Report from Tokyo: 6.5 microSv/h at Japan’s busiest train station — Equal to 57 millisieverts per year, 10 times Chernobyl evacuation levels — Near Imperial Palace (PHOTOS)

Published: February 25th, 2012 at 5:32 pm ET


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Title: Tokyo station is contaminated as mandatory evacuating zone in Fukushima
Source: Fukushima Diary
Date: Feb 25, 2012

On 2/21~23/2012, a Twitter user measured radiation level at Tokyo station and it turned out to be 2.94~6.5 microSv/h. […]

1m height from the ground : 6.5~4.8 microSv/h

1.8m height from the ground : 3.0~4.2 microSv/h

The reason of this high level of contamination is assumed to be because hot particles are brought from Fukushima or North Japan by the shoes of passengers.


Aisle from Yaesuguchi underground parking lot to underground mall of Tokyo Station (SOURCE: ytoexhd)

On the platform of Tokaido Shinkansen (SOURCE: ytoexhd)

Title: Twitter / @ytoexhd: @bien1321 この線量計は計測開始から終了まで …

@bien1321 This dosimeter to detect γ-rays every 10 seconds in about 5 minutes from start to finish measurement. 6.5μ ~ 4.8μSv 1m3 times height measurements. Was 3.0μ ~ 4.2μSv 1.8m3 times height measurements. The image is part of a total of six times.

6.5 microSv/hr * 24 hr/day * 365 day/yr = 56,940 microSv/yr

Via ABC Australia: “After Chernobyl anyone likely to be exposed to more than 5 millisieverts a year was evacuated, and those in areas of 1-5 mSv were offered relocation and bans were placed on eating locally produced food.”

Title: Tōkaidō Shinkansen
Source: Wikipedia

The Tōkaidō Shinkansen (東海道新幹線?) is a Japanese high-speed Shinkansen line, opened in 1964 between Tokyo and Shin-Ōsaka. It is operated by the Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central), and formerly by Japanese National Railways (JNR). It is the most heavily travelled high-speed rail route in the world by far

Title: Tōkyō Station
Source: Wikipedia

Tokyo Station (東京駅 Tōkyō-eki?) is a railway station in the Marunouchi business district of Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan, near the Imperial Palace grounds and the Ginza commercial district.

It is the main intercity rail terminal in Tokyo, the busiest station in Japan in terms of number of trains per day (over 3,000), and the fifth-busiest in Eastern Japan in terms of passenger throughput. […]

Published: February 25th, 2012 at 5:32 pm ET


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65 comments to Report from Tokyo: 6.5 microSv/h at Japan’s busiest train station — Equal to 57 millisieverts per year, 10 times Chernobyl evacuation levels — Near Imperial Palace (PHOTOS)

  • nohobear nohobear

    Despite the Tepco lies, despite the coverups, the news blackouts, the truth is emerging. Unfortunately, by the time the full magnitude of this creeping death is apparent to the Japanese people, the elites responsible will have long fled Japan. Tokyo goes down, so does Japan. And sadly, the same coverup is going on in Hawaii and the West Coast. Musn't hurt tourism or big agriculture. What's a few thousand (or tens of thousands) lives anyway?

    I guess "atoms for peace" and "electricity too cheap to meter" can be added to the trash heap of history. "Destroyer of worlds" we can keep.

  • alasanon

    That's really unnerving… I wonder if what the Tokyo airport is seeing is analogous?! I know people who still stopover there without a care. 🙁

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    counter must be broken! official reports say there's no danger…..or perhaps this level is safe/harmless for Japanese people, but not for europeans.

    • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

      Heres another lie to eat……"no immediate health concern". If it was an official report, that would be the second sentence.

  • openeye openeye

    In the Gundersen interview with Helen Caldicott (his 1st update for 2012, at her site), he said 50% of the Japanese are in contaminated areas and should be evacuated. Only the southernmost area of Japan is low radiation, but the sea will affect the coastline and the rivers there as well.

    Hugs to all,we need them


  • aigeezer aigeezer

    Huge development if it holds up. See what the msm do in the next day or so.

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    ……maybe Tepco can "test" the counter? It's sure to be faulty….. or maybe the person holding the counter should be "tested" with a plastic bag.
    just a thought……..

  • Alaskan Alaskan

    UFC 144 today in Tokyo, guess they dont read Enenews…

  • Kevin Kevin

    Check this out!

    In this report.

    Japan moves to replace entire of TEPCO.

    But what is really interesting is that at the end of the clip it says ony TWO of 54 reactors remain on line and those are also going offline.

    Only TWO.

    This is a positive sign.

    Lets hope the changing of the boards is to ensure they go off line period, never to return.

    • Kevin Kevin

      Of course, a sobering and more negative view would be that nationalizing the disaster at TEPCO offloads liability onto the people and the TWO reactors on line reflects a much broader problem across the whole of the industry as a result of the earthquake.

