Regrets: Mother finds 20 times higher radioactivity than normal in child’s bedroom — “The national government and TEPCO kept saying it’s alright and I believed them”

Published: October 4th, 2011 at 9:10 am ET


SOURCE: Radiation in Japan: Those Who Fled Fukushima in Panic Made a “Rational Decision”, Says Government, EX-SKF, October 4, 2011

From Mainichi Shinbun (10/4/2011):

[…] “So are you now telling us we should have evacuated as soon as possible?” “It is only recently that we knew how bad the contamination was.” […]

“I was worried right from the beginning. But the national government and TEPCO kept saying “It’s alright” and I believed them.” Chikage Sugano, 46-year-old housewife from Fukushima City regrets. […]

She measured the radiation level of her own home. The children’s room on the second floor measured 0.95 microsievert/hour. It was 20 times as high as the normal (before the accident) outdoor radiation level. She cleaned the house with moistened cloth but the radiation level didn’t go down. She made her daughters wear long-sleeved shirts and masks to go to school. They decided to evacuate before the 2nd semester at school.  […]

[The Ministry of Education’s committee on nuclear accident damage arbitration said] “it was rational (or it made sense) to evacuate out of fear” […]

Read the report here.

Published: October 4th, 2011 at 9:10 am ET


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14 comments to Regrets: Mother finds 20 times higher radioactivity than normal in child’s bedroom — “The national government and TEPCO kept saying it’s alright and I believed them”

  • kintaman kintaman

    Good that some people are coming their senses and evacuating on their own but I fear that the damage has been done for many. Once inhaled or ingested it will remain in the body where the most damaged is done.

    These people should have left right from the beginning. Let this be a lesson to ALL. I cannot believe how naive people are when it comes to this type of scenario. You can never trust those in charge as they have a vested interest….in themselves.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      I agree kintaman. I hope we see more and more reports like this. POSTED:

    • farawayfan farawayfan

      Don’t blame the people, they were and are being pervasively lied to. How can you make a good decision when you are continuously lied to that it’s ok, the government won’t pay a dime, and the alternative is to completely uproot, lose everything, if they even can?

      I agree, they should have been evacuated then and still should be now, but their societal trust completely failed them.

      • Anthony Anthony

        That whole “not to trouble” someone with bad information, including that they have a terminal diagnosis of cancer, is utter bullshit. How can anyone defend that kind of lifestyle? It is the ultimate control freak behavior. In asserting that they are behaving culturally in such a dysfunctional manner, for me illuminates they are not to be trusted completely for the truth – period. When someone believes it is ok to tell part truths, even to people they apparently care about, you cannot trust them 100%. Their motivations are to not upset you with the truth remember.

        • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


          I’m always amazed at how many people enjoy playing God with other people’s lives! I think I would physically attack anyone who withheld such information from me.

    • Many of us here @enenews knew from the onset of the troubles at the reactors, this would be like no other disaster known to man of the scale, tonnage involved explosion’s and refused to be contained, spreading enormous throughout the world so quickly !
      All the knowledge of radiation and it’s horrible dangers and damage would be irreversible to all in it’s path (earth)!
      It only gets worse as the earth is slowly becoming irradiated for the next multi hundreds of millenniums and all that that will end as we know it !
      Be ready for changes in everything, many overnight it will seem, prepare for the mass awakening when these things are obvious to all in one country after anouther, it will not be just Japan !

      • Anthony Anthony

        xdrfox I agree. In the future one could read the posts here and see how we literally *predicted* nearly everything which is coming to bear. My only hope is the same great minds here can access a survival solution for ourselves, amongst ourselves. I said from the beginning that Japan is a goner. I believe we cannot *helps* them in the sense we all want to extend our help and love. They do not want our help and even if they did their Government seems more committed to saving their fucking face than helping and saving their goddamned citizens. There comes a point when you just have to say Fuck It and save yourselves. I think the ozone problem may be that marker of time where we need to shift the focus onto ourselves. The missing ozone which *may* have been caused by Japan is a lot closer to you and I geographically that Japan. This problem in Fukushima already has become a serious one for us.