Report: Nuclear fuel still burning through bottom of Fukushima plant? — Expert: Corium likely melted into earth… Will pour highly radioactive waste into ocean “for rest of time” — NYTimes: Fuel may never be removed, reactors to be entombed like Chernobyl (VIDEO)

Published: March 13th, 2017 at 10:48 am ET


NY Times, Mar 11, 2017 (emphasis added): Some say the radioactive material may prove impossible to remove safely and have suggested leaving it and entombing Fukushima under a concrete and steel sarcophagus like the one used at Chernobyl.

Xinhua, Mar 12, 2017: There have also been concerns that the melted nuclear fuel residue is eroding the concrete bottom of the safety shell of the reactors, having already penetrated the reactor pressure vessel.

Xinhua, Mar 11, 2017: “It is very important to provide the public with information, including information about the concealment of the melted core,” [Naohiro Masuda, head of the TEPCO’s decommissioning unit] said… Masuda said that the residue of melted nuclear fuel is now “mostly immersed in water” and kept at a relatively low temperature, and that there is “no need to worry” about the melted nuclear fuel residue eroding through the concrete bottom of the safety shell.

DW, Mar 11, 2017: Even Shunji Uchida, the Fukushima Daiichi plant manager, couldn’t hide his skepticism from the visiting journalists. “Robots and cameras have already provided us with valuable pictures,” says Uchida, adding: “But it is still unclear what is really going on inside.”

Dr. Helen Caldicott on Nuclear Hotseat, Feb 22, 2017 (at 29:00 in): “There’s a huge amount of water that pours down the mountains everyday beneath the reactors which was all well and good when the reactors were intact – now they are not. Now there are three cores of corium – molten cores – that probably have buried their way, or dug their way, into the earth beneath the reactors. Even if they haven’t the reactor buildings have been shattered where the cores are so the water pours in and over the reactor cores continuously. And so that water becomes highly radioactive and then it pours into the ocean from the beneath the reactors and so everyday 300 to 400 tons – tons – of very radioactive water has poured into the pacific every day since the accident of March 11, 2011 and continues to do so and will do so I think for the rest of time.”

Full interview with Dr. Caldicott here

Published: March 13th, 2017 at 10:48 am ET


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89 comments to Report: Nuclear fuel still burning through bottom of Fukushima plant? — Expert: Corium likely melted into earth… Will pour highly radioactive waste into ocean “for rest of time” — NYTimes: Fuel may never be removed, reactors to be entombed like Chernobyl (VIDEO)

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    "…radioactive material may prove impossible to remove safely and have suggested leaving it and entombing Fukushima under a concrete and steel sarcophagus…"
    New York Times

    But it has taken 6 full years.

    The project would take 10 years to complete:
    6 years for Japan to make the decision.
    4 years to complete, taking nights and weekends off, as they do.

    But really, the New York Times!

    Where is that damn corium, Japan?

    • amberlight amberlight

      PUN, It has taken 6 years because they know that most people have put Fuku out of their minds (if it ever was on their minds), so now it's safe to incrementally confess to all the crimes and blunders, one after another. Trump is making Amerka great again, so we don't have to worry about a crumbling nuclear time bomb.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      The admission that water is leaching the corium into the environment has been here since the early days. Can the melted fuel be economically removed or is it cheaper just to bury it under concrete? Or is that an irrelevant question? The corium still needs to be cooled. The heat and radioactivity reduce with time, making removal efforts more cost effective by delaying the effort. Current stock holders and the company are saved from the cost which is deferred to future generations. I dont see any particularly new admission

      • kailii

        "economically removed" and
        "more cost effective"

        Thanks for the good laugh CS, you just made my day!

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        Code asks: "Can the melted fuel be economically removed or is it cheaper just to bury it under concrete?"

        It is likely to be cheaper to build a sarcophagus, than to invent new robots that can handle corium melt.

