Record radiation detected at Fukushima nuclear plant — Multiple locations register highest levels ever measured — “Radioactive materials in groundwater toward the ocean”

Published: July 3rd, 2017 at 12:12 pm ET


Tokyo Electric Power Company, Results of Radioactive Analysis around Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station:

Results of radioactive nuclide analysis for groundwater at the east side of Unit 1-4 Turbine Buildings and seawater at the port in order to monitor the source, the extent, and the effect of the radioactive materials in the groundwater toward the ocean.

Underground water observation hole No.1, published Jun 28, 2017:

  • Gross Beta = 24,000,000 Becquerels per cubic meter (24,000 Becquerels per liter) *1

Underground water observation hole No.3-5, published Jun 27, 2017:

  • Tritium = 190,000 Becquerels per cubic meter (190 Becquerels per liter) *1

*1 The highest result announced in “Detailed Analysis Results in the Port of Fukushima Daiichi NPS, around Discharge Channel and Bank Protection” or the other handouts is provided.

See all results from June 2017 here

Published: July 3rd, 2017 at 12:12 pm ET


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    • DUDe DUDe

      That is terryfying high CPM Heart..if i reach 50 here then i'm having a "hot" day..
      Some of these are close to thenfold of that..

    • Cooter

      Thanks Heart,

      This is a big deal. I just don't understand the consequences of the effects. I know for the longest time that there were no sunspots and now this.

    • Cooter

      Remember Poland and Lech Walesa, the steel worker who stood up to his government and became leader at all odds?

      He didn't have a snowballs chance in hell to win the election until he uttered one word, Solidarity. Then the world changed, because the masses believed that there could be a greater Poland and took this economic damaged country into the 21 century.

      It's solidarity and the freedom of speech, freedom of want that even his detractors deemed more valuable than life its self.

      Same applies here. I do not know any person here on this site that is not willing to lay aside their differences and petty language to unite in SOLIDARITY to resist FM's insane BS.

      I call on all of the fine people who post here to boycott ENEnews for 24 hours beginning tomorrow morning.

      I am not asking you to lay down your arms (fingers) but empower you to research for these 24 hours of rest, to light up the site with knowledge and truth the following day. New stories by the thousands. I've seen the power in your posts.

      Send a message to FM's handlers that he failed. Then tell the rest of the internet that solidarity is alive and well in the cyber community. Stand and be heard.

      I will join you, not as a leader of this revolt, but you, each and everyone of you, are the true leaders. Leaders searching for truth and knowledge.

      If were going down then let it be with dignity and honor that you did the right thing, by showing how powerful solidarity can be.


  • Cooter

    Fukushima, reactor 4;

    Was there fuel in the reactor containment vessel when it exploded? This author says yes. Posted June 21, 2017

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      8:24 He says "there's also the core which is hot" It's interesting that the color in the photograph is used to identify something as hot as a nuclear core, but then the says, "this is just the turbine building which is the same color. It had me staring at that turbine building Sean Hannity does when he gives that intensely interested listening stare (where he looks like someone is fiddling with his balls) Started looking around and there is the exact same color on a long rectangular object that had me thinking FUEL ASSEMBLY.

      No use in over thinking it though. They put lead plates over fuel rods on the ground. Now bulldozed under. It was downblended and they probably even put some plastic and duct tape over it. No immediate threat. Nothing left to do but to say it ain't so

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      oh, also had me thinking about the holes in the roof of the turbine buildings. Why so damn hot, that turbine building? He sure dismisses that same "Hot" color quickly. Either you believe the color scheme or you don't . It defies explanation

      • Cooter

        He could have put a link to the docs. he was displaying. The color code is suspect in its relationship to what? Very subjective.

        If the pictures are correct in their color scheme across the board then the mechanical service pool could have contained the new hot load of rods and not be stored in the SFP. This would make sense, as they were going to load the vessel. If the mechanical pool went dry with the hot load, could it have breached the side wall next to the vessel, with the corium entering through the concrete wall and the vessels wall?

        One needs more information on the scale of the colors presented and their validity to the story.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      maybe the heat indicated in the turbine building is nuclear fuel splattered from one of the reactors.

      Don't know if a thing like this is used in a nuclear plant, but it looks like a cannon

      I really have no idea about the technical stuff but the video talks about high volume streams. 3:48 "gas flow at supersonic velocity"… supersonic. Whoa, who knows what sort of crazy things happen when pressured gas escapes in the blink of an eye

      • Cooter

        "Don't know if a thing like this is used in a nuclear plant, but it looks like a cannon "

        It's a suction valve that takes very high pressured steam and then injects it into the valve body, where static pressure fluid/gas etc. is introduced and the HPS creates a negative pressure drawing in the static fluid/gas and pushes it into the pressurized diffuser (cannon barrel) that stabilizes the pressure flow and then is shot out the end of the cannon and diffused back to static pressure.

        It would be used in an inline configuration to take the HPS from the steam generator dryer, probably located in the mechanical room, and suction up cold water to cool the injected HPS and move it to a cooling tower or wherever they cool the water.

        In this case with HPS pulsing through all the piping, this suction valve would be in hyper (supersonic) drive with such dynamic pipe steam pressures forced through it. The friction alone, on this valve, would be unimaginable due to super heated HPS being forced through a small nozzle.

        In the video it clearly shows the HPS injector nozzle positioned above the static opening of the inlet water coupling, where the steam sucks it up and out through the "barrel".

        This type of valve could be used anywhere you have HPS and want to use this kinetic energy to move other liquids in an in-line configuration.

        I don't know if they used this, I don't have the blue prints to the plant.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      We hear of hydrogen explosions at daiichi, and oxygen tank explosions, what about steam explosions. Just another question lots of boom boom there

  • freebywill

    The Navajo Code Talkers were instrumental in confounding the Japanese ability to counter allied progress during WWII.

    Here at ENE we have similar entities working to dilute the anti nuke effort to inform readers and progress to a nuke free environment.

    They are . . . The Shit Talkers – currently – Farting Tongue and Yappie Doogie – pounding the site with inane verbiage.

    On any platform you work on you'll find users like them, they distract thru interaction. While you waste time responding to them you are unable to research, compile and post relevant information for the readers.

    Don't let it get you down. Focus on the issues and The Task.

    Find the info, find The Others, ignore the blather.

    3 mins | You Aren't Like Them Find The Others |

    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

      Wait what, sorry I was eating. I found like half my dinner in a garbage bin, it was pretty good. Not even joking.

      "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO", she said. Yes, I said, before that. I'm that fucking crazy.

      • Figures….

        And figures don't lie…

        TED NUGENT – "Great White Buffalo":

        …all else is opinion.

        And no I didn't say I endorsed him, but there's a guy that's actually doing something huh.

      • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

        Hmmm And I thought it was just one plant… at least 12? And they managed to take down part of Ukraine's power system? But the US is special? No reason given for the finger pointing… as usual… Blame Russia for the American cyberthreats. Nothing to see here, folks. End of story.

        • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

          Expect fallout.

          Will nuclear breaches melt down information sharing?

          …"This could make it harder to recruit new partners for sure," said a former DHS senior official who spoke on condition of anonymity. "I don't think it will change existing relationships, but sadly programs like [automated information sharing] need to grow to be successful and sustained."
          "The timing of this kind of flub is bad," said the former official, who added that this will likely result in oversight committees "asking pointed questions around protecting sources."
          DHS was unable to provide FCW an explanation why it disclosed Wolf Creek's name in violation of its protocols, or to detail the steps being taken to prevent future releases of personal information.

          • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

            Wolf Creek is owned by Westar Energy et al. Notice who they are not owned by?

            How many of the other dozen or so plants belong to Exelon and why aren't they being singled out and named? Protocol violation?

            • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

              Bobby, you got a scapegoat?
              Yes, AL, got a redneck in Kansas.
              Great. Now write a check from the sheeple to the nukies. Call it Homeland securityish.
              I'll get right on it, AL!


              WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) issued the following statement regarding reports of cyberattacks targeting nuclear power plants across the country, including Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation in Burlington, Kansas:

              …“Our nation’s energy companies fuel the American economy and must be protected from bad actors trying to disrupt our energy sector networks.

              “I am working with the appropriate authorities to learn more about the cyberattacks at Wolf Creek and ways in which our federal government can work more closely with the private sector to protect our critical infrastructure systems from cyberattacks.”

              • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                Shit, Kansas really ain't what it used to be. Morans and potato logic.

                …“Our nation’s energy companies fuel the American economy and must be protected from bad actors trying to disrupt our energy sector networks.

                “I am working with the appropriate authorities to learn more about the cyberattacks at Wolf Creek and ways in which our federal government can work more closely with the private sector to protect our critical infrastructure systems from cyberattacks.”

                My spidey senses are tingling.

                • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                  More nuclear industry infiltration of the government. The taxpayer picks up the bill to pay for the computer technology and security for NPP's, saving the nuke industry millions and relieving them of even more liability. End of story, Spidey.

                  • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                    Yeah, what can I say, it's time to end. Cheers. This won't end well.

                  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                    No, it won't.

                    SRS Watch Releases DOE’s Devastating FY 2016 Assessment of CB&I AREVA MOX Services’ Construction of Troubled Plutonium Fuel (MOX) Plant at Savannah River Site

                    DOE: Claim by MOX Services that MOX Plant Construction “70% Complete” is “Patently False”

                    Report “A Project in Disarray: MOX” Released Today by SRS Watch, Shows $17-Billion MOX Plant Construction Not Viable and Must be Officially Terminated; “Rework” Memo Released

                    Washington, DC – Savannah River Site Watch has obtained and released the scathing National Nuclear Security Administration’s Fiscal Year 2016 assessment of the performance of the contractor in constructing the mismanaged plutonium fuel (MOX) construction project at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Savannah River Site in South Carolina.

                    The highly critical assessment by the U.S. Department of Energy’s s NNSA rates the construction performance of CB&I AREVA MOX Services as “unsatisfactory.” This devastating rating and the justification for it merits the termination of the project-management contract, according to SRS Watch, a non-profit public interest oversight organization based in Columbia, South Carolina and near to SRS.

        • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

          Those north korean hackers must be really fucking good, I mean, the NSA is "pretty sure" that the NSA hacking crap that has infected many insitutions. Are…north korean.

