AFP: Reigning champ showering with bottled water while in Japan — Another rider considers leaving all his clothes behind

Published: October 2nd, 2011 at 9:09 am ET


Lorenzo avoids showering in Japan, AFP, October 1, 2011:

Reigning MotoGP champion Jorge Lorenzo said on Saturday he was using bottled water to wash himself to avoid showering in tap water in Japan, as many racers voice concern about radiation exposure.

The admission by the Spanish Yamaha rider came while many top riders remain worried about radiation leakage from a crippled nuclear plant some 130 kilometers (80 miles) northeast of the Twin Ring Motegi circuit.

“I shower with bottles,” Lorenzo told a press conference […]

Other Riders

  • Many teams brought their own supplies of water and food to Japan
  • Championship leader Casey Stoner flew in late from Australia to minimise the length of his stay in Japan
  • Honda star Dani Pedrosa said he was considering leaving all his clothes in Japan
Published: October 2nd, 2011 at 9:09 am ET


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52 comments to AFP: Reigning champ showering with bottled water while in Japan — Another rider considers leaving all his clothes behind

  • Steven Steven

    I’m trying to think of a more dangerous profession than motorcycle racing; there can’t be that many. Sort of a statement all of itself, I’d say.

    • arclight arclight

      suitable sporting link i missed , seems to go here nicely
      Friday, September 30, 2011

      Prof. Yukio Hayakawa: Radiation Contamination Route Map

      “Professor Yukio Hayakawa of Gunma University has been revising his radiation contour map that he first made available in April. Now, he has a version of the map dated September 30 that indicates the routes and the timing of contamination, as you see below……”

      Radioactive “Ekiden” Race in Fukushima City in 1 Microsievert/Hr Radiation, for Teenage Female Runners

      “It is reaching the point of criminality, of knowingly exposing young women, majority of them in mid to late teens in junior high schools and high schools, to radiation higher than that of the radiation control zone in a nuclear power plant. They will run in their shorts and sleeveless tops, without the masks of course. Last year, the youngest runner was 13 years old.”
      “Fukushima City is where Greenpeace detected cobalt-60 in a park in a residential neighborhood, where decontamination work in certain districts resulted in “raising” the radiation levels.”

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Oh man. Here comes THE SPIN!
    3 minutes ago – Japan’s post-tsunami tourism industry haunted by nuclear fears. Oct. 02 …. Rumors, lies may kill more of Japan’s rural and working poor than radiation itself

  • Sickputer

    These weird self-preservation anecdotes tell a more realistic tale of the dangers of living in Japan. The government’s assurances obviously are not believed by gaijin so what about the poor little native folks who can’t afford to shower with Evian? Or the 61,000 American troops? The military has abandoned them as the expendable pawns they signed up to be. No IEDs here… just longterm toxic death.

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      I hear you. It’s amazing, I’m watching the Wall Street Protest comments at HP. This protest will NOT stop anytime soon. If I could, I’d attend one. Anyway a poster posted this
      ░░░░░░████­­­███ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▃
      Admin: Remove if you want.

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        Hey Whoopie, it’s so good to see this finally happening, isn’t it.
        Media attention is finally growing, they’ve made the biggest headline over here today!!

        • Whoopie Whoopie

          Glad to hear that BB! And yes, it’s great. Reminds me of the 60’s when we protested the Vietnam war. These days however…are more worrisome. 🙁

          • Whoopie Whoopie

            In case anyone is interested. Comments are 50 50. Teabaggers showing their stupidity.

          • Dr Thorndyke

            You know you’re use of the pejorative “Tea Bagger” below proves you have a rather small-minded, sanctimonious political identity. I really wish more people would grow up and find the that that solutions to our common set of problems will ultimately require mass adoption of political atheism. The act of politics of identification only serve your ego – they fail miserably at serving any cause of betterment. R or D doesn’t matter anymore – these are two sides of the same coin – and the elite’s love these politics of division.

            Please open your mind – regardless of how you feel about said “tea baggers” I think if you looked past your prejudices and bias you might finds some folks and more importantly some IDEAS that on which you might agree – that fact that your visiting the same website should speak volumes.

            “Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people” – Eleanor Roosevelt

            BTW the anger at wall street is largely a diversion:


            And PS – I don’t identify with the Tea Party per se but do like some of the apparent honesty that emanates from the likes of Ron Paul.

          • Dr Thorndyke

            That’s a cute costume really – I’d say she was english but wouldn’t expect any self-respecting citizen of the commonwealth to prefer Lipton

          • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

            Glad you liked it. Unfortunately, most real life teabaggers are not so cute. But I’m not American and will keep my opinion (mostly) to myself.

          • arclight arclight

            wouldn’t expect any self-respecting citizen of the commonwealth to prefer Lipton

            too bleedin right mate…call that a cuppa???

