Releasing Fukushima radioactive water into Pacific ‘inevitable’ — Reports: Japan very aware of danger posed by past releases; Contaminants are concentrated thousands of times in food chain; At end of chain are humans “who may suffer genetic damage, cancer, other health problems and even death”

Published: December 16th, 2013 at 11:21 am ET


Yomiuri Shimbun, Dec. 16, 2013: Release of water into sea inevitable after purification at Fukushima plant […] The government has been in lockstep with TEPCO in a project to create as early as possible “frozen-soil underground water shields” […] Given that the project has never been attempted anywhere else, the risk of the project encountering difficulties cannot be ruled out. […] The volume of contaminated water currently stored already amounts to nearly 400,000 tons. […] Should the tanks be destroyed because of a calamity such as a strong earthquake, there is a danger that a large quantity of contaminated water could spill from them, like the collapse of a dam.

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster : One of the World’s Worst-Ever Cases of Pollution, Professor Fumikazu Yoshida of Hokkaido University’s Graduate School of Economics, Economic Journal of Hokkaido University, March 2013: Now, the Nuclear Safety Commission has initially tolerated the dumping of radioactive contaminated water in the sea since they claim that it will be diluted. But even diluted in seawater contaminants will be concentrated thousands of times throughout the food chain. Such elementary knowledge concerning the environmental consequences of pollution […] is now apparently being forgotten. […]

The Fukushima Nuclear Power Station incident and marine pollution, Marine Pollution Bulletin, 2012: […] The facts indicate that Japan had already been very aware of the potential danger and effects that the emission might cause […] there remains a certain potential nuclear radiation threat to the neighbouring countries of Japan […] In the long run, the radioactive wastewater will have severe effect on fish including reduction in reproductive capability, morphological abnormalities, leukopenia, anorexia, lethargy, growth depression, and hyperactivity (Forman, 1983; Lomio, 1979). […] Furthermore, the radioactive wastes once enter into the marine food chain will be harmful to various kinds of animals and finally human being themselves who may suffer genetic damage, cancer, other health problems and even death from the nuclear radiation, since the final consumers at the end of the chain are often human (Forman, 1983). […] the ocean-related economy in the bordering states may also suffer from the radioactive wastes. If, however, the potentially injured states wait until the material damage happens, in order to claim damages from Japan, it would probably be too late. […] the reasonable principle of imputation is that so long as there is sufficient evidence to prove that the acts of a state might cause serious damage to the long-term development of the marine environment, this state should bear the responsibility for transboundary harm. […]

Read the full article in the Marine Pollution Bulletin here (pdf)

Published: December 16th, 2013 at 11:21 am ET


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79 comments to Releasing Fukushima radioactive water into Pacific ‘inevitable’ — Reports: Japan very aware of danger posed by past releases; Contaminants are concentrated thousands of times in food chain; At end of chain are humans “who may suffer genetic damage, cancer, other health problems and even death”

  • mesa777

    It should be required, at least here in the United States, to have all seafood and produce sold at a store to be labeled place of origin due to any radiation effects that the item of food may have picked up…. this is a JOKE!

    • You seem to think the government actually cares about you. Wake up! If they cared, they wouldn't have raised all the "safety" immediately after the accident.

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    Almost 3 years later the Japanese government is barely able to state that there is going to be a massive dumping of storage tanks containing Quadrillions of beta emitters. The entire situation has already fundamentally altered the species of the Pacific ocean. The ball was rolling on oceanic trophic chaos began the second the plume from nuclear detonations blew out towards Alaska. It's not a matter of when the food becomes deadly when it already shows 10-100x normal atmospheric levels. Basic gamma testing only gives a sample of what an oceanic life form leaves behind as it's limbs crawl away, or it's eyes don't form.

    • In the meantime, here on the central coast of California…(Carmel-by-the-Sea) where we are already receiving high doses of FuKu-radiation….for the second day in a row they are also heavily spraying chem-trails.

      The sky over me is an ugly dirty thick weird gray with a sci-fi orange tinge…nothing have ever seen in nature before. Metallic taste in mouth, lungs hurt, energy low.

      Plus organic Earthbound Farms next door in Carmel Valley has been sold to a GMO insider.

      We should have reasonably clean food, air and water that supports life. Instead, in one generation it has been privatized, turned nearly totally toxic by design for greed.