          Well shit guys, if you can't even deal with north korean hackers, your incompetence is quite evident. I'm sure more funding and appeal for security will help though. I mean what's that insecurity budget look like?

    • Yea but ya can't be anti-nuke, ya have to be PRO-CLEAN or in simpler terms PRO in STOPPING NUKES AND POLLUTIONS!!!!!!!!

      Power plants are where to start, biggest threat on the plant right now, yesterday and tomorrow too…

      And don't go to doin this to get it done either (ole cursing posters) It only hurts, it never helps (directed at everyone, even me)…

  • Let's play a little true or false…

    Try to keep it on subject if ya can…

    Could be fun right? 🙂

    So true or false…

    The Fukushima disaster is bigger and has produced more nuclear toxins than Chernobyl…

    True or false?

    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

      Do you like this song, HD?

      Hi, my name is Lucifer.

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      Excellent mumble mut, true or false.

      Why don't ya post up that hijacked photoshop you had, you know, the one with the core laying out between reactor buildings, had the 'loaded core' on a trailer. 😆

      Truth and all that mumblemut stuff driveling out yer piehole.

      Entertain us. 🙂

      • Why don't you just say true or false…

        • AirSepTech AirSepTech

          Cuz yer lookin' fer the truth?

          I'm going to help you find it, in spite of yourself.
          Everyone else can then see it as well. 😉


          Sorry to interrupt your keen thought process.

          Go for it-entertain us.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            the entities that ruined ENEnews; Dr Anne, Hippie Dog, Farthington MacMananus. No…Im not letting Anne off the hook. Of course Byrian the mandela guy, and sad to say it; Sadie Dog. I gave them all plenty of benefit of the doubt. They destroyed the credibility of ENEnews and anti-nuclearists and laid waste the good works of the selfless contributors that otherwise would have made ENEnews a jewel

            • AirSepTech AirSepTech

              Maybe it will pass CS, with time… a new chain to jerk, a new crowd to entertain.

            • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

              That's nice. Tell me about the "mystery" of radon again.

            • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

              It is interesting how you've not been posting recently, I must say. Very interesting, indeed. I also noticed who posted while you didn't post.

            • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

              Before you know it, they'll think you're me, then you're fucked.

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                I dont give a damn what the readers and posters think at this point. I couldnt stand to waste any more of the dwindling time…life is short. It would be fitting if you asses would gloat now. Have at it. I recommend that all the fine folks leave this place to the ignorant, the megalomaniac-wind bag trolls and Mandela effect jerks and let them flush themselves down the toilet. No matter what you say, it wont obscure the fact that the ones named are contemptuous jerks. End of story

                • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                  Yes, because you're never insulting or trying to appeal. Nah, don't flatter yourself, you're far worse than that.

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    let me correct your mistaken assessment mega-fool; I wanted to know; how bad is Fukushima? I looked into it to the limits of my time and ability. It was pointed out to me, and I elaborated on the IAEA dose failure and background comparison conundrum…being the key points of ideological and legal hindrance to understanding and shutting down the nuclear debacle. I spearheaded the subject of chitin bio-accumulation and cascade effects on the food web and climate. I looked into cellular biology in an attempt to elucidate why low level man made radiation could be so toxic. I made many interesting observations and distillations from the papers I read. Hardly anybody took up on it, and the above named buried my efforts and the efforts of other good folk. For that you certainly deserve, in my estimation, a considerable contempt.

                    May your wine bottle be ruined with bitter scum, and your every effort derailed by wind-bag trolls, as you make your way to the humble conclusion of your insolent and abusive drivel which will leave nothing but a residue of heartbreak to your loved ones and painful regret when you manage to peer back at your impact on the world.

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      Oh really, self-aggrandizement? Quite elaborate.

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      But please do mention the radon and polonium "mystery" again, come on….you can do it.

                    • unincredulous unincredulous

                      I appreciate your arguments about the dangers of low dose radiation. It took awhile, but the argument was won. With your argument as a backdrop to the very practical illustration of nuclear test military dummies (real men) getting sick, while supposedly not getting the ICRP accepted minimum dose that would cause problems…

                      The missing uranium information hidden by the perpetrators in the UK lawsuit for test victims. The depleted uranium causing so much birth defects at Fallujah, while uranium is supposedly less active than natural uranium.

                      Anyways, thanks Code. I always feel that you are a force to be appreciated. I am not always able to follow your deep argument, and it gave me something to be envious of. I don't know how you stayed with it for so long. Good luck. I quit coming here for a day… I hope to get away for a while too, soon. Can't hardly walk except to tough it out at work, so I am still sitting here.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog


                      Did someone say missing info? Seems to be a norm. Fukushima comes to mind…

                      The scientists with the info are smeared on wiki and demoted to "activists" (Busby).
                      Agree with uni, Code- wish I could tell you what your contributions mean here, but I will just let HippieSkank, DRHyde and MACintosh do that…
                      Back atcha, uni.
                      ::Stepping out of line of fire::

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Uni…thanks. I hold you in high esteem. My thought on the walking is that you could possibly be having symptoms from agent orange, if you were in the military.


                      Careful cleansing programs may help.
                      Of course there may be…there ARE many chemical insults. Heavy metal cleansing programs may work wonders. Be comprehensive though…dont just take drops of cilantro or you will get worse.

                      Another area to look into is the nerves going through your low back. Hatha yoga, or pick up 'The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion: Revolutionary Program That Lets You Rediscover the Body's Power to Rejuvenate It'

                      Dont give up. Get on the health programs..we all have to do it. Interesting book here and the electroherbalism site its on


                    • PlowboyGrownUp

                      The book looks interesting Code. Scanned down to 'frequencies', and it reminds me of 'why dogs howl when someone close by dies'.

                • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                  You don't give a damn, right?

                  Oh I can finally use that against you, fuckoff then.

            • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

              Gambits are cool, right?

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                gambit? You mean throwing out the radon or background vs fallout dose paradox/ enigma that you havent studied and know nothing about, as if it could somehow 'catch' me as the charlatan that HDog, 'Dr'Anne, Sadie and a few others say I am/was? Fat chance drooling fool. How does it feel to spin in the dross of your failings?

                • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                  Uhm, ok so what were radon levels like, before uranium mining was "popularized"? Can you ACTUALLY cite natural background levels?

                • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                  Now that's a mystery, it's a not a mystery, it's conflation. Like most of that "natural background" radiation.

                • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                  Does it confound you? I mean that's literally what you said, obviously radon is a product of uranium decay, what's the fucking mystery?

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    You look at the health impact of radon, a deadly alpha emitter of high specific activity…and its not as bad as you would expect, say, compared to C-137. It wafts up from granite soils and varies widely in concentration. In your self aggrandized pea brain, you never asked why, you only tried to use the subject to deride me. For that, I figuratively spit in your wine flask

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      Didn't you see the polonium is what will kill you? Now, should I mention that decay chain, involving uranium, radon and polonium? No, ignorant much?

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      sorry, *say.

                      This wine is awesome. Even without your spit.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Farth, what is your point then? That compared to mans fallout, natures radiation is by far the greater concern? Make no mistake, the wine you gloat about DOES contain the ire of my mucoid exudate. Let the image burn in your brain; Codes acerbic sputum, mixed with every sip of your wine. Notice the Gibbs-Marangoni wine legs…the viscosity comes in fact from the hock of spittle that I aimed with unerring accuracy and which you now cant erase from your awareness as you drink. Again and again it torments you…Codes spit is in my wine, codes spit is in my wine, codes spit, codes spit. The two fluids are inseparably intermingled in your brain. You smell it, see it, taste it, hear it. Glurg up!

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      Nice projective attempt. Excuse me while I ignore you and go tend to like, birds, dogs, insects and shit more worthy.

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      That is to say, you're not even worth insulting.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      oh hows that? You couldnt answer the rudimentary technical questions, so run away saying 'That is to say, you're not even worth insulting.'

                      and you think THAT isnt painfully transparent juvenile dodgery? How does it feel to proclaim you are a master strategist with superhuman powers while being little more than dirt, sinew and mucous tainted booze? A punk with grammar…how curious

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      I'm still here.

                      Hmm, what did I try to dodge? I don't have to dodge, I have chlorine and wine.

                      Tell me though, so like, how would you suggest that those "natural background radiation" levels (mostly derived and continually adjusted, kinda like the EPA safety limits), which you also have been brainwashed about, are legitimate?

                      You really can't confirm that any of that is truthful, can you?

                      Here are a few things we can confirm (some as matter of fact, some as correlations, some as predictive suggestions, it's a bit tricky), massive cancer rate increases in the last century or so. Uranium, polonium, radon, these are bad (supposedly), uranium mining prevalence, nuclear bomb tests, uranium linked to the gold price (how very strange).

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      I didnt get the background radiation from any source, I caclulated it from basic principles. You and Anne could too, theoretically.

                      to get you started;

                      Your correlations and predictive suggestions happen to be on point. For untold generations, background (internal at that) radiation has not caused dead zones, genomic instability, cancer clusters, microcephaly. Then we three pound brain ape gave us the nuclear catastrophe and all the above and more. A dose of morbidity for everyone on earth. How is it that some radiation can cause no harm, and a dose 1/1000 as large cause disease in one life-time? Well I answered it…too bad you werent listening, booze drool

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      Hulda Clark says that water in clear plastic, the clear plastic is carcinogenic. Plastic should have a rating of 2 or 4.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      Benzene, specifically. She also says chlorine (Chlorox) is tainted with uranium.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      And "HDPE".

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      Is the recommended usage for plastic, that is, when stainless steel is not available, or you are ozonating.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      Maziar, did you know that Russia supplies the fuel for US reactors? Apparently, this has been happening through numerous presidencies. Putin says 100's of US CEO's visit his country every day to do business. They also own our land for uranium mining, amongst other things! Do you want a link for your website? Is this a security concern for you or your politics?

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      I meant when you buy spring water at the grocery store. Some plastic has bisphenol-A, and some malonic acid or dioxins.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      Of course it is a security concern. We shouldn't allow uranium or thorium mining at all. We should not use coal or allow coal ash to pollute our streams and waterways. We should not have nuclear reactors or nuclear weapons at all.