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        YAHOO!!! (i hope!)

      • James2

        Tepco has been gone for months. They were insolvent the day after the disaster.

        Has anybody heard what happened to the plant manager that came down with cancer?

        • Kevin Kevin

          Well it is good to state the obvious.

          What the piece highlights is that

          1) Teh government is not simply gonna sit back and open up the purse strings and let the ones responsible run with it

          2) The 12 Billion they put up is being matched by big banks and insurance with the caveat that the plants continue to run, which means they fear the government move is to shutdown nuclear power and they will only play if nuclear power survives and their in lies the rub.

          Is Japan going to let the industry and its bankers force them into continuing nuclear power or are they going to demand they take appropriate responsbility in the outcomes of the disaster and begin the move to replace it.

  • James2

    I recall from Chernobyl that the transportation hubs are the first places to get radiated. The particles stick to people's feet and the tires on their car, and get tracked in.

    If that's Tokyo station it's a huge place with surface trains and subways.

  • James2

    The people at most risk are the people who work there. Ticket sellers, maintenance people, etc.

    If this is true, then the office buildings and hotels and such aren't far behind.

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    the offload is way beyond the financial. What Tepco(and the entire nuclear industry) has offloaded to the people of the world will never be forgotten.

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    when I hear of highly contaminated public places, it makes me think of my kids. my kids are yours and yours are mine. In Japan, a train trip can cost a childs future, as can a trip to the park, or a day in the playground, etc, etc……. high radiation levels measured at 1m above the ground would suggest total bodily exposure to my 4yo daughter, and yours.
    ……I grieve for us all daily…..

  • trinityfly trinityfly

    Whoopie…that was and is an amazinnnnngggg video!!! Everyone should pass this one around. OMG!! Thank you!

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Well somebody last week asked about BLIND so I posted it from my files. And then that H.ERROR is a new one came through Tweet yesterday=think it was. BOTH are impressive…but the GROUP BLEW ME AWAY! BE SURE TO READ ALL THE LYRICS! He says every God damn thing WE ARE FEELING!
      night guys…gonna eat and go to bed, early as it is. I'm beat.

  • I remember that "too heavy to travel", and certainly some of the exploded uranium and plutonium did fall and rain into the ocean before it hit California, BUT EPA Radnet published test reports show 2600% above background levels in Hawaii.

    Use a simple dispersion and density model PROVES that at least 10's of TONS of uranium was exploded and aerosolized, probably mostly from reactor 3, since reactor 3 exploded and disappeared.

    The proof is here, it is undeniable, it is so simple and so obvious.

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    thanks woopie, i think. when i stop crying i'll show it to others
    BLIND as can be.

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    sorry about typo Whoopie.

  • oscar419

    "Oh no, there go's Tokyo" Godzilla by BOC

  • maaa

    The headlines mean nothing without consequences.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Yes, right, Stock. I have this chronic cough (live in Honolulu) – have had it since shortly after the big quake. I wonder how many plutonium particles I have in my lungs. "Just a little dab'l do ya." (Gotta be old to remember that one.)

    Met more oblivious people today, a nice older couple and not stupid – tried to tell them about how we are getting nuked here in Hawaii. I could tell I was just wasting my breath. I get the same reaction from just about everyone. I always mention – but they never seem that interested.

    "Had anything been wrong, we would certainly have heard…."

    • I don't have cough, but more VOG allergy than normal. I guess the radiation reduces resistance.

      Do vitamins, and run 3 or 4 HEPA filters, stay out of rain.

      Maybe get my rad detector going tonight, too busy doing solar….God I hope that help the planet enough!!!!!!

    • blades,
      Any other symtoms ? Shortness of breath ? Others ?

    • nohobear nohobear

      In my 20's, I was lucky enough to live in Hawaii for about 6 years. I am now 54 and living on the West Coast, no doubt inhaling my share of hot particles. But it sickens me to think a place of such special beauty as Hawaii is being poisoned. I only hope there is a special place in hell for everyone that promotes nuclear.

  • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

    Just posted about March 11th Remembering Fukushima Events in Chicago, Illinois USA at the University of Chicago.
    The "Birthplace of the Atomic Age"

  • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

    There's just been a pretty good shaker in Russia, nearly a 7 on the Richter. I checked and haven't been able to find anything that resembles a nuke facility within damage range. Doesn't mean there couldn't be a hidden underground facility though.

    page 29.
    "… health consequences involving prior 5 to 7 regions of Japan, but now extended to the entire nation, as exacerbated by the behavior of the Japanese authorities:
    – minimalistic evacuation with no respect to international standards in view of external radiation,
    – evacuation ignoring internal radiation, leading to the spread of crops and livestock products unfit for consumption throughout the territory, dispersion of radioactive ash over the entire territory, including areas not previously affected, etc"
    We are seeing direct consequences to acts, and yet especting obvious responses…

  • dear jones

    Made in Japan = ☢

    500 Used Cars to Be Shipped from Nagoya Port Have Exceeded Radiation Limit Since August Last Year.

    I believe more products from japan are contaminated.