          • Dr Thorndyke

            Well you keep on with the generalizations programmed into you by the powers that be – they’ve certainly appear to have done a nice job with their “programing” – I like that irony – it’s called television “programing”. Do you have any ideas to discuss – Or are you happy to continue vain attempts to goad me into taking exception to your prejudice. Not American? Who cares – I believe Locke would contend your natural rights preclude censorship regardless of national identification – even that which you feel compelled to self impose. The more interesting question to consider might be: “Are you your own sovereign”?

          • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

            Hey Doc,
            didn’t mean to upset you. Honestly, I feel not too programmed by anyone. As most here on this board know, I’m German, that’s why I try to keep my opinion concerning other governments to myself , because I know I probably do not get “the full picture” over here and am by no means qualified to judge.
            I CAN say, however, that I hear Tea Party member statements with a certain mixture of horror and amusement.

            Btw, we’re clogging a nuclear disaster thread….

          • Dr Thorndyke

            Oh i’m not upset – far from from it – more intrigued really. Allow me to give you some anecdotal experience. My neighbor identifies himself as a tea party type. I hear from him disdain for the military industrial complex, support for people being able to do whatever they want to their own bodies/persons, hatred of the fiat money corruption forced upon US citizens by the private banking cartel known as the “Federal Reserve”, suport for equality of all including the LBGT community – in short we agree on most things – philosophies I would call classically liberal. I’ll bet in many ways he and his wife (a Canadian) do not fit your boogeyman “teabagger” stereotype. In fact just the use of the term I believe should suggest one is just as much a tebagger as the target of the insult. I find real life relationships are rarely as cartoonish and melodramatic as the memes being spread around the comment boards of virtualville.

            As to clogging the thread? The moderator is free to ban me and my total of 5 or so comments. Personally, from the look of this board it could use a little more thinking discussion and a little less hysterics and hubris.

            BTW I own and make extensive use of of both Beta-attenuated and Gamma radiation detectors. Nothing horrible so far unlike what I see being (sadly) reported from Durango CO. BTW cheers to you Germans on the nixing of nuclear fission on your soil and subsidy of solar – I like what I’m seeing. Just make sure to refuse french power and thank the french for making themselves the european nuclear dumping ground.

          • arclight arclight

            “He postulated that the mind was a blank slate or tabula rasa. Contrary to pre-existing Cartesian philosophy, he maintained that we are born without innate ideas, and that knowledge is instead determined only by experience derived from sense perception”


            although off topic, I thought it would rude to not answer your question of sovereignty of the individual or individualism, which if I understand you correctly is the opposite of collectivism, to which you oppose?

            I think there is room for both, but my spiritual beliefs preclude lockes theory on a blank canvas…even genetics has shown us that is in doubt!

            Lastly, on the point of nationality/origin I look to Epictetus and his famous saying
            “ I am a citizen of the world, not a citizen of Athens”

            Peace, and I would respectfully ask if you could make points not insults…we are all very elderly here and shock easily…
            Peace mrs/mr dr thorndike

          • arclight arclight

            I like what I’m seeing. Just make sure to refuse french power and thank the french for making themselves the european nuclear dumping ground.


            young man/woman

          • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

            Reg. French nuke power: though 50% or so of our nukes are off the grid, germany still exports more electricity than it imports.
            That much for “we can’t live without it”.

          • StPaulScout StPaulScout

            Dr. Thorn – The Tea Party is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Koch brothers business empire. Seems you too need to get a clue…..

        • Dr Thorndyke

          Sorry Arclight my comment was directed at BradAndButter not you.

          But WOW! Epictetus is one of my favorite philosophers. The story of a slave who earned his way to freedom but remained so steadfastly humble i find inspiring – especially his thoughts about our control of what the maker grants or takes. Something to the effect of (im paraphrasing): Don’t lament what has been taken from you – rather bask in the glory that it was granted to you at all. Why ask why the maker has taken your possessions did you ask why they were given in the first place – something along those lines.

          With Locke I focus less on tabla rasa – we now have the nature/nurture question firmly in mind and rigorously debated. I focus more on his theory of natural rights – as to collectivism – I agree with the balance you suggest – just that individual rights should not be subject to the whims of the “mob” – and are more absolute.

          • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

            “individual rights should not be subject to the whims of the “mob””

            I hopefully got this sentence totally wrong. I prefer not to discuss the Tea Party and their views any longer.

            *B&B is watching Occupying Wall Street and hopes they’ll succeed

          • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

            *and gets another beer

          • Dr Thorndyke

            At least you referred to them as the Tea Party – as opposed to a term (teabagger) used to suggest one levitates their gonads over another’s face – thank you – cheers!

            As to individual rights – would you have have an individual’s natural rights of life and liberty undermined or usurped by the reactionary outrage of any group of (regardless of how well-meaning). The mob (meaning group of people) can be well-intentioned but utterly wrong in their reaction – see the Boston Massacre – where British Soldiers could easily have been tarred and feathered by the angry mob – but were fortunately granted their “day in court” – natural rights give rise common law notions of due process, innocent until proven guilty and the requirement of probable cause before one’s right to liberty may be suspended. In my mind it’s simple human fairness.

