Report: 12 million yen “to censor Twitter” being spent by city starting to burn disaster debris

Published: September 18th, 2012 at 8:28 pm ET


Mainichi, Sept. 18, 2012 (Google Translation):


Published: September 18th, 2012 at 8:28 pm ET


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36 comments to Report: 12 million yen “to censor Twitter” being spent by city starting to burn disaster debris

  • lam335 lam335

    Why is there no international law/treaty that can prevent them from burning their contaminated debris? It's bad enough that the Japanese government is continuing to poison its own people by sending radioactive ash back up the smoke stack to fallout out domestically all over again. But to whom can they appeal? …their government is so corrupt and short-sighted on this issue …

    But they are also sending it back up into the jet stream to poison the rest of the hemisphere. Why are the nations of the world tolerating this? Why is this not deemed an international crime? The global environmental movement is so concerned about greenhouse emissions protocols, but Japan is willfully burning nuclear waste and the world just stands idly by and let's it happen. One study apparently found that a third of the radioactivity in the material they burn goes up the smoke stack and back out into the environment.

    There needs to be some kind of international pressure brought to bear to stop this!!! Not only for the rest of the hemisphere, but for the Japanese people as well. Their government is too bound up with the countries nuclear industry to put the best interests of the people first. Only outside pressure has any potential to change this situation (though unfortunately most other governments are no less bound up with their own domestic nuke industries, and perhaps that's why they too do nothing).

    This is an international outrage. Pressure needs to be put on Japan to STOP…

    • lam335 lam335

      … to STOP this NOW!!!

      • lam335 lam335

        People across the world should refuse to buy ANY Japanese products as long as this policy continues. Money is all their worthless government cares about; they don't give a d— about what is right or honorable or even sensible. They have to be hit where it hurts.

        BOYCOTT Japan.


          can't disagree lam335. But if people are to boycott Japanese products, then it has to be a focused one. You should look into starting an online petition. I'd sign it…

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      Don't worry…The Harvard scientists will be along in a few years or decades to tell us that our initial common sense was correct. Don't burn this junk. It's not good for us. For reference, see the 500 entries in my bibliography!

  • kongrufus kongrufus

    REPULSIVE!!! 'Let's just do as we please and invade people's private lives in the process'

    I lack the words… Posting at both national news outlets in our country but i kinda doubt they will run the story 🙁

  • Mack Mack

    —-> Remember that The Nuclear Energy Institute spent millions of dollars on a media–politician blitz immediately after Fukushima…..saying nuclear energy in the U.S. "is safe."

    Remember that it's the Nuclear Energy Institute that has the ACTUAL Fukushima radiation amounts in the U.S. in a "password-protected" database.

    —-> And Enformable reported today:

    "State and Federal officials will join with industry heavyweights to influence the public of the vital need (and proposed need for a growing share) of nuclear energy in the United States."

    One of the attendees is NRC Commissioner William Ostendorff.

    His attendance at a meeting promoting nuclear energy is further proof that the NRC is captured by the nuclear industry.

    Remember that it was Mr. Ostendorff who testified that there hasn't been one death in the U.S. from nuclear energy.

    —-> In the U.S., many politicians promote nuclear energy

    One example: Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.) – "Fred is bought and sold when it comes to nuclear power," said Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear…"

    Plus – "There are more than 240 lobbyists who went from working for the government to working for the industry, including nine Congress members, according to a Greenwire report."

  • Sol Man

    With all of the horrific disasters occurring in the world one would think that the future of nuclear would be short, or our own presence on the planet will certainly be.
    Without visionary leadership that understands the hazards of selling out to corporate demands all the efforts to live a vivid life with dreams for our children may be for naught.

  • horndoggie horndoggie

    ""Power industry and regulators join to promote America’s nuclear future" "

    isn't that like the DEA promoting people to smoke crack?

  • or-well

    Pro debris burning bureaucrats
    have a plan
    as they contaminate
    much of Japan.
    "We'll stuff that Twitter bird like a turkey
    with filling of science most of it murky,
    seasoned by words of complicit Sages
    who, if they don't agree won't get tenure for ages.
    We'll upstuff that birdies butt
    full of pro-burning smut,
    helpings of PR tweets
    so large they'll spill out its' beak!
    We'll be pro-radio-actively
    helping out
    cronies and friends
    and getting payouts!"