                      I vote for the Green Party.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      The Democrats and Republicans never phone me anymore or poll me anymore. If they do, I tell them I won't vote to kill my children.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      I assumed you would want a link for the next time you are posting all those politics about Russia speculations so you could include the verifiable fact that Russia supplies our fuel for our nuclear reactors, including EXELON. Those facts have much more sway than speculation.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      How about cesium from clear plastic?

                      “…Do not buy water from your health food store that runs through a long plastic hose from their bulk tank (I always see cesium picked up from flexible clear plastic)….”

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      And Dr Clark states that bottled water contains benzene from the sterilization process that is never "rinsed" clean, in order to pass FDA guidelines for GMP.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      I already didn't have cancer for 8 years before I read any of Dr. Clark's books. So there is lots she recommends that I don't follow.

                      I get my Eldorado Springs water in #2 plastic jugs that are not ever used twice. Instead I have to recycle the 1 gallon jugs. I used to get that water in 5 gallon glass containers, then they changed to plastic. And after a while I phone them and learned that their 5 gallon containers have Bisphenol-A. They deliver to me cheaply because I am elderly. It is slightly cheaper to buy at a grocery store, but I no longer drive because I can't afford to.

                      I personally will never try the "zapping" that she recommends.

                      Some things I tried like glass cooking pots and plastic silverware she no longer recommended in her 2nd book.

                      However, I do agree with a lot of what she recommends, like don't eat anything that will turn into malonic acid, and supplements to get rid of parasites and healthful products to clean your house and certain brands of vitamin supplements.

                      I think she died of cancer at 80 or so years old.

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    Farth; 'Does it confound you? I mean that's literally what you said, obviously radon is a product of uranium decay, what's the fucking mystery?'

                    What is the highest source of internal background radiation? What is the dose in bq/kg? What is your dose from mans nuclear folly? What is the background radiation level in the ocean? How does it compare to Fukushima fallout? Knowing those approximate levels, are you concerned at all about nuclear fallout or do you agree with the conclusions of our best and brightest scientists in our highest institutions?

                    Well? Huh punk?

                    No answers from you, HDog, and the other ignoramus miscreants…but why?

                    For your efforts, which admittedly DID ruin the place, I ceremoniously spit in your wine glass

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      I certainly do not agree with your "best and brightest" retards. Your background radiation levels are bullshit, radon and polonium (products of uranium decay), but levels are elevated relative to natural levels, due to mining and shit like that and people are liars.

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      I single-handedly ruined Enenews, in like what, a few months? Really?

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      No wonder sock said I'm revolutionary. I'm better at this than I thought.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      They always say that.


                      On March 1, 2013, the safety-related building section for one of the two reactors under construction at the V.C. Summer nuclear power plant in South Carolina, was dropped and damaged due to improper rigging and lifting practices, NRC said in a release. The commission said CB&I staff took deliberate actions to falsify records regarding the damage and the causes for dropping the part. Commissioners also concluded that a former company official deliberately instructed workers to provide false statements as to the cause of the drop.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      wrong again, your alcohol and spit laden, ego anchored idiocy has failed you, and you spin in the viscous fluids of your blather

                      'Your background radiation levels are bullshit,'

                      your natural, internal radiation was always approximately 60,000 bq/m^3 in your intracellular milieu, right next to your DNA, since you were a zygote.

                      Of course you would gloat about ruining enenews. But in fact you didnt do it alone. We had your kind of offensive pestilence from the beginning.

                      I give you high marks for grammar though

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      HillBilly, you appeared in the line of fire, Im sorry if any spittle sprayed your way. My greater sorrow is that the trolls contaminated all of your good work.

                      May they drown in their blather

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      I thought you didn't care, CS? Prove it, Fuck off. You were the one spitting, btw.

                      "your natural, internal radiation was always approximately 60,000 bq/m^3 in your intracellular milieu,"

                      Your estimation of that is based on? What, something you can't actually confirm? "Clever scientists?" "Normalized" Radiation readings after uranium mining, nuclear bomb tests and such?

                      Maybe my internal radiation was MUCH higher than that.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      Farthe, don't think that you are ruining enenews or doing it single-handedly. Some other people tried to ruin enenews because they wanted to buy it in March of this year. They wanted to buy it and then ban every scientist in the world that disagreed with their own agenda. Notice that some posters never speak out against fossil fuels and they contradict all the scientists of the anti-Nuke movement. They actually misspeak the radioactivity of natural radiation by many orders of magnitude and their estimates of the damage from Fukushima is actually less than the actual truth.

                      My skin cancer is almost gone, but I post very seldom now because I have to take care of myself. And when I post scientific material, the attacks I face are slanderous and extremely ugly.

                      So good luck. Only admin can ban someone.

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      I'm not a sellout Mrs Maziar, I may get emotional, I may be insane…but I wouldn't just hurt anyone.

                      No wonder those NAZIs couldn't find that Anne-Frank bitch.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Farth, need help calculating dose?
                      Potassium is held within strict proportionate levels. You cant change it or you die. You could read up, but no. '40K is the largest source of natural radioactivity in animals including humans. A 70 kg human body contains about 140 grams of potassium, hence about 0.000117 × 140 = 0.0164 grams of 40K; whose decay produces about 4,300 disintegrations per second (becquerels) continuously throughout the life of the body.'
                      But you want a little more accuracy. 98% of your potassium is shuttled into your intracellular fluid via the sodium potassium pump, or the association induction hypothesis of Ling.

                      Intracellular fluid volume is the volume of fluid inside all cells. This volume normally contains 27 litre out of the total 42 litre of water in a 70-kg person.

                      So if a person has 5000 bq of k-40, 4900 bq exist in 27 kg of water. Thats 180 bq per kg. We can assume the density is about equal to sea water and thus multiply by 1000 to get bq/m^3. Whats the answer booze drool?

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      nice little huddle with Anne and Farth. HDog will come running up soon. Byrian gets the OK from Anne too. Its sweet. Sickeningly sweet

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      Only cult members are allowed into the fray. "There are three faithful friends, an old wife, an old dog and ready money." Benjamin Franklin
             posted a US vet contractor who screens workers for the nuke industry, a few days ago…

                      2010 Contractor CB&I has been found guilty of blacklisting a worker and ordered to pay

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      Sorry, I was listening to something important.

                      Ok code, your citing a "modern, normalized level of radioactive potassium contamination. That would of course not necessarily match historical, or previous levels, would it? Here's the implicit bit m "Contains"….

                      Now, I don't necessarily think "natural normalized modern adjusted" contamination is a problem (well, I kinda do, since I don't trust anyone)…but, what about that uranium decay chain, radon, polonium and stuff? You gonna try and tell me modern readings of that shit are not lies?

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      Again, excuse my typing errors.

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      How does this sound, CS?

                      I'll do you a solid. I'll leave, not even kidding. There's is no point in arguing with sellouts.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Farth, do you crave failing in front of the masses?

                      " your citing a "modern, normalized level of radioactive potassium contamination. That would of course not necessarily match historical, or previous levels, would it?"

                      OF course the modern or contemporary internal radiation from potassium, your largest source of radioactivity, barring living at ground zero, is less now than it was at the inception of cellular life on earth, when it was closer to a million bq/m^3.

                      But in historically relevant epochs, yes, animal cells have always had the same radioactive dose of about 70 bq/kg or 180 bq/kg depending on how you calculate it.

                      One thing is for sure; Frank doesnt know Jack. What a punk

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      We will never be rid of the nuclear waste ESPECIALLY with these greedy, ravenous dogs in power.



                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Farth, why say this when not one person believes you would do it? Just for an impotent jab? No QC in your basement office

                      'How does this sound, CS?
                      I'll do you a solid. I'll leave, not even kidding. There's is no point in arguing with sellouts'

                      The truth is that you dont know about the subject….nobody does in fact, but you dont even read up and fail utterly in your arguments, while continuing your black wallpaper. You SHOULD leave, and take HDog Byrian and Anne with you. But of course…you will leave like you said you were going to die in three days. Death is coming, we know it. Why fart around?

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      Maziar: "Some other people tried to ruin enenews because they wanted to buy it in March of this year. They wanted to buy it and then ban every scientist in the world that disagreed with their own agenda."

                      Is this a rumor? Do you have a link?

                      Also, Dr. Clark recommended you NEVER drink bottled water due to the sterilization chemicals used in manufacturing that never get rinsed, regardless of the pure source. Just to be clear, though, I know you have maintained your health despite a cancer diagnosis, so keep on keepin' on…

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      A whole year of OT comments are now missing or unavailable. So no way to link to the comments. If they had bought the site, in March I would have been permanently banned along with others.

                      No sense to talk about the subjects that would have been banned. I did find a website with a lot of the comments copied from enenews. But that domain is now up for sale and there is no record of the duplicated comments that I know about.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      Hulda Regehr Clark
                      Age at death: 80 (1928–2009)
                      Cause of death: Multiple myeloma

                      I ate organic raw milk cheese at her recommendation for a few years, but stopped completely with the Fukushima 3/11 9.0 earthquake.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      A comment? You read it in an unavailable comment section and now state it as fact, even though the place where you state it as fact is the very place it disparages? And you know of nowhere else to verify it?

                      Man, some people's lack of respect for this place while they use it to further their own agenda, is amazing.

                      "Some other people tried to ruin enenews because they wanted to buy it in March of this year. They wanted to buy it and then ban every scientist in the world that disagreed with their own agenda." Don't suppose you have any idea whatsoever who made the alleged comment you are repeating as fact?

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      There were many comments by a number of people. I think even HD said something yesterday or the day before. Do you want me to find that comment, or would you just rather leave it alone?

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      She got one of those hip replacements that were later found to be leaching cobalt…

                      She missed the scorpion. RIP Hulda.

                      For lack of time, here is an objectionable website with some great research.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      Go ahead. I was remarking on your false allegation- But, bring on the disinformation.

                      Blame it on the moon- I don't care.

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      That is some Choice stuff, she wants to quote Mumble mutt the illiterate drunken fool.

                    • DUDe DUDe

                      "..A whole year of OT comments are now missing or unavailable.."

                      Are they not All missing ? Are the previous not gone ? I cant see them or dont know where to look..:(

                • SadieDog

                  Get fucked code.


            Do you know what I mean???

            SR72's pencil at?

            Double knot??? HeHeHe 🙂

            Scary stuff huh..

            STOP NUCLEAR NOW!!!