            But we’ll let it go – cheers.

          • arclight arclight

            hope to see you posting occasionally on the rad forum dr thorndyke…even if its normal readings…helps us build a bigger picture… that will make estate agents scream blue murder i suspect…lol!

      • Sickputer

        Technogeek Award of the Week! Whoopies Tank

        As an old Usenet man who used to see the world through glacier-slow dial-up modems… I applaud your neat waste of the near inexhaustible bandwidth of 2011!

      • Sickputer

        Your little tank is of no significance in the Torrent World of 2011… Not even a grain of sand. In other words…you done good Whoopie! Now keep whooping ass!

      • Nah Nah !


        . . . . . —«([███|”””|”””]===[]

  • dka

    Will this help the Japanese understand that they can’t trust their governement? The opposite? Or will it have none of these effects?

    • Sickputer

      None of the effects…longterm health problems do not require immediate solutions according to fatcats.

      Now if they started dying by the thousands per week the fatcats will leave. But it will take a couple more blown plants to speed up their funeral processions. Might happen yet.. If Fuku 1 blows its top and workers abandon it, then add Units 5 and 6 and all the stuff at Daini. Definitely a fatal blow to Japan and much quicker than the agonizing Fuku 1 Death March.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Someone finally Transcribed this VIDEO.
    Children forced to drink milk
    Notice the Cabinet Members, laughing at this woman.

    • reVivre

      oh well – and again I really wish we would be a matriarchy thinking it might be better the other way round

      Look at all these dismissive looks from those ‘leaders’ who feel nothing but being disturbed.

    • Sickputer

      That smirking little bastard will pay for his moment of lack of self control. Feeding poison… Nay…. Force-feeding poison to children is a crime against humanity that is unforgivable. Japan and especially their government officials are headed down a slippery slope to utter chaos. It is descending into madness and Mad Max territory.

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        Ya know, when this VIDEO came out, I didn’t watch it because it was in Japanese. So today reading it and seeing those C.Members laugh, I’m steaming. How can they do that?!?!

    • WindorSolarPlease

      That woman is brave and then to point out that they were laughing. She is amazing.

    • Osamu Fujimura and Yukio Edano should be forced to drink the milk the children poured into the bucket !!!

      • midwestern midwestern

        xdrfox, right forced to drink and showered with buckets of milk. They laughed. I hope this translated version goes viral. Brava, Akira Matsu.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    There was a time when I would have liked to seen Japan.

    Even though, I am getting radiation, probably over my limits.
    I don’t want mega amounts of it.

    No, I would not have gone there.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    The Japanese government has tried to calm fears among foreigners, stressing that Japan in general is a safe place to visit or to live.

    I am sure that generally it was a safe place. However, these are not general times anymore.

    • After 50 years Bikini Atoll:
      … (IAEA) Bikini Advisory Group determined in 1997 that “It is safe to walk on all of the islands … although the residual radioactivity on islands in Bikini Atoll is still higher than on other atolls in the Marshall Islands,… The dose received from background radiation on the island was found to be between 2.4 mSv/year and 4.5 mSv/year (the lower rate is the same as natural background radiation) assuming that a diet of imported foods was available. But it was because of these food risks that the group eventually did not recommend fully resettling the island. …

  • reVivre

    I’m now waiting to hear what ‘precautions’ the Formular1 teams are going to take for next weekend.
    But I think they are too deep in that money-industry – so they bring their stuff and stay mute – (gives some extra-cash?)

  • Re-criticality, cracks in the earth, China syndrome,on and on. How many motocross/formula one/Indy competitors, crews and fans will actually survive without any fallout related illness. Good Lord- three total meltdowns and still no end in sight. Japan Govt and Obama de-population and genocide policies in full swing!!
    Better read the book of Revelation and prepare your hearts and minds. All you need is love.

    • reVivre

      Hello Pete my brother
      good advice not to forget our inner spirituality among all this outer noisy matters.
      But we’re not only here trying to save lives but to help souls not to get lost in despair.

  • Dr Thorndyke

    That’s a cute costume really – I’d say she was english but wouldn’t expect any self-respecting citizen of the commonwealth to prefer Lipton 🙂

  • Elenin Velikovsky Elenin Velikovsky

    Brotherpete…”All you need is Love”…
    a Tavistock Institute Suggestive programming for
    the intention of zoning out the sixties Beatles fans.
    “Nothing you can Do (that can’t be done)…
    Nothing you can Say but you can learn how to play the game.”
    Sorry Man
    I live in a Republic. Tavistock Mind-control Beatles,
    agents of British Intelligence/Illuminati designed to
    break up your Family with Communist Feminist Atheism.
    Break your Beatle Mind-control programming, and
    GET a GRIP on yer self.
    Yahoshua is Lord. Thank you Jesus.

  • Elenin, sounds like you got up on the wrong side of the bed. My sincere apologies if I offended you so much. Poor choice of words on my part. Just stressing too much on the inevitable. Jesus is Lord- lets leave it at that.