  • Anthony Anthony

    Chinese General: Prepare for Combat
    Top Chinese general in unusual move tells troops to ready for combat with Japan

    Over-turned Japanese-branded car / AP

    BY: Bill Gertz
    September 18, 2012 5:00 am

    Dear China from Anthony

    What the bloody hell China? Japan is with all her dignity trying to survive at the present time. Talk about kicking someone in the head when they are down and have their back pressed against the wall.

    I would think the disasters bestowed on Japan was enough to bring us to working more together for our mutual survivals. I really don't know what more to say about your involvement in this. And I think I have said it all. The line between good and bad are clear too. As a superpower country I think you should have gifted Japan the bloody island(s). We look to you, till now in many ways China, what you do and how you do it matters to many of us around the world. I offer it wouldn't be too late now to do the right thing. Poor Japan.
    Poor Japan.

    • richard richard

      Hi Anthony. Japan provoked this. You are saying "they are down and have their back pressed against the wall" but the Japanese government is in complete denial of such a condition. They have been deliberatley making noise about fund raising to buy the islands in question.

      to be honest, i think the noise about fund raising was just being provocative. The amount of money is a pittance compare to national budgets.

      if china choose to stand their ground, you can blame japanese politicians for being beligerent, antogonistic fools. The madness just doesn't stop.

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        I find it interesting to see how far govmts nowadays are willing to go for some natual ressources.
        As it's not about those stupid rocks in the middle of nowhere, but about oil, gas and fish.

        • richard richard

          true, it's about the resources.

          or maybe japan.guv expects to move there if fuku is never stopped 🙁

        • Anthony Anthony

          I hear you both. I`ll stay in your train of thought B&B and further suggest that if china is after Asia shipping lane domination, then yes, my acceptance of China`s strong arming would be more accepting if it was a theoretical takeover of ocean turf than allowing them even one inch in nasty territorial conflicts. I maybe a regular Pollyanna in the mind some days but I really want to believe that we can start moving in a positive direction as a species together if we are ever going to move in an area collectively. There is everything to gain by deliberately trying to improve on our relationships. China I think is actually making a play to have the largest war-force on the planet. I heard that the combined troops of simply China and Japan is larger than the troops of the rest of the world­. I just don't like anything I am reading on this Island chapter.

          I also do not feel anything positive about anyone or country who would kick a wounded other in the face when they can really instead be of assistance. Even resuming *War As Usual* is more tolerable after Japan has caught her breath again and can defend herself.

      • m a x l i

        @richard, you said: "Japan provoked this." I agree, go further and say: The nucleocrats (not only the japanese ones) want a war which destroys Japan. The nuclear-power business is factual mass murder. We know this at least since Chernobyl, and it will become more evident in Japan in coming years and should result in some people responsible facing a judge and spending the rest of their lives behind bars – unless the nucleocrats come up with some countermeasures to muddy the waters. Such countermeasures would be:
        •Spreading radioactivity across the whole country (disaster debris burning, force-feeding children radioactive food…) to get rid of the control group
        •Provoking a war in order to 'dilute' sickness and death from radiation in even greater chaos and destruction

        • richard richard

          war in japan could be a cover maxli, if that's what you're suggesting.. it kind of fits.

          begin conscription. then send them to battle either a war or fuku?

          but i'm guessing we're a little side-threaded here. I see Anthony's reply above and can relate to that as well, thanks A. and B&B, and you to M. 🙂

          • Anthony Anthony

            After really absobing the full story I understand Japan in the past took the islands from China so I do acknowledge where the hostility is fueled from. Saying that, I assert even stronger that China has an opportunity to ascend this situation and show us all the high road. Japan is a history of the power of karma. I love Japan and hope they do everything to survive all of the consequence of prior decisions which have brought them the pains as a nation they endure today. There is a high road for Japan to take today in this situation which means believing in getting something by giving something away. If they offer to repair a pain they caused China it may be a brilliant karmic exercise where five years from now, their powerful Chinese neighbor welcomes the Japanese people into safe harbor if the radiation becomes deadly. Maybe China will let Japan use the islands if necessary. Like I said in life, you never know if the ass you are kicking today will be the ass you are kissing tomorrow.