        A lot of the work, building forms and rebar cages, for example, can be done remotely, shipping them in by barge, and hoisting them into place by crane.
        Also, concrete can be mixed at a safe distance away, using portable cement plants, and pumped into place.
        Building the frozen wall was done at a safe distance from the reactor ruins, and was accomplished by human workers.
        Building the foundation and floor of the sarcophagus can be mostly done by robotically controlled construction equipment.
        If you plan carefully, the frozen wall can be used to protect workers below grade, or to dewater the construction site to allow workers entry.
        Dewatering the corium in containment or in the ground, in another year or two, can probably be done without serious risk of increased radiation.

        The first job is finding and mapping the corium in the ground.

        • Yepper the only safe solution to even start the recovery of corium is…

          Remove the spent fuel (master pool included)…

          Take the existing buildings down in chunks by remote crane (saving key buildings) and seal the chunks of buildings far enough up the hill to keep em from ever getting flooded (ever would be around 250 years)…

          Should be funded and implemented within 10 years from original contamination…



        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          Only flexible easily excavatable solutions make sense to me. Why is concrete better than a mix of clay, diatomacious earth, charcoal and volcanic ash? That is the filter that continually adjusts to earth movement. You can easily dig access tunnels. Its cheap. Easy to remove, add, alter.

          The water…submerged corium is key to handling it. What is needed is pools of water, cut the parts and corium with a water jet and encapsulate or send in a big sleuce for easier access. The earth is already the structure, just put an elestic membrane down. I liked TIMEs idea of electrodeposited calcium carbonate, although the growth rate seems rather slow. As an over all concept, dirt + rubber seems better than concrete, lead and other junk

          • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

            Firefighter and ENEnewser Markww had a similar idea.
            I agree, Code.
            Such a mix could fill the reactors, containments, spent fuel pools, and buildings.
            As well as the space between the ruins and Sarcophagus walls and ceiling.
            But you are gonna need lots of cement just the same.
            Cement to divert that underground river around Units 1-4.
            Cement to encapsulate the corium.
            Cement floor for the sarcophagus.
            Cement foundation.
            Cement roof.
            Lots of cement.
            But a good idea for fill.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              What if you just leave out the cement and cover the dirt with rubber? What does a concrete top do that dirt and rubber doesnt do better? Why is a concrete diversion dam better than a thin rubber one?
              The idea for the mega sarcophagus at Chernobyl is to allow hanging robots to dismantle some of the plant while letting the poison sit there for future generations. Its not for radioactive gas or fission products, as far as I understand it. I say they need a clean sheet of paper for Fukushima, rather than just going with a concept started at Chernobyl.

              Chernobyl arch goals;
              Convert the destroyed ChNPP Unit 4 into an environmentally safe system (i.e. contain the radioactive materials at the site to prevent further environmental contamination)
              Reduce corrosion and weathering of the existing shelter and the Unit 4 reactor building
              Mitigate the consequences of a potential collapse of either the existing shelter or the Unit 4 reactor building, particularly in terms of containing the radioactive dust that would be produced by such a collapse.
              Enable safe demolition of unstable structures (such as the roof of the existing shelter) by providing remotely operated equipment for their demolition.

  • Sol Man

    What is the chance of getting under that hot mess to entomb?
    Does Watson or some highly regarded official (perhaps a financing bankster) have an answer to this?

    • "What is the chance of getting under that hot mess to entomb"

      Truth? None…

      Ya can't get there in time much less get out…

      Even if you could get to that place (coriun blob) you couldn't perform any work, even with a multi million dollar robot…

      I'd say we have a 1 in 1000 chance of even existing if some new thing is not invented in 5 years…

      …what say we concentrate our efforts on that one.

  • Sol Man

    Highly radioactive water will flow under the destroyed reactors for the rest of time…which won't be quite so long for living creatures.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      "rest of time" 🙁 ..are the key words.

      How many more of these Nuclear Rattle Traps do we still have operating on this Earth?