      • digitalaardvarks digitalaardvarks

        i lived in aptos for 15 years and watched the air go from clean to something that made my chest hurt after a walk on the beach. it was smoggy way too often.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        1CoastalCalifornian, Sacramento also had an extremely heavy layer of chem-goo today. Ugly yellow-brown masses of haze/smog/clouds, sitting low on the horizon. I've never seen the air in the Central Valley looking so bad.

      • Don't worry. Obama will save California after he's done selling more TEPCO reactors to Texas.

  • "…the responsibility for transboundary harm."

    That one will be debated for a long time.
    The 'buck' will be passed over and over again.

    transboundary = Global (all life)

    "radioactive wastewater will have severe effect on fish"

    A study was not needed to figure this out.

  • wetpwcas1 wetpwcas1

    The EPA has raised the lrgal limits so high way passed any other nation for a reason. We were hit days after untit 1 blew, then the rest sent more our way via the jet stream. All of N. America was hit, no state was spared & the sad part these reactors were using MOX fuel, so 1300 different forms of radiation falls when it rains, snows & dust from farming & ocean spray sends more ashore that get pick up by the winds.
    Our foods have not be safe because of GMO's & now add in PU & C134-137 & the remaining 1297 radicuiles you would neen 1300 different testers for each form of radiation.

    With the nuke complex connections & un-limtied funds who will lose out? The people. You will have to research how to grow & buy safe foods if there is any.
    Then you have oceans dying & we see daily!
    Health problems are showing up in Japan & N. America in people & wild life & it will only expand!

  • Nick

    Water you doing?



    Because the Lone Ranger told us to.


    Well, you know…..where does the Lone Ranger take his trash? To the dump to the dump to the dump dump dump. That's why.

    Seems the Pacific Ocean is Japan's dump (post Tsunami especially).

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    At the end of the human.. the top consumer..
    Just because humans are the slowest to show radiation affects..or perhaps we are too stupid to recognize them.. doesn't mean other life forms will be affected before us.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "Japan very aware of danger posed by past releases;"
    What releases?
    Now try tons of corium uncontained…in contact with groundwater.
    Contaminated water releases..just so much 'spilled milk'.

  • All that can be done is not being done. The pollution is being managed by spin not actual action. Is not a national effort but a project to save bankers interests. The economy is more important to these inept fools. A ton of money being spent on the Olympics.

    Any country not testing seafood is not looking after its people.

    As Russia, China and Korea have land disputes with Japan banning Japanese foodstuff is a no brainer. USA and Canada are allies so no ban, no testing just eat your radiation for the economic cause.
    Political debate should preclude a decision such as this but no discussion. Is this the free and enlightened society we are told we have?

    The economy is killing us and should be disbanded.

  • KidIcarus KidIcarus

    It is funny how they are still pretending that Tokyo will be hosting the Olympics in 2020.

    • m a x l i

      the grim kind of funny

    • davidh7426 davidh7426

      I hope Tokyo does host the Olympics in 2020…

      The entire world will be watching, it'll be harder to hide things, and even harder to cover up any illnesses that the athletes & visitors catch.

      I suspect that Abe will end up bitterly regretting every wanting the Olympics before long.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Bottom line. To eat seafood from now on is to play Fukushima Roulette. We all know about the Pacific contamination. Then there is the corexit in the Gulf, and the mass dolphin dyeoffs in the Atlantic. All seafood is now dangerous. Look at the bayous of Louisianna (SINKHOLE) all the fish and gators are contaminated. Even fresh water fish are dangerous. All the airborn fallout washes directly into ponds and lakes where the fishies live. This truly is out of hand. Good luck all.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      If it's any consolation, some fish farming (aquaculture) operations and shrimp farming operations grow fish and shrimp inside greenhouses. Some of this food is rather expensive, but worth it, if one still wants to eat shrimp and fish. A lot of tiger prawns are grown inside greenhouses. Not sure where the water comes from, though.

      • elenews

        HoTaters, do you know of a specific brand name/s for indoor grown shrimp? I would think they would have to filter some water. But I bet they start out with free seawater. I don't know but I could research it. I sure do like shrimp.

        I find myself looking at labels a lot lately. If it says product of /west coast anywhere/ I don't buy it. Having to look real hrd. It seems everything comes from the west coast.