            For Japan that time is now. China needs to show understanding that in crisis we need to engage our minds and not our furies to solve our problems. I revised my position even about this which angered me yesterday. And it didn't hurt a bit.

            • richard richard

              All nice thoughts Anthony, but that's where it will end.

              Don't expect any .gov to take a 'high road', you will need to take off the rose tinted glasses.

              No karma, no diplomacy, no more mister nice guy. These people will not cooperate and will only continue to provoke. There appears to be only one place where all this is heading, and that's won't be involving hugs and handshakes.

              • Anthony Anthony

                I'm going to gamble that even opposing ideas can lead to surprising solutions as prospects are put on the table and I wish both countries the best.

                Why are people so damn complicated? I am guilty of usually promoting a best case scenario in life to be sure, you got me!

                Maybe I will be asked to mediate my diplomatic suggestion for the islands? As if!!!

                • richard richard

                  It's always good to be trying, I don't mean to be a stick in the mud. Just a little jaded these days 🙂

                  • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                    you're being pragmatic in your analysis richard. What's been missing from this discussion is the fact that natural gas was discovered off the shores of this string of islands. The Chinese are also using this conflict to galvanize nationalist sentiments within China. There's also been a failure on the part of the Japanese to acknowledge the horrendous war crimes that they committed, while in Manchuria in the '40s. To this day, the Japanese have side-stepped their militarist behavior. They've attempted back-channel conciliation through the use of enhanced economic exchange with China. What they never understood is China's inability to dismiss these past crimes against their people. Most Americans (and Europeans as well) fail to understand the racist undercurrents and nationalist tendencies within the orient. Socialist rhetoric aside, it would shock most westerners to learn what they think of 'others'. The African people are only now discovering how little the Chinese think of them and their 'workers' struggle.

                    BTW. Bill Gertz had ties with the 'company', that date back to the seventies, on-into the eighties. (Don't worry boys…I'm not outing him.) I've always admired his candor on intel-issues. He's worth a listen…

                  • Anthony Anthony

                    Mysterious ways or what?!
                    China says hopes dispute with Japan can be resolved peacefully
                    Reuters – Tue, 18 Sep, 2012


  • dosdos dosdos

    But all of Japan needs to share in the burden. The Diet said so. Everyone in Japan needs to eat and breath poison equally.

  • dosdos dosdos

    Speaking of the Diet, they just backtracked on their promise to end nuclear power in Japan.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Allowing the burning of radioactive debris is totally asinine. And nuclear agencies around the world are letting it happen. But I'm sure that most every one of them are looking into a new field, a new line of work, one they can believe in.

  • Sickputer

    Well, imagine that. A government that listens to the big businesses and say screw you to the citizens.

    I can think of a few hundred more countries that do the same.

    Governments rise and fall, but the general rules of business rarely change.

    Tokyo citizens… You had a chance for real change if you could have raised a 5 to 10 million strong protest army and kept the pressure on the government.

    It's OK…you tried really hard. The next step is to see what Godzilla has planned for Japan in the ruins at Fukushima Daiichi. There may be new events to spur on the entire country to renewed efforts of zero nuclear policy. I don't wish for this, but feel it is inevitable. The plant is a terrible powderkeg looking for a dropped match. And the match can come from many directions.

    • Anthony Anthony

      Hi Sickputer.

      The bastards are playing a particularly dirty game.

      They are the ones with blood all over themselves.

      Religious or not,

      Heaven Help Us.


  • Urban27

    It is now enormous amounts of debris from scraping the surface of the soil around Fukushima. They dont know what to do with it. They have scratched the surface of school yards and all other public areas. Then the radioactive soil is stored – but no one wants it.

    Burning is also not good – at least the smoke should be filtered. And the ashes should be treated as high risk radioactive waste.

    There is no solution to nuclear waste.
    Also when reactors work as planned they produce enormous amounts of nuclear waste.

  • Sol Man

    The children of Chernobyl show us what is in store for many in the world. Mutated plants have been documented all around. What is occurring in the birthing rooms in hospitals is probably available only to conjecture. Does anybody know where that information is reported?

    The crimes against humanity continue.

  • CBuck CBuck

    The fact they are spending that kind of money to censor twitter in that city shows they know the citizens aren't happy about it and they want to hide what will ensue. Seems a bit silly though, as I'm sure those citizens that would normally twitter can scream help to the world through other avenues available.