, is electromagnetic radiation, x rays, and cozmic radiation, not deadly nuclear radiation caused by Cesium-137 & Strontium-90…Go ahead and keep believing the government and corporations, why would they ever lie to you?

      • Richard

        There are only three types of nuclear radiation: alpha, beta, and gamma. All sources of radiation – from the sun to your glow-in-the-dark wristwatch – produce one of these three types. Cesium-137 and Strontium-90 produce beta particles when they decay, which are essentially fast-moving electrons. If you have an older TV, it also uses high-energy beams of fast-moving electrons to produce the image on the screen.

    • Stylin, maybe I woud listen if you were “Nuclear medicine” but from FAQ on your website… God help us, protect us from nuclear physicists, PLEASE!!!

  • Tom

    Stop with the conspiracy theories, wow you people are paranoid! Educate yourselves on the dangers, get books and research the heatlh effects of the radionuclides emitted.
    Go to your local library or buy some books on amazon.
    Yes radionuclides are dangerous, but honestly at the levels reaching the American continent, you do not need to worry right now. The quantities reaching you really are miniscule, and the quantities will be on the decrease from now on due to the decrease in radioisotopes being emitted from Japan-(the emissions peaked a few weeks ago, and what your seeing now is the arrival of this release).
    This decline will continue, unless of course there is another large release, which for the health of the Japanese, I hope won’t happen.

    You should be most concerned with the radioisotopes: Cesium-137 and Strontium-90 most of all, and not so much with: Xenon-131 and Iodine-131.
    Since Thyroid cancer has the highest survival rate of of all cancers 90+%

    If you all want something to seriously worry about, then start looking into the tons of Mercury emitted ANNUALLY by each an every coal fired power plant within the US.

    This EPA website confirms my statement.

    I could see how some of you paranoid people might now be thinking-”That’s exactly like the sort of thing the nuclear industry would say!”

    So before you ask, here’s how it is-I don’t work for anyone, I’m an unemployed Irish student with too much time on my hands, who should stop procrasinating and start studying for my exams.


    • Tom don’t be another clown, pls.
      I worry most about the ones you guys and EPA “can’t” detect with your gear, or send the gear to “repairs” when it shows plutonium, uranium and other nuclear honey, deadly if inhaled. Go to Daiichi sanatorium, please, humanity doesn’t need eugenists like yourself. Sellafield would do, too…

  • John

    Can’t you all see that “WARLOC” is just a plant. He’s there to press misinformation into the public. No sane person really believes that a little radiation is “good” for you, or that a little is “OK.”
    We can not rely on “Gov’t” testing. There really is no Government…we’re on our own!

  • Trout

    You go on and tell me all those million dollar experts didn’t know what was coming weeks before it got here. Go on and tell me the election of candidates and the media coverage of it didn’t get in the way of scientific facts being spread by people who knew what the outcomes had to be. That the Canadian armed forces is in Afghanistan to chase down bad guy cave dweller 9/11 master mind Bin Laden and accidentally stayed 10 years
    It is miniscule — low levels , safe.Just like the mercury in Tuna and the fluoride in the water — low levels Does it ever occur to the experts heavy metals and radiation are culmative in nature. You don’t compare the cell phone radiation and the radioactive particles in water You add them together …. just like your supposed to do with world events . Poison in the pop poison in the air radiation in the water mercury in the fish But don’t worry its safe and low level Less than a chest x ray. Tell me how long your doctor recommends you stand in one for as he hides behind his lead apron and cement wall ?

  • Check out archives of Cleveland Plain Dealer articles.Ten years ago,down wind from Davis-Besse{Oak Harbor} I would smell an acid odor.Two years later a hole in the roof was discover.Later,power plant was shut for two years to replace highly specialize roof.Perry Nuclear plant also has constant problems.Nightmare ready too happen

  • Nick

    These radioactive particles that are in the rain/snow affect more than just our drinking water. They get on/in our plants and soil. When animals eat plants, eg cows chickens, that gets into their systems and then we consume more radioactive material. Eggs, milk, home gardens, are just some of the items that can increase our exposure. Even cutting the lawn and bagging the grass increases contact levels. Walking or being outside during a rain or snow storm can increase exposure. Most of the precipitation will occur over land, thus most of the radiation will occur on the west coast and decrease as it moves east. Ir this isn’t bad enough the ocean will carry radioctive material as well to the west coast too with the currents. All this increased exposure to radioactivity increases your risk of cancer. Oh and no one has even mentioned Plutonium, which is the deadliest radioactive particle. Just .000001 (one millionth)of a gram of Plutonium is lethal.

  • l coro

    What strikes me is that there is nothing we can do about it.

  • Terri

    We just found out that the levels of radiation the Japan reported was wrong. It was 6.9 and not 0.69 so it’s ten times worse. We hear very little about this in our main media. I watch the news daily and it’s all about the royal wedding, nothing about is our milk, cream, water safe! The elders had drinking water tested on Vancouver Island and it was 7 times higher than maximum allowable. This was about 3 weeks ago and this radiation is still coming here. It’s accumulative, it’s dangerous and many people are scared. They need the news and newspapers to do daily reports. Radioactive Isotopes, Cesium 131 & 137, etc….. Hawaii found 800x maximum allowable levels in their milk. We are not being told this in our media. It is all about who won hockey game, the war(s) and stupid royal wedding. Thanks, Terri

  • Heart of the Rose

    Asleep and Things Like That

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    of who we are
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    of what of or not
    and the timely slot
    flourished by winsome sigh.

    We dream away from fields of reason
    having lost the meaning
    of the bleating of the heralds
    that warns us of the peril
    that moves to harm us in our sleep.

    To wake we do not hasten.
    Awake is commonplace
    We won’t wake up.


  • ike owen

    i agree with terri,i live in surrey british columbia canada and have heard nothing on any local news station global or vi news about any testing going on in the fraser valley to do with food and agriculture,the dairy buisness alone in b.c is a 50 million dollar a year industry,once you find out theres 20 million in radioactive milk out there you really thin its going to be properly tested,no they feed the sheep lies about everything being withing the guidelines,but based on what???straberries and mushroom found in cali have tested for cesium 137,you cant tell me that its not going to be found in bc?i work for a major leading food/wholesale company and i will never look at fruit the same way again,too much of this story is being shapperoned out the back door with the royal wedding,baracks birth certificate,osama bin laden supposedly being killed,and playoff hockey were too stupid to being naiveley concerned of our health and the future of out health

  • Rod Kenny

    Thank you for this site. I’ve arrived because I, too, noticed information regarding Japan’s nuclear mishap has become prominent by dint being almost non-existent. I live in Britain where it is expected that the BBC will keep us informed. Sadly this expectation has not been born out by experience. It is possible, probably remotely, that we are watching the start of a great man-made catastrophe. This possibility should stimulate the media to give the matter substantial coverage. The almost complete absence of news coverage only causes cynics such as myself to wonder why an important and continuing situation is being neglected. Inevitably we become suspicious. The Canadians complaining of media Royal Wedding/Cinderella trivia rather than what is significant in our world might be interested to hear that the BBC foisted it here [to saturation] to a population largely indifferent and concerned with its own mounting problems. Anxiety to please politicians is a common feature of media everywhere and whether it is to promote a government’s wish to push a ‘good feeling’ pick-me-up or the avoidance of a potential ‘feel bad’ story they will attempt to comply. All receiving public funds are likely to produce a similar reaction. Not a conspiracy just a desire to please the powerful based on perceived self interest. I suppose the world wide silence is based on something like this rather than a pan conspiracy. Regardless of these cogitations the fact is tht some of us really do feel we need to know. R.