            • danger kitty danger kitty

              Hey Frank! (drivel pup, you're in my way, so I'm just gonna roll right over you. Keep your head down & your mouth shut. Go bag to page 3 & answer my question. If you can.)
              Hey Frank, suddenly you're not looking so smart. It's not just mining bringing us radiological disease. There's the product of the mines and the uses to which it is put.
              It's clear that Code's material is new to you & you have no background in this kind of science. I can't articulate it like Code can, but I've been studying on my own, & every bit of his work rings true. I trust Code implicitly. It would be nice if you didn't get in his way.
              btw, the local native word for booze translates to 'water of pain'. Seems you have enuf pain to be getting on with. Alcohol doesn't take it away. It adds.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Elon, antagonizing the ingrates again…

    Tesla building 'world's biggest' lithium-ion battery in Australia

    Elon Musk says the battery in South Australia will be "three times more powerful than anything else on earth" and will look like something "unearthed from the future."

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    "Elites chartering “getaway boats in case of Manhattan emergency”
    “A lot of people don’t want to wait on a line to get on a ferry, and they don’t want to worry about walking off of Manhattan, as people had to do in the past,” [Chris Dowhie, co-owner of Plan B Marine] told The Post.“They know a boat is the fastest way, and we take the worry out of maintaining and preparing and always readying your vessel,” he added.

    Not only does the company promise a speedy getaway, it plans individual evacuation routes for each person, depending on their personal needs."

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    Hey, AST- I recognize some of these. Gnomesayin? …The dogs with no tails.
    Breaking USA B1 Nuclear bombers hold live fire drills with South Korea DMZ North Korea July 8

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    Well, what do you expect from nuclear?
    Top nuclear regulator admits his 'bomb Tokyo' gaffe was wrong

    TAKAHAMA, Fukui Prefecture–Japan's top nuclear regulator has admitted as "inappropriate" his remark that North Korea would be better off targeting Tokyo in a missile attack.
    Shunichi Tanaka made the comment on July 6 while expressing doubts that North Korea had sophisticated enough technology to hit a target as small as a nuclear power plant.
    “I do not know if North Korea's technology has the level of precision that can land a missile at a small reactor,” said the chairman of the Nuclear Regulation Authority. “If I were in charge, I would believe that targeting the middle of Tokyo would be a lot better idea.”

    …When asked if the plant was prepared for a missile attack, Tanaka said that assessing such preparedness was “beyond the confines of nuclear regulations.” …

    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

      “I do not know if North Korea's technology has the level of precision that can land a missile at a small reactor,” said the chairman of the Nuclear Regulation Authority. "

      But, the NSA can still claim that north korea is capable of using NSA tech and hacking some of the largest, "secure" institytions in the world, including numerous nuclear power plants, Merck, Central banks, etc.

      Either North Korea needs more respect, or…maybe, this is the hard part to figure out, typical imperialist bullshit lies.

    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

      "…When asked if the plant was prepared for a missile attack, Tanaka said that assessing such preparedness was “beyond the confines of nuclear regulations.” …"

      He's talking shit. Clearly just lying through omission.

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    SF Bay: Fraud and coverup by Tetra Tech, state, and feds at Superfund sites Hunters Pt and Treasure Island; Navy poured radioactive waste down drains; residential and commercial development planned by city and Navy on contaminated land
    “Cleaning The Swamp” Hunters Point Tetra Tech Workers Blow Whistle On Criminal Cover-up & Corruption

  • Probably a good time to return to "my boycott of ENE", and how about all the good posters take the day off Sunday. Say nothing.

    If admin still exists, is not captured, or silenced, that note should ring loud and clear.

    A few days of idiots and trolls arguing amongst themselves.

    Also, check out caferadlab. A former frequent poster here, who got sick of all the shenanigans, started that site quite a while back. "Obvious". Other greats like Horse also frequent there.

      • Horse Horse

        Hiya Stock, thanks for the suggestions. Reading the comments here has become a waste of time looking for nuc info. But for HHD, Code, AST, and Uni hardly any. It was nice to see Cooter jump in and call out the drivel for the techniques being used. The news aggregates that admin posts is all that's left of this site. Caféradlab is no ENENews but it's another place to post a topic or comment; and find some of that nuc info that used to fill the comments here. Keep the conversation going.

    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

      "Say nothing."

      Yes, omission is indeed a coming method of malicious sin.

    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

      So, stfu, and gtfo.

      • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

        Confounding cannibals!

        Westinghouse Electric’s recent purchase of Chicago Bridge and Iron’s (CB&I’s) nuclear construction segment is embroiled in a new legal challenge, as CB&I filed suit in the Delaware Court of Chancery on July 21 over a $2 billion claim related to the deal
        The dispute is rooted in post-closing “true-up” working capital adjustments related to the sale of CB&I Stone & Webster to Westinghouse. After closing the deal, CB&I claimed it is entitled to $428 million in working capital. However, Westinghouse claimed, using a disputed provision in the agreement, that CB&I owes it $2 billion. According to a Reuters report, CB&I is suing to protect itself from the $2 billion claim.

    • Thanks for the pointer to, stock. It's been relatively quiet as far as members posting goes, but we do have a regular crowd reading posts and a lot of nuclear related material posted.

      Couple of nice amenities there – you can write as much as you want in one post, can post videos and photos (within guidelines: 700 pixels width, small kb), and you can edit what you've posted… and, best of all – owner and admin definitely not in the pro nuke camp. 🙂

      • Obvious, LOL, This is "Boycott" day for ENENEWS. Some are participating in the Boycott.

        no harm in participating on 2 sites for the future, assuming there is not something structurally wrong with ENE ownership/management.

        No trolls allowed at caferadlab.

        stock out

        • Obvious, I posted a Fukushima story from BIN and a poll, very easy to navigate

        • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

          Stock has chosen not to participate in the boycott, I see.


          withdraw from commercial or social relations with (a country, organization, or person) as a punishment or protest.
          synonyms: spurn · snub · shun · avoid · abstain from · [more]
          a punitive ban that forbids relations with certain groups, cooperation with a policy, or the handling of goods.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

    When the 3/11 9.0 earthquake struck, they were loading MOX fuel into Unit #4 from the equipment pool.

    There were 3 or 4 explosions, at least one of which was a nuclear detonation.

    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

      …“…our inspections indicated that your construction program was sufficiently implemented to support ongoing construction activities. CB&I AREVA MOX Services (MOX Services) management and quality assurance oversight adequately monitored and assessed onsite construction activities. The corrective action program implementation activities, including initiation, classification, disposition, adequacy in the documentation, and trending were deemed satisfactory.”

      Thus, it appears that neither the NRC nor the inspection program of CB&I AREVA MOX Services nor the NNSA are taking responsibility for the proper inspection of installation of certain hardware and components. The expectation that the NRC would inspect all aspects of the construction is evidently incorrect as it is now clear that the NRC’s believes its role to be is limited and does not want any responsibility to inspect any faulty construction that has just come to light.

      Given the lack of action by the NRC, the question must be asked if the NRC is attempting to avoid any “intervention” as it wants the responsibility for construction problems and cost related to them to land at the feet of CB&I AREVA MOX Services and/or the NNSA.


    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      do you believe they had that fuel in casks? used fuel?

      or new fuel?

      It matters, you know?

      One storyline doesn't make sense. Which one?

    • "There were 3 or 4 explosions, at least one of which was a nuclear detonation"


      And it seems that the inner core assembly was ejected…

      All you have to do is understand simple explosives and MOX a highly unstable and ultimately bomb (as in big boom from plutonium) material and then actually look at the detonation without fairy tales getting in the way of good sense and logic to get those proven facts straight…

      No more nukes!!!!!

    • Not exactly (unit 4)…. they were in fact cooling a fresh offload in unit 4 and it appears to have burned for several days…

      Not enough compression to cause a nuclear explosion in the strictest sense as the conflagration in unit 4 never got excited enough to produce a detonation (a detonation must travel faster than the speed of sound by definition)…

      However the materials were released into the environment surrounding the reactor building to such a degree that no human could get close enough to survive the walk out of the area.

      And we are talking about mox, a plutonium enriched radiation source…

      Lead and radioactive toxins 100,000+ times more toxic than anything on earth…

      Look at unit 4 like this…

      …unconstrained it just gassed off and couldn't build enough pressure to explode in a detonation…

      Unit 3 is the example and the detonation was obvious due to the reactor containments building pressures to cause a actual nuclear detonation (sorry I didn't state that clearly above)….

      Watch this one for a very basic explanation…

      Thinks that the the facts show, a good researcher will never go hummmmmmmmmmmmmm about those facts…

      • AirSepTech AirSepTech

        "However the materials were released into the environment surrounding the reactor building to such a degree that no human could get close enough to survive the walk out of the area.

        And we are talking about mox, a plutonium enriched radiation source…

        Lead and radioactive toxins 100,000+ times more toxic than anything on earth…"

        Entertain us MM.

  • DUDe DUDe

    Tobacco To Fossil Fuels: Tracing the Roots of Trump's Claims on Paris Climate Deal

    "..To understand why President Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the global Paris climate agreement, we might start by looking at the sources he relied on to justify his decision.

    But we’re not going to start there, but we will end there.

    Instead, let’s go back to the early 1990s…"

    • Wow… How about PRESIDENT TRUMP'S initiative to reduce nuclear power and the total waste of resources that the climate changers use to divert monies from action to disinformation studies? Oh yea! Now proven disinformation…

      …and why do this in France? Because France has the biggest per person use of nuclear power (as a daily mass power source) on the planet today…

      Connecting the actual dots yet?

      • DUDe DUDe

        "..Connecting the actual dots yet?.."

        Definately not i guess , but you are a pain in the ass and if you dont stop talking with this taunting paternalistic intonation i'm gonne put a link to the worst , according to you , "fake news" i can find and put at least one under everything you post..see if i can beat you at trolling , troll..

        Are you a zionist AND a pedophile..????

        • DUDe DUDe

          "..I believe that if we do not clean this up, if Americans do not stand up, demand that these evil scum be hanged publicly, and not take no as an answer form Federal Politicians, Judges, Heads of departments who are baby raping murders, that it is over. Might as well just aim all those nukes back at America and launch the damn things. If American does not have the balls to deal with this, NOW, American does not deserve to exist. Whats it going to be Good Christian Soldiers? You going to obey Jesus that you say you serve, grab a few pedophiles, chain and millstones, or are you going to be an egg sucking hypocrite? This evil can not stand. It must be felt with, but FIRST Mr. and Mrs. America, You have to look. You have to stop singing HOLY-HOLY-HOLY, pull your heads out of your self-righteous asses, and LOOK at the EVIL! Then stand up say, lets get er done!.."

      • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

        Conspirator Dog: "How about PRESIDENT TRUMP'S initiative to reduce nuclear power…"

        What initiative to reduce nuclear power? Please, by all means, DO show us that money.


        • DUDe DUDe

          "..What initiative to reduce nuclear power? Please, by all means, DO show us that money.."

          + 666

          Any decent person not saturated to the rim with hypocrisy would start there instead of with taunting..

          • DUDe DUDe

            BTW , i'm relieved you did not leave us HHD..

            • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

              TY, friend.

              Hope I don't have to eat my hat…

              Aluminum make me break out in hives.

              • DUDe DUDe

                "How about PRESIDENT TRUMP'S initiative to reduce nuclear power…"

                STILL NO LINK ???

                Just putting out more over the top blatant lies about your intentions..

                "..Conspiring? Nope just pointing out falsehoods where ever I go…
                How about that truth?

                Scary stuff…"

                • Look it up yourself DuDe!!!!! 2 count em two good things come from that action…

                  1)You'll learn something

                  2)Two you won't waste time pointing to false or opinionated information…

                  Tooo obvious to be a great mystery man….

                  Like wowsers…

                  Check real sources to know for sure…

                  Ummmmmmmm let's see here…

                  Real facts published at the artists expense????

                  Free info son…


                  • DUDe DUDe

                    "..Look it up yourself DuDe!!!!!"

                    Fuck you lying hypocrit coward..

                    Apart from your time robbing video's you now have the nerve to have us all occupied with finding the proof that your lies "could" be right ourselfes to amuse a troll clapping his fins..

                    Your arrogance is only matched by your dishonesty..

                    I'm also still waiting for proof that you improved the sites rating with that hated by all barrage of rockvideo's strategy..

                    What a douchebag you more proof delivery needed for anything that can be stated is the rules of your game you say ? Just taunting with lies against anything that is non-conformistic to your agenda is fine ? And your not a Troll/Shill/Agent you say ? ok..
                    For every action there is an equal reaction..eventual delay may be due to make sure the aiming is not for naught..

                • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                  Clear by now that when Conspirator Dog makes an intentional false statement, there will be no forthcoming validation or link. The focus on "fake, real, truth and misinformation" hysteria becomes our focus, so that when intentional disinformation is stated as fact, there is a reaction (from well intended members) to correct, link and state the actual facts to prevent spread of the en focus disinformation and maintain the integrity of the site, inadvertently preventing time spent researching or reporting nuclear news.

                  • DUDe DUDe

                    Yeah sorry i was still typing when you posted those wise words HHD..

                  • Wowsers hilbilly, need somew choclate?

                    No basis in truth and fact?

                    If it takes more energy to produce than it produces, it's not a energy source…

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      That's actually incredibly insightful. You just described, virtually everyone.


                    • Conspirator Dog? really?? Good thing truth is still truth today for most…

                      It's gettin really deep in here now…

                      …good thing I wore my boots.


                    • Thanks Farthe (another conspiract for conspiracy folks)…

                      I like livin and being part of real honest life…

                      And mess with a (ANY) kid and see what happens next…

                      How about them apples, ya like apples??


                    • DUDe DUDe

                      "..Good thing truth is still truth today for most…"

                      Any witnesses around here wanting to stand up and explain how Hippie Dog tells "mostly" true..

                      Not all at once please..

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      Yeah well HD, I'm shutting down, as you've probably figured out by now.

                      You seem to be optimistic though and you have a sense of sarcasm (if if it's not sarcasm, you're a retard). Good luck.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      Conspirator Dog: "And mess with a (ANY) kid and see what happens next…"

                      Hey, that's my line. We ever come face to face and I won't have to see you do a damn thing. I'll just "pop you in the mouth" as many times as you have bragged about doin' it to little kids that have spoken out of turn in your presence.

                      Game on. Conspiring to degrade the site.

                    • And never "shutdown" farth (unless you are contributing to pollution or the lies that follow it, even if you don't know or ignore it).

                      Truth reins supreme, never forget that very simple fact…


                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      Strangely, I read the opposite of what you say, HD.

                    • Damn perhaps we should get drunk (for your protection) and step out back…

                      Where do you live (so we can formulate a real plan) to get that small detail worked out?

                      Probably be fun too…

                      If ya gotta a brain…

                    • Could actually simply be your outlook…

                      Farthington MacMananus
                      JULY 10, 2017 AT 4:50 PM
                      Strangely, I read the opposite of what you say, HD.

                    • Sorry don't want to create ANY more false perspectives for the wild life to mess (completely) up…

                      Damn perhaps we should get drunk (for your protection) and step out back…

                      That one was for the hillbilly hound dog exclusively…

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      Ya wanna? With a girl?

                      There's the door. Use it.

                    • I'd be fun too..

                      I'd see to it, no hurting just thinkin while on your'e ass…


                      Best train first….


                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      "Poppin' lil kids in the mouth to keep 'em outta jail", knockin' chicks on their asses for fun and "tappin'" your "friends" in their package "to get 'em thinkin". That's how you roll…

                      "Stand my ground". That's how I roll. You have been warned, just so's I don't have to think about it later.

                      Anger trolling. Conspiring to degrade the site.

                    • Are you female HHD?

                      Then yep taught many females (my best students too) to defend themselves and their families…

                      Even when 200 pound plus hubbie was home.

                      Very real peace comes from VERY real preparedness and no crazy attitudes…

                      We don't hurt people, we help people…

                      Ya just can't stand in the way of that, even if you think you can.

                      Don't trust me on that, trust 1000 years of documented truth.

                      And the REAL band played on…


                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      No thanks.

                      What do you think of my anti-nuke contributions to ENE?

                      Do you think it's a waste of time or should I continue to post On-topic?

                      Any suggestions for improvement?

                      What do you think?

                    • I personally think (for hhd) that we are at a point where free info flows like a septic sludge douwn the pipe.

                      Are we eating good food or crap flowing down the pipe?

                      Simle stuff if we really want to not only know but stop it…

                      Or we could sit back while star treck fairy tales are believed as truth…

                      The choiser is not only our but how we alow our children to soak up information that has not a glimmer of truth…

                      And eat whatever food seems to be around at the time…

                      And ignore the real peoblems to watch some cartoon tripe (nothing to do with actual reality) on tv or the internet…

                      This is the fragility of history without knowledge, of rumor without evidence and modern life without the least regard for the environment in which we live…

                      Kill that mouse or spider with chemicals but don't think for a moment it'l actually kill you too… And you have kids? teaching them anything real? Or is it just another copout chewing bubblgum and laying around on that ass….


                      And a total joke (just so you know), before you imaginary fools take a imaginary stance against a imaginary, totally fake movie clip…

                      Disclaimer: no hippies were harmed in the making of the completely imaginary fairy tale linked to above.

                      Aliens? Real proof….


                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      Pretty sure you didn't answer one of my questions directed at you.

                      "Septic sludge".. reminds me of this:

                      Where do you think I should post this for maximum effectiveness, or do you? Perhaps a music video would better inform our readers?

                      "I chose this line of work… And someday, it's gonna get me killed." ATOMIC BLONDE

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      Hippie Dog (Conspiracy Pup): "…completely imaginary fairy tale linked to above…" (linked to by Conspiracy Pup)

                      Motive. Intent. Conspiring to degrade the site.

                    • DUDe DUDe

                      "..We don't hurt people, we help people…"

                      Who is "WE" ? Hurting the activist movement..

                    • DUDe DUDe

                      Oh it goes further then that..

                      "..Don't trust me on that, trust 1000 years of documented truth.."

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      Hiy,a DUDe. When you got hacked and lost your computer, did the ENE mirror stuff you downloaded happen to be on it? Or did you get that finished? I just remember it was taking a looooooong time.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog


                      Wow. What's with the beard meme in those pics? Just an observation.

                      "We'll keep them dern injuns off their land. Progress."

                    • DUDe DUDe

                      "Poppin' lil kids in the mouth to keep 'em outta jail", knockin' chicks on their asses for fun and "tappin'" your "friends" in their package "to get 'em thinkin". That's how you roll…"

                      Yes all quotes from the "Hippie" but he/whateverbackshimup can also make you have some "wet dreams" to reward..or nightmares to he just did..very perverted..
                      This was his warning to me..

                      "..How about them apples, ya like apples??


                      And hes ridiculing in advance of the alien meme like he also just his attempt to prevent or make powerless in advance me pointing at him and his "resources"..whatever that may be..

                      "..And a total joke (just so you know), before.."

                      "..And a total joke (just so you know), before you imaginary fools take a imaginary stance against a imaginary, totally fake movie clip…

                      Disclaimer: no hippies were harmed in the making of the completely imaginary fairy tale linked to above.

                      Aliens? Real proof…."

                      "..completely imaginary fairy tale.."

                      Thats a lot of emphasis in advance i would say..enough to give it away lol..

                      "..We don't hurt people, we help people…"

                      Yeah invading/over writing all and every privacy and real human communication..with the same brutality with you try to overwrite this forum and the effect it could have ..

                      So what now ? Yours gonne overtake control of my body whilest i'm driving my car lol ? If so , please make sure no…

                    • DUDe DUDe

                      ..please make sure no collateral damage as i would do..

                    • DUDe DUDe

                      HHD..the harddisk that is "murdered" had indeed what i mirrored from ENE on wassent finished tho..i quitted at around 200gigs iirc..

                      + a lot more..

                      Hundreds of bookmarks , personal pics.. and screenshots i made that i made to document for myself the whole "invasion" etc

                    • DUDe DUDe

                      And i think it is murdered was a dual boot setup..linux/win7.

                      I boot comp all is linux my password suddenly doessent work..ok , they did that before in Windows to a few times , i got hacked again..but comp still normal..i reboot in to win7..mechanically all was still normal..start browser , was looking at same time at pics from my trip to Colombia 9 or 10 years ago..comp works at normal speed still..