  • pkjn

    Radioactive cesium levels in forest soil rise over time since 2011
    December 16, 2013(Mainichi Japan)

    Levels of radioactive cesium in soil and on the ground of two forests in northeastern Japan have risen over time since the 2011 Fukushima disaster, according to results of a recent survey.

    In forests about 60 km and 120 km north of the Fukushima plant, cesium is believed to be accumulating in the soil as cesium-contaminated leaves fall to the ground and decompose.

    In a forest about 60 km north of the Fukushima plant, the average cesium level of 10 samples of fallen quills was 26,684 becquerels per kilogram in June 2012, but rose to 42,759 becquerels a year later. And the level in soil up to 10 centimeters deep increased from 721 becquerels to 3,225 becquerels.

    In a forest about 120 km north of the Fukushima plant, the level climbed about 50 percent to 3,611 becquerels among fallen quills and by 2.5-fold to 620 becquerels in soil.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    A very basic question here. Has Tepco or the Japanese government even built a tsunami barrier wall to replace the one destroyed in 2011? If not, I suggest building it now. I saw some videos about a possible meteor shower coming in January. Even without that major event of an ocean tsunami caused by a meteor strike in the Pacific Ocean, one could happen anyway.

    If they haven't built a new, higher tsunami wall then they are seriously stupid.

    • m a x l i

      Not necessary. They paid a mathematician to do some calculations who came to the result: The probability that a nuclear power plant will be destroyed twice by any cause is "impossible-squared". Let alone destroyed twice by the same cause… The likelihood for that to happen is even more impossible than impossible-squared.

    • bozzy54

      Didn't u know the wall was remover prior to the earthquake

  • m a x l i

    Now they have to print the calories and the becquerels side by side on every food item…plus the full list of isotopes. Then the consumer can have an informed choice and the nuclear show can go on. That's the most important thing, because nuclear power plants give us 2 percent of our energy worldwide. What's a little cancer between friends when you can have the visually satisfying Christmassy full 100 candles on your Christmas tree instead of very sad looking and dark 98 candles?

    Now, when we have to read the full list of isotopes on every of the hundred items we put in our shopping cart, shopping will take a bit more time, in fact forever. But that's worth it when we can get 2 percent of our energy from splitting atoms, isn't it? No one is forced to eat anything harmful when we have compulsory, all-encompassing labelling. The health-conscious consumer has the choice. He, for instance, can choose to simply stop eating. Democracy and free will of the individual in action!

    Soon it will be law – like it already is for cigarette packs in some countries – to print an unappetising, colourful photograph of any of the symptoms coming from a huge variety of ailments that we or our descendants can get years after we munched food with a tiny hint of radionuclides produced by our nuclear power plants. But, what the heck? Nuclear power is doing a heck of a job. Did I mention it? It gives us 2 percent of our energy. Hurray, everyone follow the yellow cake road!

    • bozzy54

      We'll starve

      • m a x l i

        Yes, I already hear them say: "Nobody died from radiation."

        But now more seriously: When we have the choice to die from hunger immediately or from cancer later, we will eat. The question is, apart from the radio-nuclid contamination of the food, how long will there be enough food (contaminated or not) to stuff every hungry human mouth. After all, our food is made from plants and animals – living creatures which are affected by ionising radiation the same way like we are.

  • Shaker1

    Such a true statement, Mark:

    "All that can be done is not being done. The pollution is being managed by spin not actual action. Is not a national effort"…

    Again, it should have been apparent from the lack of response to the situation that dilution in some form or another to the environment was 'the plan.' In all honesty, what other 'plan' can there be? There's hardly a 'somewhere else' to offload the stuff. But the response has been like crawling to a bucket of water in a fire while being barefoot and worried about stepping on a sharp stone. Their hair was burning off, and they still crawled, turning the crawling into a process, never realizing that the process of crawling was totally disconnected from the process of survival dictated by events. Again, in a beyond design-basis event nothing normal should have been assumed to be working properly. I won't use the word 'sacrifice' because it's basic meaning is to make sacred, but they weren't, and still aren't willing to protect themselves or even the posterity of all.

    Now we're faced with management of a situation in which no one is really sure what should be done. Tepco's management is a well-paid dupe, a substitute, and embematic of the lack of resolve and commitment of the Japanese government, and, I'm afraid to say, the Japanese people. I don't like that kind of bashing of the people, but hasn't it become apparent that it is part of the problem?