      Expect more Nuclear Meltdowns in the near future..all of them burning..for the rest of time! 🙁

  • or-well

    NYT article confuses fuel rods with fuel rod assemblies.
    After all this time…
    Maybe they'll revise it if someone embarrasses them.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

    Why Underground Entombment At
    Fukushima Daiichi Won't Succeed
    By Yoichi Shimatsu

    FUKUSHIMA : A Nuclear Catastrophe of Epic Proportions
    The Millennium Report
    September 7, 2014
    Post navigation

    Russian Study: Fukushima released 100 quadrillion becquerels of cesium into atmosphere… In just ONE day — About equal to Chernobyl’s total release

    • "Why Underground Entombment At
      Fukushima Daiichi Won't Succeed"

      You are absolutely correct there is NO possible way to seal these blobs at this time in history…

      Is what it is…

      So now what? Precautions for most (get a RO filter) and a brand new drawing board for the scientists…

      Support is what counts (for those that do something everyday to solve this)…


      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

        Underground entombment hasn't succeeded at Chernobyl either. The corium eats right through concrete. The concrete doesn't last forever when confronted with radiation, etc. The radionuclides from Chernobyl are sailing down the Dnieper River contaminating everything right down to the Black Sea and beyond.

        The geology of the earth will never contain nuclear waste. Don't we see volcanoes everyday? The nuclear industry just steals money and kills off everyone. The number of volcanoes and earthquakes keeps increasing because of man's tampering of the environment by the nuclear industry and other physics manipulation of the planet's resources.

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      A Sarcophagus is the best solution for Fukushima.
      Dr. Anne posts a link to a 2011 paper recommending against the sarcophagus possibility.
      It is now 6 years later, and conditions at the site have changed.
      Now that the molten corium is fixed in place, it only remains to surround it with borated concrete.
      The corium in its present state will not burn through a concrete barrier.
      There are NO technical barriers that would defeat building a sarcophagus with existing technologies.
      First, spent fuel would be removed to a dry cask storage yard.
      Next, a buttressed foundation 100' deep, and 50' wide would be excavated around Units 1-4.
      A series of Horizontal Holes would be drilled at the 100' deep level, under the corium and reactor ruins, and filled with concrete.
      This would create a floor under the 4 reactors.
      The sarcophagus would top the reactor buildings by 50'.
      A membrane roof would mitigate outgassing, and protect the sarcophagus from weathering and earthquake damage.
      A sarcophagus is now the only practical solution for Fukushima, and will be the most likely outcome.

      Japan will be very likely bankrupted by The coming lawsuits over the destruction of the entire Pacific Ocean fishery.
      The question becomes this: Will a bankrupt Japan be able to affors the $10 billion cost of building the sarcophagus?

  • pure water

    I am not a poet, and English is my 3 language, but:

    Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
    coriums difuse in water and air
    spread their chaos in all DNA
    way beyond our own lives.

    It`s a matter of time
    when distanaces count no more.
    Will be a matter of a rare chance
    to welcome a healthy grandchild.
    But we still can stick to the truth
    to the search, and to love.
    No end game, if we still breathe!
    Chances from nowhere appear
    when eyes are clear,and
    only a loving heart
    gives proper value to
    the mind.

    Our greedy time has eaten the days
    the joy and the health of tomorrow.
    Tell the truth, do what you can,
    try again and search the way out
    of this dirty game of desparate lies.
    At least you can face the questioning eyes
    of a suffering child with no shame
    and you own pains with no regret and false claims.

    Come on, 'or-well', say it better!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    A rework of an old study suggesting the the area is safe to return Date, Japan..shows lower contamination levels than some other levels.
    Somehow, we are supposed to start listening to the official dialogue?

    It’s safe to return to Fukushima, study suggests
    March 10 2017

    After Fukushima: Creating a dialogue
    May 6 2016

    They want to give it..a wash over, never mentioning the highly contaminated areas.. like Minamisoma, the Futuba District, Tomioka Okuma, etc., etc.

    Futuba District is at 10,028 n/Svh.. higher than Unit 2,077.
    Fukushima 15,000 n/Sv/h.

    Unit 4 running highest ..but why?

    This area is in no way safe for a return..