                      And suddenly it starts to take time before the next pic shows..then they don't show anymore..lag..worse and worse..freezes up totally..had to reset..Harddisk is more spinning..

                      Ok , hardware dies..
                      But why would the first symptom be the disabling of a password..

                      I removed the electronic visual fault there.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      I don't click on Hippies links, DUDe. Each one should come with that warning. Besides, after about 100, it was easy to figure out there would be nothing beneficial in them. You're gutsier than me…So, please, for the record, describe the last few videos he so graciously provided… especially the ones in our most recent conversation.

                      Re memory. Interesting. No coincidence, I'm sure. If stock was, (without proof tmk), able to predict that opposition owned this site, that would play into it. Mirrors would also need to be wiped before the takedown. Hippie bragged about taking down OT and even warned in advance "or else" and then took credit afterwards. Same with Mac.

                      The hacks also fit "just hackers amongst us", however. They have screwed with this site since I've been here. My shadow just took what they wanted and followed me around until I was deep in nuclear waste canisters, then they zapped me, but my connection was so slow, I was able to close some windows and doors before the wipe.

                    • DUDe DUDe

                      What i find the hardest to forgive is the sabotage done to "normal" "reaching" lucid dreams..when what was accomplished there was not part of "his" agenda..

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      Same password probs with mine, DUDe.

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      Hey DUDe, if you have any skills to boot a live distro, and the drive still spins, try this…


                      If it's the end for the drive, and it doesn't want to spin up, I have recovered data by a good "tap" on the drive to get it to spin up.


                      BTW, Lamars world sucks.

                      I started digging tonight and all of a sudden he seems to have disappeared.

                      Maybe they have website alarms in Charleston.

                      Maybe he lost a golf ball or his Real OVision went down.

                      One bizarre individual from the dirt pile I'm looking at…

                    • DUDe DUDe

                      With this one i knew they would have "fun" and i not lol..the nightmare i just had was gay..and i'm not..this are the lyrics to the song he posted..nothing suspicious , untill you are the target with a history togheter lol

                      Meghan Trainor – No Good For You


                      Its not so hard to guess who put the Donald in 4 dreams in a row with a background voice telling me thats my father and its the will of GOD..DOG is GOD spelled backwards..

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      He always slips up when I post an oil slick, Jeeb. Fancy that…

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      I wonder if he would open up comments on his crappy website?

                    • DUDe DUDe

                      Thanks Jebus, engine dead , bios does not recognize it anymore..
                      I'm not gonne tap it to prevent further damage..i guess it will cost me money..bookmarked the link for future use..
                      not sure what lamars world is..

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      It's a certain unmistakable style.


                      Read this page, cause his home page is one giant video.

                      Go figure. 🙂


                      Sense the style?

                      Now go here.


                      or here


                      You get the picture?

                      Now go here


                      Now go here


                      then here


                      then here


                      Notice the "Registrant Name" on all three.

                      There are eight sites that resolve to the same server.

                      I'm sure he would not want me to post more.

                      Unless he is lying about the site he displays in his avatar name…

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      6 bucks a month gets ya rollin'. 😆


                    • DUDe DUDe

                      Its a couple. Conspiring lolol..

                    • DUDe DUDe

                      From that link..


                      Do I have requirements?

                      Yepper… Most importantly… Don't waste my time or yours…"


                      Yeppers..thats definitely our wowser..

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      From kitty's link we could send links to ENENews to all the Local Members showing them Lamar, err…, HippieDog in action.

                      I wonder what they would think?

                    • DUDe DUDe

                      Night guy's and gals..i'm out for skull is almost zooming from the pressure something is putting on it..can't focus like this..time to face the music..but i think i'm gonne get real drunk and a sleeping pill first before bed..that seems to block/trouble at least the memory of what is pushed upon me..

                    • DUDe DUDe

                      Interesting idea Jebus..

                      Yeah..what would they think of their teacher then..

                    • DUDe DUDe

                      Their cult-leader by hidden manipulation..

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      "…I've done everything from ride race horses to play in a traveling band. One thing remains consistent, I'm NOT into pretenders…"


                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      "I wonder what they would think?"

                      Same thing everyone here does, except one insane old woman and the MumbleMutt itself

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      In the first place, I'm not insane. In the 2nd place I think HD dilutes whatever important is said here. Did you see what he and FM did to the General Nuclear Forum this morning. I posted lots of important nuclear news. Then they carried on a totally irrelevant non-nuclear discussion to destroy the forum after I asked FM to post OT somewhere else.

                      If I post something negative about Trump, he comes along and politely tells me to shut up. At least he is much more polite to me than many other posters on this website.

                      I try to avoid most discussions which are many times non-nuclear and totally dilute what this website is about. But this is true of other posters also, not just FM and HD.

                      HD is sometimes correct. He was correct about aspirin now coming from Benzene. Benzene is extremely carcinogenic. I only take aspirin at most once every 2 years, and I never knew Tylenol came from Benzene before today, but never have taken it anyway.

                      I just ignore, for the most part, all conspiracy theories.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                      Anyway, this website, I think, is an extremely important website, so if I hear something I don't like, I might report it, and then try to ignore it.

                      I don't like it when someone says they have contempt for me, but I've heard that for 6 years now, and have now had to experience this where I live from some of the same actors who now live 1/2 block from me. I have no intention of being friendly to people who have no respect for me and who hold me in contempt or who say I am crazy. As my mother would say, 'Live and let live.' If you want to live your own life, then fine. But please let me live my own life. I will never put up with abuse or attempts to control me. Your culture is not my culture. I might feel sorry for people, but I will never let them into my life. I'm actually shocked by much of what I hear on this website.

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      "Did you see what he and FM did to the General Nuclear Forum this morning."

                      Excuse me Anne, I did what to the general nuclear forum this morning? I mean, yeah I did post one or (maybe two OT posts there) and then asked where you would like me to post instead?

                      But then again, the general unclear thread was a mess before I even started posting on this site.

                  • Jebus Jebus

                    It's almost like he's here now.

                    I sense the style…

                • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                  "Did you see what he and FM did to the General Nuclear Forum this morning. I posted lots of important nuclear news. Then they carried on a totally irrelevant non-nuclear discussion to destroy the forum…"

                  Do you remember:

                  Posting literally 100's of OT bs posts? 1000's by
                  now really.

                  More than 100 on a single page?

                  Being begged to stop, pleading, reported, far beyond any other single poster ever on this site?

                  Being asked/begged to stop tailing/harassing posters, wallpapering their every post?

                  No, I'm sure you do not, could not, will not.

                  Because you are insane, not of right mind.

                  That you would complain about others, is,,well…


                  Your very post,,well 2 posts, full of personal babble, spooks down the street, on and on and on and on, etc., etc. Bang that familiar drum.

                  That you can not recognize it, or stop doing it, points exactly to what it is.


                  • danger kitty danger kitty

                    Hi AST. Re:"Did you see what he and FM did to the General Nuclear Forum this morning." What I saw was Frank posting a link that reflected poorly on US endless efforts to mess up the middle East. Wowser came back to intimidate Frank, who made a complete fool of the pup without him being aware that he was being dissed. Incidentally proving that wowser doesn't read anybody else's links.
                    Nicely played, Frank.

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      Yes, FM got a nice 2for1 on that play.

                      MumbleMutt got liquored and lost.

                      AnneTheScam cries wallpaper abuse.

                      Perfect. 😆

  • DUDe DUDe

    I immediately get a "no available in your country" message , but maybe the majority here can see it if they want..dunno
    Should be around 30 minutes..

    VICE on HBO

    "..Playing with Nuclear Fire & No Man Left Behind .."

    • DUDe DUDe

      The title is ok eh ? Since TPTshouldentB is deliberately shaping our reality to garantie ;

      "..Manmade Nuclear Extermination , No Man Left Behind.."

      Too Cheap To Meter..versus..No Man Left a april joke by the Devil himself..hook , line and sinker..

    • PlowboyGrownUp

      It's a very clear video covering Fukushima to the Iraq wars and effects on veterans including pills and Dept of Veteran Affairs.

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    'no child left behind' "ANTIMEDIA Op-ed) — Chicago, Illinois, has a chronic inflated state problem disguised as a schooling problem. In order to eradicate the symptom, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has decided to attack those who suffer from it and not the actual root of the problem — adopting a classic “more of the same” approach.

    A plan approved in May is set to take effect soon, forcing high school seniors to either be enlisted in the military, have a job, be enrolled in a gap-year program, or have a college acceptance letter before the Chicago public schooling system will give them their diploma. The obvious consequences of this new policy are problematic. Still, Emanuel doesn’t seem to care." Like I've said before – cities have too much power.

  • danger kitty danger kitty

    This post is from DUDe :

    Read your excellent description of "Trolls" and suggest the following tack,

    Imagine the 60's before we had 'Al Gore's Big Inter-Web' and all of the social media, total connectivity and contracts we've fallen slaves to…
    Them good ole daze when the trolls lived under bridges lying in wait for naïve little girls…
    Well we all know the drill… If they should venture off their normal grid ..simple reaction then was to ignore them and VOILA, NO AUDIENCE.
    And poof they were without their reason d'etre. If somebody makes a poor remark in my direction I am glad that at least they found me interesting enough to warrant a reply. As a long time politico-green,( anarcho-communist) some might say- I know that the only bad news is no Enjoy the fact that you've at least attracted flies to your stuff. Trolls make everything they attack more worthy by default. Sad existence they are indeed. Critically think this gig through people! They stepped into your way.. You don't have to knock em down and give them their required fuel. Just smile and ignore their efforts to distract and obfuscate the herd from TRUTH and its consequences. Hope this helps.
    Love all you guys – all the consistent work being produced from the news to the very very generous efforts made in producing readable comments and questions we all can learn a grow from…

    Is it enuf to…

  • danger kitty danger kitty

    Yes, it is disgusting. For the most part they must be paid shills. Especially the ones that appear stupid like the pup. Nobody could really be that stupid. Frank's in a category all by himself.
    Sorry I was late to the party. I saw the storm abrewing and I through my stuff in the truck and headed up to the library for full internet strength and battery charging.
    Got there just at the end & well, I type slow. You certainly didn't need the help. You squooshed Frank's credibility definitively. Mining waste! Ha! Wondered why he never got down to specifics.
    I hope you've saved all your work. I should have, but it's not easy w/o a PC. If you can collect it all in one link that's you can transmit here, I'd love to have it. If it's not too much effort. You've put a lot of effort into it, it may prove even more valuable down the road…
    I'll try the Cube of Silence for a while. Maybe come up with matching toe tags…

  • Here's one for trolls and non trolls alike…

    …how about that. And reality too?