  • ftlt

    We release everything else into the oceans why not FUFU poopoo???..

    Walnuts from California are loaded into factory ships to be husked in the oceans now… Where does the toxic waste go??

    Factory wood "toxic" product ships have out there too – for decades..

    It is a free zone of regulations out there

    How much other illegal dumping is done out there… We will never know..

    • tsfw tsfw

      They dump everything out there it's disgusting. Some days in the winter, we wake up to a beach covered in cruise ship garbage. Toothbrushes, shampoo bottles, you name it… there is no respect for our oceans. When did it become ok to use it as a toilet ):

  • bozzy54

    So,.. I bought me a radiation meter $$$$… methods and proper use of the device. (Soeks 1.0) download a conversion charts, absorbing level and rates for humans. Been at it for some time now up and down the coast, backyard, freeways, u name it. At home normally .17-.33 McSv/hr. I check it against Radnet real time charts for the bay area and seem fairly accurate. So I keep it with me every wear I go and one day out shopping for food I open a frig door to buy some bagged frozen fish products and the alarm went off, .38 McSv/hr then .45 McSv/hr.( I have the alarm set to sound at .30 McSv/hr) then settled down to .15 Mcsv/hr.
    I started reading the labeling on the bags and found Product of China??? There was shimp, talpia, cod, and halibut for sale. I also found mushroom in the can from china which I've eaten for years they seem to be fine as well as Canned Salmon. My alarm just went off, a 2 min. Test read .48 McSv/hr. But only for a second then settled down to .07 and rising. I read the nasty story's from china about chickens, fish and pork. And wondered if I shouldn't eat it at all ? (.48-.37-.33-.29-.25-.22-.20-.21-.19-.17) just keeps coming thought my house. now I heard that chickens fly west for the summer and return home frozen. I don't really know what to think about our country anymore the bread basket of the world. WTH Guys

  • Sol Man

    I think that everybody is and have been using their words here in order to grieve the truth that we all understand, but,unfortunately, this won't change one thing.
    It is beyond what can be done.

    The alphabet agencies won't need their 3 billion hollow points, as we (and they!) wear down to the nub.

  • bozzy54

    Did u know that Russia dump 7 reactors into the Atlantic ocean and that a few had fuel rods in them? Another story I read is that a satellite fell in or by a lake in Canada with a radioactive battery or reactor in it something like 70lbs of Pu-238. FU world I'm finding I live in.

  • bozzy54

    Sorry, Kosmos

  • Nick

    Japan hopes to treat the water before it's dumped.

    All but tritium is supposed to be in the dumped water.

    But just where, pray tell, will they dump the water purification filters?

    Radiation does NOT go away folks.

    There is no dilution. Dispersal yeah. But the biosphere tends to bioaccumulate atoms.

    No organism on earth knows how to atom filter itself.

    So, any water that gets dumped will be harmful, "scrubbed" or not.

  • name999 name999

    what are these frozen soil underground water shields? Is it possible that the recent freezing icy weird weather across US was triggered in some way by materials entering the jet stream, ocean currents applying super cooling materials?

    This supposed contained waste will inevitably release into the ocean…how could that be prevented as earthquakes are common occurrences and Fukushima is on a fault line. Still hard to believe this is happening…the sky looks bad…

  • Tiza Tiza

    I thought that I saw something that radiation water was being emptied and has been. Am I incorrect about that? I'm meaning before this article.

    • We Not They Finally

      Yeah, the estimates are between 300 and 1,000 tons PER DAY. Each and every day for over a thousand days now, and ongoing. The ocean is dying.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Yes, Tiza, a lot of water was dumped/released during the last Typhoon season in Japan. Around September and October.

  • name999 name999

    you are correct…and this is a shitload more…

  • Tiza Tiza

    Okay. Have a question. I have a friend in MA that is a scientist who was keeping up with all of this after it happened and was freaking her out. I've just written to her because haven't heard from her in some time now to find out the worst kinds of radiation for us. I.e., I know we always get radiation just naturally. I'm not concerned about the normal everyday radiation. Seems that I remember her once saying that there was no safe amount of plutonium. But I may be wrong here.

    So since you guys have studied this longer than I have, what is the worst stuff from all of this that we will get, meaning the types?