  • harv33021

    Suggestion for those that would like to live a little longer. Start removing the radiation from your body by drinking CO2 GaNS activated water. This will also wipe out the cancer. The Keshe Foundation has begun a fully compliant medical trial at Tokyo University, Japan. Check out ARTICLES #11…..I had a cancer tumor in Sept of 2016. It was a fat lump on my neck, just below my ear and jaw. I also, had Morgellons fibers mixed in with my blood cells. The tumor is gone and so are the Morgellons fibers. I did not cost me $5 to make the GaNS. I was drinking about 8 oz a day but I intend to consume more, at least a liter a day. I am close to a leaky nuke plant (Homestead Fl). My wife also drinks it and says she feel better than she has in years. We will both be 72 years old soon. By the way, Keshe is sharing his technology for free online in English and it is also being translated into 17 different languages.

    • neptune-klm

      How do you make CO2 GaNS activated water?

      • harv33021

        There are many Youtube Videos on making CO2 GaNS. There are several ways to do it. Watch videos by Cary Kirastar Ellis on making GaNS. You might follow her on FaceBook. That is a good place to start…. I have been involved with people who are on the cutting edge of Alternative Medicine for over 20 years. They know how to actually heal people and relieve their suffering yet they don't come close to what YOU can do with the plasma energy found in the CO2 GaNS. The people working with this are more than happy to share their knowledge with those seeking help and answers. When you start to grasp what you can do with this stuff it will blow your mind. Become "friends" with Cary and or "follow" her on FaceBook. Also you can learn a lot from Luap Snamlaa on FB and The Golden Age Of Gans on FB. See what happened when a guy who had a stroke 8 years ago started to drink the activated GaNS water.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    Their super poison got out. Dont worry, call it jobs creation! Just the radioactive discarded work clothes; if you lined up storage boxes one yard square, it would stretch 40 miles. 1m x 1m x 65 km. Eager men want to know; who will win the contract to burn it? Dont ask where the poison goes!

  • laconic93 laconic93

    The NY Times stills likes to add disinformation. They said the 400 tons is being filtered and not released into the Pacific Ocean.

    The Tokyo Electric Power Company is pumping water nonstop through the three reactors to cool melted fuel that remains too hot and radioactive to remove. About 400 tons of water passes through the reactors every day, including groundwater that seeps in. The water picks up radiation in the reactors and then is diverted into a decontamination facility.

    But the decontamination filters cannot remove all the radioactive material. So for now, all this water is being stored in 1,000 gray, blue and white tanks on the grounds. The tanks already hold 962,000 tons of contaminated water, and Tokyo Electric is installing more tanks. It is also trying to slow the flow of groundwater through the reactors by building an underground ice wall.

    Watson says blow cascading thermo nuclear weapons under the reactor and sink the entire facility miles into the earth then seal it with concrete and dirt .

  • jec jec

    Finally, after 6 years of news coverups, we are starting to see the real situation. Now the US government is not telling journalists to limit reporting on Fukushima, and in some cases Global Warming(its not warming..). Finally….if people read the articles and understand they have been lied to..we may get some positive actions to try and contain the radiation leaks!Little late..however.

  • 😐

    "The Tokyo Electric Power Company is pumping water NONSTOP through the THREE reactors to cool MELTED fuel that remains too hot and radioactive to remove. About 400 TONS of water passes through the reactors every day, including groundwater that seeps in." – NYT article

    The FALLOUT from the worst nightmare in history… is barely beginning.

    The LIES and media manipulation of this unpopular topic over the last half a decade is scary to say the least, but the end result, IMO, will be the same. More people getting sick, more cancers and weakened immune systems will take their toll. More life destroyed. It is becoming more 'obvious' every day and with each ongoing year of the impact this insane debacle will have on our planet.

    – 400 Tons of Contaminated Water Per Day
    – 3,519 Containers of Radioactive Sludge
    – 64,700 Cubic Meters of Discarded Protective Clothing
    – 220 Acres of Deforested Land – Branches and Logs
    – 200,400 Cubic Meters of Radioactive Rubble
    – 3.5 Billion Gallons of Soil
    – 1,573 Nuclear Fuel Rods


  • freebywill

    8 mins | A Fukushima Survivor's Story – Setsuko Kida |

    Japanese activist Setsuko Kida
    – who lost her home, her land, and her former life to radioactive pollution from the Fukushima triple meltdown
    – tells how she overcame personal tragedy and trauma to become an outspoken international advocate for radiation refugee rights.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Dry Cask The Corium

    ALL of the melted corium at FDNPP is over 5 years out of the reactor, and can go right into dry cask storage.