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

    “’…Medicaid is the Medicare program for the working people in this country,’ said Mark Laret, CEO of UCSF Health. ‘There is no better investment that our nation can make than in its people.’….”

  • Jebus Jebus

    Looks like the news of enenews's demise, is fake news…

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

    I'm signing out. Have a wonderful night.

  • In fact the active ingredient in aspirin tabs you buy commercially is made from a altered molecule of benzine.

    Willow what?

    Willow benzine dane bramage follows…

    What's benzine? It ain't a tree or bark…

    …Ya gotta know better than that.

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    no risk to the public, employees or the environment
    The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission will inspect BWX Technologies’ Mt. Athos Road fuel-fabrication plant after workers unexpectedly found uranium in a plant ventilation system.
    Two BWXT workers found the material Tuesday in two filters in a glovebox ventilation system. The facility already had been shut down for maintenance and cleaning, the NRC said Thursday in a news release.
    Upon the discovery, BWXT halted the maintenance operations in the facility’s Research and Test Reactors manufacturing area as the ventilation system was not expected to contain uranium, Director of Public and Media Relations of BWXT Jud Simmons said Thursday. …

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    …Anti-mining groups say that they would not allow UCIL to mine uranium at any cost. In March last, UCIL officials tried to break the deadlock, which has been stalled for the past two decades.
    “The proposal has to be scraped. We will not allow mining of uranium in Meghalaya,” said Samuel Jyrwa, chairman of North East Students’ Organisation (NESO).
    “UCIL made every attempt to convince the civil organisations of Meghalaya by promising that they would adhere to all the safety standards, but we were not willing to buy their arguments,” he added. …

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    Let's clean up one mess before making another. 
    That was the message from members of two local groups opposed to uranium mining on Saturday, when volunteers gathered at the Outdoor Campus West in Rapid City to set up public information and outreach booths to speak to visitors about the importance of clean water and the impact of uranium mining.
    In the wake of Azarga Uranium proposing a uranium mine in South Dakota, the Black Hills Clean Water Alliance and Dakota Rural Action have opposed the idea, saying that uranium mining would bring only short-term economical benefits while harming tourism and land, water and cultural resources."The vast majority of the mines have not been cleaned up. They put radioactive materials into the rivers and into the soil sediment," Lilias Jarding said. "The main thing we want is to clean up the old uranium mines and not start any new uranium mines in the Black Hills."
    Jarding, a volunteer with the Clean Water Alliance, gave hands-on demonstrations to children about water testing. She hopes the booth can help teach people the importance of clean water. …

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    Brexit could endanger Britain’s status as a world leader in nuclear fusion research, reduce future outside investment in nuclear power facilities, and affect thousands of jobs in high-tech nuclear industries, according to some of Britain’s leading researchers. They also said that any damage may turn out to have been entirely avoidable, because the treaties involved are separate from those keeping Britain in the European Union.
    Five senior nuclear scientists, including the chair of the UK Atomic Energy Agency, have told BuzzFeed News that the decision to leave Euratom – the European Atomic Energy Community – at the same time as leaving the EU will have profound impacts on Britain’s research, energy production, and industry.
    Professor Roger Cashmore, the UKAEA chair, said that the situation was “a mess” and “alarming”, and told BuzzFeed News that by 2025 “you could be doing your writing by candlelight on a typewriter”. …


  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    Elevated levels of uranium in water supplies is an environmental safety and health concern, but current methods of detecting it are cumbersome, costly and time consuming. Gary C. Tepper, Ph.D., chair of the Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, and Ph.D. student Brandon Dodd are addressing this challenge with a novel portable device that streamlines and expedites the way uranium in water is measured. Because their patented technology is more sensitive than current technologies, it is able to detect low or trace concentrations of uranium in water supplies. …

    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

      I did leave, now I'm back. Oh well.

      Anyway, thanks HHD, that was the sort of info I was trying to get to with CS.

      I fully understand his/her obsession with k-40, but here is the thing.

      What about thorium, uranium, levels, uranium mining's effects and related decay products? I mean uranium is natural. Polonium is natural, Radon is natural.

      What were exposure levels like before unclear bombs, testing, uranium mining, nuclear plants and such? Where would we get this information?

      For instance, here in Johannesburg there's 600 thousand tons of the shit and I'm guessing that would influence background and exposure levels? Is this to be considered natural? Is it safe to estimate that levels and exposure rates would be lower without that 600 thousand tons at the surface?

      • DUDe DUDe

        "..What about thorium, uranium, levels, uranium mining's effects and related decay products? I mean uranium is natural. Polonium is natural, Radon is natural.

        What were exposure levels like before unclear bombs, testing, uranium mining, nuclear plants and such?.."

        I would think that before three pound brain apeman started mining stuff up and always spilling massive amounts around the diggings before transporting it further to attack bio-processes there, Nature had a different way of exposing all-around-Life to Uranium versus mandatory needed Potassium..or something..but its just a guess..i'm no expert either..

        • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

          "Nature had a different way of exposing all-around-Life to Uranium versus mandatory needed Potassium..or something..but its just a guess..i'm no expert either.."

          I think that's a pretty good guess. In fact, I would even suggest a balance with some other metals you may often find with uranium. But hey, just another guess.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            I told you what the radiation dose from potassium, your largest internal source of radiation is. You doubted it. I proved it. You recall the number? You want facts and data all of a sudden? 70 bq/kg forever. Should we be worried about 70 bq/kg or not? Tell us, self proclaimed genius/troll who gloats at singlehandedly destroying enenews.

            from Bandazhevsky;
            'when the level of ingested Cesium 137 gets up to the range of 12-26 Becquerels of radiation per kilogram of the child's weight, only 38% of children still have relatively healthy hearts. The remaining 62% have damaged hearts. In addition to causing cancer, ingested radiation can wreak considerable damage to heart function and also to the performance of most other organs throughout the body.

            • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

              I remember that, I checked the k-40 energy profile months ago too, even compared it to some other stuff.

              Anyway. I'm not arguing about k-40. You know the Pro-nuke guys argue about k-40 being more dangerous than some other nuclear crap.

              What I do have doubts about, relates mostly to uranium product stuff.

              Oh yeah, just saying, I joined in, what, early January or so?

              Check it.


              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                what about uranium concerns you exactly? Radiation dose? Heavy metal effects? Decay products? Size of particles? Ingestion routs? You cant catch the uranium mining industry in lies unless you know how to argue the point.

                • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                  "Radiation dose? Heavy metal effects? Decay products? Size of particles? Ingestion routs? You cant catch the uranium mining industry in lies unless you know how to argue the point."

                  Oh sorry…

                  Depleted uranium, fluoride, radioactive waste "dilution", congenital defects, insurance subsidization, waste disposal failures, etc.

                  Holy crap that's a lot of lies. I'm not sure I could just argue one point.

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    Yes, if they say depleted uranium is not radioactive enough to cause harm, radioactive waste is diluted to safe levels and wont cause congenital effects, that waste disposal is therefor not a big problem…heck just dump it in the ocean, and subsidization is good because all that clean nuke energy is good, you cant argue any of that unless you are a little familiar with the stuff I was pointed to.

                    fluoride nuclear deception?

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      How can lead possibly be considered a problem, but depleted uranium (which is AT BEST like radioactive lead), not be chemically and radioactively loaded?

                      Fuck that. Choose the most stable evil, choose lead in your water.

                      Hope you don't mind me mentioning this again.


            • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

              So obviously, they use the k-40 figures to kind of I dunno, mask the effects of other stuff? It's convenient, I guess.

              I mean, it's a dilution thing.

              See, the natural background number is larger, therefore, radiation cannot be bad. We are good at math.

              But also maybe just MAYBE there's a lot of crap related to uranium, like concentrating it, plutonium, tritium, americum, strontium, cesium that we're not going to mention. In fact, we will also conveniently delay our testing methods and suggest that due to the rapid decay and energy release of those isotopes they're no problem, because they only exist for a little while. It's not like energy/time means anything.

      • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

        So, I'm randomly guessing and I'm just gonna throw some speculation out there, but could there be processes that cause accelerated decay? Could some of those processes have anything to do with mining or industry?

        Nah, just the sun.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        Farth, you seem to be missing the point. Your dose from nuclear testing and uranium mining is very low compared to radon and potassium. Are you going to pin your concern on radiation dose numbers? Are you here just to argue, or do you really want to know? You wont actually find toxicity info on potassium, your largest internal dose of radiation. On the other hand, the good works of people like Bandazhevsky show the effects of low level nuke fallout are worse than assumed by science. Not just two or ten times worse…500 times, 1000 times. How is it possible that one source of seemingly the same type of radiation can cause little or no harm and the SAME dose from C-137 or other types of nuke fallout cause morbidity and death? You wont find the answers unless you look deeply. I was helping…you wanted to "catch' me as disinfo. Or did you? This is about the first time you have actually asked for information. Took you awhile. Thus your true motivation is suspect. Given the body of your contribution, and the fact you claim to be a troll doesnt help.

        "What were exposure levels like before unclear bombs, testing, uranium mining, nuclear plants and such?"

        Why not shut up and read for a while? Then, when you find good stuff, distill it for the others, thereby making a positive contribution?

        • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

          "Your dose from nuclear testing and uranium mining is very low compared to radon…"

          Quick question. I'm wondering how to get radium, radon and polonium without considering uranium?

          I'll check out those .pdfs (I have a very short attention span though).

        • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

          Okay, so you're suggesting what with that cesium morbidity correlation? Chernobyl was bad, cesium is bad? Not linear? Not natural?

          • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

            No hormesis either?

            Come on, what's a pro-nuke guy supposed to do that info? How the fuck am I supposed to spin that?

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            science says radiation toxicity coefficients range to about 20x. They say that since you have 70 bq/kg perpetually, which obviously is not harmful (they estimate the low harm of background radiation from Hiroshima victims with poor data, no direct tests), therefor adding a little bit of radiation cant possibly harm you. Bandazhevsky shows us they are wrong. Now the question is why is one dose bad and the same dose not bad? If you had listened instead of blathered with your black wallpaper, I was telling you all kinds of stuff about it…

            • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

              Oh I read a LOT. I'm somewhat retarded though. Can you do like, one of those radiation for dummies books?