    Stop the Japanese exporting contaminated products so that their government can take the nuclear problem seriously.

    • Daruma i think (+ the new city which is about to be built in India) this article illustre well what is the current situation, right now, about Tôkyô. A lot of important corporations initially based in kantô area are leaving, moving southern or abroad. so first move out all companies then they could operate in order to save economy and AFTER THAT say a 300 to 400 km area has to be evacuated… That is maybe the plan of the japanese governement..

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        Hi Daruma, I wonder if those relocation plans are caused by Fuku or by fear of the overdue Tokai earthquake….maybe both.

        • Daruma

          Hi BreadAndButter, well you know this plan to relocate the capital out of Tôkyô area is a really old ones and japanese governement already debated on the matter for years, even way before the disaster begins. But Kan Naoto already confessed Tôkyô should have to be evacuated since the beginning, Professor Gundersen had recently supposed a 400 km area is at rsik due to radiation and japanese governement must know it very well better than anyone, they are just hiding fact as everyone on this site knows it. Earthquake fears is also one of the reason but if Tôkai Daishinsai (great disaster) has to happen it will be also felt in Ôsaka, obviously in a much less scale than in tôkyô area.. The last Tôkai earthquake that happened, it was in the middle of 19th century, this very one was powerful enough to be felt from the bôsô peninsula (which is nowadays Chiba prefecture) to the Tosa province ! (which is kôchi prefecture by now on shikoku island, south of Japan). So yeah probably also a fear for earthquake, but considering the actual situation i rather think it's mainly because radiation is killing any buisness in the kantô area, so they make major corporations to move away toward south zones or abroad.

  • arclight arclight

    according to the nuke lobby that amount of dose is equal to about 60 cigarettes dosage for every man woman and child per day… 🙁 not good even by icrp standards!!

    • rooks rooks

      I am still in awe that when I bring up the legal limits for cigs and beer for minors to the pro nuke crowd they say it cannot be compared to Fukushima. Their logic is that these legal limits are based on sound science but it does not apply to fallout from a nuke plant. One cannot use science so carelessly.

  • jayjay jayjay

    Has anybody taken readings at any airports near Tokyo,as was said it could have been carried on peoples shoes. What about Rail carriages, buses,under ground trains, etc, any answers??? What about the airports that Tokyo airlines fly TO.What about the planes?

  • openeye openeye

    Morning, all

    I had trouble sleeping–due to grief and discouragement.

    I repeat this post in the hope someone will tell me I got it wrong:

    In the Gundersen interview with Helen Caldicott (his 1st update for 2012, at her site), he said 50% of the Japanese are in contaminated areas and should be evacuated. Only the southernmost area of Japan is low radiation, but the sea will affect the coastline and the rivers there as well.

    If I heard him right, how will everyone fit in the southernmost regions?? And how bad will it get there when the radioacive, contaminated ocean eventually affects the coasts and rivers in the south as well?

    Is the whole nation a goner??????

    Thank you god, for this community. My first laugh in two days came from rooks' dark humor about the marathon.

    • Daruma

      the only thing i can actually tell is japan is a too small territory for the whole population of japan living in the southern zones of Japan. the southern zones include okinawa, kyûshû, shikoku, chûgoku and kansai. Kansai area got the second largest conurbation in Japan the keihansei area (Ôsaka Kôbe Kyôto) but it's a highly mountainous area, already too many people are living there. Chûgoku and shikoku are the less inhabited zones in Japan these areas are completely abandoned by the economy of the country so they could receive people over there, as well as kyûshû which is becoming a growing industrial area. But still southern Japan is not enough shape for receiving that much people, and northern zones are not suitable anymore. that's why we need to receive japanese who want to evacuate abroad over there, for more places for them. Major corporations which are actually kantô based companies are leaving the whole area because they know they can't stand an economy there anymore, so they are evacuating in the southern zones or abroad (but of course these greedy reasons are only for saving economy, not for saving people!!) but for answering how bad it wil be i can't really tell..

    • They will lose 10% of their country, and 10% of their GDP.

      Fukushima will become a solar power farm, and provide power equal to 50 nuke plants.

      functionally, they are going to take a hit. Psychologically, being poisoned and lied to by their own government is going to have a larger and lasting impact.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks


    You have a 400+ of these "Cancer Causing Power Reactors" to shut down world wide.

    All of them need to be shut down as safely and as quickly as possible.

    Thank the Force that Japan has finally come to their senses.

    The USA is clueless to the dangers lurking in the dark shadows.