    IF they build a sarcophagus OVER Units 1-4, instead of removing the corium, they must build a floor UNDER the corium.

    The foundation of the sarcophagus will extend 100' below ground, in order to divert the underground river around the sarcophagus.

    A sarcophagus is the most economical method to sequester the corium, since new technologies to remove and handle the molten fuel will NOT be needed.

    Just leave the corium where it lies.

    Divert underground river around the corium.

    Should have been done 5 years ago.

    Now Pacific Ocean fish are full of pus and sores.

    Anybody who eats seafood from the Pacific is foolish.

    Japan: Where is the damn corium?

  • Phillip, I'm sure they have a good idea where the corium is but they won't tell you or me. There are areas with so much radiation no robot can operate. I'm confident there is imaging equipment that can pick up the strong radiation …. The cooling system is jerry rigged literally with duct tape and plastic hoses and portable pumps. Cooling system still has damage from tsunami and earthquake not fixed as radiation makes some areas unapproachable. Cooling system leaks and underground river probably cooling corium that has melted through and the bank loans get paid before remediation. No end in site. Don't eat the fishburgers!

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Mark says: "Don't eat the fishburgers!"

    Got THAT right, Mark!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    What ever to do..
    That's it ..change the name.
    Try to erase it from history…
    Denial as we move towards dystopia.

    To beat Fukushima's image problem, change the name: Hotelier
    Hoshino Resorts CEO calls for better transport links, stronger wintertime pitch
    March 14 2017

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    I'm guessing they are going real light on the amount of water they pump into the reactors each day. 1 metric ton = 1 cubic meter. 400 cubic meters split up between 3 reactors, seems to me more water would be required. TEPCO does have a history of vastly under-reporting the "amounts" of things released. It's probably closer to guess 500 to 1000 tons each. Who knows. The Pacific is finished in any event. This shit all get's MORE RADIOACTIVE for the next 250,000 years before it starts to go back down.

    • "they are going real light on the amount of water they pump into the reactors each day."

      A very scary thing and I've said it more than once…

      Electrolyte rich (sea) water is the real problem…

      Only reason to pour all that water down there everyday, 24 hours a day, Sunday? Poured water down there, Easter? Poured water down there, right this second as you are reading this message? Pouring water down there…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    SIX YEARS AFTER: Fukushima governor irked at omission in Abe’s speech
    March 14 2017

    ""This is an accident that does not exist in the past tense, but in the present progressive form," Uchibori said at a regularly scheduled news conference on March 13. "It is not possible to avoid using the important and significant terms of the nuclear plant accident or nuclear power disaster."
    He added that the prime minister's failure to use such terms in a memorial event speech to remember the victims of the March 11, 2011, disasters left Fukushima residents with a sense of discomfort.
    "Fukushima Prefecture has experienced enormous damage from a terrible nuclear accident that is unprecedented in the world," Uchibori said in the news conference.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    What is there to see and to think about?

    Radioactive radiation is the true cause of most cancer

    Got some Nuclear? Why.. yes we do! We have this Nuclear crap everywhere!

    Bend Over..again! 🙁

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Our close friend of only 60 years of age and a non smoker just died of throat and lung cancer after 7 months of suffering horribly for those entire 7 months.

    Shame on us all..

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      sorry to hear about your friend obe. Im going to a funeral this weekend. Cancer

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Thanks and sorry about your friend too..the fish and other dying animals are telling us all something.

        There is no good news in this world's future if we continue on this same present pollution of everything course..

        • danger kitty danger kitty

          Code & obewan, I too am going to a funeral this weekend. My 20 year old nephew. No drink, no drugs. Came down w/4 types of cancer in 2012. Lasted 5 years; pretty good fight.
          Of course I can't PROVE it was FUKUSHIMA, the system's set up that way. But I know it was. Doesn't take a white lab coat to connect hot dogs.