    • digitalaardvarks digitalaardvarks

      plutonium and strontium

      • We Not They Finally

        With plutonium, the danger is apparently ingesting from the air – called “hot particles,” microscopically small. If just ONE lodges in your lungs, it becomes “an internal emitter” which results in lung cancer years later on.

        Strontium tends to concentrate in dairy, and causes bone cancer and leukemia.

        Cesium attacks the muscles, especially the heart muscle. There will be a lot more heart attacks among the young.

        Tritium (wrongly touted as “safe”) degenerates into yytritium and wrecks the pancreas, causing diabetes.

        Many of the major radionuclides supplant minerals in the body so mineral supplements are good. Just stay away from what USED to be the best – sea vegetables like spirulina and kelp. Though there is chlorella that is greenhouse-grown which might be a better choice.

        Good luck! Wish this were simple to look into. Still feeling like a beginner here myself.

    • SnorkY2K

      There is no amount of plutonium that has a beneficial value to the human body. Don't just consider the plutonium but the decay chain as well. While some half-lives are long some of it is always decaying. Half-life is just the time to get to halfway. You must also consider the half-lives of the material that it irradiates.

  • Tiza Tiza

    Thanks everyone for their reply. Oh, is there plutonium in the water and air now from that? I would think so.

    • justasweetgurl

      There is probably a particle in your lung. Enough came out of U3 to give everybody one.

    • We Not They Finally

      There has been A LOT airborne. When reactor 3 blew up, it scatter BILLION of lethal doses across the world. Arnie Gundersen estimates that in Seattle (radioactively bad anyway) people breathe in about SIX HOT SPOTS PER DAY without knowing it. Just ONE particle lodging in the lungs works to produce lung cancer years later. There will be terrible epidemics of lung cancer with no co-factors like smoking at all.

      Plutonium does displace IRON in the body, and a good herbal source of iron is yellow dock root. But we really need a full range of minerals.

    • bo bo

      Hi tiza, this was from dr.goodheart on enenews, I saved the text but have no link, but describes plutonium's danger quite well:

      2 grams of cesium is enough to contaminate about a square mile; that is the size of dime. Plutonium is much worse.Cut the dime into 100 pieces. One of those pieces is enough to contaminate a small town. Grind it up into dust, and take a couple of pieces of those pieces of dust.. Blow that into the house, and it is enough to contaminate it.If any normal person does this, wouldn't this be called a terrorist act, a murder attempt or both?But when the nuclear industry does this with a couple thousand TONS of plutonium, cesium, and 1200 other goodies, and that gets spread out over the whole world, what happens?

  • HoTaters HoTaters

    Grrrr. Those f-tards! How dare they even mention they want to dump all that in the Pacific, and dismiss it as just "inevitable." F-in retards.

    Sorry, I'm venting. What idiots. Sacrifice everyone and everything on earth for the sake of f-in profits.

    No Doh! retards. Your butt is in a sling, too. And you're up the creek w/o a paddle, just like the rest of us.

    "Hope to" treat the water before releasing it? Hope to shout.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      If these f-tards actually go through with dumping all the radioactive water, they're going to have to compete with all of the rest of us to win their Darwin Awards.

  • name999 name999

    … right

  • paschn

    So many commenters seem incredulous. Ever hear of a breathing demon by the name of Kissinger? The "author" of Agenda 21? Getting rid of all "useless eaters"? His words, not mine…. All this coupled with GMO insanity, constant invasion/slaughter of one small nation after another, reckless use of D.U. munitions… Who let the psychopaths out, who, who? I wonder if they realize they may well have done TOO good a job in obeying Henry?

  • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

    In one year, the pacific current brought the water borne plume to the international date line at 40 Deg N…about 2500 miles.

    It is about 6000 miles from Japan to the west coast.

    Assuming a steady speed, a simple calc gives 2.4 Years for the plume to hit the west coast, that being Oct. 2013.

    • Tiza Tiza


      So let me get this straight. There's a plume in the jet stream, meaning the atmosphere, and then there's also a plume in the ocean, right? Also, being as it is a plume, does that mean that it all kind of hangs out together, sticks together, so to speak?

      We basically have two plumes: through air and water.

  • name999 name999

    Pachn…not sure many people know much about this stuff, but your point is important…

  • name999 name999

    … I mean paschn;-]]