              Thanks for the info.

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                The entire story of radiation toxicity has not been discovered or elucidated. Look at the mystery of the bystander effect for example. There are many influencing factors, like size of particles, ingestion or no, radiation per mass, frequency effects, biological pathways, molecular bonding, information effects (bystander). Life was always radioactive. Something is different with man made stuff because it causes dead zones, microcephaly, cancer clusters, genomic instability, rising cancer, reduced intelligence, all at levels below or near the background dose.

                specific activity curies per gram
                cesium 134 = 7400000.0
                k-40 in potassium = 0.000000000854


                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                  K-40 7.04E-6
                  K-40 8.54E-10 per gram of natural K
                  Cs-134m 7.4E6
                  Cs-134 12E3

                  Cs-134m is isomeric Cs-134.

                  ‘A nuclear isomer is a metastable state of an atomic nucleus caused by the excitation of one or more of its nucleons (protons or neutrons). "Metastable" refers to the property of these nuclei whose excited states have half-lives longer than 100 to 1000 times the half-lives of the excited nuclear states that decay with a "prompt" half life (ordinarily on the order of 10−12 seconds). As a result, the term "metastable" is usually restricted to isomers with half-lives of 10−9 seconds or longer. Some references recommend 5 × 10−9 seconds to distinguish the metastable half life from the normal "prompt" gamma emission half life.[1] Occasionally the half-lives are far longer than this, lasting minutes, hours, or years. 180m
                  is an example of a nuclear isomer that has survived so long that it has never been observed to decay (at least 1015 years).

                  “Sometimes, the gamma decay from a metastable state is given the special name of an isomeric transition, but with the exception of the long-lived nature of the meta-stable parent nuclear isomer, this process resembles shorter-lived gamma decays in all external aspects. The longer lives of nuclear isomers (metastable states) are often due to the larger degree of nuclear spin change which must be involved in their gamma emission to reach the ground state….

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

                    [cont.] "This high spin change causes these decays to be forbidden transitions, and delayed. Delays in emission are also caused by low or high available decay energy.
                    “The first nuclear isomer and decay-daughter system (uranium X2/uranium Z, now known as 234m
                    ) was discovered by Otto Hahn in 1921.[2]”

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      CS was saying though, that considering the massive energy difference (particularly considering the timescale), it is quite disingenuous to suggest cesium-134 is comparable to K-40.

                      K-40 8.54E-10 per gram of natural K
                      vs Cs-134 12E3, Cs-134m 7.4E6.

                      "This high spin change causes these decays to be forbidden transitions, and delayed. Delays in emission are also caused by low or high available decay energy."

                      That is also quite interesting, because delayed release could mean effectively more energy released over a shorter period.

                    • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

                      At least, that's my uneducated, speculative interpretation.

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    CANON CITY — Informal public comment is being sought on a Cotter Corp. proposal to increase its annual surety bond for future monitoring of its now defunct uranium mill site located just south of here.
    Cotter Corp. has set aside an $18,155,953 surety to cover long term management of the lands by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

    …Cotter officials announced in late 2011 they would close the mill for good after it sat idle since 2006. No site remediation work has been completed since 2012 as U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Colorado Department of Public Health officials work to outline a full decommissioning and reclamation plan.

    The mill and a portion of the neighboring Lincoln Park community have been a Superfund site since 1984 due to uranium and molybdenum contamination in groundwater and soils.

    ….Public notice.

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    …The state’s testing did not connect the Alpha particles to Radium or Uranium, two of the specific kinds of radioactive waste found in the landfill. Further testing is being done to learn whether the particles could be the result of Thorium, another waste buried at West Lake. No word yet on when those results will be released.

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

    When F.D.R. proclaimed that “We have nothing to fear but fear itself,” we had not yet developed nuclear warfare. Today, with nuclear armaments expanding in North Korea and the increasing threat of non-governmental terrorists securing or building nuclear bombs, there is good reason to be very worried.

    …The actual effects of nuclear warfare are barely perceived by a public that would simply rather not know. Ironically, one of the more accurate portrayals was filmed in Lawrence, Kansas. “The Day After” aired in November, 1983 on ABC stations. Although it was seen by over 100 million people, there is little evidence today of any residual appreciation for the civilization-ending impact of a full scale nuclear war. The decades-long “nuclear winter” and other effects of these weapons remain beyond the comprehension of supposedly well-informed modern citizens.
    Nor do today’s generals really understand the destructive force of nuclear warfare. Thanks to the test ban treaty, we no longer have any generals who have witnessed a nuclear bomb. …

    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

      Make good to blame the Fukushima sea of fire on North Korea? Trump to the rescue of the nuke industry and proliferation?

      …should Kim make good on his threat to turn the Pacific Coast into a "sea of fire."…
      North Korea Warns Of Nuclear 'Tipping Point' Over US Bomber Drill The US and South Korea held the rare live-fire drill as tensions grew

      • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog
        …Hertz also reveals that there was at least one serious accident at Dimona in which at least one person (he later in the book says there were two deaths) was killed.  Though there have been reports of such accidents in the past, perhaps an account by a second-hand witness (Hertz was not on duty the night of the explosion) is viewed as threatening to the military censor.  The author also reveals that the Dimona reactor achieved an enrichment capacity that far exceeded what was officially conceded.  The inference being that there could be no question that it had a sole purpose, to produce plutonium for a nuclear weapons.  In fact, he reveals that Israel had completed its first nuclear weapon just before the War began.
        … He describes the massive makeover his section of the facility received to conceal entrances to portions of the plant in which weapons research had been conducted.  After departure of the Americans, the materials erected to conceal the key parts of the building they wished to hide were removed and it was returned to its former, fully operational condition.
        Another thrust of the book which might’ve drawn the ire of the censor, is Hertz’s claim that the Israeli military essentially conducted a coup d’état against the civilian prime minister because they doubted his ability or willingness to lead the nation to war. …

  • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

    Didn't see this, sorry if I missed it.

    "KENNEWICK, Wash. (CN) – Groundwater contaminated with radioactive waste from the decommissioned Hanford nuclear facility in Washington state is still “flowing freely” into the Columbia River, a program manager with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said at a meeting of the Hanford Advisory Board."

    • DUDe DUDe

      The pattern..its almost like..those on the list to have their sovereignity destroyed with all means possible to please the zionist overlords from hell or otherwise..are made suspect of everything including hacking..

      NSA..they are capable of attacking anything inside or outside and create a trail to those they want to accuse..a false flag machine as it were..

      • DUDe DUDe

        What Secret Tool US, Israel Have in Stock for Their Plot Against Iran

        "..The 181-page manual, the broadcaster said, was published last month and released on Tuesday by officials from the heavily industrialized southern German state of Baden-Württemberg. According to it, "in one case, Iran allegedly worked through a Chinese front company to seek 'complex metal-producing machines' from a German engineering firm. German intelligence officials blocked the sale when they told the engineering firm the merchandise was slated to be unlawfully routed to Iran."

        "From the ideological point of view, the 181-page report could be regarded as a new attempt of the Israeli and American intelligence services and the Zionist lobby to discredit Iran with the help of Germany. It looks like a new scenario for the implementation of their schemes which they plotted back in 2001 and which they later modified into the anti-Iranian dossier on the nuclear program. However they failed," Hassan Beheshtipour told Sputnik.

        • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

          The REAL question is, what sort of trickery can the magical NK clown conjure? They've already managed to hack central banks, some of the largest fuel, shipping and pharma institutions in the world, etc.

          What do you call it when you test systems, just before you actually begin your offensive? I forgot the word…

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Well, at least the government has finally acknowledged the bio -accumulation issue. Yep full court press on the issue, now. Did you know if you keep using snuff, you will eventually accumulate your body weight in snuff.

    Pardon my language that I am thinking. Must be government subsidized ads I'm seeing all over the internet. We need a new gender-neutral term for "those bitches"

  • SadieDog

    OT – For people who aren't afraid or unable to think. Great flat earth theory video. Enjoy. 🙂

  • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

    Ah sorry, usual OT metal link. Album name, radiation. Reminds me of the martyrdom of a catastrophist.

  • Cooter

    More truth at 11:30

  • Cooter

    It's going to be a hot day when my boys email me.

    Do you wanna play THERMONUCLEAR WAR?

  • Cooter

    New and newer news at 11

    Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2018-03-16T18:18:00.00Z

    Place of registration third party link is Ukraine.

    No videos as yet.

    Thanks AST I've got my first cup and will explain all of this in a human way at 5.

  • Cooter

    Gonna be a long hot day so I have to go pick raspberries.

    I will return.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    It's a shame that messages have to be wrapped in humor.

    Former Mexican President Shows Trump How To Avoid Nuclear War In Hilarious Video
    Vicente Fox simply wants to prevent him from “ending all life on earth.”
    6/30 2017

    Is civilization advancing ..because we choose to live on a self made precipice?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    OT. Kissy-kissy?

    SHOCKWAVE rocks Earth's Shields – Supersonic Solar Storm RIPS through Space!
    July 8 2017

    • DUDe DUDe

      Hi Heart.. At 0:40..and thats good , we havent seen a Sunspot in a while , Earth needs Sunspots , its that simple..

      I wish he would elaborate a bit on that..i can make up my own Kissy-kissy indeed lol , but i would like to hear others version..

      • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

        Well, I mentioned this like 3 or 4 times today and cooter reckoned it's not worth checking out (just because I linked it). It's a lockheed martin site. Largest sunspot of 2017.

      • FaunaLord Farthington MacMananus

        I can *almost* guarantee that it also has subsequent geological effects.

        • Hey AI guy. You need intuition to understand space weather and geo-effective "effects". the size of the sunspot itself does not matter, it requires mixed magnetics to have any chance of a sizable CME which is the driver for geomagnetic effects of a large amount, EQ's per se.

          But curious how the 1000 quake swarm in the US west and potential super volcano could work out.

          Maybe it's not worth cutting the grass today? lol

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    The 'fondlers of the precious' don't give a rat's arse..what the UN thinks.

    Treaty banning nuclear weapons approved at UN
    July 7 2017

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