          • danger kitty danger kitty

            So by my count, my mother, my wife & my nephew have been murdered by Fukushima, GE & the nuclear power cartel.

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              Danger Kitty so sorry for your loss.

              It will only get worse from this point on for all of humanity.

              Few will be able to leave unscathed..the numbers are still going up! 🙁

              • danger kitty danger kitty

                Thank you, obewan. Yep, numbers going up. Amazing how people fail to catch on. Maybe when Strontium90 starts hitting the West Coast desal plants and leukemia becomes universal? Will 'they' even cop to it then? Macabre.

  • "Our close friend of only 60 years of age and a non smoker just died of throat and lung cancer after 7 months of suffering"

    So sorry to hear that obewan…

    I'd guess smoking ain't the problem…

    …my close friend lost his wife to cancer and now has to work and raise 3 kids, wife never drank or smoked.

    Recon it was second hand smoke from some reactor?

    Terrible tragedy for all involved…

    Joust on obewan and let's work everyday to get this stopped…

  • Spike

    I first saw this from Steve Quayle website. Sometimes the stories are very hard to believe like Russian troops in Gatlinburg, Tn. I had just come from there when the story broke and there were not any troops there. Makes me doubt all stories I read on alternate sites. I checked Fukishama using google earth and you can see the nuclear waste bags and lots being cleared for more…..thousands upon thousands of them and the pacific right next door. Also look at the homes, you can see nobody has been there for years. All grown over. Every day I see the news and I wonder if Tribulation has not already started. I believe 100% this is leading up to the part where the Bible tells us about how all marine life in the oceans die. Jesus loves you reader………he paid the price for our sins……don't die without knowing him as your Savior. "For God loved the world so much that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believed in him would not perish, but have everlasting life. (Perish meaning your soul in hell.)





  • HonestMechanic HonestMechanic

    Jeremiah 9:12
    Who is the wise man, that may understand this? and who is he to whom the mouth of the LORD hath spoken, that he may declare it, for what the land perisheth and is burned up like a wilderness, that none passeth through? 13And the LORD saith, Because they have forsaken my law which I set before them, and have not obeyed my voice, neither walked therein; 14But have walked after the imagination of their own heart, and after Baalim, which their fathers taught them: 15Therefore thus saith the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel; Behold, I WILL FEED THEM, even this people, WITH WORMWOOD, AND GIVE THEM WATER OF POISON TO DRINK".

  • HonestMechanic HonestMechanic

    Deuteronomy 29:22
    So that the generation to come of your children that shall rise up after you, and the stranger that shall come from a far land, shall say, when they see the plagues of that land, and the sicknesses which the LORD hath laid upon it; 23And that the whole land thereof is brimstone, and salt, and burning, that it is not sown, nor beareth, nor any grass groweth therein, like the overthrow of Sodom, and Gomorrah, Admah, and Zeboim, which the LORD overthrew in his anger, and in his wrath: 24Even all nations shall say, Wherefore hath the LORD done thus unto this land? what meaneth the heat of this great anger? 25Then men shall say, Because they have forsaken the covenant of the LORD God of their fathers, which he made with them when he brought them forth out of the land of Egypt: 26For they went and served other gods, and worshipped them, gods whom they knew not, and whom he had not given unto them: 27And the anger of the LORD was kindled against this land, to bring upon it all the curses that are written in this book: 28And the LORD rooted them out of their land in anger, and in wrath, and in great indignation, and cast them into another land, as it is this day.

  • HonestMechanic HonestMechanic

    The Great King of Israel has been blowing the trumpet in the land since before any of us were even born.

    Cats out of the bag, almost every word HE spoke was about Amerika which HE refers to as Babylon/Egypt/Tyrus/Jerusalem and many other names such as "The land of their destruction".

    Mayflower (House of Joseph) arrived in 1620 to Amerika Egypt to bring the brothers from Europe to eat the fat of the land in this TEMPORARY DWELLING.
    "Know of a certainty that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land thats not theirs and they shall serve them and afflict them 400 YEARS, afterwards they shall come out with great substance"

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